Title: Emerald, Heart, and Circle

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Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Willow, Faith/Willow, Buffy/Faith, Implied others.


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Part One

It was a rainy night as Buffy was pacing back and forth. Faith was making her crazy. This flirting was just getting out of hand. She had no intend of making anything more then, just a stare here, hands moving over breasts as Buffy would be watching her, taking turns licking their lips at each other's, eyes telling the other that if only... GOD, just thinking about it was making her hot.

"Fuck, I want her." Buffy told the room; as she was picking up the phone and was dialing a number from memory.

"Hey, ... yeah, ... " Listening; "Okay, I am at home right now, can you come here?" ..."Ok see you in what, say twenty minutes?" ..."See you then." They both hung up and Buffy was checking the room, looking at everything. *Things are clean, if I can't get anything from Xander, eww..not that. Sheesh, so don't want to think of him having sex....gonna go wash my mind out...out darn mind...out...*

Going into the bedroom, she turned the bed back, even though she hadn't been with the other person for a time, she was hoping that tonight they could play some. Lighting a few candles and turning the lights down, she changed her clothes and put on a top that only had three buttons and was long enough that she didn't need any pants.


In a car that was driving to Buffys house, the person in question was thinking; *Why does she want me to come over? We have not been together for over months now. Does she think that I don't know what she wants? And WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH?* "GOD SHE MAKES ME CRAZY."

Changing the cd that was in the stereo, a song came on by Hilary Duff, called Party Up;

You are driving me out of my mind
'Cause you take me everywhere but out at night
What more do you need for me to get with you


I didn't see this coming
Why don't you start me up?
There's no more messin' around
(Come on and light me up)
This could be the start of something
Why don't you party-up

Time for you to come on down
I dream about it in my sleep
You seem to like me better when I creep
This time I won't lose


You roll me, you use me, you love me and then
You wrap me up and reel me in and use me again
You love me, you hate me, you say it's the end
I know your gonna do it again and again...


The song was finishing as the car was parked outside of Buffy's house. The thought of why did Buffy called, was running in circles as the song stop playing. "Yeah, I love her. But will she ever really love me?" The woman got out of the car and began walking up the walkway. Standing there taking a deep sigh, as the rain was still falling like a mist, a hand reached out and rang the doorbell.


Buffy had been dusting what little bit of dust that she could find, on a small coffee table sat an open bottle of hard apple cider, from a winery in Starlight, IN. There was several different types of cheese and crackers on a plate. She was nervous, as she looked down at herself, she could almost feel her juices running down her legs and into her high heels.

She was afraid that she was going to scare her friend, when she saw her. "God, what was I thinking about when I only put on a shirt?" ...* oh Buffy, you know what you were thinking about, having her fingers inside you, her mouth on you.* ..."ALRIGHT!" ..."Damn I hate arguing with myself. Fine, YES I want her, again."...*yes, but you want Faith too.*.."Fuck, why do I have to choose?" As she was arguing with herself over the pros and cons of having two girlfriends, her doorbell was ringing.


Buffy was now at the door. Opening it she saw Willow standing there, she was dripping wet. The rain had started again and Buffy had not been paying attention.

"Oh Willow, god I'm sorry. Come in, I'll get some towels." Willow entered the house and was standing by the door. Buffy had ran to get her some towels. Willow couldn't help but notice the outfit that Buffy had on. A shirt and high heels, even standing with water running off her, she wasn't cold, in fact she was sure that she was running a fever and it was called; Buffy.

Buffy had came back and was helping to dry her off some; "I should have been at the door, waiting for you. I just got lost in my thoughts." Buffy hands had just brushed over Willow's nipples that were sticking out of the shirt she had on. She swallowed hard at the touch, bringing back memories and a warmth that she had almost forgotten.

Willow had been enjoying the attention. Buffy was being attentive to her, and that reminded her of when they had been together. As Buffy's hands were moving to places that had been touched ages ago, Willow moaned. Buffy stopped her hands and looked at her friend. The eyes staring back at her had; desire, lust, want and love. So many emotions in those green eyes. The room was hot, the sand of a desert had nothing at all over it.

Their lips meet in a surprise rush; hands removing clothes, moans, their names being called, as they made their way to the bedroom. As they stood by the bed; Buffy's eyes were dark with desire. Willow reach up and touched her cheek; then she pushed her onto the bed and together they climbed up, bodies touching; bodies melting into the other, tongues and teeth meeting and then returning once again. Willow was then kissing down the blonde's body, nipples being kissed, a belly button being licked, blonde curls being tickled with her tongue and then the tongue was licking at Buffy's clit, opening lips, tasting the amorous liquid that was coming from Buffy's core.

"Will." Buffy moaned as fingers entered her, hips moving, a clit being suck as Buffy was coming from the pressure inside her. Willow drank her in, removing her fingers and drinking more; always more. She kept licking, driving Buffy into two more orgasms. As Buffy was coming back around; Willow was riding her thigh, kissing her neck, Buffy tightened her thigh, bring her hands up and grabbing her, together they move faster; Willow came screaming for her and collapsed on top of her. Buffy held her as they drifted off to sleep.


