Author: Raven White

Fandom: (BTVS)

Pairings: (Buffy/Faith, Willow/Female, IMPLIED OTHERS)



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On a cool night in October, some of the members of Slayers United were patrolling a cemetery. The Cave Hill Cemetery was very old. The tombstones had names of the dead; Walter Evans 1842-1923, Samuel McKee 1833-1898, John C. Bucklin 1773-1844.

Someone had told the slayer that was looking at the tombstones that one had been a Mayor, the other had served in the Union Army during the Civil War and that they had all been politicians of some form, and that all had been from Louisville, Ky.

The Slayer froze as a sound of rustling leaves rose above her, as she had been thinking about all the dead politicians. In front of her was someone or something that seem like a steel mass.

She felt rather then saw a light touch on her shoulder. A chill that was as old as the bones below her feet. The chill ran to her feet and back to the base of her spine. With her stake at the ready.

"WHAT ARE YOU?" The Slayer asked to the chill.

"I AM, WHAT I AM" The Chill answered.

Right then the slayer felt twenty four vampires and thirty demons circle her.

She should have known better then to be out all alone.


A cold laugh sounded like the dead, with almost the sound of someone racking their nails on a chalkboard.


The slayer swallowed hard and gave a silent thanks to whoever was listening. With her back squared up, her muscles tight, she waited. She knew that asking anything more would not be answered.

The Chill never spoke to her again. It seemed to fade back into the dark night as quick as it had came up on her.

The vampires and demons closed the gap between them and the lone slayer.

The fighting went on for a time, she had managed to kill sixteen of the vampires and eleven of the demons. She had cuts and bruises on her body. Even as a slayer her strength was beginning to wear down.

The vampires and demons had finally knocked her out. And one was going to bite or drain her of her slayer life. But the vampire never got the chance to bite her as a touch born of coldness touch him.


The vampire's head was snapped off and the whole body turned to dust.

A long finger pointed at one of the demons.


The lucky or unlucky demon, picked the fallen slayer up and held her in its arms. Her head was resting on its chest. The slayer's shallow breathing was felt on it's skin.

The vampires, demons and a lone slayer exited The Cave Hill Cemetery.


Faith and Vi was working in the office of Slayers United. Paperwork had to be done, if they were going to keep the funding coming from The New Watcher's Council.

Faith looked at the ceiling and then at the mounds of paperwork.

"FUCK!" Faith sighed as Vi looked at her.

Vi shook her head.

"Faith, Must you?"

Faith got up out of her chair, and Oh she wanted to just dump the whole lot of papers into the waste basket.


"FAITH!!!!" Yelled someone that had just came into the room.

"SHIT!" Was all that Faith could say.

Vi left her chair and the room.

"Faith, how many times have I told you not to use the word fuck when you are in the office? What if someone from the watcher's council was here? We have enough problems with the new watchers. I swear they are almost as bad as those old pudgy bastards."

"Sorry, B." Faith so much wanted not to be sorry, but she was.

"Faith, I know that this is not what we wanted for the slayers. But we both know that we have to have funds to keep every slayer alive. Not counting food and clothes." Buffy went to continue but Faith said something.


Faith got lost in her mind, she was trying to picture a hundred slayers naked coming at her. She licked her lips as she thought about what a thousand slayers coming at her would look like.

So lost in her daydream, Faith didn't hear Buffy come up in front of her. The feel of a hand on her cheek, cause her to come out of her daydream...The hand was warm and she could smell rose blossoms. A smell that was all Buffy these days. Arms encircled the raven hair woman.

Faith closed her arms around the blonde slayer. Paperwork and the yelling was completely out of her mind. Buffy was holding her and for now that was what mattered.

Buffy smiled against Faith's ear, the tip of her tongue licked the earlobe. She felt Faith shiver in her arms, the shiver left the dark slayer and went into the blonde's body.

Whispering Buffy asked Faith, "do we need to make time tonight to train, Faith?"

The embrace that Buffy was in tighten and she felt her legs hit the side of the desk, a arm was coming up to clear it of everything. The arm was within inches of the paperwork and the other items and the arm was almost there. The way they both felt like.....




Whispering yet again they both looked at each other, "fuck."

They both starting laughing, then stopped. Buffy answered the door and Faith was getting the phone.

RING...."Slayers United, May I help you?" Faith asked.

As Faith was grabbing a pencil to write whatever the person was going to tell her, Buffy had let Willow into the room.

"Buff, Why was the door locked?" Willow asked.

"Vi must have locked it, when she was leaving a few minutes ago." Buffy told her. She did not tell her that, it was her that had used the lock on the door, cause Faith was in a mood and that she herself was in a mood.


Faith hung the phone up and both of her hands became fists. She hit the wall.


Buffy and Willow was standing with open mouths and then she realized that something must have happened. Buffy grabbed Faith's hands and as she did they came face to face.

"FAITH, What's wrong?" Buffy wondered.

Willow had closed the door and waited for the reply.

Faith was shaking, "Sorry, B."

"Faith, your scaring me. What happened?"

"They're all dead B. ALL OF THEM."


"The Slayers that we sent to Cave Hill Cemetery are all missing. There are bodies of demons on the ground and more ash then what should have been there with only a few vampires. They have to be dead, B."

Willow was more pale then anyone had ever seen..."GONE? THEY ARE GONE?" ....."WAS.....IS"....Willow drops to the floor, sobbing.

Faith and Buffy looked at Willow and rush to her. Buffy pulled the sobbing redhead into her arms. Faith looked like she wanted to bolt.

In the most utter sounding voice, Willow asked again. "Was she there?"

Buffy looked at Faith, not knowing what else to do.

"Yes, Red. She is missing as well." Faith told her.

One minute there was redhead sobbing in Buffy's arms and the next, Willow was attacking Faith.


As Willow finish her rant at Faith, Buffy grabbed the pissed off Witch.

"WILLOW for God's sake. STOP IT! Faith did not send anyone to their death. And if she is dead, then it is my fault."

"Buffy?" Willow and Faith asked.

"I made the list for the patrols tonight. And Faith said that they are gone. There is no way that we know if they are all dead. We need to get ourselves out of this office and to the cemetery."


Buffy and Faith was in the Viper. Dawn had taken Willow with her. Buffy and Faith both thought that it was better if Willow stayed behind. Willow was angry that she had been told not to come along. Willow was almost stomping in the room as she paced the length of it. She was mumbling to herself.

"They still treat me like I am sixteen. I am so not a sixteen year old anymore. I am a grown woman that has had lovers, both male and female lovers. Damn, I dated a band member at one time. Okay so it was OZ....but still."

"She is still jealous about what I had. That is what it has to be. She did something, she is the reason for this. I just know it."


Dawn watched Willow work herself up into a tizzy. Dawn had watched the growing of the three women in her life. Buffy, her sister. She could make anyone crazy. Willow, the witch. She had almost gone mad from revenge when she lost Tara. But Xander had got her back. Faith, the rogue slayer. The cause of so much heartache. Buffy, Angel, Willow, and even Joyce had felt what she could do. But Buffy had done worst, she had caused Faith real pain and a scar that would always be.

Dawn had finally got Willow to get into bed with her. That seemed the only way to get the redhead to calm down at all. Dawn who was now taller then most, had Willow's head lying against her breasts.

Dawn was caressing the redhead's hair. She had been in love with the wiccan for the last two years. But she was afraid of what Buffy would think. What Willow would do, if she still thought of her as, "her little Dawnie." Dawn was not little anymore. She had dated. Granted she had only dated guys. But she had gotten bored of the guys that she dated. No one ever came close to Willow. As her fingers still moved into the silk red hair. Her body tingled with desires that she had never told anyone about.

Dawn pulled Willow closer to her, she placed a kiss on top of the hair that she wanted to hold as Willow was kissing her. Dawn stopped herself. *Got to stop, got to.* Her fingers had almost stop moving when she felt Willow nose against her neck, next she felt small kisses on her neck, an arm tighten it's embrace over her stomach and she felt the words that were spoken against her neck. "love you."

Willow sighed and went into a deep sleep. Dawn was not going to be sleeping tonight. No matter that it was not her that Willow whispered too. It still felt so fucking right to her. Dawn's voice was shaking as she whispered, "love you too."


The graveyard was a mess. The watchers had sent a rogue team in to clean it up and they now laid on the ground dead.

Buffy grabbed Faith's hand. Telling her with only a touch to be quiet. Faith was at the end of her breaking point. Her fellow slayers were missing or dead. Willow was still pissed at her. Faith was afraid for herself and Buffy and her sister slayers and even for the Brat and Red.

Buffy pulled on her hand and she was immediately listening to all the sounds of the night. They heard sounds of footfalls, vampires getting into a crypt or a sewer somewhere before it was dawn.

Buffy got her cell phone out and type in a text message to Xander.

'Need clean up. As of yesterday in cemetery 4 point 9. Quickness is most important, Bring flashlights and holy water and swords with the clean up team. Faith and Myself will be waiting. Tell only those that you need. Buffy out.'

Buffy put the phone away and look at Faith, she tried to tell her with just a look that things will be alright. But she could only get the point across so much.

Something was happening in Louisville. And All Hallows Eve was in two days.


Unknown to the two slayers they where being watched....As Buffy was turning, they both felt a bone chilling breath against their faces. That in itself was unusual as it was still in the high eighties. Their eyes met and they became even more like a statue.


That was followed with a icy blast of air and then whatever was out there was gone.

"B, Do you feel like someone just walked over your grave?" Faith asked as she was shaking from the cold.

"Yes I do, Faith. That I do."

"Come on Xander." They both said to the calmness.


Willow was dreaming....she had an item in her hand. She was sitting on the floor. A small bowl was in front of her, she was placing each item into it as she spoke it's name.

"Eye of Newt, Foot of Rot, Brain of Knat, Blood of Dragon, Ashe of Tar."

"Give Flesh to the vessel, Give it Life. To the one that wears it, They will never be without."

As small flash of smoke floated up out of the bowl and the item that was being cursed, glowed and then returned to the original color. The strap-on was now cursed. The one that wore it would be in for one hell of a surprise.


Willow woke up, and was surprised to find herself being held by strong arms. At first she thought that it was her lost girlfriend. But the smell was different and the girl's hands was not as rough as her girl's was.

Willow raised herself up as slowly as she could, trying not to wake the woman under her up. The body seem to know that Willow had moved and was trying once again to get close to her.

"Willow stay." Dawn mumbled into the room.

Willow laid back down, arms wrapped her up into a lovers embrace. And she heard a sigh from Dawn's lips.

*But why did Dawn stay?*

Words came to her from a whisper last night, "love you too."

*Willow's world just got a bit more confusing. Her lover was missing. Buffy and Faith were back together again. Isn't my life messed up enough without Dawn being in love with me?*

Willow laid there, with thoughts going a mile a minute in her brain.

*Yes, I know that Dawn is in love with me, for goodness sake she gives me puppy-dog eyes. She touches me all the time. My girlfriend had questions about our relationship. She was jealous of Dawn. I know that Dawn thinks about me in her bed late at night. For I caught her one night. I needed to ask her something. I went to knock and I heard her calling for me.*



The bed was creaking as moans was heard from the door.

"Willow, yes Willow....god your touch is so light, feels like a feather running over my body. Will, please....put your fingers inside me....ohhhh......OH GOD....LIKE THAT...hummm.....Will...yes...oh yes...make me yours...."

Outside of the door was heavy breathing. Willow was caught up in wanting to go inside and do just that to Dawn. Her hands had a mind of their own, one was caressing a breast and the other was just inside her shorts. Her fingers found her wet, she started playing with her clit as she continue to listen to the moans coming from the room.

"another finger....yes more.....oh god, so full....ahhh....fuck me....yes Willow, oh me....yes like that.....love you Willow....your going to make me come....."

Willow was pinching her nipple, as her fingers were running back and forward on her clit, her fingers went inside as she listened to Dawn, telling her what she wanted.

"your tongue,....lick my clit..please Willow, drink me in as you make me come....."

Willow's hand on her breast squeezed and her fingers thrusted inside her more quickly, she was coming.

"oh god, Dawnie."

"Willow, faster, lick me faster....oh..yes...coming.....Willow....Ohhhh fuck...."

The sounds of the bed moving stopped.



Willow's breathing was very heavy as she recalled that fateful night. It had changed how she looked at Dawn. Made her look at her own relationship with her girlfriend. There was love there. But was it the right kind of love? It was when she had first found out about Dawn's crush on her. But the crush turned out to be love. She saw the guys that Dawn would date, only once and then they could not even kiss her. They were lucky enough to even get to hold her hand.

Willow sighed as she wondered what would have happened, if she had just found the courage to talk to Dawn. For a mighty witch, Willow was afraid of Buffy...well as much as she could be. She knew that Dawn could do so much better then her. And Buffy had just found out that she, herself liked the softer side.

Willow's mind went back to when her and Buffy first met. Cordelia had been showing Buffy around and they had met up at the drinking fountain. Cordelia had told her; "Willow! Nice dress! Good to know you've seen the softer side of Sears." Buffy had looked nervous and she thought at the time, pissed off.

Willow looked down at her hand, somehow her and one of Dawn's hands had found each other and they were now holding hands in bed.

*Yes, I found the softer side of Sears and her name is Dawn Summers.* Willow thought.


The cemetery was full of activities. Xander had showed up with his crew. Holy water and the swords had been passed around and no one was with out either.

Faith and Buffy each had received their own swords and holy water. They both felt that they were not being used. They were just standing there watching the men and women clean the ground of ashes from the vampires that had been dusted. The demons bodies had been bagged and tagged and two of the more muscle bound cleaners had placed the bodies inside the metro ambulances.

Buffy and Faith had roamed the area, looking for anything that would tell them what had happen to the other slayers that had been here last night. As of yet, they had not found any clues. The bodies of the watchers, after they had looked closer had been cut in half.

They had looked at each other, in silent agreement and was glad that they would not be the ones, to put the watchers' bodies together when they returned to the morgue.

As they walked the area, one of the oldest members of their group came toward them. She stood six foot tall with blue-green eyes, hair the color of frost. Lips that looked like she could kiss you into next week and back.

She sighed as she saw Buffy and Faith together. The closeness that was just staring her in the face. She sniffed the air and each of the two girls scent was on each other. The smile on her face was a fake. Sure she was happy that neither one had been out on the patrol. But they....no she couldn't even think it.

Buffy was reading her, like she always could. *Shit, I SO don't need this.*

Faith frowned at the luck of the draw. *I should run!..No can't. Don't run anymore.*

The woman stopped her forward motion, standing in front of the chosen two.

"Buf....Ms. Summers, we must stop meeting like this." The woman said.

*I Should have killed her.*

They stared at each other for the smallest of a second.

"Faith, so nice to see you again. How is your back? Did it heal nice, or do you still have the scars?" The woman asked with the hint of the first real smile.

"FUCKING BITCH!" Faith went to grab her and Buffy stopped her.

"Ms. Gray, sorry. Jade. Why do you have to bait Faith like that?"

Laughing, "It's just so fucking easy. As she is, Buffy. You know that."

Buffy had let go of Faith....Buffy slapped Jade in the face. Jade didn't move an inch as she took the slap.

Faith was pissed. Buffy was pissed. Jade was just standing there looking like she had won a fucking prize.

As Faith was drawing back to hit the woman, a man ran up to them. He was out of breath.

"We.....fou...nd....fou...nd...." The man was trying to say.

The three stopped their fight for the moment.

"For fucking out loud Sung Gates, Breath. Stop talking and breath in deep. Not too deep, don't want you passing out." Buffy had finally told him.

The man stood there breathing in, for more then a few seconds.

"Buffy we found..." And the man passed out.


The man that thought everyone should love him, as he would tell anyone that ask him, "WHY WOULD YOU WANT MR. RIGHT?, WHEN YOU CAN HAVE, MR. WONG?"

And all that man got was laughs. But since he was between the two slayers and Jade, Elvin was in seventh heaven. Well he would have been if only, he was not the bringer of bad news.

"ELVIN, What did you find?" Faith asked. Jade and Buffy were still staring at each other, when they had the chance.

"Buffy, Faith, you just need to see it. Ladies follow me." Elvin Wong took off with the slayers and Jade behind him.

They went on a gravel path that wrapped itself around the cemetery and they walked, and they walked some more.

Jade was sweating and wondering why Buffy was back with Faith again.

Buffy was wondering, how she was going to get though the next ten minutes.

Faith just wanted something or someone to hit. That would have made her feel so much better.

Finally Elvin stopped walking and pointed at a Mausoleum. In front of it were a few of the women that had been called by Xander, throwing up. Not far away were men also throwing up, any and all things that they had ever ate.

Fuck, no way that was good. All three thought it.

Elvin seemed to remember something and looked at Faith and then Buffy.

"You might want to send in the tall one for this first." Elvin suggested.

"Fine", was the word that left Buffy and Faith lips.

Jade took her sword out and checked the holy water. After she deemed that it was all in working order, she looked at Buffy and winked. Buffy's hand went immediately to Faith.

"Jade stop with the taunts. This is serious." Buffy frowned as she told her.

"Sorry, I should not have done that. Okay, let's see what is what."

Jade went inside the open door of the mausoleum and froze. She ran back outside and threw up her supper and anything that was left over for the last week.

Buffy and Faith went to go by her. They were stopped as her hand grabbed Buffy's arm.


Buffy and Faith still went to move pass her.

"Naughty Poo, please." Jade asked as she stood back up, wiping her mouth.

Buffy and Faith stood looking at Jade and at the door to whatever horror was awaiting them. The slayers looked at each other and stopped.

"I am going back in and check. Don't either of you come inside till I come back out and get you. PLEASE." Jade looked at them as they thought over what she had said.

"We will wait." They said together. "But not for long," they both added.




Willow was really wanting to get up out of bed. Somehow she was on her back now. Dawn was lying on top of her, with a knee in between Willow's legs.

As Willow was going to move Dawn from her body, the pressure of the knee on her center was increased. Dawn was moaning in her sleep. Her body was moving against Willow's. Somehow even in sleep, Dawn was after her hand, she found one and place it on her ass, and the other was placed in her hair.

Willow was in hell and heaven. *How did I get myself into this?* As she was debating in her own mind, how she was going to get herself out of this one. If she had been paying more attention she would have felt the hand sooner. Somehow Dawn had gotten one of her hands inside of Willow's panties and was now caressing her.

Dawn's knee was moving in a circle and she was moving her hand into a wetness. Her dreams had never been this real. God, it felt as if Willow was really here with her. In her dream, she was moving her fingers into the moist wet center. God it was going to burn her fingers.

Willow couldn't help herself. She hadn't been with her girlfriend for months now. They had moved away from each other, and was waiting for the other to end the relationship. Neither wanted to be the one to say the words, "it's over."

Her mind was telling her, that this is wrong. Her body was doing a happy dance. Without her realizing that her hand was now caressing Dawn's rear. And she really was caressing bare flesh. Dawn had only worn a long shirt to bed.

As her hand was moving over Dawn's lovely rear, Dawn's hand had move further into Willow's pussy. Both of their bodies were moving against each other. Willow in the waking world and Dawn in her dream. Willow knew that if Dawn kept up what she was doing, that there was no way that she would not be able not to make any noise.

There was a noise outside of the house. Someone slammed a door.

Willow held her breath, and was watching Dawn wake up.

Dawn knew right away that something was amiss. Her hand was wet, *GOD SO WET* and her knee was hot and it was also wet. She felt a hand on her rear. And the light pressure of a hand in her hair.

She went to move her wet hand and realized that her dream had indeed been real, and that someone else was breathing hard.

Dawn raised her head slowly up, she was afraid.

"Willow?" Dawn asked as she looked into the redhead eyes.


Jade had been inside the mausoleum for what seemed like forever. Faith was pacing. Buffy was wondering, why in hell Jade was back now? Their relationship seemed to be working this time. Faith was so in tune to her, to what she wanted, to her body. *good god was she in tune with my body.* Buffy was thinking about the last time that they had made love.



They had spent the night inside watching some foreign film. They had been cuddled up on the couch, Buffy was leaning against her chest, and Faith had been kissing her ears, running her fingers down over her breasts. Faith was whispering into her ear.

"I am going to make you come so hard tonight, your eyes balls will hurt for the next week, your toes will cramp, and all you will think about is when can I do it again."

Faith had moved them after the whisper and told her to stay there. Faith had left the room. Buffy could hear her, Faith was moving around in their bedroom. Noises of a door opening and closing follow by, "shit, fuck, oh yeah." Made Buffy wonder just what the hell was going on in there.


*If she is masturbating without me watching her, I am so going to kick her ass.* Buffy spent minutes over the last time that Faith had let her watch, They had been out dancing and was in the Viper and Buffy was driving back home. *Thank god for driving lessons*, Faith had been moving in the seat. "God, Buffy. I am going to POP. " Faith had told her. Buffy found a small park and parked the car and then watched as the raven slayer, pleasured herself while Buffy watched.


"B, Could you come up to the bedroom?" Faith spoke and Buffy jumped at the words.

"Coming Faith." Buffy laughed at her words. If she knew Faith, that would be what was going to happen really soon.

Buffy walked into the room and stopped. There was candles burning, incense was burning and as if that was not enough, there was white rose petals one the path leading to the bed. And Faith was standing at the foot of the bed in a black lace body suit, her nipples was hard and her crotch was bare. And on her face was a evil smirk.

*Oh boy, I am in trouble. YES!!....* Buffy thought as she started to take what little clothes she was wearing off. Yellow shorts and a pink top went flying out the door to the room.

Faith laughed at her. "In a hurry, my slayer."

Buffy stepped forward to her, and was instantly swiped off her feet.

"FAITH!!" Buffy laughed.

"Your mine, SLAYER. AND I MUST HAVE YOU!" Faith whispered to her.

Next thing Buffy knew, she was seating at the foot of the bed. Faith was kissing her, her face, her lips, her neck. Her fingers were running up and down Buffy's legs. Her lips and tongue was teasing Buffy's breasts. Faith was almost sitting before her now on the floor.

Both were breathing heavy as the sweet torture was going on. Buffy had a hand on the bed and on her Faith's back.

"Faith, please, touch my pussy."

Faith chuckles and looked in her lover's eyes. The love she saw was sweeping her off her feet.

With a smile in her voice, "Yes, my slayer." Faith kissed Buffy's lips softly and then ran her tongue down the center of Buffy body. When she reached the soft and curvy blond hair above Buffy's pussy, she looked up one more time. Buffy's nipples were so fucking hard, she gasped as saw them. Then when she heard a slight whimper from her lover, she gave in.

She opened up the delicate lips and started licking and sucking on them. She never once touched Buffy's clit. Her fingers soon found the wetness and was moving on the outside, going so slowly toward the prize.

"Faith, fuck."

Faith was slowly making her way inside of Buffy. As her fingers met the hot moisture, Buffy jerked against her fingers.


Faith gave in and pushed her finger inside, moving in and out, out and in. She stopped and then raised a finger to Buffy's aureola and left the wetness there.

"oh god."

With only one thought left in her mind, with three fingers. She started fucking Buffy's pussy.

"Oh fuck"

Buffy pussy was moving against her fingers, her eyes were glazed over and the scent in the room was all Buffy.


Fingers came out from inside her and the next thing that Buffy felt was Faith's tongue.


