Title: Violet

Author: Redgirl

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Pairing: S/B

Rating: PG so far

Disclaimer: Characters belong to the writers/producers of the show. I'm just borrowing them for a wee bit of fun.

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When Sam McPherson and Brooke McQueen's parents announced that they were going to get married - and in the interim live together - their world came crashing down like a ton of bricks. What mythical God did they piss off to be given such a fate? A fate worse than death? How could they do this to them? How could they expect sworn enemies since childhood to live in the same house?

The first few months were horrible. Both girls bickered at each other relentlessly. Any little thing that would provoke Brooke into a shouting match, Sam did. Any little thing that would provoke Sam into a shouting match, Brooke did. It got to the point that Mike and Jane played referee one too many times they inevitably had to set up a few ground rules. If one girl was in one room, the other was forbidden to enter. Their bedroom was off limits to each other. Sharing a bathroom proved difficult, but a schedule was finally worked out after each girl was convinced that the other wasn't getting more time than allotted. Dinner was the only time that they had to be in each other's presence, and they had to be civil to each other or they would lose a few of their privileges.

By their seventh month of living under one roof, they had finally settled into a semi-normal routine. There were a few occasions of near violence, but all in all things were running smoothly in the McPherson-McQueen household. That is, until last week, when an interesting turn of events changed their lives forever.


Chapter 1

"Shit!" The ringing phone startled Sam out of her daydream.

"I got it Sam!" Jane yelled from downstairs.

Sam took a deep breath to calm her racing heart and relaxed in her chair. She looked over at the clock. It was 9:00 pm. She had been in her room since she got home from school, attempting to finish an article for the school newspaper about the cuts in funding for all student organizations. She looked at the computer screen in front of her and sighed. Nothing. The screen was blank, the cursor blinking back at her, waiting.

"God, this sucks!" She cried and turned the computer off. She got up and stretched her arms above her head and twisted her torso side to side to relieve her sore back. She brought her arms down, both hands now at her waist. She looked over to her notepad and the stack of confidential sheets of the school budget she quietly photocopied while the school secretary wasn't looking. She had everything she needed. She just could not concentrate. Thank God she had a few articles done already, just for occasions like this. It will have to do as she wasn't getting anywhere with this one tonight.

She decided to get something to eat. She hadn't eaten since lunch, and that was just an apple and a bottle of juice. She had a feeling that the lunch special was really yesterday's meatloaf recycled and presented in a "pot pie", which the entire student body decided to steer clear of as well.

Sam made her way down the stairs into the kitchen and saw her mom leaning against the kitchen sink talking on the phone. Jane looked up and waved to Sam, who nodded back and headed to the fridge.

"It sounds like you're both settled in." Jane said into the phone. "What time are you going to the office tomorrow? How's Brooke?"

Sam was rummaging through the fridge, removing items to make a sandwich and almost dropped the bag of bread when she heard Brooke's name. She recovered nicely and hoped her mom didn't notice.

Jane walked to the living room to continue her conversation with Mike, leaving Sam in the kitchen. She made her sandwich, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat at the dining table. She was thoroughly enjoying her sandwich when Jane walked back in the kitchen.

"Sam? Brooke wants to talk to you." Jane said, holding the phone out to Sam.

Sam -- in mid-chew -- choked on her sandwich.

"Are you alright?" Jane asked, as she walked over to Sam and patted her back.

"I'm alright, mom." Sam coughed. She put her sandwich down and took the phone from Jane. Sam put her hand on the receiver and whispered to Jane, "It's okay mom, really. I'm fine."

Jane smiled. She was glad to see Sam and Brooke getting along. "Okay. I'm going to the grocery store, be back in an hour." Jane said. Sam watched her grab the car keys and head out the door. She turned her attention back to the phone she was cradling in her hands. She cleared her throat and took a deep breath before she put the phone to her ear to talk to Brooke.

"Hey." Sam said.

"Hey yourself. Are you alright?" Brooke asked.

Sam felt her heart skip a beat when she heard Brooke's voice. She smiled into the phone. "I'm fine. You sort of just caught me off guard. I thought *I* was supposed to call you." She said.

"I know we agreed on that, but I couldn't wait. My dad just left to take his clients out for a night cap so I thought this would be a perfect time to talk." She replied. "Um, can you talk? I mean, is Jane around?" Brooke asked nervously.

"No, she just left. Went on a grocery run. She'll be out for at least an hour." Sam said.

"Thank God. Uh, not that I don't like your mom - I think she's great - I just - I don't want - I mean -" Brooke stuttered, only to be interrupted by Sam.

"Brooke, it's okay. Don't worry." Sam laughed into the phone. She heard Brooke take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

"Okay. I'm calm. I'm good." Brooke said.

There was an awkward pause before either of them spoke. Their relationship started only a week ago, and this was all new territory for them. Nothing really happened except for a few chaste kisses in between their declarations of love for each other. Okay, there was a little groping involved, but still. It didn't quell the feeling of uncertainty they had about their situation. There was so much at stake. Besides the fact that what they were doing was illegal in 48 states, how could they explain this to their friends? More importantly, what about their parents?

