Title: Nasty and Naked

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith


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Buffy had been inside all day. It was raining again and as much as she needed to, she did not like to patrol in the rain. And she was in a mood that just did not work well for slaying. So she had been watching TV and had been surfing the channels all night.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

That was not to bad.

Naked Blonde...Naked Guy...Naked Brunette.

The Blonde and that Brunette were not bad to watch..But when he was inside the brunette...she just wondered... HOW DID IT FIT? ...The blonde got into play....channel change...Boring.....flip back....The two girls were on their backs touching each other and kissing while the guy was doing one of them.

She thought that she heard something outside of the room. She muted the TV and went to look...Opening the door...No ONE.


Hitting the mute button again...."Oh yes...fuck me....lick me...."

Buffy watched and tilted her head watching the two women.


Standing by the sliding doors to the porch, Faith was watching Buffy as she watched TV....*Didn't know Buffy watched porn.*

What surprised her most was that Buffy seemed to be more into the two girls then when either of them was with the guy. *Damn.*

Faith leaned closer against the doors.

"Shit!" Faith whispered.


Buffy's fingers had found the inside of her shorts....

"Fuck, they got me so damn wet." Her index finger ran from the bottom to the top of her pussy. On the next pass down her finger went deep into the moisture. Then came back out moving down and back up. As she added a second finger on the way back down...she slipped them inside.

Using her two fingers....she moved them inside. She was making wet clicking noises....as her fingers curved up inside her..her hips bucked up against her fingers.....just as she was about to come...there was a knock at the door.

"FUCK...fuck....fuck!" Removing her fingers as she gave the door a evil look, she absently wiped her hand on the sofa. Almost to the door she heard the tv...."Oh yeah baby like that."

She mumbled something that no would ever want to hear. She turned the channel once more and found tennis. She looked at the tv and wondered...


The knock at the door came again.

"Hold your horses, I'm coming!" She couldn't help but smile...*well almost dammit.*


Faith knew that she was wet. In more ways then one. For some reason she just couldn't stand there and watch Buffy playing with her self anymore. So here she was with wet hair, waiting for Buffy to answer the door. She felt nervous. *Why am I nervous? B didn't see me?* She breathed in deeply. *I am chilling...like a felon.* *God I got to stop watching commercials.* The door was almost whipped open... "Faith. Oh its you." "Damn B. Don't sound so happy." "Sorry Faith. Come in."

Buffy moved back into the room and Faith walked in. Buffy closed the door. Faith did her best to not sniff the room. "Faith your wet!" "Yeah B. It's raining outside." "But you were supposed to be in your room." "B. When did I ever do what I was suppose to do?" "Good point Faith." "Well let me get you a towel to dry off."

Faith stood there...*she is getting a towel....I could show a thing or two that she could use that towel for."

Just then the air-con came on in the room...and the room smelled like Buffy.

"OH GOD!" Faith broke out in a sweat. She really wanted to sit down but knew that B would yell at her.

"Faith did you said something?" Buffy asked as she came back into the room.

"Faith...Faith.....FAITH....EARTH TO MAJOR FAITH COME IN." Buffy was almost ready to slap the poor thing.

"Hum....B....What? Oh Yeah, B. I'm here." Faith asked with her smirk on her face.

"Yeah Faith, grab the shirt that I laid out for you to wear and get out of those wet things."

Buffy sat down on the sofa as she watched Faith leave the room.

"Finally." She turned the channel back. The blonde was now licking the brunette's pussy. Buffy was lost in watching as Faith came back into the room. Faith had put the shirt on and nothing else. She stood behind Buffy watching her watch the television.

"Damn B, didn't know you like Brittney Skye?" Faith said with a chuckle in her voice.

"Ah, shit. Faith!" Buffy blushed.

"I forgot you were here."

Buffy was blushing ten shades of red and looking anywhere but at Faith.

