Title: Welcome to New Orleans

Author: Raven White

Fandom: (BTVS)

Pairings: (Buffy/Amy, VampBuffy/Tara/Faith)


Warnings: (Characters Deaths)

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The drive from Sunnydale had been a long one. Tara pulled into a gas station in New Orleans. The car needed gas and she needed a room and a bed for the night.... she had been glad that she was able to buy the station wagon off the dealership as cheap as she had, considering that she had to care for someone that she never thought that she would ever have too......*HOW DID BUFFY GET TURNED?* ....She still had not asked Buffy who it was....she was a little afraid to ask her to begin with.....

Lying in back of the wagon was a coffin, the windows were blackened and no sound other than a radio station, playing a bad version of "Welcome To The Jungle", by Yanni...

Tara caught the tail end of the song as she got back into the car and put away the credit card she used for the gas...she still felt weird using the card as it belonged to Buffy......

The radio station was telling the listener to stay tuned for Lose My Way, by Vonda Shepard.....at that the lid of the coffin moved and a glassy eyed Buffy looked to the front and crawled into the front seat of the car.

The radio was now playing,.......

I wanna lose my way
And my sense of direction
Wanna lose my bearings
And my point of reference
Wanna go where everything
Don't remind me of our happiness
That we sacrificed for some unknown bliss

Buffy and Tara had both been listening to the song that was playing....Buffy looked to Tara and said to her...

"Tara, that song fits us both now, you sacrificed yourself for me, and I am yours...." Buffy leaned over to Tara and Tara met her half way, their lips met and they shared a kiss, that lasted as long as Tara could go without air......."Bu....Buf...... Buffy, air, darling...I need air...." Buffy would had been red, if she could, "Sorry, love...forgot you need it....." a laugh almost to her voice.

"Buffy, it's time to find a room and than you can make me yell for air.".......Buffy chuckled and Tara drove off into the night.

As Tara was driving several songs filled the car. Some she knew others she didn't. She was surprised when Buffy started singing to an old Jackie Wilson song.

*I didn't know that she ever even heard of him.* As she was lost in her thoughts, she saw a sign up ahead that said there was a Super 8 Motel coming up at the next intersection. Buffy kept singing with the radio....this time it was a song that Tara hate.

Lonely teardrops, why do you never dry?
Lonely teardrops, come home, come ho-oo-oh-oo-oh-ome,
Just say you will, say you will. Say you will! Ah,

Tara listened for a few minutes and looked at Buffy and sighed. She reached for the radio and turned the channel.

"HEY....I was singing to that." Buffy almost yelled.

"Buffy, come on....there has been enough crying in our lives and we both know that the lonely thing is what you do best when you can't handle anything else."

Buffy sat there even more cold then what she already was. A red teardrop was aching to drop off her face. Instead of turning to face Tara she turned and watched the buildings go by.

*Lonely....yeah that is me....that is till I was sired by.....*

Buffy thoughts stopped as the car came to a halt.

"I'll go......a...a.and get us a room." *Not now. I don't need to do this right now.* Tara got out of the car and went inside.


Buffy felt the cold down to her cold dead heart. The tear that she had cried was still on her cheek. Like a reminder of what she would never once again see. Some of her friends were dead now and she wasn't even able to stop what happened to them.

She was dead at that time. Waiting to be reborn a Vampire. Her a Slayer of Vampires was now what she killed. A Vampire. Talk about poetic justice. She just knew that somewhere there was a Watcher laughing at her. Oh how the mighty had fallen.

Buffy kept up with the most depressing thoughts that any one person could have. She somehow missed noticing when Tara had came back outside of the motel office. Tara was standing there at the door watching her.

"Great now she's acting like a watcher." There was a slight chuckle at the end and then Buffy dropped her head down.

Buffy started an argument in her mind......












During this time Tara had been watching her. Her own heart was aching. She had lost so much in Sunnydale. Friends that she would never see again. Once she had found Buffy, they had not stayed in town long enough for anyone to know that Buffy was not herself. Buffy The Vampire. *GOD WHY* Buffy had dealt with so much crap for her whole life and now this.

Tara's body trembled as she watched the argument the Slayer was having with herself.

*She still doesn't believe that I can love her even now. WHAT do I have to do to make her believe in me?*

Tara finally went to the car door and got in. She had gotten a room on the back side of the motel on the first floor. She knew that Buffy would want the coffin inside before the next morning began. Starting the engine and backing the car out, she headed to the back to find their room.


