Title: Hurt. Pleasure. Love.

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith, Dawn/Andrew, Buffy/Willow/Kennedy, Buffy/Willow, Buffy/Willow/Kennedy/Faith

Ratings: PG-17


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Author's Notes: Inspired from a song fic challenge

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It was well after the fight with The First. The potentials now being full blown Slayers had left to go to different Hellmouth locations around the world. Giles had gone to Rome as they had found a few of the rebel Watchers and he wanted to get them to join The NEW Watchers Council.

They still were not sure what it would be called. But the Slayers need a few Watchers around. If for nothing else then to help with the research that one would have to do.

Buffy had tried to get Faith to stay with her and Dawn. But Faith had told her that she needed to get back to prison. So Faith left to go back to prison. And that made Buffy go to her hacker friend. Willow had taken care of everything. Faith's record would show that she had completed her time in prison and that she was free once again. There was also going to be a letter for whenever the dark slayer showed up.

All Buffy could do was wait. And wait she did......

During the time that Buffy was waiting. Willow had found information about many things. The records of one Faith _____ was found. Buffy, Willow and Dawn spent days crying for what their friend had went through.

Finally word came that Faith had been to the prison and that she had received the letter. And they made their way to where they would meet up with the dark slayer. One year to the day that they had ran from what was left of Sunnydale. Buffy was now waiting by the sign that told everyone that they couldn't enter Sunnydale. No one wondered why it was not rebuilt. They would just sigh and turn around and head elsewhere.

Buffy was nervous as hell. She had finally accepted what she felt for the other slayer as she was waiting. For it seemed that was all she was doing nowadays.


She turned the radio on. A song was playing that made her cry. Little did she know that as she was listening and crying that Faith was also listening to the same song.


I'm not a perfect person

There's many things I wish I didn't do

But I continue learning


Buffy POV:

I was never perfect...I was jealous of her. Of the way that she could say fuck it and not care what anyone thought about her. Little did I know why she was that way.

Faith POV:

I was never a perfect person...my life was shit. I regretted a lot of the things that I did.


I never meant to do those things to you

And so I have to say before I go

That I just want you to know


Buffy POV:

The times that I said things just to make you feel like shit. What was I thinking? I wasn't. You never gave me a chance. I was the older chosen one and you always felt second best.

Faith POV:

Why did I shoot Angel? Why did I fuck Riley? He wasn't the one that I wanted. I wanted to be close to her. Then why didn't I just fuck her? I loved her. SHIT....FUCK... I said the 'L' WORD...WONDERFUL. Why can't I tell her? Because she will laugh at you and tell you that you are fucked up and a loser like you she could never love....FUCK I AM CRYING....


I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you


Buffy POV:

I miss her. Her smile. That damn smirk that she gets when she thinks that she knows something that no one else does. The way she dances. God the way her body would move. She was a panther. I was the prey.

Faith POV:

BUFFY..She was always my reason for me doing anything that I ever did. Dancing for her...dancing with her...feeling her body so close to me...knowing that would be the only way that I could ever touch her and not get the shit kicked out of me. She is the reason I tried to go back to prison. When I was finally released from the hospital...Who would have thought that the bus I was on would have gotten hijacked and would have ended up in a massive wreck. I spent nine more months in a fucking coma....WHAT IS IT WITH ME AND COMAS? Then I found out that my time spent in prison is over. I am free. AND THEN THAT LETTER.....


I'm sorry that I hurt you

It's something I must live with everyday

And all the pain I put you through


Buffy POV:

Buffy was sobbing as she heard the words. For everyday that she spent without Faith in her life. HURT. The pain that she knew she caused Faith to feel. Just because she was worried of what her friends would think of her. Willow was right when she told her..."I didn't fall in love with a woman, I fell in love with the person who happened to be a woman."

Faith POV:

HURT?....Oh Yeah, I hurt her....Leaving her for the Mayor. Giving Riley something that she never could. Trying to kill Willow. WHY? Cause I couldn't have her. AND that was much to hard to live with every day. Seeing her and not feeling the pain that it caused me.


I wish that I could take it all away

And be the one who catches all your tears

That's why I need you to hear


Buffy POV:

Tears...more like a river flowing into a stream...waiting to take away all the hurt that I caused you. Wanting to tell you that I am such a damn blonde. The Chosen One was afraid of another Slayer. I need to hear your voice...that thing that only you say...."B, You know me. I'm Five By Five."

