Title: A Brand New Sunnydale

By: Teeney8040

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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pairing: Buffy/Cordelia

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimers: I own nothing, so I'm not makin' a dime.

There are two characters from Buffy that I always loved, but felt their characters got screwed over a bit.  Faith was one.  I always wondered what she would have turned out like if she'd had a family.  So I gave her a dad and decided to explore another side of her.  I wanted to bring a different side of her character to light that I always felt could have been there if her cards had been a bit different. 

The second character is my personal fave, Cordelia.  Unfortunately for her, popularity was the price she paid for having zero real relationships.  Once she put it aside on the show, she found she could have real friends.  Now in this fic, Cordy's popular status has been handed down to her and is something that won't be taken away.  The only thing she has to lose is her friends.  Unfortunately, the sweet side of Cordy's character was never really explored until she moved over to Angel.  And I think I fell in love with her.  I always felt like she could be a real sweetheart if she had a proper support group behind her, much like Angel's crew on his show. 

So, for this fic, I have completely revamped the series and plan on making it an ongoing thing.  Buffy and Faith are both in Sunnydale at the beginning and neither are slayers...yet.  Of course Xander and Willow are around.  Angel, Spike and Harmony are all human.  Riley, Anya and Jessie are around, though, they are more side characters that don't get much page time, so if you like any of them, this might not be your fic.  The main pairing in this fic will be Buffy/Cordelia, so if that's not your thing, move it along.  There will be more pairings as I move this along, but this will be mostly based on B/C.  You'll have to forgive me for the slight lack of ass kicking action in this section.  I really felt like I needed to devote these chapters to connecting the characters with strong bonds before I could really get the action going on.  Hope you enjoy the fun.

Buffy Summers was pissed.  She was pissed off and sad, and it was all because of her parents.  Divorce.  The big D word.  Buffy hated that word.  None of her friends had parents that were divorced.  She had to be the outcast.  And to make things worse, she and her mom were moving.  To some hickville town named Sunnydale.  Did they have any idea how hard it was going to be for her to move the summer before high school?  No, all they
care about is themselves, she thought bitterly.  Besides all that, some weird old man caught her after school one day when her dad was late picking her up and he totally freaked her out talking about Slayers and vampires and demons.  He was a weird one for sure.  He said she should be prepared for the day she was called.  What the hell did that mean?  Ugh, life can really suck sometimes.  They were leaving in two days for Sunnydale and she was only going to have a month to meet people.  Most of her belongings had been packed away in boxes scattering the house.  At least she had her big going away party tonight.  That was something to look forward to.  It was going to be tough though.  Leaving her now ex-boyfriend Pike behind.  They broke up right after Buffy got word of the move.  They had talked about it and decided long distance wasn't really the thing for them.  She scowled at the last box of stuff she packed and kicked it for good measure.  Well, she thought, at least Mom took me guilt shopping.

Buffy came bounding downstairs early about a week after they moved in and joined her mom in the kitchen for coffee.

"Hi honey."  Joyce gave her a warm smile.

"Hey mom."  Buffy gave mom her best California girl smile and grabbed a mug from the cabinet.

"Any plans for today?"

"I was hoping to hit the beach for a few hours.  I need to work on my tan.  Is that okay?"  She asked hopefully.

Joyce smiled widely and nodded.  "Sure, do you want a ride?"

"Okay, I'll just walk home when I'm done."

The two Summers women shared the morning paper, both silently wondering how many wild dogs Sunnydale really had.

A few hours later, Buffy spread her towel out on the sand and removed her shorts and tank top.  She adjusted the straps to her red bikini before applying her tanning oil.  She grabbed her headphones and slipped them on and relaxed in the sun.

An hour later, she sat up and grabbed her bottle of water from her backpack.   A group of six teenagers caught her eye.  She watched as the two guys of the group began tossing a football back and forth as the four girls got settled for sunning.  A tall brunette girl in a skimpy white bikini caught her eye.  She had the perfect body.  Long legs, perfectly toned stomach, she was gorgeous.  Now, Buffy had never been with a girl before, though thoughts of girls had crossed her mind before, but something about this one had her attention.  She watched them enviously as she turned to her stomach and began flipping through a magazine.  Through her headphones she didn't hear the male voice call out to her until it was too late.  Suddenly a football came flying by her head and she nearly screamed.  She ripped her headphones off and stood up to see one of the guys jogging her way.  He was wearing a sheepish grin as he approached and she couldn't help but give him a tiny smile.

"Hey, sorry about that, my buddy doesn't know his own strength sometimes."

Buffy smiled wider.  "It's okay, it just startled me."

He grinned and stuck out his hand.  "I'm Riley Finn."

Buffy shook his hand.  "Buffy Summers."

Riley walked a few paces and picked up his ball before turning back to her.  "Are you new?  I've never seen you around before."

"Yeah, my mom and I just moved here from L.A."

"Cool, I can imagine it must suck to come from L.A. to Sunnydale.  This place pales in comparison."

Buffy shrugged.  "I'm sure I'll get used to it."

Riley turned and waved his friend off when he started to shout about the football and turned back to Buffy and eyed her towel.  "Do you wanna come join us?  I know it can be hard to meet people when you're new.  The guys won't mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, grab your stuff."


Buffy threw her clothes, headphones and water bottle in her backpack and grabbed her towel.  She followed Riley to his friends.  Buffy gave a shy smile at the rest of Riley's friends and they sent smiles back.

"Guys, this is Buffy Summers.  She just moved from L.A.  Buffy, this is Cordelia, Harmony, Aura, Anya and Angel."

She gave them a small wave and grinned when the hot brunette almost bolted up from her towel and grabbed her hand.  "You moved from L.A.?  That is so cool.  I would kill to live near that many shoes."

Buffy smiled and before she knew it, the girls had her dishing on everything L.A.  The guys went back to football and they spent the next few hours lounging on the beach.  Angel and Riley left together in Angel's black convertible and Anya offered Buffy a ride home in her 4Runner with the girls.  Before they dropped her off they managed to convince her to make an appearance at the Bronze with them that night.  Buffy was practically beaming when she came home.  She made new friends.  They were friends like her old friends.  And, geez, she was going to have a few problems hanging out with Cordelia for sure.  She was hot.  It had been difficult to say the least to keep her eyes off the bronze skin shown off by the bikini.  Buffy began humming quietly to herself as she headed for the shower.  She figured Sunnydale wasn't half bad after all.


Rupert Giles was a happy man.  His flight had just touched down and he was about to put his life's training to work.  He was going to be a watcher.  The council had learned that sometime in the next two months, a new slayer was going to be called.  In Sunnydale, California.  The Council set him up with a job at the high school as librarian and he was thrilled.  Of course the idea of living on a Hellmouth was a bit disturbing, but he took it all in stride.  Yes, he was a happy man.


"So how do you guys all know each other?"  Buffy asked Cordy.  The two were sitting at the group's usual table at the Bronze waiting for the rest of the crew to show up.  .

"Well, Angel and I have known each other for ever.  He lives a few houses down from me and we were always forced to go to parties in our neighborhood."  Cordelia rolled her eyes dramatically.  "Really boring.  It was just a bunch of stuffy adults showing off their money.  He and Riley got to be friends a few years ago.  They played football together in junior high and they play on the varsity team together now.  Harmony and Aura have been friends of mine since we could walk.  They're kind of shallow, but we've known each other so long, we kinda got used to it.  Anya just moved here last summer and we met her in school.  Anya is really the only one of my friends that has a unique thought.  The guys are cool, but sometimes I wonder why I hang out with Harmony and Aura."

"Probably because they agree with everything you say?"

"Yeah, probably."  Cordelia said with a smile.  "Although, Anya has a tiny problem with her current crush status."

"What do you mean?"

"See that guy over there?"  Cordy pointed to a group of teens in a booth across the club.  "The guy with the dark hair and goofy smile. Xander Harris.   He's king of the dork squad and Anya has been crushing on him for like six
months.  I don't get it."

"He's kinda cute in a goofy way, I guess."  Buffy noticed with a small shrug.

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Ugh, him and the redhead, Willow, have been friends for ever.  We were all in kindergarten together.  They always tell loser ass stories about Xander stealing Willow's Barbie and something about a yellow crayon.  It's lame."

Buffy watched the other group as they all laughed at something one guy said.   "Who are the other two?"

"Oh, Jessie and Spike."  Cordy rolled her eyes dramatically.

Buffy raised an eyebrow.  "Spike?"

"I think it's a nickname.  He just moved here a few weeks ago.  He's a pain in the ass; he's always talking shit to Angel."

"How do you know so much about him if he just moved here?"  Buffy asked with a tiny smile.

"Oh, please, this is gossip town USA.  Everyone knows everyone else's business.   It's a small town curse."

"Great, I can't wait to hear what's being said about me."  Buffy wondered warily.

Cordelia smiled widely.  "Trust me, you moved from L.A. and you hang with me and mine...nothing but good will be said about you.  Angel and Riley practically own the school, which means so do we, by association."

"Good to know."

The two shared a grin and Buffy found herself watching the people on the dance floor.  One couple in particular caught her eye.  A drop dead gorgeous brunette was dancing with some guy that looked like he'd been hiding in a cave for the last twenty years.  He was dressed like a cheap knock off of John Travolta in Disco Fever.  Yuk.  The girl could move though.  Buffy kept her eye on the couple and a few minutes later the rest of her friends showed up.  Harm and Aura immediately dove into somebody's fashion mistake, they of course demanded the attention of everyone at the table, so Buffy was distracted for several boring minutes.  She soon felt her gaze travel back to the dance floor.  She was surprisingly disappointed when she saw that the girl had disappeared.  She found herself getting dragged into countless idiotic conversations about celebrities and fashion.  Buffy had no problems with any of that stuff; she just found that it got old after a while.  She noticed a similar look of boredom on Cordelia's face, and Anya was too busy staring at Xander to even acknowledge her friends' conversation.  Riley and Angel grew weary quickly and moved to the pool table to play a few games.

After a few hours, the group split up and headed home.  Buffy knew then and there that she liked Cordelia.  She could tell that there was someone deeper on the inside that she refused to show and Buffy found herself wanting to know more about her.  She absolutely loved Angel and Riley.  Anya was sweet, but utterly distracted non-stop.  She honestly couldn't stand Harmony or Aura, but would play nice since they were supposed to be friends.  As she crawled into bed later that night, she tried to figure out the best way to deconstruct the walls Cordelia built around herself.  She smiled happily at her new life and drifted into peaceful slumber.


Giles wasn't a slayer.  He had never been a slayer.  At this point he felt sorry for the girl that was the slayer.  He had been on patrol for almost two hours and had managed to stake five vampires.  He was tired and sore and he was praying to whoever would listen that his slayer would be called soon.   If she hadn't been called already.  He had spoken to Quinten Travers earlier and was assured that there was no new slayer.  He was about to head home when he heard a scuffle in the alley.  He looked around and realized he was coming up on that silly dance club the teenagers of this town frequented.  The Bronze...what a bloody stupid name.  He grabbed his stake from his jacket and did his best to locate the scuffle.  He ran down the alley and found a Vampire trying to feed on a young girl.  She was doing her best to fight him off and was doing quite well.  Giles managed to sneak up on the vamp and stake it before it could bite the girl.  She was surprised to say the least when the bumpy headed guy she was fighting disappeared into dust and she was left facing an older man with a wooden stick.

"Are you alright?"  Giles asked as he tucked his stake back in his jacket.

"Yeah, five by five."  She replied as she wiped some dust off her leather pants.  "What the hell was that thing?"

"A vampire."

The girl bust out laughing until she realized he was serious and she raised an eyebrow.  "Very funny, is that like a trick you and your buddy play on young girls in creepy alleys?"  She made a motion with her hand at the fairly creepy alley they were standing in.

Giles scowled.  "No!  Don't be ridiculous; I'm old enough to be your father.   He was a vampire."  Giles rolled his eyes and removed his glasses to clean them.

The girl gave him a wry look.  "You want me to believe that vampires are real?"

"They are real.  But what you choose to believe is up to you.  Now, if you are alright, I would suggest you go home and strength in numbers always seems to help."  He gave her a frustrated wave and turned to leave.

"Do it again."  She called out after him, and he stopped before turning slowly.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Do it again.  The dust thing.  If it's real, do it again."  She placed her hands on her hips and gave him an expectant look.

"I certainly will not."

"Okay, then plan B is for me to follow you home and hope you come across another.  I thought that was wicked and I wanna see it again."   She shrugged and fell in line behind him.

Giles rolled his eyes and heaved out an exasperated sigh.  "Fine, we'll find another."

She grinned triumphantly.  "Cool."

"And you are?"  He asked as the two made their way out of the alley.

"Faith Cooper."

"You must be new around here."

"Yup, me and my pops just moved here about a few days ago.  He's an artist and he's got a bunch of his stuff that's gonna be put up in a new gallery in town.  We moved from Boston to San Francisco, but I got kicked out of my school for fighting all the time.  Sunnydale high is the only school that would accept me."  She grinned wickedly and eyed him a bit.  "Who are you?"

"Rupert Giles."

"So how do you know about all this vampire stuff?"  She asked as she gestured wildly with her hands.

"I am what's called a watcher.  I was sent here because a new slayer is to be called in the next month or so and I wanted to be prepared when she was called."

"What's a slayer?"  She asked curiously.

"She is a warrior chosen to fight the forces of darkness.  She has super strength and incredibly quick healing powers.  She is meant to help wipe the forces of evil from the Earth."

"Wicked cool, G-man.  So what, is she not pickin' up her phone or something?"  She asked as she stuffed her hands in her pockets.

He drew his eyebrows together.  "I don't follow."

"You said she was gonna be called...why hasn't she been called already to do the dirty work?"  She hopped on the balls of her feet and jabbed a few times at the air with her fists.

"There is a slayer already.  My sources tell me that a new one will be called here in Sunnydale in the next month."

She shook her head and raised an eyebrow.  "Okay, I must have missed a turn, cause I'm lost."

"There is a slayer, but she is in China right now.  In order for a new slayer to be called, the current girl must die...and her death is foretold in ancient prophecies at the hands of a Master vampire.  Once he is free and kills the slayer, he will be on his way here to open the Hellmouth."

"Lost me again, G."

"The Hellmouth is a center of mystical convergence.  Anything evil is drawn to it and Sunnydale just happens to sit right on top of it."  He said warily and Faith raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Man, I'm really glad we moved."  She said sarcastically as she shook her head.

The conversation didn't get much further due to the vampire rising from the grave.  Faith stood back as she watched him pull himself from the ground and fight with Giles.  After a few punches and kicks, Giles struck the heart with a stake and he turned to dust.  Faith let out a low whistle and Giles noticed a very impressed look on her face and it made him smile a bit.

"Do you believe me now?"

"You don't really leave me a choice...besides at least I know that if my believing sends me to the looney bin, at least I'll have company."  She laughed a bit, but scowled at him playfully when he remained serious.

"Well, I've found that most people around here tend to forget most of what they see and rationalize what they can't forget, so I don't think we'll be locked up any time soon."

She nodded absently as they walked out of the cemetery.  She bit her lip and sighed.  "So, you're supposed to help this slayer fight evil right?"


"Can I help?"  She asked slowly, with a hopeful expression on her face.


"Yeah, it seems like the right thing to do.  Plus, I can fight.  Maybe you can train me to fight better."  She shrugged slightly and trained her gaze on the ground.

He gave her a small smile that she missed, as she was apparently looking for something in the grass.  "I suppose we can arrange something."  At this, her head snapped up and she grinned widely.

"Cool deal, well, I guess I'll see ya around G-man."

"Goodnight Faith."

Giles smiled to himself as he watched Faith walk away.  He had always prided himself on being able to read people and he sensed that Faith was a good person deep down; she just needed a little guidance and support.  Watchers are experts at guidance and support, so he figured he would help Faith.  He felt maybe she needed it.


"Ugh, I can't believe we start school next week, it's so lame."

Buffy and Cordelia where sprawled out on Buffy's bed flipping through magazines.  The radio was playing a random song in the background and a cool summer night breeze swept in from the open window.

"True, but the upside is the whole high school thing."  Buffy offered lamely.

"Yeah, but it's just four more years of stupid, horny guys and bitchy, backstabbing girls."

Buffy smiled and shook her head slightly.  "Wow, see I knew you could shed a positive light on just about anything if you put your mind to it."

Cordelia gave her a mock glare.  "Bite me, Summers."

"Sorry, biting usually isn't my style."  Buffy raised a playful eyebrow and grinned slyly.

Cordelia felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of Buffy biting.  "Oh really?  What is your style?"

Buffy tapped her chin with a finger thoughtfully.  "I'm more of a nibbler to be perfectly honest."

Cordy rolled her eyes and smacked Buffy lightly on the arm.  Buffy grinned and switched her position so she was sprawled out on her stomach.  They both heard the door open and close downstairs and Joyce call out to her.

Buffy glanced at Cordy and raised an eyebrow.  "Ready to meet mom?"

Cordelia gave her a grin and hopped off the bed.  "Trust me, any mom is better than my mom."

Buffy gave her a sympathetic glance and headed downstairs.  She found her mom in the kitchen making tea and the two girls wandered in, Cordelia sitting on a stool at the island and Buffy hopping up on the counter.

"Hey mom, this is Cordelia Chase.  Cor, this is mom."

Cordy grinned her thousand-watt smile and extended her hand.  "Nice to meet you."

Joyce gave her a warm smile and took the extended hand.  "Nice to meet you too, Cordelia.  I've heard a lot about you."

Cordelia raised an eyebrow at Buffy who did her best to look innocent.  "Good things I hope."

Joyce chuckled lightly.  "Nothing but."  She gave Cordelia her patented mom smile.  "So are you as excited as Buffy is about starting high school?"  Joyce asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Cordelia shrugged and smiled.  "It has to be better than junior high, I guess anything is better than junior high, so I don't think it will be that bad."  She shrugged again and leaned forward and rested her elbows on the island.  "So, Buffy told me that you work in the new art gallery in town."

"Yes, actually, it just opened so there's a lot of work to be done.  A new artist from Boston will be putting up quite a few of his prints.  He has a wonderful reputation."

"That's great. I'd love to stop by once everything is set up.  I love art galleries."

Joyce smiled widely, liking Cordelia immediately.  "Well, feel free to stop by anytime once we're up and running."

"I will."  Cordelia said with a grin.  Buffy suddenly hopped off the counter and grabbed Cordelia's hand.

"We have to run mom, we're gonna be late meeting everyone."

"Okay, go have fun, it was very nice to meet you, Cordelia."

"Thanks, Mrs. Summers, it was great to meet you too.  Have a good night."  She called out over her shoulder with a wave as Buffy pulled her from the room and out the door.  Joyce smiled her mom smile as she watched the girls leave.  She was thrilled that Buffy made new friends so fast.  It was one less thing that she had to worry about.  She made herself a cup of tea and settled in for the evening, smiling her mom smile all the while.  (Wow, total Dr. Seuss moment.)


Cordelia was uncomfortable.  It wasn't a feeling she was used to.  When your parents are rich, your life becomes very comfortable.  You have great clothes and cars and credit cards and life is very cushy.  Cordelia liked it that way.  But lately she'd been having feelings that had her a bit on edge.   She had a tiny little crush on someone and it was turning bigger everyday.   Now, usually that wouldn't be a problem for Cordelia.  She was rich, gorgeous and smart.  Guys would literally line up around the block if she wanted them too.  But this crush was something different and she hated it.  She knew she was alone and couldn't talk to anyone about it.  Her friends would freak and disown her.  Nope, she was alone in her grief.  She had a crush on none other than Buffy Summers.  She thought back to the day they all met her on the beach.  Cordelia saw her a mile away.  At first she almost felt sorry for her because she had to sit by herself, but the thing that had her floored was the fact that Buffy sat there on the beach, by herself and was completely comfortable doing it.  Cordelia herself could never have done that.  She needed lots of people around to feel secure.  That was probably due to the fact that her parents were never around, so she needed to have people around her to feel loved because she never really felt like her parents loved her.  Buffy seemed different than all her girlfriends anyways.  She didn't always agree with Cordelia and at first it pissed her off.  But she found it fun sometimes to get in stupid playful arguments with someone.  She also felt like Buffy genuinely cared about her and her friends.  Usually, the girls would sit around and talk about superficial crap while the guys would ignore them, but Buffy actually wanted to get to know them.  Yup, Cordelia had a crush.  You might even say she had feelings for Buffy, because for the fist time in her life, Cordelia actually felt like someone wanted to get to know her just because.  Not because she was rich and popular and beautiful.  Of course, in her opinion, the jury was still out on whether or not Buffy liked her, but she was Cordelia Chase, she could win anyone over.  And she would, dammit.  She would have Buffy Summers, whether she liked it or not.  Hmph.  With that thought, she picked up the phone to call her friends.  Its time she had a nice friendly get together with her crew and a lot of drinks while mom and dad were still in Rome for the summer.  Cordelia Chase never loses.


Angel came over to Cordy's a few hours later with the alcohol she requested.   They hopped in his car and headed to the store to pick up some munchie food, mostly for the guys, since the crap they ate goes straight to the hips.

Cordy sat silently for a moment, staring at her hands in her lap.  "Angel, can I ask you something?"

Angel glanced over and saw her expression and knew she had something serious on her mind.  "Sure CC, what's up?"  He gave her a small encouraging smile.

"Do you have a problem with gay people?"  She asked tentatively.

His eyebrows shot up in a look of utter confusion.  "Gay people?"

Cordelia nodded.  "Yeah."

"Uh, no.  My cousin Jake is gay remember?  He was like a brother before he moved away.  I have no problems with gay people...why?"

She fidgeted for a second.  "So you wouldn't have a problem if Riley or Anya was gay right?"  She looked over at him, with a hopeful expression.

"No, especially Anya...gay girls are great."  He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and slapped his arm.  "Angel, don't be gross."

He held one hand up in mock surrender.  "I'm just kidding.  Seriously though, you know you're like a little sister to me, what's up?"

Cordelia sighed.  "I think I have a crush."

Angel smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow.  "Really?  On who?"

"Promise you won't freak?"

"Yes, CC, just tell me, I won't freak or say anything, so spit it out."

"It's Buffy."  She braced herself for the blow out.

"Buffy?"  He raised his eyebrows and smiled.  "I have to say, you have great taste in girls, she's cute and sweet, good choice."  He gave her a cute lopsided grin and she gave him a small smile in return.

"I just don't know if she likes me."  Cordelia furrowed her brow for a moment, rather sadly if you asked Angel.

"I have seen her check you out a few times."  He offered with a smile.

"Really?  Hm, that's good news, although lots of people check me out, it doesn't mean they like me, it just means they like the way I look."

"Since when is that not enough?"  He asked carefully.

She sighed out wearily.  "I don't know.I feel like you're the only person who really knows who I am and you don't like me for the same reasons anybody else does.  I feel like she likes to hang with us because she likes us, not because we're popular and have money."