"So.how's the weather?" Sam asked, breaking the silence. Immediately Sam winced as the words came flying out of her mouth. She smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand, silently cursing at herself for asking such a stupid question.

"Wha. um, it's fine. There's a slight breeze in the air and the humidity is pretty low, and the forecast calls for more of the same tomorrow with a slight chance of rain later in the afternoon." Brooke rattled off the top of her head. She was surprised at her succinct response, and at the same time bewildered by the question.

"Um, that's good to know." Sam squeaked with a lilt in her voice, causing her answer to sound more like a question.

"Are you sure you're okay? I can hang up and call you back later, if you want. I mean, we don't have to talk, that is. Right now." Brooke babbled, trying to break through the fog of confusion that was now swirling in her head.

"No-no, don't hang up. I want. I want to talk. "



"Um, not hanging up here."


"Yeah Sam?"

"Is this as awkward for you as it is for me?"

"As all get out, Sam."

"Great. Thanks for the affirmation. I feel so-oo-o much better."

"Hey, don't go putting on airs with me."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"It's a British.oh, forget it. You started it."

"Did not. Start what?"

"Did too. Who brought up the weather? What was that all about?"

"Oh, ri-iigght. Your reply really helped move things along there, Brooke. Very enlightening. "

"So now it's all my fault, is that it?"

"Duh. You started it."

"Did not."

"Did too!"



"I miss you."

"I miss you too, Brooke."

That was all they needed to break the awkwardness that filled the air. Nothing like a good dose of bickering to stir each other up. But that was the nature of their relationship, ever since grade school. Of course back then they really hated each other. Really. The digs were personal and were meant to hurt the ego as much as possible. Public humiliation was the ultimate goal. As they got older, the comments became less personal and were more about their views and opinions of the world around them. Their friends never fully realized the depth of their relationship. To them it was just another fight in the war between the cliques at Kennedy High. But to Sam and Brooke, it was more than that. As much as they didn't want to admit it, they lived for these confrontations. It was what kept them in each other's lives, under each other's skin. Being a couple didn't change a thing.

"I haven't even been gone a whole day and I'm already missing you so much. How sad is that?" Brooke chuckled.

"Please, I can't even concentrate long enough to write one measly article, I can't get you out of my mind." Sam replied.

"We're pathetic." Brooke laughed.

Brooke thought it was a great idea when her father had asked if she wanted to come along on his business trip. At the time, Sam and Brooke still hated each other and Brooke was looking forward to getting away for a few days. Who would have predicted that their relationship would change the next week? By then it was too late to back out of going on the trip. So, here she was, stuck in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Granted it was the penthouse suite and she had the town all to herself, but it wasn't enough to keep her from missing Sam. If anything, it made Brooke miss her even more.

"So when again are you coming back?" Sam asked.

"Sunday night." Brooke said.

"Hmm..Sunday.oh God, that's --- " Sam started to whine before Brooke cut in.

"I know, I know, I know. " Brooke sighed.

"Alright." Sam said after taking a moment to calm down. "Okay, it's not so bad, I mean Sunday will come soon enough, right?" Sam asked, hoping Brooke would put a positive spin on the situation.

"In four days, twelve hours and 29 minutes." Brooke stated.

"You're supposed to cheer me up Brooke, not rain on my parade." Sam pouted.

Chapter 2

Brooke was tired and her body was screaming for sleep.She was up until four in the morning talking to Sam.After their first phone call two days ago, they made plans for Sam to call her at midnight. Jane was already asleep and Mike was always out late with clients, so it worked out perfectly. Brooke pretended to be asleep if Mike came back while they were still on the phone. They'd wait it out until he went into his room and then resume talking.

She looked at her watch. It was 11 pm. "One more hour." she said under her breath as she sat alone at the table. Tonight was the formal dinner party Mike's firm was hosting at the hotel for their clients and invited guests. The ballroom was rented out for the occasion and the party was in full swing. The evening was a blur of men in tuxedos, women in gowns, champagne glasses clinking in the air and music from the live jazz band echoing in the ballroom.

Brooke wore a spaghetti-strapped, violet colored gown.The corseted bodice was covered with intricate beads that shimmered in the light. The slit on the side of her dress came up dangerously mid-thigh. She wore matching stiletto heels that were so pointed it could poke the eye out of a snake. Brooke was nevermuch for make- up, but tonight she accented her cheekbones with a pale shade of violet, her lips a light berry, and her eyes outlined with that smoky,come hither hue of charcoal black. A hint of body glitter covered her neck and shoulders.

She stood up and stretched her back and stifled a yawn with the back of her hand. She had only gotten threehours of sleep before she had to get up and go with Mike to his office this morning. The entire day was spent taking a tour of the firm's new facility and meeting her father's co-workers. The five cups of coffee she drank throughout the day didn't help one bit.

She walked out into the balcony to get some fresh air. With both hands on the rail, she leaned forward to take in the soft breeze. Her feet were aching in her heels and she decided to take them off for some relief. She rested her right hand on the rail for support as she bent down and took off her right shoe with her free hand. She let out a sigh and rubbed her foot. She turned slightly to do the same to the other foot when she caught sight of someone standing by the entrance of the ballroom. Brooke did a double take.