Buffy was scared once again. She had to depend on some one else now. She was always the strong one. She was always the protector. AND now she was the hunted. She could feel the hurt hanging in the car. She was going to say something to Tara, but then the car stopped again on her.

"Buffy, I am going to get the duffel bag out of the back. You want to get your coffin while I get the door open and we will have it ready for you come morning." Tara said.

"Sure Tara." Buffy felt like such an idiot.

Tara grabbed the duffel bag and went to open the door to their room. Looking around Tara motioned for Buffy to bring in her bed for the day. Buffy looked around also and when she did not see anyone looking she picked the coffin up and they both went inside together.

Once inside Tara dropped the bag on the bed. Looking at Buffy, she almost wondered why she had saved her when she did. *Because you love her.....you fool.* Tara smiled.

"Buffy, I am going to take a shower." Tara went into the bathroom and striped off her clothes. With the door open Buffy could see her body. Tara's body was shimmering with sweat from the car ride and if Buffy could have breathed in deeply she would have smelled it.

Instead she opened her mouth and inhaled the smell into her.

"God, why are we fighting again?" ...."Okay I am fighting with myself." *Yeah that's me...fighting to the end.* It was like a light bulb went off inside Buffy's brain. *Hum?....It is the end and I am still here and she is in there.* *But I should give her sometime alone.*

Buffy went about changing into a short nightgown. She turned on the television and found that they had stations with only music on them. She was switching channels like a tennis pro. Finally the shower was being turned off. She found what sounded like a song that was for the both of them. The great thing was the tv had a pause on the music as she waited for Tara to come into the room.

Tara came into the room drying her hair softly. More it looked like the towel was making love to her hair. Buffy gasped as she watch the towel touching her lover. *Her lover.* Buffy loved the sound of that when she thought of Tara.

Tara saw the look in Buffy's eyes and wondered what had the Slayer in such a place. She saw Buffy look to the side of the bed by her side and with doe eyes motioned for her to sit by her.

Tara not being born yesterday, knew that something was going on with her Slayer. She sat and waited for whatever was to come.

Buffy turn toward her and touched her face. The smile was back on her face as Buffy hit play on the remote. The television started playing this song.


Free (Prince)

Don't sleep 'til the sunrise, listen 2 the falling rain
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, don't worry 'bout your pain Don't cry unless you're happy, don't smile unless you're blue
Never let that lonely monster take control of U


Tara's chest tightened as she heard the words of the song.


Be glad that U r free
Free 2 change your mind
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime
Be glad that U r free
There's many a man who's not
Be glad 4 what U had baby, what you've got
Be glad 4 what you've got


That's what they both were now. FREE.


I know (my?) heart is beating, my drummer tells me so
If U take your life 4 granted, your beating heart will
go So don't sleep until you're guilty, 'cuz sinners all r we
There's others doing far worse than us, so be glad that U r free


This was Buffy's heart. Her heart was gone now. But she still had Tara's.


Be glad that U r free
Free 2 change your mind
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime
Be glad that U r free
There's many a man who's not
Be glad 4 what U had baby, what you've got
Be glad 4 what you've got


That's what they both were now. FREE.


Soldiers are a marching, they're writing brand new laws
Will we all fight together 4 the most important cause?
Will we all fight 4 the right 2 be free?
Free (Be glad that U r free)
Free 2 change my mind (Free 2 change your mind)
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime (Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime)
I'm just glad, I'm just glad I'm free, yeah (Be glad that U r free)
There's many a man who's not (There's many a man who's not)
Glad 4 what I had baby, (Be glad 4 what U had and)
Glad 4 what I got, oh yeah (for what you've got)
Oh I'm just glad, I'm just glad I'm free, yeah (Be glad that U r free)
Free 2 change my mind (Free 2 change your mind)
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime (Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime)
(Be glad that U r free)
(There's many a man who's not)
I'm so... (Be glad 4 what U had and for what you've got)


They both had smiles and tears. Buffy finally got it. She was FREE. But she was only as FREE as Tara let her be. Tara was her control and Buffy was Tara's.


Tara went to speak but with Buffy's finger touching her lips all she could do was shudder. The next thing that she felt was Buffy's mouth on her neck. She was biting her softly. Tara was moaning. Buffy had never broken her skin during love making. As Buffy was nibbling on Tara's neck, she was moving them farther up on the bed. The towel that once was drying Tara's hair was caught in between them. Buffy growled at it. She moved from the bed and ripped the towel from her lover's body. Buffy slipped her nightgown back off, wanting to only feel Tara skin on her skin.

