Title: Lyrical

Author: T. Revlis G

Fandom: The L Word

Pairings: You'll see..:]

Ratings: R, for the safe side of the fence.

Warnings: Nadda.

Disclaimers: I own nothing but the characters Sam and Alek. Borrowed the name Kennard. L Ladies are showtimes, not mine, Darlin'.

Chapter 1 - Just Watch the Fire Works

Part 1 - She's Back

Shane, Alice, Bette and Tina were sitting in the planet drinking their normal helping of coffee, well Tina was drinking a fruit smoothe. Marina was helping a brunette about 5’ 4”, swimmers built, a raspy voice, talking in French to Marina, they shared a smile, and the brunette made her way over to the group, taking a sip of her vanilla latte.

”Well…the whole gang is here..” She said.

“Sammy?” Tina turned her head, with everyone looking at her.

”In the flesh, big sis.” Sam grinned, she winked at Shane and Alice. “Hey Shane and Alice, and my sister-in-law?” Sam looked at Bette. Tina got up hugging her little sister tightly, Sam just hugged her back just as tightly, letting go of Tina, Sam went over and hugged Bette, then Shane and Alice it a triple hug.

”When did you get back in the states?” Bette asked, moving another chair over for Sam.

”I got back two days ago, because I hate flying and I hate the time changes…” Sam began, and was cut off by Alice.

“You spent two days sleeping, ya bum.” Sam just winked at Alice. “You know it.” Sam sat down between her sister and Bette.

“not that I am not happy to see you, Sammy, but whatca doing here?” Tina asked, looking at her sister.

“Well JAS (Jan’s Art Studio) is now in it’s so season, so they said take 4 weeks off, which shocked me, coz they never ever…”Sam spoke, sipping her latte. “let me have 4 weeks off, that’s why I haven’t been here to see you guys in over 4 years?” Sam looked up the ceiling, counting mentality. “Yeah…it’s been 4 years…” Sam finished, looking at the group.

“Are you still fencing?” Bette asked, she looked at her watch.

”Yep..still kicking ass at it..” Sam said with her cheesy grin.

”Well I love to say, but I need to get some work done…Sammy, I’ll see you later on..” Bette said hugging Sam, and kissing Tina on the lips. ”Love you...Tee..”

Bette left. Sam sipped her latte, and Dana entered.

”She’s out the house?” Shane joked, getting a death glare from Dana.

”Shane shut up…now..” Alice shot at her, Dana sat down next to Alice, curling into her neck, whining.

”I hate my life... ”Dana whined. Alice hugged her, wording to Sam. [ She just came out to the rentals.] Sam just frowned, looking at Tina, remembering what happened when she came out to her parental units, before Tina even knew Bette, she snickered at the drama the first day, getting a smack in the knee from Tina. Dana then uncurled looking the brunette sitting next to Tina and Shane. “Who’s she?”

”That would Tina’s baby sister, Sammy..” Shane said.

“Hi…I’m Sam..” Sam said softly. “I wasn’t snickering at you, I was snickering, because I had a flash back of what happened when I came out to my rental units…” Sam moved from the chair. “Move you skinny butt, Shane, I want the couch!” Sam barked in a playful tone, slapping Shane’s ass, flopping into the couch. ”I know how it goes.” Sam took Dana’s hand giving her squeeze. Dana just nodded with a smile. “Thanks..”

Sam smiled back. “No problem….by the way…Aren’t you Subaru’s New Girl? Dana Fairbanks?” Sam asked, leaning on the arm the couch, she felt Shane poking at her hair, it was a weird thing that they did around each other.

“Yeah..” Dana said, blushing slightly at the attention she was getting from Sam.

Alice grinned at Shane and Tina, wording [Sam is so flirting with Dana..] Tina just shook her head at her sister, and Shane got up. “I gotta run…Sammy babe…you and I must go for drinks...” Sam got up and gave Shane a hug.

“Latah Monkey..” Sam said.

“Later Skanky” Shane said back laughing.