"Jane?" Brooke said in to herself in amazement. Surely her eyes were playing tricks on her. She was pretty tired, after all. But it couldn't be her. No way. She squinted her eyes to get a better look. It really was Jane. Her brain went into overdrive trying to figure out what was going on, and it took a few minutes before it finally dawned on her.

"Holy God." Brooke said.

If Jane was here, that meant only one thing.


Brooke quickly removed her other shoe and started making her way through the crowd. She was so focused on Jane she completely ignored the activity swirling around her in the ballroom. The only thing she could hear was her heart beating a mile a minute. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard when she finally reached Jane.

"How did - who did -- wha...?" Brooke stuttered.

"Your father." Jane said, with a smile on her face."He thought you'd have a better time enjoying Vegas if we were here." Brooke didn't know what to say. She pulled Jane into a bear hug, nearly toppling her over.

"I take it we're happy with the idea?" Jane laughed as Brooke held on to her for dear life.

"Umm Humph." Brooke mumbled into Jane's shoulder before finally releasing her from her crushing hug. She opened her mouth to ask about Sam, but Jane cut her off with a swift point of her finger.

"Upstairs." Jane said. Brooke broke out in a huge smile, kissed Jane on the cheek and ran for the elevators.

Chapter 3

Brooke burst through the elevator doors and started running down the hall towards the room as fast as she could, which was a bit difficult because she keptstepping on her gown.

"Shit. Come on, you stupid dress!" Brooke muttered to herself.

She pulled her gown up so that the hem was just below the knee and it gave her enough room to quicken her stride. She reached the room, almost slamming into the door. She stopped for a second to catch her breath. She put her shoes back on, straightened out her gown and ran her fingers through her hair. She took one last deep breath, exhaled, and unlocked on the door. Sam was standing by the window admiring the view when she heard the door open and turned around.

"Hey." Brooke said upon seeing Sam.

"Hey yourself." Sam replied.

They stood there staring at each other for what seemed like forever before Sam spoke to break the silence.

"Are you going to come in, or should I step outside?"Sam asked bemusely.

"Wha... oh. Right. Sorry!" Brooke said sheepishly as she walked in and closed the door behind her. She turned around and leaned against the door.

"You look...stunning." Sam said.

"You think?" Brooke said with a smile. "I was planning to wear this at the Spring Dance, but I think it's a bit too risque and it makes my ass look big." She said as she did a quick pirouette.

"No it doesn't and you look great. It's a beautiful dress. It's definitely you, Brooke." Sam replied.

"Well, the only reason I bought it is because I know it's your favorite color." Brooke said with a sly grin.

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"Violet is your favorite color." Brooke replied.

"Uh, no it's not."

"Yes it is."

"Um, no Brooke. It's not."

"I distinctly heard you tell Carmen and Lily that you love violet."

"I'm sorry but you've lost me, Brooke."

"A month ago. At school. In the Novak? Ringing anybells?"

"In...the...Novak. Ohhh...."

"We on the same page now?"

"Yes, but no."

"Wait, now I'm confused."

"I mean no, not the color. We were talking about the song."


"You know, by Hole."

"WHO's hole??"

"No one's hole - I mean, it's...they're a...never mind. Forget it. Let's just...okay, you know what? Yes, Brooke. Violet is my favorite color." Sam smiled resignedly.

"I knew it." Brooke grinned.

Ah, yes. Same old Brooke and Sam. Bickering: 1,Awkwardness: 0.

They walked towards each other until they met in the middle of the room. Brooke was standing so close Sam could feel her breath on face. She looked up into those beautiful eyes and swooned, her heart pounding so hard, head spinning like a whirling dervish. Her legs started to feel like wet noodles and she wasn't sure if she could keep standing this close to Brooke without falling over.

Brooke cupped Sam face with her hands, her eyes roaming all over Sam's face in wonderment. "I can't believe you're here. You're really here." She whispered. She unconsciously licked her lips,desperately trying to reign in her impulse to ravish Sam right then and there.

Sam whimpered as a bolt of electricity coursed through her entire body. She instinctively wrapped her arms around Brooke's waist, pulling her close.

"In the flesh." She whispered back as she captured Brooke's lips with her own in a passionate kiss.

Chapter 4

Brooke moaned into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Sam's neck pulling her even closer, not wanting an inch of space between them. Sam's hands traveled up Brooke's back, caressing her silky skin. Brooke moved just slightly enough to get her arms down and her hands around Sam's waist, creeping up under Sam's shirt all the while showering her face and neck with kisses.

"Berries." Sam said.

"What?" Brooke said absentmindedly while she nuzzled Sam's neck.

"Your. Lips. Taste. Like. Berries." Sam managed to get out of her mouth before Brooke claimed her lips again.

"New lipstick. On sale. At Saks. Glad you like." Brooke quickly replied as her hands roamed all over Sam's body. Their lips met again and again, each girl desperate for more contact as their hunger for each other grew. Brooke unhooked Sam's bra and her hands started to make their way up Sam's stomach. She slid her hands under the loosened bra and gently cupped Sam's breasts. She felt Sam's body stiffen and Sam pulled away from their kiss.

"Wait. Brooke, don't." Sam gasped. Brooke immediately put her arms by her side and took a step back from Sam.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." Brooke started to say before Sam held up her hand and motioned her to stop.