Buffy woke up and felt a weight on her; Willow was snoring in her ear. She had never been happier then now. The phone was ringing by the bed and her hand was just long enough to reach it; in a whispery voice that was neither low or quiet she said;

"Hello?"..."Oh" She looked at the redhead that was waking up and was trying to make her be quiet. "Hi Faith, how are you?" A hand was teasing her wet folds as she kept talking..."Ooh, WHAT? Sorry Faith." Her hips were moving against the hand that now had two fingers buried inside her. Her grip on the phone was heavy. "Can...can....oh god." The phone was dropped as she felt a tongue sucking on her clit.

"Buffy, are you alright?" Faith was sure that something was going on, she knew the sound of a woman coming, last she checked she was one. Knowing that she should have hung up she just couldn't; she was hearing the blonde that haunted her dreams and fantasy, yelling at the person to fuck her hard, lick her clit. She was glad that she was home, for her own hand was now playing with her own clit, breathing hard as she squeeze her clit together; holding the phone against her shoulder, her legs were starting to shake, she was trying to hold on till Buffy came.

"Oh God...so fucking good....you are....ah shit...comingggggggg." Buffy's hand was holding Willow's head against her pussy hard as she bucked up against her. Willow was still licking her as she remembered the phone and looked down at the redhead;


Willow was trying hard not to laugh at her, Buffy was giving her that look; the one that she maded famous. Catching her breath, she reached down and grabbed the phone hearing.....

"God..Buffy...coming." She heard a noise that she thought she would never hear and it sent chills down to her pussy. Her breathing was heavy again and Willow was looking at her with a hurt look in her eyes. Willow got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She closed the door; leaning back against it, she began to cry.

"Hum..Faith are you still there?" She heard a noise and a sniff in the bathroom and was torn between them. Voice even huskier then normal answered her; "Buffy, I'm sorry." "Don't worry about it. Now why did you call me?" "See, there is this movie that I read for and I am not sure if I will get the part, but if I do, then I might not be able to stay on with the slayer council." The shower was now running in Buffy's bathroom. "Faith, can I call you later please? Right now is not a good time." Buffy was getting out of bed as she made her way toward the bathroom. "Later, Buffy." "Bye." They both said.

Buffy turned the phone ringer off and went into the bathroom. She heard sniffing and sobs coming from behind the curtain. With a heavy heart she walked the short distance and opened the curtain. Their eyes met, one set looking like fire balls and the other wanting to make things like they were just a few minutes ago. Willow stood back up and let Buffy climb in with her.

"Willow, I'm sorry." Buffy was trying to kiss her. "Buff, it's just not fair." Willow broke down again crying in her arms, the water washing over them, trying to ease them. Buffy was wondering why she thought Willow would help her get Faith at all. She had seen the love in those green eyes and then the hurt when she was responding over the phone. Her body was still a quiver. She wanted them both, but god how was she going to get them.


Faith was off today, she was puttin' around in her townhouse. Her body felt damn good, if it felt this way just hearing Buffy come...then what was going to happen if she was touching her when she came. The coffee maker finished brewing and she was getting herself a cup of the strong coffee and going outside to sit. She was staying in today and daydreaming.


Buffy and Willow had gotten out of the shower and were now in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating breakfast. There had been little talk and they were looking at each other. Buffy was wondering if she had messed up her relationship with her redhead. Faith was the furthest thing from her mind at the moment. Willow would look at her and then sigh; when the tears were threatening to come back, at the same time they asked;

"Didn't last night mean anything to you?" The feelings were standing there at the door and waiting to be pounced on. They both opened their mouths and then the other would close their's. They tried again and then there was a fire engine going by outside with it's sirens going. Turning they followed the sound, listening to where it stopped. They looked back at the other.

"FUCK!" Willow said as she was heading to get her clothes. She found her wet clothes where they had came off last night. She went to put them on and felt a hand on her shoulder. With tears coming down again against her will, she began the talk that they both didn't want to have.

"Why Buffy, if you want her; why did you make love with me?" Willow dropped her clothes, they were too wet to put back on.

"Wil..." Buffy was lost for words. Her mind was trying to catch up with everything that was going on in her heart and mind.

"DON'T YOU WIL ME, DAMMIT...I....DAMN YOU BUFFY!" She was pissed at herself for wanting something that never was going to happen and being happy that she had gotten to have the touch of Buffy again. "Will, please." Buffy was touching her again, hoping to make her stop.

"PLEASE Willow, oh yeah Wil...that's all that I am good for. Getting you the FUCK off. Were you thinking of her when I was fucking you? Cause the only thing I ever think about is YOU, when I am with YOU." Willow was on a roll, she wanted to throw something, any fucking thing would do.

"WILLOW, NO! I WAS THINKING ONLY OF YOU! GOD!" Buffy was pacing now..."Damnit, Wil. I'm Sorry." Buffy was looking at the door, part of her wanted to run, she had fucked up again and she had hurt Willow.

"Buffy, answer me this. Do you want Faith?" Willow was right in front of Buffy now, their eyes were locked on the other.

"Will..." Buffy didn't want to answer the question.

"ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION? DO YOU WANT HER?" Willow was shaking now as she waited.