Faith POV:

How do I take away what I did to you? To your friends? Riley? Angel? Damn B, YOU got me crying for you. Would you cry for me? I need to hear you tell me you would. That I matter to you. That I am your Chosen One.

Buffy looked up to the sounds of a cab stopping in front of her. *Damn, I am still crying.* The cab driver got out and opened the trunk and grabbed what looked like the smallest bag that she had ever seen. As she looked forward she saw the back door opening and that lovely body that haunted her dreams for years stepped out for her to see.

As Buffy's eyes met Faith she could see that she had tears still on her face.

*God she is beautiful.* They both thought.

Faith looked around. Some times the slayer looked for bad things even in what seemed to be a good thing. She took in the look on B's face. Seeing the tears on her face and seeing two items in Buffy's hands. *So that is why she wants me here.* .....Then she heard a radio coming from a camper that was next to Buffy...the song that she had been listening to was playing still.


I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you
And the reason is you
And the reason is you
And the reason is you


Faith took the bag from the driver and paid him. The driver got back into the car and drove off. He thought that she was crazy to come out here. What with the stories that this place caused people to tell each other.


I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know


Faith walked to Buffy...sighing along the way..*Well here goes everything.* She didn't even wipe at the tears that was still on her face. When she got close to Buffy. She stopped. Giving her that smile.

"Hey B. You wrote?"

Buffy sniffed and left her tears on her cheeks. "Yeah, F, I did." *Okay, that is not what I meant to say....* "Faith, we need to talk." She waited on her fellow slayer.

"Whatever B. It's your money." Faith placed her bag at the door of the camper. She looked up and saw that someone was looking out of the window of the camper. Not waiting she went to go inside of the camper to find out who was in there.

Grabbing her arm. "Faith NO!"

Faith stopped and looked at Buffy. "Why not?"

"Because no one is going to hurt you." Buffy told her.

"Yeah RIGHT...not like I haven't heard that before." Faith was pissed.

Buffy didn't know what else to do...."Come out for a minute." The person came out of the camper looking shy and not sure what was going on. Faith stepped back....just waiting for whatever was going to happen.


I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you


During this time the last part of the song finished playing....Both of the slayers heard the last parts....

"And The reason is you." The song ended as they stood looking at each other.

Buffy was holding her breath and Faith was pissed at herself for putting herself into this position. Whatever B was planning, she was not sure. Part of her wanted to say *Fuck it* and leave and the other part that ached every time that she was not around Buffy was telling her to stay.

As the person was standing by the door...a car drove up and stopped. Faith was even more tense now. Buffy seeing this stepped up to her and whispered to her..."Faith if I wanted you dead, YOU would be already."...."Now stop it and listen for once." Buffy stepped back from her, waiting. The ball was in Faith's corner and even if she didn't like it, it was up to the other slayer.

"Fine B, you win again." Faith said.

"Dammit Faith. This isn't about winning...can we stop fighting each other for once in our life." Buffy said. She turned her attention as did Faith to the car. The car doors opened and Andrew and Dawn got out of it. They were holding hands as they came up to Buffy...Buffy forgot about her fellow slayer for a moment as she looked at her sister...Dawn was happy for once.

"So Dawn how did the honeymoon go?" Buffy asked. She heard Faith gasped at the question as she was looking at her.

"Faith you know Andrew. He is part of the family now." Faith looked them over...Dawn did seem happy even if it was with Andrew. Him of all things?

Faith smiled at her..."I am happy for you Dawn and for you Andrew." Faith finished saying.

Dawn and Andrew were all smiles...."So we came to get your extra person from you." Dawn stated. The person in question stepped forward and hugged Buffy...."I see you later, Mommy."

The little person took Dawn's hand....

"Can we get Plain Yogurt? Please Auntie Dawn?"...she pulled on her hand....pouting..."Please?" As Dawn and Andrew waved goodbye... Faith seemed to come alive....."Mommy?" "Buffy's child?"

Then Faith did the one thing no would ever think of....she fell on her ass...just sitting there...

Buffy knew she was alright...thanks to that feeling that they each had about the other one whenever they was close. Faith was surprised...as well as she should be. During this time Buffy looked her fellow slayer over better. Faith looked well. But there was something not right here. And Buffy was going to find it. She saw that Faith was still in shock from the surprise of hearing the word "mommy" said.