"Well, from what I've heard from her, her and her mom don't have a ton of money, I don't think it's that important to her."

"So what should I do?"  She began chewing on her lip absently.

Angel shrugged.  "Well, we're having everyone over tonight, you should test the waters."

"How do I do that?"

"We can play a few drinking games and get stupid like we always do, especially if we play wheel of intoxication.  I'll help...the first dare I get, I'll dare her to kiss you and see if it sparks something."

"Hmm, that's a good point, but you can't make it obvious, we have to get everyone kissing everyone."

"We'll be very sneaky don't worry.  Plus, we can all get trashed and stay at your place.  Me and Ri can take the guest room with separate beds, Aura and Harm can take second spare room, Anya can have the small spare room and you can get Buffy to share with you.  It's perfect."

Cordelia grinned her thousand-watt smile.  "Oh, good thinking.  Thanks Angel...for everything.  It's good to know I have you on my side."

"Anytime, CC.  You know I love you."  He drawled out playfully.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and smiled at him.  "I know, I love you too ya big mush."


Once Angel and Cordy returned from the store, they made a few pitchers of margaritas and put them in the fridge.  Riley arrived shortly after and Harmony and Aura arrived a minute after him.  They got to work with drinking out by the pool.  Buffy was the next to arrive and Cordelia felt butterflies in her stomach when she ushered the blonde into the kitchen for a drink.  Cordelia was nervous and she hated being nervous so she ushered Buffy outside as another knock on the door signaled Anya's arrival.  After a few hours Buffy was getting very curious about Cordelia's odd behavior.  She seemed to be nervous and she picked up on a few strange glances exchanged
between Cordy and Angel.  She finally grew tired of the strange behavior and grabbed Cordelia's hand and led her inside.

"Where are we going?"  Cordelia asked confusedly.

"I want to talk to you for a second."

"Okay, let's go upstairs."  Cordelia said as she nodded towards the stairs.

Buffy nodded and followed Cordelia upstairs to her room.  Once the door was closed Cordy stood with her back against it as Buffy sat on the bed.

"Cor, are you okay?"  Buffy asked, eyeing her friend carefully.

Cordelia felt a flutter of anxiety rush through her stomach.  "Yeah, I'm fine, why?"

"Well, you just seem to be acting funny and I just want to make sure you're alright."

This confused Cordelia more, nobody cared about if she was okay, except Angel.  "Why?"

"Why?"  At Cordelia's nod, Buffy gave her a comforting smile.  "Because you're my friend, and I care if something's bothering you.  I just hope you'd tell me if something was."

Cordelia felt her heart flutter slightly and tears prick her eyes.

Buffy saw her expression and stood and pulled the brunette into a hug.  "Cor, what's wrong?"

"Sorry, I'm fine.  Its just Angel is the only person who's ever cared about me before."  Cordelia murmured from Buffy's shoulder.  The blonde felt a flutter in her stomach as Cordelia's warm breath trailed across her neck.

Buffy pulled away and held the brunette at an arms length.  "Does this have something to do with him?  I've seen you two exchange a few weird looks tonight."

Cordelia shook her head.  "No.it's just.I kinda told Angel something earlier.  It's kind of a personal thing and he helped me."

Buffy thought about that for a moment as she chewed on her lip.  She glanced up at Cordelia.  "Do you wanna talk about it?"  She asked hesitantly.

Cordy moved away from Buffy and sat down on the bed.  She grabbed one of the stuffed animals beside her and played with it for a minute.  "I kind of have a crush on someone, but it's not a normal crush."  She admitted quietly.

Buffy saw the worry on Cordelia's face and moved to sit next to her on the bed.  "What do you mean normal?"

Cordelia took a deep breath.  Okay, moment of truth.  Here goes nothing.  "It's kind of not on a guy."  She winced visibly, waiting for the inevitable freak out bomb.  When it didn't come, she glanced at Buffy hesitantly.  Buffy had a silly smile on her face, and Cordelia instantly relaxed.

"So you like a girl?"  Buffy asked carefully, hoping Cordelia wouldn't think she was being a smart ass.

The brunette nodded slowly and kind of sadly.  "Yeah...I can understand if you are freaked and never want to talk to me again."

Buffy rolled her eyes and gave the other girl her most encouraging smile.  "Don't be stupid, Cor.  I've had crushes on girls before.  With the wide array of loser guys that I've dated in the past, it's kinda hard not to crush on a girl once in a while."

Cordelia stared at her with a look of astonishment that Buffy found to be adorable.  "So you aren't freaked?"

Buffy gave her a little grin and shook her head.  "No, silly.  I am curious to know who it is though."  Buffy raised an eyebrow playfully.

Cordelia felt her stomach drop and panic was evident on her face.  "No way, Summers, Angel already thinks he can play matchmaker, I don't need to you play too."  She gave her best stern look to the blonde sitting next to her.

Buffy decided to draw her big guns...the pout.  "Aw, come on Cor, please tell me?"

Cordelia almost smiled at the adorable pout, but held her ground with her resolve face.  "Nope."

Buffy set her face in a premiere pout and Cordelia's heart almost melted at the sight, so she grabbed a pillow from the bed and smacked Buffy with it.


Buffy grabbed a pillow and soon an all out pillow fight was underway.  The pillow fight soon turned to a tickle fight, which almost turned deadly since both girls where ridiculously ticklish.  Finally, Cordy used her deceptively strong thighs to pin Buffy below her.  She looked down at the beautiful blonde sprawled out under her and her heart rate increased dramatically.  For her part, Buffy might have thrown the match just to end up pinned under the most gorgeous girl she had ever seen, but she was planning on keeping that to herself.  Both girls where breathing a bit heavy and Cordelia had to keep herself in check and not just lean in and kiss Buffy.  In the moment that the two girls locked eyes, it was like magic.  They both felt something pass through them that caused a shudder.  Buffy unconsciously licked her lips and watched as Cordy's eyes grazed over her lips with the action.  She smiled shyly and to Cordelia it was one of the cutest sights she had ever seen.  Both girls turned their heads as they heard Riley yelling to them from downstairs, so they both reluctantly got up and re-joined their friends downstairs.

Angel worked out the sleeping arrangements later and he watched Buffy's eyes light up a bit at the thought of sharing Cordelia's room with her, and he smiled to himself when he saw this.  The group eventually drifted off to their respective bedrooms and got ready to sleep.  Buffy followed Cordelia into her room for the second time that night, after almost having to be carried inside.  She closed the door behind her and stood hesitantly watching the brunette wander around finding sleeping clothes for both of them.  Once they were both changed, they climbed into bed and shut off the lights.  They were silent for a few minutes, but neither fell asleep.

Cordy finally turned on her side, facing Buffy and broke the silence.  "So, you've really had crushes on girls before?"

Buffy shrugged.  Yeah, a few back in L.A.  Nothing ever came of them though."

Cordelia's interest was piqued again.  "Why not?"

Buffy let out a long sigh.  "My friends were super uptight, so I figured they would disown me if I ever told them about it."

"I know the feeling."  Cordelia said sadly.

Buffy shook her head.  "I don't think everyone would disown you.  Harm and Aura might wig, but then again, they always follow in your footsteps, so who knows, they might start dating each other."

Cordelia's face scrunched up in distaste and Buffy smirked for making her squirm.  "Eww, okay, bad visual place."  She was silent a moment.  "You don't think they'd disown me?"

Buffy shook her head and gave the brunette a reassuring smile  "No, Angel and Riley absolutely adore you.  They aren't that shallow.  Anya doesn't care one way or the other what's going on with anyone as long as she gets what she wants.  You know it doesn't bother me, so I think you're in the clear."

Cordelia nodded and was silent a minute.  But, being Cordelia, curiosity got the better of her.  "So you've never done anything with a girl then?"

Buffy smiled recalling a memory.  "I was about two seconds away from kissing another girl once, but my friends burst in and almost caught me.  Other than that, nope."

"Hmm."  Cordy was trying to keep her calm exterior, but she was jumping for joy on the inside that Buffy had thought about girls before.

Buffy's interest suddenly decided to make an appearance.  "Have you?"


Buffy decided to see how far she could push this issue.  "Ever thought about it?"

"Maybe once or twice."  She said airily.

Buffy smirked.  "With your mystery girl?"

Cordelia smiled and the tip of her tongue peeked out between her pearly whites.  "Maybe."

"Tell me who she is."  Buffy said with a grin.

Cordelia resumed her resolve face and shook her head with a tiny smile.  "No way."

"Please?"  Buffy tried the pout one more time.

"Nope."  Cordy smiled.

"Why?  Do I know her?"  At this point, Buffy's heart was about to beat out of her chest.

Cordelia smiled lazily, drawing it out because she knew Buffy was eager for information.  "Maybe."

Buffy gripped Cordelia's arm lightly and tugged on it a bit.  "Cor, tell me.   You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine."

At that, Cordelia sat up in the bed and grinned down at the blonde next to her.  "You have a crush?"  She asked playfully.

"Maybe."  Buffy decided two could play at this game.

Cordelia decided that her stomach couldn't take much more of this game.  "Okay, how about you tell me yours, then I'll tell you mine."

Buffy eyed her carefully.  "Promise you'll tell?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes and tried to play cool, but her insides were in knots.  "Pinky swear."

The girls did a short pinky swear with a tiny giggle.

Buffy was silent a moment.  "Promise you won't wig?"

"Promise."  She replied quickly, eager to know who this crush was.

Buffy took a deep breath.  Okay, moment of truth.  Here goes nothing.  "You."

Cordelia was elated at the one simple word that tumbled out of Buffy's mouth, but she had to be sure, so she played dumb.  "Me what?"

Buffy rolled her eyes as she sat up and met Cordelia's eyes.  "I have a crush on you doofus."

Cordelia could hear the words, but she had to be sure.  Extra sure.  This was her heart she was playing with, and nobody played with Cordelia's heart.   "Me?"  She asked again as she smiled shyly.

Buffy met her gaze softly and nodded.  "Yes you."

"Really?"  Again with the reassurance.

"Yes."  Buffy said with a soft smile that assured everything in Cordelia's heart and head.


"Your turn."  Buffy teased with a small grin.

Cordelia took a deep breath.  It's now or never, Chase.  "It's you."

Now it was Buffy's turn to be elated, but she played dumb, just like Cordy, just to be sure.  "Me?"

"Yes you."  Cordelia gave her a sweet smile and tucked a stray strand of blonde hair behind Buffy's ear.

"Wow."  Buffy said with a smile.


Buffy caught Cordelia's dazed expression and panicked a bit.  "But look, if you're not ready to act on anything, I'll understand.  I know you're afraid of your rep getting trashed and I understand that.  Me being new, I don't have a rep, so it really doesn't matter what I do.  But if Angel and Riley have as much pull in the school as you say they do, then you really don't have much to worry about and-"

"Summers, shut up."  Cordelia said sweetly as she placed a finger over Buffy's lips.

Buffy dropped her gaze to her hands and blushed.  "Sorry, I babble sometimes when I'm nervous."

"It's okay, it was actually kind of cute."


"Yes really."  Cordelia smiled.  "I don't know what I'm ready to do to be honest with you.  I talked to Angel and he's totally cool with it.  I know Riley will be too.  It is true what you said about Anya, Harm and Aura, but I just don't want to rush into anything.  I haven't actually felt like this before."

"Felt like what?"  Buffy asked curiously.

Cordelia dropped her gaze to the blanket on the bed and traced the pattern with a finger.  "Having actual feelings behind a crush.  Usually I go for the hunky guys with their flashy cars, I like you because you're sweet and funny, don't get me wrong, you're beautiful, but there's more there that there ever has been and I don't want to rush it."

Buffy felt her heart flutter at the beautiful comment and she gave Cordelia a warm, comforting smile as she grasped her hand lightly.  "Okay, we can take it super slow and just see where it leads us.  I won't push you into anything."

Cordelia almost cried at Buffy's utter sweetness.  "Thanks Buffy."

"You're welcome."  She replied with a smile, lying back down.

"Can we cuddle?"  Cordelia asked softly as she snuggled back under the blanket.

Buffy grinned widely.  "Yay!  Definitely, cuddling is good."

Buffy turned on her side away from Cordelia and instantly relaxed as a slender arm wrapped around her waist.

"Night Buffy."

"Night Cor."


"Why people would willingly move here is beyond me.  Don't get me wrong, Summers, you're cool, but that Spike guy is a weirdo and there's another new girl who apparently likes to play dress up with mommy's dominatrix wear."  Cordelia told her friends as she placed a tray of margaritas on the table by the pool.

"You mean that girl we saw at the Bronze last night?"  Angel asked from the pool.  "She seemed okay.  Certainly not bad on the eyes, right Ri?"

"Got that right.  Definitely a hottie."

"Ugh, she was skankalicious.  Am I right?"  Cordy raised an eyebrow to the girls spread out in lounge chairs around the pool.

"Oh yeah, she was totally weird."  Harmony agreed.

"Yup.  Total skank."  Aura chimed in.

Anya scowled from her chair as she grabbed a drink.  "She's trying to steal my geek from me...did you see the way Xander was drooling all over her?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Anya, you really need to get over this geek fetish of yours.  Seriously, forget about Xander.  He's just a little boy."  Cordy sat up and looked at her blonde friend.  "In junior high it was okay to date high school guys, but now that we're in high school, we need to set out sights higher."  She grinned and said dramatically, "College men."

Buffy smiled as Angel and Riley rolled their eyes and went back to playing basketball in the pool.  She knew that Cordelia was putting on a front for her friends.

"So, back to school bash at the Bronze tonight?  It is after all our last night of freedom before the hell of school begins."  Cordelia asked with a groan.

"Yup, I'm there."  Buffy said with a grin.

The rest of the crew agreed and settled in for a long day of sun, tequila and apparently, gossip.  Buffy wondered silently if hanging out with Harmony and Aura was doing damage to her brain.  Oh well, she thought, can't be any worse than skin cancer or liver disease.  Ah, to be young and blissfully ignorant.


Faith eyed her enemy carefully and decided she wasn't backing down from this fight.  The two locked gazes in a staring contest that would put medusa to shame, but neither would fold.

"Just one."

Faith rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically.  "No way, Dad.  Nope, I'm drawing the line.  This is high school, no more pictures on the first day of school."

Brad Cooper grinned at his little girl, wishing in moments like these that his wife, Sarah, had lived to see their little girl so grown up.  "Fine, I know you're at a 'fragile' age right now and any parental mishaps could turn you to the dark side, so go."  He gave her a charming grin and tousled her hair.  "Go on, you're gonna be late, kiddo."

Faith grinned back at her father and reached in to peck him on the cheek.  "See ya Pops."  She gave him a small wave as she grabbed her backpack and raced out the door.  He watched her run up the street for a moment before heading back to his art studio to finish a few prints for the gallery in town.

Faith slowed her pace to a carefree saunter after a few blocks and pulled her bag around so she could grab the packet of M&M's in the small pocket of her backpack.  She slung her bag back around and adjusted the straps before ripping the package open and dumping the candy into her hand.  She picked through the multi-colored candy, discarding any that were yellow.  She hated any form of yellow M&M's because of the stupid TV commercials.  The peanut M&M was always yellow and she hated peanuts, so she was against all yellow M&M's.  She wondered briefly if that made her racist on some level, but before she could explore it any further a male voice brought her out of her thoughts.

"Are you leaving a trail so you can find your way home?"

Faith turned and found a cute, but goofy looking guy jogging casually to catch up with her.  She grinned at his joke and shook her head.  "Nope, I just don't like yellow M&M's."

He shook his head in mock shame.  "Some might consider you a candy racist." 

He grinned a lopsided grin that Faith found slightly contagious, so she smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Well, don't expect me to throw on the white sheets and start burning yellow M&M's on a cross or anything."

"That's a good thing too, have you ever lit chocolate on fire?  Talk about yuck."  His features soured slightly as if remembering a bad experience.

"Sadly, I have and you got the yuck part right."  She gave him a grin.  "I'm Faith Cooper, I'm new."

He grinned again and jutted a thumb to his chest.  "Xander Harris.  Where are ya from?"

"Originally from Boston, but we moved from San Francisco.  I kinda got kicked out and Sunnydale was the only high school that would take a delinquent like me."  She gave him a wicked grin.

"Ooh, I might actually have someone to cause a little trouble with now."  He shared her wicked smile and drew his fingers together mocking Mr. Burns from the Simpson's.  "Very interesting."  He quipped in the perfect Burns drawl.

Faith laughed at this.  "You are too funny, X."  She paused to toss a few pieces of candy into her mouth and offered him the bag.  He grinned and snagged a handful.  "How long have you lived here, anyways?"  She asked.

"Sadly, my whole life.  Never had the pleasure of a big city."  He shrugged as he tossed the candy in his mouth.

"It has it's good and it's bad.  Although, I find people around here to be kinda nosey."  She said with a small scowl.

Xander smiled apologetically.  "Yup, us small town folk are always looking for some juicy gossip."

"It wouldn't be that bad, but all these weird women have been dropping off pies at my house."  Her face twisted into a confused expression.

"So you live with just your dad then."  He stated pointedly.

She raised an eyebrow.  "How did you know?"

He rolled his eyes and made a few weird gestures with his hands.  "It's pretty standard practice when a single man moves into town.all the eligible 'ladies' come a knockin'."

"Eww, well they need to knock elsewhere.  I haven't seen one yet that deserves my dad."

Xander gave her a nod.  "Ah, so we're a little overprotective are we?"

"No.  I just don't want my pops dating some reject loser woman."  She scowled at him playfully.

They continued their playful banter until Xander caught sight of someone.

"Will!"  He waved her over.  Faith smiled at the pretty redhead that came over.  "Will, this is Faith Cooper.  Faith this is Willow Rosenberg, my life-long pal and all around bestest buddy.  Faith's new."  He added with a wink at Faith.  "Oh, and she gave me candy."

Willow smiled widely.  "Hi, it's nice to meet you."

"You too, Wilma."

"Um, it's Willow.Will-ow."  Xander specified with a goofy grin.  Willow just blushed.

Faith slapped him on the arm and grinned.  "I heard ya, X, I just gave her a nickname is all."

Xander smiled sheepishly before grinning widely.  "So what's your nickname than, miss smarty pants?"

Faith thought for a second and shrugged.  "My old buddies used to call me Coop."

"Coop it is then."  Xander grinned at the two girls as they headed down the hall.

If one was to stand in that hallway at that moment, one might hear the beginnings of a babble from the redhead.  Actually, one certainly would hear a babble from Willow.  She always was nervous around new people, especially new people who looked like Faith.  Yup, this would turn out to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Buffy was spread out on her stomach looking through a magazine as Cordelia went through her closet to find something to wear out to the Bronze.  The two had been spending every afternoon together for the past three weeks and had been growing very close.  They were still very insistent about taking things slow...so slow in fact, they hadn't even kissed yet.  The reason behind this little fiasco was the fact that both girls took first kisses very seriously and they both knew their feelings could grow into something more and wanted that first kiss to be phenomenal.

Cordy suddenly peeked her head out of her closet.  "Did I tell you I talked to Riley today?"

"About what?"  Buffy asked absently.

"About us, silly."  Cordelia rolled her eyes and ducked back into the closet.

At this, Buffy sat straight up on the bed, the magazine abandoned.  "You did?  How did it go?"

"Great, just like you said it would."

Buffy smiled, obviously relieved and resumed her former position.  "See, I told you he would be cool about it."  Buffy flipped a few pages and thought for a second.  "So Harmony and Aura are the only one's who don't know, right?"

"Yup, but I'm telling them at the Bronze tonight, so expect some fireworks."

Suddenly, Buffy's eyes almost glazed over and she smiled widely.  "Ooh, pretty."

"You are such a dork."  Cordelia shook her head and smiled fondly.

"Yet, you continue to hang out with me, what's up with that?"  Buffy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I can do anything I want."  With that comment, Cordelia stuck out her tongue.

"And why is that?"

"Cause, you and I, my dear, will rule the school in due time.  We're about three seconds away from it, and the fact that we're both going to be cheerleaders will only help matters, so in turn, we can do whatever we want and nobody can say anything."

Buffy gave Cordelia an amused grin and went back to her magazine as Cordy changed so they could go out.

An hour later, Cordy was sitting at their table at the Bronze talking to Harmony and Aura, while Angel and Buffy shared a slow dance, trying to give them some space.

Buffy looked up at Angel and gave him a warm smile.  "I'm really glad you're okay with this Angel.  I know it means a lot to Cor."  She said softly.

"I love CC like a sister, and I think you're good for her."  A sly grin came over his features as he looked down to the tiny blonde in his arms.  "Although, you know if you hurt her, I'll have to kick your ass right?"

Buffy grinned up at him.  "Of course.it's absolutely the brotherly thing to do in this situation."  Her features softened slightly as she glanced over his shoulder and saw the three girls arguing.  "You should know that I wouldn't hurt her though.  Not deliberately anyways."

He gave her a comforting smile.  "I know you wouldn't."

Buffy nodded absently as she watched Harmony and Aura get up from the table and exchange a few short words of good-bye before they stormed out of the club.  She tapped Angel on the arm and nodded in Cordy's direction.

"Come on."

The pair weaved through the crowd and approached Cordelia slowly.  Buffy could see that she was visibly upset, so she slid into the booth and pulled the brunette into a hug.  Angel decided to grab a drink and give the girls a minute alone.

"You okay?"  Buffy asked carefully.

Cordelia sniffled and nodded her head.  "They are so stupid and simple minded."

"It's okay, Cor, they'll probably realize they were being stupid and you guys will make up soon."  Buffy gave her a hopeful smile and grasped her hand lightly.

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "No, I don't care about them, it just pisses me off that after all these years, they're going to abandon me for something this trivial."  Cordy replied, almost bitterly.  She saw the hurt flash over Buffy's features and instantly retracted.  "I don't mean you and I are the trivial thing here, Buffy.  I meant who I choose to date shouldn't come between friends who have known each other all their lives."

"Well, I don't have to come between you at all, if that's what you want."  Buffy's eyes fell to the table sadly.

Cordelia saw the hurt in Buffy's eyes and swore that she would never be the person to make her sad like that again.  "No.  I want the opposite.  If they can't deal, then they weren't really my friends anyways.  I have you and Angel, Riley and Anya...you guys are true friends."

Buffy met her gaze with hopeful eyes.  "Really?"

Cordelia's features broke out into a huge grin.  "Yes silly."

Buffy smiled that shy smile that Cordelia found adorable and before she could process the thought, she brought her hands to Buffy's face and cupped in gently.

"You are so worth it."  She said softly.

Cordelia leaned in slowly and brought her lips to Buffy's in a sweet and innocent kiss that felt all encompassing.  It was slow and gentle and everything a first kiss should be.  When they parted, Buffy brought a hand up and brushed a few errant strands of hair out of Cordy's eyes and smiled.  Cordy grinned and leaned in for one more small kiss.  She pulled away and brought her lips to Buffy's ear.