“Monkey?” Dana asked. Sam just chuckled. “It’s our lil name thing we have for each other…I call her Monkey, coz she has this weird thing of poking at my hair, and she calls me Skanky, because…I really don’t even remember..” Sam laughed, rubbing the back of neck. “Well I gotta go...so I’ll call you later Tina and Sam…try and behave…bye Dana….”Alice hugged Dana, Tina and Sam. And left.

“I didn’t know you had a little sister, Tina.” Dana said looking at Tina.

“Well we didn’t know you 4 years ago, Dana.” Tina said looking back at her, Sam was just sitting there, drinking her latte. “Well now you know...and don’t feel about being the last to know..” Tina smiled.

Sam smirked. “I’m not that big of deal...”

“Well I gotta run, I have to pick up some stuff, sis...I’ll meet you back here at 7pm?” Tina asked.

“Sure thing, Tee.” Sam got up and hugged her sister. “Love ya sis…”

Tina left.

”Dana do you have place to be?” Sam asked in her raspy voice.

”Nah..you?” Dana said, flushed slightly. “Well I do have to go work out, want just hit some balls...Y’know..” Dana got up, blushing. “Oh god that sounded so wrong..”

Sam just chuckled, grinning. “Yeah it did, wanna play a game? I’m not a pro or anything, but I can hold my own.”

Dana laughed. “Sure..”

Part 2 - The Chat

Next day - Nighttime

“So you played tennis with her?” Bette asked, sitting down to nice dinner with her wife and sister-in-law. “Sammy you can’t play tennis if your life depended on you.” Bette joked putting a piece of Sam’s great cooking, she really couldn’t pick between Tina’s and Sam’s cooking they were both wild.

Sam cocked her brow, pointing her fork at Bette. “ I hope you know I can hold my own in playing tennis, Bet. I wasn’t even letting her win.” Sam said stabbing a piece of her meat.

Tina looked at her baby sister shaking her head at her. “She’s a pro, Sammy. You just royally..” Tina was then cut off by Bette.

“You just suck at it..” Bette grinned.

”Har..har…har…can we get of this topic, please?” Sam said with sigh.

“What’s wrong, Sammy?” Tina asked her little sister.

”Oh nothing really...I love the French people, love the city, I’m just unhappy, I miss my family.” Sam said looking at them both. “I miss being around you, Bette, Shane and Alice…I miss going drinking with Shane, I miss chatting like a cheerleader with Alice, and I just miss you guys. My sister and her wife, who are going to have child, it’s just when you guys told me, I…I felt like I was left out, and I felt alone, for the first time in 4 years.” Sam said putting her fork down. “I’ve been thinking of moving back…this family is the only reason why I have reason to move back here. I miss all of you.“ Sam said taking a sip of her water.

Bette looked at Tina with a small smile, then back at Sam. “If you like I have for once in my life 3 days to myself, if you like we can go look for a place?” Bette stated.

“Yeah I would love it..” Sam said with a warm full smile. “God I missed you guys..” She gut up hugging her older sister tightly, she kissed her sister on her cheek, then hugged Bette tightly.

Part 3 - What don't you do?

It was Saturday, Alice, Shane, Dana were at the planet, Sam walks in, shares a smile with Marina, talking in French, ordering what she normally has, and flops into a chair next to the girls. "Good Morning…"

"Hey Sam…"Alice said.

"Hey Sammy.." Dana and Shane said.

"How was dinner?" Shane asked.

Sam yawned. "It was good like always, Bette mentality debating on who's cooking is better, is always amusing to watch." Sam spoke, picking up her latte from Marina, nodding a thank you to Marina.

"So you cook, you work at an Art Studio and you fence?" Dana asked. "What don't you do?"

Shane just grinned to Alice, Alice spoke. "She also paints, welds, glass blows and collects swords?" Alice said looking at Sam.

"Enough talking about me...I'm sure Dana is very bored in what I can do.." Sam said rolling her eyes are Alice. Shane was laughing. "Maybe you can tell her what you can't do...then or won't do, Skanky.." Shane joked.

Sam stuck her tongue out at Shane. "That'll just bore her...Monkey…"

Alice just rolled her eyes at the Dumb and Dumber twins, shook her head, sitting back watching the scene with amusement. "….Sam just tell her….so Monkey-girl over here shuts up.."

