Title: Friday

Author: wyldbluetruth

Feedback: wyldbluetruth@earthlink.net

Fandom: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Pairing: Alex/Olivia

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Disclaimers: Wolf Films, Universal and others higher up the food chain have that honor.

Alex grinned as she opened her eyes to the morning.  Olivia was lying face down on the bed.  The down comforter had lowered in the night to expose her upper back, and the men's A shirt that the detective was wearing allowed an extensive view of her toned arms and shoulders.


15 Hours Earlier:

With a blazing fire going in the stone fireplace, the sole occupant of the home felt the wave of warmth roll over her body and soothe her soul.  She was curled up in the corner of her deep couch, reading a new novel that her friend Ruby had sent her.  The heavy rains of mid-Autumn cascaded against the windows of her apartment.

Alex Cabot absolutely thrived on Friday evenings.  She usually worked at least a little on Saturday mornings, but Friday nights and Sunday days were usually reserved for her.

Deeply engrossed in the book she was reading, the blonde started at the heavy knocking on her front door.  Alex turned to the clock on the shelf.  11:23pm.  'What the hell?'

Alex set the book on the cushion next to her and got up to answer the door.  She had been in her pajamas before even picking up the book this evening, and now, clad in nothing but her flannel bottoms and silk top, her bare feet padded towards the door. 

Her building was as secure as one could hope, and Alex had cleared only a handful of people to be let up without a call.  Still, this was New York.

"Who is it?"

"Olivia," came the voice from the hall.

Alex threw open the heavy oak door to reveal a completely drenched Olivia Benson.  The detective had a rapidly forming black eye and a cut down the strong line of her left jaw.

"Jesus 'Liv."

Olivia grinned at Alex a little crookedly.

"Um.  The medics at the match think I have a concussion, and told me not to be alone tonight.  Can I crash here?"

"Match?  What match?"

Olivia's grin widened, and there was a devilish glint in her eye.


Alex sighed and shook her head.  She couldn't help it.  Olivia looked absolutely adorable standing in her doorway, drenched in blood and rain, grinning like a seventeen-year-old who just won the state championship.  She smiled back.

"Get in here."

Alex set Olivia in the kitchen on a barstool.

"Don't move."

Alex came back with a men's A shirt, a towel, and what looked like a fully loaded first responder kit.  At Olivia's raised eyebrow, Alex explained.

"My best friend since high school is a firefighter.  She makes sure I can keep up with her when we hit the mountains.  Alright, first things first.  Put this on."

Alex handed Olivia the shirt, then turned so Olivia could change.  At Olivia's soft touch on her shoulder, she turned back and met the beautiful detective's warm brown eyes.  Alex could feel the heat from Olivia's body just as Olivia could sense the energy from Alex.

"Um, Alex?"  Olivia smiled sheepishly.  "I kind of took a few kicks to my ribcage.  Do you thinků?"

Olivia felt her neck and face go red with embarrassment, and looked at her feet.

"No problem, 'Liv."  Alex gently helped the other woman lift her bloody and soaked shirt and slide the clean one on.  Alex noticed Olivia trying to hide her painful grimace.

"Thanks," Olivia said softly.

Alex felt her breath catch.  She wanted to say so many things.  She had wanted to say them for so long.  Butů

"Sit," came out.

Ignoring the slight look of disappointment in Olivia's eyes, Alex set the first aid kit on the kitchen counter and opened it.  Alex gently removed the two butterfly bandages above the other woman's right eyebrow and worked in silence for a few moments.

"Kickboxing, huh?"  Alex quietly asked.

"Yup.  It's a great release.  I don't compete so much anymore, but it did help a great deal when I was in college.  You know, kept me out of trouble, make a little money on friendly little bets." 

Alex stopped and looked at Olivia's face.  Then laughed.  "Olivia, I never knew you had such a shit-eating grin."

Alex swabbed both cuts on the beautiful face with antiseptic to clean them.

"Ow ow ow ow."

Alex laughed again.  "Well stop twitching."

Olivia glared at the blonde beauty, then closed her eyes to hide the grimace.  Alex smiled softly at the strong detective being such a baby.  She leaned down and gently blew on the cut above Olivia's eye.  Olivia felt her expression soften immediately, but kept her eyes closed.  Suddenly she felt almost overwhelmed with desire.  'Whoa.'

When she felt the same attention directed toward her jaw, she snapped open her eyes.

Warm brown met ice blue, but both women felt the fire between them.  Alex felt Olivia pull her gently closer, where she was standing between Olivia's legs.  Time seemed to still.  Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and finally felt the full lips of the detective upon her own.


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