"FUCK! I WANT HER!" ... "I WANT YOU...DO YOU HEAR ME? I WANT BOTH OF YOU AND NOW I'VE LOST YOU!" Buffy turned and went to sit down on the love seat, she was now crying as the redhead was looking at her with her own tears.

The room was painfully quiet, the passion of last night was gone and in its wake were emotions threatening to crush them both.

Willow's mind was running in circles. She heard her lover tell her that she wanted her but that she also wanted another woman. They both had a husband now that had added more to the problem of them being together. It was why they had stopped seeing each other before. Looking at Buffy, she seemed so small now; sitting there with her heart being torn out and stepped on. Willow loved her too much and not enough. Love always brought her back and love was fucking with her right now. Going over and kneeling down in front of the still naked blonde, she placed her hand on a knee. "Buffy...Buffy look at me." Eyes met each other's. "God please don't hate me." Buffy was crying harder now. "Buff, I don't hate you, I'm confused as to why you called me to come over and then we make love and you want another woman." Buffy gave her a half smile. "Want you both." Buffy told her as she was wringing her hands. "What if you can only have one of us?" Willow was watching the emotions playing over the blonde's face. "I...I..." "You can't chose?" Willow left her side and went to put on her wet clothes. Buffy was watching her.

"Willow, please don't leave me; not like this... we have to talk." Buffy was up and walking toward her. "Can't talk right now, I need to think. If I stay we are going to say things that we are going to find it hard to take back. It's better if I leave."..."Your clothes...still wet." "I'll take a hot shower when I get home alright." Willow's hand was on the door as a hand was touching the back of her neck.

"Buffy, don't."..."Can't I at least have a hug, if this is the last time that I can ever touch you, then please let me have one hug, Wil." Willow turned to her, tears running down her face. She couldn't talk as she saw the bare emotions. She pulled the shaking blonde to her and they spend several minutes hugging the other. They pulled apart and then Willow was out the door and her car was pulling away as Buffy was watching from the window.


When Willow got home she saw that her answering machine was blinking; she punched the button and heard her husband's voice; "Hon, sorry that I missed you baby. Sam is driving me crazy, I know why they have separate houses." Kevin had paused and then was sighing; "Goodbye Willow, I'll try to catch you again. Love you."

She had almost forgot about her husband Kevin; and that Buffy's husband Sam was with him. Kevin and Sam were working on the set of Circuit Cavalry, which was filming in Ireland. She picked the phone up and was going to call Kevin, when she heard the next message; "There is a reading for a part in an up coming movie, we have confirmed that Faith has agreed to be in it, We are hoping to have Buffy Summers in it. It is about the original two slayers. We feel that you will be an even bigger part of the movie as the sidekick. Reading is at 8:30 P.M. tomorrow. Please call if you are unable to keep the appointment, call 555-6969." The voice of the man stopped and she was looking at the machine.

"FUCK, CAN'T I GET AWAY FROM EITHER OF THEM!!!!" The answering machine went flying across the room and hit the wall, shattering it into pieces. She fell to the floor, cursing and crying and then looked at the clock on the wall.


Standing up, she took her cell phone out and calmed down and dialled the number...ring..ring..."Ake Talent, may I help you?" "This is Willow, I have an appointment tonight and need the address." "Yes, the address is 450 Ake Lane." "Thank you." Hanging the phone up, she went into the bathroom, took a hot shower and with clean clothes on she went flying out the door to make the appointment.


Her appointment went well, but her undoing was seeing Buffy at the end of the audition, they were both leaving at the same time. Once they were both outside; their eyes meet and they could feel the tears coming to their eyes. "Hi..umm...This was what that phone call from....Fai....her was about." Buffy was whispering as her arm was being held hard.

"You called her back?" Willow's voice was quivering as she asked and she wondered if she knew this woman at all. "We work together, as do we...whatever it is that I feel for..." Willow had her pinned against the wall in the alley off from the building; they stood looking at the other.

"Buffy, we have always been more then just people that work together; BUT you know that." Her lips were brushing against Buffy's. "We are both still afraid of what others would think about us. Buffy, you married a gay guy just so the each of you would feel safe.

I...I...and I love my husband, but he isn't who I wanted." "Wil...please, I didn't mean to hurt you." Her tongue had just ran across the lips that was still brushing hers.

"Buffy, I love you for fuck's sake and not only do I have to share you with your gay husband, now you want me to share you with HER. It hurts to know that I mean nothing to you, but then you hurt me before, so why am I not surprised that you did it again. So you want her, fine. Just don't think that I WILL always be here for you." Willow crushed their lips together and didn't care if anyone saw her. She was kissing the woman that she loved and fuck what anyone else thought.

A noise didn't stop them as the kiss broke into a duress attempt at making their feelings known. Willow's hand had made it into Buffy's pants and was now working it's way into the wetness that was always waiting for her; her fingers found the wetness there, they shared a moan into each other's mouths. With a finger moving on her clit, Buffy's hips were moving and they were breathing hard...."Wil..oh Willow." Buffy was beside herself with emotions, Willow always brought this out in her and just as she was reaching her climax, the fingers left her clit and then her pants.

