Title: Dante Was Never In Sunnydale

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith, Faith/Willow

Ratings: PG-17

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Author's Notes:Faith comes back to Sunnydale to find what is lost.

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Part 1

Christmas time in Sunnydale was always a weird time. That Christmas that it had snowed, she had been at Buffy's house with Joyce. She had to say that the snow that day was made more beautiful by the fact of where she was. She had only wished that Buffy had been with her instead of with Angel. But that was another world and time now.

She had knocked on that door today with a bag of presents and hope that somehow she could find the magic of that long ago Christmas at the Summers's house.

Buffy had opened the door to her. And to say that Buffy was shocked was to take the easy way out. But Buffy had invited her inside, if for no other reason then that she was curious as to why Faith would be at her door.

Buffy had taken her bag of presents and gave them to Dawn to place under the tree. Then after a time with everyone wanting to know what was up with her, Buffy and her had retired to Buffy's bedroom for the long awaited talking that had to be done.

Buffy went to her bed, trying to get comfortable and looked at Faith. She still had no idea why the dark slayer was here. Looking as comfortable at being uncomfortable.

"Faith, what brings you to Sunnydale? You talk. I'll listen."

Faith had so much stuff that was running though her brain, she now knew the cause of the loving way that Willow rambled.

She was doing a good job of it herself.

She looked over at Buffy and felt like a animal caught out in the open. She swallowed hard and ran a hand though her curvy dark hair, trying to decide where to start....Start Where?...Start there? Start Here? *Sheesh.*

Faith finally came to a stop in front of Buffy. As much as she wanted to sit next to her, she couldn't cause that would only make her not talk as much.

"Buffy, I know that you will have questions. Can you wait till I get done?" Buffy nodded her head and Faith would have given anything for a smoke.

"K, B....Buffy...when I left, I needed to be alone and get my stuff together. I meet up with this lady.....She kinda found me first ok".....looking at Buffy she continued. "I wasn't in the best way when she came into my life, but she done good by me and I done the same. First time, I ever gave someone 100 percent of my time and attention. She taught me how to live without wanting to hurt someone and myself all the time. I told her all about us...not the slaying, but the closeness that we had before. That I missed......it......." "The connection that we had, the friends that I was trying to make and even Sunnydale. I worked a full time job. SO.....here I am now....hoping that what I have said makes sense and that we can slay together, or just be friends, something. I know it will take time."

Faith had to stop and get her focus back as everything in her mind was telling her to run, that she didn't need to confuse her life up again....that no one was ever going to give her an even break.

Who was she kidding, she was a evil bad person that had made so many of Sunnydale's residents' lives a living hell. She realized that she had to be the stronger one this time and she wanted to stay here, be in the only house she ever felt was home.

Faith finally moved her right hand to Buffy's face, raising her chin up to meet her eyes. Faith could see all the emotions that Buffy had racing through in her eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment to ease her thoughts.

"Buffy, I know that I have no right to ask you to forgive me. All the things that I did, I can't take them back, all I can do is try to make up for what I did."......" I turned back then, cause I felt that everything that I did was not good enough for YOU, for the Scooby gang, for even Giles. I was the outcast one....I fell back into my old ways, it was the only way that I knew."

"Buff, I'll be around.....I don't want to leave with so much unclosed between us and the others. Red probably wants to kill me and Xan I imagine does also.....It will take longer then tonight to make it all up."

"I can go if you like?" ..."I do have a place I can go, its the Sunnydale's O'Hologate....I have a job there."

The room felt increasingly warm, she wanted to kiss Buffy's forehead as she once had done, but she also knew that would be wrong. She removed her hand, Buffy could even give out the gifts that she brought.

She rose and was going to the door to leave. It didn't feel right to do that. But she would, if Buffy wanted her too. She felt eyes on her back, boring a hole into her. Her hand was on the door knob.

Buffy tried to jump up off the bed, only to find herself wrapped up in her blanket. *How did I get into that?* Faith had turned only to see her fall to the floor, hitting that hard-head of the Slayer.


With a smirk on her face, Faith went over to her as they both heard footsteps outside the door. Buffy was not having the best time of it. She couldn't get out from the blanket, she finally gave up as the room went black....

Buffy went into a short dream....Her and Faith were under water diving down farther into the deep blue...she could feel the water move against her skin, as she became more in tune. She realized that she was naked in the water. Feeling a pull on her hand, she turned her head and saw that Faith was holding it. She felt odd at the moment. Holding hands with Faith was not as bad as she once thought....

Buffy was hearing noises as she slipped back into the real world. She wanted to stay in that water with Faith...Buffy moaned as someone was shaking her...