Buffy finally bent down by Faith...."Hey Faith. You okay?" She asked. She got a nod of her head.

"Faith we still need that talk." Buffy stood up and grabbed the two items again.

That seemed to wake Faith up.

"Shit B. I thought you were not going to kill me"..."Faith can't you ever just trust me?"... "Holding them and you want me to trust you?"..."Yeah Right B." ....Faith replied as she pointed at the items that Buffy was holding.

"FINE...you stand there and listen to me then. Okay?" Buffy replied back.

"You're dim B."

*Shit she is not making this easy.* Went though both of their minds.

Buffy shook her head. *I can do this...I can.*

"Alright Faith. We both know that all we ever did was hurt each other. Because we could not own up to feelings that we had about the other."

She saw Faith was going to say something.

"NO! You listen to me. Then you can talk. When we met all those years ago, we were both so young. I was dealing with a calling that I did not want. You were dealing with so much more. I wished we could have talked more. And I don't mean you telling me about slaying making you hungry and horny....I had feelings for you back then. Those feelings are still here." Buffy pointed to her heart. "I want a clean start. I want to get to know you. I want to feel you against me. Dancing. Hugging me. Kissing each other..I ..want...to taste you..I need to taste you. Feel you..Fuck..Faith I need you." Buffy said.

Faith's long lost tears were back..but she did not say anything..*Could she love me?* Then she tensed up. She was looking at what Buffy was pointing at her.

"Faith...these two items caused us so much damn trouble....To start again, we need to claim these things from our past. Buffy held out one of the items..."Faith please take it and load it." Faith did as she was told...She was trembling as her hand loaded the bow..

"Faith hold on to it tight." Buffy told her.

Buffy brought the knife up at an angle. She stopped and looked at Faith....

"You still bleed from the wound I gave you. Don't you Faith?"

...."B....B Yeah I do." Faith answered softly...

As Faith looked back at the bow she saw blood on Buffy's stomach...

"You still bleed too Buffy?"..."Yes, F."

Neither said anything. Faith was confused.

Then she saw Buffy make contact with the bow..."Faith hold it still."

"Fuck B."

Buffy had lined the knife up with the arrow and was slicing into the wood. She cut down the center of the arrow...When she removed the knife, Buffy was holding the two arrows in her hand. Taking the knife she shortened up the arrows till there was about six inches left on each of them.

Holding them in one hand, Buffy took the bow from Faith. She dropped the knife and the bow onto the ground. All that was left were the two short parts from the one arrow. Part of the tip was left on each.

"Faith will you trust me with our lives?" Buffy asked.

Faith knew that if she said no, than there was no going back. This was a one shot deal. To say yes, was to change herself and Buffy's life forever. She was tired of fighting. Tired of just being.

"B....Buffy I trust you." Faith answered.

Buffy smiled at her...She looked at the camper and saw the other passengers that had waited with her. They came outside. One standing behind Faith and the other one behind Buffy. Faith was trying to only look at Buffy. The two that joined them were not wearing any clothes.

"Faith, I am not going to lie to you. Part of this will hurt. Part of this will be pleasure. Part of this is love. Will you accept all of these things?" Buffy said.

"Yes, B. I accept all of them." Faith answered with a nod.

"Then you will need to hold one of these arrows in a few minutes." Buffy handed one to each of the other women. She then placed one of Faith's hands on her breast. Buffy did the same to Faith.

Buffy saw her take a deep breath. With her other hand, she reached down to the scar that she had given Faith and took some blood away. She wiped some onto Faith chest and some onto hers. She took Faith's other hand and had her do the same with Buffy's blood.

The women behind each of them moved one of the arrows to the same place on each of their chests....then they began to chant..the air became warmer...Each of their chests began to burn....the arrows were passing thru their chests...until the arrows were fully inside them. The chanting began to slow.

They were pushed together...their arms coming up to hug the other one. Their scars were joined....Their blood mixed and closed each other's wounds that until that moment would never close. Then they were moved away from the other.

Buffy took four rings out of her pocket. She placed three of them on her finger. Then she gave Faith the last one and Faith slipped it on her finger. As they were holding hands, Faith heard the other three saying

We are The Chosen
We are The Bow
We are The Knife
We are Together
We are The One
So mote it Be.