Faith was using that tongue on her, her hips were moving, she was rocking against the tongue that was pure torture.


At the instant she said that, Faith's mouth had her clit inside and was sucking, her teeth was touching her for a second and then, hands grabbed her ass and pulled her in closer and Faith closed her sweet mouth completely on her clit.


Faith kept licking and drinking in her juice. Finally Buffy collapsed back on the bed. Faith was grinning her ass off. She loved the sound of Buffy coming, almost as much as she love to watch her slay. Faith moved from the floor and laid down by her lover.

Breathing heavy and not sure what her name was. Buffy tried to find her voice.

"Love you, Slayer O'Mine. Give me a bit and then I am going to make you mine."

"Love you too, Buffy." Faith wrapped her up into her arms and listened to their heartbeats.

****End Flashback****


Jade had finally finished searching the mausoleum. There was no sign that anything in there was left alive. The fact that she had threw up everything that she had was a great help. She hoped that Buffy and Faith had not ate yet. No way they would keep it down once they saw the room. She signed and went outside. Seeing Faith pacing made her remember why she like the raven slayer in the first place. *Always impatient.*

Looking at Buffy she could tell that she was off in a small world of her own. Either thinking about what was going on or about something that was making the blonde now blush as she met Jade's eyes. Jade wanted to stay there. She missed the blonde so fucking much. *How had they ended up being without the other?*



They had only been away from Sunnydale for a short time and they had met up with a few new slayers and some of the former Watchers' children. The children or young adults as some would call themselves looked as lost as Buffy felt.

Sunnydale was gone. Spike was toast. Faith and Wood were making with the goo-goo eyes and Buffy was sick to her stomach. She was not sure what the hell she was feeling. But seeing Faith with her former boyfriend was making her sick and pissed off. And it was not Wood that she was pissed at. *How dare she not pick me? WHAT THE FUCK?* She was confused and so fucking horny.

Faith went off to be with Wood. Leaving Buffy alone, so lonely. And watching Willow and Kennedy was no better, at anytime Buffy was waiting for them to tear each other's clothes off and just get down to business. Vi and the others was caring for each other. Giles was calling Angel and was getting the rooms for them.

A day later and with a more then horny blonde slayer they had found the motel. Rooms were given out and the pairing started. Dawn had bitched that she wanted to room with Willow. And Kennedy told her that she would be with Willow in the room. Dawn bitched and moaned and finally in the end, she was in a room to herself. Buffy was also alone.

The injured were taken to a local hospital and Faith went with Wood. She never returned. When Wood was better, they went off to see what type of trouble and life they could have together.

Buffy had went to the nearest bar and was drinking herself into becoming a cave slayer again. As she was looking around the bar she saw a woman standing by the pool table. Six foot tall with blue-green eyes, hair the color of frost and she handled the pool cue like it was a lover. The woman seemed to feel eyes on her and looked up and met Buffy's eyes. She missed the ball that she was aiming at.

"Guess that is the game, you win." She picked up a jacket and head toward the blonde.

Swallowing and trying not to sweat she put her hand out toward Buffy.

"Jade Gray, please to meet you." She ordered a 7 and 7.

Buffy was unsure what was happening to her, her pulse was fast, her heartbeat was making it self known, she was sure that everyone heard it. As she shook the hand, a chill ran to her crotch.

"Buffy Summers, sorry about the game."

"No sweat sweetie, was bored of it anyway."

They talked for what was hours and Buffy had invited her back to her room. Neither was sure who made the first move, but they were kissing and clothes was being torn off and tongues was tasting each other. They came together and then again. They had lost count of their orgasms. They fell asleep in each others arms and from that time on they were together till Buffy was called to Louisville.

****End Flashback****


"So Jade, can we go inside now?" Buffy and Faith asked at the same time.

Laughing, "Some things never change, I see. Buffy, Faith, about before. I am really sorry that I did that. Our past is that, past. I hope that you are happy together." Jade tried to get her point across.

"Jade, our past is never over. You know that. I know it. Buffy knows it. You fucked us over. You...did some things that we can't forgive. But we have to work together. " Faith told her.

"Your right, still I am sorry about it. ....Alright, yes there is nothing alive in the mausoleum. I hope that you don't have full stomachs. Faith you first, then Buffy can go inside."

There was a huge sigh that sounded like it was the words, "fuck you, bitch". Faith went inside yelled and came back out and was throwing up. Faith wanted to tell Buffy not to go inside, but she knew better.

Buffy placed a hand on Faith's back and then with all the courage she could find she went into the room.

Her eyes saw the horror, her stomach was turning on itself. Bile was making its way to the top. She swallowed hard. Her eyes were burning. Her eye sight was trying to black out. She knew why the guy passed out earlier. It was this room. She felt a hand on her back. She knew it was Jade. She could still hear Faith throwing up and cursing.

"Buffy, really wished you didn't have to see this." Jade put her hands onto Buffy shoulders as they stood there together.

Buffy's eyes was taking in the sight before her.

The missing slayers laid before her. Their bodies had been torn apart, heads were impaled on sticks in the ground. Arms, hands, fingers were no longer together. Fingers was now just a finger here, one over there, blood was everywhere. Intestines, bits of what looked like bowels and livers was hanging over the body parts. Brains, body bits, eyes everywhere for the eyes to see. Pieces of ears and noses laid on the ground. The room looked like all the bodies had imploded.

As Buffy continued to look, she felt Jade move closer to her, arms came around her. Giving a hug that was both of longing and of compassion. She felt her lips on her neck, a light kiss and then she had moved to the side of her.

Faith had came inside just a moment after the kiss. She didn't want Buffy to be in here by herself. Jade didn't count. Faith stood behind Buffy and put her arms around Buffy for an instance. That is when Jade spoke.

"There is more, I am afraid."

"more" Was whispered by the oldest slayers.

Jade walked slowly, the sounds of bones and blood under their feet as they moved. In a corner in the far back was a body. The face was intact. The body was not. Her breasts had been cut off, her fingers were split down the middle, Both arms had knife wounds on them, they didn't look like arms at all. Legs were the same, on the stomach was a symbol. The slayer had a end of a pipe sticking out of her crotch. Some of the blood had dried, some still looked wet. As they got closer, they could see her back, there was burns, flesh torn off, more knife wounds, where her kidneys should have been, there was a hole. And where her heart should have been was also gone. The other torsos were laying at the foot of the body.

Jade stood back, she knew the slayer that had been impaled onto the pole. It hurt her like hell to see her. Knowing that Buffy and Faith knew her, hurt just as much. The knowing that the slayers were alive when this happened was a horror in itself.

As if together the slayers, were crying, and holding the other.

"NO. GOD NO. NOT HER." The slayers mumbled to the horror that the room was.




Willow's breath seemed to be gone. Dawn was looking at her with so much desire that she couldn't think straight. Dawn was looking at her lips. Getting all her courage she placed her lips against Willow's.

The kiss was passionate, hot and wet. When they broke apart they were gasping for air.

"Dawnie,....I don't know..."

"Quiet Willow, I am in love with you. I need you so much that it hurts to breathe."

Willow's eyes got even larger then they were.

"Dawnie, I...I"


The girls jumped apart as if they had been hit by lighting. Clothes was straighten, some were added to what they were wearing and Dawn went to answer the door. Willow was looking at the bed, she quickly went about fixing it. She had walked down stairs as the door was opening and she could see Clint Fields standing there.

"Clint, can I help you?" Dawn asked as Willow came to stand by behind her.

"Buffy and Faith are going to be running late getting back home, there was trouble last night. Xander wanted you both to stay here and wait on them to return."

"Clint, what did they find?" Willow asked in a weak voice. Dawn pulled her up to her and hugged her.

"Don't know the details, Ms. Rosenberg, Ms. Summers. All that I know is for you both to wait. I need to tell Xander that you will do as he asks."

"We will wait." They said together.


After Buffy and Faith got through the shock of seeing their fellow slayer impaled on the pole. They both wanted to hurt something, someone. They needed a slay. They needed to kill. They needed to feel.

Jade could feel the heat in the room go up. She was in the same shape. The slayers looked at Jade, they saw the hurt, the need and the want in her eyes.

"Jade, we need you to come with us back to the house." Buffy told her.

"Buffy, she doesn't need to come with us. It's Jade. Remember the shit she put us through." Faith was almost to the point of wanting to put her fist through Jade's face. Bitch was standing there like it was nothing at all. Like she went home with them everyday.

"FAITH, Stop IT! We SO don't need this. Right now, she has to come with us. You know what is going to happen soon."

"Fine" Was almost gritted out by Faith.

"Of course, Buffy. I am here to help, however I can, I can come home with you."

The three exited the carnage. Buffy was wondering how they would make it through the coming problem. Faith just wanted to rearrange Jade's face. Jade was every her cool self.

The fact of the problem didn't matter to her. She had caused the problem. And she was here to help, what she has caused to come to pass. If they liked it or not.

Outside, Buffy and Jade gave orders of what to do. The body was to be bagged and put into a cooler when they reached the morgue. Faith's face colored red as she thought about what was going to happen later.

Buffy let Faith drive them back home, she reminded her not to drive real fast, as Jade was following them back to the house.

Faith was stewing in her own juices. *How the hell did it happen that Jade was back and why the fuck was she back now?* ...*and why did Buffy call the house just a house, damn thing was huge.*

They arrived at the house. Getting out and all of them sighing as they made there way inside of the fort.

*That is what it looked like, a damn fort.* Faith thought.


Dawn and Willow were trying to watch something on the television. All they had been doing was watching each other. Trying to figure out what was going to happen now with them. They had kissed twice more, since that morning and the redhead was doing her best not to thing about what her body was yelling for her to do to Dawn.

Willow and Dawn stood as the trio came into view.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING HERE?" Dawn and Willow yelled at the slayers.

"Guys, calm down. Jade is here to help. She is NOT, Not going to cause trouble. ARE you Jade?" Buffy said.

Feeling as if she should just run and say I did my best. She didn't. She let things go on to long as it was.

"Willow, Dawn. I don't want to make trouble or problems for anyone. I was called by Xander to the scene. That is why I am here. But if I can do what I can to make up for what I did, then I am glad that I ended up here now." Jade finished talking and took a seat on a long chair.

"I should kill you." Willow told her.

"Take a number, Willow." Jade said biting her tongue.


Had Buffy and Faith not been so tense from being in the cemetery, they would have noticed something going on with the redhead and Dawn.


Buffy went into the kitchen and got her and everyone a JD without ice. Once she gave them out, she told them to drink it. Which they did and made faces as the liquor burned their throats.

Dawn was sitting on the couch, Willow was by her. Not close but the trio was glad that Dawn was here. Buffy got down in front of Willow. Faith took the other side of Willow. Jade stayed back from them. Wanting to disappear.

"Willow, honey you know that we had to go to the cemetery to see what happened. The clean up crew did not make it out alive, We found....found."

Buffy had tears in her eyes, Faith put an arm around the redhead. Dawn looked at the three and saw something that at any other time would have pleased her.

*NO* Dawn thought.

Faith went to say something, Buffy stopped her in mid sentence.

"Will, you know that Kennedy was with the slayers last night. As was fifteen other slayers."

Buffy choked.....

"Buffy, Is Kennedy.....?"

"Will, sweetie, Kennedy didn't make it. We....You lost her."

Buffy started sobbing.

Faith was watching the redhead.

"WHAT HAPPEN TO HER, Buffy?" Willow wanted to know.

"Will" Buffy sobbed.


"Red, she was impaled, burned, had wounds on her, she was missing parts of her body. She went quick..she.." Faith said.

"SHE WHAT?" Willow bellowed.

"Her body was the only full one of the slayers that we found, Will. God Will, I so fucking sorry."

"No...no....this can't be....not again...why does everyone I love fucking get killed?" Willow whispered to the room.

Dawn hugged the redhead to her, whispering to her, "we are still here Willow, You know we love you." Dawn's eyes were wet, she hurt so fucking much. Willow was hurting and it was killing her to see it.


The room was quiet for a time as everyone thought about what was said.


Jade went to get up, but stayed put asking. "Buffy, where am I staying tonight?"

"SHIT" the slayers said together.

"Dawn, we need you to stay with Willow tonight. Can you do that?" Buffy asked her sister.

"Yeah, no problem sis. I take good care of her."

Willow was in shock.

"Willow come on, lets go up stairs." Dawn asked as she raised the redhead up with her.

Willow just let her lead her away from Jade, Buffy and Faith.


"FUCK!!!" was the general word said by all three.

The phone rang and Faith answered it. The morgue had the body parts and Kennedy's body. They would see if they could tell what happen to the parts and to the fallen slayer.


"Buffy, Where?" Jade asked getting jumpy.

"Come on Jade, lets go." Buffy said.

Buffy, Faith and Jade went down stairs into the basement. Buffy closed the door and put the alarm on. They were done for the night. None of them would be leaving till the morning.


She thought that now would be a good time. "Buffy, Faith. I am sorry that I did, what I did to each of you. I never wanted."

"Jade, don't fucking lie to me, you knew what the fuck you were doing." Faith said as she took her clothes off.

"Jade, at the time it happened. I thought it was a bad thing." Buffy told her as she was undressing.

"Still" Jade finished as she too, was now naked before the two slayers.


As Dawn closed the door to the larger bedroom, she heard a howl from below.

"Fuck sis." Dawn whispered to herself.

Willow was undressed and in the bed, crying her heart out. Dawn went to get her sleep wear and heard Willow stop crying.

"Don't Dawnie, I need to feel you....not in a sexy way...just you. I need the contact, please."

Dawn crawled into the bed once she was standing naked before the redhead. It wasn't the first time that either saw the other naked. Living together as they did, it happened from time to time. It was however the first time since Dawn's hand had been inside of Willow.

Dawn pulled the sobbing redhead into her arms and started telling that she love her and that she would be here for her. She placed kisses on her head and forehead. Willow laid there wanting something, anything to take away what she was feeling.

*I love her. I lost her. Tara. I found her. I lost her. Kennedy. Dawnie, love her. Don't want to lose her.* Willow's thoughts were running in that circle as she took comfort in Dawnie's arms.



Jade had Faith tied to the bed. After Buffy left her, she had come across this slayer. She wanted her as a mate. Buffy would never take her back now. Not after what had happened. How the fuck did it happen in the first place.

She was out on a routine call with the local watchers, and if she never had met Buffy, then she would never had known about, The Slayers, the watchers and things that went bump in the night.

Faith was coming around. Jade liked that. She wanted her to watch her. The moon was coming and Jade would be replaced by something that, she didn't like to think about.

As Faith's eyes opened, Jade was changing into a werewolf.

"Oh FUCK" Faith tried to move, the ropes was too tight. Then the wolf jumped on her back and started to claw at her back.


As she was pulling on the ropes, the door to the room was creaking, the bitch had put a ton of things in front of it.

Jade was still clawing her bare back, Faith was naked. Her tongue came out and found her clit. The tongue was rough and Jade seemed to be in heat. Her tongue kept going in and out of Faith's pussy, then her clit.

Faith was in a hell of a spot. Jade had been a great time in the sheets. Now she was trying to kill her, either from the claws or from her tongue.

As the door burst open, Jade had Faith's clit in her teeth and she bite. Faith passed out, from the bite and the blood lost.


"WHAT THE FUCK?" Buffy yelled to no one at all. She had came back early and was told that Faith was out on the prowl. She was pissed off at the raven slayer. She was thankful that she had a dart gun on her, she pop two darts into the werewolf and then untied Faith. As she was doing that the werewolf howled and bit her on the leg. She pumped two more darts into the werewolf and cursed.


Buffy kicked the werewolf and called Willow and Dawn. She had told them to bring a cage and what had happened. She sat down next to Faith, holding her. She was almost as pale as a vampire. Buffy was hoping that somehow, Faith had not been bit. But given her luck, she thought not.

***End Flashback****


So now they had two slayers that were werewolves. Jade that was something that no one had ever saw before. Her bite had the effect of an incubus. When Buffy, Faith and Jade transformed, they attacked each other, fucked each other, clawed and bite at themselves and the other. Jade had wanted a mate, but she had got more then that from her actions. The slayers were now bound to her in some fucked up way. Giles was still researching the whole crazy thing. Each time they changed it was easier then the last.

With Jade being so close to them, tonight would leave them, bloody, sore and hungry come morning light.




Willow was babbling to herself in her mind and Dawn was holding her in her arms.

*When Buffy had to leave for some tests, she wanted me with her as she did not trust Giles, what with the needles and such. Buffy and myself had done something, while we were gone. I was always attracted to her, just never thought that she would do anything with me, a nerdy hacker.

Then one day, she came to the motel room that we were sharing right after she passed all the extra tests, which had cause her some serious stress, and she had wanted the comfort of my arms, and one thing lead to another and the next thing we knew, we were calling each others name as we climaxed, over and over again. I was not happy with myself.

The thing with Buffy was like the clothes fluke with Xander, but it was so much more. We had given into something that was intense and had not thought about anyone else. I was still with Kennedy. Buffy was not with anyone at the time.

We were both in agreement that it would never happen again, and it was a moment of weakness that it happened in the first place. At first we were thinking that we should never talk about what had happened with us. Then we realized that it was not just us involved. I had Kennedy. Buffy knew what secrets could do to friendships, yet alone what it would do to a lover.

So we both were going to come clean when we got home. Then, I walked in on my girlfriend and Faith. Buffy was behind me, she started blushing and was grabbing at Faith. There was just something about it, that was a pleasure to watch. Faith trying to get out of the room, with Buffy wanting to laugh at what we were seeing and knowing what we had done.

Granted it was not a laughing matter, but sometimes life is just so weird. Faith was trying to get her clothes. I ended up throwing her pants at her as they went out the door. Faith was saying how sorry she was as I closed the door. I think she was afraid of what I would do to her. But, I couldn't very well be extremely pissed off.

I came clean to Kennedy and she filled me in on what had happen with Faith. Buffy had told Faith about what had happen between us. Faith had been very unhappy about it. She seemed to take it worst then Ken did. Faith had always had wanted something to develop with Buffy, but it never seemed to work out for them. Faith and myself talked, she was a little hot about it. But I also pointed out to her, that she had been with my girlfriend and that Buffy was with no one at the time.

Faith had been rather angry about what had transpired between me and Buffy. She was already mad about Jade. But really, I think that she was pissed off about the fact that she had left to be with Robin, and he had left her eight months down the road. She really only had herself to blame. Faith had left and was gone for over four months.

Kennedy and Buffy did the talking thing, and it went well between them. Think it was that slayer thing that they understood each other better. Whatever it was, they spent time talking on a patrol that was just Buffy and her.

Then Faith came back. I'm not sure what she had done with herself, but she was in a better frame of mind. So that brings me to thinking about my first reactions when, I learned that Kennedy was missing in action. I thought that Faith had done something to make sure that Ken would get hurt. That she wanted me to somehow feel hurt about it. And to somehow make me feel bad that I had slept with Buffy.

But no matter how much I think that maybe, Faith had something to do with Kennedy getting killed; she has Buffy now, why would she still want Kennedy? Thinking that I was wrong to jump on her like I did. Old insecurities coming back from when she went bad on us. Was just so easy to blame her. And she wasn't in charge of the list of slayers patrolling. Buffy was. Think I need to tell her that I am sorry. She is taking the lost of Kennedy badly.

Would Buffy do something to Ken? No, she has Faith, and we know that nothing could ever be between us. As much as we love each other, we are not in love with each other. Oh, my head hurts, as does my heart.

Sometimes, I hate when I babble in my head. But I know now that Faith is innocent and I over reacted. Thank heavens Buffy was there. What do I do about Dawn? Kennedy hadn't touch me in months. My body aches to be touched. But it is too soon. I don't want Kennedy coming to mind, whenever I might be with Dawnie. That is not fair to Dawn. God my life is complicated.

I can't believe that I kissed her back more then once, and that I kissed her when Kennedy was missing. That just wasn't right. I should not have done that. What does that say about me? As much as I want to feel alive, I just can't be with her right now. My girlfriend is dead. GOD another one. God, Tara, Kennedy.*

Tears run down her face as she tries to think more.

*Dawnie, I should have been more forceful with her, but she gave me them eyes, and I was lost to her for spilt seconds. I could blame the worry about Ken on it. But I know that is not right. It never should have happen. I should have stopped it, before it even began. But I was so shaken from Kennedy being missing, that I forgot that no matter what, she was to come first. I need to tell her that we need to wait, I can't hurt her. If I slip right now and something happens with us, she will never know if it is because of her, or if I am missing Ken. Need to talk to Dawnie, bury my girlfriend and then go from there....But first too much thinking, tried of thinking. So tired, need to sleep.*

Dawn watches as Willow's eyes close and she goes to sleep. Dawn sighs as she listens to the redhead's breathing. She worries that she was wrong in kissing Willow today. She was just so happy for her to respond to her. That she was being selfish. Laying there with Willow naked with her, she feels the softness and sighs as she knows that neither of them are ready for anything to happen yet. As much as she wants to just cover Willow up and kiss her everywhere, she has to wait. Her love for the redhead is real and she wants Will, when she can have all of her, her heart, her mind and her soul.

Dawn sighs deeply as these words leave her mouth and then falls asleep, "Someday my love."


As some of the Summers household are sleeping and others are not. Somewhere in Louisville, THE CHILL watches as orders are being carried out and as recruiting is going on for more vampires and demons. It was with luck that when, THE CHILL came to this town, it had a smorgasbord of cemeteries to play in. The total was over a hundred, counting regular cemeteries and mausoleums.

A chill was coming and time was coming to a end.


In the morgue, on a table was what was left of Kennedy's body. There was going to be an autopsy, which meant, a special surgical operation, performed by a trained physician on a dead body.

As the doctor was standing there, Lenora Neal came in to help.

"Good of you to come, Lenora. Get gloved up and we will get started". Dr. Dana Scully told the woman.

Dr. Scully turned the recorder on and was asking Lenora what she was to do. Lenora was only months away from her degree and she always wanted to learn more.

Finding her voice as she saw the body, looking like nothing she ever saw before, she picked the file up and began to read;

"A female body, name is Kennedy. No last name is given." Lenora said.

"Alright and we start with what?" Dr. Scully asked.

"We examine the outside of the body. Using a ruler to measure any marks and making a note of it, in the report."

"Yes, very good. Lets do that now." Scully told her.

They spent time looking at the body, making the notes, taking pictures of the wounds, burns and the symbol on her stomach. Measuring each wound and making notes, they made a note about her breasts not being on her body. The fact that her body having a pole from her head down to her crotch and that it was sticking out of her still.

They were both shocked at the amount of trauma that the body had been though.

As Dr. Scully was going to make the Y-shaped incision, she remembers that she was to cut the symbol from the stomach off first. Doing it as easy as she could without damaging the body anymore. Examining the crotch area, samples of tissue, blood and of whatever they found, pictures flashed once again. Then she made the Y-shaped incision from shoulders to mid-chest and down to the pubic region.

Usually when they make the incision they are looking for abnormalities in the body. This body was full of abnormalities all by itself. The heart was missing and a note was made about it. As was the kidneys, that was put into the file as well. Measurements and weights were taken of the organs that was left. Pictures were taken. Next was the second incision across the head, joining the bony prominences just below and behind the ears. What was left of the brain was weighed and more pictures were being yet again taken.