"No, it's okay. I just. I'm not. I've never. I mean I want to. I *so* want to, but not now. Not here." Sam said hesitantly, eye's downcast.

Brooke took a tentative step forward, taking Sam's hands in hers and held them against her chest. Sam looked up into Brooke's eyes.

"Sam, no pressure. Whenever you're ready." Brooke said.

"I just want our first time to be special, you know?" Sam whispered.

"I know, Sammy. I can wait. I *will* wait. As long as it takes." Brooke replied.

"Plus, our parents could walk in the door any minute and we'd have a lot of explaining to do." Sam chuckled.

The minute those words came out of her mouth, the door swung open and in walked Jane and Mike. Both girls jumped.

"Hi girls." Jane said. She walked over and gave Brooke a hug. "What's that?" She asked, pointing to the hickey on Brooke's neck. Sam shot Brooke a wide-eyed look of panic as Brooke quickly slapped her hand over her neck.

"Bite. It's a mosquito bite. I was out in the balcony earlier and I got bit." Brooke blurted out.

"You should put some cortisone on that, it looks pretty red." Jane said.

"Sure, I'll do that." Brooke replied, her voice tinged with a sigh of relief.

Jane turned around and gave Sam a hug. "Sam honey, you've got glitter all over your face." Jane said as she started to wipe it off. Sam turned beet red as she realized it had come off of Brooke's neck and shoulders.

"I was just trying out some of Brooke's body glitter mom. I'll get it off." Sam managed to croak out as she moved away from Jane's touch.

"You girls, I swear." Jane said, shaking her head.

Brooke ran to her father and gave him a big hug. "Thanks daddy, this was great idea." she said. Sam walked up to Mike after he let Brooke go and gave him a quick hug. "Thanks, Mike." she said. "You're welcome, ladies." Mike replied with a smile.

"Well, Jane and I are pretty tired, so we're going to call it a night." Mike said as he and Jane headed towards their bedroom.

"Sam, you'll have to share that bed with Brooke until we leave. The hotel's completely booked and they've run out of fold-away beds. I hope that's okay. Goodnight, girls." Jane said before closing their bedroom door.

Sam and Brooke stared at each other, mouths agape.

"No complaints here." Brooke said.

"Ditto." Sam replied as they both ran into their bedroom.

Chapter 5

Brooke was staring at her reflection in the mirror in the Novak, lost in her thoughts when the sound of Nicole's voice snapped her back to reality.

"Brooke, are you listening to me?" Nicole asked pointedly.

"What? Oh, sorry Nic." Brooke said absentmindedly.

"You know, ever since you got back from that – excuse me while I gag – family trip to Vegas, you've been acting like a space cadet. Earth to Brooke, hello?" Nicole replied sarcastically. "Wait, do you need to take a few laxatives? Mary Cherry found some really strong equine pills on the black market." Nicole whispered, referring to Brooke's past eating disorder.

"Stop it, Nic. You know I don't do that anymore." Brooke sighed.

"Whatever. Well I'm sure a weekend with Spam and her creator was not the most pleasant way to spend your weekend in Sin City." Nicole said, visibly shuddering when she said Sam's name.

"We had a nice time." Brooke said.

Nicole rolled her eyes.

"Look, we're trying to get along for our parent's sake, okay? And quit calling her Spam." Brooke replied.

"Hey, if the shoe fits." Nicole snickered back. "And just because you and `luncheon meat' are trying to form some sort of stepsister bondage – oh, kinky. Made a funny – don't expect me to jump on the happy train."

Brooke glared at Nicole.

"What? I didn't call her Spam." Nicole said, her hands up with the palms facing forward, the universal sign of surrender.

"Ah've been lookin' all over for y'all." Mary Cherry shouted as she made her way through the Novak towards Brooke and Nicole. "Good news! Ah have found our booth for Kennedy High's Carnival Night Fundraiser!" she squealed.

"Please tell me we're not stuck selling grits and pork barbeque." Nicole muttered under her breath. Brooke ignored Nicole's comment and turned to Mary Cherry.

"What is it?" she asked.

"The Kissin' Booth! Ah got us the Kissin' Booth!" she said excitedly.

"My God Mary Cherry -- that's genious! Nicole exclaimed. "This is just what you need, Brooke." Nicole said.

"Wha? me? No. No way, Nic! I'm not going to do it." Brooke stated.

"The polls have your popularity level slipping, hon. I've checked the numbers. It's not good. On a scale of one to ten, this idea is an eleven. It'll definitely help boost your numbers." Nicole replied.

"I don't give a shit, Nic. There is no way I'm going to kiss every Tom, Dick and Harry for a dollar a kiss!" Brooke said defiantly.

"Listen Brookie, I don't think you understand – your popularity is at stake here. There are a million girls ready to take your place as captain of the Glamazons, which is all you have left since you broke up with Josh. I don't know about you, but I like being popular and I like being in power. I would do anything not have it taken away from me. I suggest you rethink your decision Brookie, or you'll be sitting with the freaks in the cafeteria next month, wondering where it all went wrong." Nicole said before she stormed out of the Novak.

