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Scully was in the living room on the couch reading the latest mystery by Patricia Cornwell, when the phone started ringing.

*Why does this always happen when I get to the good part.*

"Scully here, oh Mulder, where? Okay be at the office in a bit." *Well so much for reading today.*

She grabs her two bags that were refilled that morning as she leaves.


800 am.
F.B.I. Office
Washington, D.C.

The door was opened and she goes in and sits down. *Where is he?*

She busies herself trying to find the file that he was talking about with no luck.

"Good you're here. I have the case that I was telling you about." Mulder said.

Scully shakes her head. "Okay, but where is the x-file in this case?"

"All I was told is that you were asked for, so here is the file, have fun in Louisville, Kentucky." Mulder turned and sat down.

Scully was not happy. "Kentucky....wait a minute, your not going?"

Mulder answered, "As I said, they only asked for you."

"Mulder that's a long drive by myself."

Mulder reached into his pocket and got some sunflower seeds, cracked one open and starts chewing just looking at Scully.

"Mulder...never mind..thank you."

*Why was she asked for?* Heading back to the car, Scully thought... *good thing I grabbed my extra stuff.*

Scully thought as she gets into the car. *What is in this file.*

Scully opened the file and found an sealed envelope marked----"Agent Dana Scully-Eyes Only", and read "From Section One. You are meeting an operative. Check into Motel Six at 3500 Bardstown Road, in Louisville, Ky and wait. You will be contacted."

*Louisville, Ky...wait a damn minute...Mulder. He knew what was going on. YOU, are in so much trouble, when I get back.*

Scully hated not knowing, at least Mulder knew, and he would never let her get hurt, but she was still not happy, and he will pay for being a sneak.

*36 hours in that damned car.* Arriving at Motel Six, room 161 was being reserved for her and they were holding an envelope.

Grabbing her stuff out of the car, she opened the door to her room and goes inside.

Setting her stuff down, she opened the envelope, reading "TIME FOR ME! You are to wait".

*What does TIME FOR ME mean?*

Scully grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom, needing a bath. She got out the peach scented bath oil and poured it into the tub and turned on the hot water.

She went back to check the door. *Locked, good.*

Heading back into the bathroom, undressing as she goes, just letting the clothes fall.

Being in that car so long and tired, being neat---was not important at the moment.

She eased into the steaming water. *Damn that feels good.*

She was just soaking and fell asleep.

.....Ring.ring..ring..um...ring.um....ring..Phone.....ring.......Just as she woke up enough to know the ringing was real and not a dream, it stopped.

Back to sleep.

When she does wakes up, she's in tepid water! She quickly got out, grabbed a towel and headed into the other room.

She stopped short...pulse is racing.....There on the night table was another sealed envelope with a black rose on top of it.

She quickly checked around the room, there is nowhere to hide.

She's still alone, and the door is still locked.

Scully goes back to the table and opens the envelope..this one is scented with...something she could get lost in...smells so good...it's has perfume sprayed on it...California she believed! She gets her bearings back enough to finally open it...

"Dana Scully, now is the TIME FOR ME..and so it begins, be at 16w by 47 tonight at ten pm and you will know the truth, and I still remember you like black."

Remembering the black part, but who or what is section one? And where is 16w by 47? She reached down and picked up the black rose and brought it to her nose and smelled Attached to the rose was a small note with the words "Toy Tiger". God that's next door smiling to herself. You are a devil! So whoever you are, she will be there at ten pm! What is the time... 8.45pm. Good time. Only now did she looked into the stuff packed in her bag.

Black did you say....looking into the bag, there was what she was looking for. Taking out the outfit one piece at a time, black panties without a crotch, black 3 inch heels, black mesh top, black mini skirt, black lace bra, black stockings and the finishing touch a black leather jacket. Make-up..what shall she wear, eye make-up..a little..lipstick..black to die for of course. Perfume...No just be myself. Finally she is dressed to kill. *Whoever you are. Beware.*

She left her room at 9.45pm, got into the car and drove next door to the second tier of the parking garage, noticing that there was not much light here. She got out of the car and goes inside paying the $10.00 door charge. The band playing is a tribute to the rock group KISS. Beth was playing in the background but still way to loud.