Measurement of the pole was taken, while it was still in the body. Then as they had finished with the notes and had examined everything that they could. The pole was slowly removed at the end of the crotch. Thus again pictures was taken of it, and the pole was measured again.

The stomach skin with the symbol on it was placed into a preservative solution. They talked with each other, trying to make sure that nothing was left to chance, they didn't want to miss anything. Once Dr. Scully and Lenora Neal was happy that they had covered everything on the body, they sew the incisions up. When they were done, the samples were sent upstairs and a call to Giles was placed about the symbol. He wanted to pick it up as soon as possible.

Lenora cleaned the table up and had put the body back into the cooler. As she was doing that, Dr. Scully was writing in the file.

With everything that Dana had ever saw, nothing had prepared her for what shape this Kennedy woman was in. She thought back to the time that she was with The X-Files and even with finding her sister dead, it just didn't measure up to the horror of having to find someone like that. She went back to work, writing and waiting for one Mr. Giles from the watchers council.


Morning came and found the two slayers and Jade Gray lying on each other. They had new claws marks, bruises and they were sore. They moaned as they came awake.

Faith had once told Buffy that slaying made her horny and hungry. But it was nothing like when they became a werewolf. The animal that the person is for a short time, is really nothing. For without the person, the wolf would just run off and attack whatever they came across.

With Jade introducing the incubus into the slayers, they also got really aroused. And that caused an even worst problem, a werewolf with a case of the horny's. One was dangerous, the two was worst.

"Aw fuck, what did I eat last night?" Faith asked as she came awake.

Buffy was going to say something to that, it was almost too good not too.

With a smile in her voice, "I think that was us." Jade answered.

For the first time ever, Faith blushed.

"Ain't she cute Buffy." Jade asked.

"Jade, just because of last night, doesn't mean that we are over what you did to us. You bit me and Faith. And it was not just having this....this werewolf inside us, we also have one hell of a sex drive when we are furry." Buffy said.

" Yes, Naughty Poo. But you both had that before." Jade smirked.

"Jade, give it up. What do you think we are going to do? Kiss and make up?" Faith asked.

"Last night?"

"Jade, last night was us. Given it was the three of us, but we did not have a choice in the matter. You are here, so we had to make sure that you would not get out into the public. We made with the sex, god that sounded like Anya. Sorry Jade, but it is going to take both of us some time to get over what you did." Buffy told her.

"Yes, Jade you are only here, because Xander needed you here." Faith said as she started putting her clothes on.

"Don't know about you two, but I could eat a house." Jade told the room as she too, was working on getting dressed.

Buffy pouted and wanted some cuddle time with Faith, but knew that with Jade with them, that was not going to happen. Sighing she too began with the clothes and they came out of the basement. Jade went straight to the kitchen and went about looking for something to fix for them.

Faith watched this, frowning as Jade stilled moved around the house as if she still belonged there.

*FUCK HER.* Was Faith's thought.

Buffy watched her lover and ex-lover. Faith looked like she was going to go off on Jade at any minute. Buffy was amazed that nothing had changed places since her and Jade had been lovers.

*Man, I have so got to move stuff.* Buffy was thinking.

Faith looked at Buffy, Buffy looked at her. Not waiting for another look, Buffy walked up to Faith and tried to embrace her. The embrace was rough. Faith felt hurt, even though she knew better. Buffy moved around her and was whispering in her ear, "Faith you know that I am with you, I love you. She has nothing I want." That said, Buffy moved off to get the plates and glasses as their food was done. Faith watched them, as her old insecurities came to the forefront.

*Buffy was hers and no one was going to come between them.* With that thought running in Faith's mind, the three ate.




Somewhere in New Mexico, are two vampires that are in the mist of having a fight.

Hit to the jaw.

"You hit like a bloody girl, Angel."

"A girl" laughing as he knocks him on his ass. "Then what do you say to that, Spike me boy?"

"You just got lucky that is all, you stupid poof."

Angel was getting ready to knock the living, undead shit out of him, and was only stopped by the ringing of his cell phone.



Jade had went outside to call Xander. Granted she could have made the call, from what everyone was calling, "Fort Summers". But she had to get out of there, Buffy and Faith ogling each other was more then she could take, she was wishing that last night had not been during the wolf moon. She had wanted Buffy. Wanted to feel her body move against her, as they pleasured each other. But that was never going to happen again. Buffy had never looked at her, liked the way that she now looks at Faith. The desire, the loving way that her eyes look at Faith. Shaking her head as she punched at the tree, she rubbed her fist that now had a little blood on one of her knuckles of her hand. She wiped the blood onto her pants and pulled her cell phone out and dialed Xander, as she moved over to a bush, looking at it as she was listening to the phone ring.

"Harris" Xander answered his phone with.

"Xander, Jade Gray checking in. Do you have anything for me?" Jade was pacing around the pussy willow.

"Jade, you are to stay with Buffy and Faith."

Shit, Jade mumbled as was looking for something larger to hit.

"GRAY, YOU LISTEN TO ME, You are to stay with them, I don't care if they don't want you with them. We are going to need all the help that we can get. If you remember, you came to me asking for some way, back into Buffy's life. This is that chance that you wanted. Like it or not, they need you, and if you would just stop being, your assaning self, you need them." Xander's voice slowed to take a deep breath in.

"Xander, Please. I know that I wanted back in. I'm afraid that I can't make it up to either of them, for what I did. I fucked up, and how do you make up for making them werewolves? Not counting the bad case of the horny's, that I gave them?"

"Jade, you know that Giles is looking into the incubus part that you gave them. This is your best hope to help yourself as well as them. You had Buffy,...cough...no you and the Buffyster had something. She can't tell you otherwise, we all saw it. Her hatred of you is clouding that right now. Give her time. Faith may take longer." Xander finished saying as a person was bringing papers to him.

"Alright, I made my bed. I just want....." the word hung on her lips.

"Jade, I have to go. Give Giles time. I just got to go."

Jade looked at the phone as he had not said goodbye, kiss his ass or anything.


On the property of Fort Summers; there was this huge room; sometimes it was a dancing room; other times it was for meetings, training for the slayers and watchers. But four times a year it was turned into a party room. Hanging from a window was a banner with the words HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Small round tables had been moved into one corner of the room. The dance floor was in the middle, above it was a disco ball. A DJ booth was over in the far corner, the last thing that had been put into the room was a long square table.

Rowena was placing the last things out onto the tables. Small skull candles, candy hearts, and chocolate kisses.

Rowena was not sure if the party was still a go, not after what had happened. But if Buffy surprised her with a visit, well she just wanted everything to be done. She flipped a switch and the disco ball was now moving, around and around. She went to the DJ booth and turned on the mixer, the extra lights green, red and gold that were hanging, were now moving to a rhythm, as the song fills the room.


The Time Warp

RiffRaff sings:

It's astounding.

Time is fleeting.

Madness takes its toll,

But listen closely...

Magenta sings:

Not for very much longer.

RiffRaff sings:

I've got to keep control.

I remember doing the time-warp,

Drinking those moments when,

The Blackness would hit me,

And the void would be calling...

Everyone sings:

Let's do the time-warp again.

Let's do the time-warp again.


It's just a jump to the left.

Everyone sings:

And then a step to the right.


With your hands on your hips.

Everyone sings:

You bring your knees in tight.

But it's the pelvic thrust

That really drives you insane.

Let's do the time-warp again.

Let's do the time-warp again.

Magenta sings:

It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me.

So you can't see me, no, not at all.

In another dimension, with futuristic intention,

Well secluded, I see all.

RiffRaff sings:

With a bit of a mind flip

Magenta sings:

You're into the time slip.

RiffRaff sings:

And nothing can ever be the same.

Magenta sings:

You're spaced out on sensation.

RiffRaff sings:

Like you're on a vacation.

Everyone sings:

Let's do the time-warp again.

Let's do the time-warp again.

Columbia sings:

Well I was walking down the street just a-having a think

When a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink.

He shook-a me up, he took me by surprise.

He had a pickup truck, and the devil's eyes.

He stared at me and I felt a change.

Time meant nothing, never would again.

Everyone sings:

Let's do the time-warp again.

Let's do the time-warp again.


It's just a jump to the left.

Everyone sings:

And then a step to the right.


With your hands on your hips.


As the song was ending a door slammed behind Rowena. Footsteps was nearing her as the cold ran through the room. She saw her own breath. She was moving backwards to the outer door. As she reached the door and opened it as quietly as she could, she stepped out of the room, about to break into a run to get the hell out of there.

She was still moving, or so she thought. A hand had her in its grip, but her legs were moving. The hand had tightened around her throat.


As THE CHILL was speaking to the girl, the hand had closed off her breathing.

Her hands came up, trying to get lose, trying to breath, wanting to get to someone.

"Please." Rowena was saying with her final breath.

THE CHILL felt her life leave her and then threw her onto the ground. The sound of a back breaking, rocked the silence.

The demon that was inside of the dance room, was now standing outside looking at the body.

"Slayers not going to be happy." The demon cried.

THE CHILL gave the demon a look that asked, "just make one more remark, PLEASE."

None came.

The demon left.

THE CHILL left with just a brisk air of coldness.


For the slayers that had been killed, there would be no funerals. What could they really bury? Parts is what they had, the morgue had placed each body part in it's own bag and then they all went into one large body bag. They is what would be burned at a later date.


"Close the curtains..who left them open..bad..bad..thing."

"Willow, come on. Wake up, we need to get up." Dawn said.

Everything came back to Willow.


"I'm here" Dawn said as she moved up onto her elbow.

"I ...." Willow felt a finger on her lips.

"Willow, about the kisses, I shouldn't have done that. I love you, that is not going to change. I can wait, for us."

Willow had tears in her eyes and the finger traced her lips and then stopped moving.


Dawn moved off the bed away from Willow and was standing looking out the window.

"Dawnie, please"

"I shouldn't have done that...not right after I said, I would wait." Dawn said, still looking out.

Arms embraced her from behind, a head was resting on her back.

"Dawnie, it is alright. It's hard to keep your emotions inside. When the time is right, I would love for you to trace anything on my body that you wanted to. Your not alone in the emotions department, I should have stopped you and myself."

"Will, we can blame each other till the cows come home, I'll deal with it. I will however be here for you."

Dawn felt Willow's nude body against hers and laid back into the soft embrace. She was going to pull away at any minute. As she went to move, a reflection from the ground hit the window.

"OH GOD!" Dawn yelled and moved from Willow.

Willow looked down and fainted.

Dawn was yelling for Buffy, as she tried to get the redhead back into bed.


Seconds later, the door open.

"DAWN, WHAT'S WRONG?" Buffy asked.

Faith who had been right behind Buffy, picked Willow up into her arms and place her on the bed and covered the redhead's body.

"BRAT?" Faith said.

Dawn was worried about what her sister was going to do and then remembered why she yelled in the first place.

Dawn reached her hand out to her sister, which Buffy took.

"Honey, what is it?" Buffy said a little quieter.

They moved together to the window and came to rest.

Buffy was puzzled.


"Buffy, look out the window, towards where the Halloween party is going to happen."

Buffy frowned and did look. "OH SHIT!", What she saw made her mad. She took off running. Faith had stepped forward and had saw the body, she took off after Buffy. *FUCK, not again.* Faith thought.

Dawn stood at the window watching, when she saw that Buffy and Faith had arrived down on the ground, she went over to the bed and pulled the redhead into her arms and began to cry.


Xander had been called once again, but not to report in or anything that was of the nice type. Buffy had informed him of Rowena's body. He told them he would be there in under an hour with the morgue crew.

Mostly everyone was down by the Halloween party room. Dawn and Willow were still inside.

Jade walked beside Buffy and Faith. Faith felt her and grabbed her by the throat.

"Faith, what are you doing?" Buffy asked.

Looking at Jade with murder in her eyes. "Where was she when this happen, B?"

"I was...cough..on the phone....with...Xander." Jade coughed out.

"I don't believe you, bitch." Faith growled at her.

Buffy moved behind Faith and touched her shoulders, and was getting ready to tell her she should not kill Jade, but as she thought about it, she wanted to tell her, *go on kill her.*

"Faith, stop." Xander had arrived as Jade was running low on air. Holding a dart gun on Faith.

"Xander, she killed her." Faith spits out.

"Faith, me and her had a long talk this morning." Xander had looked over the body on the ground in minor seconds.

"I don't believe you, Xan-man."

"Faith, look at the girl's throat." Xander said as he cocked the trigger back.

"Xander?" Buffy asked.

"Don't Buffy." Xander said as he waited.

Faith and everyone looked over at the girl on the ground, her throat had a ring of ice around the hand mark.

"Now unless, Jade can do THAT, I don't think she kill her." Xander was hoping that Faith would back down.

Faith increased the pressure to almost crushing her throat, and then let her drop to the ground. Faith stormed off to the house.


When she could breath again, Buffy helped Jade up and inside. Buffy went and got her some ice to put on her throat. Jade tried to talk, but her throat was swollen and couldn't get any sound out.

"Jade, sorry about Faith, you know that she is head strong." Buffy tried to make an excuse for her girlfriend.

Jade's hand had started caressing Buffy's free hand.

"Jade" shivers was running though her body at the touch...."Jade, we can't do this".... a hand came up behind Buffy's neck and moved her head down to Jade's lips. The kiss was soft, it was hungry and it was full of everything that Jade ever felt for Buffy. Breaking for air, Buffy's eyes was full of lust and desire. There was also something else in her eyes.

"B?" Faith asked as she came through the door.

Buffy and Jade were as close as they could be, it did not help that they were both breathing hard. Faith took one step forward and then reached out and moved Buffy away from Jade. Faith was shaking as she looked at the woman that had damned her and Buffy. Before Buffy could stop her, Faith had Jade down and was punching her in the face. Buffy was trying to get Faith off of Jade.

"B, you better get up off me, or so help me." Faith said as she hit the bitch again.

Buffy went to grab her again and Faith drew back and then hit the ground. In her ass were four darts. Xander was standing at the door.


In the morgue was the body of Rowena lying on a table waiting for Dr. Scully to do her autopsy on her. The Doctor was tired, she had only been home for about three hours when, she got the call to come back.

Lenora had matched up the watchers' bodies, top and bottom halves. At least the watchers would have a funeral. She had called what family each of them had to come and claim the remains.

Scully walked around the table, looking at the body. Looking she saw: Bruising around the throat, what looked to be hypothermia, curving of the back at a unnatural angle. She was alone today and turned the recorder on. With the tray next to her, she began with the Y-incision and went about finding what had happen to this poor woman.


Faith was asleep, thanks to one Xander Harris. Buffy had gotten Jade into a bed and was being checked out by one Dr. Jasmine. She had arrived six months ago and now was the main doctor to look over four thousand slayers and watchers. Thank goodness she was able to bring her staff with her. The slayers were always calling her at all hours of the day and night. She had hired four other doctors to help her, but they answered to her. And by god if they screwed up, she would have them by the thin hairs.

As Dr. Jasmine finished with Jade, she moved away and let the other slayers clean her up. Jade would have a slight bruise from Faith's fist, but with her werewolf genes, she would be healed in no time. She was like a slayer in that regards, her blood made her almost immortal.

As the Doctor had been seeing to Jade, Buffy had gone to check on Faith, she saw her as she laid on the bed, thoughts of years ago came to her mind, the dark slayer was in a coma. "NO." Buffy had tears on her face, "no not a coma, just drugs." Buffy took her hand and bend down to Faith's face, "You really need to trust me more." Buffy caress the still face. She sat down on the bed and held her lover's hand.

Buffy began talking and thinking to herself.......

*Why is it, that my lovers never trust me? Riley was always like that...When I went to see Angel, Riley became a green eye monster.*

*But you did kiss Jade back.*

*alright shut up.*


*You kissed her.*

"I couldn't stop myself"

*You call that an excuse?*


*You still want Jade.*

"no" she was shaking her head.




Thank heavens a word came from the bed just then.


"Faith?" Left Buffy's lips with a question in it.


"Here honey." Buffy held onto Faith's hand tightly.

Faith felt the strong hold on her hand, if she had not been a slayer, her hand would have been broken. Faith's eyes looked up and saw tears in her love's eyes. The scene came back to Faith in a flash, Buffy and Jade kissing. The scents coming from them had been intoxicating. Then she remember moving Buffy, so she could get that bitch.

Buffy's eyes held a lot of questions for her future in them for Faith to see.

As they looked at each other, tears ran down Buffy's face. She had manage to fuck up her relationship.

Faith pulled her hand free from Buffy's hold. Buffy was right at the point of sobbing hard. Faith brought her hand up to Buffy's face, she caressed her cheek.....then she pulled her hand back and slapped Buffy.

"HOW COULD YOU?" Faith yelled at her.

"Faith, it was an accident." Buffy got out in her sobs.

"B, An ACCIDENT? Did you fall and her lips just happen to catch you?....I smelled you....DAMMIT...You were aroused."

Faith looked at the window in the room and then turned to look at her lover.

"B, after all that BITCH has done to us. Did you forget that she is why, we have to stay inside three nights a month? .... Was last night really a homecoming for her? Do I mean NOTHING at all?"

"Faith, I....I...." Buffy was confused as hell. Her feelings was all over the place.

"Buffy, she almost made me hit you, with my full slayer strength. Do you know what that would have done to me? It would have killed me. And you don't know why you kissed her or is it that you don't just want to tell me?.....Is this payback for Robin? I can't make up for being with him, just as you can't make up for being with that... bitch...But, I am not going to have you fucking her and then coming to our bed, B. I just can't."

Buffy had gone silent as she listened to Faith talking to her. Her heart even though she knew better was being torn in two, one part wanted Jade back, oh yes...that was fucked up be on measure. Faith was her soul now. Buffy's hand went to go back to hold Faith's.

"NO FUCKING WAY, B." Faith moved away as if, she was going to catch a cold from Buffy.


"NO, BUFFY, I can't. I....can never forgive her for what's she did. Right now, I can't forgive you for wanting her.....We need to take a break from us. YOU need to do some thinking. I love you, B. But right now, I am not happy that I do."

Floods of tears were flowing down the blonde's face.


"Buffy, Go away." Faith turned her back to Buffy and closed her eyes.


Sara and a handful of slayers were down at the party room. They needed a party. Everyone was tense and the need to blow off some steam was hanging in the air, like a December snow fall. At each door was a watcher with a gun. The lights outside were turned all the way up, it looked like a air strip waiting for a plane to land.


Dawn was still laying in bed holding Willow. Willow was dreaming that Kennedy was in bed with her, she was reaching out to her, trying to take her into her arms and as she closed her arms around nothing, Willow jumped awake.

"Willow, I'm here." Dawn said very sadly, but with hope. She had heard Willow calling Kennedy's name in her sleep.

"Oh god, everything it happened right?" Willow looked like a church mouse, shy and afraid of her own shadow.

"Will, hush now, your safe. I got you and nothing is taking you away from me." Dawn said with tears in her eyes.

Willow look up at Dawn...."Then I will make it, Dawnie." She raised up and kissed Dawn on the forehead, and laid back down and looked over at the window. They stayed there for another half an hour just taking small comfort of holding each other. Soon they would need to get something to eat. But for now, the world and everything went away. It was just them, a witch and a former key.


Giles had been looking to find out why; when Jade had bitten... both Buffy and Faith that she had passed on to them, the power of an incubus. Giles had been cleaning his glasses when Buffy walked in.

"Dear god, Buffy, what happened?" Giles said.

"Giles, Do you know anything about what happen with what Jade did to us yet?" Buffy was pacing as she asked.

Giles gave up trying to get an answer, just by the tightness of Buffy's walk.

"Why, yes I do have something. As you know, Slayers blood gives you a heighten sexual drive. Faith spoke of it when you first met her. It did take you some time before you told me, that you got the same way as her. I believe it was after Robin Wood."

Buffy just looked at him....

"Yes, right." Giles was just about to go into words of science. Words that Buffy might know, but would just make her want to tell him, in English Giles.

"As you know, the regular type of incubus, can be a evil spirit that has sexual intercourse with women as they sleep, others could be called succubi, a male form; those who appeared like men incubi." Giles explained.

Rubbing her forehead, "Giles I think that you lost me." Buffy leaned on a table waiting.

"Buffy, an incubus is usually male and some form of demon, that invades a woman's sleep to have sexual intercourse with her. Where as a succubus is a female demon that has sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps. The werewolf bite that Jade received was from an incubus."

"Okay, I am following you. But why is Xander not getting attacked in his sleep or any other male that has been around Jade for the last few days?"

"Buffy, As you know." Giles took his glasses off and started cleaning them. "Since Jade only makes love to a female, she would only go after females."

Buffy squirmed.


"Buffy please, we must understand what is going on, if we are to help the three of you."

Buffy pouted, "Giles, I need to tell you something. Earlier, Jade kissed me and I returned the kiss. Faith walked in on us and went slayer on her ass. Xander was there and put four darts into Faith. Jade is in bed and recovering from the beating....and Faith is...not happy with me."

"See that is why, WE must understand, what is going on with you three. Faith hates her and can only endure her during the full moon. And you seem to want her anytime you see her, but you are unhappy with her."

"GILES" Buffy blushed.

"What, are you sixteen again?" Giles said.

"Giles, you know that I think of you as a father figure and it is just..that you are talking about my sex life, as if I am not even in the same room with you. "

"We need answers, Buffy." Giles was polishing his glasses once again.


Faith had fallen asleep and was dreaming about Jade; They were laying on a bed. There was licking, fingers thrusting, hips moving, tongues caressing, moans answering each other's, heavy breathing, breasts touching each other's.


Willow and Dawn had gotten out of bed, dressed and went downstairs. The slayers that were at the house were running around, watchers had guns, since security was stepped up.

Dawn looked over and saw Vi eating something that looked like oatmeal with gummy worms in it. *EEEWWW* Dawn turned the other way and looked at Willow. Willow just shrugged her shoulders.

"Vi, do you know where Buffy is?" Willow asked as she sat down with a bowl of cereal.

Vi put her spoon down and looked up at the redhead. "She went running out of here about half an hour ago, crying and saying that she need to see Giles."

Dawn slammed the door on the cabinet..."VI....YOU DIDN'T THINK THAT WE SHOULD KNOW THIS?"

Vi stood up and turned toward Dawn; "I don't have time for whatever she is going through, I have to get the paperwork done at Slayers United, since it looks like Faith is not going to be at work. We have been through this before, Buffy gets a girl and then she messes up and then we have to pick up the pieces."

Willow didn't like what Vi was saying, she had been more then just some girl. Buffy was her best friend. Everyone fucked up at times. She didn't care if Vi thought that just because she was a slayer, she could get away with dishing Buffy. Her hands came up and her eyes were just getting a glow to them. As Willow was getting ready to do something to Vi, her hands were grabbed.

"Red, she's not worth it, you can't do this." Faith pulled Willow into her arms.


Dawn had grabbed Vi by her hair, together they went into the other room. Even though Vi was a slayer, she knew better then to use her strength against Dawn. Buffy would hurt her for such a thing. Dawn's face was red, *How dare her.* Never had she wished that she had the strength of a slayer. She was worried for Will but she couldn't go back in there, Faith was better in handling Willow. Beside, she had a smart mouth slayer to deal with.

