Title: Dammit

Author: wyldbluetruth

Feedback: wyldbluetruth@earthlink.net

Fandom: Extreme Ops (the movie)

Pairing: Kitty/Chloe

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I have no idea who owns these characters…someone that isn't me.  I've had this story since I saw the movie a few years back.  If you haven't seen the movie, keep in mind that I am a sucker for snowboarding/skiing action movies, even if the plot doesn't seem…well…plot like. 

Kitty knew there was absolutely no chance in Hell that the beautiful skier would ever be interested in her.  At least, not the way she wanted.  So she resorted to her failsafe tactic.  Treat the woman like you didn't care about anything but the next rush.

There had been a few, a VERY few, occasions where Kitty had to resort to that particular tactic.  And never before had she had to put as much effort into brushing a woman off. 

As the small, dark haired woman shot down the darkened slopes of the unfamiliar mountain, she tried, unsuccessfully, to force beautiful blonde out of her damn mind.  'Hell, she probably didn't even notice that I'm still not back…forget about it Kit, she's SO not interested.'  With a small yell of frustration, one that Will probably thought of as a yell of excitement, Kitty coaxed some more speed out of her new board.


What was with the photographer anyway?  Ok…so he was cute…in an annoyingly puppy dog sort of way.  And she honestly *did* like the man, but she wasn't interested.  Why did she always find herself around the same type of guy?  Those that thought her unsatiable taste for adrenaline made her even more sexy?


Kitty wasn't interested in casual dating.  She never had been.  If forced to choose between boarding, biking, skating, or whatever else and some lovesick boy,--actually, the choice didn't exist.  A few of those young men whom she had blown off had made judgements against the girl.  She knows what they say when she turns them down.  'Dyke, lezzie, blah blah blah'.

Kitty grinned as she remembered the look on the last guy's face.  'Well, at least he had the decency to call me what he wanted to in front of me.  I wonder what he would say if I told him I'd never been with anyone, male or female.'  She grinned even wider to herself.  'I wonder what they'd all say.'

It wasn't that she fancied women over men, just that the few times that a soul had actually risen to the point of attraction for the dark haired snowboarder had happened to be women.  'Well okay…I guess that means I DO fancy women over men.' 

She spotted a jump ahead and decided to push every thought out of her head except for the mountain. 

Kitty absolutely cherished the thrill of uncharted slopes.  When she shot down a mountainside, she could feel the controlled chaos roar through her veins.  The point where the mind relinquishes control of the body and the soul grabs the reins and says, 'Let's go.'

Sliding to an exhausting stop, she almost thought about HER again, until Will crashed into the patch of snow next to her.  A kind soul under all that bravado, Kitty really didn't want to crush the guy, but he was really beginning to annoy her.  'And he really doesn't take hints well.'

She sat for a moment and then pushed to her feet again and was off.

The dark haired boarder let her thoughts drift to the woman currently sleeping in their shared room.  'Chloe.  I love that name.  And it wasn’t that Chloe was beautiful.  I mean, of course she is, but that's not all.  I love that she's so damn determined.  I love that she's proud that she won that gold medal.  Of course I knew exactly what she was talking about at the bar, but I wasn't going to tell HER that.  And of course, there was that whole 'how boring it is to ski down a predetermined path' speech, but I didn't mean it.  Not that Chloe knew that.  I think I noticed a slight hurt in her eyes when I said that.  DAMMIT.'

Kitty growled to herself at the thought of hurting Chloe and shot, once again, like a bullet down the dark mountain and wondered if this is how it felt to fall in love.  Bitter strong and cold, but accompanied by an incredible rush.


Contrary to Kitty's thought, Chloe was not asleep.  In fact, the beautiful woman currently lying in bed felt her thoughts shoot straight to the missing shorter woman.

'Kitty.  Damn that girl.  No.  Not girl, woman.  Kitty was definitely a woman.  A gorgeous, dark haired, dark eyed, always skating on the edge of danger but somehow always in control woman.'

It annoyed the hell out of the World Champion skier that the smaller woman had gotten under her skin so quick.  And if she was to be completely honest with herself, it hurt more than a little that Kitty hadn't even known who she was.

'It's not like she even knows I exist.  Well, other than to be in her way or hold the team up.'



