Title: If I Left Would You Miss Me?

Author's Name: Razor Killer

Feedback Address: razorkiller2004@yahoo.co.uk

Fandom: Smallville

Pairings: Lana/Chloe (Kinda)

Ratings: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to any of the characters in Smallville or any character associated with Smallville

Spoilers: General Lana/Clark/Chloe love triangle.

Feedback: Please. I have only had a couple of pieces published with not a lot of Feedback. I donít care what kind; just make sure itís genuine.

Warnings: Contains Suicide And Cutting Themes

"In the future,
 everyone will have 15 minutes of fame."

Andy Warhol


When I look in the mirror I don't see the young girl who fell in love with the superman Clark Kent. All I see is the rotten shell that is left. He left me with no warning and all I have to show are these festering wounds of self-doubt and scars of self-loathing.

The only option is clear and I have decided to take it. You will all be sad at first but you will have to get over it. You see the truth is that I have never fitted into this place and I am starting to get sick of this longing for something I can't have.

Clark had his eyes on Chloe and me all the time but he had to choose me. Sometimes I wish that he hadn't. The pressure to live up to all of the giggling of people that would see me trying to live a normal life I'm so sick of it.

You will never know the real Lana, the real Lana liked to spy on young lovers from behind the counter and listen to the private conversations of others. She can never be revealed to anyone. But with this note I leave you all behind and suggest that you all try and forgive me for what I have done.

The love I feel for you will never be returned but I love you Chloe and have since the first time I saw Clark kiss you. I thought that I was jalousie of you but I was really jealous of Clark. You will never return my love but I just needed you to know.

The think that I want to know for certain is it true what the great man Andy Warhol said about 15 minutes of fame for all.

On this battered body you will notice that there are scars all over me. This is from the pressures of life and unknown love. With each cut I feel more alive and the blood reminds me that I am still human.

So with this note I am trying to tell you that my life has been a lie.

Goodbye to all of you and I hope that you will live a normal life and forget about me in 15 minutes.

I Love You Very Much Chloe And I Hope That You Will Weep For Me One Last Time.


As the blood went down the drain of the bath the door was ripped open by the strength of Chloe. As she saw the body of her close friend she gasped and immediately began to cry. She ran over and tried to give the body some sort indication that she was there.

"What have you done you stupid girl. You should have just told me that you loved me. You could have had the longing that I have had for you." Chloe wept and kissed her new and nearly dead lover on the forehead.

"I Love You." And with them words Lana finally slipped off this mortal coil and passed into the next world.


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