Title: Comfortable

Author: Vree

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Part One

Nicole flexed her shoulders under her suit. It was so nice to be able to wear real clothes. She got so tired of wearing designer clothes that were as uncomfortable as they were ugly. But that was the price of Popularity; you were never able to be honest about your desires. Any of them. She thought to herself glancing over at Sam. God, she was cute, all laid back and comfortable in her suit. She looked back to the front as Sam gave her a questioning look.

She respected what Debbie was doing and didn’t really understand why that gender-fuck Bobbie Glass was giving her such a hard time. Finally, it was time to go and they all got up to leave. Brooke looked over to her, “Hey, you want to come over to the Palace and hang for a while? The ‘rentals are conveniently away again.”

“Sure that would be nice”

“Great, let me just get Sam and we’ll head out.”

“Aw, let her walk. It’ll do Spammy some good” Oh, god I can’t be that close to her in a car when I’m this close to comfortable. Suddenly the song “My Defenses Are Down” went cheerily tap dancing through her head. Stop that! There will be no showtunes at this time. Remember you are an evil bitch at the moment.

“Nic…” Brooke said warningly.

Nicole rolled her eyes in false exasperation, “Fine…Fine…Let’s get going”

Once they are in the car on their way to the Palace Nicole turns to look at Sam.

“So, Spam, You and your loser friends hanging out this weekend, or are you holing up in your cave to write another blistering expose on the people you wish you were?” Can I kiss your neck?

“Gee, Satan, I guess that depends on whether or not the rumor that you are doing both the football and basketball teams this weekend turns out to be true. Tell me do you take them alphabetically or by ranking?”

“Aww, Spam, are you jealous? Be sure to do your research before you write the article as I know no man has ever come near you.” Or I certainly hope not. Ah shit, look at her face, I think I hit a nerve.

“Fuck you, Satan”

“That was original, Spam” I’m sorry. Nicole turned around and looked out the window until they turned into the Palace’s driveway.

Once they entered the house Nicole sadly watched as Sam stormed up the stairs and slammed the door to her room. As she and Brooke reached Brooke’s room and they took off their suit jackets she could hear KD Lang wailing about the Trail of Broken Hearts.

“Man, Nic, kinda rough on Sam weren’t you.”

“What? It’s not like she hasn’t done the same to us.”

“Yeah, but do me a favor and lay off of her for a while. She’s going through a rough time.”

“Aww, what could be so bad in Super Journalist’s life?”

Brooke gave Nicole an intense look, “If I tell you, you have to swear not to use it against her. And I mean swear on the understanding that I will never speak to you again if you use it.”

“Alright, I promise” I hope she’s not sick.

“The reason Sam reacted so badly to your crack about men was that the other day she realized that she didn’t want them”

“What do you mean?” Oh My God…Oh My God

“Sam’s gay, Nic. She told me last night.”

Nicole sat down on the bed with a thump and loosened he tie. “Oh My God” What do I do now?

Part Two

Nicole stared at nothing while her mind ran circles around itself.  It took a few minutes for her to hear Brooke calling her name. She looked up.


“I said what’s wrong with you?  You look like someone blew up your Mercedes with your fall wardrobe in it.”

Brooke was alarmed to see a pondering look on Nicole’s face.  Not because it was pondering but because it was the first time in ages that Brooke could read Nicole. 

Can I tell her?  Will she freak? Tell Sam? Tell the school?  Nah, Brooke’s not me.

“I love her.”

“Pardon?” Broke blinked rapidly, “Could you repeat that?”

“I love her.”



“Sam…My Sam…The one you call Spam and who calls you Satan.  That Sam?”


“Did you hit your head on something when I wasn’t looking?”


“Umm…well barring you’ve gone insane…How long has this been going on?”


Broke rolled her eyes in frustration.  “Why… How?  In more than one word please.”

“How could I not? I mean she is so amazing.  She’s smart, funny, and beautiful.  I love the way she has an instant comeback any time I rag her. I love watching her concentrate.  Every time she starts playing with her tongue I think I’m gonna lose my mind. She has the most beautiful face and her hair is so thick I just want to bury myself in it.  She’s a magnificent writer and when she jogs in the morning she’s so stunning it steals my breath.  I love her so much and I have wanted her for so long and now she could be in my grasp if I hadn’t spent the last ten years making sure she hated me with the fire of a thousand suns.  God, Brooke, what am I gonna do?”  With that Nicole curls up in a ball on the bed and begins to cry.