Scully looked around. Some of the people inside the club were dancing, others were talking. A couple of girls were by the stage, trying to get the attention of the drummer. She moved thru the crowd looking for anyone that she may know. She saw a guy and girl making out as she was walking into the ladies rooms. Female moans were coming from the last stall and the name "Vi" is being spoken softly but with force. She checked herself out in the mirror, trying not to listen to the louder moans coming from behind her. The stall door is shaking. She checked the watch, 9.55 pm.

She left the bathroom and walked up to the bar, ordering a red wine. She picked up her wine and turned, checking out the crowd again sipping her drink. She noticed that there are some hard core fans of KISS in makeup.

She's so glad that she is over band member crushes, well all except for....she loses her train of thought as the band has taken a break and the jukebox is playing a song that sounded like.. "Time for me".

*What the hell?*

She walked over to the jukebox, on top it is an envelope. She moved her head around looking so fast that she was sure come tomorrow her neck will be stiff. No one was even close to her.

*Well that is just weird!*

Taking a sip of her wine, more so to calm her nerves she sat the glass down and picked up the envelope.

On the outside is a lipstick mark in black and red. She traced the lips' outline. Opening it she found a small note that says, "Go to where a raven will get out of the sun, and a crow has no use for!"

*Who writes this stuff?*

Picking up her glass, she walked to the bar and puts the glass down on the bar.

Scully looked at the clue once again.

"Go to where a raven will get out of the sun, and a crow has no use for!"

The bartender noticed her empty glass, but does not offer to come her way.

Finally noticing what Scully has on, the bartender makes short work of getting closer to her.

The bartender ran a hand along the edge of the bar and asked, "What can I do you for?"

Scully looked up at the bartender..she had on a red silk top and black pants so tight it's a wonder she can breathe..she had dark hair and a pair of gray eyes and a mouth so full.

*Damn Scully get a grip....you are here on a assignment, not for fun and games!*

The bartender looks at her with a most odd smirk.

Scully found her voice and slowly asked for.."Water with lemon."

The bartender filled her order and set it down with a card.

She took the water and the card. Written on the card is the name Cassidy.

She looked at the bartender and returns the card to the top of the counter.

"I am sorry, Cassidy is it?" .."I am not looking to pick someone up."

The bartender is grinning with almost a chuckle in her voice as she tells her...

"Oh honey, I am not Cassidy. That was left here when you went into the bathroom by a dark hair woman."... "But I wish you were looking for someone to pickup. I would fall down so fast for you!"

Scully studies her and almost changes her mind. *Damn assignment.* She sighed and took a sip and then asks.

"So, if your not Cassidy, where is she?" Scully asked.

The bartender took a long look at her and then licks her bottom lip... "She left. But she told me to give you that card..once you ordered a water with lemon...she said you drink that when you have no idea what is coming next."

*This is starting to drive me crazy. What is coming next?* Scully thought.

"Thank you for your help." Scully told the bartender.

"No problem missy.. was a pleasure." The bartender went to wait on someone else.

Scully picked up the card and turned it over..reading...... "Go to where a raven will get out of the sun, and a crow has no use for!" Written below was "Pink, you still have no idea do you?"

Scully thinks over the reference to Pink. It sounded familiar but she couldn't put her finger on just what it meant. Her hand came up and brush her hair back. *Maybe I should call Mulder, maybe he can tell me the answer to this puzzle.* Then she remembers that she forgot to grab her cell phone before leaving her room. She gave the room another look trying to see anyone familiar, but it still was no good.

She looked at her watch and the time was 10.13 PM. *Is that all the time that has passed?* She wondered where this Cassidy had went out to as she headed out the door of the bar.

Scully was walking up the ramp slowly to her car when she heard some noises.

She rounded the corner and there before her on top of a van was the most tempting sight that she was ever witness to behold.

There was a woman totally naked standing on top of the van...she had long dark hair, her hands were tied to a small pole running under the parking garage ceiling, but there was also another woman.