Sam threw her leg over Shane's. "Well I don't do slow dancing, unless…I am alone with the person.." Sam kept her eyes on Dana, not noticing the looks from Shane and Alice. "I don't do shoe shopping, because I've been scarred for life by my sister and Alice.." Sam laughed. "Don't do men…Haven't been with one in….since I was 18…ew...it's been that long…" Sam frowned and shook her head.

"How old are you?" Dana asked with a laugh.

"26..." Sam said, poking Shane for no reason.

"Bad images…Sam?" Alice said, getting a nod from Sam. "Let's talk about someone with boobs and vagina please.." Sam said, getting a laugh from everyone else.

"So Sam do you want to go for drinks at the old Pub?" Shane asked.

"Hell yeah!" Sam barked. "I bet I can drink you under the table.."

"You wish Skanky.." Shane said. "You're a rookie chick that hanged out with frat boys…in college."

"Did not!" Sam snapped back. " Unlike those blokes, I drank for the taste, not just to get shitfaced!"

"Are they always like this?" Dana ask blinking at Alice, getting nod. "Yep...wait till you get Bette and Sam taking about the arts. " Alice said looking at the Frat Girls.

"Fine...I'll bet you 40 bucks that I can drink you under the table, and I know Alice can't hold it either, but I don't know about you Dana…?" Sam asked her grinning.

"Um…." Dana started, then Shane cut her off. "She can't either...but she can drink a lot.." Shane said with a grin.

"alrighty! Let's go to the bar tonight.." Sam said.

Alice and Shane shared a grinned.

Part 4 - The Morning After

Sam's Hotel..

Bette and Tina were at the front door of Sam's hotel room, Bette knew all the girls went out last night, and most likely crashed here, since the hotel is the closet to the Pub, Alice opened the door. "Hey…shh.." Alice said, Shane walked up behind Alice. "You're going to...eh...I don't know.." Shane said, letting Bette and Tina in.

Shane, Alice, Bette and Tina just looked at what they saw.

Sam was lying in her bed still sleeping, with Dana laying in the same bed as Sam, with her arms wrapped around herself, with her face nuzzled into Sam's neck. Sam had her arm over Dana's waist, and her other hand was under the pillow, they were both sounded asleep, they had the covers drawn up to their waist. Sam was still in deep sleep, so was Dana.

"Aww…" Tina was all she could do, she thought her sister was cutest thing when she was asleep, but her and Dana all wrapped up, still wearing the clothes from the night before, they looked so peaceful.

"I think we should go, before they wake up.." Shane said.

"No...I rather watch Sammy like this, she all peaceful.." Alice said back.

Dana shifted a bit, nuzzling closer to Sam. Sam stirred a bit, moving completely on her back, with one arm on Dana's waist still, and one under the pillow. That got Dana up, the whole gang watched from the doorway. Dana nuzzled into Sam's neck again, then realized she wasn't alone, she opened them, see the rise and fall of someone's chest, a woman, she sighed, looking up.

Part 5 - Morning After 1b

It was Sam.

Tina's little sister.


She was about to get out the bed, but Alice, covered her mouth with her hand. "Shh…don't wake her.."

Too late.

Sam yawned, looking up at Dana and Alice. "Hi there…."

"Hi Sam.." Alice said, still covering her mouth. Sam got out of bed, moaning from her headache, turning around she saw Shane grinning, Bette smirking and Tina smile.

"As far as I can remember…nothing happened…I just remember Shane and Dana helping me into bed, before I passed out…that's all I…" Sam said blushing. "I kept my hands to myself I swear.."

Dana was just red.

"Shane and I are going down stairs.." Alice said dragging Shane with out of the room.

"You okay, Dana?" Bette asked, Dana just walked pasted Tina, Bette and Sam.

"Fuck.." Sam snapped, she ran out after Dana.

Tina looked at Bette with a worried face.

Part 6 - Chase Down

"DANA!" Sam ran after her. "Please wait!"

Dana stopped, and turned around.