Faith felt warm for the first time in her life. "Did we just get married?" She meant to think it. But she had said it out loud.

Buffy chuckled.

"Faith..Yes we are married. You have three wives now. As do they. AS do I. However you don't have to do anything that you wish not to." "Faith I love you."

As the other two went inside to get dressed, Buffy's hand moved up Faith's chest to the arrow that was now embedded into her chest. Her fingertips ran down from the tip to the end...Faith felt a sharp pain in her chest..

"What the fuck was that, B?"

Buffy smiled at her. "That was the pain."

Buffy then ran her fingertips on the scar she gave Faith....

A shiver went straight to Faith's pussy..."Aw Fuck B."

Laughing Buffy said. "That would be the pleasure F."

....Faith was fighting to stand....

She remembered the words Buffy spoke earlier.

"Hurt. Pleasure. Love." .."Buffy, tell me that there is more pleasure?"

"Oh yes Love. There will be. But we still have to talk Faith."

Buffy caressed her face..."Come lets go inside. It is getting dark and we are still close to what is left of Sunnydale."

Faith followed her. She noticed that the bow and the knife had been picked up. As had her bag. She wondered what she would have said if Buffy had ask her to marry her. *I would probably not.* Leave it to Buffy to know me.

Once Buffy and Faith were safety in the camper, everything that had happened in the last few hours in her life hit Faith. She sat down on the leather couch that lined one side of the camper. For the camper itself was huge. As Faith looked around in a daze she saw Winnebago writing on the door that they had came in.

Faith POV:

*HOW? WHEN? WHAT? WHERE? WHO?* Faith was wondering. Buffy had said that they needed to talk. FUCK that was an understatement. If she had even heard one in her short life. Okay, B has a child. When did she had it? Who is the father? Where has it been? Why does she have it now? How did she know that I would say that I trusted her? That I would not freak out during that ceremony? I have three wives now? Well I do love sex...But how did those three chose me? She was right when she said we need to talk...BOY DO WE NEED TO!

Buffy POV:

Faith looks like she is about ten. She looks happy, sad and with just a little bit of wonder. Is she wondering about everything that just happened? I would be. Does she regret that she is married to not only me, but to two other women? She has got to be thinking about seeing the child. I know that hearing me called Mommy had to make her stomach tighten up.


The other women in the camper had it going down the road. Next stop was to find a camping area that they could part this huge thing in. It was a good thing that Giles had seen to the new slayers having a better life.

Buffy had not settled down in one place as of yet. So the funds for the camper had seemed the most efficient at the time. Sure most people would not had like to live in a camper, but hell she lived in Sunnydale for so long that she could live almost anywhere now.

A quiet had settle over the four women. Of course only one was doing the driving, the other was keeping her eyes on the road that laid ahead of them. During the time that Faith was away, the three of them had gotten closer. ....


They had been in a hotel suite in Cleveland. Faith had been gone for four months and Buffy had been restless. The prison had her cell phone number and would call when her dark slayer showed. So they had gotten on a bus that took them to Kentucky. It would be two more months before the camper would be ready for them to have since it had been ordered with special options.

Buffy had been drinking and doing her best to not become Cave Slayer again. So after two and a half beers she had stopped. Her and the other two ladies were in a dance club that the owners for some reason thought that it was still the seventies. God there was even this disco ball and strobe light going.

Buffy was watching her companions dance. She felt something that she had not felt for a time. The last time was when she and Faith were dancing....


Buffy POV:

NO WAY. I can't think be thinking what I think I'm thinking. Can I?


Female one POV:

Buffy has not been the same since Faith left. It is like half of her went with Faith. I am not sure how to reach her. The mighty chosen one seems to be feeling lost and sad. She is not only of the chosen two anymore...She is of the chosen thousands.


Female Two POV:

Okay, I have got to stop Buffy from being the self absorb ass that she can be. When did I get to be the calming part of this relationship. WHAT? NO WAY. I can't be thinking about her as in naked Buffy....Fuck...Buffy naked....Buffy on her knees....Oh God, I am really thinking about having Buffy.


Female One and Two POV:

The two could feel eyes on them. As one they turned looking into their friend's eyes. Oh yeah there was a new look on Buffy's face. She looked hungry. They turned back to each other searching the other's eyes and they were surprised that they had the same single thought. Buffy with them.