"BUFFY!....Buffy...come on...You've hit that head a lot. Now is not the time to stay unconscious." Dawn was shaking her as Faith had finally gotten the blanket lose from the blonde.

Faith wondered why Buffy had so much trouble getting lose from it....*All she had to do was let go.*

As Buffy started to come around, she felt someone holding her. She just wanted to be wrapped up in the warm body that she felt against hers. Buffy's vision came into focus. She saw Dawn in front of her, still yelling at her to come out of it.

*IF Dawn is in front of me? WHO is behind me?*

"Buffy. Damn Girl." Buffy didn't have to turn to know that Faith was smiling. Then she realized that the warm body was Faith.

"Oh, shi...shoot." Buffy quickly changed to as Dawn was giving her a cute grin.

Buffy went to move....being against Faith was too much for her body...and with the beginning of the headache coming. Almost at the same time as Buffy felt the headache hitting her, she felt fingertips against her temples. Then the lips against her right ear,... "B, you need to tell them that I didn't do this." Buffy couldn't tell anyone anything at the moment. She was afraid that she was going to faint again. It also didn't help that she had felt the tip of Faith's tongue against her ear as she had finished talking. There was more shivers in her body then the world should know. She found her voice.... "Dawnie, I..I fell. Faith had nothing to do with me hitting my head."

Dawn was quiet. *What does she think that I am blind? Yes she fell alright and it was more then just falling on the floor.* But she didn't say that, instead she said...."Buffy, do you need to go to the hospital?" Dawn realized that even if she needed to go, she would never go.....*Buffy and Hospital. Two words that did not go together.* "Buffy, never mind. Stay here with your girlfriend." Dawn saw a smile almost come on her sister's face. And she was almost sure that there had been blushing done on the other Slayer's face. Dawn went to the door and as if the word girlfriend had hit them both right now....Faith spoke first,.."Sorry, Buffy, I should move." She did move and went to stand by Dawn. She hugged her. Now Dawn was blushing and Buffy looked like she was going to hit Dawn for touching Faith in the hug. "Dawn, I'm okay now. Why don't you go and call the pizza joint and order us six pizzas. Am sure that Faith is hungry." Dawn left and went downstairs calling in the order. That was the best thing about Sunnydale, the pizza place never closed.

Faith was starting to head out the bedroom door, when she heard a groan or was that a moan? She turned around meeting Buffy's eyes. "Faith, please stay. We still need to talk...talk more and I have not even talked to you." Faith closed the door and went to sit by Buffy.


Faith felt like she had somehow gone to heaven. The fact that she was sitting next to B and was holding her hand. *Now if only I knew if there was a beef stick in her life.* Faith mentally kicked herself, that's not why she was here. Sure Buffy's life had to go on even if hers had stopped for a time. Buffy was still watching her, seeing the emotions play on Faith's face and in her eyes. Looking up Faith realized that she had yet to speak....somehow she felt that she should now bark and jump at the door to be let out. *NO...I have stop running!* *Stop it.* She still needed to tell Buffy more of what had happen to her in the past. Her voice was like a whisper, "Buffy." Faith got off the bed, she felt that she could talk and think better without the extreme closeness of Buffy. "Don't worry, Buffy. I just need to stand and pace for this part." As the words left her mouth the pacing set in. "Buffy, jail was...well it was jail....It smelled like rotten eggs half the time and the other half..it had sounds of women in the middle of...of..getting.....their periods. *Oh Yeah, that is what I meant. Right.*

"I did my time, trying to stay out of trouble and alive. I had fights, done the education thing. I have my GED now and a degree." Got out and headed to Kentucky for a time.....Just wanted to be somewhere without all the evils that I had been around my entire life...and what you know...Louisville has its own demons....I got into a huge fight at the derby and that is when the lady that I spoke of earlier found me. Beaten, bruised and bloody.....She took me in and I got through it. She cared for me and I finally cared also." "She had to leave for a time and we talked, she said that I needed to come back to SunnyD. She left. I left. So here am I. I'm here to help and be what I should have been from the first time that I came here. The other half of the Chosen Two." She felt like she had been talking for years. *I need a beer.* She sat back down by B. "That about covers everything up to now. I know that Willow and Xander and even Giles are not going to trust me up front. Got to earn that again." "So, what's up with you Buffy?"

Faith listened to Buffy as her tale unfold before her. She knew that Buffy had died. Hell she felt a pain in herself...worst then any knife wound would ever give her. She cried for so long, every day for a year and almost a half, then suddenly she felt right again. Maybe that was when Buffy came back. Buffy is blushing...*she is so cute, I could kiss her*...*Woo, girl get a grip, Buffy doesn't go that way...well, I don't think she goes that way?* Faith felt herself blush.

