Title: The Chaperone

Author: Wingsfan


Ratings: Let's go with R this time

Pairing: Cath/Sara

Disclaimer: Wishful thinking but they're not mine.

A/N: Fluff and then some for our ladies. Originally written for the virtual rewind challenge on livejournalís cathandsara community.

"You want me to do what?"

"Come on, Sara. June's Mom can't make it which means there'll only be three parents including me and two teachers present," Catherine pleaded with her lover.

"You want me to chaperone a bunch of kids on a camping trip?"

"Please?" Battering her eyelashes at the brunette, Catherine whooped in joy when she heard a groan escape from the other woman's lips.

"And this is just for a night?"

The blonde nodded her head and flashed Sara a smile she knew the other woman could not resist.

"I'll make it up to you," Catherine whispered in Sara's ear, her tongue snaking out to lick her earlobe.

Sara had no choice but to agree. "It better be good if you want me to spend the night with 15 nine-year-olds in the wild."

"First of all, have I ever let you down? Secondly, it's not the wild, it's Lake Mead," Catherine corrected her. "Besides, one look at your puppy eyes and they'll love you for sure."

"All right, all right. It's not like I said no. Laying the charm a little thick, don't you think?" Sara teased.

"As long as it works. And I have a legitimate reason to share a tent with you, not to mention a sleeping bag as well." Catherine winked at her lover.

"So this is basically an elaborate scheme to get into my pants, huh? My, my Catherine Willows, who knew you would be such a hound."

Planting soft kisses on the brunette's shoulders, Catherine smirked in response. "Can't blame me, not when you walk around in that leather pants of yours. But as I recall, you were the one who was so eager to get into my pants first."

"Really?" Pulling the blonde on top of her as they fell back onto the bed, Sara took her time to remove Catherine's clothes. "I don't remember. Refresh my memory."

"With pleasure."

Two days later, Sara found herself sitting with 15 kids around a bonfire that she had built earlier that evening. Catherine sat beside her, while Lindsey took up the other side. The slumbering child snuggled closer to Sara, and she looked up to meet Catherine's loving gaze.

"Let's get the kids to bed," one of the teachers said to Catherine and the other parents.

When Catherine moved to wake Lindsey up, Sara stopped her.

"I'll carry her to her tent. You go take care of the rest," she told the blonde.

Watching Sara cradle her little girl in her arms, Catherine felt her heart flutter at the sight. <i>Soon.</i>

A half hour later, the two women sat down at the bonfire. Instinctively, Sara held out her arms and Catherine slid in effortlessly. <i>Perfect fit,</i> Sara thought to herself.

"Did the kids get to bed ok?" she asked the blonde.

"Yeah, they did. You wanna take a walk?"

"Erm sure, let me go grab a torchlight." With that, Sara got up and headed back to their tent.

Walking along the lake, Catherine glanced over at her lover every so often. The moonlight silhouette created a nimbus of glow around them, and the moment was perfect. When Sara realized that the blonde was no longer moving, she turned around and was captivated by the sight before her.

"My God you're beautiful," she whispered to the other woman.

"Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you," Catherine told Sara as she moved closer.

Pulling the taller brunette in for a kiss, Catherine was not ready for the pang of lust that hit her when their lips met. Teeth nibbled at lips, tongues dueled and moans were muffled as both women were lost in the kiss.

When the need for air became too urgent, Catherine pulled away minutely, resting her forehead on Sara's. She was content to just stay like this forever, to be here in Sara's arms.

"I love you." When she saw that the brunette was about to speak, she placed a finger on her lips. "Let me finish. I need to do this."

At Sara's nod, Catherine took a deep breath and began. "I love you, and there is nowhere else in this world I would rather be at right now than in your arms. You've brought so much into my life, and Lindsey adores you to no end. You reminded me what it's like to be happy, to be genuinely happy and I know it's the same for you too."

When she saw the blank expression on Sara's face, Catherine was worried that she had said too much.

"Sara, honey, say something."

Still processing Catherine's earlier words, Sara could only stare at the other woman. Seeing the concerned look on Catherine, it was more than enough to snap Sara out of her reverie. She leaned closer, capturing the blonde's lips in a searing kiss.

"I love you too." Instantly Sara was awarded with a patent Willows smile, and she knew there was no turning back for her. "I love you so much it scares me how much I want you, need you and Lindsey in my life."

The two women shared more kisses after that, both oblivious to their surroundings. Slowly Sara began to undress the other woman, her lips peppering kisses on naked skin. Long, lean fingers roamed soft curves as pieces of clothing were hastily thrown into a pile. When those fingers came closer to where Catherine wanted them to be, she had to bite back a moan.

"Ever tried skinny dipping before?" Sara whispered to Catherine.

All senses forgotten, Catherine could only feel Sara's warm breath on her ear and Sara's hands gently caressing her sides.

"Lead the way."

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