Title: A Slayer Carol

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith

Ratings: PG-17


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Author's Notes: A slayer is almost lost and only the other can save them both. It's my own twist on a story, slayer style.

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Faith had been seating on the bed, she had just hung up from talking to Willow; Buffy had left hours ago and still was not home. She was getting ready to get up and head out, but she never made it, she fell back onto the bed right where she was, unconscious. Faith was sure that she was dreaming; she saw a woman standing by the bed. But there was no way that the woman should be there or be real. Faith raised up and looked at the woman.

"JOYCE?" Faith asked with a frown in her voice.

"Yes, Faith. It is me." The ghost of Joyce said. Faith was wondering when she was going to wake up. "Faith, there needs to be some changes in your life, Buffy is not going to make it, unless there is. I am here to help see that, that does change. You are going to be visited by three SPIRITS tonight. The first is the Ghost of Christmas Past, second will be Ghost of Christmas Present, and the third is the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Take heed and change; or your life as you know it will be changed forever. The first will be here in a hour. Faith this is serious, if you love my daughter, understand what is being told to you." The ghost of Joyce faded out.


An hour later, there was a ringing in the room, it sounded like a cell phone. "Faith, Wake up....Wake Up....FAITH...WAKE UP!"...

"ALRIGHT, Sheesh, I'm up." Faith said as her eyes opened; "Aw Shit." She jumped into the air and kicked out at the spirit that was by the bed. "You can't hurt me." The ringing was still there. "Can't you answer that thing, or at least put it on vibrate?" ...A white hand moved and turned the cell phone on vibrate; a smiling face looked at the raven slayer; "Happy?" ... "NO, can we do whatever it is that needs to be done, got a girlfriend to find.

"Stand next to me." The Ghost of Christmas Past, that look like Faith's mother said. Faith was by the spirit's side in a second. "All right, lets do it." In a blink of an eye, they were no longer in the bedroom. They were at HEMERY HIGH, and were seeing a younger Buffy; the one that had not become a vampire slayer as of yet. She was in her cheerleader outfit, doing the splits. Music was playing in the background, there were three other cheerleaders also doing workouts. The door to the gym opened and Hank Summers came through the door. Buffy looked up and saw him coming toward her, getting up they met in the middle of the gym;"Daddy, What are you doing here?" Buffy was not sure what was going on. "Need you to come with me Buffy." He didn't wait for an answer, just walked away and stood by the door; Buffy ran to get her stuff, looking at the other cheerleaders, they understood. Running to the door, Buffy followed her father out of Hemery High gym.

Her father was mad at her, as Buffy was almost into the car, Hank hit her on her back. Bringing tears to her eyes; she didn't cry, knowing if she did that it would only be worst. But she did ask; "Daddy, what did I do?" Hank looked at her, his fist contented with her eye; "You think you can get things the way you want them and not have to pay for them, YOU BITCH! YOU always want more." ..."Well I'm done giving you anything." Hank Summers told her as they were driving now, he let her out of the car a mile from home.

Buffy found a spot off the road and sat down, she was crying. Her back and eye hurt; she would be yet again blaming the injuries on her cheerleading and having to sit out. As she was getting up to walk home, she heard a noise, a branch moved and then a man was standing in front of her. With no where to go, she figured that this was it, the life and times of one Buffy Anne Summers.

"Well go on, kill me, rape me, you're be doing me a favour." Buffy said quietly.

"I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to save you. My name is MERRICK. I am your watcher." The odd man told her.

Buffy frowned at him; "A WATCHER? What is that, some kind of stalker?" Buffy asked as she was trying to see a way to get away from this man.

"Buffy, I'm not going to hurt you. You have been chosen. In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. That is you Buffy. I can help you, your father will never hurt you ever again." The odd British man stood there, awaiting her answer; but knowing that she had no choice, by birthright it was done.

In a small voice; "My father won't be able to hurt me anymore, if I am this chosen one?" Tears were back in her eyes as she thought of no pain for once in her short life. "No Buffy, no more pain, no more being beaten down by your father." Merrick extended his hand and Buffy took it and began her life as the chosen one.