Almost together they said, "Are we really bringing Buffy to our bed?" They studied each other and then answerrd together once again. "Yes."...They took each other's hand and left the dance floor heading toward Buffy.

Each one grabs one of Buffy's hands. They left for their room together.


Once they were back in the room, all three seemed to be nervous. Buffy could tell that they had picked up on her feelings for them and she could not yet say anything. She was too worried that they would tell her to get lost and never been around them again. Buffy was just standing there as if she was waiting.

The other two had been looking at her. Turning to each other, they knew that they had to take the lead. Walking over to her, one stood in front of her and the other was behind her.

"Buffy we want you. Can we touch you? Can we kiss you?" Asked the one standing in front of her. The one behind her was almost touching her stomach. She was awaiting the answer.

Buffy was trembling. Never in her wildest dreams would she had thought that this would have come to past. Her thoughts were a mix jumble of things. *Yes. No. What are you waiting for? They want you...YOU!*

She licked her lips. Many things told her not to. Many things said maybe.

And her feelings for Faith made her almost say No. But she knew that if and when the time came, Faith would understand her saying what she was going to say. "Yes." Buffy said in a whisper.

A hand touched her stomach as she felt breasts against her back and lips on her neck. Nipping. Nibbling. Lightly teasing. The other hand was touching her thigh pulling her back into her. The woman in front of her was sliding her finger over Buffy's lips. Buffy's tongue almost touching the finger at her mouth. "Kiss me." Buffy whispered.

The finger was gone and lips touch hers, then a tongue was tracing the same pattern as the finger had. Buffy's hands were on the woman's ass, she was trying to get her closer. The woman behind Buffy was undoing her blouse and then gave up and yanked the back of it. The blouse tore apart. For once Buffy was glad that she did not wear a bra tonight. The woman's hands were touching her breasts, as the one in front of her stepped back and was undoing Buffy's skirt and pulling it down. Buffy was left with nothing on.

"Bed." Buffy whispered....

"No." came the responses.

The woman behind her was caressing her breasts, running her fingers over the hardened nipples and then up to her neck as her lips were tasting Buffy's skin. The other woman was on her knees now. She was licking a thigh and then the other, she moved Buffy's legs apart. She inhaled the musky wetness that was coming from the slayer. Raising a leg over her shoulder which made Buffy lean against the one behind her.

Buffy felt the tongue on her lower lips and moaned. The woman behind her moved Buffy's head so that she could kiss her. Buffy liked being caught between them.

Then Buffy felt it...a light touch over her clit...the tongue was making small circles.

An arm came around her waist holding her tighter against her, if that was indeed possible...all thoughts of trying to kiss the other one went out of her mind as her hips were moving against the loving mouth on her clit. Lips were back at her neck, nibbling, tasting.

Buffy was becoming undone. Two fingers were thrust into her pussy.

"Fuck." Buffy said as her walls were closing around the fingers inside her. Then at the same instant there were two bites....one on her clit and the other on her neck.

"I'mmmm comingggggg." Buffy said as her hand was holding on tight to the one on her knees...The other two were also coming with her. Moans and gasps filled the room and then Buffy moan her lovers' names as they fell to the floor.



Buffy had spent many more nights with Willow and Kennedy. She knew that she had always loved Willow. But even when Willow came out to her, she was afraid to give voice to what she was feeling for her. So she buried those feelings liked she had buried everything in her life.

It mattered that without Willow in her life, she would have just let a vampire kill her. Even the thought of leaving Dawn behind again did not scared her. It was of what would happen to Willow. Would Willow go off the deep end and try to end the world again, just because she lost Buffy again?

How do you tell your best friend, who also is a girl that you love her and had since before you meet her? Destiny always seemed to fuck with Buffy's life. The Chosen One. Falling for a Vampire...sending said Vampire to hell and then when her life was finally heading somewhere, her love came back to her. So she hid him from her friends. Which made a bigger problem for her. The love that was once for Angel was now for Willow. Holding Angel when he was weak...only made her want to hold Willow like that.

She had told Willow that she couldn't breathe more then once. For the only time that she could feel anything or even her breath was when the red head was near her. How she had almost told her when she went cave slayer...but the slayer in her held it back. Buffy was not sure if she was happy that the slayer did that. Her primal slayer would always protect her, even if she did not.

When Willow told her about Tara....God how that made her feel. How could she tell Willow that it felt that she had torn her heart out of her and was pulling it out of her body all the way down and through her pussy. That had fucking hurt.