Brooke looked at the crying blonde, for the first time in years seeing the beautiful girl Nicole had been before Marley Jacobson had entered her life, and her heart went out to her.  Brooke walked over and pulled Nic into her arms.  She held on until the tears slowed, before grabbing some tissues and gently wiping Nicole’s face.  She looked into the beautiful teary blue eyes of her friend.

“You are going to woo her.”

“I’m gonna what!?  This is the girl who thinks I’m the ruler of her personal hell and I’m gonna woo her?  Umm, Brookie…speaking of people hitting their heads.”

Brooke chuckled.  “Silly. I don’t mean you are gonna walk up and say ‘hey baby, you want to go out?’  If there’s one thing I have learned about my step-sister it’s that she is a romantic in the very old fashioned sense.  She longs to be wooed and you are just the girl to do it.”


“It’s a beautiful plan really.  It’s two pronged.  The first part is that you are going to become her secret admirer.  You have a bonus because not only do you have your feelings but you also have ‘a person inside’ to tell you how it’s going.  The second part is that we are going to gradually make her stop seeing you as evil.  We will slowly start changing the things that you use to protect yourself.  It will be the dawning of a new era at Kennedy, because people won’t realize the changes until they are already used to them.  It will be the school it should have been if Marley hadn’t gotten to you.  What do you say?”

“Do you really think it will work?”

“Absolutely.  She won’t be able to resist.”

“”I have nothing to lose.  Let’s do it.  The worst that can happen is that I will be publicly humiliated.  What’s first?”

Part Three

Sam walked along the hallway toward her locker with her head down.  She felt like “lesbian” was tattooed on her forehead even though she knew that nobody besides Brooke knew.  She looked up as she reached her locker, and did a double take, checking that she had stopped in front of the right one.  Who would put a rose in my locker?  She took the rose from the slot and brought it to her nose.  She couldn’t understand how this was here.  It was an Apothecary’s Rose, Her most favorite and extremely hard to come by.  The deep magenta color and its yellow stamens were as distinctive as its sent, making it in her opinion one of the most beautiful roses.  She opened her locker and resting on her books was a note card with the rose on the front.  She picked it up and opened it.

            My love-

            I had never hoped to have a chance with you and yet have recently found that you lean in the same direction as myself.  I hope you keep this rose near to you so that its heady scent will lift your sprits and make you think of me.  Always remember that you are not alone in this school and that I will always be here for you.  One day I hope to reveal myself to you and have you look to me with love in your heart.  Until then I shall court you from afar.

Sam was staring dumbfounded at the note as Nicole walked by.

“Sending yourself love notes again Spam?”

Sam looked up.

“Screw you, Satan”

“Oh hon , you are lacking in several things I require in a screw.  But if your into that I know a couple of freaks who would just love to help you out.”

Sam grabbed her books and slammed her locker shut.

“Of course you would know the sexual deviants in this school.  You are their club president after all.”

Sam stormed off to class.  Such an amazing moment had to be wrecked by Satan herself.  Got I hate that girl.  Her hair does look better now that she’s flattened it again. That spiked thing made her look like Sonic the hedgehog.  God, what am I thinking, am I so hard up for a girl that I’m ogling Nic.  God I hate her.

Nicole watched Sam walk off.  I hope I’m doing the right thing.  She smiled as she felt Brooke come up and put her hand on her shoulder. 

“Are we doing the right thing, Brookie.  I think she hates me more now.”

“Trust me.  She took the rose with her and you saw her face when she read the note.  She will fall for you.”

“I hope so.”

“Come on we need to do the morning primp before class.”

Nicole groaned softly but followed Brooke to the Novack.

Part Four

Sam was raging by the time she got home. She stormed up to Brooke’s room flinging open the door.

“Who the hell did you tell, Brooke? Did you tell Satan and Mary Cherry so they could set me up and you could keep your precious hands clean? Christ I know we don’t get along but I thought we had gotten beyond this.”

Brooke had looked up from her book when her door flung open, and now slowly put it down before looking up at Sam. “Sam, I have no idea what you are talking about, calm down and tell me again.”

Sam looked closely at her soon to be step-sister and seeing no deception let out a deep breath and sank down on the bed. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the note and flower. “Someone put these in my locker.”

Brooke took the not and made a pretense of reading it before looking up at Sam with confusion. “OMG, Sam this is soo sweet. But what does it have to do with me?”

Sam looked a little shame-faced “Well you’re the only person at school who knows I’m gay”

“Ah, so you assumed I told Nic and Mary Cherry so that you could be ridiculed, I think I might be offended.”