"You wanna dance?"  She breathed out, and was delighted when a tiny shiver passed through the blonde.

"Thought you'd never ask."

More than a few Sunnydale high students witnessed the couple's first kiss.  The males in the room came close to a minor coronary, while the girls took note of the fact that the most popular underclassman was now dating another girl.  Of course Angel and Riley's popularity grew by the minute with the guys in the room and more than a few girls considered lifestyle changes.  One thing was certain...next week's gossip would certainly be juicy.  Yummy for them I guess.


Cordelia practically ran out of her second period class and in the process, came close to bowling Buffy over, who was waiting for her outside the door.  They exchanged a grin and moved down the hall side by side.

"Yuck, I totally hate my anatomy class."  Cordy said with a scowl.

Buffy nodded in agreement and rolled her eyes.  "Ugh, me too, we already have a project assigned.  It's only the third week of school."

Cordelia gave her a teasing smile.  "Okay, you win.  No projects yet for me."

"Plus, I was assigned to work with Willow and Xander.  They're coming over tomorrow after school so we can work on it."  Buffy wasn't sure how she felt about that, so she left it alone.

Cordy gave her a sympathetic look as she stopped at her locker.  "Oh, that sucks.  I feel bad for you.  We're still going to the Bronze though, right?"

"Yeah, we're only working on it for a few hours, just so we can figure out what we're gonna do for it."  Buffy shrugged as she glanced down the hall and saw Angel and Riley approach.  She watched with a mixture of confusion and awe as the entire student body seemed to part for the two guys.  They didn't take notice as they laughed at something or other, tossing a football back and forth.  They both grinned as they approached the girls.

"Hey Buff, Cordy."  Riley said with a mock bow.

Buffy grinned and slapped him lightly on the arm.  "Hey Riley."

"Hey Ri."  Cordy replied as she dug through her locker.

"So girls, cheerleading tryouts next week right?"  Angel asked as he leaned against the locker next to Cordy's.

Cordelia grinned widely as she shut her locker door.  "Yes, which reminds me Buffy, we should practice this weekend."

Buffy nodded with a grin.  "Sounds good to me."

"You know that both of you are a shoe in right?"  Angel asked both girls as they made their way down the hall.  "I talked to Allison and she told me last week that she thinks both of you are perfect for the squad."

Buffy glanced from Cordelia, who was grinning madly, to Angel, who appeared oblivious to his weight at the school.  "Who's Allison?"

Cordelia grasped her arm excitedly.  "She's the captain of the varsity squad and probably the most popular girl in school."  She jutted a thumb at Angel.   "Angel used to date her."

"So why don't you guys hang with her?"  Buffy asked.

Her three friends exchanged a look and both Riley and Cordy looked to Angel.   He rolled his eyes.  "I can't stand her.  But she's hot and all the guys on the team want her, so I hooked her up with Andy and now they seem to be inseparable."

Buffy took a moment to process this and shrugged slightly.  "Oh."

The thought that Angel couldn't stand someone seemed strange to the tiny blonde, but she shrugged it off figuring that she'd hear the rest of the story later from Cordelia.  The group split up and headed in different directions for their next class.  She almost ran into Willow as she rounded the corner and the redhead immediately blushed.  "Sorry."

Buffy gave her a bright smile.  "It's okay.  Are you headed for Algebra?"

"Yeah, I was just waiting for Xander.  Cause this is his locker and he told me to wait here for him."

Buffy's smile widened.  "Okay, well I'll see you in class and don't forget about tomorrow night."

Willow smiled shyly.  "I'll see you later Buffy."

Buffy gave her a wave as she moved down the hall and into her next class.  She thought about Willow and Xander for a moment as she waited for the bell to ring.  She knew they were both incredibly sweet people and she was slightly jealous of their close friendship.  She wished that she'd known someone all her life like the two of them and Angel and Cordelia.  She couldn't complain though.  She did have a group of great friends to hang with.  She couldn't complain at all, especially since her teacher came in as the bell rang and she was swept off into knowledge land.  Besides, who would she complain to anyways?


Buffy, Xander and Willow had their books and papers spread all around Buffy's bedroom the next night trying to get started on their project.

"Okay, so we have to pick a body system and describe its purpose and do a model right?"  Buffy asked as she flipped through her book, trying to locate the appropriate chapter.

"Right, and I thought since you two ladies are better with the books and I'm better with my hands, maybe you could do the book stuff and I'll take care of the model."  Xander shot them his best hopeful grin.

Willow gave him a fond smile and rolled her eyes.  "You just don't want to read, Xander."

"Well, one might say that."  He offered sheepishly.

Buffy grinned at the two of them.  "It's fine by me."  She said with a shrug.

Willow admitted defeat and picked up her book.  "Fine."

After working for a few hours, the three decided to call it quits, since it was Friday night.  Buffy was surprised at how well she got along with both Willow and Xander.  Sure they were dorks by Cordelia's standards, but they were still nice.  The phone rang as Willow and Xander were packing up their books and Buffy grabbed it on the second ring.


"Hey Buffy."

Buffy smiled unconsciously hearing Cordelia's voice.  "Hey Cor."

"I'm just getting ready to leave, are you gonna be down there soon?"

"Yeah, I'm just going to change and I'll meet you there."

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit then."

"Okay, bye."


"You're going to the Bronze tonight?"  Xander asked as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

Buffy nodded as she placed the phone back in its cradle.  "Yup, not much else to do around here."

"We can walk you if you want, we're headed there too."  Xander gave her a goofy grin.  "Hopefully by now you've learned that Sunnydale isn't the safest place after dark."

"Yeah, I've seen all the stuff in the paper about gangs and PCP, and dog attacks.  But, I would like the company, I just need to change first."

"Okay, we'll wait downstairs."  Willow said with a smile, pushing Xander from the room.

"Okay, great."

After a short walk to Willow's house to drop off backpacks, the three made their way into town.  Xander managed to keep both girls giggling the entire way and Buffy knew she liked both of them.  They arrived at their destination and called out good-byes as Buffy went in search of her friends.

Buffy, Cordelia and Angel were in their usual booth at the Bronze when Faith arrived.  Buffy watched her as she moved languidly through the club, winking at a few guys and moving through the crowd of dancers, stopping a few times to dance with a few lucky guys, but only for a second.  She left the poor boys on the dance floor and joined, surprising to Buffy, Willow and Xander at their table.  Buffy watched as Xander and Faith exchanged a few words and Faith turned her gaze to Cordelia and she winked and blew a kiss to her with a smug smile plastered on her features.  Cordy caught the 'affection' and flipped Faith the finger before sending her own smug grin to the other girl."I'm guessing you and Faith aren't big on the love these days."

Cordelia rolled her eyes and glared at Faith again.  "She is such a bitch.  She thinks because she can pull off the whole bad ass look, she should back it up with a smart ass mouth."

"So, it's safe to say you two are friends then?"  Buffy asked with a silly grin that Cordelia couldn't resist returning.

"Don't make me smile Summers, I want to be pissed off at her."

"Why?  Come on, don't let her ruin our night out, let's dance instead."

Buffy stood and held a hand out to Cordelia, who took it and slid out of the booth.  Angel watched with an amused grin as the two headed to the dance floor.  Angel had known Cordelia long enough to know that she was a bitch.  But he loved her anyways, mostly because she wasn't a bitch to him.  She was to pretty much everyone else though.  He always became frustrated with her over the years, when new people came into their group of friends.  She always acted like Queen of the Universe and they willingly fell in line behind her.  Angel was pleased at the new development between Buffy and Cordy, at least Cordelia felt like she could be herself around Buffy, and not the person she was around everyone else.  Buffy was good for Cordelia, that much was certain.especially right now, because said blonde was currently restraining Cordelia from what looked like fighting with Faith.  Angel got up from the booth, leaving his thoughts about Faith for another day.  By the time he made it through the crowd, Faith and Cordelia had taken their fight outside.  He exited the club and approached the girls cautiously.  He noticed Xander, Jessie and Willow standing together, near Faith and Buffy was standing close, but slightly behind, Cordelia.

"What are you gonna do, prom queen, kick my ass?"

"Damn right I will, nobody calls me a bitch to my face and gets away with it."

"Would you like it better if I called you a superficial whore instead?"  At that comment, Buffy stepped up.

"Hey!  Cordelia's gonna have to wait her turn, cause I think I might kick your ass for that."

"Oh really, blondie?  Think you can take me?  Come on, I'll give you a free shot...on the house."

"Don't mind if I do."

At this point, the Buffy and Faith were standing nose to nose.  Just as Buffy brought her arm back to take a swing at Faith, something hit them both.  They both suddenly felt dizzy.  For her part, Buffy felt like she could hear her heartbeat in her ears.  Her hands started to tingle and she felt a weird buzzing on every inch of her skin.  She felt the strangest tingle on the back of her neck that was about to make her crazy.  Faith felt like she was about to explode.  She could almost feel the blood surging through her veins.  She felt a weird rush of something shoot through her spine and just as quickly as Buffy threw her punch, she instinctively raised an arm to block it.

Cordelia, Angel, Willow, Xander and Jessie all stood practically dumfounded as they watched the fight between the two girls escalate.  The speed at which they punched, kicked and blocked was phenomenal and they were stunned that these two could fight like they did.  They all came to individual conclusions that night that revolved around the exact same thought...never mess with Faith or Buffy, unless you want your head smashed into an alley wall, just like Buffy was demonstrating on Faith right about now.  After a few minutes of watching the fighting, Angel felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned and saw a stunned Riley standing behind him.

"You think maybe we should break them up?"  He asked, never taking his eyes off the two girls.

"Yeah, give 'em a minute though."  Angel replied absently, turning back to the fight, cocking his head slightly.

Riley nodded and they watched on.  After all the male fantasies were taken care of, the four guys standing around managed to get the girls separated and into their respective corners.  Jessie and Xander began dragging Faith away, but she turned and glared at both Buffy and Cordelia.

"We're not done girls, we're only getting started."  With that, she pulled out of the hands holding her and sauntered out of the alley.

Cordelia, Angel and Riley stood staring at Buffy as she collapsed on the ground and put her head in her hands.

Cordelia knelt beside the blonde and put a hand on her back, running her fingers up and down her spine softly.  "Summers, are you okay?"

Buffy shook her head to clear it a bit and rubbed her eyes.  "I don't know.  I feel kinda funny."

Angel crouched down and grasped her arm lightly.  "Maybe we should get you home.  Come on I'll give you a ride."

Buffy looked up at him and smiled.  "Thanks Angel."

Cordelia kept her eyes trained on the blonde.  "Is your mom home Buffy?  If you feel weird, maybe you shouldn't be alone."

"No, she's at the gallery all night, she said she wouldn't be home until tomorrow."  Buffy glanced up at Cordelia and gave her a shy but pleading smile.  "Will you stay with me?"

Cordelia felt her heart flutter slightly and she smiled softly.  "Of course, come on, let's get out of this alley and get you home."

Angel and Cordelia helped Buffy to her feet and Cordy wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her steady.  They got Buffy to Angel's car and took off towards Rovello Drive.


Faith was sprinting through Sunnydale like a madwoman.  Ever since she left the alley, she felt like the energy encased in her compact body was about to split her in two.  She assured her friends that she was fine and took off.  She had been running full tilt for twenty minutes and barely felt winded.  As she approached an intersection, she turned right and headed through the gates of Shady Acres cemetery.  She had no idea why.her body was acting purely on instinct at this point.  She upped her pace and began hurdling headstones like an Olympic athlete and kept right on going.  Faith grinned as she approached a clear patch of grass and began doing round off back handsprings and flips as she ran.  She did a final flip and hopped up on a headstone and lit a cigarette.

"I don't know what the hell is going on, but I love it."

She may not have known what was going on, but somewhere in Sunnydale a certain watcher was getting some very interesting news regarding his new slayer.  Or should I say, slayers.


Angel made sure both girls were safely inside Buffy's house before pulling out of her driveway.  Cordelia watched him drive off and turned towards Buffy, who was acting a bit strange.  She watched as the blonde shed her coat and tossed it over the railing before heading towards the kitchen.  Cordelia followed suit with her jacket and trailed the blonde into the kitchen.  Buffy had the refrigerator door open and had her head half way inside.

"Are you hungry?  I'm starving."

"Nope, can I get a water though?"

"Sure."  Buffy grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to her before turning back to the fridge.  "Oh, yummy pizza."

Cordelia sat at the island in the middle of the room and watched her friend with slight concern.  She had never seen two people, let alone girls, fight like Buffy and Faith had battled earlier.  She didn't think Buffy even knew how to fight.

"Buffy are you okay?"

Buffy scrunched up her forehead in thought as she set the pizza box on the counter.  She chewed on her lip absently for a moment before lifting her gaze to a set of chestnut eyes watching her carefully.

"I don't know what happened back there."  She paused for a second and pushed some hair behind her ear.  "It was weird, all of a sudden something came over me and my body took over where my brain left off.  I was punching and kicking Faith without even thinking about it.  I don't know how to explain it."

Cordelia gave her a sympathetic smile and reached out grasping Buffy's head lightly, pulling the blonde closer so she could kiss away the crinkles in Buffy's forehead.  "Tell ya what, let's just veg out and stuff ourselves silly, watching stupid infomercials and corny movies.  Then we can sleep in and figure all this out tomorrow, sound good?"

Buffy smiled at her gratefully and leaned in for a light kiss.  "Sounds perfect.  Thanks Cor."

Cordelia smiled and kissed her softly.  "No problem, Summers.  Come on, let's eat."

Buffy was forever sworn to secrecy regarding Cordelia's calorie intake that night.  But Buffy would never tell.  After stuffing herself about four pounds past silly, Buffy wrapped her arms around Cordelia in her bed and the two drifted off to sleep.  Actually, to be more specific, Cordelia fell asleep and Buffy lay awake staring at the ceiling wondering why she suddenly felt like a caged animal, desperately trying to get loose.  So, she untangled herself from the gorgeous body beside her and headed downstairs to pace.  All night.  No sleep for Buffy.  And a tired slayer, I mean blonde, is a cranky blonde.  (We know what she is, but she doesn't)


The rain poured down on the streets of Sunnydale the next morning and nobody was happy about a perfectly good Saturday being wasted with rain.  Angel pulled the top up on his car and backed out of the garage.  He pulled down the street, heading towards the Espresso Pump for his typical Saturday coffee.  As he approached downtown, he spotted police cars and a truck from the morgue.  He caught sight of Faith standing next to an older man under an umbrella and pulled over to see what was going on.  He stepped out of the car as one stretcher was being loaded into the back of the truck and he caught sight of blonde hair peeking out from the sheet.  When Faith caught sight of him, she gave him a small sheepish smile, probably remembering the way she acted the night before and was feeling kind of silly.

"Hi Faith."

"Hey Angel."  She gave a small nod to the man standing with her.  "This is Giles.  G-man this is Angel.  He's a good pal of your girl Buffy."

Giles gave her an exasperated look and turned to Angel with a small smile and extended his hand.  "Nice to meet you."

Angel shook Giles's hand and furrowed his brow.  "You know Buffy?"

Giles nodded.  "I work at the library at school, I know many of the students."

Angel nodded and gave a small nod towards all the commotion.  "What's going on here?"

Faith glanced up at him, but dropped her gaze to the ground, kicking a pebble with her boot.  "Harmony and Aura were attacked by dogs they think.  They died."  She added quietly.

Angel's eyes got wide.  "What?"

Faith stuffed her hands in her pockets and met his gaze.  "They got attacked when they left the Bronze last night.  Some jogger found them this morning and called the cops."

Angel stood in shock for a full five minutes before Faith finally snapped him out of it.  He said a quick good-bye to both of them and ran across the street.

Giles and Faith watched him leave and Giles turned to her.  "We need to talk to Buffy."

"Yeah."  She looked at the ground and fidgeted a bit.  "Look, G-man, I'm sorry.  If I'd known what was going down last night, I woulda skipped the drama with the cheerleaders and done something to help those girls.  I screwed up."

Giles gave her a comforting smile.  "Faith, you had no idea that what happened last night was you being called.  You turned into a slayer in a heated moment and usually in those moments, your body will run on instinct.  You had no idea.  I'm not disappointed in you."

She looked up at him hopefully.  "You're not?"

"No."  He readjusted his glasses and sighed.  "I think we should be on our way.  I doubt if Buffy will be as receptive to the idea of becoming a slayer as you were."

Faith rolled her eyes dramatically.  "Dumb blonde."

"Faith."  Giles said with warning.

She raised her hands and gave him a small grin.  "I know, I know.  We're a team now and we need to get along, for the sake of humanity and all that."


Buffy grabbed the phone on the second ring, having been up all night, the phone was a welcome interruption from the infomercial marathon that seemed to be on TV at the moment.


"Hey Buffy, it's Angel."

"Hey, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you and Cordy, can I come over?"


"Okay, I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

"Okay, see ya then."



Buffy hung up the phone and stared at it for a moment, hoping that she'd imagined the worry laced in Angel's voice.  She shrugged it off and headed upstairs to wake Cordelia up.  She almost gasped as she took in the sight of Cordelia asleep in her bed.  She was tangled in the sheets and had the most adorable look on her face.  Buffy eased the door shut and slid onto the bed next to the brunette.  She propped herself up on her elbow as she swept a few strands of hair out of Cordelia's face.  Buffy smiled lovingly as the brunette stirred under her touch.  She watched, almost captivated as Cordelia's eyes fluttered open and her sleepy chestnut eyes focused on her.

"Hey."  Buffy whispered.

Cordelia smiled in response and pulled Buffy close.  Morning was her favorite snuggle time and she intended on using it wisely.
"Angel's coming over."

Cordy scowled and stretched slightly.  "Why?  It's Saturday, I want my morning cuddles."

"I know, I do too, but he sounded weird.  He'll be here in fifteen."

Cordy pouted slightly, and Buffy took the opportunity to kiss the protruding bottom lip lightly.  Cordelia smiled slyly and wrapped her arms around Buffy tighter.  She trailed her nails up and down the blonde's back lightly and smiled triumphantly when she got a shiver from her.  They remained snuggly until a knock on the door downstairs roused them from the bed.  They both trudged downstairs and Buffy opened the door for Angel who walked in with a tray of coffee and a box.

"Sorry to get you up early.  I brought coffee and doughnuts as a peace offering."  He smiled hesitantly holding the aforementioned items up in front of him, using them, hopefully, as a shield from the morning terror that was Cordelia Chase.

Cordelia grabbed her coffee as she passed Angel on the way to the couch and yawned as she flopped down with an unusual lack of grace.  Buffy smiled warmly at him and thanked him quietly as she accepted her coffee and followed Cordelia to the couch.  Angel set the box on the coffee table and sat gingerly next to it.

"I got some bad news this morning."  He started carefully.

That small confession was enough to get the full attention of the two girls quietly sipping their mochas.

"Apparently after they left the Bronze last night, Harm and Aura were attacked.  They're saying it was a wild dog attack."

Buffy was silent, praying that this bad news didn't end the way she'd been reading most 'wild dog attacks' did in Sunnydale.

Cordelia sat up a little straighter and looked Angel dead in the eye.  "Are they okay?"

Angel let his gaze drop to the floor for a moment before returning it to the dark eyes about to stare holes in his head.  "No.  They were being taken to the morgue when I saw them."

"Oh God."

Angel pulled Cordelia into a hug and she clung to him for a long time that day.  Buffy remained silent for most of the day.  She couldn't help but feel partially responsible for Harmony and Aura's deaths.  If she'd never said anything to Cordelia about her feelings, she never would have had a fight with her friends that caused them to storm out of the club last night.

Three days later, both girls were buried in Restfield cemetery.  Cordelia had taken a few days off from school and had spent every night since Buffy's fight with Faith at her house.  Buffy found it strange that the day Harmony and Aura died, Faith showed up on her doorstep with an older man who needed to talk to her.  She turned them both away explaining that someone close had died.  Giles understood immediately and left with no further action or explanation.  He and Faith began training a bit.  It consisted of a lot of Giles talking, mostly about vampires, and Faith listening.  They went on patrol those nights and as they were heading into Restfield the fourth night, a recently sired platinum blonde vampire and his newly sired ditzy blonde were leaving.  L.A. sounded good to both of them.  Small towns just plain sucked.  Too bad for Aura, though, she just had her neck snapped.  Spike said she talked too much.  Ha, just wait til he gets a load of Harm.  Then again, he always did have a thing for blondes.


A few days later, Cordelia, Buffy and company were at their usual table in the quad eating lunch.  Cordelia was watching with great interest as her girlfriend consumed more than everyone combined at the table.  She took in the sight of the blonde and became a bit concerned as she noticed something.   "Have you lost weight, Summers?"

Buffy looked up from her third slice of pizza and nodded.  "Yup, eleven pounds in a week."  She furrowed her brow for a moment.  "But I'm constantly hungry, I don't get it."

Cordelia gave her a comforting smile and kissed her temple lightly.  "Maybe you should see a doctor.  That can't be right."

Buffy shrugged.  "I feel fine, for the most part."

Cordelia rolled her eyes and propped her chin on her hand.  "So you feeling fine is being starving all the time, losing a ton of weight, not sleeping, fidgeting constantly and getting those tingles that you get from time to time?"

Buffy suddenly looked up and scanned the quad.  "Speaking of tingles."  She murmured.

Cordelia followed her gaze.  "Again?"  She asked quietly.

Buffy nodded absently as she caught sight of Faith walking towards them.  Faith seemed to have lost her confident swagger as she approached the table slowly.  Buffy and Cordelia both glared at her and the others watched with interest.

Faith gave Buffy a tiny smile.  "Um.the librarian, Mr. Giles said he needs to talk to both of us in the library."

"Why?"  Buffy asked shortly.

Faith shrugged and averted her eyes to anything besides the hazel ones boring holes in her skull.  "Don't know, he just said he needs to see us after school."

Buffy felt bad for being bitchy, but she didn't really care so she continued.  "So why did he send you?  Can he not tell me himself?"

"He caught me in the hall and asked me to ask you."  Faith paused uncomfortably.  "So can you be there?"

"Yeah, whatever."  Buffy replied dismissively.

"Cool, I'll let him know."  Faith departed with a tight smile and Buffy sat staring after her, wondering why the tingles she felt seemed to be going away as Faith left.  Cordelia's hand running up and down her back brought her back to reality and she gazed at her perfect girlfriend and smiled warmly before moving in for a tiny kiss.

"Yay, can't wait for school to be over."  She rolled her eyes and pushed some hair out of her eyes.  "I wonder if that will make the day go by quicker."  She considered absently.  Buffy shrugged it off and finished off her lunch just as the warning bell sounded to get them herded back to classes.  The group stood and discarded their trash and Cordelia grabbed Buffy's small hand in hers and the two made their way to gym class.