"I didn't touch you or anything.." Sam started. "Fucking hangover… can't think right.." Sam placed an arm Dana's shoulder. "I swear to god I was passed out, and….I asked you to stay next to me...as odd as it sounds...when I get shitfaced..I normally wake up next to someone, not sex or anything….ask Shane or Alice about it…" Sam looking at her. "I swear I had no intentions of anything…believe me..please?"

Dana looked at her. "I think I'm gunna be sick…" Dana ran back into Sam's room, and into the bath room, throwing up, Tina was right there, Bette went out side the room, looking at Sam leaning on wall.

"Your not going to be sick too?" Bette asked.

"Nah…I need food.." Sam said. "I didn't touch her, Bette, I swear.."

"I believe you Sammy, she's just a bit shock she woke up to someone she doesn't really know, and I think she's a bit scared…" Bette said, wrapping her arms around her sister-in-law. Sam nodded, hugging her back.

Tina walked back out. "She fine...just needs food, and you too I bet?" She said looking at her kid sister.

Dana walked out. "Let's go eat…"

Sam went back in her room, put on her flipflops and changed her shirt, she walked out, giving Dana one. "Here.."

"Thanks.." Dana said going into the room to change, and she walked out wearing Sam's shirt. Sam went over and locked the door, and they all met Shane and Alice down stairs, and drove to Dennys.

Part 7 - Two Days Later

Sam was lying out on the couch of the planet, it was about noon, the gang would be there for lunch, she was listening to her walkman. She had Jimmy Eat World in, she may be a lesbian, but she loved Emo. She closed her eyes, dozing off.


- Out side -

Alice and Dana pulled in.

“I bet you Sammy is lying on couch, dozing off.” Alice said.

”Have you or Shane slept with Sam?” Dana asked.

“Nope, we all think of Sammy as our little sister, sure Sam will tear up the dance floor with either myself or Shane, why do ask?” Alice said looking at her friend.

“Just wondering, she just touchy feely with Shane.” Dana said.

“They’re always like that, why Dana are you jealous?” Alice asked.

Dana just looked at her. “I’m not jealous.”

“Yes you are.” Alice said.

“I am not.” Dana said back.

“Are you attracted to Sammy?” Alice asked grinning.

Dana just blushed. “Yeah..”

“Aww..” Alice went.

“Just shut up about it, Alice.” Dana said walking into the planet.


-in the planet-

Dana spotted Sam just as Alice said. “Doing on the couch, listening to her walkman..” Alice walked up behind her smiling. “Told ya so..” Alice sat on the couch in front of Sam, Dana sat in the arm chair nearest Sam.

Tina entered with Bette. “Is Sammy here?” Ask Bette.

Alice point to the couch, Bette laughed. “Figures…Sam..” Bette took off Sam’s head phones. “Sammy…I know your only dozing…and your also drooling, very attractive...Sam” Bette said.

“Oh thankyou..” Sam opened her eyes whipping the drool from her mouth.

“Bette’s got something to tell you..” Tina said, sitting next to her sister.

”Shoot..” Sam said looking at Bette. Dana and Alice laughed.

“Well I found you a place, it’s a studio…and was owned by the CAC, as their artist studio...so it’s already set up for glass blowing and plenty of room for your art work and your collection of swords, and enough room for you to fence, has a small kitchen, bedroom, small office, just great for you” Bette stated.

”Wow…I can’t wait to see it….” Sam said.

Part 8 - Sister to Sister

It’s been already one week since Sam came down, she already took care of things, she had everything she owned in London and Paris shipped down to the states, JAS paid for everything to be shipped. JAS was very sad to loose Sam Kennard, but they were more then happy to know that she was happy there. Everything she owned was in the hotel, the rest of her trunks were either at Alice’s or Tina’s place. Sam sold her places that she owned and lived, to pay for her new Studio. By 2nd week, Sam was already moved in, and she owned the studio. Bette as favor also got her a part time job working at the CAC. Sam’s main area in art was history placement, teaching, and hosting shows. Sam was completely set up. The studio looked great, it was done, and it felt like home, it was her home. It was Tuesday, around noon. Everyone was at work. Tina and Sam had some alone time together. Tina and Sam were both sitting on couch near the kitchen.