Dawn just turned them around and pinned Vi against the wall. "I can't hurt you, like I want to right now...I don't care what you think about my sister. You wouldn't be alive, if it wasn't for her. Don't even tell me, you don't remember her saving your ass, YOU WOULD BE DEAD NOW, IF NOT FOR HER!"

"Dawn, please... I'm sorry. The paperwork has to be done by end of shift today." Vi was trying to get out of here.

Dawn wondered just what she should do, finally she made up her mind. With as much force as she could muster, she pushed Vi to the door. "VI, GO TO WORK and don't come home tonight." Vi ran out the door, cussing herself for making this problem.

Dawn went to go back into the kitchen and thought better of it. Willow would not want her to see her right now. The redhead still had some problems with magic and at times it got the best of her.


Buffy had not wanted to go home...*HOME, made a mess of that. When will I ever learn?* She had asked Giles, if she could crashed out on his sofa a bit. The last few days had been hard, finding the slayers and watchers killed, Kennedy, there was no real words for what had happened to her. How could she want them both, and how could she want Jade? Her mind was a whirlwind. She laid down and fell asleep. She was pulled into a dream world.


***Enter Dream World***

There was a bed, with white tulips leaves on it. Candles were burning and in the middle of the bed, laid Jade. She was naked and laying on her side, looking at Buffy.

"Glad to see you finally made it, Naughty Poo." Jade smiled and raised herself up to the blonde slayer. Buffy was standing at the end of the bed, before her without clothes. She reached out and took her hand and pulled her onto the bed.

"Jade, I..we can't do this. I love Faith. I feel something for you, but it's not love." As must as she wanted to move, she couldn't.

"Buffy, why do you say that you don't love me? We had something, before Faith. Xander saw it. Others had too." One finger was tracing around Buffy's nipples.

"Jade, please."

Fingers were running patterns over Buffy's breasts as she talked. "You, Me and Faith." a finger moved into the curvy blond hair above Buffy's pussy. As if she could hear what Buffy was going to ask; "we share the wolf, as we share the incubus." a finger moved down into wetness.

Buffy had millions of questions running around, but this one word came from her lips, "share"

Jade moved a finger inside Buffy as she answered, "yes." She started kissing Buffy's neck, as she added another finger inside of her pussy, she increased the rhythm of her fingers..."Jade, oh"... Jade's tongue was tracing Buffy's mouth, as the lips parted, Jade's tongue went inside and they were sucking on each other's tongue, Buffy hips were moving against the two fingers that were inside her. Buffy's hand came up behind Jade's neck and pulled her in closer to her, as their kiss deepen, Buffy's hand started to claw Jade's back, as her own back was arching up as the fingers were moving faster in and out of her pussy; their mouths broke apart as they tried to catch a breath,"god Buffy, you feel so good." .... Buffy pulled her back down and kissed her passionately, fingers and hips moving even harder together, as Buffy bite Jade on the lip, she came.

Jade kept her fingers inside of Buffy until her walls stop shaking, then looking up into Buffy's sparkling eyes, she eased her fingers out and brought them to her mouth and ran her tongue over the fingers, tasting Buffy's moisture on them, "you still taste so fucking good." Buffy giggled at her, "You always did love eating me." Shaking her head, with her eyes looking far away, "that one weekend, we spent the whole time in bed, with your tongue inside me." Jade smiled at the memory, "you bitched at me, for two week after that, for being sore."

Jade then sobered, "what happened to us?" Buffy was uncomfortable, "Jade, we were over, it just happens." Buffy moved off the bed and looked at the bed. "We shouldn't have done that." Frowning, she sat on the end on the bed. "Buffy" .... Jade reached for her and pulled her up to her, placing Buffy in between her legs. "I'm not sorry that I kissed you earlier. I wanted you. In the waking world, I am never going to have you, but here in our dreams, I can." Jade kissed her neck. "Faith" ....With a smile that was so much liked the smirk that Faith has, Jade replied. "Buffy, Faith knows what can happen here. What I taste like. What I sound like when I come. She knows my body, Buffy." Jade entwine their hands together, as she let that sink in. Enjoying what time that they had left, before either of them woke up.

***End Dream world***




Dawn had gone up to make the beds, pick up any clothing, dishes that belonged downstairs. She really did not do this that often, and she only found one bed not made, that was Buffy's and Faith's. Making the bed she thought about everything that had happened in her life, the key taking human form, Glory, Buffy's death, Tara murdered, Willow going thru the wigglings, Faith losing control. The continuing problem that Willow had with the black magic, it would just creep out every now and then, usually when she let her heart take over, instead of her mind.


Faith had a firm hold of Willow, as the redhead was shaking in her arms. Tears were running down her face, as she mumbled into the raven slayer's chest, "Wanted to hurt her, she had no right to talk about Buffy like that." Sniff...sniff.."I should leave...almost lost control." Faith stepped back enough that there was a small space in between them and moved her hand to raise the redhead's chin up to her.

"Willow, look at me." Faith spoke in a low voice. The redhead sniffed hard and swallowed a huge breath. Her watery eyes met dark ones; "First and foremost, you didn't lose control. Your emotions are running high right now, with your lover being murdered. Jade coming back into all of our lives, and if I am not mistaken, Dawn finally told you of her feelings."

Willow frowned, blushed, and then frowned again. "How did you know about Dawn?" She wanted to lay her head back down, but it didn't seem like the right thing to do. Then added, "VI pissed me off." Then she pulled back and leaned against the counter. Faith did not let her move far, she came to stand back in front of her. "Red, Vi is still ticked off that Rona left, after Vi nursed her back to health after the fight with the First. We both know that Rona wanted more. It also didn't help that Buffy just let her go, but would not let Vi go with her. I needed Vi here with me for the paperwork. She hates it more then I do. But she blames Buffy for so much. We both know that Buffy had a few girlfriends, before she settled down with me."

Willow looked like she wanted to run and Faith smirked at that. "Never thought that I see you wanting to run, Red." Faith moved and grabbed two bottles of water off the counter. She gave one to Willow and opened the other one, taking a large drink. "Red, Buffy can take care of herself, granted sometimes, we both wonder. We will find whoever is responsible for the deaths of your lover, Ken, the other slayers, and the watchers." Faith stopped and took another drink.

"As for Jade, well something is going on there and not just with Buffy." The dark slayer grabbed a chair and parked her ass in it, still looking at Willow. "And when I said, she's not worth it, I meant Vi." Now Faith felt like running, talking was never her strong suit.

"Faith, you're right; Vi is not worth me losing control. But she's still shouldn't have talked about Buffy like that."

"Red, opinions are like ass holes, everyone got one." Faith laughed.

Willow laughed with her. "Thank you for stopping me, knowing that we have had our own rough spots, makes what you did, mean more to me." Willow could tell that she had embarrassed her and quickly she moved on. "So I have to talk to Vi whenever she gets home, not like I haven't had to do that before." She started playing with the top of the water bottle. Faith kept watching her. "Hum...Faith, your not going to tell Buffy about Dawn are you? Dawn will freak if you tell her."

"Red, whatever is going on with you and the Brat is between you two, But I do want you to give yourself time to get over losing Kennedy. Dawn loves you to much to be a stand in." Faith stood up. "I really should not be giving any advice, my life is fucked up at the moment." She finished the water and replaced the cap and tossed the bottle into the trash can. Turning she went to leave, not wanting to stay any longer.

She heard Willow moving behind her, then a hand reached out and turned her facing the redhead, and then arms enclosed her in an embrace. "Faith, not letting you leave. After what you did, I know you love me." Seeing a smirk trying to come to the dark slayer's face, "NO, not like that. Always the flirt. I love you too, even if you are a pain in my ass, a lot." Faith smiled at her words and then the smile left. "Red, I broke up with Buffy earlier and it is tearing me up inside, it fucking hurts." Tears were in her eyes, she hated to cry.

"I'm sorry, Faith. I got no idea what is going on with her. But I do know that she loves you, just as much as you love her. You'll get pass this. As you told me, our emotions are running high right now, and we are doing things that we might not do otherwise." Willow had a headache coming. "We both need to think about what is going on. There is so much that we don't know right now, what is going on here in Louisville, why did the slayers get murdered, or the watchers, why is there only so much water in these bottles."

Faith smiled despite herself, "Red, you're babbling. You're cute. But stop it." Faith looked into the redhead's eyes, they had so much in common, and yet they were so different. "Sometimes, I think, I should have fell in love with you." The smirk was on in full force. "Now Faith, all we would have done, was kill each other." Willow laughed and Faith joined in, that is how Dawn found them, both laughing, she thought that they were a bit to close. Faith winked at Willow and stepped out of the embrace. "I got to go and see Giles, Red. You two behave yourselves now." Faith left the room and grabbed her jacket and keys to her motorcycle. As Willow and Dawn stood staring at each other, the sound of the motorcycle coming to live and then roaring away was heard.


Vi was pacing her office at Slayers United. She knew that she was out of line. But at the time, it never crossed her mind that she was. Whenever she was able to go back home, she would take time to talk with Willow and Dawn. She wasn't sure if she needed to talk to Faith, but if she did she would. She had been able to get the paperwork done that she had been bitching about, but then she couldn't seem to do anything else. She wanted to go back home, many times her hand would reach for the phone, but then her brain would tell her, *NO*. So she was pacing; 7 steps forward and then back, as she turned to go back around the lights went off in the room and in the building.

A chilling voice was heard, "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ... WHAT YOU ARE ... FOOLISH CHILD."

Six demons appeared out of no where and Vi was fighting for her life. She took out four of the demons, just before her body began to shake, she tried to turn around, but with the cold hand holding her neck, she couldn't move. A demon in front of her punched her in the stomach and then in the face, the next punch knocked her out.

"TAKE HER" THE CHILL had left the room in a mist.

The two demons carried her.


Faith arrived at Giles and rang the bell, not the norm for her. But what had been normal anymore? She was feeling out of sorts. Her heart was aching, her soul felt empty. At least the full moon phrase was over. She heard movement behind the door and was flipping her keys back and forth. The door opened before her, Giles stood there, looking grim.

"Hey G-Man, what's going on?" Faith stepped inside the house as Giles leaned back for her to come in.

"Faith, Buffy was here earlier and we talked some. But I did not know, what I know now." Giles was pale.

Faith shut the door and leaned against it. *Fucking day just gets better.* ..."Well what is it, Giles."

"I received the reports back from Dr. Scully and word on the symbol." Giles went over to the bar and poured himself a shot of whiskey.

Faith was standing there waiting, wondering if she should call Buffy and the others to come over.

"Faith, please sit down." Giles knocked the shot back. She flopped herself into a chair as Giles was going to his desk to get the reports, there was a knock on the front door. *Two knocks under an hour*, he smiled. No one ever knocked on the door at his house. As he went to answer the door, it went flying by him, knocking the wind out of him. Faith was up and in her fighting stance in a second.

Windows had demons crawling though them, demon after demon came in the front door. Giles was fighting as best as he could, in hand to hand combat. Faith was kicking the living shit out of the demons coming after her, but even she couldn't keep the fighting going on forever, as she killed each demon, two more came in the front door. Giles yelled for her to run, but she couldn't leave him behind. "LIKE HELL" Faith yelled to him. Giles went down under the fists of five demons. Faith was slowly running out of juice. The phone was ringing as a final hit to her temple, knocked her out.


Buffy had came back home and she was going to check on Willow. She heard Willow and Dawn talking. She sighed as she had really wanted to talk with Willow. She needed to ask her best friend some things, but that would have to wait. She went back outside and went to the room that had Jade in it.

Jade was still sleeping, the bruises were going away, but she still looked a mess. Buffy picked up her hand and sigh as she sat back. Many thoughts was running though her mind. She had lost Faith, but she did not want to lose her. Jade, what was she going to do about her? What was her feelings in regard to both of them? What could she live with? What could her heart live with? What happens if she lost either of them? Sitting here with Jade was not helping her. She wanted to see Faith, even if she didn't want to see her. Buffy left the room and went to the room that Faith had been in, before she left that day. But she found the bed empty. She went down to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and dropped down into the chair, crying. She was wringing the bottle with her hands, it breaks, spilling the water over her hands, the glass cutting into her.


Vi and Faith woke up. Both could tell that they were in a world of hurt. They were lying on a flat surface with their hands tied above their heads, also they were both naked. Faith did her best to see if she could see Giles. Faith wanted to see Buffy again, to tell her that she loved her, and that she would take her back, fuck her pride. Vi just wanted to live.

Hearing footsteps coming toward them, the two frightened slayers did their best not to show it.

Falauglor and Farthanglirgl stood before them smiling.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMILING AT ASS HOLE?" Faith yelled. Farthanglirgl laughed at her, "Spunky, I like that. She is mine." He placed a knife to her throat as he climbed up on top of her, "When I am done with you, you will need a new ass hole." He placed one of his legs over her and spread her before him. "No hair" He dragged the knife into her skin as he pushed himself inside her. Faith could feel herself tearing at the size of him. She would not whimper, She had been here before. Maybe she could live though this. The demon was grunting as he fucked her. Blood was running down her legs as he kept the knife moving into her skin.

Falauglor had been watching his brother, fucking that bitch. Now he would have his fun. Taking his knife out, he cut into her leg, a long mark running down to her ankle. Vi screamed out for him to stop. Faith wanted to tell her to shut up, but she could not form the words at the pain she was in.

Falauglor sank the knife into her chest and then as the blood was slowly running out, he took his cock out and speared himself into her, he placed his hands on her arms and he moved himself further inside her.

As the raping of the two slayers continued, a shadow passed over the front door. Screams were heard outside of the room that they were in. The two brothers looked at each other pissed off. Neither wanted to stop, they had been given a sweet deal and they wanted to keep fucking the slayers. They kept looking at each other and both grunted as they came inside them. They climbed off them and went outside to see what the hell was going on. As they cleared the door, their heads slid down their bodies and they collapsed, dead away.

Standing in the door with blood covering her was a stranger to them, she moved inside and cut them loose. Picked them up and carried them to her car and then to the hospital.


The phone was ringing in the kitchen of Buffy's house. With her bandaged hands, Buffy answered the phone. "Buffy, need you"..."GILES....GILES....." The phone went dead. Buffy screamed and hit the button above the phone, lights went on everywhere, slayers coming out of their rooms, as well as Willow and Dawn. Somehow Jade slept though the noise. Buffy had pushed the button for Xander as the others were coming down stairs. Xander answered and Buffy told him to get to Giles's house. Buffy gave out orders that Willow and Dawn were to stay here, she asked for ten of the slayers to leave with her. Buffy grabbed the keys to the Hummer, noticing that Faith's key was missing. They ran to the Hummer and was on their way.


The scene at Giles's was out of a horror movie, he was covered in blood. His legs had been broken, one hand had been crushed and that was what they could see. As the attendants were placing Giles into the ambulance, he came to just a bit and looked at Buffy. Buffy had tears in her eyes, "Giles don't talk, you will be at the hospital soon." Tears were threatening to run down her cheeks. With his good hand he reached out and place his hand on the attendant. "Stop please." The movement stopped and Buffy leaned closer to him. "Buffy, did you find Faith?" Giles passed out as the words left his mouth. Buffy's hand came up to her mouth as she looked over and saw the beautiful motorcycle that she had brought Faith resting by the side of the house. "NO" ..."GILES...GILES" ....Buffy was shaking. The attendant stopped her from shaking the man. "Miss we need to get him to the hospital." Buffy moved back and mumbled "sorry."

Xander arrived as the ambulance was leaving, he saw Buffy just standing in the road, looking lost.

"Buffy, what is it? Is Dawn okay? BUFFY?" Xander looked around, his crew was moving as he took the scene in. His eyes spotted the silver motorcycle that belonged to Faith. With his crew looking at him for orders, he nodded his head and they went to work. He had a slayer to get to talk. "Buffy, come on now. Do you know if Faith was here?" ....Xander wanted to hold her, but he knew better. "Giles said she was here, asked if I found her?"....Xander yelled for Clint. Clint came running over, "GET JADE HERE, YESTERDAY!"...Clint went running off and was calling the nurse that was looking after Jade. "Buffy, we will find her. Just stay with me. Okay?" Nodding her head, tears ran down her face. She wanted to find Faith, she wanted to run and get her, but had no idea where she was.


Jade had got to the house in what seemed like mere seconds. She saw Buffy crying and tried to be strong. She walked up to her and hugged her. Clint had been talking with Xander and she was waiting to be told what he needed. "Buffy, honey. Talk to me." Jade's heart was breaking, she had never seen Buffy like this. "Faith" Buffy told her and buried herself into the warmth of her arms. Jade took in the area, she saw the motorcycle. *Oh GOD* Jade hugged her even tighter as Xander turned to her.

"Jade, can you pick up Faith's scent?" Xander asked. Buffy looked up at Jade, with her tear stained face. "Yes, I can." Jade took Buffy's hand and gave her hand to Xander. "Be right back, keep her here." Jade walked to the house, she sniffed the room and did indeed smell the scent that Faith left behind. Looking on the floor, she found the jacket that Faith always wore out. She raised it to her nose, and inhaled deeply. Her nostrils flared as she pick up blood on it. She carried the jacket back to Xander. "Xander, can you hold on to that for Faith."...."Got her scent." Jade said as she grabbed Buffy's hand. "Xander, you might want to drive." They went to the pickup that Xander owned and got in, Xander looked at her and she told him, "to go south". The drive was short. When they found it and saw all the blood, Buffy started yelling and cussing. Jade had told Xander that there were two scents in the room.




Jade started running from the place where the rapes had occured. Xander went to grab Buffy, but she took off after Jade. *SHIT* Xander thought as he got into his truck and gunned the hell out of it, trying to catch up with them. Xander had caught up with Buffy, she was letting Jade lead. The truck idled behind them as the hospital came into site. Jade stopped and Buffy ran into her back. Before them was a car, with three of the doors open, blood was everywhere on the inside, and on the doors. The three took a deep breath as Xander parked the truck and they went inside to see if Faith was there.


Ring.....Ring...... Andrew was in the office of his house, he answered the phone, "Slayers United, How can I be of help?"

The phone was silent and then he heard a vampire voice, "It's Harmony, the slayers here in New Mexico are all dead. They were torn apart...in all my days, I have never seen anything like this." As Andrew listened to the details, his coloring started going paler, his boyfriend, Lawrence Scott came over to him and hugged him from behind. He was able to pickup the blonde's voice, "I've called around to our slayer states, AND every slayer that was living in one of them, are all dead. Angel had me checking after he received a phone call. Angel should be there, make sure that Buffy knows about the murders." ...."Harmony, Buffy knows, ...we've already lost many of our slayers. Haven't seen Angel as of yet." Tears was in his eyes, "I will, sorry Harmony. Thank you for calling." They both hung up and Lawrence turned the crying man around and kissed him, moving his hand on Andrew's back, trying to give him some comfort. Andrew's arms closed around his young man and pulled him in closer, kissing him harder. "God, we're losing so many....can't go through this again. Lawrence, I need to feel you." They spent the next hour loving each other.


Clint had found papers on the desk of Giles, and put them into a file to give to Xander. The door was re-attached then the area was cleared, and then Clint was calling Xander to tell him of what they had found. The phone went off inside the hospital, Xander quickly ran outside. "Harris, here." Clint filled him in on what they knew and that he had a file for him; Xander told him of the place that they had found the blood, and for him to get someone over there. Clint told him yes and they both hung up.

With no one at the desk when they had arrived, Jade had started searching the emergency room, trying to find Faith, ...but she never thought that she would find Vi. She yelled for Buffy, she came running to her. "Oh god, Vi. What happen? Can you talk?" Buffy asked.

"Was attacked, so cold...after that, Faith was with me, and...and..." Vi began to cry. Buffy went to leave the room, even more determined to find her girlfriend. She heard yelling at the end of the floor, telling the man, that he had to stay in the bed, his legs were broken, he was going to be in bed for a good while and to calm down. ...."I WILL BLOODY NOT CALM DOWN, I HAVE TO FIND HER...YOU ARROGANT BITCH." .....

Buffy went running, "GILES, please calm down. Vi is here, she said that Faith was with her." Tears formed and she did her best not to lose it. ... "Nurse, was there a dark hair girl brought in with the other girl down the hall?" Buffy was holding her breath. Jade sniffed the air and looked at Buffy, she nodded to her. Buffy gave a sigh of relief.

The nurse had gave Giles some morphine to calm him down. "Yes, there was another woman brought in with her. Usually I couldn't tell you, if there was or not...it is usually busy around here, fights, cuts, people trying to kill each other." Her babble kept going. Buffy was losing her patience and Jade stepped up to the woman and looked down at her. "Will you just tell us, where is the other woman?"

The nurse swallowed and then remembered, "Ah yes, she was taken to surgery as soon as she came in." Buffy's knees gave out as Jade caught her. Giles was mumbling something and Xander came in, he had talked to the doctor that was looking after Vi. His face was somber, "Giles do you remember anything?"....The morphine was kicking in, but he got out, "Door came flying, we were attacked, I was knocked out, Faith was missing when I came too." Xander looked at him, crinkling his face, "Vi wasn't with you?" ..."No Vi" Giles managed to mumble as he passed out.

Looking at Jade, Xander turned his head to the hall. Jade understood and with an arm wrapped around Buffy, they left the room. The doctor was standing outside of the room, waiting for them.

"Doctor, this are my friends. We are family of the ones that were brought in. How is Giles?" Xander asked.

"Mr. Giles has two broken legs, his left hand is crushed, he will be needing a few surgeries. But with proper care, he should make a full recovery." The lanky doctor was looking at the scared blonde, but his eyes didn't stay long as the woman holding her, gave him a look that made his balls crawl up inside him.

"And Vi, Doctor?" Xander asked, since it looked like, he was in charge of her.

"Vi has many injuries. She sustained many deep cuts, her neck shows signs of frost bite, she lost a great deal of blood, she was raped and the injuries...." The doctor was being back up by the blonde that he had been looking at.

"She was raped?" Buffy asked as she spat on him.

"YES, I am afraid that she may never have any children, she is going into surgery in a few minutes. The other woman that was with her, needed to be taken into surgery immediately."

Jade was right behind Buffy, hands on her back..giving her support, Xander was beet red. "The other woman, that is in surgery, was she raped also?" Jade asked for Buffy. Buffy leaned back into her as the doctor went to answer. "Yes, she was." The doctor was pushed back into the wall as Buffy grabbed his lab coat. "WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?" Buffy screamed.

The doctor paled in color and looked to the blonde's friends for any sign of support. He found none..."She was badly beaten, stab wounds, there was tearing of her vaginal, there was signs that she was sodomized with something. She also lost a great deal of blood, when she was brought in she was unconscious. It will be touch and go during the operation. It was amazing that she was still alive when the woman came in with them." Buffy's knees were going out on her, Jade caught her in her arms and as they turned around, the woman in question was coming back in from parking her car and was now watching them as well. Jade carried Buffy towards the woman while Xander was finding out where Faith was being operated on. Xander then placed a call to Buffy's house, he talked to Willow and informed her of what had happened with the three and that Faith, Giles and Vi were all in the hospital. Willow wanted to come to the hospital to be with Buffy, but Xander had told her to stay with Dawn.