A few seemingly quick, for Buffy at least, hours later, Cordelia was standing with Buffy outside the library.

"Are you sure you don't want us to wait?  I know Angel won't mind."  Cordelia asked, brushing a few small strands of hair away from Buffy's beautiful eyes.

Buffy smiled softly.  "No, it's okay, I'll walk, I need to burn off some energy anyways."

"Okay, but call me when you get home and let me know what all this is about, okay?"  Cordy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure."  She leaned in for a kiss that ended up becoming a bit more passionate as the seconds ticked by.  Buffy pulled away, slightly flushed and smiled at her girlfriend.  "Bronze later?"

Cordelia grinned widely.  "Absolutely.  Be good."

"Always am.  See ya sweetie."

"Bye honey."

The girls shared a grin over their goofy lovey dovey-ness and shared one final quick kiss before Cordelia turned and sauntered away.  Buffy watched her go for a moment before taking a deep breath and pushing through the library doors.  She found Faith and who she figured was Mr. Giles sitting at a table in the middle of the empty library.  They both looked up as she entered and Giles stood with a smile and approached her.  "Buffy, I'm Rupert Giles, please come in and sit down."  He motioned with his hand at the table where he had been sitting.

Buffy approached the table cautiously.  "Okay.  What's going on here?"

"Sit down and I will try to explain everything."  He gave her a reassuring smile.

Buffy gave him a tight smile and moved further into the room.  She glanced at Faith, who appeared to be nervous, as she dropped her backpack and jacket on the floor next to her chair.  She sat down and immediately crossed her right leg over her left and began tapping her foot rather rapidly.

Giles sat in the chair opposite hers and folded his hands.  "Buffy, do you remember the night in the alley when you and Faith fought?"

Buffy nodded.  "Yup, it's not something a girl tends to forget.  Why?"

He glanced at Faith quickly and returned his gaze to the blonde in front of him.  "Do you recall any strange feelings you had before you started to fight?"

She narrowed her eyes.  "What is this all about?"

Giles held his hands up and gave his best comforting smile.  "I promise I will explain everything, I just need you to answer a few questions for me."

"Fine."  She sighed.  "I was just standing there about to hit Faith when something just came over me and it felt like my body just took off on it's own.  I didn't even mean to really fight with her, my body just wouldn't stop.  It was very strange."

He nodded and considered his next question carefully.  "Have you ever heard of a slayer, Buffy?"

Buffy furrowed her brows as her gaze flickered between the two people at the table.  "Only once...some guy came up to me back in L.A. and rambled on about slayers and vampires and demons.  I just ignored him, I thought he was crazy."  She shrugged.

"Well, I'm going to try to explain all of this to you, but I need to ask you to keep an open mind and allow me to finish before you say anything, alright?"

"Sure, explain away."  She said with a tiny wave of her hand.

Buffy sat listening to Giles go on about the Watchers Council, slayers, vampires and demons for about twenty minutes, and when he was done, she just stared at him.

"You actually want me to believe that I'm a slayer and so it Faith, and vampires and demons are real and Sunnydale is sitting on the mouth of hell?"   She glanced from Faith to Giles and back to Faith.  "You believe him?"

Faith nodded and glanced at Giles.  "It's true, B.  I saw it with my own eyes, hell, I've dusted a few vamps myself in the last few days.  He's all truth."

"So if this is all true, why are there two of us?  You said a Chosen One.  Singular."  She emphasized her point by holding one finger up to him.

Giles removed his glasses and began cleaning them.  "Yes, well, the fact that two potential slayers where in such close proximity when the spell was released comes into play.  The coven in England cast the spell so that if a slayer dies, the new slayer automatically gets called.  All potential slayers have the true power of the slayer inside them, but it's behind a closed door.  The spell just opens that door and the power comes flooding out.  The two of you being as close as you both said you were allowed the spell to activate you both.  That's why there are two of you.  This is the first time this has ever happened, I can assure you."  He added while replacing his glasses.

"Does that explain the weird tingle thing I get every time Faith is close?"  She looked at the brunette.  "Do you feel it?"

"Yup.  It's wicked weird.  You'll feel a different one when you're close to a vamp.  It isn't quite as nice.  It feels kinda like an itch you can't scratch.  Until they poof that is."  She added with a tiny grin.

Buffy furrowed her brow trying to take in all this information.  "Well, what if I say I don't want to do this?  I mean, Faith obviously likes it, why can't I just let her take the Chosen status?"

Giles stood up and began to pace back and forth.  "Well, regardless, you'll still be a slayer, and just as you can sense vampires, they can sense you.  You won't be able to turn your back on this.  Evil will fight its way into your life, literally and figuratively."

Buffy slumped down in her seat, defeated.  "So, I'm stuck then?"

Giles gave her a small smile.  "I'm afraid you are.  I'm not going to lie to either of you, being a slayer is dangerous.  You will risk your lives on a daily basis, but the reward is saving humanity.  I'm sure at times, you will be called on to save the world.  You should consider yourself lucky that there are two of you.  A slayer's life can be quite lonely.  At least you have each other."  He offered hopefully.

Buffy and Faith both exchanged a long look at this, finally Buffy looked to Giles and sighed.  "So, what do we do now?"

He tried to hide his wide smile, but failed miserably.  "Well, Faith and I will patrol tonight as usual.  I want you to really think about everything I told you and get a grasp on it.  We'll start the two of you training tomorrow after school."  He paused and removed his glasses.  "Buffy, the other thing you must understand is that this is to be kept a secret.  You can't tell anyone about it."

Buffy pouted slightly.  "But what about our friends?  They saw us fighting like crazies the other night and I know Cordelia has noticed all the weird stuff going on with me lately."

Giles sighed and rubbed his chin absently.  "Let's keep it quiet for now.  If we have to tell them, we'll find a way.  This really should be on a need to know basis, and I don't think anyone needs to know right now."

Buffy nodded solemnly and glanced at Faith.  "Wanna grab something to eat?  I'm starving."

Faith grinned at her sister slayer and hopped up from her seat.  "Yeah, let's roll.  I'll be back after we eat, G-man so we can patrol."

Giles smiled widely again.  "That's fine, you two have a nice time."

"Bye, Giles."  Buffy said with a small wave after she collected her stuff.

Faith gave Giles a mock salute and turned to leave.  "See ya G."

"Goodbye girls."

Giles watched his slayers leave and heaved a sigh of relief.  He was surprised Buffy took everything as well as she did.  He guessed that perhaps Faith learning about things early was a blessing in disguise.  He doubted that Buffy would have lasted five minutes without Faith telling her everything he said was true.  He smiled his little Giles smile and went back to his trusty books for the remainder of the afternoon.  Oh!  And tea, you can't forget tea.

Buffy and Faith walked along the sidewalk side by side, in complete silence.   Buffy had a million questions burning her brain that she wanted to spit out, but didn't know how, considering the girl next to her tried to fight her girlfriend not long ago.

"So, what's it like?"  Buffy asked hesitantly.

Faith glanced up at her questioningly.  "What's what like?"

"Staking a vampire."

Faith grinned from ear to ear.  "Oh, wait until you do it, B.  You get hit with this wicked rush of adrenaline and you just fly.  Once it's done your whole body is humming."

Buffy smiled slightly at her enthusiasm.  "I felt plenty of humming the night we fought."

Faith smiled knowingly.  "Yeah, me too."  She dropped her gaze to the ground and stuffed her hands in her pockets.  "Sorry about that by the way.  I know I acted like a supreme bitch.  Your girl just drives me crazy."

Buffy nodded slowly.  "Well, you drive her crazy too, so you're even.  But since we have to do this slaying thing together it wouldn't be a bad idea to lay off her."

Faith thought it over for a moment and shrugged.  "I will if she will."

Buffy smiled and nodded.  "I'll talk to her, don't worry."

Faith kicked at a stone on the sidewalk and looked up at her blonde companion.  "Why does she have to be like that anyways?  I mean, I met X and Wilma the first day of school and one of the first things they said to me was to watch out for Queen C.  She gave me shit because I dress differently and she gives the two of them shit for nothing all the time."

Buffy's face contorted with confusion.  "Who's Wilma?"

Faith smiled and rolled her eyes playfully.  "Willow."

"Oh, had me confused there, I thought there was another new girl."  Buffy shook her head.  "Look, Cordelia can be a bitch, and I know that.  But once you get to know her, she's really sweet and really great.  I know she picks on you and yours and since I asked you to play nice, I'll ask her to do the same.  Deal?"


The two continued into lighter talking territory as they entered the pizza place Faith had picked out.  The waiter gave them both strange looks as they sat down and each ordered a large pizza, but they just grinned.

"Have you lost any weight?"  Buffy asked once the waiter was gone.

"Yup, close to ten pounds, you?"

Buffy nodded.  "Eleven in a week, that's certainly a plus...although my girlfriend thinks I'm a total pig because I eat so much.  She wants me to see a doctor."  She scowled at the thought.

Faith shrugged absently.  "G-man told me that it's a temporary thing for us to lose so much weight.  He said the slayer takes over and will mold our bodies into top-notch fighting machines."

"Did he say if this antsyness would go away?"  Buffy asked noticing both of them were fidgeting.

"He said it's normal for us to feel antsy.  He said we're meant to be on the prowl and hunting and some shit.  I've always been fidgety; it's normal for me.  Is yours bad?"

Buffy sighed and rolled her eyes.  "Yup, I can't sit still for two minutes."

Faith nodded and ran her hand through her hair.  "I think my hearing has picked up a bit.  I heard somebody walking their dog last night, and I could hear a twig break across the street when I was in the backyard.  I can barely sleep, every little sound wakes me up."

"Yeah, I've found my sight has improved, especially at night."

"Yup, mine too.  G said all this is normal and will get easier as our bodies adjust to all this crap surging through us.  We just need to give it time."

She offered with a shrug and a smile.

The girls chatted for a few more minutes until their pizzas arrived and were scarfed down.  The waiter looked impressed when he removed two empty pizza trays.  Once they paid and were outside, Faith grinned at a random thought.

"Ya know, I bet we could have wicked games of hide and seek with this tingle thing once you get into patrol."

Buffy broke out into a grin.  "Ooh, that would be fun.  Will Giles be with us when we patrol?"

Faith rolled her eyes and nodded.  "He said he wants to come with the first week or so, just to make sure we aren't in over our heads, which is stupid in my opinion.  I left his ass in the dust more than a few times the other night.  Watchers are meant to watch, slayers are meant to slay."

Buffy gave her a silly grin.  "How very observant of you."

"Bite me, blondie."  Faith replied with a playful scowl.

Buffy grinned and glanced at her watch.  "Crap, Cor's probably worried, I should call her.  You Bronzing tonight?"

"Yup, after patrol, I'm meeting X and Wilma.  You?"

"Yeah, see ya there?"

"Yup.  Later, slayer."  Faith grinned and headed off towards the school.

"See ya, Faith."

Buffy turned and started walking home slowly; trying to wrap her brain around everything she'd learned that afternoon.  She decided for now to keep the slayer stuff to herself.  She didn't want to lie to Cor or her friends, but she didn't want them to think she was a freak and abandon her either.  For now, she would just have to think of something to tell them in regards to the situation this afternoon and figure out a way to get out of spending afternoons with Cordelia, since she would be training.  By the time she made it home, she figured she had a good enough story to tell her girlfriend and headed for the kitchen once she was inside.  She found a note with a twenty-dollar bill on the counter and knew right away that mom would be out for the night and left her money for pizza and a movie.  She grabbed the phone as she opened the door the fridge and dialed Cordelia's number.


"Hey."  Buffy replied.

"Hey, how are you?"

"I'm okay.  You?"

"Good.  So what was up with the secret meeting this afternoon?"

Buffy winced slightly.  "Actually, I'd rather talk to you in person, wanna come over?  Mom's gone for the night."

"Sure, I'll be over in a bit.  You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, Cor, I'm fine.  I'll be better when you're here though."

"Aw, isn't that sweet?  I have my very own sap factory."

Buffy scowled.  "Hey!  Fine, no more sappy from me.  Hmph."

"I'm only kidding, you know I love it.  I'll see ya in a bit."

"Kay, bye."


Buffy hung up the phone and went upstairs to change.  She grabbed a pair of gray workout pants that were fairly loose and a form fitting red tee shirt with tiny sleeves.  Once she changed she headed back downstairs and flopped down on the couch.  For the first time in a week, she felt like sleep might actually be a possibility that night.  She flipped the TV on and sprawled out finding a comfortable position on her stomach.  About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and it opened to reveal Cordelia's face peeking in.  Buffy looked up and grinned, feeling enormously comforted by the other girl's mere presence.

"Hey, come in."

"Hey."  Cordelia came in, doting a similar outfit, black workout pants with white stripes down the legs, sneakers and a plain white tee.  She looked amazing to Buffy, who rarely saw her this dressed down.  Cordelia plunked down on the floor, sitting Indian style in front of Buffy and she leaned in for a kiss.

"Is everything okay?  Ya seemed kinda weird on the phone."

"Yeah, it's just been a long day and I'm glad you're here."

Cordelia reached out a hand and played with a few strands of silky blonde hair.  "Wanna tell me what's up?"

Buffy remained silent for a few moments as she had an inner debate about whether she should lie or tell the truth to Cordelia.  She absolutely hated lying, and she knew if Cordelia eventually found out what was going on, it would most likely end up causing more problems for both of them.  She finally decided on the truth, and it scared her half to death to think about Cordelia's reaction.

"Hey."  Cordelia said softly, seeing the inner turmoil in Buffy's eyes.  Buffy met her gaze and found Cordelia's stare to be welcoming and comforting to her.  Buffy took a deep breath and sat up fully on the couch.

"Remember how you were worried about everyone's reaction when you told them about us?  You were afraid they would disown you and think you were weird?"  Buffy glanced at Cordelia nervously and the brunette nodded, silently urging her to continue.  "Well, I kind of have to tell you something, and I'm afraid that you might disown me and think I'm a freak, so I'm kinda scared right now, but I want, no, I need to be completely honest with you about it, good or bad."

Cordelia pushed away the terrifying thoughts coursing through her brain and gave Buffy her most encouraging smile, reaching out and grasping her hand lightly.  "Summers, just tell me.  I've seen and heard some of the weirdest things growing up in Sunnydale, you'd be surprised what doesn't stun those of us who have lived here forever.  Just tell me."

Buffy gave her a small smile and squeezed Cordelia's hand lightly, very lightly, very, very lightly.  Slayer strength and all that.  She took a deep breath and sighed out.  "As you know I went to see Giles, the librarian, after school with Faith.  It turns out he knows a lot about what's been happening to me lately.  He has a job at the school, but he really works for an organization in England called the Council.  He was sent here to watch over me and Faith.  It turns out, the reason we went so crazy on each other and fought so well last week is because we're what's known as slayers.  With Giles's help, we're supposed to fight against evil.  Here in Sunnydale, because apparently this town is sitting on the mouth of hell."  Buffy winced waiting for Cordelia to run out of the house screaming about her being a total weirdo.

"So you guys fight vampires and stuff?"  Cordelia asked expectantly with an eyebrow raised.

Buffy sat stunned looking at the brunette like she had a second head.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and grasped both of Buffy's hands in hers.  "I told you, living in Sunnydale forces you to believe in the Boogey man.  They must think that we're all completely retarded when they make up stories about wild dogs and gangs and stuff.  Too many people, who are only attacked at night, have been found dead and they all mysteriously have two bite marks on their necks and no blood left."

"So you know about vampires?"  Buffy asked, completely baffled.

Cordelia nodded and tilted her head.  "Yup, I've been attacked three different times coming home from the Bronze, Angel and Riley somehow always manage to fight them off and we escape."  She said proudly.

"So you don't think I'm a freak?"  She had to ask, she had to make sure.

Cordelia gave her an impish grin.  "Well, aside from the fact that I think you're a little too fascinated with fire, no.  I think you're brave and noble for wanting to fight against all the scaries out there.  But I don't think you're freaky or anything.  I've heard vampires mention the slayer before, they have major wood for you guys, let me tell you."

Buffy raised her eyebrows at that comment.  She thought for a moment.  "Well, actually, there was only supposed to be one.  The spell or whatever backfired and now we have two."

"You and Faith?"  Cordelia asked, her voice dripping with disdain at the second name.

"Got it in one."

Cordelia's features soured slightly.  "So you actually have to hang with her now?"

"Yup, actually, that's why I got back so late, we grabbed pizza and talked a bit.  She's not that bad."  Buffy offered hopefully.

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "I still think she's a bitch, sorry, I know that you're gonna have to get along with her and stuff, but don't expect me to."

"Nope, although, could you play nice?  For me?"  Buffy pulled out the puppy dog eyes and Cordelia rolled her eyes, obviously immune to their powers.

"I will if she will."  She agreed reluctantly.

"She will, I already asked her to."  Buffy gazed at the gorgeous brunette on the floor in front of her and a smile immediately graced her lips.  "You have no idea how glad I am that you're not running out the door screaming about me being looney."

Cordelia grinned and kept her looney joke to herself but suddenly a thought occurred to her and she turned serious.  "I'm just glad you decided to be straight with me.  It means a lot that you're honest about big stuff."

Buffy smiled shyly.  "Giles said specifically that I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but I knew I couldn't keep this from you.  But would you mind if we kept it quiet from Angel and Riley for a while?"

Cordelia sighed, not liking lying to her best friends, but ultimately felt she had no choice.  "I will because you want me to, although, they're pretty much gonna take the news the way I did.  They've come face to face with this stuff too."

"I know, but it's supposed to be kept quiet and I probably will have to tell them eventually, I told you mostly because I knew I would have to give you some explanation about my whereabouts after school and some nights."

Cordelia scowled.  "So, this is going to cut into our time isn't it?"

Buffy gave her a sheepish and apologetic smile.  "Yes, to a certain extent, but I'm not gonna let it come between us, I'll make plenty of time for you."   She added with a nod.

Cordelia smiled triumphantly.  "That's all I needed to hear."

Buffy grinned and leaned in for a small kiss.  She paused for a moment as she remembered something. "One question though."


"When Angel came over last weekend and said a dog attacked Harm and Aura, you guys knew it was vamps?"

Cordelia shrugged.  "I figured as much, and I'm sure he did too, he probably didn't want to freak you out about it and I didn't either, so I just agreed with it."

Buffy smiled warmly and tugged Cordelia off the floor and onto the couch next to her.  "It's kinda weird to think that we both tried to hide the same thing from each other, don't you think?"

Cordy grinned.  "Just trying to protect you is all."

"Well, I'm a big slayer now, so we can be honest about it from now on."

"Deal."  Cordelia agreed with a nod.

"Kiss on it?"  Buffy asked impishly.


Cordelia leaned over and kissed Buffy gently.  Buffy snaked a hand around Cordelia's neck and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.  Buffy moaned at the softness of Cordelia's lips, yet the utter passion behind them.  Cordelia smiled into the kiss and opened her mouth allowing Buffy's tongue to enter.  Buffy dipped her tongue into Cordelia's warm mouth and felt the brunette's hands slide through her hair.  Cordelia leaned back and caught her breath for a second and locked her gaze with the Buffy's darkening hazel eyes.  She eased herself up and slid a leg over both of Buffy's and gently settled her weight on Buffy's lap.  Buffy placed her hands on Cordelia's thighs and leaned in for a searing kiss.  She began trailing small kisses down Cordy's jaw, to her neck.  She sucked lightly on her pulse point, eliciting a small moan from the brunette on her lap.  She pulled away and as she gazed up at her girlfriend.  Her breath hitched in her chest and she felt a wave of emotion pass through her entire being.  Cordelia ran her fingers through Buffy's hair gently and kissed the slayer's forehead softly.

"You are so beautiful, Cor."  Buffy breathed out.

Cordelia smiled sweetly.  "Honey, if I'm beautiful, then you're stunning."

Buffy gave Cordelia a loving smile as she gazed up at her.  "Stay here tonight?"

Cordelia grinned and kissed her girlfriend lightly.  "There is no place I would rather be."

"Mmm, good."  Buffy moved her hands from Cordelia's hips to the small of her back and slid her fingers under the fabric to find smooth skin.  She watched as Cordelia closed her eyes and bit her lip, biting back a tiny moan.  Cordelia allowed her head to fall back slightly and Buffy seized the opportunity to kiss the brunette's throat lightly.  Buffy tightened her grip and suddenly stood up, bringing Cordelia with her, who gasped at the sudden movement.  She quickly grinned and wrapped her legs around Buffy's waist as the blonde turned and moved towards the stairs.

"Wow, this slayer thing is something I could get used to."  Cordy said with a grin, wrapping her arms around Buffy's neck.  Buffy just smiled impishly and kissed Cordelia as she ascended the steps.  Once she reached her bedroom, Buffy kicked the door closed with her foot and moved to the bed.  She leaned over and placed Cordelia on the bed gently, but was surprised when the brunette didn't release her arms or legs.  Buffy kissed her quickly.  "I'm gonna hit the lights."

Cordelia smiled and kissed Buffy gently as she relinquished her hold on the slayer.  As Buffy moved across the room, Cordelia shed her sneakers and socks, and slid her workout pants down her legs before she crawled under the blankets.  Once the lights had been shut off, Buffy moved back to the bed and slid her pants off and slinked into bed.

As soon as she was between the sheets, Buffy pulled the brunette closer to her, immediately wrapping her arms and legs around her.  Cordelia allowed her hand to trail up one of Buffy's legs and it made a final stop under the fabric of a tee shirt at the small of Buffy's back.  Buffy finally managed a full night of sleep that night, wrapped pleasantly around her girlfriend with a smile gracing her features as she drifted off.


Ethan Rayne stepped out of his car and grinned as he took in the sight of Sunnydale high school.  He watched the students leaving for the day as he made his way across the street.  He finally managed to find the library as he weaved his way through the corridors.  He peered through the circular window on the door and watched his old pal Ripper as he took his slayer through a sparring drill.  Ethan had to bite back a laugh as Giles was sent flying through the air and landed on a nearby table.

He pushed the door open and sauntered inside.  "Well, some things never change, it seems as though I remember you spending a lot of time on your back in the library back at the academy, Ripper."

Buffy and Faith watched as Giles rolled off the table and moved slowly towards the other man in the room.

"What are you doing here Ethan?"

Ethan smirked.  "What, I can't pay old friends a visit?"

"I'm not your friend."  Giles almost growled out.

Ethan laughed loudly and waved him off.  "Don't be so British you old tweed, I just stopped by to say hello to my new neighbors."

Giles glared at the other man.  "Neighbors?  You live here?"

"Yes, actually.  I just bought a nice old house, this town in quite lovely."   Ethan replied with a wide smile.

Giles suddenly lunged towards Ethan and grabbed him by the front of the shirt and pinned him against the wall.  "You listen closely Ethan, I don't want any trouble from you.  If you so much as breathe in the wrong direction, I will personally see to it that I finish what I started years ago."

