Title: Louisville Thunder

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith/Willow


Warnings: ANGST

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Willow was reading and she was bored. She had done the tourist thing and saw everything that there was to see in this one horse town. The fact that she was now alone was not helping. She had never told anyone of her time with Buffy and Faith. Hell no one would have believed that they had done the deed. Willow threw the book she was reading at the fireplace.


She was pacing around like a werewolf in heat.

"I need to feel again....WHY did I come here? And why AM I talking to myself?" "Because I am tired of all this bullshit." "Wonder what Buffy and Faith are doing?" Willow laughed. "I know what I would be doing if I was with Buffy and Faith."

Willow had a lust filled face...her smile was one that looked like she had just ate the most wonderful food and she was hunting for more of it. Her thoughts returned to the time that they had been out slaying and she had gotten hurt.



Willow had been pushed into a crypt door and had hit her head. She laid at the bottom of the door and was just barely unconscious. She could hear shouts and the air moving as fists and stakes were making their marks. She thought that someone was calling to her as she completely passed out.

Faith had made it to her first. Faith was almost afraid to touch her. She finally brought her hand to Willow's face. Placing her hand just under her nose, Faith let her breath out when she felt Willow breathing against her hand. Faith heard the last sounds of Buffy fighting behind her.

Faith knew that Buffy would not be mad at her for not helping to take care of the demons that were left. She knew that one of them had to make it to the redhead.

That when all else was left, it was Willow that they both cared for and would protect with their everything. Faith was pissed at herself. "Really protected you tonight Red." "FUCK, Don't you die on me Willow." Faith was caressing her face as she felt Buffy come up behind her.

"Faith? Is She?" Buffy was afraid to ask even more for fear of what the answer she might get was. "B...She's alive." Faith answered.

Faith felt Buffy's hand on her shoulder as Buffy used her to bend down to the redhead. Buffy did the same thing that Faith had done moments before. IT wasn't that she didn't trust Faith to tell her. She just needed to be sure herself when it came to Willow.

"Thank goodness." Buffy sighed and left her spot and went to the other side of Willow.

"Faith we need to get her to the hospital. I'll get her head and neck." Buffy said.... "B, don't ya think that we shouldn't move her. We need to get the help here."

"Faith come on I know your scared....I'm scared. But you know that no one is going to come out in the dark of night and help anyone that is in a cemetery. It may not be Sunnydale, but it still has a butt load of night creatures." Buffy was scared. She was scared of what would happen to her and Faith if Willow died. Faith realized what Buffy said was true. "Alright B. Let's get her out of here."

Faith and Buffy took care of the way they moved Willow and as carefully as they could they got her to the local hospital. Once there the nurses began ripping Willow's clothes off. The two doctors that were checking her out had the portable X-Ray machine brought in and they took a series of shots. The nurses were cleaning the blood away from the wounds on Willow's head, face and the one that they had found on her back. The doctors hooked her onto an IV and gave her two pints of blood to replace what she had lost on her way to the hospital. The nurses and doctors would not let Buffy or Faith stay with her while they were working on their patient. Buffy and Faith were not happy and everyone in the emergency room knew this. So they sat near the door as close as they could, but not where they would be in the way.

Faith had broken down once they where sitting. She never ever wanted to cry....but for Willow she could not help herself. What they had been able to see of the redhead on the bed made her heart want to freeze up.

Willow had looked so small as she laid there with all those damn tubes running into her.

Faith felt herself being pulled into a strong embrace and raised her head up. She saw the same fear in Buffy's eyes. Buffy blinked tears from her eyes away. Her arms pulled her fellow slayer in closer to herself. Faith's head was close to Buffy's lips. Buffy placed a kiss on her temple. Then she whispered to Faith knowing that she would hear her. Faith's head had dropped onto Buffy's shoulder.

"You LOVE her too." Buffy didn't really need an answer. But Faith gave her one anyway. "With all that I am B." Faith's soft crying turned into heavy sobs.

Buffy turned sightly so that she could look into Faith's face and eyes. She was wiping tears away.

"Faith...come on honey...look at me." Buffy's voice was so small that Faith was not sure that she had heard her.

Faith sighed deeply and looked up and saw that Buffy had tears running down her face. "B?" Faith was at a lost of words as she looked into those eyes.

She knew that Buffy loved Willow. Hell anyone that spent any time around those two could feel it. Just that they were both blind to the other's feelings. But for some reason, she felt that she had also been blind. Faith shut out everything but the sound of Willow breathing and Buffy. She waited for Buffy to tell her whatever it was that was going on.


Buffy for her part was confused. She loved Willow forever and now here was Faith falling apart because of Willow being hurt tonight. Buffy's heart was being torn into two pieces. She never really thought about what she felt for her slaying partner. But after the way Faith had crumbled tonight, she finally knew what her feelings were.

Buffy swallowed hard trying to find her voice. With everything running around in her slayer mind, she had to get this right for fear that she would not get a second chance.

Buffy heard the machines bleeping in Willow's room. Heard the nurses. Heard the Doctors as they made their rounds. But mostly she heard her heart beating like a freight train bound on a dead-end track. She tightened her embrace on Faith as she heard someone walking up to them.

"Are you Ms. Summers and A Faith?" The young looking doctor asked.

They raised up as one. Still holding to the other at the fear of what this man was going to tell them.

"Yes, I am Ms. Summers." Buffy said and she looked to Faith and said. "This is Faith."

The doctor had lost a contest to be the one to tell them about their friend.

"Let's move into this room. It's more private." The doctor said.

The girls followed him into the room and they were offered to sit on the couch that was in the room. There was also a long table with several different bibles and tablets and things that one would use to pray with.

Faith was the first to ask. "Come on Doc. How is our friend?" Faith knew that doctors never really like to use their patients name. Made it easier for them when things went wrong.

The doctor knelt down in front of them and place a hand on each of their's.

"First let me say that I am Doctor Zachary. I am in charge of Miss Rosenberg's care.

She lost blood on her way here and that has been replaced for the wounds that she received.

The injuries are making the treatment that we are giving her something of a problem."

Buffy had been as quiet as she could. "Come on Doctor Zachary, what are the problems that she is having?"

"She has a traumatic brain injury. That is TBI for short. The one that she has is Traumatic Intra Cranial Hematomas. Mainly that means she has brain swelling."

"That is the serious problem that she has right now. The wound on her face has been closed with 18 stitches. And the wound on her back was a small puncture wound. Luckily it didn't hit anything major and it is being kept open at this time because it is still draining a yellowish looking pus.

She is being given a mild antibiotic as a precaution against possible infection and we are going to have to take her to TCU.

She will be watched closely and she still may have to have surgery. We are hoping that the swelling will go down on its own. I would suggest that you both go home and get some rest. Make sure that the nurses's station has your phone numbers, that way we can call you if we need to."

The doctor quickly stood up and went to walk away and remembered something.

Looking at the girls once again, the Doctor asked...

"IS...is there a next of kin?"


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