Title: Slayers be Damp

Author: Raven White

Fandom BTVS

Pairings Buffy/Faith

Ratings PG-17

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Buffy was watching the brunette play with the vampire. The way her muscles were moving as she threw the vamp around. She was getting wet just watching the fluid motion.

Was it only several months since this girl had came into her life and made her feel things that she hadn't understood a month ago?

She was wanting to just tear that leather jacket off her fellow slayer, push her up against a wall; GOD ANY WALL. She wanted to feel those hands on her breasts, inching down her stomach into her wet curls and tweaking her clit.

She was bitting her lip as she held the moan in, GOD she was wet and by hell she was going to have the other slayer tonight.

The vampire had lost his undead life and dust was in the wind. The raven slayer was standing there looking at Buffy. Buffy face was red, her eyes seemed to be glowing at her and then she caught a scent on the wind and it wasn't hers. She knew that scent all too much. It was the scent of Buffy when she was arouse. She had caught it from when they had been training and dismissed it to the fighting, knowing that Buffy would never see her as anything more then another slayer and not even a good one. She stood frozen for what seemed like a century and then noticed sweat forming on Buffy's forehead. That broke her trance and she was moving to the other slayer.

"B ... Hey girlfriend you alright?" Faith was now standing in front of her. There was heating coming from the blonde and as she inched herself closer into personal space she saw those hazel eyes meet her dark ones. Seeing Buffy's mouth move and then close and then a smile was on that face that could light up any dark cemetery at night.


Faith was moving a hand up to the sweatily forehead, afraid that her fellow slayer was getting sick. "What's up B?" Was all that she got out as Buffy was pushing her back against a crypt wall. Her back impacted the solid granite as her jacket was rubbing against it.

"B?" She got out in heaving breathing.

Buffy winked at her and then her lips were smacking against hers, this was no tender kiss; this was the kiss of a slayer. Buffy was biting down on her bottom lip and sucking it into her mouth. Moaning was coming from the both of them and the blonde's hands were finding purpose on her skin. Their mouths broke apart and all they heard was the breathing of the other. Hands had stopped moving as Buffy mind caught up to her; the wind was blowing with their scents and eyes met and then was tracing lips that were swollen from kissing hard.

As their breathing was getting a little more under control; Buffy found her voice. "Faith...I WANT YOU. IF YOU don't WANT." Breathing heavier as fear was setting into the blonde eyes as they were still looking into the dark brown ones that had been haunting her for the far too long now.

Faith was glad for the wall behind her and the pressure of the blonde slayer in her front. "No one takes anything from me that I don't let them have ... Buffy, you just kissed me. Did it feel like I don't want this? OR YOU?" AS much as Buffy wanted her, she couldn't just take the slayer against her will...it would be too much like she was raping her and she would never do that... she would rather go home and us the latest toy for the rest of the night and fuck herself to sleep.. SHIT, she had been doing that anyway for the last few nights.

Then with a nod of a head; Buffy never answer her with words, instead her lips were on hers; tasting the truth, the passion that she could have to take from her and with her. The blond's hands were doing the inching now, one under the black tank top; caressing a nipple..her mouth drew in the moan that escape the other slayer and then her hands moved down and was undoing the leather pants and then her fingers were under that leather and going down into dark curls...wet curls and then..."OH GOD!" Buffy cried as her fingers found the wetness, circling around a swollen clit and then as her tongue was sliding into the Faith's mouth, tasting her, sucking on it...her fingers went inside of the brunette slayers cunt.

"Aw FUCK." They both cried against the others mouth. Buffy looked into the eyes that were darker then she ever thought she would see.

"You like that Faith" ... "You don't have to answer, baby. I already know you like it. You're SO Fucking WET."

Dark eyes went even wider and a smirk was breaking on her lovers face. "Oh god B...tell me more baby" Faith was crying as her hips was moving against the two fingers inside her...Buffy other hand had return to tease her breasts.

Later they would wonder why no creatures of the night came for them...but for now all that Buffy could see was the passion of her lovers face.

"Faith ... you have made me so FUCKING crazy ... when I go home after our patrols...I FUCK myself to sleep..seeing you, baby as I cum."

Buffy fingers were curling up inside her... Faith could only stand there as waves were waiting at the forefront to claim her.

"Baby, I can smell you, so musky, so dark...you make me want to get on my knees to taste you...drink in your smell...roll your juices on my tongue and then touch you inside with my tongue as I am now with my fingers...deep inside you."

Buffy's hand went up to her throat and tighten around it...watching Faith eyes darken even more with desire and surprise. Faith was hanging on the edge of forever...she was wondering why she hadn't cum yet? There was a twinkling in her lovers eyes.

"..tighter baby..." Breathing was almost gone. "Make me come B."

Buffy tighten her grip around the brunette's throat and then thrust her fingers in harder; watching as Faith started to crash over the edge.

"FUCK" Was all the Faith could get out..her moisture was running down onto Buffy's fingers and down her leather pants. Buffy never let go of her throat as her body was crashing against her and then Buffy's lips was taking hers in a hard kiss. The blond was rocking against her leg that had somehow ended up between Buffy's thighs. Faith had the sense to grab her hips and bring her harder against her leg; "Let go Buffy...show me girlfriend."

"God F...ah god....faster baby." Faith was moving Buffy hips over her leg in a blur and then a different scent was in the air..."Coming....Aw shit....OOOoooo." Buffy hand tighten even more as she came and the only reason Faith was not passed out; was the fact of her being the other slayer...it sent another wave crashing into her and she was cumming with her lover.

The End.

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