Ethan grinned, not letting his fear be shown as his old buddy Ripper made an appearance.  He pushed Giles's hands away and moved away, heading for the door.  "Don't worry, Ripper, you won't be seeing much of me."  He grinned wickedly and mumbled to himself.  "Although your slayers might."  With that he flung the doors open and sauntered out.

Faith leaned over to Buffy and whispered something in her ear that made her giggle through the disgusted look on her face, and Giles swung around to face them both.  At his glare, both slayers moved back into fighting stances and resumed their sparring.  Giles moved to his office to make tea, but parted with a final thought to the two girls fighting furiously.  "You two will patrol alone tonight, and be careful."

Buffy and Faith grinned wickedly, happy that they would finally be free during patrol.

"Come on B, let's eat before we go.  I'm starving."  Faith said as she tugged the blonde out the door.

"Mmm, me too."  Buffy paused for a moment.  "But please keep comments like that about Giles to yourself, you almost made me lose my appetite.

Faith laughed loudly and slung an arm over the blonde's shoulders as the Chosen Two made their way out of the school.  That must have been some nasty comment for Buffy to lose her appetite, hmm, wonder what she said.


Buffy scanned the cemetery looking past headstones and mausoleums trying to locate her target.  She closed her eyes and tried to hone her senses and she finally picked up on a familiar tickle on the back of her neck.  She grinned and took of running in the direction of a large crypt with a cross on the side.  As she approached, she saw a blur of movement and took off.  Sprinting as fast as she could, she leapt over headstones and finally made a jump, tackling her opponent to the ground.  "Ha!  Got you, you're it."

Faith was about to reply when both girls heard a rustling close by.  The got up slowly and tried to keep themselves hidden.  The watched as six vampires pried open the door to a crypt and moved inside.  The slayers exchanged a look and moved slowly and quietly, working out a plan as they moved.

"Okay, you take one side of the door, and I'll take the other, we can do a one two and catch the first two out the door by surprise, then we only have two each."  Buffy whispered quietly as they approached.

Faith nodded.  "Got it."

The slayers moved into position and waited.  A minute later, the first two vampires were out the door and turned to dust before the others knew what had happened.  The two slayers squared off with the remaining vamps and five minutes later, the slayers were surrounded with six piles of dust.  Buffy gave Faith a high five and bent down to retrieve a stake she had dropped.

"Hey Faith, check it out."  Buffy picked up a large amulet from the ground and handed it to the brunette slayer, who turned it over in her hands, examining it carefully.

"Huh, guess we give this to G-man in the morning.  Wonder what it does."

Buffy eyed the object warily.  "I'm not too sure I wanna know.  Wanna get outta here?  I think I've had enough for tonight."

Faith shrugged.  "Sure, wanna hit the Bronze and see if anybody's there?"

"Sounds good to me.  Let's go."

Faith stuffed the amulet in her jacket and the two made their way to the club.  Once inside, the two slayers separated almost regretfully and headed to opposite sides of the club.  Buffy approached her table and greeted everyone before pulling her girlfriend to her feet and then to the dance floor.  The two shared a grin and wrapped their arms around each other exchanging a sweet kiss.

"Hey."  Buffy drawled out playfully.

Cordelia grinned.  "Hey, how was patrol?"

Buffy shrugged.  "It was okay.  We caught a group of vamps stealing an amulet thingie and dusted all of them.  So we have to report to Giles in the morning."

"But you were careful right?"  Cordelia asked.

"Yup, just a few bumps and bruises, nothing major."  Buffy reassured her with a kiss.

"Mmm, good."

Buffy leaned in for another quick kiss and caught the brunette's eyes.  "I've been thinking a bit and there's something I need to ask you."

"Okay, ask away."

"Do you wanna go to homecoming with me?"  Buffy asked quietly.

Cordelia broke into a wide grin.  "Absolutely."

Buffy grinned and kissed Cordelia lightly as the two moved to the music in the club.  A few minutes later, Angel interrupted with a tap on Cordelia's shoulder.

"Hey CC?  Can I talk to Buffy for a second?"

"Sure.  You two be good."  She kissed Buffy lightly and headed back to the table.  Angel wrapped an arm around Buffy's waist as she draped an arm on his shoulder.

She eyed him carefully for a moment.  "What's up Angel?"

He furrowed his brow for a second and looked down at her.  "Well, I've noticed that you and Faith have been hanging around together lately."

Buffy gave him a small but slightly confused smile.  "Yeah, she's actually pretty cool once you get to know her."

Angel opened his mouth to say something, but snapped it shut.  He pursed his lips for a second before sighing.  "Well, see I've been thinking about her a bit lately.  I mean, she's hot and she seems to be nice."

Buffy grinned, she knew what was going on.  "Angel?  Do you wanna ask her out?"

Angel became slightly flustered and shrugged.  "Well, I was thinking about asking her to homecoming.  But I don't know if she'd go with me."

"Well, I have heard her say that she thinks you're yummy."  Buffy teased lightly with a silly grin.

Angel raised an eyebrow and smiled.  "She thinks I'm yummy?"

Buffy rolled her eyes and gave him a grin.  "You are.  And yes, she thinks so too."

"So should I ask her?"  He gave her a worried look.

Buffy gave him her most encouraging smile.  "Yes, you should, I'm sure she'd say yes."

Angel took a deep breath and mentally psyched himself up.  He grinned at Buffy and released her to approach Faith.  Buffy smiled fondly at him as she watched him move to the other side of the club.  She moved back to the table and found Anya and Cordelia in the middle of a heated debate.

"Anya, I can't believe you asked him to homecoming."  Cordelia exclaimed with a sigh.

Anya rolled her eyes.  "Why?  I think he's cute and I think I love him."

Cordelia's fists drew themselves into a ball and she had to restrain herself a bit.  "Anya, he is a total loser.  You can do so much better."  She glanced up at Buffy and her features softened as the blonde slid into the seat and kissed her temple lightly.

Buffy smiled warmly at Anya.  "So, you finally asked Xander to the dance?"

Anya nodded and Cordelia's head whipped in the direction of her girlfriend.  "Wait, you knew about this?"

Buffy nodded, obviously oblivious to the horror in her girlfriend's voice.  "Yes, I had to do that project with Will and Xander and Anya asked me to ask him if he had a date yet because she wanted to ask him."

Cordelia sighed dramatically.  "And you support this?"

Buffy grasped both of Cordelia's hands in hers and caught her eyes.  "Cor, honey, remember, just because you don't approve of who your friends are dating, doesn't mean you should judge them for it."  Buffy gazed at her girlfriend hoping she would think about the way she was acting.  Cordelia caught on quickly and gave Buffy a small nod.  Buffy smiled softly at her and kissed her quickly.

"Well, Anya I hope you and Xander have a great time.  Maybe all of us can share a limo or something."

Anya smiled at Buffy gratefully; thankful she didn't have to listen to any more of the Queen's rant.  Buffy winked at her, leaning back into her girlfriend and watching Angel approach the table with a small smile on his face.

"I'm guessing that was a yes?"  The slayer asked with a tiny smile on her pretty features.

Angel nodded and smiled.  "Yup, I have myself a date."

"With who?"  Cordelia looked from Buffy to Angel, her confusion was evident to both of them.

Buffy braced herself for the blow and winced.  Angel caught Cordelia's eye and grinned widely.  "Faith."

Cordelia sat stunned for a few moments and closed her eyes, shaking her head.  Buffy squeezed her hand lightly, trying to silently keep her girlfriend calm.  When Cordelia opened her eyes, she found her girlfriend's hazel eyes watching her carefully.  Buffy gave her a small smile and Cordy rolled her eyes and sighed.  "We were talking about all of us going together and sharing a limo, so if you and Faith would like to join us, I'm sure we'll have a great time."

Angel smiled at Cordelia and dropped a kiss to the top of her head.  "I think that sounds like a great idea, thanks CC."

Cordelia smiled up at her oldest friend and shook her head lightly.  "So we're all going to the bonfire next Friday right?"

Buffy's featured glazed over as she looked at her girlfriend.  "Bonfire?"

"Oh Jesus, Summers, not the fire thing again."  She smiled at the blonde fondly.  "There's always a bonfire the night before the dance.  Some weird ass tradition."

"Pretty."  Buffy murmured absently with a tiny smile on her face.

Angel and Riley looked from Buffy to Cordelia wearing matching looks of confusion.  She rolled her eyes and shrugged.  "I have no idea."

The two guys shrugged and they launched into a conversation about the bonfire and their dates for the dance.  Cordy reached out and played with a strand of honey blonde hair as she split her attention between the two guys and her girlfriend, who still seemed to be distracted with thoughts of fire burning through her brain.  Cordelia wondered briefly if that was normal, but shrugged it off and pushed the thought away.  Buffy did like fire though.


Buffy sat in the kitchen nervously, waiting for her mother to come downstairs.  She had decided that it was time to clue her mom in on her relationship with Cordelia.  Since the two would be going to homecoming together, she figured she couldn't really hide it from her mom anymore.  Buffy sat, fidgeting, reading the paper, making coffee, anything to keep her nerves at bay.  She thought for a few brief seconds about making breakfast, but her culinary skills would probably end up killing them both, and Buffy wasn't about to check out anytime soon, so she sat.  Fidgeting.  Waiting.

Finally, Joyce joined her daughter and knew something was wrong the second she saw her.  She'd read enough books to know that if she ignored her daughter's fidgety presence, she would eventually spill.

"Morning honey."

"Morning mom."

Joyce made a cup of coffee and sat across from Buffy at the island, scanning the paper.  Buffy finally decided to spill a few minutes later, not being able to take any more of this.

"Mom, I have something I need to tell you."

"Okay, sweetie, you know you can tell me anything."

"You remember Cordelia right?"  Buffy asked, and her mother nodded, waiting for the rest.  "Well, we've been hanging out a lot lately and we both sort of realized we kind of had feelings for each other.  We've kind of been dating for a few months now and we're going to homecoming together."  Buffy statement started slow, but she soon found the words to come pouring out her mouth quickly as she braced herself for her mom's reaction.  Joyce smiled at her daughter's confession, almost grateful that she wouldn't have to worry about her teenage daughter dealing with pressure from boys who only had one thing on their minds.

"Well, Cordelia seems like a very nice girl, and the two of you seem to get along well, so I'm happy for you."

Buffy gaped at her mom, wondering briefly if she'd been possessed or something equally weird.  They were on the Hellmouth after all. "That's it?"

"Buffy, don't get me wrong.  I am a bit surprised that you are dating another girl, but if that's what makes you happy, then who am I to say anything about it.  Although, this is a small town, and not everyone will be as open minded about this as I am.  I know you're a strong person and I hope you don't let small minded people get the better of you."  Joyce gave her a warm, loving smile.  "Just be careful, that's all that I ask"

Buffy pulled her mom into a hug and wiped away a few tears.  "Thanks mom."

"You're welcome honey."  Joyce pulled out a few pots and pans and started making breakfast.  "So I suppose we should go out dress shopping soon?"

Buffy grinned at her mom, thankful that she'd been so great and nodded furiously at the shopping proposal.  The two settled in for breakfast and discussed dress options for the rest of the morning, until Buffy moved upstairs to call Cordelia and tell her the great news.


Angel pulled his car up in Faith's driveway and ran his fingers through his hair nervously.  It was time to meet Faith's father.  Brad Cooper had been less than thrilled that his freshman daughter was asked to go to the homecoming dance with a junior, so he and Faith made a little deal.  She could go with Angel to the dance, but only if he met him first.  So of course, she agreed.  Angel was nervous.  Most of the girls he had dated to this point had been snotty rich girls and their parents didn't care one way or the other who their daughter was going out with, as long as he had money, so he hadn't met too many parents.  He heaved out a nervous sigh and got out of the car, approaching the house slowly, trying to keep his cool.

He knocked on the door and was met by Faith, who appeared to be slightly dressed down.  She had on a pair of faded jeans and a yellow tee shirt, with her hair pulled up in a ponytail.  Angel smiled when he saw her, thinking that she'd never looked better to him.

Faith smiled shyly.  "Hey Angel, come on in"

"Hey Faith.  You look nice."

Faith rolled her eyes.  "I look like a scrub, but thanks.  You look good too."  Angel had on a pair of khaki shorts with a blue tee shirt and flip-flops.  He moved inside and Faith led him to the kitchen where her dad was waiting.  Angel gave Brad Cooper his best charming smile as the two approached.

"Dad, this is Angel O'Connor, Angel this is my dad, Brad Cooper."

Brad extended a hand to him with a smile.  "Hey Angel, it's nice to meet you."

Angel smiled and took the hand.  "You too Mr. Cooper, I've heard some great things about your artwork."

Brad smiled widely.  "Oh really?  Who from?"  He asked curiously.  "Oh, and please call me Brad."

Angel smiled and nodded.  "Actually, a good friend of mine, Buffy Summers.  Her mother works at the gallery in town and thinks your work is great."

Faith seemed oblivious to the slightly dazed expression her father's face wore, but Angel smiled to himself as he picked up on it.  "Ah, Joyce is a real sweet woman, she says a lot of nice things."

Faith was slightly confused.  "Dad, you know Buffy's mom?"

Brad rolled his eyes and smiled fondly at his daughter for being slightly overprotective.  "Yes honey, she works at the gallery and has been helping me put up some of my prints."


Brad turned to Angel.  "So Faith here says you play football?"

Angel nodded.  "Yeah, I've been playing on the varsity squad for three years now."

"Really?  What position?"


Brad's eyes lit up.  "I used to QB when I played too."

Faith rolled her eyes as her father began going into his 'good old days' speech and prayed Angel wouldn't think she was a total loser after meeting her father.  She loved her dad dearly, but he could be a bit on the crazy side sometimes.  She tuned the next twenty minutes out as she thought about slaying and battle strategies.  Once the trip down memory lane was over, the three talked for another half hour, until Brad finally decided that Faith had been subjected to enough parental abuse and gave his OK on the dance.

Angel said good-bye to Brad and Faith walked him to the door.  "Sorry about my dad, he can be a bit too much sometimes."

Angel shook his head.  "No, he's fine.  My dad can get a bit 'glory days' sometimes too."

"So, he didn't dissuade you from wanting to go to the dance did he?"  Faith asked cautiously.

Angel smiled and shook his head.  "No, not at all.  Both of my parents are crazy, your dad seems cool."

"Artists usually are."  Faith said with a smile.

Angel paused at the door and gazed at his hands.  "Hey, do you wanna grab a cup of coffee with me?"

"Right now?"  Faith asked with a grin.

Angel shrugged.  "Sure, unless you have other plans."

"No, I'd love to.  Let me tell dad and grab my stuff, I'll be out in a second."  Faith grinned and jutted a thumb behind her.

"Okay, great.  I'll wait in the car."

Angel grinned to himself as he climbed back into the car.  He was completely relieved that meeting Faith's father had gone so well.  A minute later, Faith came bounding out the door and hopped into the car and they took off towards the Pump, chatting carelessly along the way.  Now, if Faith had been a good little slayer, she would have taken her surroundings a little more carefully.  If she had looked just a bit harder she would have seen a certain 'friend' of Giles's hanging around watching the two of them as they drove off, but Faith being Faith, wasn't always cautious.  Ethan smiled to himself, now he knew who to go through to have some fun with both the slayers, and he intended to do just that.


"Dad, just promise you won't go overboard with the pictures."

"I promise sweetheart, relax."

Faith and her father were in the car on their way to Buffy's house.  The slayers decided since they only live a few blocks from each other, they would meet up and let the parentals take pictures together and spare them all some time and sanity.  Cordelia and Angel would be riding in the limo over to Buffy's together since they lived close and they could get pictures done in one foul swoop.  Brad pulled his Jeep Wrangler into Joyce's driveway and the two got out and made their way to the door.  Buffy answered breathlessly and waved them both in.

"Hi Mr. C.  Faith, you look great."  Buffy said with a grin.

Faith blushed lightly.  "Thanks B, you too."

Faith was wearing a pale blue, floor length dress with thin spaghetti straps and had her hair down with the sides pulled back.  She looked stunning.  Buffy was wearing a floor length white satin dress that had several thin straps crossing her back and had her hair swept up with a few strands pulled down to frame her face.

"Brad, Faith hello, please come in."  Joyce said as she swooped in from the kitchen and closed the door behind them.

Faith gave her a wave and a smile.  "Hey Mrs. S."

"Joyce, how are you?"  Brad asked with a grin.

Joyce gave him a warm smile.  "Fine Brad, yourself?"

"Fine.  Don't our girls look great?"  He asked as he waved towards the two girls.

"Yes, they look lovely.  Faith, your dress is gorgeous."

Faith blushed again.  "Thanks."

Joyce and Brad immediately pulled out cameras and clicked away like there was no tomorrow.  Both the slayers were ecstatic when there was a knock on the door, signaling the arrival of their dates.  Cordelia and Angel were whisked inside and more pictures ensued.  Buffy practically drooled over Cordy's dress.  It was, of course, floor length and black.  Form fitting until it got to the waist and it flowed a bit more.  She had her hair pulled up to match Buffy's and she looked gorgeous.  Angel had on a black suit with a black shirt and vest and a white tie.  He looked hot.

Brad and Joyce had a field day with the four teenagers and almost had to be restrained when their cameras got close to being out of control.  Faith leaned over to Buffy.  "B, I gotta give you something really quick.  It's slayer related."

Buffy nodded.  "My room."

The slayers excused themselves for a moment and headed upstairs.  Faith held out a thin black strap with Velcro once the door was shut behind them.  Buffy eyed it warily.  "What's this?"

Faith lifted the side of her dress to her thigh and Buffy saw a similar device strapped to Faith's thigh with a stake hanging in it.  "So we can keep a stake on us in these dresses.  Just in case."

Buffy shrugged and slid her strap into place, and placed a single stake in hers carefully.  "I just hope I don't sit down wrong, that would hurt."

Faith laughed and shook her head.  "Just make sure the pointy side is down."

Buffy nodded and moved back to the door.  "Come on, we'll be lucky to get outta here alive."

"See?  Another good reason for stakes."

Buffy laughed and the two made their way back downstairs and ushered their dates outside and into the limo before either parent could object.  Joyce and Brad watched as the limo pulled away with similar looks of happiness yet a touch of sadness since their babies were growing up.

Joyce saw Brad's face and smiled, knowing how he felt.  "Would you like to stay for a cup of coffee?"

"I'd love to."  Brad smiled and followed Joyce into the kitchen.

Ah yes, parents letting their little girls go.  They definitely had something in common.  And those common things led to five or six cups of coffee and talks that went well into the night.  They didn't mind however, both of their girls would be staying at Cordelia's after the dance.  Little did they know, so would Riley, Anya, Angel and Xander.  Cordelia figured a party after the dance would be fun.  Even though her friend's annoying dates would be there.


"I wonder if Faith is jealous about Angel having to dance with Allison?"  Buffy asked as she danced with Cordelia.

"Well, it's kind of a tradition for the homecoming King and Queen to dance together."  Cordelia said with a shrug.

"I know, I just feel kinda bad for her.  Now she has to sit out and listen to Anya bore Xander to death."  Buffy said with a small grin.

"Well, too bad for him, we have to listen to her go on and on all the time, so now it's his turn."

Buffy shrugged and leaned in to kiss Cordelia lightly.  "You really do look amazing, Cor."

Cordelia grinned.  "So do you, Summers.  I love the dress."

Suddenly Faith came barreling over and tapped Buffy on the shoulder.  "B, G-man needs to talk to you, like right away."

Buffy rolled her eyes.  "Now?  Can he not give us one night of peace?  Is it vamps?"

Faith's eyes bugged out of her head and she gave a slight nod in Cordelia's direction.  Buffy rolled her eyes at her slaying companion.  "Faith, Cor knows about everything, relax.  I don't need an aneurysm from you tonight."

Faith looked from Buffy's knowing expression to Cordelia's smug smile.  "You told her?"

"Yes, she told me Faith, and I was completely understanding and don't think either of you are weird or anything, so hurry up and do what you need to do so I can get back to dancing with my girlfriend."  Cordelia waved them off after stealing a kiss from Buffy and wandered off to find Anya.

Faith slapped Buffy on the arm.  "I can't believe you told her.  G said we had to keep this quiet."  Faith failed to mention the fact that Angel had found out about their little secret.

Buffy rolled her eyes.  "Faith, I had to.  She would've wondered where I was and why I couldn't hang out with her because of patrol and training and stuff.  Don't worry about it.  Now where's Giles?"

Faith smirked.  "Oh, shit, he's not even here."  She said with a lazy wave of her hand.  "I had to think of something to say around your girl that wouldn't scare her or piss you off, but still get you away so we could take care of a little problem."

Buffy looked around carefully.  "What's the problem?"

"A few vamps decided to crash."  Faith said as she moved towards the back of the gym.

The slayers took care of the crashers before they could feast on a few unsuspecting classmates of theirs and returned to their dates quickly.  Cordelia rolled her eyes as she watched the duo approach.  "It looks like you two snuck off to make out or something, you're all disheveled."

Buffy gave her an apologetic smile and a kiss.  "Sorry sweetie, it's not easy to fight in a dress."

Cordelia gave Buffy a warm smile.  "It's okay, I'm sure you'll make up for it later."  She leaned in for another kiss.  "Where do you hide a stake in that dress anyways?"

Buffy gave her a sly smile.  "That's for me to know and you to find out."  She replied pulling her girlfriend to the dance floor for the final song of the night.  Faith watched with an amused expression until she felt a tap on her shoulder.  She swung around and found Angel smiling down at her.

"Do you wanna dance?  It's the last song."  He asked as he extended his hand to her.

Faith grinned up at him and took his hand.  "I'd love to."


After the group dropped off Riley's boring and extremely annoying date, he and the rest of the crew gave the driver Cordelia's address.  Her guests for the night all got their duffel bags from the trunk and made their way inside the house.  They all split up and moved to separate rooms to change into more comfortable clothes and reconvened in the kitchen.  Cordelia and Buffy began making drinks as everyone else made their way out to the spacious patio and pool area.

"Ya know, I think Angel really likes your pal."

"Good."  Buffy replied as she gave the brunette a grin and leaned in for a kiss.  "Ya know, I'm really proud of you for being so great to Faith tonight.  Not just for me, but for Angel as well.  And I agree.  I think he does like her."

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "She's not that bad, I guess."

"See sweetie, I told you."

Cordelia rolled her eyes again and waved it off.  "Well, don't expect us to turn into shopping buddies or anything."

Buffy smiled.  "Of course not.  Not buddies anyways.  Pals maybe.  After all, pals are just friends, buddies sleep together."

"Okay, then that's a big no on the buddies part."  Cordelia gave Buffy a sweet, gentle kiss and handed her one tray of drinks as she took the other.  "I'll be your buddy though."  She purred out softly.

