Title: Trouble of Sam

| Part 1 |

Author: Replica

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Pairing: Sam/Brooke

A/N: Okay folks, I've finally found some time to post the first part of the sequel to Son of Sam, Trouble of Sam. It has been hanging around for a while now but I've just been too damn busy. Me and my girlfriend had a baby [A little guinea pig baby named Bertil] and he is [along with trying to get myself an education] taking up all my time.

I want to thank everybody who sent me FB on Son of Sam, feed back is really the bestest thing ever when you're writing. And I'm sorry I haven't had time to answer you all.

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Sweet, sweet cherry pie.

“Good morning my little senior brats!” Bio Glass said entering the room. “As you all know, Graduation is just around the corner. So unless you want to want to flip burgers at Bob’s diner the rest of your lives, I suggest you get moving!”

“What is that smell?” Miss Glass asked sniffing the air around her. She sniffed herself all the way to Sam and Brooke’s desk.

“Is that...?” Bobbi Glass was standing face to face with Sam sniffing her around the face.

“Uhm, Miss Glass, what are you doing?”

“Miss McPherson, is that Crouton’s semi-homemade cherry pie I could smell all the way from my desk?”

Brooke looked at her teacher with eyes big as ping-pong balls.

“That is… Uhm… yes, why?” Sam answered.

“It’s the best damn cherry pie I’ve ever had!” Bobbi Glass exclaimed and Sam nod in agreement.

“By the way, Miss McPuffy, are you retaining water the size of the Pacific Ocean?”

Now Brookes eyes were tennis ball sized.

“Or are those delicious cherry pies getting to your otherwise slim, young, figure?”

“Miss Glass! How can you say something like that?” Lily said.

“Miss irritating, can’t you put a halt on your crusading for just one day?”

Carmen had to hold Lily down; the little brunette had become quite a bulldog lately.

“Uh, she’s just retaining water.” Brooke said. “She puts way too much salt in her food.” She smiled nervously.

“If you keep this up, you won’t be able to go to the prom with Miss McPromqueen.”


Sam made it only so far in her question because all of the sudden, Miss Glass was standing over by her desk banging on it with her hand.

“Okay people! Let’s get to work!”

Brooke and Sam gasped dramatically.


“Sam, how many pies have you had today?” Brooke whispered.

“Only one, the one you saw me eating this morning.”

“Are you sure? Why were you late for school this morning?”

“I… Uhm… Had to pick something up for the school paper and got stuck in traffic?”

“Sam! I know you’re lying. Your nostrils are doing that thing.”

“Okay, okay. I went to Croutons… and had another cherry pie.”

“You’ve got to start eating things other than cherry pie and fruit roll-ups! I don’t think it’s healthy for you or the baby.”

“But I’m like possessed! I cannot stop thinking about cherry pie. Suddenly I find myself down in the kitchen, in the middle of the night, eating cherry pie.” Sam got a far away look in her eyes.

“At least your weight gain is disguising other growing body parts.”

“What weight gain?” Sam asked, confused.

Brooke gave her one of her ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ expressions. “Haven’t you noticed that your otherwise baggy clothes aren’t so baggy anymore?”

Sam frowned. “I haven’t thought about that… actually. Do you think people are starting to notice…?” Sam gesticulated at her tummy.

“I don’t know. You’re not that big… yet. Remember when Jane was pregnant and all of the sudden, boom! She had a huge tummy, just like that.”

“May the McLovebirds please keep it down?” Miss Glass said from behind her desk.

“Why does she insist on calling us McLovebirds?” Brooke asked.

Sam shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s her way of trying to be funny?”

“Or just mean.”


Sam was sitting on the settee in the middle of the Novak eating fruit roll-ups and thinking about cherry pie while Brooke was pacing back and forth between Sam and the sinks.

“I think we should tell them.” She said.

Sam awoke from her daydreams and looked up at the Blonde.

“Tell what to whom?” She said with a mouthful of candy.

“About your pregnancy. It’s not that noticeable now, but soon you’re gonna start growing bigger and it’ll be so obvious that you’re just not getting chubby.”

“So what? I don’t care what people say.”

“People are gonna start talking. And it won’t be nice thing they’ll say.”

“Again, so what? They’re gonna talk whether we like it or not. I’ll just tell them to mind their own business.”

“Okay, maybe you don’t give a damn but I do. I want people to find out from us and not from rumors.”

“Brooke, all our friends already know.”

“Yeah, Carmen, Lily, Mary Cherry and Nicole. But what about the rest?”

“We don’t have any other friends.”

“Sure we do.”

“Yeah? Name one. And I do mean real friends, not just people who say hi to us in the halls.”

Brooke thought really hard for the longest time.

“Okay, so maybe we don’t have any other friends. But what about Josh, Harrison and SD?”

“Josh hasn’t really been himself ever since Lily dumped him, Harrison hates my guts and… at least SD is the only who has stayed the same.”

“Apart from all the weight he lost.”

“Yeah… That was cool.”

“What about dad and Jane? They don’t know yet and Jane asked me the other day if I knew why you’ve been eating so much lately. If there is anyone who could figure us out, it’s Jane. We better tell them.”

Sam threw herself back on the sofa and covered her face with her hands. This was the day she had dreaded for a long time, the day she and Brooke had to tell the parentals that they were going to become grandparentals.

“Do we have to tell then?” Sam tried.

Brooke sighed. “No Sam, let’s just tell them you’re retaining water until the baby is born and say “Oh, where did that come from?” and act really surprised.”

“Okay, Okay! You don’t have to get all sarcastic.” Sam pouted.



“When do we tell them?”

“How about… When my water breaks?”


“I don’t know! Are you aware of the fact that my mother is going to kill me when we tell her?”

“She’s not gonna kill you. She’s gonna kill me.”

“Why would she want to kill you?”

“Because I did this to you?”

“Yeah, like they’re gonna believe that.”

“Okay, maybe they won’t, but still.”

“I know, I know.” Sam sighed. “We have to tell them.”

Both girls sat quiet staring at the wall, imagining scenarios of happiness and/or horror.

“I know! We can tell them tomorrow at dinner. Dad said he was going to take us to that new Italian restaurant he’s been talking about.”

“Great, public execution.”

“If we tell them at the restaurant they will probably not kill you.”

“They’ll do it when we get home.”

“Ugh, can you stop that? We have to tell them as soon as possible! You know what? I’m telling dad and Jane tomorrow weather you want it or not.”




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