Title: Soul Blooded

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Author name: Wispr

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Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Pairings: Buffy/ Willow

Rating: PG-17

Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and 20th Century Fox. No infringement of these copyrights is intended, and is not authorized by the copyright holder. All original characters are the property of Wispr.

Summary: Buffy is turned and Willow will do anything to restore her soul.

Spoilers: Takes place after the episode “Goodbye Iowa”.

Author's comments: Special thanks to my Wife Kara for proof reading and editing the story.

BTW… My wife made me promise not to post any stories until they have been proofed. <G>

Also thanks to my friend Jim for his editing suggestion.

Chapter: 1

The knocking that was coming from door startled Willow from her research that she was doing on the newest big bad to come to good ole Sunnyhell. Glancing up from her laptop she looked at the clock and saw the time giving out a sigh, “Great”, she thought to herself, “2:00 in the morning, still no leads and now someone is banging on the door!”

 “Who is it?” she called through the door of her dorms room.

“Willow, it’s Buffy and don’t open the door! I have something I need to say.” Buffy replied.

“Buffy, is something wrong?” a concerned Willow asked while she tried to open the door, but finding it held closed by Slayer strength.

“Yes Willow something is wrong,” replied Buffy, “I’ve been a bad Buffy-shape friend to my Willow-shape friend. I come baring gifts of forgiveness in the form of a carton of Rockyroad ice cream and cookies of the chocolate-chip persuasion. So with these bri… I mean GIFT’S… with these gifts can this very bad Buffy-shape friend enter and pay homage to her Willow shape friend?”

As Buffy was speaking Willow leaned her head on the door as she felt very warm and very fuzzy feelings sweeping through her at Buffy’s words. With a joyful grin on her face Willow opened the door while saying, “Of course you may enter my Buffy-shape friend!!” The friend came out more as a gasp as Willow took in the condition Buffy was in. Willows eyes traveled up the blood soaked shirt Buffy was wearing, at the same time a strangely clinical part of her mind notice by the state of the blood it was several hours old, fresh fang marks on her neck and finally ending at the soulless eyes of what use to be her best friend staring out of a vampires game face.

“Oh Goddess nooo…” Willow whispered in dread.

The next thing she knew she was flying through the air to land with a thump by her closet door, her head rang from the back handed blow from Vampire Buffy.

“Oops, I lied,” quipped Buffy as she casually strolled into her and Willows dorm room that they shared, “I don’t have any cookies and ice cream, so what sickly sweet morsel could I ever find to eat?”  She ended the sentence with a predatory stare at Willow. While watching Willow pull herself up off the floor with the help of the closet door handle, Buffy back kicked the door shut and with her left hand effortlessly pulled the dresser that sat beside the door over, blocking the door from being opened from either side.

Seeing Willow open her mouth to scream Buffy raised one finger and waggled it in a naughty, naughty gesture, “Hush now Wills, anyone your screams bring will die.” Turning away from Willow while thoroughly enjoying the terrified whimpers coming from her, Buffy in an overtly friendly tone continues to speak, “But hey Wills thanks for the insight there, I know I could always count on you to be oh so helpful.”

She turned her back on the whimpering Willow, walking over to the stereo to start a CD and turning the volume up so that the music was loud, but not loud enough to draw unwelcome visitors.

Buffy didn’t want to be interrupted in her playing.

Raising her voice so as to be heard over the music Buffy continued speaking as she turned back toward Willow, “Even when it comes to your own death your thinking…” And was met with an empty room. Snapping her mouth shut Buffy glared around the small dorm room until her gaze settled on Willows closet door.

With a cruel grin twisting her demonic visage, Buffy stepped over to her own closet to retrieve from within one of her favorite swords. Crossing the floor while lazily swishing the sword before her Buffy admired how the light sparkled along the razor sharp edge. Coming to a stop before Willow’s closet door, she gently rested the point of the sword against the door, mid way up from the floor, and with no visible strain started to ever so slowly push the sword point into the wooden door face. Buffy could feel/hear the low thrum from the door as it accepted the blade penetrating it, and it was a very sensual moment for her, and she wanted to savor it.

