Title: Going to the bar

Author: Wingsfan


Fandom: CSI

Challenge: Money

Rating: PG-13 for squeaky clean teasing ;)

Pairing: Sara/Catherine

Disclaimer: Still not mine, though I own the leather jacket that made a cameo in here.

A/N: Since I’m jobless, I’ve gotta have something to occupy my time. And Sara in leather seems to be occupying my mind. This was originally written for the cathandsara livejournal community challenge. Thought I’d share this with everyone here.

“Greg did *what*?”

Kissing her way down from Catherine’s temple, Sara spoke her words quickly. “Greg made a bet that I wouldn’t dare to ask you out on a date.”

“Hmmm,” was all Catherine could manage. She was too focused on the feel of Sara’s lips on her neck and she ached for more. Remembering the conversation, she tried to clear her head. “How much?”

“Huh?” Sara stilled her kisses and couldn’t help but smile when she heard Catherine groan in protest.

“How much was the bet?” Catherine asked.

“No money involved,” Sara mumbled when her wandering hands were swatted away by the blonde.

“So if there’s no money involved…” Catherine started. Her eyes went wide when the realization hit. “Tell me he didn’t.”

Chuckling softly at her lover’s impressive deductive reasoning skills, Sara simply answered, “Yeah, he did.”

“Sara,” the blonde warned.

Something about Catherine’s tone cleared the lustful thoughts in her head, and Sara sat up to look at her lover.

“Look, Catherine, I know you’re still not ready to tell people about us so it’s really no big deal.” Sara tried to explain herself. “Besides, it’s just a trip to the bar. A couple of drinks and I’m outta there. I’ll be back in time for us to go pick Lindsey up from school.”

Pulling away slightly from the taller woman, Catherine felt bad. “I’m sorry, Sara. I know it must be hard for you. You must have the patience of a saint.”

“Me, a saint? Hardly,” Sara tried to lighten the mood. “Don’t apologize, I understand. You are the best thing in my life, the missing piece in my life puzzle, and I want to share my joy with everyone, when you are ready.”

With that, Sara moved in to place a heated kiss on Catherine. All coherent thoughts were abandoned when her hands explored the hidden paths on the blonde’s body.


When they went to work that night, Catherine could see that Greg was grinning from ear to ear. Sara’s words occupied her mind, and she spent the rest of the shift pondering on them.

After collecting her bag from the locker, Sara went in search of Greg. She had chosen to wear her leather jacket, for she knew Greg, and Catherine, could hardly take their eyes off her when she wore it.

That was the state she found them in when she walked into the break room. She could almost hear Greg’s jaw dropping on the floor. Recovering quickly, Greg stood up and placed an arm over Sara’s shoulder.

“My, aren’t you dressed to impress today. You know, you don’t have to dress up on my account,” said Greg. “I’m gonna have to carry a bigger stick now.”

“For what, Greg?” Sara played innocent.

“To beat off all the competition from everyone at the bar, silly,” he said in a serious tone.

Laughing out at his remark, Sara saw from the corner of her eye, just a flash of something different in ocean blue eyes. Silently she rejoiced. Catherine was jealous and Sara knew it was taking every ounce of the blonde’s self control not to pull Sara in for a kiss.

“See you later, Cath,” Sara whispered into the other woman’s ear after she had made sure Greg was out of the room.

Shivering slightly when she felt Sara’s tongue tracing the shell of her ear, she turned to see Sara’s retreating figure. Raging libido aside, Catherine realized just how much the other woman had come to mean to her, and she did want to share the joy with her friends.

With that in mind, she darted out of the CSI building and headed to the bar that Sara and Greg were at.


“Don’t look but that blonde chick at the bar has been checking you out since she got here,” Greg leaned close to tell Sara.

“I’m not interested,” Sara said simply as she took a drag of her beer. She was enjoying herself, but she wished that Catherine was there with her.

“No? I’m sure I can change your mind,” came a voice that was music to her ears.

Sara saw Greg’s eyes went wide, and she turned around to find out what had taken him by surprise. A pair of small but strong hands held her in place, and she could only hold on as she felt soft lips peppering kisses on her neck.

“Uh Cath…” Sara’s voice trailed off.

“Yes baby?” Catherine stopped the kissing and looked up to meet Greg’s curious gaze. “Hi Greg.”

In between fits of laughter, Greg managed out a greeting. “So, you two, huh?”

“Yeah,” Catherine answered when she realized Sara was blushing twenty shades of red. She moved to the chair next to Sara’s, but the other woman pulled her onto her lap instead.

When Catherine took a look around the club, envy glances from both men and women were cast her way. Snaking her hands around Sara’s neck, she planted a kiss on her lips.

“I just made a room full of drunks drool with jealousy,” Catherine whispered to Sara.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Cath,” Sara corrected her lover. “I did.”

Greg, who was sitting across from the two women, watched as they flirted with each other. Only when he laughed out loud did the pair broke away.

“God, get a room, you two,” Greg jokingly said. “Get out of here before my jealousy gets the best of me.”

“I’ll be right back,” Catherine announced to Sara and Greg.

When the blonde was out of sight, Greg moved to the seat next to Sara. “I won’t tell a soul, Sara. I’m just glad you’ve got someone.”

“Thanks, Greg,” Sara said seriously. “I mean it.”

“Shall we?” Catherine asked as she returned to the table. “See you at work, Greg.”

“Bye, ladies. And remember, don’t do anything I won’t do.” Greg winked at them.

“That isn’t much, Greg,” Sara deadpanned.

“Come on, I have plans for you and that leather jacket of yours,” Catherine purred.

When Sara felt Catherine’s hands roaming on her naked skin, she knew she was in for a ride.

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