Title: Another Rooftop

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith


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Buffy couldn't help but smile as the words left Faith's lips...."Any more elf tricks ya got there B?"

*Buffy's mind was playing with the word tricks and Faith's lips.*

"Faith...sure, there are some more elf tricks. But I got a different trick in mind."

Faith looked at Blondie and wondered when she had gotten so damn brave. A serious smirk was playing on her face. When she found her voice, the words were very husky.

"Buffy, you have a trick in mind?".....

Buffy felt moisture building up between her legs. Faith's eyes looked like she was going to eat her alive..... *Hummm....not a bad idea.*

"Well...damn B what is it?" Buffy came out of her daydream and grabbed Faith's hand and led her outside to the fire escape and pushed Faith in front of her. She placed her hand on Faith's ass, telling her to climb up...Faith not being told more then once climbed.

As she did, she would try to look down to catch a glimpse of Buffy...but Buffy was not having any part of that and she would slap the ass above her, telling her to move it...Faith was breathing harder as they finally reached the rooftop.

*Leave it to B to bring me to another rooftop.*

Buffy came up on to the rooftop and her face ran into Faith's ass... "Hummm."..."Damn Faith. Move your ass so I can fully get up onto the rooftop."

Faith chuckled at B, "Sorry there B." Faith moved farther in and Buffy came up behind her. Her hands came around her waist. Her hard nipples touched Faith's back and they both let out a moan....

"Shit B, we forgot to put on something before coming outside." Buffy nibbled her ear and whispered. "I am the something you forgot to put on..." Faith was sure that she had suddenly fell into hell, because damn if it wasn't AS HOT AS HELL up here, her thighs thought so too as the moisture ran down her legs. *Fuck, how did I get so wet?*

As if Buffy was reading her thoughts, her hand moved her legs further apart and now her finger tips were making circles in the moisture on her thighs, as Buff's fingers got closer to her center, her hips bucked against Buffy, causing Buffy to bite her ear, which caused her to get wetter....

"Aw...God." Faith moaned. Buffy licked where she had bitten and was slowly licking down Faith's neck.....Buffy pulled Faith harder back into her and left a arm around her waist....as she whispered to Faith.

"I'm going to make you come against me."

Faith would have fell if not for Buffy holding her so tight. Finger tips had moved slowly to her heat. Faith thought for sure that Buffy would burn her fingers as they opened her up and began moving front to back and then when she was sure that was all that she could take.....Buffy's fingers finally caressed her clit and they both moaned, her fingers circled her clit and then without warning she slid two fingers into Faith's hot center. Sending her bucking hard into Buffy's body again. Buffy didn't let up as she was fulfilling her promise to make Faith come...........


As the moans from both slayers pickup in tempo...in a heavy mist a redhead laid sleeping and dreaming....dreaming of Faith and making love to her on a bed of roses. As they moved against the other, Willow kissed Faith and pulled away from her to say,

"I love you."

But suddenly she was not telling Faith that she loved her....SHE was telling BUFFY!.....Willow awoke......"AW God, not now!" Willow turned over trying to let sleep reclaim her. But the dream kept replaying itself in front of her........



Faith was coming against Buffy. Buffy held onto her as waves of the orgasm ran though the dark slayer's body........Faith and Buffy fell to the rooftop together...When Faith could move again she turned Buffy to face her and kissed her, a kiss of promises to come and a future that neither was sure what would hold for them and for RED.

Somehow they had fallen asleep on the rooftop...Buffy moved and was reaching for the covers when she realized that she and Faith was still outside for all to see come morning...

She looked over at the sleeping form under her and wondered..*Why did it take us so long?*

Buffy saw Faith moving and touched her ever so lightly, trying to wake her...."Faith come on, we got to get inside and get warm."

Faith looked up at her..."Don't wanna, nice here."

Buffy laughed at her..."Come on F, get your ass up and come to bed with me. Morning is coming soon and we have to get Willow back."

That seemed to get through to her and they said goodnight to the rooftop and returned to the warm room and to each other's bodies both hopeful and worried of what the morning was going to bring with it.


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