TITLE Don't Ask Don't Tell, The Forbidden Diaries of a Slayer

| Part 1 | Part 2 |

AUTHOR Raven White


PAIRING Buffy/Females Buffy/Males

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SPOILERS The movie; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, All seasons of BTVS, Things have been changed to work within my story line. SO this is not Cannon.

SUMMARY Buffy has to write about her sexual experiences from the age of eleven.

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NOTES There is SEX, Het Sex, Blood Play.

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Part One

Buffy was sitting at a table, with paper in front of her. She had been asked to write about her lovers throughout her life. The new Watchers Council wanted all the details. She thought that it was just a way for the grumpy men and women now serving the slayers to get their jollies. But putting that out of her mind, she looked at the paper and sighed, she was going to be here a while. Taking pen in hand she thought back to her first kiss and began to write........


Entry One Paul

"Come on, Buffy, we‘ve got to get to class.", the boy of eleven was telling her. Buffy frowned at him, she didn't want to be in class and she sure as hell didn't want to be in Mr. Lye's class today. She grabbed the boy and pulled him into a broom closet. "Paul, shut up", Buffy said, as she leaned against him. Their bodies came close together and the boy started feeling odd and was blushing. "Buffy, what are you doing?" Paul had bumped into a mop and was now against the wall. "Paul, I just wanna kiss you." Buffy's lips met his and they shared a first kiss. Buffy walked out of the broom closet, leaving him there, shaking her head. "Didn't feel anything."


Entry Two Angie

Didn't have any relationship after I first kissed Paul, I was wondering if not feeling anything was normal. Then I met Angie. She was a looker, every boy in class was looking to kiss her and fuck her. I was just getting into cheerleading and she was always at our practises. My life changed that October, when she walked over to me. She had on the reddest top that I had ever seen and it was almost covering her breasts. She had asked if I would wait for her after I was done today. I, not knowing any better, agreed to wait. An hour later the girls and boys were gone and I was still in the shower room. I was afraid of what she wanted to see me about and then I heard a voice, "Buffy, are you in here?" Angie was walking over to me, as she was not waiting for an answer. "What'cha still doing in here?"

"Had to wait an hour before leaving." Buffy mumbled. "Think you got that wrong, that is when you are going to swim.. You know, wait an hour after eating”, Angie said, smiling at her. "Oh, that's right, not sure where my mind is." Buffy said standing up almost against a locker. "So why did you want to see me, Angie?" Buffy was wanting to head home. "Wanted to tell you that you look wonderful when you are doing the splits, you make me want to be the mat." Angie was moving in closer to her. "WHAT?" Angie was almost against her now; "Buffy, you make me so wet." Angie took hold of her hand and pressed it against her panties. "Oooo", Buffy whimpered. "Angie, I'm not like that." Buffy had her back up against her locker.

"Now Buffy, do you really know if you are like that? Or are you going by what your parents and friends tell you is the right way to be?" Angie had a hand up against her head and the other was making a hot trail up her thigh, under her skirt. "Angie, I...I..." Buffy was stuttering as a hand made it’s way inside her panties. "For a girl that doesn't know if she goes that way, you’re awful wet." As Angie's fingers began playing with her wetness, she watched Buffy’s eyes close in front of her. "Buffy, it's not wrong." Lips met and Buffy was tasting her first girl kiss and she was loving it. Fingers went just inside of her, as she
grabbed them.

Breathing heavily their lips parted; "You can't go in too far, I'm still a virgin." Buffy was sweating as Angie went to her knees and pulled her panties off. Without her panties on and her skirt being held up, she was getting a cool breeze. As she was going to say something, she felt a tongue against her lips, parting her and drinking her in. "Oh, my…" Buffy was almost dizzy with feelings. Angie kept her tongue moving, sucking her, her fingers were moving in the wetness. As the fingers were heading to her rear, she felt a finger trying to go into her sphincter. Her eyes that had been closed, shot open. "Angie", but no answer came, a finger slid into her back door and her clit was being bitten. "Oh MY GODDDDD." Juices ran into Angie's mouth and as the blonde's legs gave out, she was being held up. Angie left after that and was my first girlfriend, we never got together after that. I wouldn't give up being a virgin to her and she went looking for other cheerleaders to play with.


Entry Three Jason

I lasted a year before the boys started wanting to date me. Being a cheerleader made it hard not to date any of them, so I started dating Jason. He had dark hair and ABS to die for. We would go to the drive-in movies, get popcorn and eat half of it and then he would start kissing me. Hands would be mapping my body and then he would be grabbing my hand, trying to get me to feel his cock. I still hadn’t let anyone inside me fully and he wasn't going to be the one. So I did what I had to do with him, I sucked his cock and played with his balls until he was cuming in my mouth. We lasted for three months.


Entry Four Jennifer and Nicole

Next would be my best friends from Hemery High, Jennifer and Nicole. We were having a sleep over. Jennifer's parents were out of town and they were talking about what it would be like to be with a girl. I couldn't do anything but laugh at them. They had looked at me like I was crazy. So instead of answering them, I leaned into Jennifer and gave her the sweetest kiss that I could, and while I left her in a daze, l moved to Nicole, I gave her a more heated kiss; by the time we parted, Jennifer was taking her top off and they were both looking at me like..like I knew what I was doing. So being a good best friend, I gave them pointers on getting each other off, while I fingered myself to climax. After they had sixty-nined each other, they each kissed me, giving me; my first taste of pussy...well other then my own.