Buffy knew without any doubt that she wanted Faith. *I want her to stay at the house. Whatever job it is that she has, well she can just go to work from here.* Buffy had decided this without even asking Faith what her plans were. But Faith knew that look on Buffy's face well enough. It was the one she got whenever Willow was patrolling with her and something bad was about to happen...She would protect and make sure Willow was safe. It was the same reason that Faith had told her that she had had a job while being away. It meant that she was responsible now for herself and not just stealing whatever she needed to get by. As they both seem to settle, Faith felt B's body move closer to her. "Faith, Can you? Will You? Stay here?"


"Buffy, I'll stay here if you are sure thats what you want. I need to make amends for my deeds and even talk to the others. Am sure that Red wants to cut me herself..."....She saw Buffy flinch...."Sorry B..." *she was grinning as B left her mouth.* Buffy stood up and led her to the door. "Faith, you can have the guest room." Buffy returned to the bed sitting on it. Her legs had suddenly felt like she had an anvil tied to them. "SO, I better go to your guest room now, Buffy, I am sure that the room will have everything I need, I could go for a beer and some of that pizza when it gets here." "I am hungry." ...The smile staying on her face. She watched as Buffy was still staying put...she went to her not sure if Buffy had heard everything that she had just said..so without even so much as a thought she put her hand under Buff's chin and as she knelt down in front of her. "Buffy, honey, I'll stay with you." She swallowed hard as their eyes stared into each other, seemly like they knew more then either of them ever would... After for what they thought was forever, they were each in separate rooms.

Faith was lying on the bed..she knew she had to move off it soon or her slayerness was going to take over. She was hungry and then that left something else when it would be gone. She got off the bed and grabbed something from inside the jacket and opened it, like she has seen Scully do the other night. *Yeah, so it's new and she like to play with it.* She hit number seven on the call memory list and a voice answered. "Sunnydale O'Hologate, you kill them we choke them for you." Faith try not to laugh at Jay. "Hey, Jay. It's Faith." "Faith, where are you?" Jay had his hands full and wanted her at work. "Don't have a cat Jay, I know that I am late. I going to need a few days before I can start full time...There is someone....um......somewhere I have to be right now and at O'Hologate is not it."

"Faith, Faith...what are we going to do with you? You asked for the job, okay your lady friend help you get it." He knew that he was not going to win with her and finally....."Faith, you have one week. That better be enough time, if not I am calling HER. GOT IT?" Faith's face had became red as he was yelling at her. "Jay, easy. Okay. One week. See you soon." She ended the call and closed the phone. She needed to kill something. *Food first. Then...see what comes after that.* She heard the door as her stomach gurgled at her. So she headed down to get some of the pizza.


Faith had started working and the morgue was full. Why were there so many bodies? She had thought that most of the corpses would be vampires and that she would not have to work too hard. IF she had only knew. She was expecting Buffy tonight and they were going to go to the Bronze. Faith needed to let off some energy, cause if she didn't Buffy would be in for one hell of a surprise. Finishing work and still no Buffy.... *Guess she found a beef stick somewhere.* Faith left Sunnydale's O'Hologate and started walking towards the Bronze. When she walked in she hit the floor and was soon dancing. She felt someone watching her and turned around to see Willow looking at her. Red was wearing a purple top with spaghetti straps and a black skirt. All Faith could do was stand and pant. Finally she pulled herself together and saw a smirk on Willow's face that masked her own. They came together on the dance floor. ALL else was gone, leaving only them. Almost as soon as their bodies touch it was as if they had a bucket of water dumped on them.

They pulled apart and Faith let her left hand roam down Willow's arm till she was holding her hand. She lead them outside and took a cell phone from her pocket and hit a number...there was a sound of the number ringing and then an answer. Faith asked for the car to come up at the moment. She closed the phone and put it back into her pocket. Turning her head she saw Willow give her an odd look.

"Sunnydale's O'Hologate has a car that is always around me."

At that time a black SSR Limo came into sight and stopped in front of the ladies. Faith stepped forward and open the door for her lovely lady.

"Hum, don't worry Will. It is only for my use." Almost chuckling as she slid in next to her. She looked at the driver and told her to take them home. The driver turn the stereo on in the back. Singing filled the air with soft tones of jazz by Simone. Faith leaned over and looked into Willow's eyes....moving her finger to her lips, her index finger slowly went over soft lips. She got closer to her as she softly whispers....