Faith was back in her bedroom and was sleeping; it seemed as though she was awake yet not, the memories of what Buffy's life had been was haunting her and there was now a beeping sound, it was the sound on those trucks as they were backing up. She was instantly awake and looking at; The Ghost of Christmas Present.

"I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present and I am taking you to see what is." Faith was now beside the spirit that looked like Dawn. One minute they were looking at the bedroom and then they were watching.

It was snowing in Louisville on a cold day in December, Christmas Eve Night. Buffy and Faith had been arguing; yet again. When Buffy had gone over to Willow's house, she had the door slammed on her. Willow was finally living away from all the other slayers and Buffy. She loved Buffy, but sometimes she just wanted to slap the shit out of her. Willow stood by the door; knowing that the blonde slayer was still standing outside the door.

"Please Will? Can't I just come in?" Buffy was whining and she knew it. Buffy wanted to buy a new house and Faith didn't want to move, they had just got the house the way they both wanted it to be. Willow was sighing behind the door, wondering why she didn't move away from everyone like Dawn had did. It was ten years after leaving Sunnydale. And Buffy was making her go gray before her time. Opening the door and looking at her best friend for years, she was still inside the house.

"Buffy, what did you do? Did you cheat again? Why does Faith even love you? I know...you love her...but can't you just leave me alone for four hours. GOD, you here as much as you are home. Some people will start to think that we are lovers." Willow was babbling and she was hoping that Buffy would stop her anytime soon.

Buffy smiled at the redhead, remembering why she loved her, "Willow babble, still cute after all these years." Buffy said with a smile in her eyes. "You could have stopped me, and I'm not cute." Willow was pouting as she told her. Buffy reached up and ran her fingertip down the redhead's nose; "You are so cute, Will."

"FINE, Buffy; But why are you here?" Willow stepped back from the door; waiting for her friend to come inside. Years of not inviting anyone in was ingrain in her, and she still never invited anyone in. Buffy gave her a goofy smile and walked inside the door, entering the house. Willow closed the door and they both went to sit on the love seat.

"Had a fight with Faith, over wanting to buy a new house." Buffy said as she placed her hands in her lap.

"Buffy, you just remodelled the house. You spent thousands on it. Why in the hell do you want to move?" Willow was frowning and trying to figure out what was going on with her best friend.

"I know all that." Buffy said getting up and starting to pace. "It's like when I get things the way that I want them, I just want more. And no, you can't ask if I am that way in bed." Willow smiled at her but was just listening. "Will, I love that stubborn slayer of mine. But I want something more. I don't know what. I just feel that something is missing." Buffy sat back down.

"Buff, you ever think that what you are missing is the slaying? You stopped that three years ago." The redhead took a breath and continued; "You love that house, the kitchen is just the way you design it. And that pool in back is to die for." Willow stop talking, just letting what she said sink in.

Buffy got up once again, she hated when she felt like this. The fight was stupid, she knew that. Her life had gotten to be a shoelace; and she was pulling at the knot and wanting it to go in different directions. She stopped in front of Willow.

"You're right, I miss slaying. I always wanted to be slay free and now that I have it, I just want to go out and kick the ass of something undead and then slay the hell out of it. Faith has never told me if she misses it." Buffy looked at the door and then back at her best friend. "Will, I should be getting home. I do have one thing to say, well maybe more then one; don't say that we might be lovers around Faith, she still is not over the last time I cheated on her. I love ya, Willow. But I don't love ya, ya know." Willow was trying not to chuckle at the blonde. "Anyway, I need to get back home, thanks for listening to me. I'm a dumb ass, maybe I'll see if Faith wants to train." Buffy walked up to Willow as the redhead was standing up, they hugged each other. They walked to the door and Buffy left to head back home to Faith.