“Thankyou..Tina..” Sam said smiling at her older sister.

“What for?” Tina asked.

”For everything…you and Bette are just wonderful..” Sam began. “This was the fastest time it took me to move into one place. I just love it.” Sam stated. “ I have such a wonderful sister, and I still can’t believe I’m going to be aunt. It’s going to be a lot of fun seeing a mini Bettina running around. “ Sam joked.

“Goof..” Tina said, leaning her head on her sister’s shoulder, Sam wrapped an arm around her sister. “So what do you think of Dana?”

Sam smiled. “She’s funny, insanely quirky, goofy, smart…” Tina grinned, Alice was right; Sam had an eye for Dana. “But..”

“But what?” Tina asked.

“I was with someone for 2 years, it was the longest relationship I ever had with someone. I was happy, yes, but it was going in a direction that I really didn’t want to go in yet. She wanted to get married and start a family, I wasn’t ready to be a mom, nor am I now. So she ended it. I just need a little bit of time, but I am very attracted to Dana, she’s just this very cool woman to be around. We go play tennis, she kicks my ass, she asked me the other day online, that if I could teach a bit about fencing, I asked her why, she goes I don’t know, I want to learn something new..” Sam said. “I said I don’t mind at all, I would be honored to teach you...I’m more then happy to.” Sam stated.

”Aww..hunny..” Tina hugged her sister. “Well why don’t you and Dana talk about it?”

“Because I don’t know if she finds me attractive, sure she blushes when I flirt with her, but it’s just this very odd friendship we have right now, and I like it don’t get me wrong, it’s just very complex.” Sam stated.

“Hmm..” Tina tapped her finger to her lip. “Sounds to me your crushing Lil Kennard..”

“Hush..” Sam said, poking her sister’s tummy. “My god I am gunna be an aunt….I just image you in labor...breaking Bette’s hand….yelling at her…You did this to me!” Sam laughed. “Funny Nine Months…good god..”

Tina laughed at the image, saying. “This is my moment….” Sam and Tina both laughed.

“Hey Tina...I’ve decided to give you, a key to the place, and they’ll be a spare key in the stone key, for whatever reason, yano...” Sam said.

Tina smiled and kissed her sister’s cheek. “So you working on anything new?”

“Yep working on two paintings, one glass and making a few CD metal racks…I need them…as you can see..” Sam said pointing over to her CD trunks. “Place still needs a lot of work…”

“But your doing fine…you work 4 days out the week, plus the place is all paid for..” Tina stated.

”Yeah..it’s going to be good.” Sam said.

Part 9 - Dueling

Note: In the up coming chapters it’s going to get very odd and a bit angsty….odd because they’re will be a male character, who went to college with Sam. Now I should be up to chapter 17.I dunno when the events of Luck, Next time happen. After we go through Luck, Next time...I’ll be breaking till the next ep. When I do Luck, next time, it will be changed around a bit, you’ll see, also I am getting rid of Lisa VERY soon. I’m going to have maybe one more chapter out 2night, then 2morrow a few more may…who knows….

Also big thanks to who those are reading it and enjoying it.


Sam’s had great music taste, she had in BT’s Emotional Technology and his Movement CD. Which were the upbeat relaxed, then she had in her rock mix, with The Ataris, Jimmy Eat World and few others. Along with her “Lezmix”, which had pretty much every one on it. When Sam threw parties they were laid back, fun and relaxed. She never wanted a tight and uncomfortable party. She had wine coolers, beer, a plenty of fruit drinks. The food was fun too, she had veggie bar, meat and cheese bar and a sushi bar. Tina, Marina and herself cooked everything. Sam is very anal when it comes to parties, she has to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Sam smiled, seeing her friends and family together.

Kit, was looking through her CDs, Sam told her to make a list of what she wants her to copy. Bette and Tina were on futon couch, as well as Dana and Alice on the other one, Shane was talking with Marina. Sam walked over to gang, sat down, she sip her drink.