"I'm going to kiss you."

The driver stopped the car since they had arrived at the location that she was told. She tried not to look into the back, but the moans were driving her mad with desire and the only thing that she had seen was Faith kissing the other girl and that Faith had her hand under the other's shirt.

Faith felt the hand in her hair pull her closer to the lips that tasted as if heaven was a pineapple, so sweet that she wanted nothing more then to kiss all the bits of the pineapple and suck the syrup up with her lips.

Faith was almost gone but her slayer sense kicked in and she realized that the car was not moving any longer. She pulled back from the lips that kept calling her in. Looking into Willow's eyes, she was asking for permission for more then this....

"Will, I want you...will you...come....come in with me?" Her fingertips were almost touching.


Willow was not sure about this and if she could trust Faith or not. There was a war going on in the redhead's brain at the moment and also her hormones did not want her to think about not following what they wanted her to do.

*God, I need to stop babbling in my own mind. DO I trust her enough to..? TO what? Make me feel? Make me happy?*

Willow was tired of trying to figure out what was going on with her and Faith. And then there was Buffy. That was the problem wasn't it. *IF?* and *Buffy?*

How could she have something with Faith when there was Buffy. She knew they both wanted the slayer. When she or maybe they could have her was the question. Was there a they? Willow and Faith. Willow and Buffy. Faith and Buffy? OR was there a Willow, Faith and Buffy in there that could and would work?

She shook her head trying to clear out all the emotions that was running through her at the moment.

*God, I need to let lose.* She felt the fingertips running under her breast.


They both felt Willow shudder at the touch. Willow whispered to Faith......

"Take us inside."


Faith went to open the door of the limo. The driver was standing outside of it waiting. She grabbed the handle and opened the door. Faith came out first and offered her hand to Willow. Willow took her hand and exited the limo. Willow stood in front of the apartment.


*****Flash Back******

She had first been here a month ago. When Faith had first showed up, Buffy and Faith spent time together here away from the house.

Buffy and Faith stayed here that first week that she was back. For some reason all they could do in the house was to argue after the first night. Even with Faith being in the guest room, the stress from the past was still there between them. Faith had told them about the apartment the second day into staying at the house.

SO they had decided to come over to the apartment and check it out for themselves. The whole Scooby gang had came over. There was pizza, beer and popcorn to be had.

Buffy had stayed with Faith after that. Buffy only came home to get clean clothes and to check on Dawn and make sure that she was going to school and that the bills were being paid. Faith and Buffy had not spoke about what had happened between them while they were at the apartment. That still bugged the hell out of Willow. She had felt something going on with them, but she knew that Buffy had never ever been with another woman. So here was the rub. It was a month later and Buffy was once again at the house and Faith was staying at the apartment and the tension was still there between them.

****End Flash Back****


Faith and Willow were now inside the apartment. Faith offered Willow a drink but she had declined it. Faith took her jacket off and hung it on the back of a chair. She then went to the studio and turned the cd on. The room filled with soft music. Faith backed up to the bedroom door and looked at Willow.

For Willow's part she was nervous as hell. *Why DID I COME INSIDE?*....*Because it's Faith and you have always wondered what she is like....that smirk what is behind it and can she back it up?* Faith chuckled and wiggled a finger at her.

"C'mere Red, I won't hurt you...unless you want me to."

There was that smirk again Willow thought and swallowed hard as she walked over to her. Faith opened her arms and she moved into them. Faith kissed her neck as the redhead warmed into her embrace. Faith was moving them backwards to the bed. Her knees bump against the footboard and she stopped there momentarily.

Faith and Willow both raised their eyes to each other. Faith spoke first.

"Last chance Red to back out. I want to make love to you if you let me."

Willow moved out of the embrace and saw a frown on Faith's face. She put her hand up first to stop the question that appeared on Faith's face.

"Can we sit for a bit Faith?" Faith moved and sat on the side of the bed. Willow sat in the chair that was beside the bed closest to Faith.

Faith wondered what was going on in the redhead's mind as she could tell that there was a babble fest going on in there. She turned her head wondering if this was the sure perfect thing to do. *Bring Willow home with her.*

Willow took her hand and they both smiled at the other as they realized that they both are a bit of a babbling fool.

"Faith, I want to stay....I want you....I have for a long time. It's just that I know that I am not the only one that you want. And I am afraid that I am going to get hurt because of it." Willow pauses.

"Will, I am tried of waiting for something that I might not ever have. And HELL YES, I want you. WHO would not want you. I don't want to be hurt and as sure as hell don't want to hurt you in the long run. Can't we just make each other feel for tonight and for tomorrow lets take it as it comes." Willow got up and started to pace.