“Come on Brooke, what was I supposed to think. It’s not like that could be real and again nobody but you are supposed to know.”

“Sam you have pictures of Alyson Hannigan and Renee O’Conner hanging in your locker. Perhaps not everybody is completely clueless.” Brooke looked at her with an indulgent smile, “You haven’t even considered that this could be real, Have you?”

“Umm…well…no. At first I was so excited I couldn’t believe it. Then Satan made some crack and it caused all these doubt to come forward. God, I hate her. I don’t understand how you can be friends with her.”

“Nic’s not so bad when you get under that cast-iron bitch routine that she has.”

Sam rolled her eyes, “If you say so. It’s not like I’ll ever have a chance to find out.”

Brooke smiled to herself “Anyway about this note. I think you should take it at face value. Someone has obviously spent a lot of time studying you. I would wait and see what happens next and enjoy it.”

“I guess.” Sam held the flower to her nose and smiled, “It was awfully sweet of her. Whomever she is.”

Brooke and Sam chatted for a bit longer about school and Sam’s admirer before Sam went back into her room to get ready for bed.

Once Brooke heard the door to Sam’s room close she reached for the phone.


“Nic, its Brooke. Sam just came in to see me.”

“And… What’d she say?”

Brooke smiled at the suppressed excitement and hope in her friends voice. “Well once I convinced her that you and Mary Cherry weren’t playing a joke on her she was very excited. I think the plan is working perfectly. Now for your next move…”

Part Five

The next day Sam opened her locker to find a new CD/MP3 Walkman and a note.

My Love-

I couldn’t sleep last night. My thoughts of you kept me awake and restless. I am sick of my empty bed and long for you to be there to curl around me. Whenever I close my eyes all I see is you kissing me. I burn with such passion that I feel I should be gracing the cover of a regency romance novel. Great black horse, billowing white shirt and all. The only exception is that I would not wish you kneeling at my feet or fainting in my arms but standing next to me with your arms wrapped around me. While restlessly roaming around my room my eyes landed on my computer and I decided to make you a CD. It’s a compilation of songs you love and some that I do, and several that show my feelings for you. It is a little odd and perhaps I should have slept first but cest la vie. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and the player.

Sam lifted the player out of her locker and noticed the CD case underneath. It’s cover was a skillfully drawn rendition of the romance novel referred to in the note. Where the face of the hero would be however was left blank as if to be drawn later.

"Whoa Sam, where’d you get that? That is a prime piece of equipment."

Sam looked up at Brooke and smiled "She left it for me and look at this cover."

Brooke did not have to feign her surprise at the cover. She had no idea Nic could draw so well. The likeness of Sam was perfect down to the slight smile lines.

"What did the note say?"

Sam handed the note over and took the case back to see the playlist. Wow, she was right when she said the music was an odd mix. There’s everything here from Sarah Mclachlan’s Possession and Ani DiFranco’s Overlap to Korn’s ADIDAS and Depeche Mode’s Only When I Lose Myself. God that’s my favorite song of all time how did she know? Sam looked up as Brooke sighed.

"God, same that’s so hot, and sweet, and wonderful. This woman obviously has it bad for you."

"I’m beginning to realize that. How can someone want me this much and I not ever have noticed it?"

Just as Brooke was about to respond Nicole came up. "Come on Brooke lets get going. That’s enough loser outreach for one day." She casually glanced over at Sam. "Spam"

"Satan" Sam responded, idly noticing as they walked away that Nic’s jeans fit like they had actually been worn more than once. God she’s got a nice ass. OMG, I did not think that, What the hell is wrong with me?

Further down the hall Brooke muttered to Nic. "She’s staring at your ass. I told you those jeans were a good idea."

"I know. I am beginning to realize that you are a genius and that I am very glad I never pushed our popularity contest. I would have been toast."

"True true. I’ve got it all brains, beauty, and talent. Worship me like the goddess I am." Brooke maintained her haughty expression for all of five seconds before she and Nicole burst out laughing and walked into the Novak.

Part Six

The next few weeks passed in a similar manner. Every day there would be a note I her locker expressing her admirers love and in some cases passion. Those notes invariably had Sam blushing and rubbing her thighs together. Every few days there would be a gift. Sometimes flowers or jewelry or a favorite candy. Other days it would be odd things, like the day after Sam had asked to borrow a pen from Brooke in the Claws class she found a box of her favorites resting in her locker with a note or the days she finds drawings of herself in various positions from concentrating to walking or laughing.