”So Sam, where is the fencing room?” Dana asked.

“you all wanna see it?” Sam asked. “There nothing but a wooden floor with 85% of my swords and weapon collection…it’s not a big deal.”

”Sam it’s you...it is a big deal..” Alice said.

”Fine..fine…” Sam said, getting up. “This way….” Sam led them down through the office and into the Fencing Room, or Dojo as she called it. “Here we are...Sam-chan’s Dojo..” Sam said in her very bad Japanese voice.

“Wow..” Shane said. “how many do you have..?”

Everyone looked around. “I have nearly 20 Japanese swords, 30 different swords from all parts of the globe...2 Foils, 3 Epee and 5 Rapiers…and about maybe 50 different kinds of weapons..” Sam spoke.

Bette spoke. “Mind giving us some information on the sword?”

Shane, Dana, Alice, Marina, Kit, Tina and Bette watched and listen.

”Your going to be the end of me...Bet…” Sam said picking up one of the staffs, pointing to a set of swords. “First one is Daisho set…it’s a Katana...a long sword…and the other one is a Wakizashi...a medium sword..” Sam put the staff down, picking up the Katana, taking out of case. “This is the Scabbard...and where I am holding it at it’s called the handle or hilt.” Sam put it back in it’s case, placing it back on the wall. “I don’t collect that much of the Japanese swords...now can I stop talking about the swords, Bet?” Sam whined, and the girls all laughed.

”So what’s a fencing sword?” Dana asked, looking at all the Brass, Silver and Steel on the walls, everything was very shiny.

“That’s a fencing sword…” Sam said pointing to the five set piece with the British Flag on a shield. Sam walked over to the swords, picking up two fencing swords.

“Soin de Marina au duel?” Sam asked in French to Marina. Everyone sat back, Sam knew French, German and Italian. Which Dana didn’t know, she was still getting to know the young Kennard.

“J’aimerais aussi.” Marina replied, picking up the brass blunted point Foil. She then put on her whites, just the chest and arm set, then the head piece.

“Commencons.” Sam said, getting in her fencing posture already in her whites.

“Lasisse.” Marina replied.

Both saluted to each other, then went back into their postures. This was Assault a friendly combat between two fencers, this case two friends. Marina was the first to move forward, thrusting straight outward. Sam however, knows how Marina moves, she did a counter-parry, which is the defender, Sam being the case of the defender comes around to the opposite side of Marina who thrust straight outward. Sam spun around behind Marina, Sam being the lady that she is, allowed Marina to turn around, and both began a tempo’s of parry’s and thrusts.

While this was going on the gang was watching. Dana was watching closely. Alice looked at Dana’s eyes just transfixed on Sam, she smiled, poking Shane, wording. [ She can’t keep her eyes off of Sam.] Shane just nodded watching the duel.

The duel ended after 10 minutes, because they didn’t want to get all sweaty and such.

“Duel merveilleux, mon ami.” Marina said, bowing a salute to Sam.

“Et comme toujours previsible, mon ami.” Sam said bowing back, taking off her head piece. Sam was already sweaty. Marina had on just the armor that strapped on. Sam took off the full jacket, wearing only a sports bra, back facing everyone.

“Where did Sam get those scars?” Dana asked softly to Tina. Tina looked at Sam’s back.

”Well one scar was when she was in Japan…doing Kendo, with real swords…the guy..” Tina began, was cut off by Sam turning around, having a scar on her 4 pack abs. “The guy wasn’t playing fair, he slice me, when my back was turned, and this one..” Sam pointed to the one on her tummy, noticing Dana’s eyes on her body, but acted like she didn’t notice. “It was over a girl, my buddy and I got into a rapier match, wasn’t pretty. I got the tummy scar, he got a arm scar, we both lost the girl.” Sam said, putting her shirt back on. “Now back to the food…”

Sam walked back into the dinning room, stabbing a piece of sushi. Alice and Shane watched Sam eat. “Cow..” They both said.

Back in the Dojo….

“Dana…can I talk to you in private?” Bette asked nodding to Tina. Tina led Kit and Marina out into the dinning room.