Buffy just about dropped her tray of drinks.  She watched stunned for a second as Cordelia kissed her nose and headed outside.  Buffy finally snapped out of it and headed out after her girlfriend.  She placed the tray of drinks on the table and grabbed one for herself.  She moved to a lounge chair on the patio and settled down into the oversized cushions.  She watched as Riley and Angel tossed a football back and forth and Xander sat off to the side with Anya watching them almost wistfully.

A few moments later, a pair of long, tanned thighs were blocking her view of the boys and she allowed her eyes to travel up the form standing next to her.  Cordelia grinned down at her and in one quick movement she managed to place herself between Buffy's legs, leaning back against her.  "You don't mind if I sit here do you?"

Buffy slid some of Cordelia's hair away from her neck and placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin.  "Nope, not at all."

They both watched as Angel was momentarily distracted by Faith and missed the football thrown to him and it bounced off his chest and landed by Xander's feet.  Angel grinned sheepishly as Faith burst out laughing.  Xander grabbed the ball and stood up, heaving it in Riley's direction in a perfect spiral.  Riley and Angel gaped at him for a moment and he grinned under the attention.

"Harris, I didn't know you had an arm.  Why aren't you playing on the team with us?"  Riley asked as he made his way closer to the boy seated on the steps of the deck.

Xander shrugged.  "I dunno, I never really thought about it."

Angel thought for a moment.  "Ya know, I could talk to the coach.  My back up QB, Steve broke his leg last weekend and we had to bring up the kid from JV.  He's really not that great.  I could see if coach would give you a try out if you want."

Xander's eyes got wide and a smile crept onto his face.  "Really?  You'd do that?"

Angel smiled.  "Yeah, we can't have a bad back up.  You'd get to practice all the time and you'd probably replace me when I graduate after next year."

Riley stepped up next to Angel.  "We could practice with you too.  You'll need to know all the plays just in case the big A-man here gets hurt."

"Riley, don't you dare jinx Angel like that, we're actually good this year."   Cordelia called out from her chair.

Riley smiled sheepishly.  "Sorry.  But we really can help if you want."

"That would be great.  Thanks guys."

Cordelia rolled her eyes at her two best guy friends, wishing sometimes they weren't such nice guys.  Now she would be forced to not only hang with Faith, but Xander too.  "Angel needs to keep his mouth shut sometimes."

Buffy continued playing with Cordelia's hair from behind her.  "Why?  Xander's a nice guy, Cor."

"I know, he just grates my nerves sometimes and now we have two members of the dork squad hanging with us because of Angel."  Cordy rolled her eyes and heaved a sigh.

"I'm sure you'll survive sweetie."  Buffy said with a tiny grin.

Cordelia stretched her arms up and wrapped them up around Buffy's neck.  "I know, I'm just waiting for Willow to come bouncing through the gate only to find out that Riley's been dating her secretly or something."

Buffy laughed and trailed her hands up and down Cordelia's arms lightly.  "After hanging out with that stupid bimbo Riley brought to the dance all night, Willow would be an improvement in my opinion."

Cordelia burst out laughing.  "She was an idiot wasn't she?"

"Yes, she was.  If I had to hear one more stupid story about hardware stores and clocks I would've staked myself."

The evening turned out to be fun for all involved, even though Buffy nearly gave Cordelia a heart attack after Faith challenged her to a little diving contest.  Both slayers were drunk and Faith climbed onto the roof and did a somersault and a dive into the pool from fifty feet up.  Buffy, who never backed down from a challenge, climbed up after her and copied the move with perfection.  The two slayers stunned everyone with their wild antics again...everyone but Cordelia, who came close to having a stoke when Buffy leapt off the roof.  Strangely, Angel didn't seem too fazed either.  Anyways, Buffy ended up spending most of the remainder of the evening sitting outside Cordelia's bathroom calling out apologies after the brunette locked herself in there, completely furious with her girlfriend.  Once she did come out, Buffy made it up to her with a million kisses and super slayer snuggles.  And of course she had to promise that she wouldn't leap off tall buildings into swimming pools ever again.  Geez, some girls can be so touchy.


"So G-man, have you figured out what that amulet does yet?"  Faith asked as she and Buffy strode through the library doors.

Giles looked up from a large book on the table.  "Yes actually, and it's a good thing the two of you retrieved it when you did."

Buffy dropped her stuff and plunked into the chair across from Giles.  "Why, what's it do?"

"It's used in a ritual to open the Hellmouth."  He stated as he went back to the book.

Buffy eyed the amulet warily.  "Are you sure we should have it then?"

"Yes, I assume the vampires that were looking for it worked for the Master who needs it to perform the ritual."

Faith thought for a moment.  "So this Master guy wants to open the Hellmouth, right?"

"Yes, and doing so will spill out forces of evil to overtake the world."

Buffy rolled her eyes.  "Oh, goodie.  Why don't we go after him?"

"Well, the two of you could do some reconnaissance in the sewers...I only wish we could get our hands on the plans.  It would make things easier."  He said, furrowing his brow.

"Wilma can get that for us."  Faith said absently as she picked at her shirt.

Giles eyed her with confusion.  "Wilma?"

Faith rolled her eyes.  "Willow.  Willow Rosenberg, she can do just about anything with a computer."

"Do you think she would help us?"  He asked with a small smile.

Faith shrugged.  "I can ask, I'm sure it won't be a problem."


"So, back to the amulet.  What are we gonna do about it?"  Buffy asked.

Giles looked up from his book and removed his glasses to rub his eyes tiredly.  "Well, I have done some research and I found a spell to destroy it, I just need to gather the appropriate ingredients."

"So, when do you think you'll have everything?"  Faith asked.

"I should have the last few things in the next week or two.  I had to special order a few items and they may take some time to arrive.  I must warn you both, the Master will be looking for both of you for taking the amulet, so on patrol, you need to be extra careful."

Buffy took a good look around.  "Where exactly is the Hellmouth, Giles?"

"To be specific, it's directly below us right now."

Both slayers jumped up from their chairs and moved further away from him.  "Here?  In the library?"  Buffy asked.

"Yes."  He stated absently.

Faith smirked.  "Maybe that's why nobody but us is ever in here.  Maybe normal people can sense something we can't."

Giles rolled his eyes.  "I doubt it, I just think the youth of this country is far to obsessed with those blasted computers and the Internet."  Faith and Buffy exchanged a wry look as they reclaimed their seats, hoping Giles wasn't planning on going into another boring babble about the evil of computers.  "I do want you both to know that I think you are both doing a wonderful job so far.  I'm impressed with the level of discretion you have both shown."

Buffy and Faith wore similar expressions of guilt that Giles picked up on immediately and he let out a frustrated sigh.  "Honestly, can you two not keep anything quiet?"

"I had to tell Cordelia.  I had to.  She's my best friend and my girlfriend; there is no way I could keep it from her.  But she's totally cool."  Buffy offered with a wide hopeful smile.

Giles rolled his eyes and nodded before shifting his gaze to Faith.

"Angel and I went out for coffee a few weeks ago and there was a scuffle that he wouldn't let me check out alone, so he trailed along behind me and saw everything."

Buffy's head snapped in Faith's direction.  "Angel knows?"

"Yeah, B.  He didn't tell you?"

Buffy scowled.  "No, I'll have to have a little chat with him."

Faith laughed and shoved Buffy good-naturedly.  "Aw, be easy on him, B.  He's a good guy, besides, he got X on the football team."

"I'll bet Cordy knows that he knows."  Buffy said with a frown.

"She does."  Faith replied absently.

"What!"  Buffy exclaimed as she stood up.

Faith shrugged.  "I heard the two of them talking about it a few days ago."

Giles, who had heard enough, cleared his throat loudly to get the attention of his slayers.  "Yes, well, if the two of you are quite finished, let's begin training and be sure to be careful tonight."

The slayers gave him matching sheepish grins and moved to the other room to change into workout clothes.  Giles went back to his books as the girls worked out and heaved a sigh of relief when they left for patrol.  Honestly, why one Earth did the slayer have to be a teenage girl?  He shook his head wearily and went back to research.


Cordelia arrived at Buffy's house and knocked on the door.  She normally just let herself in, but she noticed Buffy's mom's jeep in the driveway, so she had to be polite.  The door opened to reveal Joyce who smiled widely when she saw Cordelia.

"Hi Cordelia, come on in."

Cordelia gave her a warm smile.  She loved Buffy's mom.  "Hey Mrs. Summers.  How are you?"

Joyce pulled her in gently and gave her a small hug.  "I'm fine dear, how are you?"

"I'm good."  She smiled as she followed Joyce into the kitchen.

Joyce poured herself a cup of coffee.  "Would you like some coffee honey?  Buffy's not ready yet, I think she's still in the shower."

"No thanks, I'm fine."  Cordelia sat at the island watching Joyce wander around making a fresh pot of coffee.

"I'm going to need all the caffeine I can get tonight, I'll probably be at the gallery all night."  She smiled at the brunette.  "Buffy told me you made the varsity cheerleading squad, congratulations."

Cordelia smiled widely.  "Thank you, I'm really excited about it."

"Your parents must be very proud of you."  Joyce commented as she took the seat across from Cordelia.

Cordelia's eyes turned sad as she dropped her gaze to her hands.  "I haven't really seen them since I made the squad so they don't really know yet."

Joyce stood from her seat and moved around the island, pulling Cordelia into a warm hug.  Cordelia felt her chin quiver lightly, but she held her emotions back.  "I'm sorry honey.  It must be tough having your parents gone all the time."  She pulled back and held Cordy at an arm's length and swept a few strands of hair from her eyes.  "If you ever need anything, you come to me.  Even if you need some motherly advice, I'm always here to listen."

Cordelia gave her a shaky smile.  "Thank you Mrs. Summers.  That means a lot."

Joyce smiled warmly and resumed her position on the other side of the island.  Cordelia took a deep breath and wiped away a small tear before she stood up.  "I'm gonna go see if Buffy is ready yet."  She smiled at the woman who, in only a short time, had been more of a mother to her than her real mother.  Joyce nodded and began getting ready to leave.

Cordelia smiled at the amazing kindness that both Summers women seemed to possess and realized she was incredibly lucky to have them both in her life.   As she got to the top of the stairs she heard the shower running and the sound of the radio playing rather loudly.  She heard Joyce call out to them that she was leaving and Cordelia called out a response, knowing Buffy hadn't heard her.  She stood at the door for a moment, as she heard Buffy's voice singing along with the song she was listening to and her face broke out into a huge grin.

She knocked on the door and called out to Buffy as she opened the door slowly.  "Summers, come on, I'd like to get to the Bronze sometime this week if that's okay."

Buffy's head peeked out from the shower curtain and she grinned when she saw Cordelia.  "Hey, sorry.  Patrol ran late, you must have gotten here just after me.  I'll only be a minute."  She grinned impishly and raised her hand; she curled her index finger in the universal sign for 'come here'.

Cordelia matched her girlfriend's grin and took a few steps until her face was inches from Buffy's.  Buffy leaned in and captured the brunette's lips in a searing kiss and Cordelia felt her body temperature become almost uncomfortably hot.  The steam from the shower did little to help as she pulled away from the blonde, who grinned wickedly and ducked her head back in the shower.  Cordelia sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, trying desperately to get her hormones under control.  She turned and began fixing her make up as Buffy began singing again.

Cordy stood for a few moments listening to the sweet sounds of her girlfriend's voice and a huge grin began to grace her features.  "Summers, you can really sing."  She called out loud enough for Buffy to hear over the roar of the shower.

"You think so?"

"Yes!  You have a great voice."

"Thanks."  Buffy began singing again and Cordelia went back to her make up.  A few minutes later, the shower shut off and Cordelia watched through the mirror as an arm snaked out to grab the towel on the bar.  The shower curtain slipped open and Cordelia almost gasped at Buffy's figure draped in a towel as she stepped out of the shower.  Buffy grinned wickedly as she took in the look of lust in her girlfriend's eyes and she took a few slow, seductive steps closer to the brunette.  Cordelia's nostrils where assaulted with the sweet scent of strawberries and vanilla as Buffy pressed her towel-clad body snugly against her frame.  Cordelia drew in a deep breath and smiled as Buffy raised her head and gazed up at her through her lashes.

"So, you liked my singing, huh?"

Cordelia sucked in a shaky breath as she gazed into the gorgeous hazel eyes in front of her.  "Uh huh."

Buffy smiled sweetly and reached in for a kiss, knowing good and well she wouldn't get too much vocal action from her girlfriend at the moment.  She snaked her hands around Cordelia's neck as the brunette grabbed her hips and tugged them closer to her own.  Their lips met in a fiery, passionate kiss, as their tongues dueled for dominancy.  Cordelia raised her hands to Buffy's hair and she ran her fingers through the damp strands gently, each stroke brought out a fresh waft of the strawberry scented shampoo the blonde used.  Both girls where wildly aware that their hormones were getting a bit out of control, so they each took a step back.

"Do you have any idea what you do to me, Summers?"  Cordy asked breathlessly.

Buffy let out a shaky sigh.  "I think I have a pretty good idea."

Cordelia sighed and moved towards the door.  "I'll just wait downstairs."

Buffy nodded, slightly dazed.  "Okay, I'll be down in a minute."

Cordelia retreated to safer ground downstairs and waited for Buffy.  Twenty minutes later the two were out the door and headed to the Bronze.  They found Riley and Angel at their usual table with a few guests.  Xander, Faith and Willow were sitting with them.  Buffy grasped Cordelia's hand as they made their way over and sat down.

"Ah, Buffster and Corduroy how are you ladies tonight?"

"Corduroy?"  Cordelia asked with a glare.

Xander smiled sheepishly and turned to Riley.  "So, run that last play by me again."

"Hey, B, have you two figured out Halloween costumes yet?"

"Not yet, we're still working on it."  She grinned at the couple.  "What are you guys going as?"

Faith and Angel shared a wicked grin.  "Bonnie and Clyde, baby."  She replied with a smirk.

Buffy laughed.  "That will be so cute."  She glanced at Xander and Anya.  "What about you guys?"

Xander gave her a goofy smile.  "Well, I'm going as a giant bunny and Anya is going as a clown.  We figured we'd scare each other silly."

"You're afraid of clowns?"  Cordelia asked with a smirk.  "I thought the bunny thing was weird."

Xander scowled.  "Well, they're scary."  He shuddered.  "Very scary."  He glanced back at Buffy.  "Hey, you two could go as Thelma and Louise."

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Yeah Harris, great idea, me and Summers can get all dirty and not wash our hair for a few days.  Then we can put on week old clothes and drive a car off a cliff.  Great idea."  She spat out with a sarcastic grin.

Buffy gave Xander an apologetic smile and stood up, bringing Cordelia with her.  "We're gonna go dance."

Cordelia trailed her girlfriend to the dance floor and wrapped her arms around her, feeling immensely comforted immediately.  "Sorry."

Buffy gazed up at her and kissed her lightly.  "What for?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Being a bitch to Xander."

"Honey, I don't think it's me that you should be apologizing to."  Buffy said carefully.

"I know, he just drives me nuts sometimes."  Cordelia said with a tiny scowl.

"I know baby, but just try not to let it bother you.  It's pretty obvious we're gonna be seeing a lot more of him, so we might as well get used to it, right?"  She asked as she gazed up at Cordelia, who had a dazed look on her face.  "Cor?  What's wrong?"

Cordelia snapped out of it and kissed Buffy gently.  "You called me baby."  She replied with a soft smile.

Buffy blushed and smiled shyly.  "It just kinda slipped out."

Cordelia grinned.  "Well, I'll be the first to say that I wouldn't mind if it happened to slip out again."

Buffy smiled and kissed her again.  "Ya know, I was thinking about Halloween...maybe instead of dressing as a couple, we should just each get separate costumes, but they can be sexy."  Buffy wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Cordelia laughed and kissed Buffy's forehead.  "You are such a doofus, Summers."  She smiled wickedly at her girlfriend.  "You might have something there though.  We would be the hottest couple here."

Buffy and Faith had been reassured that Halloween would be quiet on the freaky front, so they knew they could relax for at least one night.  Little did they know, a certain wizard in town was planning his first tiny funfest with the slayers and their friends.  He grinned when he thought of Ripper's reaction to his little prank.


"I really hope Giles doesn't kill Ethan."  Buffy said with a sigh as she wandered into Cordelia's room after changing out of her costume.

"I think he would have if Angel and Faith had been arrested or someone had been hurt."  Cordelia replied as she pulled the pins out of her hair, letting it flow down her back.

Ethan Rayne decided it would be fun to cast a little spell on the slayers and their friends at the Bronze.  And surprise, surprise, everyone turned into their costumes.  .  Angel and Faith came close to getting arrested for trying to rob the Bronze.  Xander and Anya spent the entire night hiding in the bathrooms after seriously scaring each other silly.  Riley, who was dressed as an Army commando, nearly killed Angel, trying to stop him and Faith from robbing the club.  Buffy and Cordelia were dressed as swingers and came too close to sleeping with about six different guys each.  Willow, who wasn't wearing a costume, saved the day when she decided to find Giles, since she'd seen him with Faith and Buffy before and he found Ethan and nearly killed him   Luckily it was only a temporary spell and it wore off leaving a few people feeling either very foolish or very creeped out.  It had been a long night.

"I can't believe you almost slept with Jonathan."  Buffy said with a small grimace.

Cordelia nearly gagged.  "Yeah, well that little weasel should have known something weird was going on.  He knows we're together and why on Earth would I try to sleep with him anyways?"  She scowled and crawled into bed.  "Guys are so lame."

Buffy grinned impishly as she creeped into Cordelia's bed next to her.  "Good thing I'm not a guy then."

Cordelia grinned at the slayer and pulled her in close as soon as she could get her hands on the blonde.  They fell into peaceful slumber quickly, while across town, two terrified teens were wide awake trying to keep the certainty of nightmares away.


Buffy slipped her key into the lock and slid the door open.  It was late and she was exhausted, more of the Master's minions had attacked the slayers out on patrol and she was so ready for bed.  She locked the door behind her and trudged up the stairs.  She eased her bedroom door open and drank in the sight before her.  Cordelia was asleep in her bed, as she usually was after a late patrol.  The only light in the room came from a small lamp next to the bed, and it draped a soft hue over the long, slender frame in her bed.  The sheets were in tangles around Cordelia's ankles and the brunette was clad in only a small white tank top and a pair of pale blue panties.  Buffy shed most of her clothes and grabbed a towel from her closet.  After a quick shower, she changed into a similar outfit and slid quietly into bed, drawing the sheets up around them.  Cordelia stirred slightly.  "Mmm, Buffy?"  She murmured sleepily.

Buffy drew herself up on an elbow and kissed Cordelia's forehead gently.  "I'm here baby."  She whispered.

Cordelia kept her eyes closed and smiled a sweet, sleepy smile as she drew the slayer closer.  "You okay?"

"Yeah, no problems.  Just go back to sleep."  She murmured quietly as she kissed the brunette softly.

Cordelia nodded and wrapped her body around the slayer as the two drifted off to sleep.


"So you mean to tell me that was the Master?  That stupid ass vamp who looked like he was wearing lipstick was the big bad?"  Faith asked with a laugh.

Giles smiled as he shook his head.  "Yes, that was the Master."

"That had to have been the funniest damn thing I've ever seen when he was runnin' around squealing like a pig in heat after B set him on fire."  She said as she doubled over in hysterics.

Buffy giggled with her sister slayer.  "See, I knew my love for fire would come in handy one day."  Buffy smirked at Cordelia and stuck out her tongue playfully.

"Very well done, Summers."  Cordelia replied with a grin.  "Your pyrotechnics will surely get you into the college of your choice one day."  She grinned to herself thinking about how she had to drag Buffy out of the sewers as she stared, completely captivated with the blaze earlier that night.

Faith grinned at the slayers' job well done defeating the Master.  "Hey boys and girls, let's get outta here and have some fun.  We've done enough work for one day."

Angel smiled fondly at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, dropping a kiss on the top of her head.  "You did good Faith."

She grinned up at him and stole a kiss.  "Thanks, big guy, you too."

"Hey what about me?"  Cordelia asked with a raised eyebrow.

Faith burst out laughing again.  "Yeah, Queeney, you did great.  I loved the way you screamed like a six year old in a haunted house and ran around like a fool to distract him."

Cordelia scowled at Faith until the giggles became contagious and she rolled her eyes in defeat.  "Screw you then."

Faith smirked.  "Sorry, that's B's job, not mine.  Right blondie?"

Buffy rolled her eyes and grasped Cordelia's hand.  "Come on, Cor.  Let's go."

Faith tugged Angel along after her as she trailed the other slayer, calling out apologies along the way.  Giles shook his head as the four left the library.  He raised his eyes to the ceiling and asked whoever out there, again, why the slayers had to be teenage girls.  Although, he had to admit, they did kick ass and take names.  Yup, another job well done for the good guys.


"So, you and Angel seem to be quite the couple lately."  Buffy noted as she and Faith wandered around Shady Acres.

Faith shrugged, trying to appear stoic, but Buffy caught a tiny smile on her lips.  "He's a really great guy, you know that.  Plus, he's totally cool with the slayer gig, and not too many guys would date a girl that could kick his ass."

"It's not like he's a wimp though Faith."  Buffy pointed out.

"Oh, I know.  He can totally hold his own, he was so proud of himself when he dusted that vamp a few weeks ago in the sewers."  She replied as her tiny smile turned into a tiny grin.

Buffy smiled at the memory of Angel standing over a pile of dust with a stake clutched proudly in his hand.  The slayers had been skeptical about bringing Angel and Cordelia with them to fight, but the duo insisted, stating, as Cordelia so eloquently put it 'Anything Mr. Tweed over here can do, I can do, gimme a stake and a cross, I'm coming.'  She grinned in spite of herself.  "Cor may need a bit more work though."

Faith chose, wisely, to keep biting remarks to herself.  Past experience taught her not to go treading into those waters with Buffy.  "How are the two of you anyways?  Still sickeningly sweet as always?"

Buffy grinned like a fool and shoved Faith.  "We're not sickeningly sweet...just sweet with a side of sugar."

Faith smirked.  "Just a side of sugar?"  She implied wickedly.

Buffy gave her a mock glare.  "Yes.  Just a side.for now anyways."  She added with a grin.  She glanced at Faith with a raised eyebrow.  "You and Angel are still 'just a side' too right?"

The dark slayer rolled her eyes and sighed.  "Sadly yes, but I do intend to turn him to the dark side soon if you must know."  Faith grinned wickedly.

Buffy's pretty features soured slightly.  "Okay, just be sure to not tell me when it becomes a full-blown meal."

Faith burst out laughing and slapped Buffy on the arm.  "You got it, Princess."  She tossed an arm over Buffy's shoulders as the two sauntered confidently into the night, daring anything to challenge the Chosen Two.


