Title: Inside Out

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: No Pairing yet


Warnings: deals with rape

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Dawn was dreaming about the latest boy at school that she has a crush on. They were at a drive-in theatre watching the latest Harry Potter and her crush was holding her hand and rubbing her arm as he was leaning in towards her to kiss her lips finally. A outside noise was waking her up. A low moan that was close to something that her sister wouldn't want to hear came from her mouth. The loud noise became louder to the point that she jumped up and hit something in front of her. She rubbed her eyes and almost called out for Buffy when she hears.....

"ALRIGHT LADIES YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE TO GET DRESSED." Dawn looks down and gasps....her breasts are larger.... "Oh my..." she whispers. Then hears someone behind her.... "Faith get dressed. She is going to be back any second." A rather rough looking lady says. "Faith..." Dawn mouths and then it hits her. "I am in prison." Dawn passes out.




The body on the bed moved slightly, caught up in a nightmare. She was running through a cemetery and was the one being chased. She came awake yelling....as a noise that she has not heard in forever sounds to the left of her. Her leg kicked out and took care of the alarm clock. Faith sat up and wondered what alarm clock? There are no clocks in prison. The sun comes full force into the bedroom. She looks around and wonders. "What?" "Where?" "How?"

She always wanted to make fun of anyone else that she had ever heard talking to herself, now she was not so sure. Her bladder suddenly tells her to get her behind in gear and give back some. Faith moved to the corner of the room and then remembers that she is not in prison.

"Okay so where is the john?"

She looked for the door and saw that it was closed and opened it to a much larger one and looks and see another room. She ran into that room and sat. "Oh thank god." She left behind a deposit, taking her time as she scanned the room and wondered what type of person would live like this.

When she rose and turned she saw a reflection in the mirror. "Okay who are you and where is my body?"


Dawn became aware of what was going on. There was someone standing next to her as her eyes opened. "Ah, good Faith, you are back with us. How do you feel? You gave us a scare. Never thought that you were the type of person to faint just before visiting hours."

Dawn was unsure how to answer...."Must have been something that I ate." She hoped that would make sense to the woman that was still checking her over.

"Well Faith, I hope no one came to see you today, coz I gotta tell you, the hours are over and you are spending another hour here with me."

The nurse walked away from Dawn. But she was never far from the girl. At the door stood a woman holding a nightstick. She looked like she wanted a reason to use it. The woman looked bored.

Dawn knew that she had to somehow make a call to Sunnydale, but did not know if and when she was able to use the phone. She was uncomfortable in the skin that was covering her. She never really thought about Faith anymore. She wondered where Faith was and what was going on with her.

Dawn fell back to sleep in what was the smallest cot that she had ever seen. She was afraid to move when she woke up. The guard was standing by her and had a leer on her face. Dawn took in the room and saw that no one else was in the room with her. To say that she was scared was an understatement.

The guard was running her hand on Faith's body and her hand kept going lower till it was over her crotch.

The guard had a smile on her face as she saw fear on Faith's face. She had heard the stories about this one. All of them said that she was untouchable, but here she was, touching her and yet she was still standing.

Dawn or as it was Faith's body started getting a warm shaking to it as the guard's hand was almost inside her pants. As the hand was almost to the prize that it was after, the body under it started to move. Dawn felt her hand come up to the guard's throat and the hand that was around it started to squeeze.

The guard was not prepared for this and started choking. At that moment the nurse that was on duty came into the room and yelled for help. It wasn't until she got closer that she saw where the guard's hands still were. One was holding onto the hand around her neck and the other was inside the prisoner's pants.

Didn't take a genius to figure out that the guard was looking for some touch from this girl and that the girl was not going to let her have it.

The room suddenly became alive with more guards and the warden came into the room. The warden was yelling at Faith to let go of the guard and the other guards were trying to get the guard away from her. Finally the warden was standing next to the cot and raised her hand to Faith's shoulder.

"Faith let go. We understand it was not your fault. Los here did not ask you if you wanted her. I can read what is going on." The warden told her. The part of the body that was Dawn was shaking and the part that was of the Slayer, Faith, was pissed off. Finally the slayer's hand released it grip on the guard's neck and stayed still.

The warden told the guards to take the other guard to her room and then she was looking into Faith's eyes. "Faith, I am sorry that you had to go though that. Los has been a pain in the ass to have around. But even though I would rather not do this, I am going to have to put you into solitary confinement for a time. Only myself will be able to come and see to your needs." The warden finished with her orders and grabbed Faith's hand and helped her to her feet and they were on their way.


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