Fic: The Rules of Attraction

Author: Major Sam


Pairing: Sam/Shelley Daniel/Shelley

Rating: PG13

Notes: Read it and see ;)

Warning: :::***HET FIC***::: with f/f at the end

She knew that it was wrong. Knew that her feelings were over ruling her head. But she couldn't stop thinking about it, stop thinking about him. Trapped together in the prison, only the two of them. Getting closer, too close. Neither of them fought off their attraction.

Shelley closed her eyes, still being able to feel his lips lightly press against hers. Then they had been rescued, for Shelley, just in time. On the way back to the SGC, their eyes had met several times, Shelley looking away quickly, hoping that no one else would notice.

When they had gotten back, Shelley had written up her report, forgetting to mention how close she and Daniel had been, how very, very close.

Shelley sat at her desk, finishing off her report and pressed print. She read it a few more times in her head. They had been in that cell for just over a day. He had protected her, ordering their captures to take him in her place, which they had done. Shelley had felt guilty about that. But, it had just made her feelings more confused. She was already involved in a relationship and having these feelings were just an added complication to an already complicated life.

She couldn't get him out of her head. Shelley took out her report from the printer and put it in a folder and left her office.

On her way back from the general's office, she found herself outside one of the VIP rooms. Daniel's house was being fumigated and he had chosen to stay on the base until it was ready for him to move back in.

Shelley stood outside the door, her hand poised to knock. It was shaking. She knew what would happen if she was to go inside. But she had been pulled to that room, knowing what would happen and not wanting to stop.

The knock was quiet and Daniel had been barely able to hear it. He opened the door, seeing her standing in front of him.

'Hi,' Daniel said.

Neither of them said anything, they didn't need to speak; both of them knew what the other was thinking.

Shelley stepped inside, looking around the room, trying to focus on something.

'I think we need to talk!'

'About what happened, or about what didn't happen.' Daniel said.

Shelley looked up at him, wanting to run, to get out before she got in too deep. He moved towards her, slowly.

'You’re still hurt,' she whispered.

Her arm rose, running the back of her across his face. Daniel's face was bruised and adorned a few cuts and scratches. Daniel held her hand, smiling.

'What are we doing?'

'I don't know,' Shelley whispered softly. 'But I can't...I...'

'I know, I just want you.'

Shelley's heart pounded inside her chest. Hearing him say it, hearing him say that he wanted her made it more real.

'I want you too,' Shelley said.

In a few moments, she found herself backed up against the bed. This wasn't going to stop any time soon, they weren't able to stop their feelings, no matter how much they knew it was wrong.

Shelley could still smell him on her clothes, on her body. When she got home, she headed straight for the shower. Shelley hated herself for what she had done.

Her eyes opened, feeling a pair of arms around her, a warm body pressed against her back.

'Morning,' a voice whispered.

Shelley turned over, coming face to face with blue eyes and a smile.

'Morning.' Shelley said, trying to hide the deception in her voice.

Sam lay in front of her, naked, with the sheet half wrapped around her. She leant in, kissing Shelley with such a passion that it made her lips go numb for a moment. Shelley wrapped her arms around her, pulling her closer. Guilt finally washing over her. How could she have done that, have slept with Daniel when the woman she loved was at home waiting for her. Sam pulled off the blankets from around them both, smiling at seeing her naked lover.

'I guess it’s a little too early.' Sam said. 'But never too early...'

Shelley smiled, forgetting for a moment. Sam's kisses made their way down the redhead's neck, stopping to nibble on her shoulders. Shelley moaned as Sam's hands made their way between her thighs.


Sam looked up, seeing the look on Shelley's face. She knew how to please her lover and never got over the fact that they were together.

Shelley found her mind wandering, thinking about what had happened the night before. She loved Sam, with everything she was and more. But her attraction to Daniel had been to overpowering to deny much longer. So she had given in. It had been so long since she had been with another man. It wasn't that Sam wasn't enough for her; it was just that... she had no idea why. Shelley couldn't rationalise her behaviour, understand what had made her sleep with Daniel. She felt even guiltier for enjoying it. It had been incredible. If she closed her eyes, she could still feel his lips on her neck, on her breasts, teasing the heat between her thighs. The sex had been hot. Her body had trembled when Daniel had touched her; all thoughts of Sam had disappeared, until she had gotten home. She'd seen her lying in bed, waiting for her to come home. But Shelley had slipped in so quietly because she didn't want to wake her.

Everyone at the base knew that Sam and Shelley lived together, and not just as roomies. They had been together for almost eight months and were in love. Shelley did love her, so much. Nothing could take away the guilt she felt or her still growing attraction to Daniel. She was torn between the woman she loved and the man she couldn't keep her mind off.

Sam watched Shelley work in her lab, occasionally distracting her with a kiss.

'So what do you want to do tonight?' Sam asked, making Shelley turn around.

'I don't know. Whatever you want.'

Sam wrapped her arms around the redhead's waist, pulling her back to her.

'Then I have just one thing on my mind.' she whispered.

Shelley smiled. But her smile disappeared as she heard Daniel's voice behind them. She pulled away from Sam, feeling nervous.

'Hey Daniel,' Sam said. 'How are you feeling?'

He stepped into Shelley's office, slowly, trying not to catch her eye.

'I'm good.'

Sam felt as though she was in the middle of something, but couldn't put her finger on what.

'Well, I guess you two have things to talk about. It must have been horrible in that place.'

'It was,' Shelley said.

'I'll see you later.' Sam said, kissing Shelley's cheek.

As she brushed passed Daniel, Sam whispered in his ear.

'Thank you for looking after her,' she said.

Shelley watched her leave, hating herself even more for what she had done.

'It was a mistake,' she said.

'Last night?' he asked. 'It didn't feel like a mistake.'

'It was. It can't happen again...'

Her eyes looked up at him, hearing the lies behind her own words. It had been a mistake, but Shelley didn't want it to stop. She wanted it to happen again, she wanted to feel him inside her again, feel his body pressed against hers.

'You can't deny that there's something gong on, between us.' he said.

'I know. But I love her. I'm in love with her. I can't lose her, no matter how much I want to......'

'Then what do we do?’

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