Dawn had listened in to the phone call and she started crying when she learned that Vi had been attacked and that it was her fault. Willow found her, crying with the phone still in her hands, seating on the floor. Willow took the phone, hung it up and then turned to the crying brunette. "Dawnie, you had no idea that anything would happen to Vi. She pissed both of us off. It's not your fault baby." Tears formed at the redhead's eyes, she saw a smile on Dawn's face and then it was gone. *baby, she liked me to call her that, okay, not here for that, I am babbling in my head, look at her...so beautiful, I just want to kiss her everywhere....okay, stopping now, got to get back on the right train of thoughts.* Pulling her up and into her arms, "Dawnie, come on, it's not either of our faults. She did what she did, you lived on the Hellmouth for god's sake, life sucks, things happen, we have to move on with things." Willow took a deep breath, as she cradled Dawn, "Baby, please, you know she's not going to blame you." Willow kissed her chin.

"Willow, I...need to get to the hospital, I have to tell her I am sorry." Dawn started crying again and Willow understood with the needing to set things right. "Alright lets go, Xander can bitch at me later, can't have my baby crying." Willow smiled as a great big smile crossed the brunette's face, "Will, I'm your baby?" Dawn looked like she was going to wink, but tears were still falling. "Yes baby, your mine. Now lets go." They took the last car that was in the garage, the Viper.




The slayers that had been with Buffy, had gone back home to sleep, eat or just to workout and the hospital had moved Giles into the room with Vi and Xander, after seeing the attendants running back and forth between the two rooms, felt they were going to be sick. Xander now stood between the two beds. Buffy and Jade had gone upstairs to wait on the outcome of Faith's operation. As the nurse was getting ready to move Vi; Willow and Dawn came running into the room and immediately Xander was getting ready to ask them what for.

"Not now Xander." Willow told him. Dawn grabbed Vi's hand, tears falling. "Vi, I'm sorry about not wanting you to come home." Vi squeezed her hand, "Dawn, don't blame yourself, it was my big mouth...I'm sorry for what I said about Buffy, please forgive me." Vi coughed as the words left her mouth, blood was coming out, the nurse came in and took VI out of the room, and told the others that she was going up to surgery.

Willow hugged Dawn to her, Xander keep looking over at Giles. All thought at the same time, *when are we going to get a break?*


The woman in question had given them a card and told them to call her tomorrow. Jade had put the card in her pocket and then Buffy had fallen asleep in Jade's arms, after crying her heart out. She had told Jade, that Faith had broken up with her. Jade had told Buffy in the dream that they shared that she was not sorry, but she never wanted Faith to get hurt. She cared about the raven slayer, even if Faith didn't want her too. She had bitten them, and they needed to get past.. their past and hold onto the future, if they were ever going to get along. Jade missed the blonde and wanted to be back in her life.

Jade knew why Xander had her try to find Faith, with her being a werewolf the longest, her skills were at a higher peak, and with the emotions that Buffy was feeling, he knew that she was not up to sniffing her out. Jade sighed as Xander came into the waiting room, he looked like he was wiped out. He sat down on the couch opposite them, "Giles was moved to his room, Vi is still in surgery." Xander rubbed his forehead, "Any word on Faith yet? Xander asked. Jade spoke in a low voice to him, since Buffy was still sleeping. "Nothing." .... "Jade, why don't you close your eyes, I'll stay awake and wake you both whenever there is word about Faith or Vi." Jade smiled at him and closed her eyes, pulling the blonde closer to her. She was asleep in mere seconds.

Xander was watching them, they had always looked great together; but this time there was something more going on. Buffy had been kinda distanced and looked confused when she thought no one was watching her. Whatever was going on with the three, he wanted them to work it out, Jade needed it, as did Buffy and Faith...well she needed Buffy as much as Buffy needed her. He was hoping that no one would ever know what would happen, IF Faith died. He reached over and grabbed a blanket that was on the end of the couch and stood up and covered them, he took a book out of his back pocket and began to try and read, 'Washing a Dirty Mind.'


***Enter Dream World***

Faith noticed that she was looking at her body, which was in a hospital bed, with an array of tubes running into her. "Did I die?" She asked out loud.

"I hope not." Jade answered her as she walked up to her.

"Jade, I am so not in the mood for any of your shit." Faith said as she turned around and looked at her.

"Faith, please; not here to hurt you and don't want to have sex, we both know that, you are going to have trouble with anyone getting close to you."

Faith tightened her fists, "Why are you here? Isn't B asleep or did you already fuck her? And how the fuck would you know what I am feeling?"

Jade made a frown, just as a table and two chairs appeared and she sat down in one of the chairs.

"First; I am here because I want to help you, now don't look at me like that. I care about you DAMMIT. It might not be love, but its something and I can't turn my back on it or you.

Second; Buffy is asleep in my arms right now, Xander is in the room with us, awaiting word about you and Vi.

Third; There is not going to be any fucking right now, wouldn't be fair to you or Buffy. We are worried about you, YES, both of us. She loves you, slayer.

Fourth; How do I know? I fucking know, cause I have been there myself, the thought that you did something so wrong that you deserved to be raped, that you can't reach out to someone that you love to help, because you are afraid that they will think that you were weak for being raped. That you have this fire, this longing to tear apart anyone that wants to touch you or looks at you. So yeah, I know, Naughty Poo."

"God, I hate that nickname, why do you call both me and Buffy that?" Faith asked as she thought over the rest of what Jade had told her.

Jade smiled as Faith finally sat down, "When I first called Buffy that; we had been fighting a feces demon...she had crap all over her, everywhere but on her lips, and they looked so naughty to me...they were shining bright pink and the nickname came about from that, but don't you tell her where I got the idea of it" ... "as for you, it was watching you fight vampires, you got the dust all over you, but not on your lips, they seemed to be pouting, feeling left out of the dust covering you...so I thought, yeah she's a naughty poo too. I know, not the most romantic thing that you read about in books. But you both mean something to me." Jade rubbed her eyes as she placed her other hand in reach of Faith.

Faith wanted to hate this woman, with everything in her heart, but she was trying to make her understand and that she cared about her, the dark slayer...this had to do with the both of them, Buffy at that moment was on the outside. Faith remembered that Buffy had almost been raped by Spike, but she could never understand what it feels like, Spike had not gone though with the rape. Jade seemed to know what she was feeling. Faith placed her hand closer to Jade, she couldn't reach out to her...yet, but it was what she could managed at the time.

Jade had tears in her eyes, as she saw that Faith had reached out to her. "Faith, I can't promise that it will be easy, living is never easy. But being afraid is not something that I want you to be, ... I want to help... I know it's not going to be easy for any of us."

Faith's eyes had moisture in them, the bitch was making her want to cry, *maybe she's not so bad, Buffy loves her. I...I...don't love her, but there is something. Can I let the past go? Buffy let mine go...am I better then that? God my head hurts.* She saw Jade's hand reaching out to her and made up her mind. With everything that she felt for Buffy and the emotions that Jade had brought out in her, she put her hand over Jade's. As Jade felt the touch, the tears that had been threatening to come down, came in a downpour. "God Faith, I'm Sorry." Tears edge down the raven slayer's face, she knew what she needed to do, it was fucking hard, but she was a slayer and NOTHING, was going to get the best of her, she stood up and brought Jade's hand with hers. Jade was perplex as she stood up...Faith swallowed and looked up, her voice was thick with emotions," Could I...shit this is hard, Jade...I" her voice seemed to run out. Jade smiled as she asked, "Faith, would it be alright, if I gave you a hug?" Faith gave her a weak, "yes." Jade closed her arms around the dark slayer and felt her shudder, as the flood of tears ran for Faith, Jade cried along with her.

***Exit Dream World***


Willow and Dawn had called home and told them that they would be staying at the hospital; they walked up to where Xander was reading and smiling at the book, and then seeing them come in, he went back to frowning. Willow smiled at him and sat down in a chair, Dawn sat down on the floor in front of her. Willow placed her hand on Dawnie's shoulder, Dawn's hand came up and gave her a pat, then looked over at her sister and Jade. Willow followed her head and took a really good look at her best friend and the woman that had now held her as if she was going to break; or just float away, if she didn't hang on to her. The two could see tears running down Jade's face. Buffy seemed to be smiling in her sleep.


The doctors and nurse had almost finished with the operation of Faith, in the other room down the hall was Vi; Giles was in the third operating room, the pain had became to much to bear and they thought that they should go on with repairing his legs, the surgery went well on his legs, and they then turned to his hand and repaired what they could. Finally, Faith's surgery was completed, she would be going to ICU and then the doctor would be finding her family, after he checked on Vi and Giles.


The slayers that were now at the house, were under attack. Demons, vampires had trapped them, with the Demons inside, punching at them, the slayers were moving toward the exits and as they would get through the door, the vampires using swords, took their lives. After the last slayer died, THE CHILL came into the house. A demon brought the nurse into the room, she was shaking and fearing for her life, "I don't know nothing".... THE CHILL with an icy grin looked at her closer, ..."FOOLISH WOMAN, YOU KNOW..WHAT I NEED YOU TO KNOW...TELL THE SLAYERS, WHAT YOU SAW." THE CHILL looked around and gave an icy wink,..."TELL THEM THE END IS HERE." With a wave of a hand, the mist turn THE CHILL away. The demon dumped the woman on the floor and licked his lips, "What do you taste like?" ...the demon torn her shirt and then felt a hand inside his chest,..."DID NOT TELL YOU TO HURT HER, FOOLISH DEMON." The demon's heart was ripped out of his chest and the corpse fell to the floor. THE CHILL walked over to the frightened nurse, and ran an icy finger down her cheek, "YOU WILL TELL, CORRECT?" ....The cold had frozen her cheek and then it was burning,..."yes...I will, please." the woman said. The mist returned, leaving only the nurse.

The nurse walked shakily to the phone, punched the button on the phone for Xander, who she was told to call in case of trouble at the house. The phone seemed to take forever to be picked up, Xander had put the phone on vibrate and ran out of the room, finding the staircase that led outside, he finally answered the phone, "Harris, here." He waited, as he heard the sound of a woman crying, the crying subsided and a voice that he heard before was talking to him, "It's Nurse Shane, there...was a incident at the house...you need to come.".. crying was heard again... "You need to bring Buffy and Faith home as soon as possible." She collapsed against the wall, all that was heard was sobbing and, "oh gods." Xander hung the phone up and then placed a call to Clint Fields, telling him to get Sung Gates, Elvin Wong and that they needed to be at the house right now. Then he called Derick Lucas, asking him to get the other witches over to the house. Xander's eyes glazed over as he tried to figure out what the hell had happen at Fort Summers. Reluctantly he headed back to the waiting room.

But no one was now asleep, Willow and Dawn were standing, holding hands as were Buffy and Jade. There was a Doctor standing before them he said, "Mr. Rupert Giles is in ICU, the surgeries seemed to go great, he might still need another surgery on his hand, but only time would tell." The doctor took a breath and then, "Please sit down, ladies" ..he saw Xander and added..."gentleman" The gang sat down holding onto each other's hands, breathing being held onto tight, the doctor started in, "Faith is in ICU. We gave her three pints of blood, as you know she was badly beaten, the stab wounds, we drained, cleaned, stitched up, the tearing of her vaginal area was severe, with the damage that she had, I don't believe that she can ever carry a child, there was damage to the area before this. The other tearing from her being sodomized, was taken care of. It will be touch and go for at least the next 12 hours. She will be kept in a drug induced coma, to give her every opportunity to heal." The doctor stopped as he was sweating. The doctor from emergency had already told him about the blonde's actions earlier.

Buffy was not crying, her face was flushed, she felt like a steam engine running into a hail storm. Faith was hurting, Faith was almost killed and she had not been with her, to stop it from happening. There was going to be hell to pay and she was going to see to it that someone paid.

Dawn squeaked up, "Doctor, how is Vi?" The doctor thought maybe that they would forget about her, no such luck...He swallowed hard, "Vi's surgery went long, with the many different stab wounds that she had, they found a cut on her back, it was right behind her heart." He stopped and took the blonde's hand..."I know that she was in emergency for a short time before she was taken to surgery, but they thought that she was holding her own,.. the cut or stab wound on her back was deeper then thought, there was damage to her heart. I'm sorry miss, but Vi didn't make it. I'm am sorry for your lost." The doctor felt his hand being squeezed tighter and tighter,..."Um...miss...my hand!" Jade grabbed Buffy's hand and told the doctor to get out. Which he did, holding his hand.

Buffy was already pissed about Faith, she had lost Vi, another slayer, she was loosing too many of them. Something was going to change, no more. Buffy stood up and with fists held tight at her side, she looked at Jade...."I can't loose Faith, already lost too many, Vi was so young, it's not fair. God Giles, didn't deserve this, FUCK! No one deserved any of this." Buffy was shaking as Jade reached slowly to her fists, she brought them up to her chest, over her heart; "Buffy, Giles is strong, you have to know that he will handle this, Vi knew the dangers of being a slayer, I'm sorry that we lost her." She tightened the hold on Buffy's hands, "WE are not loosing Faith, you know her, SHE will kick anyone's ass that says, she is not going to make it, she loves you, Buffy. We have to be strong for her." Jade stood there looking into Buffy's eyes, trying to make her feel everything that Faith would want her to tell her.

Willow was holding a crying Dawn in her arms and was watching Buffy and Jade. Xander was trying to hold himself together for what he needed to do.

"Um..guys" Xander very weakly said.

Willow and Dawn turned toward him, Buffy was still looking at Jade, her thoughts that of not a happy or a good slayer, Jade let go of one hand, she placed her hand on Buffy's chin and ran a fingertip across it, then looked over at Xander. "I think, Xander needs our attention." Buffy allowed her to turn her, Jade keeping her in close, not sure what the blonde might do still yet. She knew Buffy well enough to know that she was looking for payback.

"Buff, Nurse Shane called, there has been trouble at the house. She said that she needed you and Faith there, but as we know, Faith has to stay here. We can give the nurses' desk our cell phone numbers in case they need us back quickly. But I think that we need to go to the house. I wish there was another way that we could do this, Buffy."

Buffy sighed, "Well shit, anything else?" Four other faces smiled at the question and then frowned. Willow and Dawn looked like they wanted to stay behind, Buffy made up her mind. "Xander, did the Hummer make it back to the house yet?" .. "Yes, one of the slayers took it back home." Xander was trying to figure what Buffy was thinking. "Will, did you drive the Viper?" Willow looked at Dawn, "Yes."..."Xan, get someone to pick up Faith's motorcycle and it better not be scratched." Buffy stood there looking lost, then felt a squeeze on her hand. She looked up at Jade, "Yes right, Willow, Dawn, you are going home with us. Xander, Jade and I will be riding with you." They made their way down to the ICU nurses' desk and Xander gave them the numbers to call in case of an emergency. They all went to the parking lot and got into their vehicles and headed home with heavy hearts.


"HALLOWS EVE IS ALMOST HERE!" THE CHILL was talking to the many demons, vampires and whatnots. One of them walked over to THE CHILL, "One of the slayers is heading home, the other is in the hospital still, we should go now." the vampire said. "FOOLISH VAMP, I GO WHEN I AM READY!" The vampire was turned to dust by another demon, then the demon looked at THE CHILL, "THANK YOU." THE CHILL, said and looked over the remaining ones, their numbers were down, but still there was hope.


Buffy, Jade, Willow, Dawn and Xander had just arrived at the house, in behind them pulling in was a yellow nineteen sixty five, ford mustang two door. Spike got out of one door and Angel got out of the other. Buffy frowned, she didn't need anymore of her ex's in town, *God it just gets better*. Angel and Spike ran up to them.

"Buffy, we needed to get here. Something is killing all the slayers that you had Willow give their powers to, when you were fighting 'The First'. Harmony checked the other reports for us. She called Andrew with the news. Did he tell you?" Angel said.

"Angel, he really hasn't had time to reach us, things have been falling apart around here. Faith...and others have been hurt...but I don't really have time to go into that right now, had a call to come home." Buffy headed towards the house. Willow and Dawn started talking to Angel and Spike, telling them what they knew. Jade followed Buffy and Xander there after. Buffy had entered the house, seeing Elvin Wong outback, she headed that way, as she walked out the back door, "MOTHER FUCKER!" In the middle of the backyard was the last of her slayers that had been alive, they were piled on top of each other, at least their bodies was still intact, but they were dead. Jade was standing behind her, Willow and Dawn, Angel and Spike had came running, each taking different paths to her yelling out.

Buffy just stood there looking at her fellow slayers, her heart was breaking. Faith was in the hospital fighting for her life. Her world was coming unglued. Tears showed in her eyes, but they didn't drop. *Vi was dead, Kennedy was dead. And for what? WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON?*

Buffy's back straightened, her determiner changed. "Xander, call the hospital and check on Faith and Giles." She turned to Clint and Derick. "Derick is the house safe?" ..."Buffy, myself and the other witches declared that no vampire has enter it. We found traces of demon skin in the house. We did a cleaning spell and the house is once again clear." Derick said. "Alright Clint, what the hell happened, what did Nurse Shane tell you?" ..."Nurse Shane stated that, demons had entered the house, making the slayers turn to the exits to get room to fight, as they went outside, the vampires use swords on them. At a point after, THE CHILL showed up and threatened her and told her to tell the slayers what she saw, THE CHILL left and a demon was going to harm her, THE CHILL came back and killed the demon and told her to tell you." Clint finished telling her.

"Why would THE CHILL kill a demon? That makes no bloody sense." Spike said. Angel looked at him, as he was thinking the same thing.

Clint gave Xander the folder that they had gotten at Giles's house. Angel's phone rang, "Slayers United, Angel speaking." ... "Angel, checked the last of the slayers that were alive, and sorry to say, that none of them are. Seems the only ones that are alive are in Louisville, Ky." ..."Harm" Angel said, Spike's eyebrow went up hearing him say it. "Double check and then get back to me." Angel closed his cell phone and looked at Buffy. "I think it's time for a Scooby meeting, Buffy." Willow said.


Faith was dreaming as she laid in the hospital bed, her and Buffy were in bed; Jade was seating in a chair watching them as they pleasured each other. Buffy was spreading her legs for her, as she had on a strap-on and was going to dive into the lovely pussy before her. Her eyes tried to open as a sound was heard in the room...The woman that had brought Vi and Faith into the hospital was now siting in the chair by the bed, she didn't care... Faith needed someone with her. The other slayer was going to have her hands full. And then they would be calling her, she had made a call before she came. The others would be coming, they were needed for a spell.


Angel, Spike, Willow, Dawn, Jade and Buffy were seating around the table in the meeting room at the house, who others called, 'Fort Summers'. The security crew were coming in, the witches with Derick Lucas, followed them. Clint Fields, Sung Gates, Elvin Wong, Lenora Neal, Lawrence Scott, Doctor Dana Scully, Doctor Jasmine, and countless other had been called in. Xander was standing at the door to the room, he was holding a file. When the last of their friends, co-workers and Scooby members entered the room, the only slayer that was in the room was Buffy.

Xander went to the front of the room and sat down the file, he looked at everyone. Finding his voice, he began the meeting; "As many of you know, the slayers have been coming under attack for the last few days, Angel, our oldest living vampire and associate, has learned that all over the world, all of our slayers are now dead, the slayers that we had living with Ms. Summers are now dead. That leaves us with two slayers, The original Chosen Two. I know that I speak for everyone here, when I say that, WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM." The mumbles went thru the room.

"Giles, is in the hospital, as is Faith. They were both attacked, and they are in serious but stable condition. Each had surgeries earlier before we called this meeting... Giles had information that he was going to give Faith, I believe. I am not sure, if the attack on Faith and Giles, were due to the fact of what is in this report or something else. But we know that whatever this thing that calls it's self, 'THE CHILL' , is really pissing us off. OUR Slayers paid a price, that no one should ever have to give for their calling. We all thought that death was horrible, but THIS...." Xander had to stop, the tears in his eye was making the world blurry.

Buffy got up and went to Xander and placed her hand on his arm, he gave up the manly appearance and hugged her. Jade was watching and her fingers were tapping on her chair...Willow was going thru her spells, Dawn wanted Buffy to come out of whatever this was going to be alive.

Xander calmed down and went through what they knew of at this time. The witches were to search though their spells, security personnel was to get flamethrowers, machine guns and many other items. Doctor Scully and Doctor Jasmine were told that they might be having injured coming to them, that they were to work together. To get the members of Doctor Jasmine's staff together and make sure that supplies were ready. The meeting came to an end.

Buffy and Jade had talked together for a short bit, Buffy was tense and worried about having Dawn here with her, but she was afraid of sending her away, she had tried that once and it didn't work out. Willow and Dawn, were each lost in their own worlds, spells in the redhead's and what ifs in the brunette's mind. Buffy called out to both of them, her and Jade were at the door, "Going back to the hospital, I need to see Faith." Buffy said as the four of them left.

On the way to the Hummer, Dawn called the hospital, checking on Giles and Faith, she was told that Faith had been moved to room 233, Giles was still in ICU. As they reached the Hummer, getting in, Dawn informed them about Giles and Faith, Willow spoke up, with the words that everyone was thinking, "Got to love those slayers powers." The rest of the ride was in silent.


Faith was in and out of the dream world, first dreaming about; Buffy, Dawn, Jade, Willow; of women that she had never seen before and of a dark brunette. The woman had gone down to the nurses' desk, looking for a doctor, Faith seemed to be coming awake and she wanted a doctor with her now. As the woman turned around at the sound of the elevator chime, stepping out of the elevator were Buffy, Jade, Willow and Dawn. Buffy's eyes went wide, this was the woman they were to call later, at the same time a doctor showed up, the lady in question asked him, to please go with her to Faith's room. The four women looked at each other, Jade got in front of the doctor and the woman. Buffy went running by them, she opened the door to her love's room, her breath caught in her throat, even though it had been hours since the attack, there was still bruising to be seen on Faith's face, arms and what was scaring her the most, was what she could not see. Then coming back to herself, she went over and checked on her, *thanks goodness she is still breathing*. Buffy took her hand and stood by the bed as the others were coming into the private room. When Willow and Dawn came into the room they each claimed a spot by the window, Jade had wanted to stop the woman, but something was telling her, that they needed this woman in the coming battle, she went inside and leaned against the wall by the door.

The brunette came in, followed by the doctor, he went over and was checking on the young woman. Mumbling to himself, "She is most remarkable, healing at a fast rate, temperature is a little high, but within reason for her ordeal." He looked at the women that was in the room with him, "All you are family?" He asked. Buffy, Dawn and Willow looked at each other, answering together, "We're family." He looked at Jade and the other woman, "What about you two?" Jade looked at Buffy with a questioning look, "She's family." The doctor was still waiting for the woman, "I'm a friend, I need to speak with Ms. Summers and Ms. Rosenberg and Ms. Gray." The doc seem to think for a minute and looked at Buffy, "She can stay for now", Dawn answered as Buffy was holding Faith's hand hard, as the doctor went out the door, Buffy spoke, "Jade close the door" Jade closed the door and stood in front of it.

Buffy was standing holding Faith's hand, and then she had her hand wrapped around the brunette stranger's throat, a stake was right over the woman's heart, "You got ten seconds to tell me why I don't just stake you?" Buffy hissed at her. A gasp from behind Buffy caught everyone's attention, "B....B..." Jade had come over and grabbed the woman, as Buffy was being torn in two directions. Buffy was over to Faith's side a second after her hand left the woman's throat, "Faith?" Buffy asked. Jade's hold on the woman was tight, her hands were being held behind her back. The room seemed to be waiting, as the life of the woman hung in the air.

