Title: Bring Out The Bong

Author's Name: Razor Killer

Feedback Address: razorkiller2004@yahoo.co.uk

Fandom: Buffy

Pairings: Buffy/Willow

Ratings: PG – PG17

Disclaimer: Not mine. Leave me alone

Spoilers: Yes and No. I have messed up the timeline. Joyce died and Willow moved in with Buffy and Dawn. Tara left (For Good) then Buffy died, and got brought back. None of that Buffy/Spike stuff either.

Feedback: Please. I have only had a couple of pieces published with not a lot of Feedback. I don’t care what kind; just make sure it’s genuine.


Part 1

Buffy was doing the housework because she had a couple of days off of work and needed to get the house clean for the Social Services visit in a couple of days. She finished in the upstairs landing and moved on to Dawn’s room. As she opened the door she could smell the familiar smell of Dawn’s deodorant.

“Dawn, I swear to God you are the one causing the hole in the O-Zone layer,” she said out loud when she saw the contents of her younger sisters bin. She emptied it into a large trash bag and put bin back down. She plugged the vacuum cleaner into the wall and started to clean the floor. When she was finished she went to her bed to change the linen. When she started to put the new set on she remembered that dawn was complaining that the mattress had a lump and she was tired of lying on the same lump night after night.

She started to lift the mattress up when, through the wooden slats under the mattress, she noticed a box hidden away at the back under her headboard. Buffy put the mattress back down and started to fell around under the bed. When she got a firm grasp of said box she pulled it out.

It was the size of a cigar box but had a leaf on the top. She remembered how she had had one when she was younger that had all of her old pictures and personal effects in. She thought that she better just put it back and forgot that she had ever seen it. She started to kneel back down when she noticed an odd smell coming from it. She thought that there might be an old half-eaten sandwich in there so she decided to open it. When she did she took in enough oxygen to keep a small tribe living for a year.

“Oh Dawn, how could you. You are so dead when you get home tomorrow.”


There’s more coming…

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