"Please, Brooke? Would ya think about it?" Mary Cherry quietly asked before she left to catch up with Nicole.

Chapter 6

"I can't believe we're stuck with the Dunk machine!"Carmen wailed as she slumped against the lockers. Lily looked at her with a forlorn face, nodding in agreement.

"Look on the bright side, guys. At least we're not selling corn dogs and cotton candy with Ms. Glass." Sam said as she put her books in her locker.

"That's true, but we're going to end up looking like prunes by the end of the night." Carmen pouted.

Sam was discreetly keeping an eye on the Novak while Lily and Carmen were busy whining about the carnival situation. She didn't see Brooke at breakfast and she was hoping to talk to her before class.

"Hey Sam, how was Vegas?" Harrison asked as he walkedup to the girls.

"We had a nice time." Sam said, repeating the pat answer she and Brooke decided to tell their friends when asked about the Vegas trip.

"Really? Wow, Sam. I was expecting broken bones and a little bloodshed after spending the weekend with Brooke." Harrison replied.

"Come on Harrison, Brooke and I are way past physical violence. Besides, we're trying to get along for our parent's sake." Sam said.

Just then, Sam saw Nicole come out of the Novak looking quite pissed off, stomping her way down the hall as Mary Cherry trailed behind her. Now was the perfect opportunity to talk to Brooke.

"Sam? Ready to go?" Lily asked.

"What?" Sam said distractedly.

"The cafeteria. It's lunch time." Lily replied.

"I'll catch up with you guys in a minute. " Sam said as she made her way to the Novak. Carmen, Harrison and Lily shrugged their shoulders and proceededto the cafeteria.

Sam made sure the coast was clear before she entered the Novak. Brooke came out of one of the stalls adjusting her skirt and was startled when she saw Sam standing by the door.

"Jesus Sammy, you scared me." Brooke said and put her hand over her heart to make sure it was still beating.Brooke looked around cautiously to see if anyone else was in the Novak. Sam stared at Brooke hard. Her intentions were good, really. She wanted to talk, but the sight of Brooke made Sam's body mad with desire and talking flew right out the window. It was the last thing she wanted to do right now.

"It's just you and me, kid." Sam replied with her best Humphrey Bogart imitation, trying to lighten the mood, but her eyes betrayed her.

Brooke knew that look on Sam's face. It was the same look she would cast over in Sam's direction when she felt her body yearning for Sam's touch. They held each other's gaze as Sam slowly made her way towards Brooke.

"Well McPherson," Brooke said with sly grin. She knew what they were about to do was a bad idea, but Brooke couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to. Nothing could diffuse the passion building between them. "What are you waiting for?" she whispered.

That was all it took as Sam shoved Brooke up against the wall and covered Brooke's mouth with her own. Brooke grunted upon impact with the wall. She whimpered as Sam's tongue darted furiously in and out of her mouth. She grabbed Sam's face to steady it --it was all she could do to keep up with Sam's frantic pace. Brooke could feel Sam growl with pleasure as Sam dominated her mouth.

"Sam..." Brooke moaned as Sam finally released her mouth. Brooke gasped and grabbed the back of Sam's head and ran her fingers through Sam's hair as Sam began to nip, lick and suck on her neck with reckless abandon. Brooke was utterly lost in the moment, her heart pounding in her ears, her body tingling with ecstasy.

Suddenly, Sam pulled her away from the wall and she felt herself being turned so that Sam was now the one against the wall. "What are you doin..." Brooke managed to say before Sam captured her lips once more.

She wrapped her arms around Sam's neck as Sam started to move forward, causing Brooke to back-pedal blindly through the Novak until she butted up against the sink. "Sit up." Sam said huskily as she held Brooke's waist and helped her up onto the sink.

Sam pushed Brooke's skirt up her thighs and moved her body between Brooke's legs. Brooke arched her backand tilted her head back as Sam held her tight, burying her head in Brooke's neck. Brooke closed her eyes and melted in Sam's embrace.

Sam's right hand started to caress Brooke's leg, slowly making it's way up her thigh. Brooke lifted her leg as Sam's hand dipped under it and grabbed her inner thigh, gently massaging it as she continued to nip on Brooke's neck.

"I want you so much." Sam murmured into Brooke's neck.Sam's breath against her neck made Brooke shiver and break out in goose bumps. She could feel the heat between her legs intensify at Sam's ministrations of her thigh.

"Sammy." Brooke whispered back. She opened her eyes slowly and gazed at her surroundings. Wait a minute, this wasn't her room. This wasn't Sam's room, either. Here eyes widened at the realization that they were still in the Novak.

"Oh, fuck me!" Brooke shouted as she bolted straight up on the sink.

"Okay." Sam replied breathlessly, still caught up in the moment.

Chapter 7

"No-o...Sa-a-am!" Brooke grunted as she struggled to get out of Sam's embrace. She managed to push Sam off her and jumped down from the sink.

"What?!" Sam said, a little annoyed by Brooke's sudden reaction, and most definitely annoyed by the loss of contact. She distinctly heard Brooke's declaration, did she not? Was she not trying to fulfill said request?