The sound of the sword blade pushing through her closet door caused Willow to look up from her crouched position next to her opened Spell Chest, but it didn’t distract her from her near silent chanting. The first thing Willow did on entering her closet after she successfully distracted Buffy by making her believe she was going to scream by which she got her to turn on some music so to drown out her own chanting, was to lock the door and move aside her clothes so she could simultaneously get to her Spell Chest and see what she was doing from the light above. It was cramp but do-able. She knew she had to act fast before Buffy literally tore the door off. Silently Willow begged the Goddess to forgive her for the spells she was casting, because it was very Black magic and she hoped with all of her heart Tara would be able to forgive her for what she was about to do.

As Willow finished the spell, she focused her will on the vial of murky liquid she held in her hands. Her concentration was almost shattered by the rush she felt has the Black magic pour through her and into the vial. The liquid turned into a deep phosphorescent pulsating red, which throbbed to the rhythm of her heart. Momentarily Willows hair and eyes turned black mimicking the magic that was coursing through her.

As the hilt of Buffy’s sword hit the closet door, Willow raised the pulsating vial, and drank it down in a single gulp. Willow closed her eyes as the potion’s effect swept through her making her gasp loud enough that Buffy could hear her over the music.

“Oh no”, Buffy called through the door in an insincere voice, “Did I hurt you Wills? If I did please tell me so I can do it again and again and again!” Buffy punctuated her “agains” with short thrust of her sword, banging the hilt on the door while the blade stayed embedded in the door.

“Hey Wills”, called Buffy as she slowly started to withdraw the sword, “I just got a nifty idea, lets play Battleship, you’re the boat and I will try to sink you, but don’t worry Wills I’ll clean up the mess afterwards.”

Buffy grinned evilly while her imagination came up with just what kind of mess she would be cleaning up!

As Willow felt the effects of the potion burn through her body, she knew she had to find some way to get some of her spell’s laden blood into Buffy so she would be able to cast the second spell. Looking up at the retreating sword blade an idea formed in her feverish mind.

Buffy’s nose twitched, flaring her nostrils she inhaled the heady sent of blood, the Hunger came to life with a roar, she could feel her lips pulling back from her teeth in a soundless snarl. Buffy’s eyes were fixed on the sword blade as she withdrew it from the door. They were rewarded with the sight that her nose had told her about… blood. With a soft sigh, she lifted the bloody sword tip towards her mouth, slowly and sensually she began to lick the smear of blood off the blade. The taste just blew her mind away. She growled deep in her throat as she cleaned the last of the blood off the tip of her sword, not even caring that she cut her tongue in the process.

BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… Like waves crashing on the cliffs the sound of a heartbeat crashed through Buffy, causing her to physically quake with every thundering beat.

BOOM… BOOM… BOOM… She dropped to her knees, letting the sword fall from her hand so that she was able to cover her ears in a vain attempt to block the thunderous heartbeat that was invading her undead body to the very core.

BOOM… Willows closet door opens.

BOOM… Buffy slams her face to the floor, the demon within her was screaming in both terror and ecstasy.

BOOM… Buffy then feels a gentle touch on her head. She then she hears THE VOICE, “Buffy, look at me.”

She obeyed the voice. Buffy raised her head slowly as the demon within her continued to scream. Looking up Buffy withheld the agonizing beauty of her Goddess.

“Willow,” Buffy whispered in a reverent voice as she dropped her hands away from her ears so that she was able to fully hear the heartbeat of her Goddess.


“Buffy,” Willow whispered as she looked down into the face of what used to be her best friend, cupping her injured hand so that the blood from the cut on her palm would pool. She offered it to Buffy.

“Drink,” she ordered.

As Buffy eagerly lapped at the offering, Willow could feel the spells power rising within them both. Before it consumed them she dropped to her knees beside Buffy and as Buffy drank, Willow talked to her…

“Buffy, don’t blame yourself for this, it’s my choice, the … world … needs … you.” Willow panted the last words as her body quivered with need.

“Stop,” Willow said as she pulled her hand away from Buffy’s mouth. Willow cupped Buffy’s human face between her hands, the vampire’s face having melted away while she drank from her palm. Not minding the blood smearing on Buffy’s cheek, she stared into Buffy’s enraptured eyes and saw the lust shining forth from them that mirrored her own eyes.