Chloe stretched and rolled on to her side, gazing out the nearly ice covered windows into the small sliver of sky. 

Chloe, in spite of numerous offers, had only had a few relationships in her life.  Her intense training had seen to that.  And while she had only been in one relationship with a woman, she knew that it sure as hell didn't bother her.

Chloe couldn't get the dark-haired, extreme boarder out of her mind.  She felt her mind and heart continue the argument they'd been having since Kitty walked into her life.

What the hell are you thinking?  She's crazy.

'But sweet…in an odd sort of way.'

She's nuts.

'But strong.'

She's rude.

'But oh so adorable.'

Chloe recognized that she was drawn to the incredibly cute, strong, smartass attitude of Kitty.  But what had first caught her attention was the absolute roguish nature inherent to the smaller woman.

Chloe wanted nothing more that to have the younger woman pull her into her arms and hold her with the same fierceness she possessed on the slopes.

Chloe fell asleep, curled into a ball on the mattress, wishing with all her heart that perhaps some day she'd experience the dawn in the arms of the force of nature that was Kitty.


Kitty trudged up the slope that she had spent the past two hours carving with her board.

The soreness in her legs and the ribcage, courtesy of the boulder she had hit full force, faded with the realization that she would soon lay her gaze upon the beautiful woman again.

'Maybe she'll be asleep, so that way I can spend the rest of the night memorizing her face.'

Like you haven't already, her inner voiced chimed.

'But one can never get too much beauty.'


Kitty opened the door as quietly as she could and froze.

On the mattress lay the angel she had tried to force out of her mind, and now, all she could think was, 'What the hell am I thinking?!?'

The taller woman was curled into a ball and appeared to be shaking.

Quickly stowing her gear and stripping off her jacket, Kitty dropped to her knees next to the sleeping beauty.  The smaller woman reached out her hand, nearly overcome with the desire to simply trace the beautiful, strong jawline of the skier.

Suddenly the blonde's eyes shot open to reveal slightly groggy hazel colored irises.


Kitty froze.  She was terrified of being caught, but definitely not backing down.


The prone woman smiled sleepily at the half grin on Kitty's face, and grasped her hand.

"I'm cold…will you hold me?"

And without waiting for an answer, the blonde woman rolled over, yanking the younger woman onto the bed with her and wrapping herself in the other woman's arms without hesitation.

Kitty landed with a soft 'Oof' and the bewilderment of the situation suddenly hit her.

She was lying next to her dream woman…at the dream woman's instigation. 

'Score!' her inner voice yelled.

Too bad she's not that coherent.

'Shut up,' her inner voice told her.

But the voice of her mind couldn't stop the mantra of 'ohshitohshitohshitohshit'.

Almost instinctively Kitty's arms wrapped the blond from behind.

Chloe, still unconscious to the world, sighed contentedly and shifted further into the safe haven of the dark eyed woman's strong arms.

After a heartbeat, Kitty relaxed against the lanky frame of the skier, and she felt herself instantly begin to fall into the world of Morpheus.


Chloe woke the next dawn from the most restful sleep she had known since her Grandma had held her when she was recovering from Mono in the 8th grade.

She cracked opened her eyes and realized that she actually was being held.  And then she remembered that her Grandma had been gone for nearly 12 years.

'What the hell?'

Glancing down, she recognized the arms of a familiar sweatshirt.

'Oh my God.'

Kitty's subconscious woke her when she realized that the beautiful soul in her arms was waking.  She felt the woman tense in her arms and kept her breathing slow and deep, hoping and praying that Chloe would be to nervous to wake her and she could enjoy the moment…brief that it may be.

Chloe listened carefully and breathed a sigh of relief that Kitty was still asleep.

Knowing that she should try to gently extract herself, Chloe couldn't help but snuggle closer into the body behind her.

'So soft, so small, and so incredibly safe and strong.'

She felt Kitty's arms tighten around her and got lost in the feeling.

She didn't know that Kitty had been awake for the past few minutes, relishing the warmth of the long body against her, despite the layers of clothing.

Both women grasped the moment and tried to hold on, afraid--no, terrified--that the other didn't feel the same way.

Kitty was the first to speak.

"You awake?" she whispered softly.

She felt the breath leave the body of the other woman as she answered.

"Yeah," Chloe whispered back.

And neither woman made a move to rise.


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