"What about Buffy?" Will asked.

"Fuck Red, we both know that she doesn't hang with the girl action thing...Shit, that didn't come out right. Dammit you want her as must as I do. Don't tell me that you don't. All those looks at the Bronze when you thought no one else was looking....HELL the jealous fits that I made you have because of all the time that she was spending with me."

Willow sat on the bed by Faith, surprised that she was still siting on it with all the emotions that she had just unearthed. "Faith, how come you didn't get up and pace just now?"

"Will, I think that you had that market cornered right then and I love the way your ass moves when your in pace mood." Willow laughed and caressed Faith's cheek.


It was unusually dark that night when Buffy was doing her patrolling in one of the cemeteries that Sunnydale had. *For some place that most of the dead ended up being a vampire there sure were a lot of different places to be buried.* Buffy had been talking and rambling to herself during the whole time tonight. She was trying to figure out what was going on with her and Faith. They had bared their souls to each other when Faith had came to town during Christmas. The gifts that Faith had brought with her had surprised Buffy. *Who knew that the girl had such taste in things.* Faith had gotten Xander a Babylon 5 poster that all the original cast had signed and they each had put Xander's name in their autographs for him.

Dawn's present was a book set in ancient times about what was thought to be the first slayers and how some still had some family around them. *Giles had a fit when he wanted to read it and Dawn would not even let him touch the book....She gave him a raspberry and told him to get his own.* Buffy laughed remembering the look on Giles face.


Then there was the gift for Willow. A spell book that dealt with how to counter act any black magic and also some very old sources that had been in Latin and that had made Willow blush when she read then. *Don't know what the hell that was all about, but Will had left to go to her room and was not seen till later the next day.*

Buffy was listening to the sounds around her. She froze as a single leaf moved in front of her and a white blinding light came up through the ground. She thought maybe there was a earthquake happening and wondered why a white light would be moving so fast toward her.....

Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her. A hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the white light and they disappeared into the night.


In another part of town at Faith's apartment, the talking was just about over between Willow and Faith.

"So Faith, you love the way my ass moves do you?" Willow asked with an evil smile.

They were closer to each other and there was a hand on Willow's thigh that was working its way under the skirt that Red had on. The hand was on the outside of her panties and a fingertip was just barely rubbing the moisture.

"Hum OH....Red. Yes, I love the way your ass moves. I would love to see how you move without the clothes on." She felt more moisture as she was losing her balance on the side of the bed. Willow was making her crazy and she had not even gotten any touches from her. Just the slight contact with her fingertip.

Willow moved her hip and cause the fingertip to rub even closer then it was a minute ago. Willow was breathing heavily as her hand was on Faith's cheek again. Faith swallowed and met Willow's eyes. They both saw the want and desire that they both have and IF they would only look closer they would have seen something more going on with them. Instead Willow moved in closer causing them both to moan.

"Tonight Faith, just US." Willow leaned into Faith and smirked as she told her...."I'm going to kiss you now."

Lush lips met together lightly kissing. Faith's hand was touching more of Willow now and she had more then one fingertip inside of her. Red's panties had been moved to the side when they started kissing. Who was she not to caress Willow's moist syrupy center. Then at the same instant they broke apart looking at the other....



*****A Few Minutes Before*****

As Willow and Faith were kissing looking forward to the night ahead of them, Buffy was being pulled though the ground as the white light was diminishing, she passed out. When the light faded, the hole closed and Willow and Faith felt her disappear from their thoughts.



"BUFFY..." The name was left on their lips as they passed out. Both fell back onto the bed and entered a dream world, that was far too real.

"WHAT THE"..... Faith was cut off as Willow slapped her...."Faith what the hell have you done now?"... ..Faith was already pissed. She was finally going to be with Red and the future was brighter for her with her job. Buffy not wanting to kick her ass all over Sunnydale. *Why was it when the shit hit the fan...everyone thought it was her behind it.*

"Willow, it's not my fault. I haven't got a clue as to what the hell is going on." ....."Maybe it's someone else's fault this time." Faith finished saying.

"FINE, but what the fuck is going on?" Willow asked as the same thought was also going on in Faith's head.

They stood up noticing that their bodies were not solid...they were ghosts.


As they turned looking at where they woke up at, they saw walls of a cave. Lights were hanging on in spots. The cave walls looked to be the color of a greenish brown. There were symbols on the walls also. They seemed to be walking over and they both ran their fingers over the texture of the symbols. The symbols seemed familiar to Willow. But the hacker's brain would not come up with the answer at the moment.