Scully moved silently over to behind a parked car and was watching...her mouth was opened a little as she saw a blonde running her hands over the woman's body, the woman was moaning...as hands caressed her breasts, the blonde then kissed her slowly and ask her if she was ready.

Scully heard a low voice say.."Yes Nikita." Nikita turned and spoke in a forceful voice.."Take her to Cassidy." *Scully wondered if this was the same Cassidy from the bar?*

The woman was untied as a black limousine drove up, it stopped and the back door open and the woman was put into the seat and the door was closed.

But before it drove off the window came down...a hand motioned to Nikita...she walked over to the window..leaned down and listened. Then was given an object...the window went up and she stepped back as the limousine drove off.

Nikita put the object into the pocket of the jacket she was now wearing... then she turned around and walked toward the spot that Scully had ducked down.

Scully was looking for some place to hide. *Dammit Mulder..hell of a time for you to rub off on me.*

Her hand went to get her gun...*Damn I forgot that too.*

She finally gave up and stood up. *Better to see it coming than take one in the back.*

Before her was the blonde with a smirk on her face. Scully swallowed hard as her eyes roamed over the blonde's body, wondering what it looked like with no clothes on? *Oh yeah...I am going to die and I want to see her naked* she had a slight blush on her face...as her eyes came back to meet Nikita's.

"Miss Scully, did you enjoy yourself?" Nikita asked.

Scully's mouth opened but no voice came out for a moment...then in a small voice she asked. "You know my name?"


Nikita looked down at the body before her, seeing a hole in a stocking, she told her; "You have a run here." Then she moved her hand down and traced it. Scully breathed in deeply and was sure that she felt a small electrical charge coming from those fingertips and then just as quickly, Nikita moved her hand away. Scully almost moaned out loud at the loss of the sensation.

They were both quiet for a couple of minutes as their eyes roamed over each other....then Scully's clearer thoughts started screaming at her...

*What are you thinking? She knows who Cassidy is. Get a grip and get back down to business.*

Before Scully could say a word...Nikita extended her hand..."Sorry my name is Nikita."

Scully squeezed the hand and then released it.

"Are you the one that I was to meet from Section One tonight?" Scully asked.

Nikita walked away from her to give her room to move out from behind the car, not to mention time for her to think. Scully moved from the car and went over to where Nikita was now standing. She was against a black suburban 4X4.

Nikita motioned to the suburban and they got inside. She drove Scully up to her car. Scully looked at her car and then back at Nikita with a questioning look.

Nikita waved her hand..."Details Ms. Scully...we know everything that there is about and what will be for you."

Scully took this in and was not sure that she liked this one damn bit...not one bit..she got out of the suburban slamming the door. She stalked over to her car and stood there...many thoughts crossed her mind...till finally she went back to the suburban at the driver's door.

Nikita had stayed put. She knew Scully had a temper and therefore she was going be careful around her. Nikita raised her head up and was looking her in the eyes, she knew without a doubt what was going to come out of those pouty lips.

"What fucking right do you have? Scully asked.

Nikita's hands were on the steering wheel...

In a low controlled voice she answered her....."We have every right Dana Scully." She didn't wait for her to continue instead she asked her to "Please get in your car and drive back to the motel and we will continue this conversation in your room."

Scully heard voices behind her and she looked around and saw that they had a small group of people watching them. She didn't answer instead she went back to her car and got in, starting it and went to her room at the motel.

Nikita didn't follow right after her just yet....she wanted to give her a little time to calm down.

Scully arrived back at her room and picked up her cell phone, she hit Mulder on the speed dial and waited for him to answer.....but instead she got a recording.."The party that you are trying to reach is out of the area. Please try your call again later."

*That's just great Mulder...just great.* She threw the phone on the bed and then noticed that there was a envelope on the table once again, she went to it and opened it..reading.....

"Yes...Pink she is the one that you were to meet tonight. For our time has not come yet...when you are ready she will bring you to me and you didn't tell her if you had enjoyed yourself...Stop shaking your head. Did you think that I would not be listening....I have missed that fire that you have and the way that your voice drops....but you did get your answer to the riddle. You can trust her because she has to answer to me if she hurts you. Remember your past Pink and you will remember me."