Brooke, unable to form a coherent sentence as her brain was going into sensory overload, gestured wildly with her hands, not pointing at anything specifically, yet pointing out to Sam the obviousness of where they were. Sam finally caught on and turned around quickly to scan the Novak. She checked under each stall and went to the door to look out in the hallway in case anyone was snooping around.

"It's clear." Sam said as she made her way back to Brooke, who was now standing in front of the mirror trying to repair her hair and makeup. Sam stood next to Brooke, looking at her through the mirror. Replaying in her mind the event that just unfolded, a smile started to creep across Sam's face. She put her left hand over her mouth and tucked her other arm around her stomach as she desperately tried to stifle the laugh that was currently causing her body to shake uncontrollably.

"It's not funny." Brooke said as she turned to Sam with a deadpan expression on her face, a bit peeved at Sam's reaction.

"No, no it's not. I'm sorry." Sam said, trying hard to be serious. She clamped down on her lips, hoping that would wipe the smirk of her face. Brooked rolled her eyes and sighed. Sam was looking way too adorable, there was no way she could stay mad at her for long. Plus, she felt a little guilty for instigating their little make-out session, so she really couldn't be too harsh on Sam.

"Sam, we really need...to be careful, okay?" Brooke said, turning to face Sam.

"I know. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. " Sam said softly, lowering her eyes. "I honestly just wanted to talk to you, and I still *do* want to talk..." Sam said earnestly.

Brooke reached out and caressed Sam's cheek and smiled. Sam relaxed in her touch, savoring the feel of Brooke's soft hand on her cheek. The weekend in Vegas awakened Sam's sexual desires like a tidal wave crashing on the shore. It took all of Sam's will power not to attack Brooke every time she saw her. At home she would find any excuse to be next to Brooke, stealing touches when their parents weren't looking, swiping kisses when they were alone in the hallway. Each night Sam would crawl into Brooke's bed and fall deeply into her raging desires. The need to be with Brooke was consuming Sam like something fierce. She knew she was ready to take the next step with Brooke, to consummate their relationship. There was no question about that, no question at all.

"But I think we better go before they send out a search party." Brooke replied, stirring Sam out of her daydream.

Brooke knew Sam was struggling with these new feelings pounding in her head. She could see it in the way Sam would look at her with eyes filled with desire and confusion at the same time. At night when they were together, Sam was forceful, desperate in her caresses, always wanting to take it a step farther every time. Brooke had always stopped Sam before they went too far, not sure if Sam was truly ready for the next step. After today's encounter, she knew Sam was definitely ready, and next time she wasn't going to stop her.

"Okay." Sam said as she nodded in agreement and followed Brooke out of the Novak.

The rest of the day went by without a hitch. Both girls stuck to their respective groups and tried not to do anything out of the ordinary. There were a few furtive glances between them in the cafeteria and in class, but they went unnoticed by their friends. Their relationship was safe. For now.

Chapter 8

After school in the McPherson-McQueen house, Sam was holding fort around the kitchen table with Carmen, Lily and Harrison.

"They're not going to make us wear bikinis, are they?" Carmen asked, her eyes wide with fear. She consciously wrapped her arms around her body, shielding it from the prying eyes of the world.

"No. You can wear whatever you're comfortable with." Lily said in between bites of the apple she had in her hand.

"Shorts and a t-shirt will be just fine, Carm. That's what I'm wearing." Sam replied, trying to ease the girl's anxiety. Carmen relaxed the hold she had on herself and sighed with relief.

"Just don't wear a white t-shirt." Harrison said with a smirk, his finger moving back and forth across his chest, indicating what they would be showcasing in a wet, white t-shirt.

"Harrison!" all three girls shouted at the same time.

"What?! Just parting some friendly advice." He replied to the three pairs of very indignant eyes staring back at him.

They turned their attention towards the kitchen door when they heard the sound of voices coming from the outside.

"Dammit, Nic I told you that I'm not going to do it, so let's drop it, okay?" Brooke said as she barged through the door.

"Brooke, what the fuck is your problem? It's just a fucking kissing boo…UMPH!" Nicole was saying before she collided with Brooke, who had stopped halfway through the kitchen when she saw Sam and her friends sitting around the table. Mary Cherry, trailing behind as usual, stopped just in time and avoided a collision with Nicole.

"Um, hey. What are you doing here?" Brooke asked Sam nonchalantly, hoping that it sounded like she didn't care one way or the other, even though she was happy to see Sam.

"I thought you had practice." Sam replied coolly, trying to maintain their little charade, all the while her heart was beating like a racehorse at seeing Brooke.

"Hi y'all!" Mary Cherry said as she gave a half wave to everyone and winked at Lily, who shrank in her chair and tried to cower behind Carmen.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Spam and her band of merry losers." Nicole sneered as she surveyed the table, now fully recovered from her collision with Brooke.

"I'm sorry – is this a non-supervised visit, or are the men in the white coats waiting outside to take you back to the asylum?" Sam asked Nicole sarcastically.

"You guys…." Brooke warned. She was not in the mood to see her best friend and girlfriend get into a fight.

"Funny, Spam. Did you come up with that all by yourself?" Nicole fired back.

"Just recalling what I read about you in your student file. Oh wait – was I not supposed to mention that? My bad." Sam said feigning mock regret.