“Sure..” Dana said.

“You have thing for Sam, don’t you?” Bette smiled warmly at her younger friend.

Dana just blushed and whined. “Yes I do..”

“You two would be cute together, but...”Bette began. Dana cut her off. “Your gonna warn me if I break her heart, aren’t ya?” Dana said.

“No..I’m not...Dana…Sam and You I care for dearly...and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt...nor her..” Bette stated. “Dana..Sam’s been scared...big time in the past, by men and women, she just got out of two year relationship, the woman wanted to get married and start a family, Sam didn’t want that, so the woman left her...” Bette stated.

“I don’t know what to say that, Bet. Yeah Sam’s hotter then hell, she has one hell of body, not to mention how talented she is in the arts, but I don’t know.” Dana said with a groan, leaning on the wall.

”Hunny just talk to her, Dana.” Bette began again. “She’s not the type to dismay or throw to the side, or use, Dana. Just talk to her, that’s all.”

Part 10 - TennisJockette4 and TranceFencer9

TranceFencer9: Hey Dana, I see you made it home safe and sound.

TennisJockette4: hi sammy, yeah I made it home safe, thanks

TranceFencer9: Your welcome. Did you enjoy yourself?

TennisJockette4: yeah I did.

TennisJockette4: can I ask you something?

TranceFencer9: shoot!

TennisJockette4: umm…can you teach me how to fence?

TranceFencer9: You already asked me that last week, Dana. Sweetie, just tell me what is bothering you, or at least tell me the truth. I know you just came out to your rental units, but it’s not the end of the world…

TennisJockette4: Sam…it has nothing to do with my parents, Sam...it has to do with me and someone I know..

TranceFencer9: Dana, don’t lie to yourself it’s one of the worse things you can do.

TennisJockette4: This is so hard….

TranceFencer9: Take your time, Dana…I’m not going anywhere.

TennisJockette4: Are you attracted to me?

TranceFencer9: Yes.

TennisJockette4: oh..

TranceFencer9: I find you very attractive, body wise is a given, but I find you a joy to be around. Your insanely quirky, which I find sooo cool, because I haven’t been with one nor knew anyone like you, I like being around you, I like playing tennis with you, I love the fact that you kick my ass it. LOL.

TranceFencer9: Look Dana…I’m not going throw you to the side…if you don’t find me attractive or funny...or whatever...I’ll understand.

TennisJockette4: see…I do find you funny, attractive and whatever...and I know you just got out of 2 year relationship…and I just came out to my family, I don’t know where that is going, and lost the girl too...because I wasn’t out…

TranceFencer9: I know what happened, and I know Bette told you what happened with her, but it’s the past for me. I’m living here and now, it’s a new life, new start. And for as you being out, hunny...I don’t care if your in box, and not out to anyone…I’ll still want to be with you..

TranceFencer9: …I…I want to be with you..Dana...and I am willing to work for it...and I willing to go slower then a snail...because I feel that I can wait…..

TennisJockette4 has logged off at 2:23 AM.

Part 11 - Just you.

Sam had cleaned up, she logged off her computer after Dana had sign off. She sighed deeply. Sam got off her office chair, shutting the light off she walked out of there, into the fencing room, out of there, past the Steam Room, shutting the hallway lights off, shutting the kitchen lights off, it began to storm. It was thundering and lighting and raining cats and dogs, she still had all the candles lit.

Then there was a knock on the door.

Sam opened it.

Dana stood there, soaking wet and shivering. “Dana?!” Sam said. “Get your ass inside here..” Dana was shivering, Sam ran over into the bath room, getting her wool robe, and giving into Dana. “Go into my bath and change…” Sam order, Dana was too cold to move, Sam, put the robe on the counter, and picked up Dana, carrying her into her bathroom, she placed her on the chair in the bath room, noticing a bloody knee. “What happened?” Sam asked.

”I tripped.” Dana said shivering. Sam went to the bath, and drew a warm shower. “Jesus Christ…I’m cold..” Dana said, not looking at Sam.