In the mean time the move to change Nicole’s image progressed as well. Her look gradually softened, while she was still wearing Armani it was jeans and buttondowns instead of Suits. Her shoes had changed from bitch heels to Docs and Sketchers. What made Sam finally notice the change was when Carmen idly commented that Nic seemed to have stopped picking on the unpopular ones.

Brooke and Nicole were walking down the hallway talking quietly with each other. When Sam approached them and asked to talk to her alone.

"Brooke what’s going on with Nicole?"

"What do you mean?"

"She’s changed. She’s not evil anymore her clothes are different. Its weird I find myself wanting to use her real name."

"Oh that, I finally convinced her to drop the act. It took quite a while but she is finally starting to believe that the last thing the school needs is another Marley Jocobson. What your seeing is the real Nic the one I’ve known all along."

"Un-Hunh. You;ll pardon me if I’m a bit skeptical that even your great talents extend to taming the Beast. How do you know she’s not just suckering you in?"

"Trust me I just know." Seeing Sam’s still skeptical look, " All I can tell you is that she recently found out some information that made her want to be a better person."

"That must have been one hell of a piece of info. What did she learn?"

"I can’t tell you. If you really want to know go ask her yourself." And with that Brooke walked back over to Nicole.

"She noticed."

"Really!! That’s great."

"Um Hmm. By the way, when this works and you two are together. Remind me to kill you."

"What!! Why?"

"She has not stopped playing that damn CD once since you gave it to her three weeks ago. It’s driving me nuts."

Nicole laughed and they walked into class.

Part Seven

Sam walked into the bookstore. She had a weekly ritual in which she’d come in and peruse the sci-fi, erotica, and gay fiction sections, before selecting a book or two and sitting down in one of the comfy chairs scattered in the alcoves created by the bookshelves. Her favorite was a couple of big plush leather chairs in the sci-fi section. It was usually very quiet and empty, most people not realizing the value of a good sci-fi/fantasy story. As she turned the corner she realized there was already someone sitting in her seat.

"Nicole!! What are you doing in my spot?"

"I’m sorry I must have missed the plaque that had your name on it." Came the sarcastic reply.

"I am here every week at this time and sit here in exactly this spot."

Nicole laughed, "Well that’s ironic. I do the same thing but usually on Tuesday. I missed this week so I thought I’d come now and relax a bit."

Sam looked over Nicole who was comfortably sprawled in the chair with one leg over the arm. She was dressed in clothes Sam had never though she would ever see the fashion diva wear. Her jeans were obviously old and faded with some intriguing spots that were worn almost to fraying. She had on a tight white tank top that showed of every muscle the cheerleader usually hid. And her black docs had seen better days many years before, to the point that Sam could faintly see the steel at the toe. It was an entirely drool worthy picture that Sam had to force herself to look away from.

As Nicole went back to her book Sam sat down and tried to read. Unfortunately every few minutes her eyes would drift to the blonde. Finally giving up she closed her book and sat up causing Nicole to look up at the movement.

"What happened to you?"


"Three months ago you were Gucci’s satanic evil twin. Now you don’t dress, talk or act like your supposed to."

"I’m sorry, Sam. I didn’t realize you’d miss it, shall I go back to calling you spam and insult every move you and your friends make. Would that make you happy? Fine, what the hell were you thinking when you did that to your hair or did it just stuck in an electrical socket "

"Arrrgggg. No I don’t want you to go back. Everyone likes this new you. You and Brooke have never been so popular. It’s just I don’t understand what happened. Brooke said that something happened that made you want to change but she wouldn’t tell me what."

"Do you really want to know, Sam?" At Sam’s nod "Fine, I fell in love. Now if you’ll excuse me I am running late for an appointment."

Sam sat there dumbfounded as Nicole grabbed her backpack and left. Nicole’s in Love?!! I wonder who the stud is.

Part Eight

Brooke went into Sam’s room looking for more clues about her step-sister. She needed to find the one thing that would make Nicole the perfect woman for same. As she went through the small box that Nicole had given Sam to hold her jewelry she dropped one of the rings which promptly rolled under the bed. Brooke kneeled down and saw it resting against and Amazon.com box. Pulling both the ring and the box out she put the ring away before opening the box.

"Oh My God!!! Sam I didn’t know you had it in you."

She quickly slid the box back under the bed, before calling Nic to get over to the Palace as soon as possible. Fifteen minutes later the door was opened and Nic was bodily dragged in and up the stairs.

