Title: Dentist My Ass

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith


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Buffy heard moans coming from the bathroom. However, they were not the usual ones that she thought of as she heard Faith cuss.

"Mother son of a Sunnyhell rodent in heat! Fucking Rot Toad! Come OUT, Damn it.OUCHHHHH....FUCK ME."

Buffy ran into the bathroom wondering what the hell was wrong with her girlfriend.

"Faith, honey what's wrong?" Buffy's hand was rubbing Faith's back as she looked into the mirror and saw a string coming out of Faith's mouth.

"Faith, you know tampons don't go in your mouth?" All she heard was "GGGkw that you dumonle." Buffy was sure that Faith had just used the blonde word and that she was not going to like what Faith said at all.

"Faith, come on into the bedroom and tell me what is wrong."

Faith sighed and spit into the sink....she gave up trying to pull her tooth. *I have a hard ass and my mouth has to be just as hard. Go figure.* However she could not get the string to let go. So with it hanging out the side of her mouth, she went to sit on the bed and was followed by Buffy.

"Faith, what's wrong?"

"Damn, Buffy, its my tooth again. Why did you let me eat those Slayer nuts last night?"

Buffy tried not to laugh. "Faith, like I can keep you away from anything that has slayer in its name."

"Ha ha, Buffy, very funny. You made them for me. SO it was only because of MY Slayer that I ate them."

There was a noise downstairs that made them both head down there to see what was going on. Dawn was there with Mr. Gordo and for some reason he was talking to Dawn about Faith going to the Dentist. "Dawn, you have to get Faith to go to the Dentist. Her tooth was infected and than her face is going to swell and her eyes will swell shut if that happens. And then if it's too late, she could die because she is too stubborn to go." Buffy and Faith looked from Dawn to Mr Gordo. Buffy spoke first.

"Dawnie how?.....How does my Gordo know that?" Dawn told them through giggles. "Buffy, that is because he heard this story from Willow yesterday. We were in your bedroom talking, so Mr Gordo heard everything." Faith asked, "Okay, what happen in Will's story?"

Dawn began again. "Willow was telling me about the time that she had went to the doctor because her face was puffing up and it felt like allergies. The doctor told her that it was not an allergy. She said the doctor had asked her whether anyone has been hitting her in the face and she told him NO. So they gave her an antibiotic and sent her home. BUT that didn't do any good. She found out the hard way when the swelling started getting worse and one of her eyes was almost shut. She felt this unusual taste in her mouth. She went to spit it out and looked in the mirror and saw it was coming from one of her front teeth. It was an ugly white color and the tooth was very loose. She made a dentist appointment and went and was told the tooth was infected and if she had waited another week that she would have probably died because of the poison that the tooth was spreading into her body."

Mr Gordo, Buffy and Faith all said, "EWWW." at the same time.

Buffy went to the phone and called her Dentist to ask for an appointment for Faith, she wanted one as soon as possible. They were in luck, at least for Buffy it was. She was sure that Faith wouldn't like it at all. She hung up and grabbed the car keys. She grabbed Faith by the arm.

"Come on honey, we're taking you to get that tooth out. I am not living without you just because of a tooth going south on you."

"But Buffy, I don't want to go." Faith said.

Buffy used her arm and pulled her in for a hug. "Faith, I love you and I will be with you." Buffy kissed her forehead and they left.

The End

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