But she was the best friend again and held everything in. Then that hell bitch came for Dawn. And Buffy knew what she had to do. She always saved the world...This time she saved her sister and the world was a second thought...the only draw back was that she was leaving Willow..Her sweet Willow.

And then she was gone. Happy even. She could see her friends where she was. The happy times. The sad ones. Willow. Seeing Tara make love to Willow...but Willow never seemed to be happy. And then that fateful night that they tore her out of what she called Heaven.

How do you deal with knowing that you were in Heaven and now you are back in HELL? I really didn't deal with it very well. I went into myself and would not let anyone in. Then that damn necklace called That FUCKING DANCING DEMON SWEET. I mean why is there a dancing demon? Does dance really need a demon to bring the fun in? And now I could hear Faith and Willow...."You really need to find the fun B."

Then and now I was just going through the motions. Not really feeling anything. And that whole thing with Spike. Why can't I stay with a human? Pike? Parker? OKAY SO PARKER WASN'T A HUMAN....HE WAS A PIG!....RILEY? He...He...was such a straight shooter. BORING AS HELL.

And then The First. Came, saw and was defeated. No more Sunnydale. No Home. NO Graveyard where Mom was buried. No more being The Chosen One or um Chosen Two.


I thought that I was going to have to put one of them into a coma myself. They kept fighting over me. You would have thought that I would have known something then. But no not this dizzy blonde.

Faith and Willow would get into an argument about who would be going out with me to patrol. And then what surprised the hell out of me was when Kennedy told them to shut the hell up. She would be going with me. I just knew that Willow was talking with Kennedy in their minds. And before I knew it, Willow was leaving and not before she slammed the door. Faith followed her and got on her bike. She burned so much damn rubber, that I thought she would be back without wheels soon. So me and Kennedy went out and did our thing. She never did tell me what her and Willow had said.

Then Faith had to leave...She fucking left me. Didn't she know what I was feeling for her? NO. I KNOW. You have to tell her dumb ass. So I watched part of my heart leave me again. I went back to just going through the motions again. Locking everything up inside me.

Then that night when Willow and Kennedy made me feel. Damn!

So I spent time with them. Talking. Kissing. And oh yeah sweating together. The things that Kennedy can do with that tongue of hers. GOD. Makes me shiver just to think about it. Then Kennedy had to leave for a short time. Giles had wanted her to come to Rome and help capture a slayer that had gone rogue. She left.

That left me and Willow together. I found out that Willow had felt as I did. She loved me. Had been in love with me for years. She told me that she had almost told me that she was in love with me when me and Faith were spending so much time together. But she was afraid to lose me. Like that would have even happen. Yeah, yeah I know. Talk about being alike.

Kennedy had called and said that she would be gone a month. Willow had talked to her more then an hour that time.

That is when I learned just how much love Willow and Kennedy had for each other and for me.

Willow had taken me to her bed. And here I thought that Kennedy was good with her tongue...Ever have a witch use a spell on herself? She slowed her breathing down and she started licking and she took me through four orgasms just by sucking on my clit. She had me crying before the night was over. But let me tell you, I gave back to her.

I started out kissing her mouth. She tasted of me. Musky with the hint of Willow's taste. Nibbling down her neck. Sucking and biting her. She was marked as mine that night. I was already hers. Her breasts were my next stop. I wondered how her nipples could get that hard and not break? But did that stop me?

No, fucking way. I licked those hard nipples. Taking them into my mouth...Willow would have marks on her breasts too. She was making noises as I licked down to her red curls. She was wet. I had made her wet. That alone almost made me come. But this was for her now. She had taken me to heaven and beyond.

I positioned myself in between her legs. She hissed at the contact of me next to her. Now I am not talking about that type of hiss that means..GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH...NO this was the one that meant....WILL YOU PLEASE...

So who was I to not take my Willow. And I did. With my mouth, my tongue and oh god my fingers. She was so wet that before I knew what I was doing, I had my fist inside her. I never thought about that. But let me tell you....TO have my fist inside her. Her velvet caressing my hand. Her walls holding me there. Her moisture making my hand wet.

As my hand was still...she was moaning and bitching at me. You see I was not moving my fist inside her. I was too busy watching her face. "Please Buffy." Willow said.

"Yes, Love?" God when did I get so mean? Buffy wondered.