Not the least bothered by the bloodied lips Willow crushed her own against Buffy’s, feeling Buffy’s hands tearing at her cloths as her own were doing the same.

Willow gasped out between kisses…“Make <kiss> Love <kiss> to <kiss> me.”

After that things were a blur, and at some point they ended up in her bed with both of their cloths having long since been shredded, hot and cold flesh touching, caressing, exploring.

As Willow felt both her and Buffy’s bodies becoming faster and more urgent, they neared climax. Willow pulled Buffy’s head away from her own so that she was able to look her in the eye, letting her truly see the Love that she felt for Buffy and hoping the REAL Buffy would forgive Willow and more importantly herself for what was about to happen.

When Willow felt the beginning of their shared climax shuddering through them, Willow twisted her hand in Buffy’s hair, and was able to cry out one word as she turned her head away, exposing her neck to Buffy.


As Buffy in full game face buried her fangs in Willows neck, Willow stared at a picture of the both them that sat on her end table. She stared at it as she felt herself growing weak. She stared at it as she felt the energies of the spell flowing from her to Buffy through her blood that Buffy drank.

Willow stared at the picture as she listened to the fading beat of her heart…





Buffy reared back from Willow’s body as the thunderous noise of her heart stopped, the silence surrounding her was poignant with the promise of a storm ready to unleash it’s fury and then the storm fury broke forth. Buffy throw her head back in a silent scream has the power of Willow’s second spell washed though her, her eye’s glowed golden as her soul was restored to her.

As the spell released Buffy from it’s grasp she fell forward catching her self on the backboard, her eyes squeezed shut she relived the last several hours….


The ambush…

The capture…

“No,” she whispered at the memories that burned across her mind. She shook her head trying to stop, trying to disbelieve the horrific truth that her mind was showing her, the headboard splintered under the Slayers grip as her soul cried out at the nightmare that was wrought upon her and then… with a gasp her eyes flew open in horror.

Slowly her head tilted down and she beheld the true nightmare of her own doing…


Chapter 2

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Buffy ran, her legs blurring under her as they devoured the distance between them and her goal. With each step, trails of fiery agony shot up from her bloodied and abused bare feet, which had suffered from the broken glass and other such debris that covered the streets and sidewalks of Sunnydell. The tail of her long bathrobe that she had hastily put on to cover her nakedness snapped behind her with the wind of her passing. Never in her life had she moved so fast, but she took no joy from the new experience. No the only emotions she felt now was desperation, terror, and soul wrenching guilt over what she had done.

Glancing down Buffy gazed upon the precious bundle she cradled in her arms, a blanket shrouding Willow.

Willow was barely alive, but alive nonetheless. Buffy couldn’t help but to recall the circumstances that led to this tragedy, her capture, waking up as a soulless vampire, and then the events that lead to her regaining her soul while straddling a lifeless Willow.


“Willooowww!” the newly souled Buffy screamed as she gazed down at the body of her best friend that she had just drained.

“No, no, no, no…” she chanted to herself as her mind raced in a thousand directions at once, finally her eyes fell on the neck wound, and a plan blossomed in her mind.

Leaning to her left she open the drawer to Willows nightstand, reaching within she grabbed the small first aid kit that was kept there for treating minor cuts and bruises, that way they didn’t need to drag out the huge first aid kit in Buffy’s closet for the little stuff.

Dumping the contents on the bed beside Willow, she picked up a pressure bandage, and after tearing it open she preceded to tape it over the bite wound on Willow’s neck. Buffy slid off the bed while removing the pillow from under Willow’s head, she whimpered at the flaccidity that Willow’s body was displaying. Taking the pillow, Buffy placed it under Willow’s feet to raise her legs up in the hope that the blood that was left in her body would flow to where her heart was.

With the training from the CPR classes coming back to her, Buffy bent Willow’s head back in the proper position while trying not to meet the stare of her unseeing eyes. She then pinched Willow’s nose shut. Buffy bent down to start mouth to mouth, and when she took a deep breath, she froze. With a growl of frustration, Buffy remembered that though vampires could talk and smoke, they couldn’t breath life back into a person. Buffy immediately moved to start chest compression, being careful not to crush Willow’s ribs with hers newly enhanced strength.

