Title: “What I Want.”

Author: A.M. Glass

E-Mail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: December 3, 2003

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: No names have been mentioned; therefore this original story is sole property of the author.

Author’s Note: I seem to have started something, where I think of a picture – be it screen cap or avatar – of Lena and Bianca of “All My Children” and a mini-story pops out. This is not a direct sequel to my stories, “Take My Hand” and “The Answer,” however I believe it follows the same path as those two did. This is just my take on it.

Picture In Question: Is one where Lena is dressed in a black sleeveless blouse, she’s standing behind Bianca looking as if she’s going to kiss the side of her neck.

I see her...

Her back is to me.

I should call out to her. I want her to turn around – I want to see her face – to see her smile.

This is what I want.

But something... else draws me to her silently.

I step towards her and all I can focus on is her neck.

How I wish to kiss that spot just below her ear – knowing if I do – I laugh silently to myself, perhaps I shouldn’t after all, there are people around and I wouldn’t want to embarrass her.

I feel a chill run down my spine as I recall exactly how I found that spot...

Along with the other places on her body that I… should stop thinking about otherwise, I’ll end up kissing – licking – that spot.

Her body calls to me like a siren called sailors in ancient times sending them to their doom – to be crushed against the reef.

I smile, well... she did crush her body to mine...

And I know for certain I would gladly turn and crash against her time and time again.

I move closer still...

I can smell her...

I can smell her perfume...

Perhaps a quick kiss wouldn’t hurt too much.

The End.

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