"Buffy.....will you fucking FUCK ME!" Willow asked as she moved her hips. My hand moved and we both moaned.

"Will, all you had to do was ask." As I said this my fist started fucking her. I would bring my hand almost out and then back into her pussy hard....GOD her walls were shaking and I knew that she would be giving me all of her soon.

I was shaking from the heat. "COME FOR ME Willow."

"I love you." And then Willow was shaking and my fist went inside her farther.....

"Aw Fuck Buffy." Willow came and came as my fist kept fucking her. She finally lowered her hand to mind as I took her over the thresholds several more times.

I slowly pulled my hand out of her pussy...My hand was so wet. I licked my hand clean and laid down by MY WILLOW.

Breathlessly Willow told me, "Buffy, love you too." She pulled me in closer and we went to sleep.

Dawn and Andrew had been going out for a time. Surprised the hell out me when Andrew came to me asking for Dawn's hand. Hell, I thought that boy was gay. Always thought that he would have gone after Xander. But it was little Dawnie that turned him around. So I gave him the okay and they got married and had gone on a short honeymoon.

Then Kennedy came back and I told them about my own feelings for Faith. Turned out that they loved the dark slayer as well. So we came up with our own little plan. I LOVED all three them and there was no way that I or them could be without each other. Faith had no idea what she had ahead of her. Two Slayers and A Witch in love with her. We three had become inseparable. Lord only knew what the four of us would be.

Of course we had a call before we ever heard from the prison. I had a child. So we went and got my child and then we had word that our slayer would be meeting us soon. So with Willow, Kennedy and my child, we went to wait on the outskirts of Sunnydale's ruins.

******End FLASHBACK*******


And that brings me to.... Me and Faith. Someone might ask me, "How can you love more then one person?" It's not something that I was looking for. It just happened. When I knew what I was looking at and feeling. I mean I had loved Willow forever. And the love that I have for Kennedy is new. But then the love that I have for Faith is something totally different from what I feel for the other two. She makes the slayer in me hum. Some might say what does that mean? It just feels right.

Each of them gives me something different. I can hardly wait till they are all in my bed. WHAT? It's not a dream. It may take time. I can wait. It's what I do. Well it is now. Guess this means that I need to do something other then remember.


Buffy could hear Willow talking to Kennedy as she was driving. Faith still looked like she was in shock. Faith was now married and she would also be a mother to my child. As I sat down by Faith, I heard Kennedy tell Willow to turn right and then take a left to the camp area.

They would be wanting to have sex soon. Since we had gotten together sex was a main stay in our life. Buffy wondered if she could get Faith to take a shower with her before they talked....*To Talk? To have SEX? Yes SEX* *God I have turned into ANYA.* .....*Okay Talk yes? "WHY?" *Okay I have turned into Willow...god I am babbling with myself.*

Buffy took Faith's hand and brought it to her mouth. "Faith, honey are you ready to talk? I know that you must have a million questions. Hmm, If not we could maybe take a shower TOGETHER....Or we could eat."

"You could take a nap, or a shower and a nap. OR we could have sex, a shower and we could eat." *Okay, Buffy has left the building and I am Willow.* Buffy smiled to herself.

"Faith, what shall it be?" Buffy asked.


Faith POV:

Faith looked at Buffy. She is asking me if I want to have sex with her? Does she like plain yogurt? YES I WANT HER!. ...But as much as I just want to take her, I really need to talk for once. Yeah, I have grown up. Want, Take, Have or is that get some...get gone? I am not that person anymore. Funny what time to think to yourself can do.


The sound of the camper being parked fills the room.

Willow and Kennedy released the extra walls of the camper and now the camper was wider. They finished setting up what was needed for them to be parked there for a time.

Willow and Kennedy were looking at Buffy and Faith. All four could feel the tension in the camper. Willow was wondering if she and Kennedy should go for a walk. Buffy was wondering if she should leave for a time. Maybe Faith needed more time. So the three of them were looking at the door.

The silence. How do you get through that barrier? The resistance that had been there. In between Buffy, Faith and Willow for so long? This time the key was Faith. It was all up to her.

Buffy moved to the door as did the other two. Willow's hand was on the screen door and was getting ready to open it when they heard......

"B, Red, Ken we all need to talk." Faith said as she stood up waiting for them.