Faith turned from the wall at the sounds of someone or something walking towards them. Willow was still engrossed in studying the wall symbols.

Whispering, "Red....Willow.....Will......Red...." Faith called to her a little louder each time. She didn't want to yell. Unless she had to. ....."Ye.....Yea.....Yeah...What ca want?" Willow asked.

*God, how can she be so involved with that wall right now, when we don't know where we are?" Faith stood protecting Willow from whatever was coming her way. She was in love with the redhead even if she never got a chance to tell her.


Dawn was going crazy trying to figure out what happened with Buffy. It was daylight now. She remembered that Buffy had told her she was going to the Bronze to meet Faith. But at the last minute Buffy had left for the cemetery instead. And now she could not get a hold of Buffy, Willow or Faith. Dawn called Xander and then Xander called Giles.

Xander had called Dawn back and told her that Giles was going to check some of the areas that Buffy would be patrolling last and Xander would be going by Faith's apartment to see if she had heard anything from the other two. He also told Dawn to stay put. He would call as soon as they knew something.


Giles drove to the areas that Buffy were going to patrol the night before. They had finally made a log of what areas to be patrolled each night. It made sense to keep a log of the places in case something did happened. They would be running thru 30 cemeteries and 12 demons bars, if not for the log sheet.

Giles had come up empty and was at the last cemetery that Buffy would have been at the night before. He was looking closely trying to find anything that would explain why Buffy was missing. He was walking along and tripped suddenly. He said something to the order of "Bloody hell!" and picked up the object that he had tripped over. It was a stake...but not any one's, it was hers.

"Oh, dear lord." He was now raking the ground with his hands till he came across an area that looked burnt...it was more like something that should not have been there.

Then what one would call a burn? As Giles was heading back to his car, his cellphone rang. He was still not sure about using it. But it did help with accidents. The phone kept ringing as he sat down behind the wheel. "Hello." Giles said.

"Giles, It's Xander. I'm at Faith's job and she did not come into work today. Jay told me that her driver said that she drove Faith and her girlfriend to the apartment last night. And I can't find Willow anywhere. I need you to meet me at Faith's place.

"Xander, don't tell me your afraid to knock on her door?" Giles asked.

"Your damn right Skippy, I am. It's Faith and I know she has changed.... but if she has a girl in there with her....."

The rest was babble and something about hands....Xander was in his own world.

"Xander.....XANDER.....get a grip will you. Get a key from Jay for Faith's apartment and I will meet you there in 10 minutes." Giles ended the phone call and started the car.

"One of these days, I am going to have grown friends and I am not going to be a bloody watcher." What was scaring him was if something had happened to Buffy then that would be too soon for him.

Xander had gotten the key from Jay after he promised that if he EVER told Faith where it had come from that he wouldn't be dealing with Faith....but that he would be dealing with a whole lot of other people. Xander was standing outside Faith's door when Giles pulled up and parked his car. "Finally, what took you?" Xander asked handing the key to Giles.

Giles took the key not answering and opened the front door. As they step inside there was some music playing and Xander hit stop on the repeat button and turning he saw Faith and someone else lying on the bed. "GILES!"

Xander ran over wanting to check out Faith. He came to a complete stop. Giles ran into his back. Giles and Xander both saw the red hair and yelled "WILLOW!"

Xander moved to get closer and Giles also moved. When would he ever learn not to be real close behind the boy. He always would stop and Giles would always run into him. If he did not know better, he thought that Xander like the feel of him.

Xander reached out and was going to shake Faith when Giles grabbed him and pushed him away. "Xander sit down and don't touch either of them. Alright?"

"Yeah, Giles. Keep your pants on." Xander mumbled and sat down in a chair in the kitchen.

Giles very slowly touched each of the girls. They appeared to be sleeping. But something did not feel right. Both of the bodies were cold and sweating at the same time.


Xander was getting antsy just sitting there not knowing what was going on with the two girls.

*Why was Willow at Faith's apartment to begin with? Did I miss something that is going on with them? I knew that Will is into girls. But is Faith? That would explain a lot about what was going on with them both being on a bed together. Does Buffy know that Faith likes girls? Did I lose Willow to Faith?*

Xander was lost once again. Faith always seemed to take everything away from him. He was just adjusting that she had changed when she returned to Sunnydale once again. And for once it look like she had her shit together.

Xander could not take it any more and got up. He could see that Giles was studying Faith and Willow.