Tara was panting as she always does when she sees Buffy's body. The years of slaying had gave her a tight and *OH* so firm body. But yet it was still soft in all the right places. She was waiting for Buffy to crawl back up to her. But all that she was doing was watching her.

Tara's body was reacting to being watched. Buffy knew this. When they first made love, Buffy had made Tara show her with Tara's own fingers.

Remembering that, Tara watched Buffy as she used only her fingertips to caress her nipples. She teased her own body looking only at Buffy as she did. The room was growing warmer as Tara was nearing her own lava center.


Buffy seemed to be breathing heavily. Which for her was something now. Her eyes seem to be melting Tara with just her look. She saw her lover's body rise up off the bed as her fingers rain upon her slick pussy. She watch Tara open herself up to her. Tara was running her fingers down the center of her lips. Her fingers were glistening with moisture.

Buffy licked her lips. She could almost taste the flavor of her lover on her lips. She stood there watching and waiting for what she knew was coming next. Tara slipped a finger inside of her lips. Buffy moaned as the tip of Tara's finger disappeared inside her. Tara was moaning. Tara removed her finger and with a come here look, offered her finger to Buffy.

"OH GOD." Buffy moaned.

Next thing they both knew Buffy was sucking on her finger. As much as Buffy wanted to go back to nibbling on her lover's neck, she had to taste the sweet ambrosia that was Tara alone. Buffy picked her up and placed her at the foot of the bed. Then she sat on the floor. She went to town licking and sucking on Tara's juicy pussy. *God it's like the first time I tasted her.* Buffy moaned into her. As Buffy went about going slowly, driving Tara over the edge, Tara was pinching her nipples and watching Buffy licking her. The cold tongue of Buffy was something that she never got used to. *It's like there is an ice cube inside me.* And Oh how she loved her ice cube.

As Tara was wiggling against Buffy's mouth, she felt her cold fingers asking for permission to enter her.....

"OH BUFFY, PLEASE." Tara moaned.

Buffy smiled into her...and then entered her with two fingers...her mouth and fingers keeping with the same rhythm. Her mouth was licking around her fingers and then she took Tara's clit into her mouth, sucking and biting. She felt Tara's walls closing around her fingers and she sucked hard and her fingers curled up inside her. Tara was shaking.......

"HUM....BUFFY...I M COMING.......FUCK.....OH .....YES........"

Buffy drank her all in and then some. She felt a hand on her head. Buffy's fingers and mouth left the warm wet center that she loved so much. She looked up into the face of the one that she loved and was home.

"Yes love?" Buffy asked. She had a smirk on her face.

*Oh your proud of yourself aren't you?* Tara was thinking. "God Buffy, I love you!"

Buffy rose up and helped her to lay back on the bed and laid down on top of her. Buffy was burning with need. But she could wait.

Tara woke to an empty bed. That was the hardest thing to get used to. After Buffy and her had pleased each other during the night, Buffy would be in her coffin come morning light. Staying there till the late shadows of the afternoon.

Tara got out of bed and got dressed. She was cleaning up around the room when there was a knock at the door. *Who can that be?* Tara wondered.

She opened the door and saw a dark haired woman standing before her.

Before she could even say anything to Faith, the other slayer was in the room and heading for the coffin.

Tara closed the door quickly and ran to stop Faith from slaying the slayer.

"FAITH, NO!" Tara screamed.

Faith was not talking and she let go of the lid.

She stood in front of Tara. All smirks were gone from her face. She was now the chosen one. She was the mighty slayer now.


"Because she loves you. Don't ask me why she does. And she didn't kill Xander and Dawn. Her sire set her up to take the fall for them." Tara told her.

Faith was shocked. *B loves me? She's a vampire....doesn't make a difference. B loved a vampire. Can I?*

"Come on Faith. You know you love her." Tara thought that she had her.

Faith sat on the end of the bed. Things running amuck in her mind. The room grew quiet as Faith was thinking.

Tara had turned the radio on. She didn't really want to get into it with Faith. That was for Buffy to do when she arose.

Blood roses
Blood roses
Back on the street now

Blood roses
Blood roses
Back on the street now
Can't forget the things you never said
On days like these starts me thinking
When chickens get a taste of your meat girl
Chickens get a taste of your meat yes

You gave him you blood
And your warm little diamond
He likes killing you after you're dead
You think I'm a queer
I think you're a queer
Said I think you're a queer
I think you're a queer
I shaved every place where you been boy
I said I shaved every place where you been yes

God knows I know
I've thrown away those graces
God knows I've thrown away
Those graces
God knows I know
I've thrown away those graces

The Belle of New Orleans tried to show me
Once how to tango
Wrapped around you feet
Wrapped around like good little roses

Blood Roses
Blood Roses
Back on the street now

Blood Roses
Blood Roses
Back on the street now

Now, Now
Now you've cut out the flute
From the throat of the loon
At least when you cry now
He can't even hear you
When chickens get a taste of your meat girl

Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
Come on
When he sucks you deep
Sometimes you're nothing but meat


Faith and Tara both listened to the song. And they both became lost in their own thoughts. How can a song make you think about everything that has happened in your life?