"All right." The three of them answered. Buffy sat down by Faith. Faith sat down by her and Willow and Kennedy sat on the other couch. They could all see the other one.

Faith felt strange. Talking was never her strong suit. She was all action.

Silence filled the room once more between the four of them.

Birds were chirping.....The sun was shining into the camper.

Kennedy was looking at Willow. Buffy was afraid. Faith was Faith.


Buffy finally had it. *Okay, Silence may be golden, but this sucks.* Buffy touched Faith's hand....

"Do you want me to start?" Buffy asked.

Faith nods her head.

Taking a deep breath...."Faith, I have loved you forever it seems. I didn't always know what it was that I felt for you. But it has always been there. I won't speak for Will and Kenny. That is for them to do."

"I have kept secrets from my friends and that always came back to bite me on the ass. I have owned up to my secrets that I still had left. I love you, Willow and Kenny. I love my child." Buffy stopped.

Faith had to ask...."The child Buffy?"

"My child? That has to be the hardest secret that I ever had to keep to myself." Buffy said and was trying to get her mind set how to explain this.

"Um...My child...When I left Sunnydale in '98, I went to Los Angeles and was a waitress. Seems that even when I don't want to be reminded of Sunnydale it still happened. Lily as she was calling herself this time, recognized me. We had met before only she was Chantarelle and was in this cult that worshipped vampires in Sunnydale."

A word was heard from Faith...."Cult" ...she whispered.

"Anyway her boyfriend disappeared and she had gotten mixed up with some very ugly looking demons. It was a different time dimension and me and Lily got caught and spent weeks in that dimension. It was during that time that I got pregnant." Buffy finished.

Buffy had tears in her eyes and also some falling down her face. Red and Kenny moved down to sit in front of her. They put their hands on her knees. Faith was touching her face. Trying to find the right words....

"Were you raped?'" Faith asked.

The dam that was just below the surface broke. Buffy was crying hard. Faith was sick to her stomach. Someone had raped her B. "I WILL KILL HIM." Buffy's hand tightened on Faith. In her hiccup voice, "Faith you can't do anything." "WHY THE FUCK NOT B?" ..."Because he is already dead." Buffy said.

"Fucking coward." Faith said and got up.

Will and Kennedy got up and sat beside Buffy...They knew that Faith was just wanting something to hit and maybe being by Buffy would be safe.

"Faith...He didn't have a choice in the matter. He was ordered to rape me. The demons knew that I was the slayer and they wanted the DNA from me. So they figured what better way then to have one of my kids. The guy lost a bet and he got me. I had gotten pretty beaten up the night before and was in no shape to fight him...I was still able to hurt him. He had me down and the rape did not take long. It worked and I had a baby. When the others were coming to take the baby from me, he came to me and told me that he could protect the baby and raise it. It was a week later that me and Lily were able to escape from that hell. He had told me that whenever the time came that he died, word would be sent to me. That is why I have my child now." Buffy finished.

Faith stood looking out the window of the camper, tears falling. She was fighting a war of her own....*Tell her. NO. DON'T 'NO ME' BITCH! TELL HER!*

Turning Faith ran her fingers over the ring that she was now wearing.

"Buffy, I am sorry that happened to you....I think that I need to talk about myself now. I feel like the odd duck out." Faith said. She sat on the other couch now. She knew that when all was said she would not be able to stand.

"Red, Ken, Buffy...I....I didn't have the best up bringing. My real father left us when I was young. My mother did the usual stuff. She drank. Done drugs. Whored herself out. I lost my virginity to one of her boyfriends." Faith was trying not to cry....."SHIT"...her fingers rubbed the ring again..."My mother not only let her boyfriends use me..there was a girlfriend of hers that used me. It...was...sniff..during this time with her that I had a miscarriage. Ma kicked her ass out and then it was back to being her boy-toy playmate. Sniff.. I lost a total of three children that I know of. The reason why I left? My Ma told me that she was going let that bitch touch me again. SO I FUCKING RAN. .... later learned that the bitch killed my Ma."

Faith was sobbing...she had never told anyone about what had happened to her. It felt right with Buffy, Red and Kennedy. She might just be alright. Her head was in her hands...She felt alone. She felt scared. She felt LOVED.

B, Red and Kennedy moved. Buffy pulled Faith down to the floor and sat behind her. Willow embraced her from the front and Kennedy was touching her face. They were all crying.


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