"Hey, do you guys want to go up to Big Bear for a long weekend after Christmas?  My parents said it was okay if we wanted to use the cabin to go skiing."  Cordelia asked the group at lunch.  Much to Cordelia's surprise she had actually started to get along with both Willow and Xander.  Of course, Xander's cool points went sky high after he joined the football team, but he still grated Cordelia's nerves.  She did seem to find herself liking Willow more and more.  The redhead was genuinely a sweet person, so Cordy gave her a break and they all hung out together frequently.  Besides, they all had one thing in common.  They each had a friend, or girlfriend that somehow managed to risk her life on a nightly basis and they all shared in the fear that goes along with it.  Not a lot of people could share that with them.

"Ugh, skiing is so lame, CC, you really need to try snowboarding, it's so much better."  Angel said with a yawn.

"Angel, you snowboard?  I've always wanted to try that.  Can you teach me?"  Buffy asked with a grin.

Angel nodded.  "Yup, it's really easy once you get the hang of it."

"So that's a yes then?"  Cordelia asked with a fond smile.  She glanced at Willow and Xander.  "You guys are included in that invitation too by the way."

Willow and Xander both broke into wide smiles.  "I'm there.  I never pass up an opportunity to get outta my house."  Xander said with a nod.

Cordelia eyed Willow pointedly.  "Will?"

Willow blushed under the scrutiny of the Queen and she smiled and nodded her head shyly.  "I'm sure it will be okay.  Thanks Cordy."

Cordelia smiled warmly.  "Sure.  Oh, and if anybody's parents get weird about supervision, just tell them my Aunt and Uncle live next door and will be keeping an eye on us."  She grinned wickedly.  "They do actually live there, but about an hour away.  It's close enough."

Angel turned to Xander.  "Hey Xand, if you don't have skis or a snowboard, I have an extra set of each, with the boots if you need to borrow something."

Xander grinned widely.  "Thanks, that would be great."

"Willow, if you want to borrow skis or anything, just let me know, my mom has three different pairs that she never uses."

Willow blushed and nodded, but before she could say anything, Faith came bounding up to the group and plunked herself down on Angel's lap, kissing him quickly.  "Hey, what'd I miss?"

"We're all gonna go skiing after Christmas at Cordy's parents place in Big Bear."  Angel replied with a grin.

"Sweet, count me in."  She grinned widely.  "I think I got kicked out of every resort in Boston growing up, they didn't really like it when you would pelt people with snowballs as they came down the mountain to see who could make the most people fall."

Cordelia gave her a very pointed look with a raised eyebrow and Faith instantly held up her hands in mock defeat as she grinned.  "Don't worry, Queeney, I'll be good."  She grinned at Buffy wickedly.  "Hey, B, have you ever wondered if you could make yourself into a human snowball and roll all the way down the mountain?"

Buffy burst out laughing as Cordelia cringed, hoping it wasn't an enormous mistake asking everyone to come along.  She just prayed that Buffy's slaying companion would at least pretend to hold true to her statement.  We'll just have to see about that.


Two days after Christmas, Angel and Cordelia picked Faith and Buffy up at Buffy's house.  Angel had swapped cars with his father so they would have a bit more room and a safer drive into the mountains.  Buffy called out her good-byes to her mom as she slid into the backseat of the Range Rover with Cordelia.  She grinned and leaned over for a kiss as they pulled away from her house.  "Mmm, hi."  She drawled quietly.

Cordelia grinned.  "Hey you."

"Are we meeting the others at Riley's house?"  She asked Angel.

He nodded as he gripped Faith's hand in his.  "Yup, they're taking Anya's car to make the trip easier.  As long as it doesn't take us long to get out of town, we should be there at sunset."

Faith craned her head around and glanced at the two in the back.  "Hey, C, Angel said this place has a hot tub."

Cordelia grinned as thoughts of her and Buffy streamed through her brain.  "Yup, it's on the back deck.  It has room for ten, so we should all fit."

Faith grinned widely.  "Wicked.  Hey thanks for brining us all along, I'm psyched."

"No problem, but you and tweedle-dee over here need to promise to be good."  She said as she jutted a thumb to the blonde next to her.

Faith furrowed her brow for a moment.  "Does that mean I'm tweedle-dum?"

Buffy burst out laughing.  "I always was the smarter one."

"Oh, give me a break Twinkie, I am so the smarter one."  She replied with a smirk.  "I aced that anatomy mid-term, what did you get?"

"Hey!  I got an A.  I'm just as smart as you, and I can kick your ass."

Faith rolled her eyes.  "Whatever blondie, I'm gonna leave your ass in the dust once we hit the slopes."

Angel exchanged a humorous look with Cordelia in the rear-view mirror and she just shook her head.  How these two could shut their mouths for five minutes was beyond her, let alone shut up long enough to save the world.  She didn't know how they did it.

Two and a half hours later, the two cars pulled up outside a huge two-story cabin settled on a spacious area of the mountain.  The slayers watched as Anya and Xander immediately flung themselves from her car as soon as it stopped.  It seems there was still a bit of left over Halloween fright and they could barely sit in the same room with one another.

Cordelia ushered them all inside and they took in the utter beauty of the enormous house.  "Okay, Summers and I will take the master bedroom down here.  There are four rooms upstairs, two have double beds and two have two singles, so you guys take your pick.  There's a bathroom for each two rooms up there and another down here.  The kitchen is that way next to the living room, and the hot tub is outside behind them on the deck."

Buffy grinned at her woman taking charge as she headed back to the car to grab hers and Cordy's bags, skis and her rental snowboard.

Once the cars had been unpacked, the group settled in for the night.  Angel started making a huge fire as Cordelia made some drinks and the others wandered around keeping themselves occupied until the slayers began their nightly antics.  Faith was out on the deck smoking a cigarette when Buffy came out to join her.

"That is such a nasty habit Faith, you really should quit."

Faith shrugged as she took a final drag and tossed the butt over the railing.  "I know, I'm trying.  I have cut down you know."  Faith turned to look back into the house through the wide windows that graced the side of the house.  "Ya know, I was thinking."

Buffy smirked.  "Oh geez, get the crash helmets ready."

Faith slapped her playfully.  "No seriously.  I was thinking about Wilma."  She gave a nod in the direction of the house.  "You know now as well as I do that she's a really sweet girl, but she's just too damn shy."

"She really is sweet."  Buffy said, following Faith's gaze inside.

"Anyways, I figure the only thing she's lacking is a bit of confidence.  You and Queeney have enough confidence to fill a football stadium, maybe you guys could help her out."

Buffy cocked her head and glanced at Faith.  "Help her out how?"

Faith shrugged.  "Well, you know me, I'm not big on the girlie, but you two are.  I though maybe you guys could help her out a bit, maybe a make over or something, just a nudge in the right direction."

Buffy beamed at the thought of a make over.  "I'm sure Cor would love to help, and you can count me in."  She paused for a moment.  "But do you think Will would go for it?"

"Maybe, I'm sure between the three of us we can get her to try just about anything."  She grinned widely.  "Besides your girl gave everyone those mammoth gift cards to the mall for Christmas, maybe when we get back we can all go out shopping or something."

Buffy gave Faith a silly grin.  "Aw, Faith you are so cute when you want to be."

Faith scowled and slapped her on the arm.  "Hey, shut it B, I'm not cute.  I'm dangerous."

Buffy burst out laughing.  "Faith, you are too funny."  She grabbed the brunette's arm and dragged her inside.  "Come on, let's have some fun."

An hour later, Willow was seated at the vanity in the master bedroom with Cordelia looming over her.  The three girls had finally convinced Willow to allow them to change her image a bit, and Cordelia decided that a hair cut was first on the list.

"Just not too short, Cordy."

"Willow, relax, I've done this plenty of times.  I'm just going to give you a few layers to frame your face and thin it out a bit.  I'll give you some longer layers and it will be just below your shoulders.  Trust me."

Willow glanced from Faith who was grinning madly, to Buffy who was nodding her approval, to Cordelia who was waiting for the okay.  The redhead finally nodded and Cordelia got to work.

"So Queeney, you aren't gonna join us with the snowboards tomorrow?"

Cordelia nodded her head absently, trying to concentrate on her cutting.  "Nope, I'm sticking to skis."

Buffy's eyes widened as she thought of something.  "Oh, Faith that reminds me, the guy at the rental shop gave me a thing to put on the board to help when I get off the lift, can you show me how it works?"

"You mean a stomp pad?"


"Sure, come on, I'll help ya."  Faith replied with a nod towards the other room.

Willow and Cordelia watched the slayers exit.  Willow had an amused grin on her face as they left.  "Those two are a funny pair."

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Yeah, too bad Buffy devolves into a goofy little kid when Faith is around."

Willow laughed lightly.  "I heard about their diving contest after Homecoming."

"Please don't remind me, I've spent the last two and a half months trying to forget."  Cordelia replied with a shake of her head.

Willow smiled softly.  "Thanks for doing this Cordy, I really appreciate it."

"It's no problem at all, that's what friends are for."  Cordelia replied with a smile.

Once Cordelia was finished she took a step back and admired her work with a grin.  Willow sat stunned at the vanity.  She couldn't believe how a tiny haircut could make her look that much better.  She looked amazing.

"Wow, Cordy.  I look."

Cordelia smiled warmly.  "You look beautiful."  She pulled the redhead up from her seat and began dragging her out of the room.  "Come on, let's show you off.  Oh, and we can all go out to dinner tomorrow night and we can dress you up.  You are gonna be so hot."  Both girls were momentarily distracted by a scream and a bunch of voices yelling a second later.  Cordelia clamped her eyes shut and counted to ten before exiting the room.  When they emerged in the living room, Buffy was helping Faith to the couch and was in the middle of yelling at her. 

"...And second of all, next time the mood strikes to show off your moon walk skills, don't do it on the railing of the deck!"  Buffy paused and let go of Faith as she noticed her girlfriend enter the room.  She grinned sheepishly.  "Faith fell off the deck."  Her eyes fell to Willow, and immediately got wide.  "Will!  You look so amazing!"

Willow blushed lightly at all the attention, and soon found her blush deepening as every single person in the room stopped what they were doing to gape at her.

"Doesn't she look great?"  Cordelia asked her friends.

The three guys in the room remained stunned for a moment longer than the girls who all immediately began going on about how amazing she looked.

"Wilma, you look so totally hot."  Faith grinned as she ran her fingers through Willow's hair a few times.

Anya gave her a huge grin.  "Willow, you really do look great.  Nice work Cordy."

The group took it relatively easy that night, knowing they would be up early to hit the slopes, so there were no crazy antics from the slayers and drinking was shockingly kept to a minimum.


Cordelia awoke the next morning with a pair of hazel eyes watching her carefully.  She gave Buffy a sleepy smile as she pulled her in close, looking for morning snuggles.  Buffy burrowed her face into Cordelia's neck and kissed her lightly.  The two pulled themselves as close as humanly possible and they reveled in the sensation of silky skin sliding together as legs and arms intertwined.

Later that afternoon, Cordelia and Angel stood waiting at the bottom of the slopes waiting for the two slayers.  A few minutes later they watched as the pair raced their way down the mountain.  Buffy had picked up snowboarding extremely quickly and before she knew it, she and Faith were racing down the slopes at blistering speeds.  The duo came to a stop in front of Angel and Cordy with wide grins on their faces.  Buffy snapped her foot out of her bindings and hobbled over to her girlfriend.


Cordelia gave her a warm smile and a kiss.  "Hey, we're gonna head back to the house, do you two wanna come?"

Faith and Buffy exchanged a glance.  "Actually, I think we're gonna go a few more times, is that cool?"

Cordelia shrugged.  "Fine by me, just make sure you're back by seven so we can make it to dinner in time.  We have reservations."

Buffy grinned and nodded leaning in for another steamy kiss.  Faith gave Angel a grin and kissed him sweetly.  "So, we'll see you guys in a few hours then?  Come on, B, I'm ready for another race."

The two slayers headed back to the lift as Angel and Cordy began walking back to the house.  "Hey, Angel, can you give me a lift to the store?  I need to pick up a few things."


Once they arrived back at the house, the climbed into the Range Rover and headed to the store.  Cordelia grinned to herself as she thought about her plan.  Did she have something special planned for Buffy tonight.


Once everyone was showered and dressed they piled back into the trucks and headed out to a classy restaurant down the road.  Xander eyed the place carefully as they approached.  "This place looks a little too fancy for me."

Cordelia grinned and reached into her purse.  When her hand emerged she was holding a credit card.  "See, that's why I have this and dinner is on me tonight...or should I say daddy."

Willow kept her gaze on the ground until Faith sent her a light hip check.  "Chin up Wilma, if you're gazin' at the ground, you won't see all these hotties checking you out."

Willow blushed, but raised her head and did in fact find more than a few gazes sent her way.  Faith gave her a knowing nudge and a grin as she slipped her hand in Angel's.

After dinner, the group headed for the hot tub with two pitches of margaritas.  They all soaked their tired muscles in the steamy water as they drank their pain away.

Cordelia leaned over to Faith.  "Hey, do me a favor and keep Buffy busy for a half hour okay?"  She paused for a moment.  "Just don't do anything crazy."

Faith grinned and nodded.  "No problem, Queeney.  A half hour it is."

Cordelia gave Buffy a quick kiss and stepped out of the hot tub.  "I'll be back."

Buffy nodded with a small smile and turned to Faith who was poking her with a finger in the shoulder, demanding her attention.

Faith could barely keep Buffy's attention for the half hour that she promised Cordelia, and the blonde stepped out of the steaming water and shivered at the snow that started to fall.  She grabbed her towel and dried off, stepping inside.  She furrowed her brow and checked the common rooms of the house, not finding her girlfriend anywhere.  She finally moved to the bedroom door and opened it slowly.  Her eyes got wide as she took in the sight of Cordelia stretched out on the bed, in a red silk bra and matching panties.  The room contained probably a hundred tiny, lit candles, draping the room in a soft glow.  Cordelia gave her a grin and motioned her closer.  Buffy felt her heart flutter and she dropped the towel to the ground, moving closer to the bed closing the door behind her.

She moved to the foot of the bed and crawled up slowly.  She moved up Cordelia's body dropping a random kiss here and there as she moved up the gorgeous body beneath hers.  She finally reached the brunette's mouth and leaned in for a fiery kiss.  Cordy allowed her hands to trail the exposed skin on Buffy's back and she trailed her nails softly down her spine.  In one swift motion, their positions were reversed and Cordelia hovered over the slayer.  Cordy moved her hand to the strap of Buffy's bikini and pushed the strap off her shoulder and kissed the damp skin lightly.  She trailed a dozen sweet kisses up to the slayer's neck and sucked lightly on her pulse point.  Her lips felt Buffy's pulse quicken and she nipped lightly at the skin before her tongue darted out to soothe the flesh.  Buffy allowed her hands to trail up Cordelia's stomach and her hands gently cupped her breasts as her thumbs grazed her nipples lightly.  Cordelia dropped her head back and Buffy leaned in trailing tender kisses down her throat.  Cordelia gazed into the hazel eyes of her girlfriend and watched how they seemed to darken with desire as the seconds ticked by.  She leaned down and kissed the slayer gently before her lips began to move south.  Cordelia trailed gentle, but searing kisses down the slayer's compact body.  She moved from the blonde's neck to her collarbone and kissed down between her breasts.  Cordy spent a few moments at Buffy's navel, swirling her tongue around.

"Cor."  The slayer breathed out softly.

Cordelia slid back up the slayer's body slowly, retracing her kisses in the opposite direction.  She gazed down at her girlfriend lovingly as she swept a damp strand of hair from her face.  "Yeah, baby?"

The slayer met her gaze evenly and furrowed her brow lightly.  "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Cordelia gave her a sweet, comforting smile.  "I'm absolutely sure.  Are you?"  She asked before she sucked on Buffy's lower lip lightly.

Buffy nodded and cupped her face gently with both hands, holding the brunette's attention.  She lifted her head and gave Cordelia the sweetest, most gentle kiss she could muster.  "I love you."  She admitted softly.

Cordelia felt a wave of emotion surge through her spine and felt tears prick her eyes.  "I love you too."  She whispered, not trusting her voice.

The two shared a loving kiss and their eyes remain locked, chasing away any fear or anxiety.  They undressed each other slowly, kissing and caressing gently as they did.  Buffy allowed her hands to lazily trail the other girl's body as she leaned in for a smoldering kiss.  She smiled into the kiss when Cordy moaned as her hands trailed across the brunette's breasts and tickled her nipples lightly.  Cordy placed a thigh between Buffy's and leaned in close allowing both of them to feel the contact.  Cordy broke the kiss and leaned her head back as a tiny whimper escaped her lips.  Buffy seized the opportunity to lean forward and place several blazing kisses on the other girl's neck.  Cordy leaned back into the tiny slayer and the full contact of their bodies added another fevered moan to the other various heated sounds coming from both girls.  Buffy held Cordelia close as the friction brought them both closer to the edge.

"Cor."  The slayer moaned quietly, catching Cordy's eyes with her own, silently pleading.

"I'm here baby, I'm here."  Cordelia whispered softly.

Soft kisses were exchanged as their eyes locked and foreheads pressed together lightly until Buffy was sent over the edge.  Her release was enough to have Cordy writhing in pleasure and she soon collapsed fully on top of the blonde.  She rolled off of the slayer and cuddled in close to her.  Buffy lifted a hand and brushed a few strands of hair away from Cordy's face gently.  They shared a fevered, passionate kiss before Cordelia rolled over and pressed her gloriously soft frame against the slayer.  Buffy pressed her cheek against Cordelia's back between her shoulder blades and breathed in the sweet sleepy scent of her girlfriend.

As she drifted off to sleep wrapped around Cordelia, Buffy murmured one last thought.  "Love you, Cor."

"Love you too, Summers."


After four blissful days of snow, nights of drinking and hot tubs, the group returned to Sunnydale feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the second semester.  The girls used their gift cards from Cordelia wisely when they made an all day affair out of the mall to get Willow some new clothes.  Cordelia, Buffy and Faith all shared a similar grin when they thought of the reaction to Willow's new look.

For those who took notice, and most of them did, the students at Sunnydale high were close to shock as Willow made her grand appearance with the rest of the crew on their first day back at school after Christmas break.  She still found it hard not to blush under their intense scrutiny, but she had the support of Faith, Buffy and Cordelia as they moved through the halls.

Cordelia grinned widely at the new development.  "See, Will, you're a total hottie."

Faith slid up next to the redhead and linked an arm through hers.  "Yup, you could probably take your pick of the bunch if you wanted."

Later that day, Willow and Cordelia were in the quad with the slayers at lunch, trying to find a guy for Willow.

"What about him, Wilma?"  Faith asked the redhead as she pointed to a guy across the quad.

Willow shook her head.  "No."

"Him?"  Buffy asked as she pointed out another guy.

Willow grimaced.  "Ew, no."

Cordelia furrowed her brow as she took in the skinny selection of guys to choose from.  "Him?"

Willow shook her head again.  "Nope."

"Do you see any guys of interest?"  Faith finally asked with a sigh.

Willow blushed lightly.  "Actually I think I might be more interested in girls to be honest."

Faith raised an eyebrow and grinned.  "Really?  Well, I have noticed more than a few girls take after Queeney and Princess B over here when it comes to lifestyle changes.  I'm sure we could find you a cutie."

Willow shrugged.  "Well, I'm not ruling out guys completely, I just don't want to rule out girls either."

"Ah, going for a hundred percent of the population instead of forty-nine.  You're a smart cookie, Rosenberg."  Cordelia added with a nod.

Before anything further could be said, the girls were distracted by Xander, screaming at the top of his lungs as he ran through the quad.  Anya was trailing after him yelling something about stuffed animals and costumes.  The four girls exchanged a look of sheer confusion.  Well, three did.  Cordelia, as always, knew exactly what was going on.

"What in the hell are those two up to now?"  Faith asked the others.

Cordelia bit her lip to keep from laughing.  "Well, Anya got pissed off because some idiotic bimbo was flirting with Xander this morning so she left him a gift in his English class.  I don't know why she cares anyways, those two have been terrified of each other since Halloween."  She paused and sighed.  "Anyways, she left a red clown nose on his desk.  She keeps one in her locker just in case.  Anyways, he decided to retaliate and left a stuffed bunny on her desk in her chemistry class.  Of course, he keeps one around for the same reasons.  Those two have completely lost it."

The girls all burst out laughing at their friends' utter goofiness.

"Man, it feels good to be back."  Faith said with a shake of her head.

The students of Sunnydale high were not disappointed on their first day back from break.  The rumor mill was already running full-tilt with Willow's new look, and her new crowd certainly didn't disappoint when it came to odd behavior either.  Xander and Anya certainly filled their weekly quota


"Have you ever heard Summers sing?"  Cordelia asked Faith one night at the Bronze.

Faith grinned widely.  "Yup, that girl can belt with the best of 'em, why?"

"I've been trying to get her to do something in public.  But of course, she refuses to join the musical, she won't sing in the talent show and completely snubs the idea of singing here on open mic night.  I was thinking with dual pressure she might cave." Cordelia replied with a wicked glint in her eye.

Faith smirked.  "Ah, now I see your plan."  Faith sat for a moment thinking to herself and suddenly her eyes lit up.  "Hey, I know how to get B to sing here.  You know as well as I do that she never backs down from a challenge.  I'll get up there and sing next week and bet her that she won't."

Cordelia grinned from ear to ear.  "See, I knew you could put your slayer induced challenges to good use."

"What are you two grinning at?"  Buffy asked cautiously as she approached the table.  She knew anything that had both brunettes grinning like they were could only mean trouble for her.

"Nothin' B.  Me and Queeney here were talking about me singing at open mic night next week."

Buffy grinned.  "Have you ever heard this one sing?"  She asked her girlfriend, jutting a thumb to the other slayer as she took a seat next to her.  Cordelia shook her head.  "She is awesome.  I know you said I could sing, but this one has some pipes."

Cordelia quirked an eyebrow.  "Really?"  She smirked to herself.  "Hmm, I could have a singing, slaying duo on my hands.  You two should form a band or something."

Faith grimaced at the thought.  "Yikes, no way Queeney, the whole band thing is so not me.  I'm not a big fan of organized anything."

Buffy rolled her eyes.  "She speaks the truth.  Faith has doesn't know the meaning of the word 'plan'.  She just flits all over the place, doing whatever she wants."

Faith snorted and shoved Buffy playfully.  "Hey, I'm not the only bad one here, blondie.  Remember that fight in the cemetery when you nearly got your neck snapped by that group of idiotic vamps when you decided to yell at me for not being able to be on time?  When it was you that was late?"  Faith gave her a smirk.  "Oh, and what about that time that you got your ass kicked and nearly got stabbed for running off without me because I had to pee so bad I almost burst my bladder all over the sidewalk."

Buffy winced and buckled down for the storm.


At the look of fury on Queen C's face, Faith bolted from her chair, shooting the blonde slayer apologetic glances as she left.