"Brooke, what’s wrong?"

"Wrong" Brooke let out a slightly hysterical giggle, "Could be there’s nothing wrong could be there’s a lot wrong."

"Brooke speak English you interrupted a very important fantasy when you called."

"Come with me" Brooke replied while leading Nic into Sam’s room.

"Why Brooke I thought you’d never ask" Nicole replied in her best Southern Belle accent.

Brooke just groaned as she pulled the box from under the bed and handed it to Nicole "You should probably glance at this."

Nicole opened the box and started to smile. There were several books in a neat stack next to a couple of well used vibrators and a large pack of batteries. The books all had titles such as By Her Subdued, Macho Sluts, and the Marketplace. What really made her smile though was when she started paging through the stories with turned down corners. Apparently her Sam had a strong penchant for submissiveness and rough sex. Nicole looked up at Brooke.

"Apparently we are better matched than I thought." Brokke’s jaw dropped. "Don’t worry Brooke I have an idea of how to show Sam that I am happy to embrace this part of her life as well."

"Thank God cause I have to tell you I was stumped."

Nicole laughed, "I will need your help to pull this off but here’s the plan…"


The Next Day

Sam opened her locker to another envelope. Unlike the others however this one was black with silver roses imprinted on it.

My Love-

You thought you could hide parts of yourself from me but you can’t. I know your dreams and desires. I know that you long to submit your body to the touch of a lover. You dream of having no control. Of being pinned to a wall and ravished. A lover thrusting into you roughly while you moan. Being forced to pleasure her until you feel your tongue will fall off in exhaustion. I tell you that I am the one for you. And one of these days soon, though it is not yet time for us to meet, you will feel my touch on you. Until then dream of me and know that I love and want you constantly.

Attached to the note was a keychain shaped like a pair of handcuffs.


From a couple of lockers away Brooke snickered quietly. "Look at that blush. I bet those panties are ruined."

"Hush you. Yours would be too if you had received that letter, trust me. So are you ready for the next part of the plan."

"You bet. See you after school."

Sam was leaving the newspaper office late having stayed in order to get the next issue finished. The halls were quiet even the janitor having finished. She briefly thought she heard the crackle of a walkie–talkie but dismissed it as her imagination. She walked into the Novak and reached for the light, assuming that the janitor had turned it off. Her wrt was grabbed and she was pinned to the grillwork that separated the door from the sinks. A brief yelp left her mouth before a small hand covered it.

"Hush my love it’s me." Said a female voice that had obviously been deepened.

Sam relaxed a bit. "How do I know its you? For all I know you could be Mary Cherry or April Tuna."

A rusty chuckle sounded. "I put Depeche Modes Only When I Lose Myself on that disk because I knew it was your favorite and it so closely mirrored how I feel. I want to lose myself in you."

"Oh God" Sam melted into the firm body behind her feeling the hardened nipples through the back of her shirt. "Let me see you."

"No my love not yet you are not ready and frankly neither am I. But I could not last one more day without feeling you body against mine."

And with that Sam let out a gasp, as she felt two lips attach to her neck. A trail of nipping kisses were run from the side of her neck to the back where she felt a firm sucking motion that was sure to leave a mark.

"Can’t have you forgetting about this now can we." Her admirer’s free hand traveled up and started to firmly pull and twist Sam’s nipples. "I am going to place your hands an you will not move them or I will stop. Do you understand me?"

"Yes" Sam moaned as her hands were brought up to grip the grillwork she was leaning against. Once her admirer’s hands were free they returned to her breasts while the lips continued to map out the shoulders and neck exposed by Sam’s tank. Gradually one hand started to slide down towards her jeans causing her hips to buck and a chuckle to escape the woman behind her. However once the hand slipped under the jeans a moan came from her captor and Sam had never been so glad that it was laundry day and she had to go commando. Two fingers lightly slipped through her hair and into her wetness. Lightly swirling against her clit and causing her knees to buckle, before sliding back out. Slowly the hands were removed from her body.

"As much as I would love to take you here and now it is not our time yet. Stay here. I promise we will meet soon."

Sam heard the door close and took a deep breath before turning and looking outside. There was no one there. She slowly straightened her mussed clothes and left the Novak. As she walked out the front of the school she saw Brooke leaning on her car.

"It’s about time. I was about to send in the search party. What took you so long? You called like a half an hour ago. Are you OK? You look kinda flushed."

Sam looked at Brooke and let off this most dazzling grin. "You will never believe what just happened to me."

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