Buffy opened her eyes; "Wil? Why...why...did you stop?" Her hips were still moving, aching for anything to ease the ache inside her. "Because I love you and even with you wanting her...SHE will never give you what I can."

Willow brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean; then as if not letting her come was not enough, she kissed her again...letting her taste herself in her mouth, on her tongue and then Buffy was left alone in the alley panting with her pants loose and her clit swollen with need.


Buffy and Willow only saw each other when they had to and they had talked about what they would be doing in the coming months and they had each been surprised that they were going to be working on; Emerald, Heart, and Circle. They each wanted to talk about the way that things were left in the alley, but neither one could get the courage up to talk to the other. There were looks when no one else was looking, their hearts crying out to the other to claim the other; but their brains were just not listening.


Arriving the next week on set of the new movie, Buffy was there first and was dressed in her outfit for the day, not very much at all.

Seating down in her chair, she heard the door open and Faith walked in, with a black top and a leather skirt on. Her mouth went dry as her bottom lip was hanging open. Behind the brunette was Willow, whose eyes were like a target on Buffy, watching her with her eyes.

Faith walked on by her and was leaning against the wall. Willow placed her hand just under Buffy's chin and raised her chin up closing her mouth, with a slight tear in her eye. "Wil..." Buffy never got to finish.

"Aright all, gather around. We are filming a new movie; Emerald, Heart, and Circle. The main focus is Buffy and her relationship with Faith and how this is effecting Willow. For our movie, because of the context of what we are doing, there will not be any men on set when we are filming your scenes. Xander has bowed out of doing anything of the adult nature. And this will be your last chance to back out. Once we start the cameras rolling, you have committed yourself to the end." "Last chance; Willow, Buffy, Faith are you all in?" The woman asked. She received a shake of their heads.

"Alright then...Willow, Faith you are up first today. Here is a copy of today's script, you have 20 minutes to read it." She handed them each a copy and went to search for some coffee.


The girls had each taken a seat; reading what they would be doing today. Faith's eyes went wide as she read. Willow was swallowing hard and Buffy was aroused, wondering why she was not in the scene yet. Willow and Faith looked at each other, "Are we really going to do this?" They both asked the other.

Willow was running the reasons not to...but the only thing that made her do it was Buffy as she said; "I don't think we should do it, it's not what a Vampire Slayer is about."..."Faith maybe, but not Buffy." Buffy was afraid of what feelings would come out in the filming of this movie.

"Oh come on Buffy, we all can use the extra money. " Faith was loving the look on Buffy's face, it had long been rumoured that Buffy and Willow had been lovers and she wanted to find out if it was true.

"Buffy, we all know that there are slash writers out there that have has everyone together in one form or another. I am going to do it. If you don't want to, then I am sure that they can find another to take your place or they can make it Faith the Vampire Slayer." Willow's claws were coming out to play.

Faith's eyebrow shot up, things were going to get interesting and soon. Willow was smiling. Buffy was hoping that she didn't make a fool of herself.

The director came back in; "Now that you know what is happening, is anyone not filming today?"

The three girls said together; "We're in."

"Alright then ladies, positions, Faith and Willow you are seating on the bed. Buffy you are outside of the house."



Faith and Willow were seating on the bed talking; "You mean that you have never kissed Buffy?" Faith asked.

"Faith, I've thought about it. But she is my best friend and you're not suppose to feel that way about her." Willow said as she put her hand over her mouth.

"No way missy. You aren't getting out of this one."

"Faith, she's not Tara or Kennedy. I could kiss them and not worry if they got mad at me. I knew that I could run to Buffy. But if she gets mad at me, then who can I run to?"

"Why not run to me? Or maybe we could just give her something to think about." Faith was smirking.

"You can't be saying what I think your saying."

"Why not? Your hot, I'm even hotter and together we will be melting the roof off of this house and if it doesn't get Buffy to want you, then you will at least have gotten laid."

"Is that why your wearing a skirt today, so I can get my hand inside you quicker?" Willow asked as she was trying not to babble.

"Red, I have this itch that I think that only you can handle." Faith reached over and placed one of Willow's hands on her leg right below her skirt and then placed her lips against Willow's.

"Red, I wanna kiss you. We can stop anytime if you don't want too." Her words were cut off as the redhead was kissing her, her hand was moving under the skirt and found..."You're not wearing underwear." Smirking Faith told her; "Gets in the way and speaking of which, lets get these clothes off." They stood up and lost the clothes they had on and laid down on the bed. Willow was on her back and Faith was kissing her. The room was getting hotter as hands were roaming over their bodies, Faith was touching her and playing with her clit; "Faith, don't tease. Just fuck me." Willow was answered with a heated kiss and then Faith was moving, sucking on a nipple, licking her stomach, running her tongue into her wet red curls and then running fingers down her slit. "Faith, inside." Hips moving as fingers slid into the wetness; "So wet, Red." Her mouth was now licking her clit as the clicking of wetness and moans filled the room.

Outside there was the oldest Vampire Slayer Buffy, watching her best friend and her fellow slayer having sex on her bed. She saw Faith licking the cunt in front of her, Willow's thighs coming off the bed as each lick was bringing her closer to the edge. She was breathing heavily and was playing with her nipple, she never realized that Willow was so beautiful.