Faith had been pacing the bedroom for hours; mumbling to herself. "Why does she push and push? Why is she never happy? WHY? God she makes me crazy. How can I ever make her happy?" Faith looked into the mirror at the sight of herself; her eyes were red, she had cried for hours when Buffy had not come back home. It had been ten hours since Buffy had left the house. It wasn't the first time that Buffy had stayed away. When they had fought over the cheating that Buffy did, she had stayed gone for two days. But that was a different time and a different world. Faith was waiting only two more hours and then she was going to bring her lover back home, from where ever she was.


Buffy had been walking by the river; she wanted to go home, she wanted....she just wanted something. She heard a noise and then felt a tingling on her neck. Her slayer sense was working overtime, she took the stake out of her jacket, happy that she still carried one to this day. The footsteps got closer as she was listening hard, then they stopped. A hand came from behind her and closed over her mouth, making any scream that she might had gotten out, unheard.

"Well...well..what do we have here. A lost slayer. Maybe, you should be home in bed little girl." The vampire was grinning, Buffy could tell. She didn't have time to react, her reflexes were not as they were, she and Faith really need to train more. The vamp bit into her neck, draining almost all of her blood and then threw her on the ground. The vampire was dizzy as he fell down beside the forgotten slayer. If either had seen the other they would have known.


Faith jumped from the bed the moment that she felt her body returning, Buffy was in trouble and she had to wait for another spirit to come for her; the things that she saw troubled her. Buffy never spoke of her father hitting her. They had more in common then she thought, although it was her mother that beat her making her run away and then her watcher finding her.

She was now pacing watching the clock. She heard the ticking of the clock, the beating of her heart as she waited for The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. As she turned around she saw a figure standing in front of her; wearing a bloodied shirt, hair the color of sunshine and eyes that were hollow.

"Tara?" Faith said as she knew the person standing before her. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come; didn't say anything, merely put her hand out toward Faith to take. "Alright I'll go, show me what is to come." Faith took the hand and then they were off seeing new visions.


They were outside of the house that she was living in now. There was Dawn in the kitchen, serving supper to her children; they were calling her mommy. Spike was seating at the table drinking from a mug.

"I so had hoped that Buffy would have been alive to see my children, Spike. I don't understand what happen?" ... "Now, little bit you know it had nothing to do with you. No one could have known that your father had been sired and he was just lucky to find your sister and then what happened after she was found. I'm just glad that you could adopt the three children that you have. I need a smoke." Spike got up from the table, placing his mug in the sink. He pulled nibbler into his arms and gave her a kiss, the children was giving them a "eeeeww." "Children hush." Spike and her were not a regular item, they just needed family this time of year and they had history. They knew without saying anything what the other needed. Dawn would not see anyone, Spike was torn up over loosing Buffy. They fit together.

The vision changed as Spike was coming out the door; Faith and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, was now watching Willow.

Willow was seating at a bar drinking alone, her hair was a mess, her eyes seem to be a mix of black and green, she had no emotions at all about her as she ordered another drink; a foxy blonde brought the drink over and sat it down and winked at her, but there was no reaction, the blonde said something to her and walked off.

The vision changed again to a cemetery, Dawn was looking at what she thought was a family plot; The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come motioned her toward the plot. Faith walked toward it; as Dawn was crying and placing flowers on a grave. On the ground were tombstones with;

Buffy Anne Summers, Sister, Lover, she died as she lived.

William the Bloody. Father and may he rest in peace.

Willow Rosenberg, She died from a broken heart, unable to save her friends.

Dawn walked off into the arms of her children and then Faith saw the last tombstone;

Faith, who needed no last night, died because she lost the will to live.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come pointed at Faith and the tombstones, trying to tell the slayer what was needed. Faith was crying and pissed off. This all happened because of a argument over a house, that just fucking sucked. Buffy lost her life, Willow lost herself as a result of letting Buffy leave her house, to head home or so she was told, Spike was lost because of what she guessed was protecting the brat and her children. And herself, that was easy, without Buffy she was nothing. She watched the children put their mother into the car and then the car was driving away. Faith looked at the Spirit.