Xander sighed and moved to check out the cds that were by the player. He saw these...Melissa Ethridge, Simone, Britney Spears, Mozart and Nine Inch Nail and many others. *Faith has some odd tastes in music.* Xander wondered again. *WHY WAS WILLOW HERE?*


Giles was looking and checking the girls and trying to figure out what was going on with them. *Pulse is steady and their heartbeats are the same.*

That by itself was making him crazy.

*HOW can they be the same?*

Giles knew better then to move them. As much as he wanted to...he couldn't.

"Xander.....come over here." Giles was getting tired of the boy's snooping around Faith's apartment and he knew that Faith would have his balls if she knew what he was looking at now.


"Yo, Giles. Did you figure out what happen to Willow and Faith?" Xander asked.

"Xander, call Dawn and tell her that Willow and Faith are at Faith's apartment and that something happened in the cemetery last night. I am not sure if Buffy was there when it happen. But Buffy is still MIA."

Giles didn't want to tell Dawn that Buffy was still MISSING IN ACTION.... but if he lied to her about Buffy and the other two girls, then he would not feel right. And he knows that lying about what is going on is not good.

Xander opened his cell phone and dial Buffy's and Dawn's phone number. He was hoping by some faith that she was not home. He really did not want to tell her that Buffy was not with him and that he nor Giles knew where she might be. Or that Will and Faith were down with something and that they had been together when whatever happened.


The phone was ringing and after six rings it was picked up.

"Summers's House, Dawn speaking." Dawn was hoping that it was about Buffy.

"Hey Dawn, we found Will and Faith. Still not sure where Buffy might be. But I am going to go and check some other areas that she might have been at last night."

Dawn was glad that Will and Faith were okay. But something in Xander's voice made her think that something was up. Before Xander could say anything else.

"What's wrong with Willow and Faith?" Dawn asked.

Xander coughed. *Why did I have to call her?*

"Dawn, Faith and Will are unconscious and we are not sure what happened to them. But they are here and Giles is watching and checking them and trying to figure out what is going on with them." Xander was not sure what more he should add, with the music that was on and there was a certain smell in the air that he was not used to smelling. But something fishy was going on. "Xander.........XANDER ANSWER ME!" Dawn yelled into the phone.

Xander blushed and was sorry for going off into dream lust world.

"Sorry Dawn."

"Xander, do I need to come over there?" Xander looked to the bed and Giles. Did they need her here? Did they need to keep Will and Faith here as well? He knew it was better for all of them to be together. No matter what was going on with the girls, Buffy and anything else for that matter.

"Dawn, I'll be there in a few to pick you up. Can you get Will's computer and some of the other things that we always need together and you better grab your overnight bag as well. I am not sure how long we may be here." Xander was not looking forward to staying here at Faith's place. But he would stay for Willow.

"Xander, I will be ready. Everything is close by and I will have it all together when you get here. Bye Xander." Dawn hung up and all she wanted to do was to cry.


Dawn was walking around the house getting what books there was and the computer and some candles together and a few other things that was to be used in spells.

Finally in her bedroom, she sat on the bed and started to cry. She really did not want to. But when are we going to get a break. Things had been going well. Faith was back.

Buffy was not being a bitch....well....not as much.

Buffy and Willow seemed to be vying for Faith's attention whenever they were together. Dawn rushed out of her room and into her sister's room. She grabbed Mr. Gordo and hugged the pig to her chest. As the pig touched her chest she fell to the floor sobbing hard.


That was how Xander found her 30 minutes later.


"Dawn?" Xander walked to her slowly and knelt down by her. "Dawn....are you okay?" Xander asked and gave up trying to get through to her and just took her into his arms.


Giles was still at Faith's apartment. Willow and Faith had not moved the whole time that he was there watching them. That was the one thing that he hated was the watching. He always felt that talking or just taking control of whatever the problem was, was best. "The pleasure that being a Watcher comes with."

Looking after girls that would be dead in a matter of years. Buffy had surprised him by still being alive.

Sure she had died a few times. But she always seemed to find a way to come back. He had often wondered if she did not have the spirit of a cat. She seemed to have 9 lives.

His chatting with himself came to an end when he heard Xander and Dawn coming into the apartment.

Looking at the door he saw that Dawn had been crying and that Xander's arm was around her. It looked like he was holding her up. He watched Xander leading her to the couch and seating her down. Dawn was in her own little world. Giles saw Xander go back outside and bring in their research material and Willow's computer.

Giles had gone back to watching Faith and Willow. He heard a knock on the door and saw Xander answering it. It looked like he had ordered take out. Giles went to get up...but sat back down when he saw Faith twisting her hand. Giles was going to lightly touch her hand when he felt Dawn beside him. In a small whisper that only Dawn could get away with...