They were knocked out of their thoughts at the sound of a lid being opened. Faith jumped a mile into the air and Tara only smiled.

"Tara, honey are you alright?" Buffy asked as she climbed from her bed. Her eyes fell onto the raven hair slayer.


Faith had tears in her eyes. She knew now that B loved her and that she loved her too. *Why is life so fucked up?*

"B, wanna tell me what happened to you?" Faith asked.

Tara had moved into Buffy's arms, seeing as Faith had her back to the door and was staying put. Faith frowned at the closeness of the two girls. *Well she does like women.*

"Faith, I'm hungry. Can I?" Buffy wasn't sure how Faith would take seeing her drinking blood. But she needed it.

Faith grabbed the chair that was by the door and sat on it.

"Sure B. You just can't leave this room." Faith told her.

Buffy laughed at her..."No problem there F."

Buffy went to the cooler in the bathroom and poured the blood into a cup and warmed it up. Returning to the bathroom to drink it before rinsing her cup. She went back into the other room.

"Tara, you might as well sit too. You know some of this, but it's time for it all."

Buffy watched them watching her. She cleared her mind and began.

"It all started when I was on a date. I was to meet her at the Bronze. But at the last minute she called and told me to come to the Horseshoe. So like the good little girlfriend I went there. I didn't know it at the time, but the bar was now owned by a vampire.

When I went inside the door, it was closed and locked behind me. There lying on the floor was my girlfriend in a puddle of her own blood. They didn't even sire her.

Told me she was unworthy of being a vampire. I was like that IS so NOT. Come on Harmony was a fucking vampire. And if there was ever an unworthy it was her."

"Hum B."

"Right F."

"You telling this or me?"


"Anyway. My girlfriend was dead. I lost Amy that night.

Then I saw her. She was lying on a couch. She was pale. That is when she opened her eyes and looked at me. I moved back towards the door. And she was coming towards me.

She told me to look up. And I did. Hanging from the ceiling of the club was Xander and Dawn. They were dead. I was glad that they were really dead. And then she told me that I should have picked her.

That it was her that I should be with, not Amy. It didn't matter to her that she was with Fred at that time. She started laughing at me as I kept backing. Me a Vampire Slayer was afraid of MY WILLOW."

Faith and Tara had tears in their eyes. Each for different reasons.

"That when I felt him. He was behind me and I had backed right into his arms."

"Buffy you should have been here when she fucked me. No wonder you were with her. Thought she was going to kill me. Damn that was a wild ride. What's wrong lover? Sorry it wasn't you this time. Oh yeah, I am bad and Angel has left the building." Angelus said.

"That is when he bit me. But he let Willow drain me and then he sired me. I was able to get away when I came to myself and then Tara found me." Buffy was crying and just wasn't happy.


Buffy looked at Faith as she felt Tara hugging her.

"Giles dusted Angelus two nights ago. He ain't among the dead anymore. Not sure about Willow, but rumours that are running around was that she was heading south." Faith told her.

Buffy broke into sobs.

"Tara, I love you and Faith, I love you...so sorry...kill me please." Buffy whimpered as she held onto Tara.

Tara looked at Faith. She knew that she could never kill Buffy. But she wasn't sure of Faith.

*Should I stake her? Does that solve anything? She loved Angel. She loves Tara. She loves me. Can I love her with Tara in the picture? Do I love her enough for it not to matter?* Faith wondered.

After what seemed like forever Faith got up and went over to Buffy and Tara. She kissed Tara's forehead and took Buffy's cold hand and kissed the palm of it.

"B, I have always loved you. If Tara can put up with me, than NO I am not going to stake you. I am going to love you till I am cold and grey." Faith said.

"Tara?" Buffy asked.

"No problem here Buffy. She is hot and your cold. And our bed is never going to be empty." Tara told them as she blushed.

They began kissing and loving each other into the late night. As Buffy got into her coffin, her lovers were curled up around the other sleeping.

*Maybe being a Vampire is not so bad.* Buffy thought as she went to sleep.


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