The grin on Faith's face was huge. She felt like she had won the prize at the fair and it was not that shitty little lamb that you always got....nope it was that GIANT PANDA BEAR. *YEEE HAW! DAMN!* Okay Faith get a grip. Looking down again she saw that Buffy was still blushing. She moved from behind the sofa and sat down next to Buffy.

"B, Hey. It's alright everyone watches porn sometime in their life." Faith said.

Shaking, Buffy tried to look at her fellow slayer. But she just could not.

Faith swallowed hard and tried to get that smirk off her face. She brought her hand to Buffy's chin. She raised her face up to hers. When Buffy's eyes met hers she felt like she was a cactus. Nope no water there at all. She was dry...well at least her mouth was.

*When did I forget how to talk?* Faith wondered. Any moment she thought that she would be able to talk. She was sure that Buffy winked at her.

"Hum.....B.....B. Come on it's okay. It's me here remember. I got no problem with a little self love." Faith said. She was sure that her face had a slight redness to it. *I never blush.*

Buffy moved her chin away from the hand that was holding it. *What would Faith think? If she knew I like women. well nothing like NOT asking her.*

Buffy turned to the television. She turned back to the tennis program. One of the Williams sisters was playing a looker with the first name of Maria. *Thank god it's not that Seles chick....she always sounds like she is saying, 'fuck me', when she is hitting that ball.*


Faith had watched Buffy as she turned away from her. *Is she afraid that I don't get it. Shit I watch the stuff myself...I am queen of the self love....not that I would ever....fuckin ever tell her that.* That damn smirk was back. *Hum...she turned the television over. Tennis? She likes that?* It was like a big ole sign light went off over the dark slayer's head.

"WELL FUCK ME!" Faith said to the room.

"Sheesh Faith, you kiss your Mom with that mouth?" Buffy asked.

Chuckling..."Nope not me B. Mom was never into that."

A look of wonder came over Buffy's face. "WHAT?"

Faith laughed harder. "Damn B. Get your mind out of the gutter. She did not like me to hug her, kiss her. That was never her thing."

Buffy had that same light go off. *That is why she hates to be hugged.*

Buffy sighed and sat further back on the sofa. Faith did the same.

As Buffy was getting ready to ask Faith why she was here, Faith beat her to the punch.

"So B. You like tennis?"

"Yeah F. Like like it. Why?"

Faith got closer to her. "So B, let me guess you like the fact that there are two woman out there on the court. They are all sweaty. Their muscles are rippling as they move. And above all else, and let me tell you I love this reason."

"Faith, just shut up." Buffy finished with a glare and got up off the sofa.

Faith kept the laugh in this time. It was time to get down to it. She went into the bedroom and grabbed the bag that had their extra equipment it in. Finding what she wanted she went back into the room with Buffy. She placed the item down by the sofa. She sat back down. Buffy had gotten herself something to drink. And it looked like half of the water had gone down the front of her shirt.

Buffy could feel Faith watching her. *She is not going to let this go. I just know it.*

Buffy sat back down.

"Faith, I know that I am going to hate myself. But what is the reason that you love?"

Faith was at the fair again. She placed her mouth next to Buffy's ear and all she did was..... GRUNT.

Buffy's pulse increased. *SHIT. She knows.*

"Faith, you should leave."

"WHY B?" Faith asked in a whisper.

"Faith please."

"No. Come on Buffy what is the problem. You like to watch women. When they sweat. If they are running. Hitting something. If they are loving another woman. Or man."

Buffy looked to be squirming.

"Or is it when they are kissing each other? When they are licking each other? When one is eating the other's pussy?"

Faith leaned back and grabbed the remote. She turned the channel to a pay-per-view. She found what she was looking for. She punched in her code and the movie started.

Buffy turned to the television as the title came on. Strap on Sally. "Oh god." She tried to get the remote, but Faith was having none of it.


"No B, watch."

Buffy shyly looked at the movie. The first encounter was nice. It only had her breathing a little more then normal. But when she saw the second one...

