Title: “The Answer.”

Author: A.M. Glass

Copyright: December 3, 2003

E-Mail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Once again I haven’t mentioned names for this story, so basically the story is mine.

Author’s Note: Well, you can consider this a sequel to my story, “Take My Hand.” And as I said in the author’s notes for that story, I don’t use Lena and Bianca’s name but you can infer that this story is about them. This is “Bianca’s” P.O.V. Please remember, I haven’t seen the scene that took place in the hospital when I believe Jack was shot, so the story may not be 100% accurate. And just in case you’re interested, I wrote this during lunch.

I know she’s waiting – she’s waiting so patiently. Her hand never wavers – not for a moment.

It’s like she knows how I’ll answer.

She knows how much I want to jump into her arms – how I want to feel her embrace and know that I’m safe – secure – loved.

I know she loves me – I can see it in her eyes.

I can see down into her very heart – one that probably hasn’t been allowed to feel in a long time.

But for me:

- She does. -

She hasn’t said a word, but I can see her faith – how utter and complete it is that I’ll answer her unasked question the way she hopes.

Her eyes have grown darker in color – as if she’s thinking something, something about us.

Perhaps she’s thinking about how much she wants to touch me.

Or how much she wants me to touch her.

And I do.

I want to know every part of her body.

I want to know which touch will make her sigh.

Which one will make her:


Cry out...


I want to learn her body, almost as much as I want her to learn mine.

All I have to do is reach out...

And take her hand.

The End.

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