Faith, her fellow slayer was sexy as hell. Her pussy was the wettest that it had ever been, not even Angel or Riley had made her this wet. She was unsure which one was the cause, maybe it was the moaning of them both or hearing Willow telling Faith to fuck her even deeper. She continued to watch as she stood there, her feet not moving, her breathing heavy with her clit twitching.

"Red, come baby." Faith had three fingers inside her and was licking her clit..."Uggh...Faith...ooo god..." Willow was panting as the fingers were thrusting and she answered them as she came hard. Faith kept licking her as she was coming back down. Getting her breathing back, she looked at the brunette and was pulling her to her. They were kissing again and Willow moaned at the taste; "I taste good on you, but it's my turn." Willow was kissing her as she turned them over with her body now resting on the dark slayer's.

Licking an ear, down her neck, down her arm, going over to her breasts and kissing around everywhere but the dark nipples that were begging for attention. "Red" .. "Sssh, I'll get there." Willow's tongue was running down the center of her breasts, her hands on the sides by each breast and then down to a dark triangle of hair. She could smell how turned on that Faith was and her mouth was watering for a taste. She moved her body down the slayer, her nipples touching the body and her mouth was on Faith's cunt and then her tongue was inside her, fucking her as the body was arching up into her.


Willow's hands came up as her mouth closed around the hardened clit and was pinching the nipples and Faith was coming. "OOOO...OH SHIT." Willow's hands moved back down and then was holding her down as she licked at her even harder. With a final shudder from the brunette, she was moving up a shaking body and lying down by the brunette, putting her head onto a shoulder, closing her eyes as they cuddled into the other...



Outside the window, Buffy stood in heat. That is all that she could think. *I'm IN Heat and I want them…NOW!* She had heard the director call cut and she was waiting for the call of action to come. Her eyes stayed focused on her two friends.


The director was talking to them now, "Willow, Faith, that was great, so much emotion, that you both showed in the scene. I think we are all going to need a cold shower soon. Why don't you take five and we will film the next scene."

"Thanks" They both said.

They got up and to get a bottle of water. Their eyes were on each other’s bodies that they had just been caressing.

"You know Red, IF you ever need a girlfriend…" Faith was making an offer that she never really thought that she would.

Blushing and looking damn fine doing it, Willow answered her. "Thanks Faith, I'll keep that in mind." Her eyes went to the window and saw Buffy staring at her, her friend’s eyes held so much desire in them that she thought her knees would break into two. A grasp did try to make its way to surface. Buffy was the only one who ever made her feel like she was a stone in a lava pit. She broke out in a sweat and could feel new moisture starting to collect on her thighs.


Faith had heard the soft grasp and could smell the fresh wetness from her redheaded lover. She turned around, and saw her fellow slayer looking at Willow and she had to swallow hard. *Fuck, it's true. Buffy and Willow had been or still were lovers.* The desire that was on the blondes face was only for one that knew what a tongue or fingers could do to the other person.

She felt and saw the blonde turn her hazel eyes toward her and she now knew what a deer in headlights felt like. She muttered, “Fuck”, under her breath, then she too was sweating.


Buffy was feeling torn in two...she wanted to go inside, lay claim to her fellow slayer and then she wanted her Willow. Her heart and body were fighting the other and then she had to close her eyes to get her breathing under control.


Willow had finished the small bottle of water and had been watching her best friend and what she guess she could now call her newest lover. A smirk came to her face as she thought about what they had just did and THAT she had gotten to something that Buffy wanted first. Her the shy hacker, had made the dark slayer cum and she knew what she tasted like. She was going to have so much fun and then it was like a stab to the chest. She and Faith had, had sex in front of a camera and in front of Buffy...her lover, her friend and so much more. Realizing that this movie was now having an influence on them. *I got to have what Buffy wanted first, man I AM so fucked.*

If Faith had looked at Willow's face she would have seen a smirk that had only ever crossed Tara's face.


The director came back in and called for places. Everyone moved to their places and Willow and Faith were once again on the bed lying down, cuddled into each other.


A noise came from the door and the two figures in the bed opened their eyes to the now open door and saw the original chosen one standing there looking at them.

"WHAT THE FUCK? WILLOW? FAITH?" Buffy slammed the door and grabbed the dark slayer off the bed and threw her against the wall and then she was grabbing the redhead and was holding her against her clothed body.

"WILLOW, did she force you? How long has this been going on? How? When? WHY? Thank god Xander wasn't with me to see this." Breathing heavily, Buffy started over as the redhead backed herself onto the bed.

"Faith, how could you do this to me? I thought that we were slayers together to the end. You FUCKED my best friend. Do you love her? Does she love you? I thought that you were in love with me, OR is that what you told me so you could just fucked me?.... FREAKY HELL!" Buffy backed herself up to the door shaking, she was not sure now much of this was just acting for the movie and how much of it was hurt that Willow and Faith had been together. Yes, her life was complicated and she was horny as hell.

Willow got up and went over to the brunette slayer who was rubbing the back of her head, "Faith are you all right?" Faith looked up at her and smiled, "Five by Five, Red." She raised herself up as Willow was looking at the scared blonde.