Faith coughed and then motioned to the water pitcher, what she got was ice chips, not water. But her throat felt better. Buffy's eyes looked wild as she waited, she wanted to hurt something. The trouble that THE CHILL had caused was just asking for payback and she wanted to give it back and then some.

"B, ..come...clo..ser.." Buffy leaned her ear down to Faith's mouth. "Love you." Tears that had been begging to come, were now running down each of their faces. "Love you too." Buffy kissed her lightly on her forehead, her voice was shaky as she asked "about the woman, why can't I stake the vampire?" Buffy's hand had found Faith's again, but one eye was on Faith and the other on the woman. "B, we need her, had a slayer dream." Faith told her as she tighten the hold on the blonde's hand, Jade knew that the contact was hard for Faith.

Buffy looked at the woman, she knew that they had a card from her, and didn't they already have enough vampires working with them. Angel, Spike, Harmony and several others. But what made this woman so special? Buffy glared at her. The staring was broken by someone trying to come into the room. "Ms. Summers, I need to check her blood pressure?" a nurse was telling them. Jade pulled the woman with her to the side, the nurse came in and took the blood pressure. Faith pretend to be asleep so the nurse would leave sooner.


Security personal, witches and members of Slayers United were working hard. Andrew was placing calls, Lawrence had gotten the funds that they would need.


Xander entered the room, as the nurse was leaving Faith's room. He saw the hold that Jade had on the woman. He closed the door, without having to be told. "Alright want to fill me in on what's the what?"

Buffy sighed, "We are working on that, Xander. Seems that Faith had a slayer dream and we need this woman." Buffy looked at her and frowned. "Well, I guess that we should call you by your name" Buffy said. "her card didn't have a name, just a phone number." Jade informed the room. Buffy left go of Faith's hand, she couldn't help but hear a small sigh coming from Faith, it sounded to her like she was relieved not to be in contact with her. Many thoughts went though the blonde's head and then she remembered about the rape. *Stupid, stupid, damn*


Angel and Spike were in the Slayers United library, looking for the symbol that had been on Kennedy's stomach. Spike looked at all the books they had gone thru, "So many books, urrg, what am I a bloody worm?" Spike mumbled. Angel chuckled at him and told him; "Me'd boy, knowledge does the body good."

"Blood does the body good, not gonna get it in here. And why are we doing the bloody research anyway?" Spike said.

"Because that is where they need us right now, now shut the hell up and get down to it, before I take you into the back room and give you something to scream about." Angel told him as he smirked. Laughing at him, "Feeling like a shag are you?" Spike asked. Angel winked at him, as they both went back to reading and going through book after book. Until the last one, Spike found it and jumped up and ran as if to find Giles, he then remember that he was in the hospital, " Bollocks!" He sat back down and looked at Angel, "just not right that he is not here." Spike said. "We will turn our notes over to Clint, and he will let Xander know." Angel told him. They went about making note after note, then went to find Clint, then to get some pig's blood.


Jade still didn't want to turn loose the stranger. But knew that with everyone in the room, her getting away was going to be hard to do; "IF YOU HURT BUFFY OR FAITH, I WILL KILL YOU!" Jade said as she let go of the woman, watching as she ran her hands over her wrists. Jade stood watching her, just itching for her to move wrong. "Hum, Buffy, you might want to call your dog off?" Dawn said.

"DAWN!" Buffy shouted. "You tell Jade your sorry, right now." Buffy told her. " Hum, yeah what she said, Jade." Dawn mumbled. Buffy was getting red in the face, "So don't need this." Buffy was thinking, but did not realize that she had said it out loud until Jade said: "No we don't need it, but Dawn has a right to be mad, Buffy. Jade said.

"Guys, we kinda need to get back on track." Willow said.

Mumbles of "sorry" went on in the room. Faith had sat up the best she could in bed, Buffy went to take her hand and as she remembered before, she just stood closer to her instead.

"Alright, since it seems that you know us, I think its only right that we know you. BUT, I want you to know, IF you hurt Faith, you will be wishing for Jade, because it would be a picnic, to what I will do." Buffy's threat hung in the air, like a hot breath of a lover's touch.

"Ms. Summers, I am not here to hurt any of you. If I had wanted Faith dead, she would have never made it to the hospital. But threats aside, I don't take kindly to them. Your fight is not with me. The fight is going to be with THE CHILL. The conditions of everything has to be perfect." The strange brunette went to the window as the sun was shining brightly inside. Gasps came from room, everyone voiced the same word, "HOW?" The woman chuckled and then looked at the Chosen Two, "There are many misnomers about vampires, especially the oldest ones, for you see, I am an old one." She walked up beside Buffy and Faith. Jade was bouncing on her heels, just waiting for her to mis-step. She put her hand out, offering it in a hand shake; "I am Mina Harker."

Faith looked at Buffy, trying to place the name. Willow came up with it; "She's Dracula's vampiress Mina Harker, she was rumoured to have worked with, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen at one time in the past. She has the power to walk in sunlight and many other things." Willow began to babble in her head, thinking about everything that she had ever read about the woman that was standing in Faith's room. However she could not stay with her thoughts for long as there was a bright light in the room, standing there was now a woman with narrow eyes the color of turquoise, medium-length, straight, silky, purple hair which is worn in a simple style, with a muscular figure. Jade jumped on this stranger, taking her to the floor. Mina walked over to Jade and picked her up like she was a sock. She placed her just in front of the slayers. Mina offered her hand to the other woman, and she helped her off the floor. "Sorry, Colette. They are a bit jumpy right now." Mina told her.

Straightening her clothes as she looked at the room, she saw a blonde eyeing her, the woman in the bed also watching her. Another redhead that was, chanting a spell to use, and the other two, that looked like they would both jump her this time.

"Sorry about that, I thought that by now, Mina would have told you what was going on." The strange woman said.

Buffy looked at Mina; "Is anyone else going to pop in?" Buffy asked. The smile on Mina's face was a pure one, "Actually there are three more women that will be showing up." Jade had placed herself back by the door, frowning and watching the newest woman. Willow was ready with spells and Dawn had a small dagger in the hand behind her back. Buffy was standing close to Faith, just itching to jump. Mina looked at Colette; "I think that we need to tell them, before they kick our ass, or something worst." .. "Right as always, Mi." The woman walked to the end of Faith's bed, "My name is Colette McLean, I died 600 years ago. I am a white lighter. I know that my hair is different then what you might expect, but I hate being normal. My charges will be in as soon as I call them. You need our help. You need the power of three." She looked at each woman, then looking back at Buffy. "May I call them and we can get this show on the road?" She waited on Buffy to tell her if it was okay. She needed them to trust her.


Giles had woken up finally, his hand was hurting, as almost as much as his pride, as he laid in his bed. His mind was running through what he had learned from the file.


Xander had pretty much been in the background of Faith's room, but they needed to know if this woman knew more then what they already did. "Buff, think we should hear her out." Xander said as he walked up to Colette extending his hand, "Xander Harris, Miss." They shook hands and he stepped back. Buffy looked at Faith and the other women in her live, then at Mina. Buffy knew that they were missing something, and if this woman had it, then she would want everything she had.

"Colette, call whoever it is that you have to." Buffy said. Colette smiled at the room, then called out, "Paige, bring them." As another bright light filled the room, it left behind three woman. The new comers looked at the other women and the one man in the room. The Scoobies looked at them as well. Phoebe spoke up first, "He can't be at the ceremony." ... "Phoebe" Paige and Piper said. Dawn laughed at that. Somehow she just knew that they were sisters.

Mina stepped to the The Charmed Ones, hugging them as they each saw her. Then each sister looked at the others, then each said their names, "I'm Phoebe Halliwell." ... "I'm Piper Halliwell."... "I'm Paige Matthews." They stood there waiting for anyone to say something.

Dawn spoke up, "so two of you are sisters?"

"No we're are all sisters, I was raised by different parents." Paige told them.

"So we all know your names, some one want to tell us, what the hell you all are doing here?" Faith asked as she was feeling uncomfortable with so many strangers around her.

The Charmed Ones looked at Mina and Colette; "You didn't tell them?" They asked together.

"No, had some troubles. We can tell them now." Colette said as she looked at Mina.

Buffy looked at Faith, "Think we need to move this to another location. How are you feeling?" Buffy asked.

"Five By Five, B. Just clear the room and send a doctor in, you know how I hate hospitals." Faith said.

As Buffy was leaving the room, she looked at Jade and Willow, hoping that they understood to keep an eye on the new women. The doctor had came back with Buffy, and was surprised to find that the woman had made a full recovery, He agreed to let her go home, with warnings that if anything happened with her condition to return to the hospital as soon as possible. Faith told him sure and he and Buffy left to get Faith's walking papers. Buffy returned a short time later, with a wheel chair, as everyone but Jade was standing outside the room.

In the room Jade was talking with Faith. "How you doing?" Jade asked. "You know me Five By Five." Jade frowned and sat down on the bed, but not close enough to Faith to make her feel scared. "Faith, it's me. I know remember. Cut the shit." Jade watched the raven slayer's face. "Fuck man, I'm scared okay, you happy now, every time Buffy wants to touch me, I want to crawl up into a ball and hide. She doesn't deserve that, she loves me...I love her. But how do I make her understand, what I need?" Faith asked. "No, I am not happy. But you need to be honest with me, with Buffy, but with yourself the most. We'll get you through this. But its not going to be easy. I've never seen you back down from anything, that is what you need to do now." Jade told her. Tears were on Faith's face, her hand reached out to Jade, Jade took her hand gently. "it'd be alright, naughty poo." On Jade's face were tears, their eyes were looking into each other's.

Buffy coughed as she entered the room, "Got your chair, ready to get the hell out of dodge, Faith?" ... "Hell yes." Faith answered Buffy.

Buffy looked at the crowd before her and said, "Going to take Faith home, don't think we have enough room for everyone to ride."

Whispering Willow asked, "Can you do that bright light thing anytime you want?"

Colette and Paige smiled at the redhead, "Yes we can."

Faith looked at Buffy, "B, why don't you go with them? Jade can drive me back home." Faith held her breath. Buffy remembered the words she had heard just before she went into the room. "Sure Faith, meet you at home." Buffy looked at Jade, many things crossed her face as they looked at each other. Buffy placed a hand on Jade's arm, "Be careful both of you, see you at home." Buffy took off walking with everyone, as Jade and Faith waited for an elevator.


Jade and Faith talked on the way home, Faith was telling her about her fears and what had happened to her. She wondered if she was ever going to be able to make love to Buffy again. Jade told her, not that she wanted to be hateful, but that she wanted to be honest about what had happened, that she had made love to Buffy in a dream, before the attack. That she wasn't sorry for it, that she loved Buffy. Faith told her that she had thought about everything that had took place since she had came back into their lives. She ended up telling Jade, "You're here for a reason, just as Mina is here." After Faith had said that, nothing but silence was heard.


They were at the house, waiting on Jade and Faith to show up. Dawn had checked on Giles and was told that he was being given pain meds every four hours and would not be waking anytime soon. Mina had gotten herself to the house. Finally after what seemed like hours, Jade and Faith came into the house, Faith was leaning on Jade. No one else could really tell it, but Buffy could. Her heart beat increased as she thought that she would be loosing Faith to Jade. They needed to talk, but that would have to come later. Xander asked Buffy as much as Faith, "Should I've called Angel and Spike?" Before Buffy or Faith could answer Xander, Phoebe Halliwell spoke up, "Actually, we really only need to speak with the women." Piper and Paige looked at their sister and wondered if they should have left her home. Xander was mad, looking at Buffy, then Willow; "Fine, I know when I am not wanted." He slammed the door as he left.

Buffy looked at the woman as she walked up to her, "Tell me why, I shouldn't just kick your ass for hurting my friends feelings?" Buffy asked. Faith gave her a smirk..."We need to do the spell tonight, you need to bond and I didn't think you would want him here to see you during the spell." Phoebe told her.

Willow was trying to figure out what was going on, "Are you talking about an enjoining spell?" she asked. Mina was seating by Dawn and Willow now. The Charmed Ones, were sitting by each other. Jade and Faith were joined by Buffy as they awaited the answer.

Colette sat down in between the group, "We know that you had a Scooby meeting a short time ago, we know that Angel and Spike discovered what the symbol is. But we know that you don't realize what you need to win." Colette said.

"Well, I am sure everyone in this room is all ears." Buffy said as she sat down in front of Jade and Faith.


The room was quiet as Colette ran though her mind what she was going to tell them. Finally she began....

"As you know, you are up against THE CHILL. There is a Prophecy, that dates back 400 years about the six that will defeat a icy evil. Three will be joined in a bond of wounds. Two would be bound by fate. The one will join the two and will join them, the six will be bound and they alone will defeat THE CHILL."

The Scooby gang was thinking, Buffy said out loud, "Three bound by wounds, would be Myself, Faith and Jade. Correct?"

"Yes." Answered Colette.

Willow looked at Dawn, "the two bound by fate. I assume is the two of us?" Dawn said.

Colette looked at the Charmed Ones as she grinned. "Fate, is something that no one can have control over. Dawn, You and Willow, have had faith, in your life. You each depend on each other, you have found a love between the two of you, but your afraid to go any farther, because of hurting the other, that its too soon." Colette finished as she let that sink in before she went any further.

"Alright, Jade, Faith and Myself are the first part. Willow and Dawn are the second part." Buffy said and then added; "But which of you is the one?"

"That would be Mina, she is the one, I know that you only just met her. So how can that be, right?" Willow and Dawn nodded their heads. Colette told everyone.

Faith laughed at that and said, "hey B, for the first time, its not you that will be with a vampire."

"HEY!!!" Buffy yelled.

"WHAT?" Willow and Dawn shouted.

"Oh come on, girls. The bond has to be something sexual." Faith said.

Getting up and looking at Dawn, "NO FUCKING WAY, A VAMPIRE IS NOT TOUCHING MY DAWNIE!" Willow told Mina. "I SAY WE RUN!" Willow added.

Buffy got up, she wasn't a fool, she had seen the feelings that Dawn had for Willow. But even if she didn't like the idea of a vampire touching her sister, they couldn't run. If they started now, they would be doing that for as long as they lived.

"Will, I don't like this anymore then you, but you know that we have never ran from anything in our lives. The Master, Glory, The First. I am not letting this change our lives, IF we run now, we RUN forever. Is that really what you want for you and Dawn? To love each other as you run away." Buffy asked her best friend.

The redhead had tears in her eyes, she looked at Dawn. "I love her, Buffy. I can't do that to her. But it's too soon after loosing Kennedy to even think about loving her that way." As the words left Willow's mouth..the charmed ones had been chanting a spell, in the room now was Tara and Kennedy.

Eyes wide, Willow looked at the three sisters, her eyes went black and her hands were coming up. Dawn stepped in front of her, "Willow, please don't do this." Her arms went around the redhead, "If you love me, don't." Willow eyes slowly lost the black and her arms enclosed Dawn in them. Shaking she looked over at her two dead lovers, she stepped away from Dawn and went over to Tara; "Tara is it really you?" Willow asked. "Ye....s it's...rea..lly me, Willow" Tara told her. Willow looked at Kennedy, her heart felt like it was in her throat, "Kennedy?" ..."Yes, its me as well." Willow looked at the charmed ones, "Why did you bring them here?"

Piper cleared her throat, "You need to get past them, you need to move on with Dawn. And to do that we needed them here to talk with you."

Willow smiled and then looked at each of her girlfriends. Tara started, "Willow, I know you still love me, I'm glad that you had found someone like Kennedy to love. I will always love you." Tara's smile was amazing. Kennedy saw the love still in her lover's eyes, "Will, you know I'm not much for talking, slayers don't talk, we do...We both know that we would have broken up, I love you now, as I will forever, but you need to be loved, I can't have you waiting. I know you love her as she loves you. Willow, be happy." Kennedy said as her and Tara started flickering, "We love you." They both said as they disappeared. Willow was crying, Dawn took her into her arms, taking her to the couch and rocking her.

Everyone was quiet as they gave her time.


Faith went into the bathroom, still feeling weak, but better then she was. She washed her face, the bruising was disappearing. She wasn't sure she was up to whatever it was that they would need to do to complete the bonding process. She knew that Buffy was standing outside the door, in case she needed her.


The Charmed Ones and Colette were talking among themselves. Faith was now sitting on the couch, waiting to reach out to Willow with everything that was in her. She sighed at the moment her and Willow's eyes meet. Willow could tell that she had been crying, of everyone that she knew, Faith always managed to surprise her. In their eyes they saw love and respect for each other. Faith swallowed hard and nodded her head at her and went back over to where Jade was seating. Buffy had entered the room with what looked like all the water in the kitchen. Everyone took a bottle and drank some of it.


Colette looked at Mina, she was always hard to figure out what she was thinking. Colette tried to get her to talk to her, all Mina did was place a finger on her lips. Shook her head and went back into her own thoughts.

"Girls we need to get the ceremony under way." Colette told everyone. Not knowing what else they could do, and with the Prophecy, they really had no escape. Buffy looked at her friends and Mina, then went by names, "Willow, are you in?" Buffy asked her. Willow gave her a weak, "yes" as she was getting over the crying. "Dawn?" ..."Of course." Dawn gave it strong. "Jade?" ..."Buffy, I do whatever is needed of me." Buffy smiled at her. "Mina, I know that you are new, but if you don't feel you can do this, we will all understand." Mina looked at the other five that she would be bonded to soon, she couldn't leave them. She was brought here for a reason, "I'm In." Buffy had saved her lover for last, "Faith Hon, I wished that we had more time. If you don't think you are up for this, none of us will say a word about it." Faith looked at Willow, Dawn, Jade and Mina. They had all said yes. She ran from a lot of things in her life, she had did her time, she won't run from anything anymore, even if it killed her. "B, you know me. Hell yes, I'm in." Faith told her. Buffy looked at them, the three sisters, Colette and then added her answer, "I'm for it, let's do it."

As the sun was going down, the girls were now in the basement. They had tonight to prepare for the fight on ALL HALLOWS EVE.

They had prepared before going down there, after a fight about what Mina had to do, they finally let her, with Buffy and Faith both watching her closely. Mina had to bite each woman, then spill the blood into a glass. Before she bit them, she bit her arm since she couldn't bite her own neck and spilt her own blood into the glass. Then after biting the others, their blood was mixed together.

They were ordered to get into these positions and stand there naked; At North, The Charmed ones, at South, Willow, Dawn and Mina, at East standing was Colette and at West standing were Buffy, Faith and Jade.

The blood of the six had to be drank by each one, Willow, Dawn, Mina, Buffy, Faith and then Jade. They each took a sip of the warm blood. Then the chanting began by each Quarter, or corner;

"Power of the North, give us your strength."

"Power of the South, give us your flame."

"Power of the East, give us your knowledge."

"Power of the West, give us your energies."

On the fourth time around, Willow, Dawn, Mina, Buffy, Faith and Jade fell to the floor.

Willow, Dawn and Mina started kissing and groping each other's bodies.

Buffy and Jade were kissing as Faith was watching them. Even with the powers that was running through her, she was fighting it, after everything that she had been through, she knew that she wasn't ready.

Colette and Paige were watching Faith, she needed to join in, in order for the ceremony to work. Piper reached over and took an object out of a box, she handed it to Colette, which she then placed on the floor. They stood there watching the six.

Willow and Dawn were kissing, Mina's fingers were moving inside of Dawn and Willow. As her fingers kept moving inside of their hot centers, Dawn and Willow had joined one of their hands and found Mina's wet pussy, together they pushed their fingers inside her, together they increased their rhythm. Sending orgasms through their bodies time after time.

Buffy and Jade, had been kissing each other, Jade had moved down and was licking Buffy's clit, her fingers were inside of Buffy's pussy, her moisture was running over Jade's fingers as she came. Buffy's hand was pulling on Jade's hair, pulling her up to her, she started caressing one of Jade's breasts, then Buffy was kissing Jade. Jade tasted of her.

Faith had picked up the object and put it on. She couldn't believe that she had to have sex, this soon after the rape.

Knowing that she had to do this, she walked over with the item on. Buffy saw her lover coming toward them and as her lips left Jade, her eyes met Faith's. Buffy stayed still as Faith lifted Jade up and placed her with her back on her blonde lover, with Buffy's breasts pressed into her back.

Jade and Buffy looked up at her, they both saw the strap-on at the same time. Lust and fear were running in their three minds. Faith lowered herself to the floor and positioned herself before Jade, each one had thoughts of fulfilling the ceremony. Jade knew why Faith had chose her first...

Jade opened herself up to Faith, mind and body. Buffy was trying not to move her breasts against Jade's back. Faith looked into Buffy's eyes, the look made Buffy still herself. Jade looked at the strap-on and then at Faith. "Please, fuck me." Jade whispered to her. Using all her reserve, Faith swallowed hard and then placed the fake cock at the entrance of Jade's pussy. As the strap-on went inside, both her and Jade felt something change, the cock was now real. Faith had a real cock. Buffy placed her hands on Jade's breasts, she gently squeezed the nipples as Faith had gone still.

"Faith."..."Faith, your not going to hurt me." Jade told her. "Let me have it." Jade asked of her. Next thing that Jade knew, Faith was pounding into her, the real-strap-on cock was making her pussy even more wet, Faith was sweating as she felt Jade tighten around her. "Kiss her, B." Faith was feeling the pressure building up inside her, as Buffy kissed Jade with such a force that she had never seen her do....Jade's walls were shaking, even as Faith was shaking, "Jade, Buffy, going to come."

As the words left Faith's lovely mouth, Jade's walls gave way and swallowed the real-strap-on cock in deeper. "Oh fuck!" Jade cried and had stopped moving as she climaxed. Faith's hips were still moving as she came out of Jade. Buffy looked at Faith's real-strap-on cock, she was still hard....Buffy wanted Faith, oh how she wanted her. "Peppermint, I love you. Let me help." Buffy said as she got on her hands and knees facing Jade, her pussy was in front of Faith. Faith's hands were moving up and down over the real-strap-on cock that she had now. She licked at Buffy's pussy, she was unbelievably wet. Gritting her teeth, "B, need you, but don't want to hurt you." Faith said. .."You won't hurt me, take me Faith." Faith didn't need to be told twice, two of her fingers went inside of Buffy's pussy, then four, before she stopped fucking Buffy, her fist had been inside her. As the wetness dripped from Buffy, Faith positioned herself and spread Buffy's lips wide open before her. Next thing Buffy knew, her face was lying against Jade's breasts.

Buffy's face wore a bright smile, as Faith was sliding in and out of her, "Oh god...your so wet..." "B..." Faith's hips were moving faster as the real-strap-on cock went in farther and deeper then she had ever been inside of Buffy at any time. "Oh shit, coming..." Buffy screamed...her hips bucked back against Faith, causing the real-strap-on cock to go in deeper still, "Fuck B!" Faith came inside her and released her hold on Buffy's hips. Looking down, the real-strap-on cock was still hard and was still attached to her.

