Title: Le jour ensuite

Author: Replica

Pairing: Sam/Nicole

Email: replicapants@yahoo.se

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Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me yaaddaaaa yaaaddaaa. 

A/N: Good news kids! Here's the sequel to La première grève. I don't have much of a clue about where this is going. But I kinda like it cause anything/everything/nothing can happen to these crazy kids now. And thanks for the feedback btw.

They day after, Sam and The Gang© (that is Carmen, Lily and Harrison’s new formed Boogie-Band “LC and the H-man Gang” if you didn’t already know) were “enjoying” their “delicious” school lunch in the cafeteria listening to Carmen’s “I want to be a cheerleader and a Dancing Queen” speeches. After a while of nodding in the right places and pretending to hear what Carmen was saying, everyone went quiet. As Sam looked up, The Gang© were looking between her and the table where the cheerleaders were sitting.

“Nicole Julian is SO checking you out Sam.” Lily said with a terrified look.

“She’s not!” said Sam even before she turned around to look at Satan’s little helper. When she finally managed to shoot a quick glance at Nicole behind her shoulder, the brunette saw that Nicole was looking at her like she had done the day before. Me Nicole Julian a.k.a. starved lion, you piece of meat. Sam was kinda scared but at the same time kinda aroused. And that made the whole thing a lot more scary. And arousing. Then the terror and the being aroused blend in together was just too much for Sam. She shot out of her seat like a rocket but fell back in the chair instead of flying off to space and/or Nicole’s hot bod.

“Sam? Are you okay?” Lily asked.

“Yeah, it looks like your head is going to explode.” Harrison said trying to be funny.

Sam tried to get her breathing regulated before she spoke. “I was just thinking about the Pulitzer Prize and the fantasy got a little bit out of hand.” Great save! Said Sam’s brain. Thank God, Sam said.

The Gang© looked at Sam very skeptically but let it go after a couple of minutes. They had more important things do discuss: scene costumes.

“I don't know about our... costumes.” Carmen said.

"Yeah, I don't know if I wanna go on stage in a pink glitter bikini, Harrison." Lily said glaring at the H-man.

"Hey, the guys in the audience will love it!"

"That is such a sexist-piggy thing to say Harrison, why don't you go up on stage in a pink glitter bikini?" Sam asked.

"I really don't think we wanna turn our gigs into a freak show."

"The Tuna Twins are our Go-Go girls; we already are a freak show. I vote for the H-man in a bikini." Lily said raising her hand.

"Me too!" Carmen threw her hand in the air smiling.

"Me threeeee!" Sam laughed raising both her arms in the air.

"No way, I've already bought my Miami Sound Machine costume. Fake parrot included!" Harrison said picking up a stuffed parrot from his bag.

"That is so gross Harrison!" Said... Yes, Lily. Who else?

"I'd love to stay here and discuss your boogie ambitions, but I have a school paper to work on."


Sam was sitting on the same chair and in front of the same computer as always, working as always on the same paper as always. Then, not at all as always, Nicole Julian burst into the room in similar fashion as the day before.

”Hey there, Spammy” Nicole smirked.

”Oh, Hi Satan. Here to catch up from where we left it yesterday?”

“Oh you bet on it,” Nicole stopped her self to observe Sam’s clothing. Baggy cargos and a “Public Emily” t-shirt, “You fashion misfit! Hello!” Nicole tried to disguise her disgust as much as possible. This was not a call in the name of fashion, though Spam was in a serious need of visiting the Fashion ER.

“Take your fashion hullabaloo somewhere else Nicole, I have stuff to do.” Sam said dryly.

Nicole moved towards the nearest wall and leaned against it with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked at Sam with that pleased pouty smirk she always had on when she was feeling utterly good about herself. Sam turned around in the chair with an annoyed sigh.

“Nicole, what the hell do you want? You won’t change anything…”

“Change what?” Nicole asked still very pleased. Sam let out another annoyed sigh. Why the hell is Satan looking so damn pleased? She asked herself. More annoying was the fact that herself didn’t have an answer.

“Me writing about you for example. You cheerleaders are a total fascist’s cult. You treat everybody else like trash. You've brought this on yourself.”

“And you are socially challenged freaks! You....” Nicole stopped her self as she was falling totally out of character. She had to come up with something dirty so say/do before Sam got the upper hand.

She moved closer to Sam and pressed her self up against Sam, holding the brunettes arms in a firm grip forcing them behind her back.

“Wha…” That’s all Sam managed to say before Nicole spun around the chair so she was facing her, still holding her arms behind her back. This meant that Nicole had her chest just centimeter away from Sam’s face. Oh poor Sam. She had problems breathing, thinking and resisting the temptation to cop a feel. Lucky her Nicole was holding on to her arms.

Nicole sat her self on Sam’s lap now only millimeters away from lips, feeling Sam’s heavy breathing on her own.

“What are you doing Nicole?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The blonde whispered in Sam’s ear.

Sam wondered why that sounded so familiar. Oh, that’s right. It’s from that dirty scene in Bound where Violet drops her earring in the kitchen sink and Corky comes to the rescue. And oh lord did that turn Sam on. She felt like her whole body was on fire. Some body parts more than other.

 “I think you’re trying to use the only thing you’ve got to your advantage on me, in an attempt to manipulate me so I’ll stop writing bad things about the Glamazons.” Sam said snapping out of the hornyness.

“One thing is for sure Spammy; never underestimate yourself” Nicole breathed into Sam’s ear, which made her shudder a little bit. “But I really think it’s working. Don’t you?”

Sam gulped. The last thing she wanted to do was to admit that Nicole really, really, really turned her on. But it was so obvious to them both that it was very hard to deny it. Sam chose to stay silent.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Nicole let go of her arms and started to slowly caressing the lengths of Sam’s legs with her hands. When Nicole reached up to Sam’s inner thighs, the brunette jumped out of the seat in similar fashion as in the cafeteria earlier that day. It threw Nicole up in an upstanding position, with Sam’s leg between hers. Sam had unintentionally put her hands around Nicole’s hips, helping her not to fall down.

“Well isn’t this sexy.” Nicole said brushing her lips against Sam’s cheek.

Sam closed her eyes and hoped for the best smooch… ever! After a few seconds, Sam opened her eyes and noticed that she had her hands hanging in the air and that Nicole was gone.

“Damn it!” Said Sam.



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