Title: Find me

Author: Major_Sam

Pairing: Pairings: Sam/Shelley Established Relationship. Shelley/Replicarter

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Rating:  R

Spoilers: Gemini

Series: Part 1 of...... ongoing

Shelley had been working at the alpha site for a few days. After the incident there, the computers were in badly need of repair. She'd make contact with the SGC every few hours, updating them on her and her teams progress. During the night, at a designated time, Shelley would place a personal message. Sam would be alone in the control room waiting for her, giving her updates on what's been going on since she'd been off world. How Mia was doing at Kindergarten. Plus telling each other just how much they missed each other. Thankfully the messages were secure. Shelley missed her. Waking up, feeling her arms around her or with her snuggled up behind Sam. Hands would move slowly over body as her lips kissed her neck. Then Sam would roll over and kiss her back. They'd make out, slowly, not getting each other too excited. It would be soft, tender, loving.

Thinking about it just made Shelley miss her even more.

Shelley sat in her lab making her final report on the upgrade. Her assistant had found a hidden file in the computer which was heavily encrypted and Shelley had spent the last few days trying to get into it.

Finally, she succeeded. A message flashed on the screen 'find me'. Shelley blinked several times making sure that she'd seen it correctly. 'Find me' The redhead smiled, realising that it must be from Sam. She knew practically more about the base's system than she did and it wouldn't have been hard for her to plant a little something that she knew Shelley be able to decrypt.

As Shelley touched the keyboard, she felt dizzy and a tingling feeling shot through her arm.

She found herself in a dark room, a soft blue light blaring down on her. Shelley felt as though she couldn't move, but was free to move around. A look of confusion came over her face. She didn't feel as though she'd moved from anywhere, that she was sure that she was still sitting on her chair on her lab.

'Shelley.' A voice said, from behind her.

The redhead turned slowly, recognising the voice. She smiled.

'Where am I?' Shelley asked.

'Somewhere where they won't disturb us.'

Shelley looked at her. The person in front of her, looked like Sam, sounded like Sam but....


The replicator looked at her, grinning slyly.

'Yes. You didn't think I would leave without seeing you.'

'Why? You're not...'


Shelley nodded.

'Maybe you are right. I am more than she could ever be. All that she wants to be.'

'I don't understand. How am I here? Where are we.'

Carter circled Shelley, trawling her eyes over her.

'You are on your alpha base and I am on my ship.'

'Then why.'

'Because I wanted you to be here.'

'And you always get what you want?' Shelley asked.

The replicator leaned into Shelley, whispering in her ear.


Shelley felt her heart race. There was a presence about her that made Shelley shudder. An underlying look of menace and confidence. Shelley didn't know where or not to be aroused or scared by her.

'Then you're more like Sam than you think.'

'I know what she wants, what she desires. What I also desire.'

Shelley felt two hands on her shoulders, slowly moving down her arms. She let herself be pulled back against her. The replicators hands were cold on her skin.

'And what is that?' Shelley whispered.

'The reason I brought you here.'

The replicator brushed away the hair from Shelley's neck, moving it away. She trailed her fingers across the exposed skin of her back. Shelley moaned, enjoying the touch. It had been nearly 5 days since she'd been touched like this.

'When 5th touched me, my mind, my thoughts were of you. Remembering, your touch, your taste.'

Shelley shivered lightly in the replicators arms, closing her eyes, remembering her first encounter with the then, Major Carter.

'Deep down, she wants to control you. Dominate you. That part of her is now me!'

'But you're not her. You just look like her, have her memories her feelings.' Shelley whispered.

Her voice was becoming hoarse and raspy as the replicators hands continued to roam over her body.

'Her feelings for you are powerful. They drive her passion, my passion.'

'Your passion?'


'Your passion is to rule and conquer.' Shelley said.

Shelley finally broke free, turning around. She was confronted with cold, blue eyes. Gone was Sam's, her Sam's love, warmth and kindness.

'Her passion is to rule and conquer you and more.' the replicator said.

She raised her hand to Shelley, brushing the hair from her eyes, as once 5th had done to her.

'Find me and I will show you.'

The redhead blinked as she was awoken from the grip of her vision, hallucination. A hand rested on her shoulder and she turned around to see Sam, her Sam standing next to her.

'Hey, finally. Are you okay. You've been a little... out of it.' Sam said.

'What, oh, I'm fine. I just was having a bit of a daydream.'

Sam smiled. Shelley looked at her, practically feeling the warmth in her eyes and in her smile.

'I thought I'd surprise you. The general gave me the go-ahead to bring you home. So here I am.'

Sam brushed the hair from Shelley's eyes, looking deep into her love.

'You ready to go.'


Shelley looked back at her laptop, seeing the message 'find me' one more time before switching it off. Had she experienced something or had it been an hallucination. Her own sub conscious telling her something she didn't want to admit. If it had been real, she was intrigued by the replicators request to find her. What would she show her?



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