"Buffy, to answer your questions, no, she didn't force me. It started with a kiss. And IamgladthatXanderwasnotwithyoufor thatwouldhavebeenbad." Willow breathed in deeply and felt a hand on her arm and saw brown eyes looking into hers.

"B, sorry if this hurts you. We weren't trying to do that. Things may have gotten out of control. But I would never FORCE her to do anything with me. I thought you of all people knew that now." Faith frowned and closed her eyes for a second, opening them. "I do love you. I would never just fuck you. B, you don't just have sex with anyone, you have to feel something for that person. I know you love me...even if you can't tell me that you do...but I need more from you, Red needs more from you, she is feeling something that you need to know about."

Buffy had been listening and many questions were going through her mind. "Faith, I'm sorry about not telling you my feelings. I care about you, I..."

"B, don't even try. I won't even believe you right now..not with what just happened with Red. It wouldn't be fair to either of us. I need to tell you why it started with that kiss." Faith moved her hand to her forehead and scratched at her eye. She was getting a headache.

"Faith, you can't." Willow was trying to back up and had nowhere to go.

"Sorry Red, I got to tell her."

"Tell me what Faith?" Buffy stepped away from the door, looked at her friends, and tried to keep in mind that she was filming a script and not real life. She was having a hard time keeping them separate.

"B, we ended up in bed, because I asked Red if she had ever kissed you. She told me that she could never kiss you for fear that she might lose you because of having feelings for you." Faith swallowed, saw questions in those hazel eyes and then turned to the greenest ones that she had ever seen. "I should go, you two need to talk." Faith moved to the door and looked back at the redhead, "Red, you have my number. Use it, if you need it." Faith said as the door closed and left a confused blonde behind.

As the door closed, there was two sighs in the room.

They stood looking at the other and the room felt tense.

Willow was standing in front of the slayer now. Buffy was trying not to cry and to stay in character for this damn movie. Willow moved her hand to Buffy's cheek.

"I'm sorry about sleeping with your girlfriend Buffy, she wanted to know if I ever wanted to kiss you, and I told her yes, but I was afraid that if I did, you would take it badly. I would lose you and not have you as a friend to go to when I needed you....I couldn't deal with not having you in my life, losing you would hurt. She told me to come to her instead and then we were kissing and it led to more then kissing....She loves you...But, I have loved you longer." Willow was now crying as her hand was shaking against the soft cheek.

Tears were in her eyes and she blinked them away. "Will don't cry. You could never lose me. I love you, you know that." Buffy was trying not to pull the redhead to her and make love to her right there in front of everyone. Her hand was touching the one on her cheek.

Sniffing and stepping back; "Yeah, Buff you love me. But you don't love..LOVE me. I get that. Go on back to HER. You love her even if you CAN'T tell her that you do. You can tell me, that you love me, but you can't kiss me, can't make love to me...but you can FUCK her and that is what matters, RIGHT?" Stepping back even farther away from the slayer. "I think I need to be alone and you need to figure out just what you want out of your life."

Her words from their last time together came out of her mouth and she tried not to cry out at the feelings it was making her feel, "Willow, please don't leave me, not like this... we have to talk."

No words answered her this time...the only noise that she got was the door closing and the sound of nothing.



The filming had ended when Willow walked out of the room. Buffy was standing there with a whirlwind running through her mind. The script was hitting too fucking close to home. The only difference was she could have Willow in real life, regardless of their husbands. Anytime that she gave her the go ahead, they would be going somewhere, getting a ceremony performed. She might be afraid of what people thought about her, but she knew if she ever made the decision to want Willow and only her, then by hell she would do it right.

The script had Faith and her together in a relationship and Willow was on the outside, looking in. Life and the film were messing up her mind. She heard the noises in the room and was told that she could change her clothes now and go home.

*Yeah, home to an empty house.*, Buffy thought, and went into the dressing room that she was sharing with the other two women. She saw Faith standing there, changing into her street clothes. She was wearing a simple black bra and panties. Buffy watched her as she slid her pants up over her hips and wiggled into them. Turning, Faith saw Buffy watching her and took her time getting into her top.

"You know Buffy, I don't know what is going on with you and Willow. She didn't even change her clothes, just threw her clothes in a bag and went stomping out of here, she was crying her eyes out." Faith now had her top on and was watching the blonde slayer slowly change her clothes.

"Faith, sometimes I wonder what is real and what is not. My life is a mess. We may not be doing the honest to goodness slaying now; since we are the new slayer council founding members for god sake. I thought when I married... and others in our lives married, then things would be somehow worked out.  That life would be making better sense, you know. But somehow...Somehow I have fucked up my life. Things I want...people that I want and that I can and can't have...." Buffy was now finishing putting her clothes on and looked at her fellow slayer with tears in her eyes.

"B..Buffy...come on, it can't be that bad." Faith’s hand was now mirroring Willows.

"Faith, it's bad. I should be going after her, but I can't. I...I need to talk with someone, and was wondering if we could go somewhere?" Buffy was trying her best not to cry.

