We have received some questions as to how to submit stories to the Realm. If you are interested, please follow the instructions below. Although the Realm is presently accepting submissions, this may change in the future.

The Realm accepts submissions for both f/f slash and f/f original works.


To submit a fic...

Send it to:

You can include the fic as an attachment or within the body of an email. Word, Works, Wordperfect, Lotus, ClarisWorks/AppleWorks are accepted. Others can be converted, but some formatting may be lost.  Please include the words Fic Submission in the subject line


Required items:


Author's Name or Nick:

Fandom: (Not required for Original Works)

Pairings: (Not required for Original Works)


Warnings: (If needed)



Optional items:

Author's Notes:

Feedback Email Address: (We do have a feedback page option if the author does not want to post an email address)


What rating does your story fall under?

G: Contains little or no violence, no profanity, and little or no sexual situations.

PG: Contains occasional profanity, limited violence, some suggestive sexual dialogue and situations.

PG-17: "Contains adult themes, profane language, graphic violence, and explicit sexual content.


Additional Notes:

Please note that this is a f/f site. This site does not accept authors who write only Het Fics. These types of fics are only accepted from our established authors who occasionally write het.

Due to the number of authors wanting to join the Realm and the increasing length of the author's list, we may limit the number of single story authors. We would prefer authors who are willing to submit two or more stories.

Editing and beta-ing is the responsibility of the author.

All submissions are subject to review before acceptance.

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