"Take me home, I need to stop this from happening. There is time right? I can prevent this from coming." The Spirit that looked like Tara nodded its head. In a flash they were back at the house and Faith was now sleeping. Buffy was laying next to her, in sleep. Faith reached out to her and drew her in close, tears were running down the sleeping form of a terrified slayer. Sleep was coming to a close soon as the morning was coming and changes were on the wind.


Morning came, Buffy was working on trying to pry her lover's arms from around her; BUT, she couldn't get out of the grip that Faith had her in. *SHIT, I will have to wake her up, just great.* Buffy was not happy, the house was not what she wanted, or maybe it was Faith, maybe she just wanted to have something that had no name.

"Faith, wake up." The arms tightened even more. She felt her back getting wet; wanting to turn, but being unable to, "Baby, whats wrong?" Buffy asked forgetting everything that had just went through her mind. "GOD B, I LOST YOU." Sniffing and crying even more.

"I CAN"T HANDLE LOSING YOU BUFFY!" Faith had let up enough for Buffy to turn to her; with shaking fingers, the blond was tracing the tears on the brunette's face.

"Faith honey, what is wrong?" Buffy asked as her words were cut off from lips on hers. The kiss spoke of passion, heartache and fear. Buffy had tears in her eyes as they broke apart, Faith was now lying on top of her. "B, love you so fucking much, it hurts." The dark slayer eased down and sucked on her lover's bottom lip; then as they moaned they eased back apart. "Faith, I love ya too. Now what is wrong?" Buffy asked, they had been fighting over many things and nothing at all. She was at a lost of what had happened to her beautiful lover.

"B, you know that we try to be honest with each other, right?" Buffy nodded her head, as her eyes were looking in to dark chocolate ones. Faith put more weight down on her. "If I ask something, will you tell me truthfully?" Faith's eyes were moving from hazel eyes to lips, her body was telling her to make love to Buffy and her heart was telling her they needed to talk. "Baby, I will do my best." Their eyes closed for a few seconds; "I need more then your best this time." Faith swallowed hard as what she was going to ask was something hard from her fellow slayer. She decided to say that her experience was a dream; she really couldn't tell what it was. As their eyes meant, Faith found her voice; "B, you told me that your father left after you were called." The blonde's head nodded. "Alright, I had a dream last night, it showed me that he was abusing you." Faith got out as the body under hers was trying to get up. "FUCK, LET ME UP." Buffy was pissed; "NO! You're not running from me. I need to know this, right now." Tears were falling from Buffy. "Fa..Faith please." Faith was being torn up inside from the fear and hate that was on her girlfriend's face. "B, tell me."


Buffy was sobbing, but Faith was waiting for more."When my watcher came for me, it was right after he had hit me twice. I had a bruise on my back and a black eye with a sore nose." ... "I...when I knew my power, I made him mad at me...I wanted him to hit me, the bastard did. I let him knock me around and then, I used my power on him; I hurt him and it felt good, so fucking good. He had trouble walking after that fight. He left my mother after that and I haven't seen him since that day." Tears were still running down the blonde slayer's face, her breathing was heavy.

Faith leaned down and gave her a kiss; "You know that he was wrong when he told you; You think you can get things, the way you want them and not have to pay for them, YOU BITCH! YOU always want more." Faith watch the words hit home, Buffy was moving again against her; "DAMN YOU LET ME UP!" Buffy knew their dream showed them a lot at times; but this was too much. Then her words came to her, the ones that when things were not to her liking she would say; "It's like when I get things the way that I want them; I just want more."

Buffy went still and Faith was watching her. Their eyes would meet and then move just a hair and then back. "Faith, that was in your dreams?" Faith's heart was beating hard; "Yes, it was."

Buffy laid there thinking about her life, the fights over the years with her mother, her sister, her lovers, just about everyone. *Oh god, he made me him.* The thought went through her mind as Faith was reaching for her chin; "Darling you made you, not him. Whatever you want is from you." Faith was hoping that it made sense.