*Well that answers everything. Damn what have I gotten myself into. My past...how far back into my past and why can't I remember someone calling me Pink?*....*It will come to me, soon I hope.*

As she put the note back into the envelope she heard a knock at the door. She went to it and opened the door...Nikita was standing there with a bag in hand. Scully held the door open and Nikita came inside. Scully was more calm now and was not as afraid of whatever the future held.

How many times had she been put into this same position by Mulder? She had lost track, but she knew that whatever fate had in store for her... she was going to be a part of it this time and not just a slacker. She still had some type of control over what would and could happen to her.

Nikita had set the bag down and was waiting for her to say something.

Scully walked over and stood in front of Nikita...."I am sorry Nikita, but I don't like someone else having control of my life. I don't like being hung out to dry."

Nikita raise her hand and touched Scully's chin..."You will never be hung out to dry."

Scully swallowed softly and then asked her..."So what is in the bag?'

Nikita moved her hand and began taking stuff out of the bag. She set down four bottles of wine, two whites and two reds. She then took out some cheese, crackers, some fruits and two wine glasses.

Scully looked over the items.

Nikita opened a wine bottle and poured some..."I thought that you might be hungry and if you still want to fight than we might as well be eating."

Scully took some of the cheese and put it on a cracker, she took a wine glass and then took a bite. She looked at the items and then at the sofa..." Why don't we take this over there and have our talk?" Scully asked.

"Sure Scully sounds fine." Nikita answered.

They both grabbed the items and took them over to the small table. They sat down near the other one..their knees were touching. Neither could deny that something was going on between them.

Scully finished off her wine and then poured herself some more...."So why was I asked for?"

Nikita took a sip of her wine....."I wanted to meet you for one thing and you have a past with someone that I am close to in Section One and she had given me a file on you. We were looking for someone to help us with several things and your name kept coming up."

Scully thought over what she told her......"Is the one that I have a past with....this Cassidy person?"

"Yes." Nikita told her.

"You want me to help with some things?"

"Yes." Nikita answered..."But isn't there another question in there that you want the answer to?"

Scully finished her wine and then asked the question...."Why did you want to meet me?....It's not like I am special. Surely you could have found some one else that was better suited for whatever this Section One deals with."

Nikita took their wine glasses and sat them on the table. She put her hand on Scully's knee and then with the other hand she touched Scully's face and turned her face to her. Her fingers traced the outline of her lips and then she moved her hand away.

Nikita started with..."Can I call you Dana?"

Scully knew that she had called her by her first name earlier, but she was too mad to hear the way it sounded coming out between those lips. "Yes, please."

"Thank you."..."Now Dana...I have seen pictures of you...I have followed you many times in the past....please don't get mad...it was part of the assignment, but I enjoyed the hell out of it and I asked for permission to meet you in person and that is when I learned that Cassidy knew you. She's okayed our meeting and whatever else that might happen between us."

"But Nikita I don't remember this Cassidy."

"She thought that you wouldn't remember her. It was early in your career that you two were together and you were paying for your education by volunteering for being a test subject. She is older than you and she never forgot you. She said that the tests are the problem with you not remembering her."

Scully's thoughts went over her past...*yes she was a guinea pig in the earlier days....it wasn't so different for what had happened to her since becoming part of the X-files.*

They both drank some more of the wine...

Nikita was waiting for her to say anything..but Scully was lost in thoughts...

*My past..how long ago were those tests and if we meant so much to each other why are we not together now?*...*This is enough to give me a headache.*

Nikita watched her. Scully's eyes were looking anywhere but at her. Nikita turned her body to her and took her chin in her hands....."Dana do you believe in love at first sight?"

Scully looked into her eyes...."Shouldn't that be lust at first sight?"

"Dana you can call it whatever you want....I want to touch you...I want to see your passion unfold before me....I want you." Her lips came up and brushed across Dana's lightly.

Scully saw the desire and want in those beautiful eyes..."Why don't we go to bed?"

Nikita stood and drew her up with her and embraced her in her arms and kissed her softly...she then led her to the bedroom...Scully didn't even want to ask how she knew.