About twenty compressions later, Buffy knew it wasn’t working. Growing even more desperate then before, Buffy frantically searched her memory for another way to restart Willows heart. Then inspiration struck. With graceful movements that belied the desperation that Buffy was feeling, she grasped the flexible neck of the reading lamp Willow had clipped to the right side of her headboard to allow her read without the light bothering a sleeping Buffy. Tearing it off the headboard while ignoring the clamp on its base as it broke off, when she was through with it wasn’t going to be working anyway, Buffy yanked the cord from the base of the lamp, and after dropping the remains of the lamp preceded to pull the two wires that made up the cord apart from the top down.

As she bent over Willow, Buffy whispered, “Sorry Wills”, just before touching the exposed ends of the split lamp cord to Willows chest, one above and one below her right breast. Willows body arched under her hands has the current arced through her.

Cocking her head slightly Buffy listened for a heartbeat… nothing.

She applied the wires again; Willow’s body convulsing again, and again… nothing.

Whimpering, Buffy shocked Willow a third time, again her body convulsing under the current, then…


Willows finger’s sank into the bed sheets that she was lying on as her newly revived heart started to beat and she took huge gasping breaths as her lungs drew in large amount of oh so sweat air.

Simultaneously Buffy fell to knees on the floor, with her head thrown back and chest arching out her body mimicked Willows down to her hands clawing at the air at her sides, and incidentally pulling the now unneeded lamp cord from the wall socket.

Buffy could feel a wrenching, stretching sensation from the center of her body, and for a moment she swore that she felt the sweetest air passing her lips as her heart thundered in her chest. Then it was gone and so was the force holding her. She fell to the floor to lie twitching in a daze.

“Buffy?” a strain whisper floated to her ears.

In a flash Buffy found herself crouching by Willow’s bed staring into the eyes of a very much alive Willow.

“Buffy” Willow drowsily whispered, “did I…?”

“Yes, yes you did Wills. I got my soul back thanks to you” A now crying Buffy replied.

“Good,” A smiling Willow said as her eyes drifted shut, “but Buffy it wasn’t yours, it was mine.”

Buffy was stunned by the enormity of the gift and the sacrifice Willow was willing make for her.

As she gently caressed Willow’s forehead, Buffy whispered to her friend, “ I’ll take care of you Wills, don’t worry about a thing.

Cocking her head to the side Buffy listened to Willow’s heartbeat, it was weak but steady. With a soft sign, Buffy stood up and reached across Willow’s unconscious form to push the scattered first aid kit onto the floor, allowing her to cover Willow up with the bed sheets she was lying upon. She was going over the things she had to do, call 911, then call Giles, and then throw something on. Buffy had trepidations on the upcoming confrontation with Giles and the rest of the Scoobies, but first she had to get Willow to the hospital for some major blood transfusions.

Buffy wiped her mouth clean with the back of her hand, as she crosses to her side of the room, trying not to look at the blood that was removed. The exquisite taste of Willows blood still lingered on her tongue and even though she felt revolted by it, she could feel the demon inside of her was savoring the aftertaste.

As Buffy was reaching for the phone that rested on her own nightstand the lights went out.

The sudden silence was shocking to her, but the noise of the deadbolts closing up and down the hall with snick hit her like a bucket of ice water.

“The Initiative,” With that thought adrenalin flooded her system and her game face flowed forth, with a snarl Buffy changed the direction of her hand from the phone to grab the bathrobe she had left lying on her bed. Spinning around Buffy quickly donned and tied the bathrobe around her waist as she hurried over to Willow’s blanketed form.

She could hear the tread of booted feet trying to move stealthily out in the hall coming closer to the door. With as much speed that she could dare Buffy picked Willow up, then lightly jumped from the floor to the bed, and then up onto the large windowsill that ran the length of the room. 

Recognizing Riley’s voice as he urgently ordered his commandos into position outside the door, Buffy awkwardly, while cradling an unconscious Willow, unlatched one of the large windows, allowing her to push it the rest of the way open with her right foot, and without a backward glance she jump through the flimsy screen.