Entry Five Andy

During the time that I was cheer leading and had been...well, with Jennifer and Nicole. I wasn't really with them but we had sex in the same room. I was dating the quarterback Andy. He was not as forgiving as Jason. He wanted all of me. I wasn't ready for that. I would relieve him as I had with Jason. Amazing what giving a guy head did for not wanting to fuck me and I had decided that he wasn't going to be my first and I went looking for someone to take care of my little problem. But that was not to be, there was Pike and Merrick. I ended up burning down the gym and then I was off to Sunnydale.

Part Two

Entry Six Giles

I got to listen to this starchy Watcher, Giles. He went on about; In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. I think that he was getting off on telling me the story of Slayer. What does that have to do with me having sex? Nothing but I thought you would want to know, that I thought he got off.


Entry Seven Willow

Willow, God, that was a woman that I wanted to make mine. From the first time that I saw her at the water fountain, to sitting on that bench. My body was telling me that she was the one. I wanted her deep inside me. God, and then Cordelia came over. We headed to the Bronze that night and I had to save Willow and Xander, lost Jesse. I walked Willow home and then when I got us to her door, she asked me inside. Now who was I to turn her down? When the door was shut she was hugging me and telling me, thank you over and over and then, our lips met in the most passionate kiss that I had ever felt. Her lips tasted of the soda that she had been drinking. And then just as quick she broke the kiss and was standing there blushing at me. "Buffy, oh God..I'm sorry....don't know what came over me." I was learning to love it when she babbled. I told her that it was all right, she did nothing wrong, and I gave her a kiss goodnight and left behind part of my heart that night. I wanted her, but she wasn't ready.


Entry Eight Cordelia

Willow watched me for the next few months after our first kiss. She would blush and then run off. I was on the cheerleading squad again and had secretly started seeing Cordelia. During that time, Xander was trying to date any girl and Willow was trying to find her way. Cordelia and I were making out wherever we could. I found myself in another broom closet with the brunette. That is where I found out that she was no virgin, she wouldn't tell me who or what had taking her cherry. In truth, I didn't care, if it meant that I could fuck her deep inside with my fingers.

We were kissing when we heard a bell go off and she was going to leave the closet. I grabbed her hand, telling her no. I pushed her against the wall, so like my first kiss. As luck would have it, she was wearing a skirt that day and I pulled her top off, taking her bra with it. As my mouth was nibbling on a nipple, my fingers were just finding her pussy. God she was wet and my fingers slid into her, like I had butter on them.

"Buffy" It was a sound from her that I would love and hate. Her hips were moving against my fingers as I curled them up looking for her g-spot. When her legs began to tremble, I knew that I found hers. She came all over my fingers and then I brought them to her mouth, she licked my fingers dry and then was on her knees, removing my clothes. Her fingers parted my lips and then moved my liquid around. "Buffy, you're dripping all over my fingers, your scent is something that I can never get enough." Cordelia went to thrust two fingers inside me...and I tensed up on her.

She wet her fingers again with my juices and turned me around, she knew that I would let her fuck my ass. No, I never thought about why I would let anyone do that. She was licking me, making me make noises and then she was thrusting two of her fingers in my ass. "God, Cor." She loved my ass, her tongue could make me feel things that I had never felt before and then before we knew it, I was coming over and over. When Cor gave me head, that bitch could make me cum.


Entry Nine Angel

I started seeing Angel and Cordelia. See, she didn't want her friends to know that she was letting me fuck her. So to make it appear that I was not her girlfriend, I began seeing a vampire. Now don't get me wrong. That vampire could kiss; but damn was he cold. Not as in he didn't have any feelings, his body was cold.

When I kissed him, I felt like I was kissing an ice cube. But he did a good thing for me, he loved to eat me when I was on my period. I know, everyone reading this is saying that is disgusting, but hell he was a vampire and if by him eating me, it kept one innocent alive; then I would be damned if it was wrong.

Besides, IT felt damn good, the cramps would leave as his cold tongue would lick me, and he didn't have to breathe.

God, that was fun, and I miss having someone eating me for hours. The thing about him was, he didn't want me to do anything for him, I got to get off and boy did I.


Entry Ten Marcie Ross

Now, this one I know you’re not going to believe. But I had sex with Marcie Ross even though she was invisible. She had kidnapped Cordelia and since I just happened to be protecting her, I was kidnapped as well. And lo and behold, just as I was just waking up, I felt a tongue on my pussy. I looked down, not seeing anyone and I was butt naked.

I wondered when that had happened and then I heard Marcie, "You like your pussy licked, don't ya bitch." I couldn't help myself, my pussy moved against her mouth, she was nibbling on my clit and it was sending very pleasant vibrations through my body. As I came, I saw Cordy. She was naked with a dildo sticking out of her pussy.

I heard Marcie chuckle at me; "Don't worry I got your bitch off, even if she never woke up. I gave her another shot while you were out. Now you’re going to get me off." I heard movement and then smelled pussy by my nose and then Marcie"WELL, Lick me!" I felt movement on my face and then brought my hands up, breaking the ropes that had tied them down. "Don't get any ideas or I'll kill your girl." So I did my best, eating an invisible pussy, I closed my eyes and went with instinct.

As I was sucking what felt like her clit, Cordy was waking up and asking me what I was doing. Marcie answered her, "Cordelia, you’re a lucky girl. She's got a hell of a tongue on her." Marcie was breathing heavily and Cordelia was freaking out. "Get the fuck up off her, you BITCH."

Then I felt liquid gushing all over my face. "Hum...Cordelia she made me cum real hard. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill either of you, but watching you these last few months made me extra horny and that was great." She moved off from me.

"Now Buffy, give me ten minutes and then save your girlfriend." Laughing, "Oh and I'll be seeing you two."


Raven White


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