“Let me get you out of these wet clothes and get you into the shower..” Sam said with a glup, she took off Dana’s shoes, then soaking wet jeans. Sam’s hands were shaking, she then took off Dana shirt, she glupped deep in her throat, she removed Dana’s bra and then her underwear. She pick up Dana again, placing Dana in the warm shower, getting a bit wet herself, she placed Dana on the Shower Chair, looking at Dana, making sure she was okay, she closed the curtain, and stood outside. “The robe is on the hanger on the right side when you get out...I’m going to wait in living room..” Sam hung Dana’s wet clothes on the rack. “and make us some hot tea..”

Part 12 - Arms

Dana shut the hot water off, and took Sam’s wool robe, placing it on herself, she tied it, and got out of the shower, she walk down the hallway. Sam always has music playing, this time it was Jimmy Eat World, on repeat.

“Hey..” Sam said leaning on the door frame of the kitchen, she handed Dana a cup of tea.

Dana took the tea. “Hey..” Dana said taking a sip.

[Here you can be anything.]

Sam stood watching Dana, she sipped her tea. “Dana…not that mind that you’re here, what happened?” Sam asked.

“The power went off, I got scared for moment, freaked out, got into my car, drove over here, my car broke down...and I ran over here, tripped on my way..” Dana said.

“Sit down let me look at that knee, sweetie.” Sam said, putting her tea and Dana’s on the table, getting a first aid kit.

[I think that scares you. I've been here before but only by myself.]

Sam came back. “It might sting..” Spraying the anti-thingy her knee.

[What giving up gives you and where giving up takes you.]

Dana whimpered a bit. Sam blew onto her knee, whipping it clean, she placed a strapaid on her knee, making sure it was on good, but not tight.

“Thanks..Sammy..” Dana said.

“No problem, Dana...hey did you just call me Sammy?” Sam asked cocking brow, with a smile smile.

[I've had and I've been…
……..Here in centre frame, there's only air…
….Just enough space to fit.]

Dana blushed. “Yeah..”

Sam just smiled. “I meant what I said, Dana…but I’m not going to jump right now..”

Dana nodded, shivering a bit. Sam handed her tea back, Sam downed hers. “I’ll get you some clothes..” Sam walked away.

[I said it out loud over and over but what do I know.]

Sam came back in, giving Dana a pair of long pants and shirt. “I’ll be in the kitchen while you change..” Sam said taking the empty tea cups.

Dana removed the robe, putting on the pants and shirt. “Hey Sammy..”

“Yeah?” Sam came back in the living room.

“Who’s this that were listening to?” Dana asked, leaning back on the couch.

“It’s Jimmy Eat World…their Emo…” Sam said. “Do you like it?”

“I love the song, what is called?” Dana asked. Sam was standing, and Dana could see that Sam’s hands were shaking.

“It's called Just Watch the Fire Works..” Sam said. “My favorite song by them..”

[I said it out loud but it did not help.]

“Dana you’ll sleep in my bed room, and I’ll just sleep on the futon…” Sam said. Dana got up, and followed Sam into her bedroom.

“Here ya go...my comfy bed…and don’t mind the stuffed pound puppy…she won’t bite..” Sam joked. “Night…”

“Sammy?” Dana said facing Sam.

“Yeah?” Sam said.

Dana pulled Sam into a kiss.

A Deep one.

It was soft, loving and caring.

Dana broke the kiss. “That’s your answer..”

“Too what?” Sam said stuttering, in shock.

“If I am attracted to you..” Dana said. “ can you…ummm sleep with me?”

Sam smiled wide, pulling Dana into another soft kiss, she broke the kiss. “Yes…”

Dana got into bed, Sam got in next to her, Sam was lying on her back. Dana place a hand over Sam’s tummy, and nuzzled into Sam’s neck. “Goodnight Sammy..”

“Good night Dana..” Sam said kissing Dana on the forehead.

They fell asleep in each other arms.

I'll stop now.
Just so I can hear you I stay up as late as it takes, as long as it takes.
I promised I'd see it again.
I promised I'd see this with you now.

TBC…in Lyrical: Chapter Two - The Hero Dies in This One

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