They stopped at the end of the bed and Nikita undressed her slowly. As her hands took each piece of clothing off her..she kissed each spot that had been covered by the clothing...till Scully was ever so lovely naked before her. She then quickly got rid of her own clothes till she was naked as well.

Scully was a little out of breath by now....."Can we lay down now?"

Nikita moved her back closer to the bed...."Yes, lay down and close your eyes."

Scully did as she was told...she heard Nikita moving around and then felt something against her mouth...Nikita told her to bite it and Scully tasted a sweet taste....as she swallowed it..she realized that it was a strawberry.

Then she felt something closing around her left wrist onto the bed...she realized what it was by the sound that it made.

Her eyes opened immediately...."Why have you handcuffed my left hand to the bed?" Scully asked in a panic. She started moving her wrist trying to get it lose. Nikita smiled at her..."My dear Dana, I was given them at the limousine earlier and told that I should at least use them on one hand."..."I realize that with only one hand available you are not totally in control."....At saying this Nikita sat down on the bed and brought her lips to Scully all the time looking in her eyes....as their lips got closer...... Nikita whispered to her..."Trust me Dana."

Scully was lost for words. Not to mention that her voice had all but left her. She knew better then to fight with her hand handcuffed. That would only end up cutting into her wrist.

Nikita could see that Scully was giving her the control. Their lips touched and the kiss went from ever so soft to a hard pressed one.

Nikita eased back and looked at Scully. She just wanted to eat her up. *Well I can now.* Nikita thought.

She moved up onto the bed and laid down on top Scully. The room was filled with moans.


"Hum Dana..."

Nikita wiggled her body down the FBI agent till she came to the prettiest smell in the world, Dana Scully's scent. She parted the wet lips and licked the wetness onto her tongue. Scully's hips moved against her tongue. Scully was pulling against the handcuff.

"Fuck!" Scully cried.

"Oh I am Dana."

Nikita put two fingers inside of Scully's pussy and began to fuck her. Scully's juices were coating Nikita's fingers. And was Scully ever a screamer. In and out, out and in....Nikita's fingers moved. Seeing that Dana was ready to come, Nikita spoke to her.

"Dana look at me."

Scully was doing her damnedest to open her eyes......

She wanted to say "Nikita" but her mouth was too dry to say anything. Her eyes opened and she saw Nikita's fingers moving even faster.

"God Nikita....I'm coming!" She came and then her eyes closed.

Nikita reached up and unlocked the handcuff and removed it from Scully's hand. She settled down by Scully, taking her in her arms.

"Nikita....you need me to..." Dana asked.

"Dana, no love. I came when you did. Sleep now." Nikita told her.

They slept thru the night till the phone rang.

Scully reached over and got the ringing phone.

"Agent Scully."

"Scully, thanks goodness. I couldn't get through to you since last night."

"Mulder?" Scully so much wanted to rip him a new one. But she felt a tongue on her back and it didn't really seemed to be important anymore.

"Di...Did you need something Mulder?" The tongue had reached her ass and was running down and licking her from behind.

"Scully? Are you alright?" Mulder wondered what was going on with his partner. If he didn't know better it sounded like Scully was in the middle of sex.


"Scully, never mind. If you're okay now then you should be alright to continue." ..."Bye Scully." He hung up and looked at the poster on the wall. Something was not right. And he was going to get to the bottom of it.


"Nikita, oh god."

Nikita had her bending over and was licking her pussy and her ass. Her tongue was moving inside of her.


No answer....


Nikita stop her licking and answered.


"The bed...lay down, please. On your back."

Nikita moved to the bed and did as asked. They were soon licking each other's pussy. The room was filled with moans and was hot from the heat coming off of the two. They each soon had their own releases.


Scully was riding with Nikita in the van. They were going to Section One. Which for some reason had moved an office to Louisville and the Cassidy that Dana couldn't remember was going to be waiting there for them.

They arrived at her office and Scully was nervous.

"I don't remember her, Nikita."

"It's alright Dana. She knows."

Nikita opened the door and Scully stepped inside.

There standing inside was a vision from Scully's past. The woman stood about 5' 5". Her hair was cruelly cut. It was a mix of blonde with slight highlights. Her eyes was the color of cobalt.