"Come on B, I'll take you back to my place. We'll talk and hopefully you will feel better. Red can look after herself.  Kevin was looking for her right before you came in...don't worry he said that Sam is going to be at his house. They are back for only the weekend and then back to filming. You can call Sam on the way to the house." Faith's arm went around the shaking blonde..."Come on B, I got you."

What neither one knew was that Willow had stayed at the lot, and was now watching the two slayers walk to the SUV as Faith helped Buffy into the passenger side seat and then Faith was getting in and heading out to god knows where. Willow wiped her index finger against her nose and headed to her car, then to her home for a very hot soak and good cry.

Part Seven

Buffy was quiet on the drive to Faith's place. She had placed her call to Sam. He was upset when he heard her voice, knowing that she had been crying and wanted to come over and take care of her. The marriage might have been in name only but Sam was a good man. She told him she was with a friend and was not sure when she would be at her house, but would call him or see him before he left again.


"B..We're here." Faith was sitting behind the wheel and was wondering just what she had got herself into. She saw that the blonde was thinking hard and she turned the SUV off, closed her door and then was at the passenger’s side door, opening it and placing her hand on Buffy's arm.

"Come on Buffy, let’s go inside. K?" Faith saw hazel eyes, scared and confused, looking up at her, and hoped that somehow she could help get that smile back on her face and in her eyes.

"Ok." Buffy took her seat belt off and with the brunette as a shadow closed the door and they walked to the back of the house. Buffy looked around and thought about the few times that she had been here, twice she was sure, one was when they finally settled down from leaving Sunnydale and the other was when the slayer's council was formed and they had their first meeting at Faith Lehane’s home.

Faith led her inside, tossed her keys on a small table, looked at the ceiling and then back at Buffy.

"Faith, how come you never come to my house?" Buffy thought that asking that would somehow help her not to get into what she was confused about.

"I don't know B. Maybe cuz, I never really felt that you would trust me. You're married and I don't want you saying that I tried to fuck your husband." Faith was babbling and she knew it. "Sorry to hear that you don't think I trust you Faith. I do, you know. I would not be here with you now, if that was true. I forgave you years ago for what we went through with the Mayor, Finch, Angel, and who knows else. It's our past Faith..OURS...I could have handled things, and you, us, better. So Faith, I trust you and I don't have any trouble with you being around my Sam." Buffy laid her purse down by Faiths keys and moved her arms out and turned her neck to the right, they both heard it pop.

"You really shouldn't do that, B. Down the road, you are going to have problems with it." Faith saw those eyes, that could melt any man or woman's heart, roll at her.

"If that is all I have to worry about, then bring it up now, please!" Buffy went to the window and looked out. Faith came up behind her and with a nervous swallow, she raised her arms up and around the blonde, bringing Buffy's back up against her body. Neither said anything about the tension that they felt from each other. Buffy's body was like a snake waiting to hiss at anything.

"B...Buff, I don't know what is going on, but if I can help, please let me." Faith stood there enjoying the warmth of the body resting against hers, but she was also afraid of what was going on in that cute blonds head in front of her. Time seemed to pass for them as Buffy let tears fall from her eyes, and turned to face the other slayer, the other half of the original chosen from years ago.

Buffy was sniffing, tears blurring her vision, as feelings about Faith and Willow went through her mind, she wasn't sure what was the right thing for her to do anymore. She was relishing the brunette’s body against hers. Part of her was telling her to shut up, and the other was telling her to take the raven beauty and forget everything.

Finally Buffy turned, and met those dark brown eyes that seemed to her like a black hole that they were just waiting for her to fall into. As they were staring back at hers, she felt a hand on her back. "B, what can I do?" Buffy blinked at her, as any of her thoughts went flying out the window, she would probably regret what she was going to say, but she wanted and needed this.

"Faith, please, make love to me." Buffy was opening her heart to the raven slayer. Tears escaped down her cheeks, as she watched those eyes looking into her soul, questioning her, wanting her and she watched those lips moving down to brush against hers, their moans silent as passion came forth.


Kevin was waiting for Willow when she got home. *Can this day get any worse?*, Willow thought, as she went to hug her husband. "Kevin, I didn't know you were home. Sorry for not being here. I was on the set of a new movie that I am in. So how was Ireland?" Willow put everything behind her, her thoughts, her fears, her wants and it was hurting her.

Kevin looked at her and could tell what had happened again. "She let you in again. Didn't she?" ... "Dammit honey, she isn't what you need." He went to bring her into a hug and got rejected by his wife.

"Don't, just don't, Kev. I can't do this anymore. I love you, but it's not enough. I love her more and yeah I know, Buffy may never love me the way that I do her. But I can't keep doing this, to me...to you. It's not fair that you don't have the loving wife that you thought you would have when we married. I tried, Kevin. I just can't do it anymore and you deserve better then that. It's gonna hurt both of us, but we both need to stop our marriage, while we can still be friends and try to get on with whatever it is that we need." Tears were trying to come out as she looked at the man who loved her more then she ever deserved.

"Willow, I will always love you. I am not happy that you don't want me anymore. But if I am honest, you never were mine. I always knew it was Buffy that you wanted. I won't fight you for the divorce. I just want you happy, babe." Kevin had gotten her into a hug and was holding her against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, Kevin, when she lets me in...I forget everything, and SHE is all that I can breathe." Tears were running down her face now, as her soon to be ex-husband held her and she wondered if her life would ever be right again.