Nicole cast a venomous stare at Sam. A little tick was starting to form on her upper lip. "Listen you little shi..." Nicole started to say when Brooke cut in.

"Stop it! " Brooke yelled and turned to Nicole with angry eyes. Brooke had never yelled at her before and it caught Nicole off guard. She clamped her mouth shut and cast her eyes to the floor, like a child scolded by a parent.

"Both of you!" Brooke continued as she turned to glare at Sam who had snickered at Nicole's reprimand. Sam stared right back, not backing down from Brooke's icy stare. She wasn't going to give in – Nicole started it for God's sake.

After several seconds, Nicole cleared her throat and tapped her foot impatiently, trying to get Brooke's attention. Brooke didn't turn around, which pissed Nicole off to no end.

"Later, Brooke. Come on, Mary Cherry." Nicole huffed as she headed out the door.

"Bye, y'all!" Mary Cherry whispered as she traipsed after Nicole.

They continued to stare at each other, barely registering Nicole and Mary Cherry leaving. The three left sitting around the table glanced at each other nervously.

"Um, we're gonna go now." Carmen said. They stood up and beat a hasty retreat, not wanting to be around when the shit hits the fan.

Chapter 9

Brooke ended the staring contest with Sam once Carmen, Lily and Harrison high-tailed it out the door. She bowed her head and closed her eyes as she massaged her temples.

Sam stayed in her seat and quietly assessed the situation. They had two choices: they could either apologize to each other and drop the whole thing, or they could continue the fight. She waited for Brooke to make the first move.

Brooke sighed deeply and let her hands fall to her sides as she lifted her head and stared at Sam.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you?" Brooke said, a bit of anger still lingering in her voice.

"Hey, she started it." Sam retorted. She could feel her defenses kick in, ready to battle it out with Brooke, who apparently wanted to fight.

"Why don't you put a muzzle on her?" she continued. "Would it have killed you to just let it go?" Brooke asked, folding her arms in front of her.

"What, and give her the last word? I don't think so."Sam replied haughtily.

Brooke took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, letting her anger dissipate. She really didn't want to fight with Sam.

"Does it matter to you that much to win the argument?" Brooke asked.

"Yes, it does. Let me refresh your memory, because it seems like you've forgotten this little tidbit. This..." Sam said holding up her left hand, "..is you and your friends, and this..." she said, holding up her right hand as far away as possible from the left hand, "...is me and my friends."

"And never the twain shall meet." Sam finished, clasping her hands together in dramatic fashion.

"So you're telling me that there's no possibility of forming some sort of truce?" Brooke continued.

Sam looked at Brooke quizzically. "What's with the questions, McQueen?" she asked.

"Just answer me." Brooke snapped back. Sam raised an eyebrow in Brooke's direction.

"Please." Brooke said in an agitated voice.

"Not even if hell freezes over would that truce ever happen. Subjecting my friends to Nicole Julian is considered cruel and unusual punishment under the laws of this state." Sam quipped.

"God, you can be such a smart ass, you know that?" Brooke said, shaking her head.

Sam stood up and stared at Brooke.

"You know, I've been pretty patient answering your inane questions in this retarded game we seem to be playing, but your 'inner bitch' is coming through loud and clear and it's beginning to piss me off and I will NOT be your whipping girl!" Sam said with a raised voice, her face flushed in anger.

Brooke opened her mouth to say something, but changed her mind at the last minute and quickly clamped it shut. A look of confusion swept across her face. Her eyes darted around the room, trying desperately to avoid Sam's icy stare before she finally turned away. She stared at the floor, nervously biting the fingernails of her right hand as her left arm hugged her waist.

Sam had never seen Brooke react this way before and it scared her. She was expecting a full throttle verbal bashing for that last diatribe, not a complete retreat into silence. The look on Brooke's face told Sam there was definitely something else going on that the blonde wasn't ready to admit. Sam slowly walked over to the counter and stood a few feet in front of Brooke.

"That's not exactly the comeback I was expecting. Do you want to try that again?" Sam said jokingly, hoping to get a response out of Brooke.

Brooke had stopped biting her nails and now had both arms around her waist. She kept her eyes on the floor, not wanting to face Sam.

"I don't want to fight, Sam." Brooke whispered, her voice trembling.

Sam reached out and gently cupped Brooke's face with both hands. She felt the tears strike her hands as she lifted Brooke's face and looked into her eyes.

"Hey." Sam said, with what she hoped was a calm, soothing voice. "No more fighting. But you have to tell me what's really going on."


Sam wasn't ready for Brooke's assault on her lips. She staggered back, trying to gain control of the use of her legs, which had instantly turned to jelly. Brooke whimpered as her tongue sought out Sam's with utter desperation. Sam could feel the tears fall onto her cheeks as Brooke pressed up against her. Brooke would not relinquish her hold on the brunette, wrapping her arms tightly around Sam's neck, not wanting anything to come between them.

Then, just as quickly as it had started it stopped --leaving Sam breathless.

"I can't do this." Brooke said as she pulled away from Sam, wiping the tears off her face with the back of her hand. "I can't." She sniffled, taking a step back.

"Can't do what, Brooke?" Sam asked, as she felt the blood finally return to her head and her legs stopped wobbling. She blinked hard twice, trying to get her eyes to focus on the figure in front of her.