"Giles, Xander said not to touch them." Dawn was looking at the girls and wondering what was going on.

Giles was highly pissed. *HOW DARE!* He looked to see Dawn was crying again and heard Xander moving in the background. Xander had to be getting the food set up for them to eat. The stress of the day was on Giles at that moment.

He grabbed one of Dawn's hands and rose up and led them to the kitchen. He really just wanted to stay where he was. But she did have a point. They knew nothing of what was going on with Willow and Faith. It was time to eat and to do the research that have saved their lives so many times.

With a heavy heart he sat Dawn down onto one of the chairs. He faced the girl. And they began to eat and Xander had the books out. Giles was not looking forward to using Willow's computer.

They finished eating and Dawn cleaned up. Giles was getting up to get the laptop to work on it. Before he could, Xander had it and was opening it at the table. Giles sighed.

"Xander, don't you think that I should be using the laptop to find something?" Giles asked.

"Giles, WE know that you hate these things..computers and they hate you. Willow has a ton of bookmarks for almost anything that could happen. And if that doesn't work, I will goggle it." Xander said. "Xander!" Giles was at his end point with the boy.

Dawn looked at Xander and Giles. *How have we made it this far?* She shook her head.

"Giles, Xander has been shown how to use the laptop and that it will not bite him. Willow spent countless hours showing him the sites that she uses."

Dawn wondered when they where going to stop beating around the bush and get together.....*Eww*....But they did seemed like lovers. They always argued over anything. Xander was smirking and loving every minute of it. *Yes, the Xan-man RULES!* Xander looked at Giles and just smiled at him.

Giles was fuming. But Dawn was right. "Okay, Xander you search. I'll check the books. Dawn could you watch over the girls and let me know if they wake up or move. I know that you know not to touch them." Giles said as he was picking up one of the oldest books that had been on the table. He was sure that the book should have been at the library.


Buffy awoke with a headache. She took in her surroundings. She was lying on a bed. There were covers on the bed and as Buffy became more aware, she realized that she was under the covers and that she was not wearing any clothes. "Okay NOT GOOD." Buffy said to herself.

Buffy was sure that she would have remembered getting naked in an odd bed.

She heard a door open and someone looked into the room that she was in. As much as she wanted to tackle the person at that moment, she couldn't cos she was naked. She had some pride. *Didn't she?*

Buffy was going to get out of bed. As her legs came into view, a white light filled the room. Leaving behind someone standing in front of her. A squeak came from Buffy at the same moment.

She would always swear that it was not from her. But from the person standing in front of her. She threw the cover back and got up into a defensive stance.

"I don't know who the hell you are. BUT you can not just get me naked and do what you want to me. Without knowing that I am going to give you one hell of a fight doing it."

Buffy stood there waiting and if she would have admitted it, she was cold.

"Buffy, I mean you no harm. You are here because there is trouble going on. And we need your help." The stranger stood in front of her not moving. Just waiting for Buffy's next move.

"And IF....IF I Believe you? Then what?" Buffy asked. She really wanted to cross her arms and she needed to go to the bathroom.

The stranger face's was red. The air had gotten colder in the room and it was doing wonderful things to the blonde's body. But for some reason looking and drooling at Buffy did not seem the right thing to do. Especially now that they needed her help.

The stranger turned to the door and a small woman entered the room. She was caring a tray and some clothes in her arms. She bowed before the stranger.

"My lord." She set the tray down as close to Buffy as she ccould get. The Slayer was known to them and she knew that if Buffy hit her, she would surely die at her hands. She bowed to Buffy and left the room.

Buffy was confused. She lost the opportune moment to find out what the hell was going on. If not escape all together...She figured that it had to do with being so cold. *Have I ever been this cold?* When the door was closed, the stranger looked to Buffy.

"Buffy on the tray is food and drink. I am sure that you must be hungry. There is also some clothes for you to wear. Please put them on. I need to let the others know that you are awake. Don't worry you are safe here. Others are not." And disappeared from view.

Buffy sighed and looked around. *Even when I don't know them they all leave me.* She looked at the food and clothes. Figuring that she would be warmer once she was dressed, she set out taking the clothes that was before her. The clothes were almost familiar to her. The link to them was ticking away in her mind. But what it was, just was not coming to the Slayer.

Once Buffy was in the clothes, she took a cup off the tray and took a small drink of it. *I should be worried that they might poison me.* Then her stomach made the most unslayerish noise that she had ever heard. "ALRIGHT.....ALRIGHT I WILL EAT!"

*God you think that I had Seymour inside me.* As she was eating and drinking the theme song to Little Shop Of Horrors was running through her mind.


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