Willow, Dawn and Mina had finally stopped coming together and had been watching Faith as she made love to Buffy. Faith looked over at them, even if she was aching to be relieved of this real-strap-on cock, she knew that there was no way she could ever do anything with Dawn so that left Willow and Mina. Faith looked at her two lovers as her hands were playing with the real-strap-on cock.

The forgotten ones looked over and Colette told Faith, "You at least have to kiss Dawn."

Faith looked at Buffy, Jade and Willow. Things were out of their hands now, as her hands were still busy. Dawn had walked over to her. "Faith, kiss me." Dawn told her, as their lips met in a kiss of passion and ended very quickly. Dawn went to join her sister and Jade who were sitting on the floor, but Faith pulled her back. "Rub my back, Dawn." Dawn began rubbing her back in small circles as Willow and Mina came toward Faith. "Faith, tell us what you need." They asked together.

"Need to get this thing off me".. Faith gritted out as her hands never stopped moving. Willow started kissing her and Mina was playing with her breasts. Dawn was caressing her back and behind.

Colette waved to Buffy, "You have to kiss Dawn, Buffy." Colette said.

"I WILL NOT KISS MY SISTER!" Buffy screamed at her.

Colette turned red, "No not like that, just as you would any other time. She's your sister for goodness sake." Colette told her as they were watching Mina kissing Faith, Willow was lying on the floor with Faith inside her. Faith's body was glistening with sweat as she moved in and out of Willow's pink center. The redhead's hands grabbed onto Faith's breasts as her hips were moving faster against the real-strap-on cock, "Coming..." Faith was grunting as her and Willow came together, but as they slowed and pulled away from each other, the real-strap-on cock was as rock hard as ever. "FUCK!" Faith cried.

Buffy and Jade had stood back up, Dawn had heard what Colette had said to her sister. As Faith and Mina started kissing each other, groping and finally with Mina on her hands and knees, kissing Willow, Faith was sliding in and out of her cold pussy. Faith thought for sure that from the cold, the real-strap-on cock would finally let go of her.

Dawn's hands were still moving over Faith's wet back, as Buffy took one of her hands; "Dawn, I was told that I needed to kiss you"...Buffy turned a bright red as she looked at her lover and back at her sister..."Eww, its okay, sis. I know that it is not going to have to be sexual, just kiss me as you would as if we were going to sleep." Dawn told her sister. Buffy stood looking at her sister and wondered when her sister had become so grown up. Buffy placed her hand on Dawn's cheek, "I love you, you know." Buffy said as their lips touched with the love of sisters, then they pulled apart and, "Love you too, sis." Jade stood behind Buffy, Dawn returned her hand to Faith's back.

During that time, Mina had come and Faith had kept moving inside her, after she felt Dawn's hand return to her, she came and eased out of Mina. Everyone looked at the real-strap-on cock, but it was hard still. The Charmed Ones and Colette. knew what had to happen, but they could not tell anyone.

Faith was standing, her hands were trying to jack herself off. Even with her coming with each of the ladies, it still was not what was needed for the damn thing to let her go. Buffy, Jade, Willow and Mina were trying to figure out what they had to do. Dawn looked at them and then back at Faith. Dawn walked over to Willow, kissed her on the lips, gave the other women a kiss on the cheek and then walked back to Faith.

Dawn's hands came up to Faith's face, her fingertips gently caressing the skin. "Dawn, I can't." Faith whimpered. Dawn saw that Buffy, Jade, Willow and Mina had gotten into the same positions that had started this, one of them each at North, South, East, and West. Their hands were joined as they looked at them with love in their eyes. Some would wonder if Mina's love was real.

Dawn moved one of her hands down to the real-strap-on cock, she gripped it, running her fingertips down and back up, making Faith shiver at the touch. "Dawn, please." ... "Faith, I think that I am the key again." Dawn smiled at her as she brought their lips together, Faith was still fighting against kissing Dawn.



Buffy and the other three women's hands held fast as she answered her lover, "Trust her Faith." Buffy said.

Faith's body was aching with need , her back was arching as she stood there. Dawn's tongue danced across the dark slayer's lips. "Dawn?..You're sure?" Faith's hands were moving up Dawn's back as Dawn's tongue met Faith's. "Yes, NOW, kiss me." Dawn said. Faith's lips and tongue moved over Dawn's, they kissed long and hard...Dawn pulled the raven slayer to the floor with her, as her hand was playing passionately with Faith's breasts. As they fell, Faith moaned against Dawn's mouth.

Dawn's left hand eased down their bodies, looking for one of Faith's hands, she found Faith's right one and place it against her wet pussy. "Inside please!" Dawn cried...Faith's fingers make contact with the moisture crying out for all to hear, "Oh shit!" Her fingers made their way inside the hot wetness, as her fingers moved, they kissed once again. Dawn against her said, "Please put the real-strap-on cock inside me."

Faith needed no more encouragement, she eased herself up and raised Dawn's legs up, she looked into the eyes watching her, seeing the trust, the love, and she fell in love with the sweetness of Dawn. The real-strap-on cock was waiting, with shaking hands she ran her fingers down the center of the wet pussy, "Dawn..." she put the head of the cock at the entrance and started moving forward, she felt Dawn's muscles tightened as she slid into her wetness. .."Fuck!" they both cried out.

Faith had Dawn's legs pushed up and was really moving out and in, in and out. They could feel the orgasm building, their stomach muscles tightened, sweat was dripping onto Dawn. Dawn raised her hand to Faith's face, tracing a scar that was almost gone. "Dawn?" ..."Faith, your alive."...Their hips were moving together, the real-strap-on cock was buried deep inside of Dawn. Moans were coming from both of them, one of Dawn's hand was at the back of Faith's neck, breathing heavily she asked, "Faith, kiss me." Faith leaned down to her, the real-strap-on cock going in even farther, making them moan together. Their lips meet, they were kissing each other, tongues moving against the other, teeth moving against the other's, as the tempo of their thrusting was increasing. They were sucking on each other's tongues, above them were dark clouds, they were crying as they each spoke against the other's mouth, "Coming...oh god...I'm coming." Dawn came and crossed her legs over Faith's back, pulling her in deeper, making her moan, "Coming..." Faith came inside her, her moisture spilling inside of Dawn's pussy. They were breathing heavily as they pulled apart with a very wet noise as they were no longer inside each other.

Faith looked at her real-strap-on cock, it was pointing down. "Finally!" Faith cried as she took the strap-on off and tossed it to the floor. The dark clouds opened up and it was now raining in the basement, drenching them all in a cool water bath.


Dawn walked over to Willow, fear running in her mind. "Willow?" Willow's arms embraced her and lips met her, kissing her softly. "Dawn, I love you, it's okay. You did what was needed to be done." Dawn hugged her. Whispering into the redhead's ear, "Thank god Buffy didn't put that thing on." They smiled together and then both said, "EWWEW."

The clouds left as the four women moved away from the quarters, the water left behind was drying up. They looked at each other and then at The Charmed Ones and Colette.

"Is that all of the ceremony?" Buffy asked.

"There is still one more thing, but it will not be a long one." Paige said.

"How did I know there was more?" Faith moaned. Buffy walked up to her, "Faith are you okay?" Buffy asked. "Been a long few days, B." Faith told her. "I..I was talking about...never mind." ...."B, I think I worked through my problems." Faith pulled her in and kissed her like old times.

Clapping was heard in the room....Buffy blushed and felt like an idiot, considering what had happened before their kiss.

"Alright, I need you to form a circle; Buffy, Willow, Faith, Dawn, Jade and Mina." Colette asked and waited as they did as she asked.

Colette and Paige stepped into the circle, "put your left hand out, each of you." The six did as they were told. Piper and Phoebe handed the ink to the other two. "We are giving you a tattoo, now it won't hurt." They drew the tattoo on each of their hands, as the last line was drawn, their hands grew hot and the tattoo melted into the skin.

As Colette and Paige shimmered out of the circle, they were shaking their hands. "Not hurt my ass...wrong!" All six cried.


Piper looked at Buffy, " You should all get something to eat and sleep if you can, we have more to tell you and the fight will be tonight."

"Tonight?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, it's ALL HALLOWS EVE now." Colette said.

"I don't think any of us can sleep, so if you don't mind, I think while we get something to eat, you can tell us the rest." Buffy said.

"Of Course." Paige said.


Clothes were put back on, food eaten and they were now sitting in the living room. Dawn, Willow and Mina sat together. Buffy, Faith and Jade were standing together. The Charmed Ones were sitting on the other couch. Colette was standing. Buffy had told Colette that Xander should be here to hear whatever it was that had to be done, they had many people that would be involved in whatever the fallout would be from this. It took Xander over ten minutes to get to the house, as he was not able to sleep after being told to leave.

Colette stood there and began; "The elders came across an operation that was going on in the government, they look into a lot of different things that are going on around the world. As you know, The Initiative left Sunnydale after you defeated Adam. Their efforts at making super strong soldiers did not stop. THE CHILL is a result of that effort. The man that he was is no longer inside him, but with his new abilities, he had made The Initiative formidable once again. He was to take out all the slayers that was called, due to Willow giving them their powers ahead of time."

"The Initiative makes sense. But why all the slayers?" Willow asked.

"THE CHILL made sure that you heard this sentence; ALL THAT CAME TO PASS, SHALL PASS AWAY, AND ALL THAT WAS WILL BE." ... "You see that is what has happened. Willow made future slayers in a blink of an eye and now they are no longer. We are back to the original two slayers. So he has made good on his threat. Buffy and Faith are the only slayers once again." Colette paused in telling them anymore, waiting for questions.

She continued as Xander looked on; "The symbol that Kennedy had on her was, The hound of Cuchulainn. Now Cuchulainn was a hero in Ireland, guardian of the land. His hound had the task to defend the people, their territory. THE CHILL thinks of himself as this and this is how we will defeat him."

Xander had noticed a tattoo on all of the Scoobies' hands and Mina. "Hum, guys what's with the tat?" He asked.

Buffy blushed and Faith answered him, "it had to do with the ceremony that we had to be part of, Xander. Maybe Colette can tell you the meaning behind it." Faith had threw the ball into Colette's court.

"The tattoo that they each have usually is found on a building somewhere, but it is to fit what was needed from it here. Chinese symbol of a circle that is most evocative. It means emptiness with fullness, visible with invisible, it has the power to evoke emotions in the wearer of it."

Everyone thought that over, as the girls were now looking at their hands.


"So how are we going to deal with this CHILL character?" Xander asked.

Piper spoke up, "Well myself and my sisters are going to be doing spells as the six-somes make their way to THE CHILL and take care of it once and for all."

"Six-somes? What the hell is that?" Xander asked.

"Xan-man that would be us, Myself, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Jade and Mina." Faith told him.

"Though I am not sure how yet, but I know that we are going to give it a serious ass kicking." Buffy said.


THE CHILL had been given word that the dark slayer was not in the hospital anymore, that she was back home. That the only one that went with her was Jade. THE CHILL wondered where the others were at, surely they would have wanted to protect the girl from another attack. The time was almost at hand...


Piper and Paige had gone with Willow, Dawn and Mina to the local magic shop. The outside of the building looked like something out of the nineteen seventies. With the coming of Halloween, the front window had masks on display. Willow and Dawn smiled as they saw one of them, it was of a werewolf, it looked nothing like what a real one looked like. The women looked around the shop, picking up Bergamot, Cinnamon, White Sandalwood and many other things like herbs, oils and Incense for the coming spells.


Jade and Faith were in the kitchen making small talk. The ceremony had been intense and Buffy and Jade were worried about Faith, Jade had made eye contract with Buffy as if to say, "please leave for a short time." So Buffy had gone up to the bedroom, saying that she was going to call and check on Giles. Buffy had made the call as soon as she got to the room on her cell phone, Giles was doing better, but it seemed that he was going to need another surgery on his hand. That meant that there would be no help from Giles in this coming battle. Sighing Buffy sat down on the bed, looking at the tattoo on her hand, she traced the pattern and then laid her head down in her hands, closing her eyes. With the slayer connection she could feel Faith downstairs.

Nothing had been said about the ceremony after leaving the basement, like other times, things like this were going to have to wait till after they finish their battle. All of them could feel that there was more going on then what they had been told. Seemed that no one ever told the full story to them. As tears was running out of her hands and dripping onto the floor, the sound of the front door opening and then closing was heard. She stood up, went to the mirror and wiped at her eyes. She sniffed back the tears and straightened her back, feeling her lover and fellow slayer at the door to the bedroom.

Faith came into the room, her eyes were red as they looked at each other. No words were needed as they embraced each other, they felt as their hearts were beating as one. The embrace tightened for each of them, if not for both of them being a slayer they would have hurt the other one. They stood back from each other, still looking each other in the eyes.

"So girlfriend looks like it back to THE CHOSEN TWO." Faith said with that smirk that Buffy loved so much.

"You and me?" Buffy smiled as if she was thinking it over. "Peppermint, it's always been me and you." ..."Okay, that didn't come out right, I am not making a small deal of our dead fellow slayers, what I meant is that, I think that I loved you even before I was called. Why else would we have gotten on each other's nerves all those years ago?"

Faith winked at her, knowing that she wasn't done yet and that she would not get a word in edge wise.

"Wish we could have not lost our slayers, they were doing so much. They were coming into their own. Its like the last few years never happened. Don't know how Willow is taking it, she made them and is responsible for them. She has to be kicking herself for it. Must make sure that she doesn't." Buffy was just getting started as Faith put her hand over Buffy's mouth, Buffy let out a small chuckle and then ran her tongue over her hand.

"HEY!" Faith said.

"What did I do now?" Buffy laughed as she asked.

"Buffy, Faith, we need you down here, if your decent." Dawn yelled up stairs.

The slayers looked at each other laughing....*How could Dawn ask that after all these years?*

Calling down to Dawn, "We're coming!" They both said, leaving the room laughing together.

"That's what I was afraid of." Dawn and Jade mumbled as they were making their way down.

"WE HEARD THAT!" The Slayers said.


At Slayers United, Xander and the members that would be in the fight against THE CHILL were making sure that they had everything. They had three flamethrowers, six machine guns, grenades, and countless other items that Xander had explained to them. The only problem that they had was they didn't know where the fight was going to happen.


Buffy and Faith were watching Willow take the items out that they had gotten at the magic shop. As she was taking the last thing out, the lights were going off and on in the house..the slayers stood rigid, Dawn was holding her dagger in her hand, Willow had several spells ready and The Charmed Ones with Colette were ready. There was a knock on the door, they all looked at each other and then, the slayers were at the door with stakes in hand. Faith on the side of it, as Buffy went to open the door, holding the stake behind her back. Buffy was knocked back into the room as the demon came inside, attacking her.

"WHERE IS THE DARK ONE?" The demon asked.

"RIGHT HERE." Faith said as she knock it off of Buffy.

Jade came in the door, right behind the demon as she had gone outside right before the lights had started with the light show. She closed the door and stood there, watching Buffy and Faith.

Buffy grabbed the demon, "You want to tell me why you are after the dark one?"

Faith had her stake over it's heart, her hand was shaking as she held it there. Buffy eyed her for a second and then looked back at the demon. "Talk if you want to live." Buffy told it.

"THE CHILL wanted to know where the others were at. Only one of her friends was seen leaving the hospital with her. She was not suppose to still be alive. I was to take her back, making you come to save her. THE CHILL wants everyone dead." The Demon said.

"You don't sound like you agree." Dawn asked.

"No...the job is done, the slayers are dead. The extra slayers are gone. The others wanted to take the witch out, for she caused the problem with the other slayers." The Demon added. ...The stake that Faith was holding, broke the skin of the demon, "FAITH!" Buffy yelled at her. Faith backed off with the stake, stepping back just for the briefest of seconds, Dawn had walked up to the demon, in that mere second and using the dagger that she had, she stabbed it in the stomach. "BASTARD!" Dawn yelled at the demon.

The Demon broke away from Buffy's hold on it and tried to get at Dawn. Faith had recovered herself and as Willow pulled Dawn to safety, Faith had knocked the Demon down onto the floor, before Faith could get to it, Buffy was back on it. Buffy's fists were hitting it in the face, the demon was fighting back, realizing that it had make a terrible mistake coming here. "YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HER!" Buffy was telling it as she kept hitting it. Faith grabbed Buffy off of the demon, fearing that she was going to lose it in front of Dawn, "B."

Buffy froze, as she did the demon had gotten to its own dagger. As it was moving an arm to throw at the redhead, Mina dropped down from the ceiling, her teeth sinking into its neck, her bite tearing the neck, as the blood filled her mouth, her hands tore the head off the body. The slayers and Jade could smell the blood, Willow and Dawn were tasting the blood.

As Mina looked up with blood on her face, she saw pride and desire on Willow's and Dawn's faces, they grabbed her off of the corpse and were kissing her, tasting the blood off of her mouth. Buffy, Faith and Jade looked on trying to figure out what they were feeling. The desire of giving in and taking each other to new heights was making them dizzy.

"Dawn"..."Dawn".."DAWN!" The three yelled as Dawn's hands were making their way under Mina's clothes.

Dawn looked at them her eyes glowing. "Shit!" They said. Faith grabbed Willow, Jade grabbed Mina, and Buffy grabbed her sister. As they got them separated, the glowing went away and Willow, Dawn and Mina grabbed at their heads. "What the fuck?" Willow asked.

Phoebe looked at her sisters getting a go ahead; "That would be part of their bond, they are in sync with each other's feelings now."

"You mean that whenever Mina feeds we are going to be making with the groping?" Willow asked.

Buffy's head was spinning, *only Will could say it that way.* Buffy was thinking.

"So that is going to be their version of H&H?" Faith said smirking.

"FAITH!" Buffy said with a huge smile that mean she was only teasing her.

Dawn giggled, "Oh hey, we got our own hungries and hornies now." She was almost jumping in place by Buffy. Willow turned a bright red and Mina was wiping her face off.


Buffy and Faith looked at the headless corpse lying on the floor. The other three had gone upstairs to take care of their desires, leaving behind three others that knew what the hunger and horniness could do to you. They lived it everyday.

"You think we can get a location off of the body?" Phoebe asked.

Piper and Paige looked at each other and then at Colette, they returned the look to Phoebe. "We can try." As Phoebe reached down through the blood, the phone hanging in the kitchen was ringing. Buffy went to answer it, the only thought that she had was to get Faith and Jade naked and make them do things to her and maybe get that strap-on. She shivered as she thought of what the strap-on had felt like.

"Summers here." Buffy answered the phone with.


She felt a chill running down to her feet; "But how do you know?" Buffy asked.


Faith had come into the kitchen, feeling something was wrong with her lover.

"WHERE ARE YOU CHILL?" Buffy asked.


"Whatever, you want me dead, I want you dead. WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Buffy said.


Silence was heard for over three seconds as the slayers were waiting, Faith's hand was on Buffy's arm.



The calls had been made on cell phones as the house phone was now dead. Protection rituals had been said as they added Bergamot, White Sandalwood and Cinnamon. The six-somes had the combination of it now on the palm of each hand. They had hugged each other, kissed their lovers, refusing to say any goodbyes. Xander and the others were meeting them half a mile from the location.


The Charmed Ones; Piper, Phoebe and Paige had their spells and potions on them. Colette would be helping as well, with anyone that fell, she would be taking them back to Doctor Scully or Doctor Jasmine for care. They arrived and the witches began chanting their spells, guns were locked and loaded, looks were shared. They rode a little way closer to the thoroughbred warehouse. Arriving on right at the half a mile mark they got off the back of the flatbed, on the other side of the warehouse coming from the other direction was the other part of their enforcement, no one but the six were to go inside. Xander and the others were to handle the demons and vampires that would run.

They didn't have time to wait. Buffy, Willow, Mina, Jade, Dawn and Faith were making their way to the front of the building. Demons came running at them, the men and women behind them, coming in closer to deal with the threat. The six-somes made it to the door, opening it, they entered...they were sweating for with everything else, it was a warm Hallows Eve. Dawn was packing several daggers, Willow had a short sword, as well as her spells running in her mind. Mina was sniffing the room, Buffy and Faith had several stakes, two daggers, holy water, the blonde was also carrying a stiletto black handled sword, the raven slayer had a yellow handle short sword. On Jade's ankles were two short daggers and she as well was sniffing the room for scents.

In the middle of the room was a chair, it was facing backwards to them. They moved as a group, working on surrounding the chair, Dawn staked a vampire, Willow cut the head off of a demon, Faith and Buffy had dusted three vampires apiece as they moved towards the chair. They hadn't really paid attention, but the movements of each of them had been in the form of a circle. Mina was waiting behind them at one side of the door, Jade was on the other side. The other four crossed the remaining space between them and the chair. Faith and Buffy make it to the front of the chair at the same time, it was empty.


"Fucker thinks its funny." Faith said about what THE CHILL had just yelled.

"Then lets change the EVE to DEATH AND INSANITY." Faith tells the room. Faiths starts to sing the song;



Death and insanity a flicker in the flame

Death and insanity are you truly sane?

Do you ever wonder when you're lying in your bed

Deep dark thoughts of trances coming flying through your head

You know you're truly stable but could your thoughts be the truth

A horde of groping parasites to haunt you in your youth

Sitting in the shadow of your stone cold padded cell

You dream the macabre dreams that you have come to know so well

Brain is pumping harder and about to hear the shriek

Of warriors wielding demon swords and death is what they seek

Could this really be the truth or is it really real?

Is it the depths of hell I see or insanity I feel

The triumphs of my dying mind shall overcome at last

Wicked evil leering eyes shall see me to my death


The sound of nails on a chalkboard broke through the sound of the six-somes singing slowly together.


"Think we pissed it off B." Faith chuckled.

"Well it was not really the time for us to break into song." Willow said.

"Hey, speak for yourself, thought it was rather cool." Dawn giggled.

"Yeah, come oh guys, It was like Eve Hallows had us in mind when that song was written." Buffy said as they continued looking into small rooms of the one that they had entered.

As they walked on, checking room after room, they could feel a chill in the air. Wishing they had worn something heavier. They heard Piper, Phoebe and Paige chanting, which by itself was odd. They were outside and they were inside, they looked at each other. It felt too close. Faith looked back at the way they had came in, and there were the Charmed Ones, in the front of the warehouse. Faith ran back to them, "What the fuck, you need to get back outside." Faith gritted her teeth at them. As the chant continued, Colette shimmered into the room, everyone was back in the room now, watching the hall that they had just ran from. "You know that it is safer outside, correct?" The white lighter said. "Alright but if it starts to get rough, get them out of here, FAST." Faith told her. Jade reached out and closed the door of the warehouse. "Should one of us stay behind with them?" Jade wondered out loud to the group. "NO, they can follow us. You three just stay back, but get your collected ass out of here if it gets bad." Buffy said as she looked at each woman.

Turning and starting back down the path that they had just left moments ago, they heard gun fire coming from outside. Xander and the troops must be in the thick of it now. The four original Scoobies were hoping that he would be alright, along with the other members of Slayers United. They were on their own tonight. As they got closer to where they had just been, the air became even colder then before. "Guess we're on the right track." Buffy whispered. They heard movement behind the door that they were now standing at the sides of. "Alright, Willow you got your mojo working?" Buffy asked. Nodding her head, Willow was ready. "Faith, you stay behind Jade as we head in."...Buffy counted to herself, knowing it was coming. "I am not a coward, B." ..."Faith, it wants you dead, I just want to give us a few minutes to understand what we are dealing with first. I know your not a coward, none of us here is a coward, we go head first into the fight." Buffy reached out and touched her lover's face, "love you, slayer mine." Faith placed her hand over the blonde's, "love ya too. .... Now lets kick its ass and go home." Faith said. The crowd of ladies all shook their heads with that statement.