"This. Us. Everything. It's everything and - I don't know if I --- and I can't -- it's -- it's all falling apart -- my life --and I don't know --what to do." Brooke said haltingly.

"Tell me." Sam said, her voice barely above a whisper.She could see the anguished look on Brooke's face as the blonde proceeded to pace around the kitchen.

"There's this life that society expects me to live. To be the popular girl in school, to be the homecoming queen, to date the captain of the football team, to be the dutiful daughter and --I've done it. It's all I've ever known -- and I've done everything they expected from me. Everything they wanted." Brooke said, her tears threatening to come back.

"Then you come along and show me this other life that's so wonderful and beautiful. And I've never wanted anything as much as I want this - this life with you, Sam." She said as she stopped pacing and stared at Sam. " It's everything about you. The way you live - they way you are. The way you look at me - I can't explain it. You make me feel so alive. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. The way I feel with you I can never have with anyone else." She continued.

"And I thought I could it. I thought I could live in both worlds, but I can't. I can't pretend anymore. I can't pretend to be the All-American girl they expect me to be. I can't be something I'm not. So I have to choose. I have to choose between living the life they want or living the life *I* want." Brooke cried, her body trembling.

"Brooke." Sam said as she took a step forward in front of the blonde.

"But I can't choose. I'm not strong enough, Sammy. I'm not strong enough to walk away from that part of my life, do you understand? I hate it. I hate that I can't walk away. I hate that can't have the life I want with you and it's tearing me apart."Brooke said, her voice faltering.

Sam grabbed Brooke's hands, bringing them up to her chest and holding them tight. "You *are* strong." Sam said with earnest."You can do anything."

Brooke closed her eyes after hearing Sam's words and leaned into her until their foreheads touched.

"I love you, Brooke." Sam whispered.

****** Curses, writer's block! ********

Chapter 10

Sam kissed Brooke softly, her lips lingering for a second longer before gently pulling away. Brooke exhaled a deep, trembling sigh as the last of the tears ran down her cheeks. Sam brought her arms around Brooke's waist as the blonde wrapped her arms around her neck.

They stayed locked together for a few minutes before Sam reached up and untangled Brooke's arms from around her neck. She kissed the palm Brooke's hands and stared passionately into her eyes. Brooke shuddered under the intensity of Sam's gaze. Her heart began to beat wildly and her breathing was reduced to short gasps. Sam caressed Brooke's cheek with her hand and lovingly traced Brooke's lips with her thumb before she pulled her in for heated kiss.

Brooke could feel the knot of desire in the pit of her stomach unravel and course through her body in earth shattering waves as Sam's tongue danced in her mouth.She was content to just stay there in Sam's arms after her emotional roller coaster ride, but the thought of their parents coming home and finding them in a not so sisterly embrace brought her back to the situation at hand.

"They'll be home soon." Brooke managed to say when Sam released her lips, but made no attempt to stop Sam as the brunette lead her upstairs.

Once in Brooke's room, Sam locked the door and sat at the foot of the bed. Brooke walked towards the bed and stood a couple steps in front of Sam.

Brooke slowly removed her blouse and bra, never breaking eye contact with Sam. She started to remove her pants when Sam quietly reached out and stopped her. Sam pulled Brooke towards her so that the blonde was now standing between her legs. Brooke let her hands fall to her sides as she watched Sam hook her thumbs on the waistband of her pants and slowly work them down her legs.

Sam hands made their way up Brooke's legs, caressing every inch of smooth skin it came in contact with. Her hands finally came to rest on Brooke's hips. She lowered her head and flicked her tongue in Brooke's belly button. She raked her teeth and dragged her tongue across Brooke's stomach, eliciting a moan from Brooke, who placed her hands on Sam's shoulders for support.

Sam inched back on the bed pulling Brooke with her.The momentum caused Brooke to pitch forward, her body landing softly on top of Sam. She took advantage of the situation and engaged Sam in a passionate kiss as her hands roamed all over the brunette's body. Finding herself still between Sam's legs, Brooke shifted her body until she could feel Sam's heat against her own and began to rock back and forth.

Sam gasped when she felt Brooke move against her. She instinctively pressed her hips up to match the rhythm of the body between her legs, wrapping her arms around Brooke's neck and drawing her in for another searing kiss. Then in one quick move, Sam held on to Brooke's waist and turned them over so that now she was the one on top straddling Brooke.

Sam shrugged out of her shirt and bra as Brooke reached up to help pull it off. Brooke then tugged at the buttons on Sam's jeans prying them loose,desperately wanting to feel Sam's skin against hers.

Sam stared in awe at the beautiful woman lying beneath her. Neither girl spoke. They were so in tuned with each other that words weren't needed to convey what they both knew what was going to happen next. The look they gave each other was enough as Sam started to remove Brooke's panty and Brooke made no move to stop her.

The initial contact of naked flesh catapulted them into a frenzied state of unbridled passion. Their mouths collided as they rolled against each other, legs locking and unlocking, hands searching, bodies yielding, waiting to be claimed by the other.

All the doubts and insecurities that hovered over their relationship disappeared as the sound of their love filled the room and echoed throughout the empty house.

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