Scully was speechless. Granted it was a long time ago that she was to know this woman....*BUT DAMN.* She held her hand out for the other woman to take. Cassidy did. She kissed her palm.

"Pink, good to see you again." Cassidy said. She pointed to the couch in the room and Scully and her sat down. Nikita was standing by the door as she had closed it and was awaiting orders.

"Sit Nikita." Cassidy said.

"Pink, I know that you are wondering why I wanted you here?

Nikita took the chair opposite the other two and leaned back.


"Pink....Scully. I should call you Scully now I think." Cassidy stated.

"Cassidy, I wish I remembered you." Scully said.

"Alright lets see if I can help you with that. Shall we travel back to when we met." Cassidy began with.


****Flashback ****

Andrew and Vicky McGee had been given doses of a chemical called LOT-6. Once they were married they had a daughter Charlene "Charlie" McGee. She was born with the ability to start fires at will, a result of the experiment that her parents participated in.

Two years after that Cassidy Taylor and Dana Scully signed up for beta-amyloid experiments. It paid them $3000.00 for being guinea pigs for the test.

They were given amyloid plaques, which would cause abnormal aggregations in brain tissue of a protein called beta-amyloid. The amyloid plaques are known as a distinctive feature of Alzheimer's disease.

***End Flashback****


Scully got up pissed off. Her face was red and she was pointing her finger at Cassidy.


"SCULLY! Scully, we did not know what they were going to give us. I would not have let either of us go through with it if I had. We both needed the money at the time and thought that they were a god sent. We had been dating in secret for three months when we went for the tests. That night we made love and we were together for 2 years and eight months. You got into The FBI and I was told by a man in black to forget that I ever loved you." Cassidy finished and became pale in color.

"FUCKING GOVERNMENT! ALWAYS FUCKING UP MY LIFE!" Scully yelled as she returned to her seat.

Cassidy took Dana's hand.

"Dana, I am sorry that I didn't know what they were giving us." Cassidy almost sobbed out.

"Cassidy, from what you just said, I went into the test with open eyes. So stop blaming yourself. I know first hand how much the government can mess up a life. I am sorry that I don't remember what we had. Must have been intense for us to be together that long while we were both in college. I have a slight remembrance of you. But the feelings that I should have are not there. I'm sorry."

"Dana, Pink we were a long time ago. I and you are not the same. I .....I...saw you making love to Nikita last night. ... You did things to her, that you never would have even thought of with me." Cassidy said while holding her breath.

"Cassidy, HOW?" Scully asked. Her mind was just on overload.

The silent person in the room finally spoke again.

"Cassidy was worried about us. I have shared Cassidy's bed in the past. We are no longer together. Once it became clear that you would play a part in what is going on here in Louisville, we broke up. We had both been on rebounds when we got together. My lover Michael was killed. Cassidy's lover left her for another woman. We both needed the other one." Nikita told the room.

All three were looking at each other. Scully was wondering how she had ended up sleeping with both of the women in the room with her. Cassidy was fearful for the other two women. Nikita wanted to take Scully into a dark room and make her squirm on her tongue.

Part 2

On the streets on what was Sunnydale California... Demons and vampires that had survived The First trying to kill off The Slayer line were trying to find some way out of what was now a living hell. No humans for the vampires to feed on.

A noise at the top of the large hole left by Spike sucking in the town, caught everyone's attention.

"Boys and girls come we are going to a new place. Blood and Beer and Body will be at your beckon and call." A woman told them.

Shouts and yells were heard as the demons and vampires climbed up the make shift ladders that was hanging off the top. They ran to the limos that were waiting for them.

As a new sun was rising.....

Willow and Kennedy were in bed. They had finally gotten a bed just to themselves and they had spent the night loving the other. They had gone to sleep curled up together with similes.

Robin Wood and Faith had said their goodbyes to each other on the bus. Robin was still at the hospital and was going to be leaving when he was able to.