"A tennis court?" Buffy stated.

"Yepper B." Faith said as she reached down to make sure the item was still by the sofa.

Buffy was watching and was wondering *why is it so damn hot in here?*

There on the screen was women on the tennis court and one was being held down over the net. She was being fucked. The heels on the one woman made her almost ask, *How could she stand like that?*

Faith raised her mouth back to Buffy's ear and started licking it. Only on the ear lobe.

"Faith stop."

Her tongue was inside Buffy's ear at hearing that and then down her neck.

"B do you really...?" Faith slide back. As much as she wanted to move ahead, if Buffy said no, then it was no.

Buffy was lost. She wanted to let Faith. Hell she wanted to let herself. But what would they think of her? The room was hotter then normal. She was a fire that just needed one more stroke to make her flare up.

It was as if Faith knew some of what she was thinking. Whispering...."B, I like watching women. I love tasting a woman." She could had added more but that seemed to feel right.

Buffy watched the scene on tv unfold. Tongue and pussy moving. She saw something out of the corner of her eye. Faith had placed something on the small table to the side.

"Um, Faith?" Buffy asked looking at the item.

"Don't have the strap on B. But I can make this work if you want me and it?"


Getting up off the sofa and grabbing the item...."Fine B. I'll go. Don't worry I won't say a fucking thing to the gang." Faith had made it to the door and her hand was on the handle. As she was opening the door, she felt Buffy slam up against her. Because of the slam, the door shut. And Faith felt Buffy against her. Faith was flat against the door with a now naked blonde slayer on her back. Buffy's lips sucked on her neck.



Faith was sure that her knees were going to give out.


"Faith shut up and show me." Buffy said and stepped back.

"On the bed now!" Faith told her as she tore her shirt off.

Buffy was naked on the bed waiting. Her hand was on the lips of her pussy. She had seen Faith come into the room and stop. Faith was watching her hand. Buffy looked so wet. Her feet now seemed to want to stay by the door, but her mouth wanted where Buffy's hand was.

"B, stop that." Faith said as she walked to the bed. Faith moved her hand and licked Buffy's juices off of it. Faith then laid down over Buffy. They both gasped as their bodies touched. "Faith...B..." They kissed for some time and Faith moved down the blonde's body. Her breasts were next to be kissed and licked. Buffy was insane at the moment. Her body was rising up with each lick and kiss.

"Faith please." Buffy looked at her.

"B, I don't have to use it." Faith said as she moved down the blonde's curls.

"Fuck." Faith's fingers had run down her pussy lips and her ass came off the bed.


"You sure B?" Faith asked as she grabbed a pillow and the item.

"Faith fuck me, NOW." Buffy command.

Faith smiled and with a low chuckle, she placed the pillow under Buffy's hips and begin to rub Buffy's juices on the end of the item. Thank goodness this had a small end to it.

Faith moved the item in slowly. Buffy would move with the item. Soon part of the item was inside Buffy. Buffy was sweating and moving. Faith was playing with Buffy's clit and trying to rub herself along the bed.

"Fuck you look Nasty B."

"Oh GOD.....Faith....fuck...."

Faith moved the item more.

"Aw fuck me faster Faith."

And Faith did.

Buffy's hips was moving in a blinding speed. That fire was now ablaze and was almost to the point of being exhausted.

Faith speeded up her hand and pinched Buffy's clit and that was the flood that would take that fire away.


And Buffy came and came....

Faith was grinning like an goon. She eased the item out of Buffy and laid it down on the bottom of the bed. She laid down by Buffy. Waiting for her to come back. When she did she looked at Faith and kissed her and they both moaned into it.

"Faith. That was amazing. Wow doesn't even cover it. But I can never again look at that item and not blush or get wet."

Laughing Faith looked down at the item in question.

"You mean a tennis racket B?"


"We're just NASTY and NAKED." Faith said.


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