Title: Mile High Club

Author: Redgirl

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Summary: Cordy and Faith have fun flying the friendly skies.

Rating: PG-13/R (implied sexual situations)

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Disclaimer: Characters belong to the writers/producers of the show. I'm just borrowing them for a wee bit of fun.

Note: My first attempt at writing a Cordy/Faith fic. It's really just a short fluff piece. Not graphic enough to call it smut, but I'd still lump it in the "plot, what plot?" category. If it sucks, it's all Angelina's fault. If it's good, then I'll take all the credit.

Faith stared out the tiny window, watching the runway disappear as the plane made its ascent. She could feel the blood rush out of her head and pool at her feet. Her stomach was doing flips a gymnast would envy as she gripped the arms of her seat tightly.

"I'm not feeling too good." Faith moaned, turning her pale face away from the window to stare at her flying companion sitting to her right.

Cordelia looked up from the magazine she was reading, casting a withering look at Faith and sighed.

"You gotta give me something. I feel wicked bad."Faith begged.

"If you had just listened to me, you wouldn't be feeling like crap." Cordelia said and returned to reading her magazine.

"But I was hungry and I skipped lunch and you know they don't feed us on these short flights." Faith whined.

"Yeah but that doesn't give you license to inhale a whole pizza, Faith." Cordelia shot back.

"Come on Cor, please?" Faith pleaded, resting her head on Cordelia's shoulder, looking up at her with her big, brown puppy-dog eyes.

Faith whimpered and rubbed her cheek on Cordelia's shoulder, but the tall brunette simply ignored Faith and kept her eyes on her magazine.

"You know I'm feeling kinda." Faith trailed off as she sat up, placing a hand over her mouth as if she was going to throw up.

"Oh, alright!" Cordelia said and tucked the magazine in the seat in front of her and started reaching into her purse.

"I just spent my last paycheck on this outfit so don't even think about throwing up all over me!" Cordelia snapped as she handed Faith a couple of pink pills.

"Aw, thanks mom." Faith grinned.

"Shut up." Cordelia replied, grabbing her magazine and settling back into her seat.

Faith grabbed the bottled water she kept in her backpack and took a swig to wash the pills down. She adjusted her seat to the recline position and placed her head on Cordelia's shoulder, cuddling up and closing her eyes to take a nap.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. She shook her head, looking at the jumble of dark locks on her shoulder as a smile slowly made its way across her face. She reached over and ruffled Faith's hair a bit and kissed the top of her head.

"What I am going to do with you?" Cordelia said quietly before returning her attention to her magazine once again.

Faith woke up twenty minutes later feeling much better, thanks to her Slayer strength and the pills from Cordelia. She stretched her body as much as she could in the small confines of her seat. She looked over to find Cordelia asleep, her head poking out of the blanket that was draped over body. Faith reached out and tucked a few loose strands of Cordelia's hair behind her ears, caressing her cheek with the back of her hand before pulling away.

A little light bulb went off in Faith's head as an idea sprung to mind and mischievous grin appeared on her face.

"Want, take, have." Faith chuckled to herself as she decided to seize the opportunity to have a little fun with the sleeping brunette.

She quietly settled back into her chair and slowly lifted the armrest separating her seat from Cordelia's. She inched her way under the blanket until she was leaning up against her. She let a minute pass, waiting to see if she would wake up. Delighted at not getting a response, Faith slowly crept her left hand under Cordelia's blouse. Her hand caressed the expanse of the brunette's stomach, her thumb lightly grazing her bra. Cordelia shifted in her seat at the touch but her eyes remained closed in sleep.

Faith started to work her hand down to Cordelia's pants, her fingertips just barely making it under the waistband when she heard that familiar voice.

"What do you think you're doing?" Cordelia whispered as she peered at Faith with one eye open, the accompanying eyebrow arched in a questioning manner.

With her hand literally caught in the 'cookie jar', there was no way Faith could lie her way out of her predicament, so she went with the truth.

"Uh, I'm horny?" She said with a lop-sided smile as her hand continued its downward motion.

"And I'm supposed to let you have your way with me?" Cordelia said drolly as she pulled Faith's hand out of her pants and sat up.

"Aww Cor, you know you wanna." Faith whispered in her ear as she worked her hand back under Cordelia's blouse.

Faith's hot breath against her skin sent a shiver down Cordelia's spine, and that roaming hand made her feel all warm and tingly in her stomach. It drove Cordelia crazy that Faith could get her all hot and bothered so quickly. She used to be the Queen of Control regarding her emotions, but being with Faith just threw her Royal Highness' control out the window.

Cordelia shifted her body to face Faith and proceeded to plant soft kisses all over her face, deftly avoiding the eager lips causing Faith to moan in protest. Cordelia pulled away slightly to stare into the beautiful dark eyes that were brimming with lust before she yielded and crushed her lips against Faith's in a long, searing kiss.

Several minutes later, a loud cough and clearing of the throat by the passenger sitting behind the lovebirds broke them out of their heated embrace.

They giggled quietly, feeling slightly embarrassed at getting caught. With a quick kiss, they separated from each other and settled down in their seats.

Faith stared out the window and Cordelia tried to read her magazine, but it was no use. By the look on their faces and their flushed skin, neither girl was ready to douse the passion that was still burning between them.

Faith felt a hand gently rubbing her thigh and turned to see Cordelia staring at her with dilated eyes and a sexy grin on her lips. Cordelia leaned forward and flicked her tongue in Faith's ear.

"Restroom. Two minutes." She purred into her ear before she stood up and walked towards the back of the plane.

It felt like a lifetime before the two minutes finally passed. Faith casually stood up and calmly walked to the back of the plane, even though she felt like sprinting down the aisle.

Her heart sank when she noticed that the sign on both lavatories read 'occupied'. After much deliberation, which basically was Faith doing the 'Eenie, meenie, minie, moe." way of choosing, she knocked on the left door.

"Cor?" Faith whispered, her ear pressed against the door. At that moment, the right door flew open and an arm shot out and grabbed Faith by the collar, yanking her backwards into the lavatory, the door slamming shut once she was inside.

Cordelia shoved Faith against the sink and proceeded to attack Faith with reckless abandon. Faith melted into the fiery touches, her body humming as a moan escaped her lips.

"Horny, much?" Faith gasped as Cordelia's hands made their way up her shirt.

"Shut up." Cordelia said before she captured Faith's lips once more.


Angel looked at his watch for the third time. All the passengers had disembarked ten minutes ago and he was sure Cordelia said that they would be on this flight.

He was about to call Wesley on his cell phone when he saw the two women walking out of the gate. His raised his hand to wave at them but stopped half way when he saw the look on Cordelia's face as they approached.

"Hey, how was the.." Angel started to asked but quickly clamped his mouth shut when Cordelia raised her hand and leveled a menacing stare at him.

"You are SO buying me a new outfit!" She seethed at him and stalked off.

Angel watched her go, completely confused by her statement until he noticed her pants. The entire back side was wet. He recognized the blue hue it cast on her pants as the same color found in the airplane's toilet water.

This was not a good sign.

He slumped his shoulders dejectedly and brought his hand up and pinched the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache starting to work its way in his head. He looked up to see Faith standing in front of him with their luggage.

"Hey soul boy! How's it hanging?" She said, giving him couple of hearty slaps on his back.

"What happened?" He asked resignedly, but not really wanting to know what transpired in the air.

Faith flashed her famous wicked lop-sided grin.

Placing an arm around his shoulders, they started walking down the hall.

"Angel, have you ever heard of the Mile High Club."

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