The scene outside was a mess, everything that had been inside the warehouse were now flying out the back door and running straight at Xander and their fellow members.

They had tightened the perimeter around the warehouse, and as such the flamethrowers were lighting up the night, the smell of dead flesh was in the air. Vampires were burning to death, demons were trying to put the flames on their bodies out, they were making sure that before they pointed any of their weapons at something, it was not one of their own.


Buffy and Jade looked at each other, weapons in hand. Jade's hand was on the door; she opened it and Buffy went though the door, with Jade behind her, the others were slowly coming inside. On the walls of the room were ice, it was like walking into a freezer that was set on two hundred degrees below zero, with teeth chattering, "it's fucking cold." Dawn got out. "We just have to keep moving, everyone, move, keep moving." Buffy got out before her teeth felt like they were trying to pull themselves out. Jade was yelling as she felt a deeper chill on the back of her head, everyone looked and Mina was there, jerking her back from a form. It went through the door at the end of the room, and turned around looking at them. The Charmed Ones and Colette watched as Mina was checking Jade's head out... As they looked at THE CHILL, Buffy, Willow and Dawn said...."NO FUCKING WAY."


Xander and the others had cleaned the area of demons and vampires, they had only lost two members so far. He felt good about it. As he was standing there, his cell phone rang, he placed the machine gun close to his chest and grabbed the phone, "Harris here." ..."Xander, are you there?" ..the phone was crackling..."Xander you must stop them, they don't know what is going to happen." Xander was trying to answer him, "GILES CAN YOU HEAR ME?"...."Xander, stop them." The connection was getting worst, "BLOODY PHONE." Xander heard as the cell phone went dead. He ran to the closest guy near him, "I GOT TO GET INSIDE, you take command." Xander told the poor scared man as he opened the door to the thoroughbred warehouse and went inside.


THE CHILL seemed to be laughing at the girls standing before him, a haunting laugh was being heard in the room. He turned and went inside the door to his right. Leaving them staring at him.


"You three want to tell me and the others, just who the fuck that is?" Faith asked in a pissed off voice. The Charmed Ones, Colette, Jade and Mina were also wondering just who the hell it was and why they acted like that.


Buffy, Willow and Dawn stood with their mouths open. Surprise was written all over their faces. Each went to open their mouth to say something and as Buffy found her voice, Xander came flying into the room. "Buff, you can't do whatever it is that you are doing!" Xander told her. "Xander what the fuck are you talking about?" Jade asked. "Giles called in a panic, saying not to do it." Xander said as he saw Buffy, Willow and Dawn looking like they had seen a ghost. "What's up with them Faith?" ..."We don't know, B was about to say something when you got here." Faith told him as she was frowning, things were starting to feel bad to her.

Laughing was heard again followed by fog.

THE CHILL appeared behind Xander, a cold hand reaching for him. Xander had been caught off guard and was now being held like a rag doll. THE CHILL turned him around, and saw Xander's eyes go wide. "HOW?" Xander got out as he was thrown over and behind the six-somes and the other women into the wall, he passed out. Jade moved over to him and bending down still looking at THE CHILL checked his pulse, "still alive." She told everyone.

Buffy, Willow and Dawn stood there and finally Buffy was able to say the words that they couldn't....



Faith frowned at him asking; "Thought you didn't remember anything about the man inside?"


The Charmed Ones were chanting, Faith was standing there watching Buffy talked to this thing. It was at least seven feet tall, hands looked strong and appeared to have no fat at all on the body. It reminder her of Kakistos, which made her shiver, regardless of the freezing cold.

The tattoo on each of the six-somes was starting to burn, they felt dizzy and then it passed.

*Why don't we just kill him?*, Jade thought, and all the others but Buffy looked at her, "WHAT?" ...The others shook their heads. *okay that was just weird.* Mina thought, heads nodded with her, including Buffy's.

THE CHILL had disappeared right in front of Buffy. "How the fuck does he do that?" Buffy said. "And what is going on?"

No one answered but thought, *you got me*..

Xander had came to...Jade helped him up; "You need to get back outside, something is going on." Jade told him. Xander looked at all of them, "I'll go, but remember, stay alive all of you." Xander limped to the door and went outside, letting in light from the moon, it however was not a white one, it was blue.

The Charmed Ones muttered "fuck" as they turned into beasts. They stood there on four legs looking like they were wanting either to lick them or maybe to eat them, a sound came from inside the room to the left, howling they ran to and through the door, tearing into whatever they could, leaving behind mouths hanging open, Buffy asked Colette, "Did you know about that?" ..."Yes, it just happened recently and we thought that there was not going to be a Blue moon this soon." Colette said.

The laughter was back, "INDEED, YOUR WELCOME!" THE CHILL/Ethan Rayne said.

"Oh he is so going to die." Buffy said.


They looked at each other, *can you all hear me?" Buffy asked. Five yes answers was heard in her head. *okay that is going to help us.*..

"Now, we are going to kill THE CHILL or what is left of one Ethan Rayne, so tired of him. Oh no one eat any candy and your not wearing any costumes that you didn't make yourself." Buffy told them.


They entered the room to the right, the sounds of bones crushing behind the other door could still be heard. No one spoke, as they checked to make sure that they had their weapons at hand. THE CHILL appeared and knocked Dawn to the ground. Laughing at Buffy as he stood there.

"You are going down." Buffy said.


"You like to laugh don't you." Faith told him.

"MAKE ME HAPPY." THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne said.

"Then this should make you piss yourself." Faith said as she ran at it, sword at the ready, it went into his body. He looked down at it, then looked at Faith, "IF THAT'S THE BEST YOU GOT, LAY DOWN NOW." THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne said. Behind them they heard noises, The Charmed ones were now in the room with them, each of the beasts had one of the doors leading out of the room.

"Looks like they don't want you to leave, Chill man." Faith said.

Mina and Jade were itching to get into the fight. The tattoo was burning again on the six-somes, as Dawn stood up. Howls were filling the room.


*Oh yes he is, he's going to hell.* They all thought with smiles on their faces.


The fight began as Willow started using magic on THE CHILL. It seemed to be not working. THE CHILL was breaking down everything that she could throw at it, her eyes were glowing black. Jade had attacked it and ended up being thrown into the ceiling and fell down onto her back. Buffy and Faith were running at it, full out. THE CHILL would catch their swords in his hands as they kept trying to cut it. Dawn had sneaked up behind it and put a dagger into its back. THE CHILL sent her flying into the wall with a crushing sound.

Willow had called on her reserves as she saw Dawn still lying there, her hands open up with an electric force, it hit THE CHILL, knocking it back, giving Mina time to get Dawn up and come around to herself, *Dawn, we need you.* Mina sent her. *Alright, did you get that license plate number?* Mina chuckled at her, she was going to be just fine. Buffy and Faith went flying next as THE CHILL was fighting back against Willow, Jade was using her sword on THE CHILL, as she caught one of his arms, cutting it, she went flying as well. *Guys, keep him busy, give Willow time.* Buffy told them. Willow was hurting THE CHILL, she was smiling as the power was running through her. Her nose was starting to bleed, Mina turned toward her, smelling the blood. Buffy and Faith knew what would happen to Willow the more she used magic, they didn't have a choice this time. "We fucking do!" Mina said out loud. She jumped THE CHILL from behind, causing him to head straight at Willow, with the full force of the electric like lightening burning into him.

Mina had not let go, THE CHILL was fighting to get loose, saying, "LET ME GO, WRENCH."

"NO!" The room said. An icy dart came out of its eye aiming for Faith, Jade had gotten her sword up just in time to block it from entering Faith's heart. "BASTARD!"

THE CHILL was moving from left to right, Willow was running low, she was in fact now out of magic. Blood was pouring out of her nose. Mina, the slayers and the charmed ones, sniffed the room. Mina saw her lover fall. Their hands were burning again, Mina's was starting to smoke, "shit". Her one thought was, *If I die, I'm leaving a mark on you.*. Mina was hanging on to his back, she brought her mouth down to THE CHILL'S neck and bite into it. The scent of blood filled the room as the tattoo increased the burn, the charmed ones moved back from them. Their emotions were telling them to eat, to protect, to change. As the beasts were trying to find a way out, the six-somes were changing. Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Jade, Faith and Mina became a new breed....They all had slayer powers, the power of a werewolf and vampire powers. The change was instant; no howls, no hurting, they just was. The room was now full of different howls, the people outside were finding someplace to hide.


Mina's mouth was still on THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne's neck. Blood was running into her mouth, THE CHILL arms raised up and picked her off of him, throwing her from him.

THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne stood there looking at the six-somes, it had never seen anything like the likes of them. THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne turned around trying to run, he was never good at the running away, always stayed to long, and it was the same here. He had bloody well kill Willow and the Slayers, but no he stayed to play with the slayers and now he was trying to get away.

*He wants to run.* The six-somes thought together.

*PLAYTIME!* They told each other in their minds.

The six surrounded THE CHILL/ Ethan Rayne, he was trying to use his powers to get out of the room, but something was stopping him. As they got closer, his last thought before they were on him was, *Wanker, you waited too long*. Buffy and Faith were on him in a flash, tearing at his legs. Mina's mouth was tearing into his neck, Dawn's claws was mauling his chest, Jade was biting into his stomach, Willow was using her claws to take his arms off. They ate him, nothing was left of him. No powers, NOTHING.

With their thoughts they found their mates. Willow, Dawn and Mina were biting at each other. Buffy, Faith and Jade were licking each other. The Charmed Ones that had been trying to leave the room, had changed back into their lovely bodies. The six-somes were howling as their own bodies changed back, leaving them naked, licking and biting at each other. They stopped as they realized that they had changed. "What a rush." The five said.

Colette shimmered into the room, "Sorry that I am late, I couldn't get into the room before now." Colette said.

Buffy, Willow, Faith, Jade and Mina looked each other over; "We seem to be fine...except for a raging case of wanting to eat each other." Buffy said and then blushed. "Dawn?" ..."Hum guys where did Dawn go?" Buffy asked. "She was just here, biting my...my..she was just here, Buffy." Willow said as she turned to crimson.

They began to search the room and looked down into what looked to be a hole that had just appeared, "She fell through it, B." Faith said as she jumped down, not thinking about herself. "Faith, is she okay?" Buffy asked....No answer came..."FAITH, I'M COMING DOWN." ...Buffy prepared to jump, but Mina grabbed Willow and took her down and flew back up the hole and grabbed Buffy taking her down with her. Mina returned once more and brought Jade down to Dawn.

"Faith?" ..Buffy asked in a weak voice. "She's dead B." Faith was crying..."NO...NO...GOD NO!" Buffy cried. Willow and Mina were looking at their lover, they joined hands and placed them over Dawn's heart. Mina leaned down over Dawn's mouth and bit her own lip, the blood dripping into Dawn's mouth. Willow was using the electric force she had used on THE CHILL now on Dawn.

Faith was holding Buffy as she was wanting to stop her friends, *IF Dawn is gone, she should stay gone.*..."No, B...she shouldn't." Faith told her.

"FAITH, you heard me?"...Shaking her head, Faith smiled at her, "looks like it's going to stay...neat ain't it." Then Faith frowned again, looking at Dawn as Buffy started crying they heard coughing coming from the floor; "ick..what is that." cough .."tastes like liver." Dawn said.

Buffy rushed to her, "DAWN, you scared me!" Buffy said as she hugged her sister to her. "Buffy, sorry. Was changing and the floor seemed to give under me and I was falling." .."Did you save me?" Dawn asked. Buffy smiled at her, "no that would be your bond lovers that did that." Willow and Mina were helping Dawn to sit up, "you guys saved me, huh? ...guess that means you love me?" Dawn asked. "Oh Dawnie, I thought I lost you, Dawnie." Willow was holding her as she started crying, Dawn's arms moved around the redhead and brought her against her chest; "Benia, stop crying. I'm alright." Dawn told Willow. "Benia?" Willow asked as she sniffed. Dawn smiled, she thought she was doing good as she whispered into Willow's ear, "yes, Benia...cause I want to bend you over right now and lick your pussy till your juices are running over my hands" Dawn said...Willow turned red matching her hair.

"SO did not need to hear that Dawn." Buffy smirked at her, not at all mad at her.

"Oops, forgot about slayer hearing." Dawn said as she blushed...Mina licked her neck asking; "What are you going to do to me?" as her hand had make contact with Willow's ass, caressing her from behind Dawn. "Oh, you my dear vamp, are going to be eating me, TILL I COME AND Come." Dawn giggled as she looked at her sister thinking; *always wondered why she loved Spike.*

"DAWN!!!!!!" Buffy yelled.

"Oops, guess we still have that thought thing going on, aye sis?" Dawn asked as she tried to hide between Willow and Mina.

"Oh, this just gets better and better." Buffy said as she looked at Faith and Jade.

"If you like, myself and Colette can take you home, seems that you have a rather bad case of wanting to get with your lovers and well, I don't think any of you want to go outside with no clothes on." Paige asked from above them.

"We should get our weapons and take them with us." Buffy said. Colette shimmered down and took ahold of Buffy and Faith, bringing them back up through the hole.

Mina came up through it with Dawn and Willow, trying to stand apart and not attack each other. Paige had brought Jade up as well and everyone was picking their weapons up. *we have everything, guys?" Buffy thought. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes." They told her.

With weapons in hands, will the help of two white lighters, they were taken home. Buffy, Faith and Jade took the weapons as Dawn, Willow and Mina ran for Willow's bedroom. Sounds of the door closing, was followed by, "oh no your not....bend your ass over, Benia...Mina..want your lovely mouth on my pussy, and don't tell me you need air." Dawn told her lovers...Willow was down on her knees and hands on the bed, Mina was on her knees at the foot of the bed, with her tongue inside a very wet pussy, *oh god, so cold, and so good.* Dawn thought, shivers came from all six as Dawn brought her mouth to Willow's soft pussy lips. Thoughts and sounds came from the room till morning.


Buffy, Faith and Jade had gone to take a shower, "Who knew my sister liked to be in control of her lovers?" Buffy asked the other two. Faith laughed, "B, she is your sister." ..."Your right, but how are we going to deal with our new powers?" ....Buffy said. "B".."Naughty Poo"..."Oh god, what?" ..."Think that can wait till later." Jade and Faith said as they backed a very wet slayer and werewolf with vampire powers now up to the door of Buffy's and Faith's room.

"Girls, whatever have you got on your mind?" Buffy snickered at them.

"Dirty thoughts, my dear." Jade and Faith said as they each took a side of Buffy and started kissing and licking her.

"Oh...oh..bed...oh..please..." Buffy whined.

As Faith and Jade stepped back, the mighty slayer slid down the door, Faith laughed at her...."So not funny." Buffy told her.

Jade picked up Buffy as Faith opened the door....Jade placed Buffy on the bed and leaned over and kissed Buffy on her mouth. Faith was playing with her nipples as hands roamed over each other's bodies. Jade moved down the blonde's body, leaving a wet trail behind as she found short blonde curls above her pussy...Jade's fingers ran down the middle of the wetness, "Oh" Buffy cried. Jade parted her lips as Faith was kneeling above Buffy's mouth. Faith lowered her pussy as Buffy was looking into her eyes, her tongue came out and tasted Faith, then she pulled her down hard against her mouth, licking and sucking on her pussy. Jade had two fingers inside of Buffy's pussy and had taken them back out to be replaced with her mouth. *oh fuck, that feels good.* all thought and smiled.

Soon Buffy was coming into Jade's mouth, Jade loved drinking her in when she came, nothing tasted like Buffy when she came. Her tongue was trying to find any of it that she had missed. As Faith was yelling that she was coming, she was holding onto the top of the headboard for dear life, Buffy was making sure that she had every drop of come, before she let up on her. Faith fell back softly and Jade laid her down by Buffy. Smirks were on all three faces as, the thoughts of Mina came to them, *They call me a vampire*. Chuckling, Jade laid down on the other side of Buffy.

"I have to say this, I never thought that I would have you both in my bed." Buffy told her lovers. Faith and Jade each reached down and was holding one of Buffy's hands..."We didn't either."...Jade and Faith said. "But B, a lot happened and we have all changed since our lives changed because of Jade." Faith told her as she brought B's hand to her lips. Buffy leaned over to her and kissed her on the lips, Faith tasted herself and moaned against the blonde's mouth. "She's got a point Naughty Poo, I've changed or I would not even be here at all." Jade said as Buffy was leaning toward her, kissing her wet lips, tasting herself as she licked the inside of Jade's mouth. Then she laid back down, smirking to herself as her lovers were hearing her thoughts.

"No damn way B, not putting a strap-on for awhile."..."But Peppermint, You look so fucking hot with it."..."B...NO...Not going to get near me with one of those things." ..."But...I want you to fuck Jade with it." ....Nothing....."Faith?"....."I'm thinking B, shit. Give me time." Faith told her lover.


On the bed was lying one Jade Gray, Buffy was sitting in a chair by the bed, her fingers playing with her clit as her lovers were pleasuring each other. Faith had on a strap-on that she owned, taking no changes that she would ever be left with a hard on again.

Faith after kissing Jade, was rubbing her fingers through the frosty bush, her fingers got more wet as she moved them inside of the heat that was coming from Jade's pussy, Jade was breathing heavier. Faith brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted the moisture, she smiled at the taste, so different from Buffy's.

She brought her fingers back down and placed the strap-on right at the lips, slowly she eased into Jade's pussy. They both froze as it went all the way inside, nothing changed..."oh thank god." Faith cried. Her hips started a slow rhythm, in and out, out and in, moving in a circle...Buffy's fingers were inside of her own pussy, with her other hand she was pinching her nipples as Jade was arching into the fucking that Faith was giving her. As they moved against each other, Faith's clit getting rubbed each time, she reached down and started caressing Jade's clit. Faith's hand moved faster as their breathing increased, Jade was coming and then Faith was. As Faith laid there still inside of Jade, they hear Buffy from behind them, "I can't come, help me."..Buffy whimpered....

"A Scooby's work is never done." Faith and Jade pulled her onto the bed and as Jade started kissing her, Faith was inside her with the strap-on...."Oh fuck, Faith."..."That's it" Buffy cried as they played her body together, making her come twice over before they moved from her.

As Fort Summers became quiet, everyone was asleep. Calm was restored to their world, if only for a day, an hour, a decade. They had tonight.


Andrew was editing a video.... "Things had changed over the course of a year. A new slayer had been called, on the night that they eaten THE CHILL or should I say, Ethan Rayne. We pick up the story at the end of the twelfth month..."

"FAITH!"....The five called....

Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Jade and Mina..were laying in their beds, feet swollen.

Colette and The Charmed Ones had came back, just to check on them...They had smiled at Faith when she first learned that she was going to be a father...mother...Faith was not smiling, she was getting a family, and she had no choice in the matter.

"Raaaaaaa" The five babies cried....

"God if it ain't the moms crying, it's the babies." Faith cried....


*Oh god, why me?" Faith thought.

At that moment, a bright light that everyone was used to, came into the room, standing with Colette and Paige was Joyce Summers.

"Joyce...Is it really you?" Faith asked as her mouth closed.

"Yes, honey." Joyce told her.

"But how?" Faith asked Colette.

"Faith, the elders thought that you needed some help, and who else could give the babies the care that they need then their own grandmother?" Colette asked.

The five women had gotten up and were coming to see why Faith had not come when they called her.

"MOM?" Buffy and Dawn said together.

"Oh girls" Joyce cried as she hugged her girls.

"Mrs. Summers?" Willow asked.

"Willow, so nice to see you again." Joyce told the redhead as she hugged her.

Jade and Mina stood there looking lost, they had heard stories about Joyce, but she was dead.

"Mom, this is Jade" Buffy said as Jade offered her hand, getting a hug instead. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Summers."

"Call me Mom." Joyce said as she looked at Mina. "You are the vampire, I take it?" ..."Mom?" Buffy asked. "I have been kept up to date on who is who." Joyce told her blushing daughters.

"Mina, well come here, let me hug you too." Joyce held her hands out, Mina stepped to her and hugged her tightly.

"Now, where are my grand-daughters?" Joyce said as she smiled brightly.

They walked to the nursery, five cribs all with crying babies. Each mom walked to her baby, took her into their arms and started humming to them...*quiet*...The six-somes thought.

Joyce walked up to Mina first; "This is Tamera Debora Summers." The baby girl had black eyes and a black head of hair. Joyce kissed her on her forehead.

"This is Francesca Heather Summers." Jade said as Joyce looked at her baby with bright blue eyes and frost color hair, that looked almost like moss.

"Mrs. Summers, this is Lela Nicole Summers." Willow said as Joyce played with the baby's fingers, looking at the baby that had Willow's eyes and red hair.

Dawn was next in line for her mom, "Mom, this is Loretta Magdalena Summers." Dawn was smiling as Joyce was rubbing the baby's feet, the baby had dark brown hair with brown eyes. "Oh baby.." Joyce cried.

Joyce moved to her oldest daughter, "Mom, please let me introduce you to your granddaughter, Kelsey Chandra Summers." Buffy beamed as her mother was looking at her baby girl, she never thought that her mom would see her daughter. "Oh Buffy, she has your hair and your eyes." Joyce kissed the baby and went over to Faith.

"Faith, you have five beautiful daughters, they are lovely and I see you in each of them." Joyce was telling Faith...*God help us.* Dawn and Willow thought.

"HEY" Faith shouted....

"RAA RAAA"... the babies cried.

"Great." The five moms said as they looked at Faith.

Faith walked up to Dawn taking her daughter, "You need to be going, don't you?" Faith asked her.

"Yep per, places to go and vampires to stake." Dawn said as she was grabbing her slayer gear. She walked to her mom,"are you going to be here when I get back?" ..."Yes, dear. Do be careful out there." ..."Yes Mom....God I love that." Dawn squeaked.

"Dawnie, get back here!" Willow and Mina said...."Yes my loves." She kissed each one and then went outside to wait for Xander and his crew to pick her up.

"Faith, why do they all have Summers as a last name? Not that I don't mind." Joyce asked.

""Just figured that since Dawn was called right after I...I..." Faith paused.

"Knocked us up, Faith." Buffy said.

"Yeah B, I would have worded it better." ..."Sorry Ms S." ...

"Since Dawn became a slayer, it seem fitting that with her and Buffy both being slayers, that we use their last name." Faith told Joyce.

"Faith, that is sweet. Why don't you and Buffy...and Jade if she wants..ah go take a nap, I'll take care of the babies." Joyce told her family.

"MOM?" Buffy yelled..

"Buffy stop with the yelling, babies are trying to sleep, go play with your girlfriends." Joyce said as she picked up separately and placed them into the rocker; Loretta, Kelsey and Francesca. She sat down and began to rock the babies, as Willow and Mina were also rocking their babies.

Dawn tripped outside as she felt Buffy, Faith and Jade doing what they did best, loving each other. Willow and Mina were turning bright red, hoping that when Dawn got home, Mrs. Summers would watch their babies for them so their own loving could begin.


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