Buffy decided that she should get used to calling out apologies to her girlfriend through locked bathroom doors.  It was slowly becoming a habit.  Ah, the rumor mill would be full of brand spankin' new tales tomorrow.


"So, B, you and Queeney seem to be extra tight these days, what's the deal?"   Faith asked as the two wandered around on patrol.

Buffy shrugged with a tiny smile on her face.  "Nothing big, just love."

"You're in love, huh?  Nice."  Faith nodded her approval with a grin.  "Have you told her?"

Buffy blushed slightly.  "Yup.  We both said it one night up in Big Bear."

Faith thought for a second and suddenly she put all the pieces together.  "You did it, didn't you?"  She asked with a wide grin.  Buffy's deepening blush answered Faith's question for her.  "Wow, moved on to the main course before me, nice going, B."

Buffy smacked her playfully.  "It wasn't a contest, Faith."

Faith smirked.  "I know, I just figured I'd lose it before you."  She paused a moment and nodded as something occurred to her.  "I guess that's why Queeney asked me to keep you occupied that night...did she have some big romantic scene set up for you?"

Buffy sighed dreamily.  "Yeah, she had a ton of candles and lingerie, it was so incredibly sweet with the snow falling outside and the fire in the fireplace."  She heaved another dreamy sigh.  "It was perfect."

Faith was impressed with the Queen.  She cared about her blonde slaying companion and she felt like they were more like sisters than anything.  Faith was glad that Cordelia was taking good care of Buffy.  "So, did you say it before or after?"

"Before.  And after."

Faith nodded.  "Did you guys spend all night all cuddly and stuff afterwards?"

Buffy frowned slightly.  "No, actually...we kinda just fell asleep."  She froze in her tracks for a moment and winced at how awful that sounded.  "God, I am so lame."

Faith felt bad for her blonde companion and squeezed her arm lightly.  "Hey, don't sweat it, Twinkie.  I'm sure if you talk to her about it, she'll understand."  Her brow furrowed for a moment.  "Besides, she hasn't seemed bent outta shape or anything since we've been back.  Maybe she isn't worried about it."

Buffy nodded absently as she cursed herself for being an insensitive idiot to the girl she loved.  She spent the remainder of patrol trying to figure out what to say to her girlfriend to make things right.


"Hey Summers?"


"I wanna ask you a favor."  She replied lazily as she drew her fingers through the blonde locks splayed across her bare abdomen.

Buffy kissed the skin directly below Cordelia's navel and propped herself up in her girlfriend's bed to look at her.  "What's up?"

"I want you to teach me to fight better."

Buffy gazed up at her with a warm smile.  "Why?"

"I dunno, I figure since Angel and I helped out with the Master thing, maybe you and Faith could help us fight better so we could help out more.  Maybe help with patrol or something."  She stated quietly, hoping the blonde wouldn't think she was being stupid for asking.

Buffy grinned fondly and shifted her position so she was face to face with the beauty in bed with her.  "I don't know about patrol just yet, but I would love to help you with the fighting."  She paused and leaned in for a kiss.  "It would make me feel a bit better to know you could defend yourself."

Cordelia furrowed her brow slightly.  "I don't just want to defend myself, I want to be able to help you guys fight."

Buffy leaned in and kissed away the tiny crinkles in the brunette's forehead.  "I know baby.  Let's just take it slow, okay?  One step at a time."

Cordelia nodded.  "I just figured since cheerleading and football are over for this year, Angel and I could focus some time on becoming more battle ready."

"I'm glad that you wanna help, Cor.  It means a lot to me.  I just don't want to see you get hurt, you don't have super healing capabilities."  Buffy eased out carefully.

Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Okay, I understand that, but I'm not going to break, you know I'm stronger than I look.  Besides it would keep me in shape for cheering next year."

Buffy smiled softly and kissed the brunette lightly before resuming her position with her cheek pressed against the warm, taught flesh of Cordelia's stomach.  "We start Monday then."

Cordelia grinned, loving that she'd won and the two remained silent for a long stretch of minutes, simply enjoying each other's warm presence.  Buffy slowly eased herself up and managed to place herself between Cordelia's thighs as she looked down into the chestnut eyes below hers.  She settled her weight on her forearms and brushed away a stray strand of hair from Cordelia's face.  "I've been thinking a lot lately.  I feel bad about something and I've been meaning to apologize for it."

Cordelia leaned in and kissed her softly.  "Summers, just spit it out.  We've done this confession thing before and both lived to not tell the tale, so just spill."  Cordelia got to the point, but her words came out in a soothing fashion that eased Buffy's nerves immediately.

"I've been thinking about that night up in Big Bear and I realized, strangely through Faith, that I may not have gotten my feelings across to you properly."  She paused and shifted her weight slightly.  "When I told you that I love you I meant it...wholeheartedly.  But I feel bad because I acted like a teenage boy by saying it and sleeping with you and then falling asleep."

"Buffy, I fell right to sleep too.  Don't feel bad."  Cordelia would have gone on, but Buffy's eyes said that she wasn't finished, so she stopped talking.

The slayer smiled appreciatively before continuing.  "It's hard sometimes because as a slayer I have to keep my emotions guarded carefully when I fight.  If I start thinking about you or my mom or our friends, I could get distracted and end up hurt, so I have to keep that part of me closed off."  She paused for a moment, choosing her words carefully; she wanted desperately to get this right.  "Sometimes I'll be brushing my hair, or walking down the hall at school and I'll think about you and my heart literally skips a beat in my chest.  I know if I let myself think too long, I'll burst into tears because of the emotion that I feel every time I think about you."  She paused again to take in a shaky breath.  "I almost feel like we were cheated.  I feel like the human heart doesn't come well enough equipped to handle the massive emotions that come with being in love."  She allowed the thought to linger a moment and smiled shyly.  "Well, at least I don't think mine does, because all it takes is a look from you and I feel like my heart might actually explode."

Despite Cordelia's rapid blinking, a few tears managed to escape her eyes.  Buffy leaned in and carefully kissed them away.  "Did I say something wrong?"  The blonde asked quietly.

Cordelia let out a cross between a laugh and a sob as she kissed her girlfriend gently.  "No, baby, you said everything right, it's just that you finally managed to vocalize exactly how I feel and it makes me so incredibly happy to know you feel the same."

Buffy grinned widely and kissed Cordelia tenderly.  "I just wish there was a better word than love.  I feel like love is too small a word for what I feel."  She thought silently for a moment.  "Maybe we should think of a random word that only we know that encompasses everything we feel for each other."

Cordelia smiled fondly at the endless wonder that was her girlfriend.  "Any ideas?"

Buffy shook her head.  "Nope, you?"

"How about cross?"  She asked as she ran a finger over the silver cross around Buffy's neck.

Buffy smiled.  "It seems fairy appropriate, considering a cross has saved my life once or twice."  She gave Cordelia a silly grin.  "Just like you."

"Aw, there's my little sap factory."  She grinned and leaned in for a kiss.  "Cross it is then."

The two shared a silly, loving grin as they pulled each other close, planning on using the entire night to show each other how much they cross the other.  Anyone who said nobody could match a slayer's stamina had obviously never met Cordelia Chase.


"Alrighty, Cooperstown, it's your big night, you nervous?"  Xander asked with a grin as he approached Faith at the bar of the Bronze.

Faith grabbed her water bottle as she slung a pile of bills on the bar and gave him a confident smirk.  "Nope, tonight's about B anyways not me."

"What are you talking about?  I thought you were gonna sing."

Faith rolled her eyes.  "X, you know this is all a big scam to get B on stage tonight, right?"

"It is?"  He asked incredulously.

The brunette slayer laughed loudly and slapped him on the back lightly.  "Yeah, Queeney wanted to get B to sing, so we figured if I did it and challenged her to, she would."

Xander's face contorted from confused to mischief as the plan was revealed to him.  "Ah, how very sneaky of you both."  He glanced around the club and grinned.  "It's a busy night too, you two are gonna knock 'em dead."

A half hour later, Faith's friends watched from their booth as she took the stage.  She smirked at a few loud whistles and hollers, but her face switched to a sexy grin as the lights came up and the music started.  Her voice came pouring out through the speakers as she sang to some rock song that Buffy had never heard before.  She was captivated by the way Faith had every single person in the club focusing all available attention on her.  She was clad in her leather pants as usual and had on a slinky red top that left little to the imagination.  Buffy glanced around and smiled as Angel practically drooled in his drink.  She leaned over to Cordelia, who was watching with an expression of utter shock.  "Told ya she had pipes."

Cordelia gave her a grin.  "She's amazing, but you could sing her into the ground.  It's no contest, Summers."

They all watched in astonishment as Faith wrapped the crowd around her pinky as she did her thing on stage, nobody could argue she was damn good.  And the crowd let her know it once she was done with a thunderous applause as she hopped off the stage and joined her friends.  She strode right up to Buffy and faced her with the most confident smirk she could muster.  "Beat that, blondie."

Buffy gave her a mock glare and shrugged.  "No problem Faith, you just watch.  I'll show you a singing slayer."  With that, Buffy turned on her heel and went off in search of the music manager.

Faith turned to Cordelia who was looking at her with admiration that she didn't seem to notice.  "See, Queeney, I knew she wouldn't back down."  She jutted a thumb at the retreating blonde and smirked.  Faith raised her eyebrows when Cordelia didn't answer.  "What's up C?"

"Buffy said you had a good voice, but Faith, you were phenomenal.  Seriously, you were great."

Faith blushed slightly.  "Thanks."  She replied quietly.  She smiled at Cordelia before turning to Angel and flopping down in his lap.

A moment later, Buffy returned with a smug look on her face.  Cordelia gave her a confused glance as she sat down.  "Are you gonna sing, Summers?"

Buffy gave them a wide grin and nodded.  "Yup, there's a few people before me, so I have to wait."  She pointed a finger at Faith.  "You just wait, Cooper."

Buffy and Faith's friends all found this to be the most enjoyable challenge between the two slayers thus far.  Though, they remembered the main reason they never came to the Bronze on Thursday nights.  The rest of the people who hit the stage just plain sucked.  After suffering through a few horrible renditions of Hootie and the Blowfish and TLC, they were all relieved when Buffy took the stage.  The lights came up about half way, bathing Buffy in a deep blue light as she sat on a stool in the middle of the stage, with the mic on its stand.  Any hints of nervousness faded away as soon as the first notes of piano filtered from the speakers.  She locked gazes with Cordelia as she began to sing.

//Lying beside you here in the dark
Feeling your heart beat with mine
Softly you whisper
You're so sincere
How could our love be so blind//

Buffy allowed herself to be drawn into the song as she closed her eyes and belted it out.  It was entirely evident that Buffy felt completely at home in front of people when she sang.

//We sailed on together
We drifted apart
And here you are by my side//

Anybody who was listening, and that was currently everyone in the club, could hear the emotion in Buffy's voice as she kept her eyes trained on the brunette watching her.

//So now I come to you with open arms
Nothing to hide
Believe what I say.

So here I am with open arms
Hoping you'll see what your love means to me
Open arms//

Cordelia's mouth hung open as she experienced Buffy singing for real.  Sure, she was great in the shower, but this was real.  The brunette was completely blown away.

//Living without you
Living alone
This empty house seems so cold

Wanting to hold you
Wanting you near
How much I wanted you home
But now that you've come back
Turned night into day
I need you to stay//

Cordelia felt tears prick her eyes as she listened to the words of the song and the way Buffy's voice cracked slightly as emotion poured into her voice with the last line.

//So now I come to you with open arms
Nothing to hide
Believe what I say

So here I am with open arms
Hoping you'll see what your love means to me
Open arms//

There was a moment of sheer silence before the crowd went absolutely frantic over the small slayer.  She smiled shyly and moved from the stage to the booth with her friends.  They all immediately dove into compliments and Faith bowed playfully.  "Okay, you win the award for 'best slayer on the stage', B.  No contest in my mind, damn girl."

Cordelia cupped the blonde's face gently and kissed her.  Buffy was surprised to see unshed tears in her girlfriend's eyes.  "Buffy that was so incredible.  There really are no words."

Buffy blushed under the attention and compliments from her friends.  None of them seemed to notice the stares they received as they made a hasty exit, trying to escape further torture from more awful singers.  Yippee for them, a few more rumors to fuel the fire.


"Hello Ripper."

Giles turned at the sound of the sultry female voice behind him and nearly dropped his cup of tea.

"Jenny."  He stated with a touch of awe.

She gave him a slow smile and sauntered further into the library.  "How have you been?  I hear your slayers defeated the Master with no problems."

Giles gaped at her for a moment.  He was reeling slightly.  "What are you doing here?"

"The Council sent me."  She said as she eased herself up on the edge of a nearby table.

Giles raised his eyebrows and suddenly snapped out of his shock.  "The Council sent you?  For what?"

She shrugged languidly.  "Well, after you left I did some work with them in the magic department and they sent me to help you."

"Help me with what?"  He asked, suddenly a frightening thought occurred to him.  "Did they make you a watcher?"

Jenny burst out laughing and shook her head, dropping her sexy 'tude.  "No, I'd need an accent and a stuffy suit for that."  She paused and her face fell grimly.  "Something's coming, Ripper.  Actually, someone.  And they say she's got potential to have big power."

Giles eyed her wearily.  "Oh Lord, it's not another slayer is it?"  He rolled his eyes.  "I have my hands full with the two I already have."

She laughed again.  "No, it's a witch.  Born into a line of fairly powerful witches before her.  I've been told that she could be swayed in the wrong direction and I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen."  She shrugged.  "She won't be here for a few months, but I thought it would be wise to make sure I'm prepared when she arrives."

He nodded slowly.  "How very un...you-like."

"It is, isn't it?  To be perfectly honest, they scared me when they told me how powerful this girl will be and it's vital that she plays for our side."  She said solemnly.

He gave her a small teasing smile.  "She must be something else to actually scare you.  I seem to remember you to be quite fearless."

Jenny instantly picked her 'tude back off the ground and slung it on.  "Oh don't worry, I haven't forgotten how to be adventurous.  But a power this big can't be ignored."  She paused and gave him a wink.  "I hope you haven't forgotten how to be adventurous."

Giles blushed lightly and began to get flustered.  Luckily for him he was saved as the two slayers and their other halves came through the door.  Xander, Riley and Willow trailing along behind them.  The slayers noticed the new presence first and stopped in their tracks, causing a five-person pile up behind them.  Both slayers eyed the woman talking to Giles carefully, almost as if they could sense something about her.  Buffy glanced from Giles to the woman and back to Giles.  "Who is this?"

Giles gave her a comforting smile and waved them all in.  "This is Jenny Calendar.  She was sent by the Council to help."

Faith's eyes narrowed slightly.  "You're not a watcher."  She couldn't shake the feeling that something was not entirely right with this woman.

Jenny grinned widely, and that simple action caused both slayers to relax slightly.  "No, Faith, I'm not.  I was sent to guide someone who will be arriving in Sunnydale shortly.  She's a witch, and so am I.  I'll be sort of like her watcher."

Xander grinned his goofy grin.  "A witch watcher?  I wonder if that's as fun as it sounds."

Giles and Jenny exchanged a look and looked at Xander with matching wry expressions.  He grinned sheepishly and moved to a nearby chair and plunked down.

Faith gave Jenny an apprehensive look.  "How do you know my name, anyways?"

"I read both your files.  They include pictures."  She replied with a shrug.

Buffy, who was still weary of this new woman, glanced at Faith and moved in closer to Giles.  "I'm getting a weird tingle in here.  Giles, she's making me tingle."  Buffy almost whined quietly as she pointed to Jenny.

Faith burst out laughing.  "Princess, you really need to keep that to yourself."  Everyone exchanged looks of exasperation at Faith's joke, so she scowled at them and hopped up on the table next to Xander.  "Same boat, X.  Need an extra paddle?"

He stuck his tongue out at the room and turned to Faith haughtily.  "It seems that great comedic minds think alike.  Let them suffer humorlessly."

"Buffy, those tingles you are referring to are your body's way of letting you know when supernatural beings are nearby.  They alert you to the presence of vampires and demons.  But they will also sense supernatural power in humans.  That's why you feel it.  It's the magic."  She offered with a hopeful expression.  She really didn't want to start off on the wrong foot with the slayers.

Faith and Buffy exchanged another short glance, and with a small nod, they relaxed and everyone else took seats around the tables.  Jenny smiled and turned to Giles.  "So, Ripper aren't you going to introduce me to everyone who isn't a slayer?"

Giles shot her a tiny glare.  "Please refrain from calling me that."  He rolled his eyes when her grin widened and pointed everyone out as he introduced them.  "This is Cordelia, Angel, Xander, Riley and Willow.  They know everything, so no need to hold back information for their sakes."  He added with a pointed look at his slayers, who recoiled slightly.  Giles was still kinda pissed about everyone now knowing about the three of them.

Jenny gave them all a warm smile that reminded them of Joyce Summers in the tiniest of ways.  "Well, all I can say is that I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with all of you.  I've heard a lot about the progress of the Chosen Two.  I hope you'll let Rupert and myself tag along on your patrol tonight."

The slayers nodded and smiled politely until Jenny and Giles' backs were turned and they shared a devious smile.  They had to have some fun, after all.  They thought of it more as an initiation than anything else.  You can't just walk in and expect everything to be fine and dandy.  Ah, those poor slayers, they had no idea who they were messing with.  They'd certainly be surprised.


"Hey, B, you beltin' it out tonight?"  Faith asked as she arrived at the Bronze with Angel.

Buffy was at the front talking to the manager when they walked in.  "Yup, I'm gonna sing a few different things tonight."

Faith smiled wide with approval.  "Nice.  When are you on?"

"Ten."  She grinned at them both, secretly loving performing on stage every week.  "You guys gonna stick around?"

Angel nodded with a wide grin as he wrapped his arms around Faith's waist.  "Of course, that's the only reason we're here on Thursdays."

"Thanks guys."  She leaned in and hugged them both, grateful for their support.  She jutted a thumb over her shoulder.  "Everybody's here.  Giles and Jenny even showed up....I think they like each other."  She mused quietly before shaking it off.

Faith and Angel said their good luck's as they moved into the club, leaving Buffy to her previous conversation.  They found the whole gang at their usual table and said a round of hellos.  Angel pulled up an oversized armchair to the end of the table and sat down first allowing Faith to arrange herself on his lap.

"I can't believe we only have a month left of school, this year flew by."  Xander said gleefully.

Willow frowned slightly.  "It's sad.  I'm gonna miss it over the summer."

"We know, Will.  Don't worry, we'll keep you so joyfully busy for three months that you won't even realize what you're missing."  He grinned widely.   "Besides, we won't be freshman anymore, that's enough for me."

Willow gave him a small smile as she leaned back in her chair.  She took a look around at the amount of people that were in the club and she smiled widely.  "I think Buffy's made quite an impression.  This place is packed."

"She is gathering a small fan base.  I really think she needs to join a band or something."  Cordelia noted.

Giles smiled as he looked around.  "She does have a following, that's for sure."

The group chatted happily until the lights went down and Buffy took the stage.  She ended up singing three different songs that night.  Cordelia watched with an enormous fondness as her girlfriend took command of the stage and every person watched her undividedly.

Jenny sat in the booth next to Giles and watched one of the Chosen Two sing on stage and she was baffled.  She had no idea slayers could be such natural performers.  Ah, if the council only knew what one of the slayers was up to...they'd have a field day with this one.  But, they were in England drinking tea and eating scones as the slayer wowed everyone again and gained a few more faithful followers.


"Man, Ms. JC back there has some wicked chops in the magic department."  Faith noted as she glanced over her shoulder and back to Buffy.  "Don't ya think, B?"

Buffy nodded vigorously with a tiny scowl on her face.  "I agree, she nearly lit my ass on fire though.  She needs to watch those fireball spells."

Faith burst out laughing.  "I think that's the first time you said 'fire' and didn't have that spacey expression on your face."  She paused for a second.  "Maybe you should remember that next time you see her flingin' those things around.  You had the funniest damn look on your face when they came shooting outta her hands.  I thought you were gonna pee all over yourself."  Faith laughed again and shoved Buffy playfully.

"Hey, no teasing.  She burned my leg and it hurt."  Buffy said with a pout.

Faith gave her a mock pout back.  "Aw, is little B hurt?  Maybe you should ask Queeney to kiss it better when you get home."

Buffy scowled deeper and smacked Faith on the arm.  "Kiss my ass, Coop."

The slayers continued their playful banter as the two adults trailed along behind them, re-hashing fond memories for both of them.  It was all quiet on the scary front, and all four knew what that meant.  Trouble wasn't too far away.


"I would like to propose a toast.  Here's to us, the freshmen, for surviving out first year of high school with very few scars and to the rest of you for helping us out along the way."  Cordelia stated to her friends as they sat around her pool the day after school got out.

They all raised a glass in a toast and sipped at their margaritas and daiquiris.  The school year had ended with very little fanfare.  Although, it remained to be seen if Xander would get caught for dying the football field yellow and painting 'Class of '99 Rules!' in bright red paint.  He had to get in one last freshman prank and so far he was in the clear.

For Buffy, the year had turned out to be much better than she could have hoped.  She had a girlfriend that she loved beyond comprehension, a noble purpose in life, a group of amazing friends and family that truly cared about each other.

Cordelia got a bit misty as she recounted the year.  She felt incredibly grateful for the friends that stuck with her through a rough time and the new friends she'd made.  Buffy had of course been the bright spot, filling her life with a love she had never known existed.  And she had helped fight the good fight.  She felt proud.

Angel was looking forward to his senior year at school.  His last before total freedom.  He watched his oldest friend grow into an amazing person over the last year.  He was incredibly proud of who she was becoming.  He was very content with his life and very thankful.

Faith thanked her lucky stars for more than a few things.  Her being chosen, meeting Xander and Willow, gaining a sister-type in Buffy, Angel, and even the Queen.  She had it good, and wasn't gonna let anything take that away from her.

Xander and Willow were still feeling slightly stunned when it came to their sudden rise to Sunnydale popularity.  It was scary, but they felt confident in their long-time friendship to get them through it.

The group had grown in size, but didn't stretch any individual relationships too thin.  They had faced a lot of good times together and a few scary and silly times too.  The two slayers somehow had become the center of this family-like group.  Their struggles, triumphs, destinies and even stunts had forged a bond between the most unlikely people...but they all knew it was special.


Well, this ends the first section of this fic.  I realize it's rather short, but I felt like I needed to use freshman year to mainly introduce the characters my way and get them relatively settled before I start playing with them.  I really needed this first part to solidify Buffy and Cordelia's foundation for the adventures to come.  I realize that it was a little anti-action, but there's plenty of that coming in the next sections.  I plan on making each school year a separate section or season, whatever you wanna call it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to take it into college yet, that will come much later.  I hope you have enjoyed and please leave feedback and let me know what you think.

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