Faith had been caring for Buffy. The wound to Buffy was more serious then anyone thought about at the time. The wound had got infected and Faith had to restrain B during the cleaning. Faith stayed with Buffy the whole time. They slept together. Would eat together. They even were bathing together. Some time during that time, they began sleeping without clothes on. Buffy had been running a fever for so long that she was always hot. Buffy had suggested that they sleep that way. She kept throwing the covers off of the bed.

Then Buffy had gotten cold during one night when they were sleeping. Buffy had moved her lithe body under Faith's. Buffy had gone back to sleep. Later during the night Buffy woke up to Faith moving her knee against her crotch. Buffy thought if she had been wearing panties at the time, she would not have been reacting to the rubbing. As it was she was getting that low down tingle that Faith always talked about.

Now fully awake Buffy's pussy was moving against Faith's knee. Buffy's hands was running down the dark slayer's back.

"Hum" Buffy moaned.

Faith didn't react to the moan. She was enjoying the feel of Buffy under her. Her knee picked up its pace.

Buffy's moaning became louder.

"Umm...Faith....god....will you wake up." Buffy moaned.

Faith was lying there on top of the other Chosen one smiling. She eased her body up and looked down at Buffy as she kept her knee against Buffy's very wet pussy.

"Something wrong B?" Faith grinned at her.

"Ugh, Faith...horny." Buffy said looking up at Faith.

"B." Was all Faith said.

Buffy gave up trying to ask for what she wanted. She used her slayer strength to move Faith back against her body. Then her hands took Faith's face in them. Buffy brought their lips together and they kissed each other. Slowly....breaking for air....passionately. ...yet another break. Buffy eased a hand down between hers and Faith's body. They both gasped when Buffy was the first to take in the wetness between Faith's legs.

As Buffy was learning the wetness of Faith, Faith's own hand was now teasing Buffy's lips. At the same time they each put a finger inside the other one.

"Fuck B."


Faith breathlessly said..."B faster."

Buffy moved her finger inside of Faith faster. As she was doing so, Faith increased the speed of the one inside of Buffy's pussy.

"Shit Faith."

"COMING!" They both cried out at the same instant.

Faith collapsed down on Buffy, both breathing hard. Buffy was the first to move anything. Her hands returned to trace patterns down Faith's back as she waited on her lover.

Faith saw light once again without it being a blinding one.

"B. I'm Sorry." Faith was afraid what would happen now.

Buffy raised Faith up.

"Don't be Faith. I've wanted to do that with you for so long now." Buffy whispered to her.

Faith had that smirk that only she could get away with.

"B, does that mean?"

"Yes we have to give Willow a new photo of Rose McGowan." Buffy told Faith.

Rose McGowan? Oh yeah. She is a fox." Faith said.

"Faith are you trying to make me jealous already? You are mine now, girlfriend."

Faith leaned back down and kissed her girlfriend.


Four months later everyone was either still at the house in Cleveland or in England.

Willow, Kennedy, Buffy and Faith had stayed state side. All the others had gone to England.

The four were watching Bad Boys. It got to the part with the dogs and the Will Smith character learns that the one dog had been sick and throwing up. The phone was ringing and no one wanted to answer it.

"Wiccan day off." Willow muttered.

"I'm with her." Kennedy asked with.

"Action." Faith said.

"Alright, I'm coming." Buffy said. *Stop ringing...it will stop.* But it didn't stop.

Buffy answered the phone saying,"Slayers Vereinigten (Slayers United)"

"Buffy, it's Giles. We have a problem."

Buffy sighed and motioned for the DVD to be paused.

The other three girls got up and went to stand by Buffy. Willow would have laughed if she had heard Buffy use German any other time.

"So Giles, why do you need Slayers United for?" Buffy said.

"Buffy put me on speaker phone." Giles asked.

"Just a second. Giles." Buffy put the phone down and looked for the button. Willow having been around Giles for too long knew what Buffy was looking for. Willow reached past Buffy and hit the button.


"G-Man don't have a cow. Had to find the button." Faith told the room.

"Lord, you should have had it right by the phone. Dear me." Giles whined.

The four looked at each other. Giles had use Dear me and Lord in the same sentence. Not good.

"OK Giles. What is it that we must defeat this time?" The four asked.

Giles had his glasses in his hand, cleaning them.

"GILES..." Buffy asked.



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