Tears came once again to Buffy's eyes, they stayed there, as her eyes were busy looking into her friend and lover. "You saw a lot didn't you." It was not so much a question as an answer. "Ya B, I did and if you still want to move we can. We can redo another house and make it better then this one. I want you happy, my nightingale." Faith had those same tears.

Buffy raised up, feeling her lover's body move with her; "You're not letting me up are you?" Buffy asked as she gave up moving. "We're done running B." Faith watch her lie back down and then asked; "Are we moving?" Buffy could see that it was up to her, if she wanted to move then they would, and they would start over on another house and spend countless thousands to remodel it. Her mind was telling her yes, her body was yelling to run and her heart was telling her, that she was finally home. Knowing her answer she eased a hand to Faith's face.

"Yes, we are going to move." Buffy watched a smile come finally to her lover's face. "Now my rascal, lets move ourselves against each other and then we will work on our gazebo." Buffy's other hand was able to move now. "We're staying here Buffy?" Faith had to ask. "Right here, till we die of whatever." Buffy said as they began to make love.


Wearing nothing to bed was so helpful during the early morning hours, as they kissed each other, tongues caressing, hands roaming, teasing a nipple here, running a finger under the soft downy part of a breast. Moans filling the room as they made love to each other.

"Faith, god" Buffy cried as Faith was thrusting three fingers into her hot pussy; "Oh, baby....harder." Faith increased her rhythm as her fingers were melting into the wetness of her lover. "God B, your so fucking hot, and your making those noises that I love." Eyes meeting, as hips thrust more and more against Faith's fingers. "Fuck, coming." Buffy was yelling as her walls closed and trapped the fingers inside her, they were milking her for all her juices, "B"... Buffy arched up off the bed as the last of the spasms race through her. They stayed that way till Buffy's pussy let go of the overly wet fingers and the dark slayer could pull her fingers out without hurting her lover. She brought them to her mouth, sucking on them; "Mmm...never get tired of your taste." Faith said as she was suddenly turned over onto her back.

Chuckling and seeing the desire in Buffy's eyes; she did what any woman do with a hot blonde staring at her, she pouted at her. "Aw baby, what's wrong?" Buffy asked as she was grabbing a pillow and placing it under the raven slayer's behind. Amusement and desire were burning now in Faith's eyes. Buffy's fingers and then mouth found her soaking wet, Faith was moaning against the feel of fingers and mouth on her cunt. "B...Buffy." Buffy's tongue had just licked her clit and then she was moving away; "B?" Faith moaned.

Buffy was getting the baby oil off of the night table; "Time for me to feel you from the inside, rascal." Buffy told her as she winked at her; and then two fingers were fucking her cunt slowly and then three, her hips were moving, biting her bottom lip as the pressure inside her was building, then Buffy was pulling her fingers out and then slowly she enter her with her fist. The movement was slow and careful, not wanting to hurt Faith.

"Buf...Buffy, Baby....so good." Faith was now fucking against Buffy's fist hard. "Faith, you are so wet, your walls are so slick. I love being inside of you, it's like I have your heart in my hands. GOD, I just want to stay inside you." Faith was looking at her, trying to keep her eyes open as Buffy was talking to her. "Faster B." Buffy increase her speed and then slowed down again. "FUCK, please." Faith cried as she was on the verge of coming. "Baby, what I was looking for, what I didn't know, was is that I had it all along....Faith, I need you and I love you so fucking... oh god your going to come." Buffy watch her lover, she was waiting for her; "Faith, come all over me."

Faith's hips moved in a blur, the moisture that came from her cunt, was soaking into the pillow and then her back was arching and Buffy fist was going in even deeper as her walls clamped down hard. She came yelling, "FUCK, LOVE YOU!...OH GOD." Faith was still breathing heavily as Buffy eased out of her and removed the pillow, she crawled up Faith's body, enjoying the feel of their bodies touching, breasts kissing each other.

"Faith, Baby." Faith put her finger against her lips, breathlessly Faith told her; "B, it's over. Now kiss me." Their lips meet in an embrace of love and forgiveness.

The End

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