Part Eight

Faith had carried Buffy into her bedroom and they had shyly undressed each other, each laid on the bed, beginning to kissing softly, learning the textures of the others lips, hands caressing the others’ breasts and before the blondes hands could travel farther down the raven beauty's body, she felt a hand take hers.

"Let me", was all that Faith said, then her mouth was on Buffy's mouth, kissing her more passionately, kissing down her neck, nibbling, licking as she tasted skin that she had only dreamed about, her body above the tight body that looked like she spent hours inside a gym. "B, your skin tastes so good." Faith licked a nipple, hearing the gasp from the blonde, which served to make her smile against the nipple she was sucking on, then the other nipple, giving each the same attention, as the brunette was taking her time to making love to Buffy.

Buffy felt like her skin was on fire, every place that the brunette slayers lips kissed...her breathing was heavy as the kisses where heading down to her wet curls, then there was a hot tongue on her clit. "OH GOD", Buffy moaned to Faith, "Please". Faith increased her licking and slowly...oh so slowly slipped a finger inside of the hot cunt that was looking to make her come. "Yes....so...good." They both said as Faith added a finger and began to increase her thrusts into the blonde.

Faith stopped her licking and looked up at the blonde slayer; "Always so beautiful." Faith told her as her mouth was closing around the hardened nub and started sucking harder..."Oh Fuck....oh...dear god.." Buffy cried to the room as her hips increased the tempo that Faith was sucking with...."YES....coming....FAITH!" Buffy exploded, crashing back against the bed, the room seemed way too hot to her...she felt more then saw the body crawling up over hers, kissing her mouth, as she began to taste herself on that mouth that made her just climax hard.

"God, I knew you would be good at that." Buffy’s head was still spinning as she laid there looking at the face above her.

"B, I think you mean, GREAT! I would never just be good at making love to a woman!" Faith was smirking at her as her body moved up against the blondes.

Gasping, "Faith, was there something that you need?" Buffy returned the smirk right back at her. "Need you B." Faith breathed out to her as the ache in her stomach was asking to be taking care of.

"Well F, are you sure that you can handle me?" Buffy was trying not to laugh as the word left her mouth. She watched a look come over the brunette's face and almost lost it.

"Stop teasing me."

"Well if you're sure." Buffy was now touching her back, drawing her fingers down Faith’s back and enjoying the arch of the body into hers.

"fuck" ..."B"

Buffy raised her lips to the mouth that still tasted of her juices and began a painfully slow kiss and as it increased, her fingers had left the back that she had been teasing and was now playing over the tight ass, squeezing, raking her nails over it.

"Buffy" Faith was moaning as her juices dripped on to the body under hers. Lips were on the raven slayers neck, teasing her, sucking her skin into her warm mouth, that was making sure that there would be marks left behind come the morning. Buffy’s mouth returned back to Faith’s and claimed her tongue in a fierce fight to dominate her.

Their mouths broke apart when they both needed to catch a breath, their eyes met and held onto each others as Buffy was raising them up from the bed and laying Faith back down on it, on to her stomach. Faith was laying down flat and Buffy was now licking from her neck down, kisses placed on her spine, hands just touching the breasts that were resting against the bed. Soft moans filled the room and the air increased two fold with warmth.


Buffy answer was to place a kiss right on her anus, her tongue then began to lick back and forth on it, till her tongue went inside of her. Faith was moaning as the tongue was fucking her ass. She would have never thought that the blonde would have her tongue inside of her ass. Buffy was using one finger on the wet folds of pussy, opening her lover up even more as she kept thrusting her tongue into the dark cavern.

"Oh god" Faith was crying as her body was heating up from the attention that it was receiving. Buffy suddenly moved back from her and was now using two fingers to fuck her sphincter with, two fingers now were thrusting at the same times into both her holes.

"FUCK" Both of them cried as Buffy kept her fingers busy inside of the raven slayer.

Faith knew that she wasn’t going to last much longer, with the double assault on her, GOD BUFFY, was going to make her come.

"That's it Faith, CUM for me." Buffy fingers thrust in even harder as muscles were squeezing them tighter...

"BBBBBBB..........BUFFFYYYYY" Faith was coming and her body was shaking, she was dizzy and then instead of the fingers stopping with their thrusting, they increased again....



"FFFUUUCCCCKKKKKK" Faith's second and third orgasm swept through her from the fucking that she was being given.

Finally Buffy was removing her fingers and left her resting, the bed moved and Buffy was going to the bathroom to wash up. Faith was asleep as soon as the room was empty.

Buffy turned the light on and saw herself in the mirror. Thoughts ran thru her mind about what she was doing, why she was doing it, that finally she had been with both Faith and Willow. She fought against hitting the mirror, it was mocking her. Her eyes closed, she took a deep breath and smelled Faith on her, a smile crossed her face, then she opened her eyes and began to wash up. Returning to the bedroom she saw her sleeping slayer and covered her up and crawled in with her and laid down with her to take a nap.


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