As she landed from the several stories dropped, Buffy took extra care to bend her knees to absorb as much of the force from the impact so as not to jar Willow overly much. With the sounds of the barricaded being broken down echoing from above her, Buffy sped off into the night with her precious cargo held firmly in her arms.

End Flashback…

By the time the Hospital had come into view Willows heartbeat had become slow and strained. By the time Buffy had reach the automatic doors to the emergency room she had slowed to a normal running pace, not that she was worry of anyone noticing something out of the ordinary, it was due to the fact that she didn’t want to run into the doors before they could open fully.

Bursting through the doors as they opened with a whoosh, Buffy was staggered by the bright lights from the ER hitting her hypersensitive eyes. Once she left the carpeted entranceway, she had to force herself to stop for the fear of falling caused by her bloody feet on the tile floor.

The next several minutes were a blur, her babbling about blood loss to the doctors and nurses who rushed up to take Willow from her, keeping her eyes on Willow has the emergency room personnel surrounded her so to treat her for the massive blood loss.

Buffy allowed herself to be helped up onto a gurney so her feet could be looked at, but she did remember not to let them take her blood pressure. She also asked for the use of a phone.


<Ring>… <Ring>…<Ring>… <Ring>…  The ringing of the phone woke Giles up, where he had fallen asleep on the couch while doing his own research. As he straightened his glasses he fumbled for the ringing phone, finally grabbing it he answered groggily, “Hello?”

“Giles its Buffy,” He snap awake at the tone of Buffy’s voice.

“What wrong,” And with those words he suddenly had a sobbing Slayer on the phone.

“Oh Giles I’m so sorry”, Buffy cried, “It’s Willow, she’s here at the hospital, their having to replace all the blood she’s lost. I…I should’ve been stronger, if I would have been a little faster, or smarter Willow wouldn’t had to do…do what she did.”

Giles felt his heart lurch for Willow as Buffy talked, but he was also thankful that she was alive. Returning his attention to the phone Giles spoke as he stood up to gather his things for the trip to the hospital, “Buffy I’m coming right over, now do you what me to pick Xander too?”

“No!” Buffy cried, “Don’t tell anyone right now… the… ah,” Her voice dropping to a whisper she continue to speak, “Vampire that did this…ah…Willowgaveithersoul” Buffy finish is a rush.

Giles literally had to catch himself on the arm of his couch at the meaning of Buffy’s word sank in. “Oh dear Lord, she did the spell!” He thought to himself, forcing his thoughts in order he asked Buffy, “Are you sure Buffy that the Vampire has a soul, the spell calls for the caster to die for the Vampire to be resouled.”

“Yes Giles I’m sure,” Buffy whispers back to him in a strangely subdued voice, “I had to restart her heart Giles,” Buffy softly whimper, “But until Willow wakes up we will play it safe, so do you have any of those leg and wrist manacles on a belt thingies and they got to be really, really strong Giles.”

“Yes, actually I do. Is there anything else?” He asks.

“Yah, could you bring both Wills and I a change of cloths too. Also one of your long trench coats to, so we can hide the cuffs.”

“ The vampire is there!” Giles asked fiercely as his voice rose with the anger that he felt towards the demon that had attacked Willow.

“I… I’m sorry Giles, I need you, I need my Watcher tonight.” Buffy sobbed over the phone.

“”It’s ok Buffy, be on your guard until I get there. I’ll be about fifteen minutes.” Giles spoke soothingly, he could tell his Slayer was an emotional wreck and she needed to be strong until he got there, she was the only thing standing between Willow and that blasted vampire!

“Ok, you know the drill, by now the hospital staff should know all of us pretty good,” Buffy said trying to lighten the mood in her normal Buffy way.

“Yes, yes they should. Buffy take care and I’ll see you in a little while,” Giles replied, and after saying their goodbyes, he immediately went to the guest bedroom to grab Willows and Buffy’s duffel bags that were lying next to Xander and Anya's. Buffy and the Scoobies had started leaving a change of clothes here so they could remove any gore cover clothing after a messy slaying.

After finding the manacles and wrapping them in the requested coat, he hurried out the door with a purposeful step in his stride that he hadn’t shown all summer. His slayer needed him.

To be continued…

Hope you liked it….




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