Title: Cavern Echos

Author's Name or Nick: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith, Dawn/Willow

Ratings: PG-17/NC-17

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Author's Notes: Buffy and Faith are patrolling and their world is turned upside down, nothing will ever be the same again.

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They were out patrolling the cemetery on the east of town, the vampire activity had been increasing during the last two weeks. Taking turns dusting the vamps as they made their way to the exit. The others had stayed inside tonight, Willow was studying for a job interview that she would be taking in the morning to become a Web Application Developer Consultant. Xander was working out of town and Dawn was over at her friend's house.

"So, like what is going on with Red? She's gotten the wigeons about this job." Faith asked Buffy as she was throwing the stake back and forth between her hands. "Faith, I don't know, she has to know that she is going to nail this thing, she has her B.S. degree in computer science, not to mention that she has the programming languages and the tools that she could ever need. And she is taking that class over the Internet just to brush up on every thing that she thinks that she is rusty on." Buffy told her as they came to a stop, standing just inside of the gate to the exit of Sharp Ridge Cemetery. "B, that is more then what I wanted to know, but thanks."

Standing there; they were looking around, right when the ground started shaking; they went to move, but instead the ground opened up under them and they fell down the hole, and that is where they were now. "FUCK" they cried. When they hit bottom, all they could see above them was the night sky. Standing shakily, the both of them looked around. Nothing but a dark room; "Don't suppose you got an lighter on you Faith?" Buffy asked as she was feeling her pockets. "Now B, you know me always prepared. How can I bug you about my smoking, if I don't have a light?" Faith moved her thumb over the wheel of the lighter, the room came into view with the small light. They only saw one way out of the dirty cavern that they were in, they moved together heading that way, the flame on the lighter was waving as they kept going down. It seemed as if they had travel down almost into the core of the earth. Finally they came into a room that had small lights that looked to be embedded into the cavern walls.

"Hey B, don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" Buffy smiled at her, "Faith, could you not make a funny right now, we're in deep shit. Just where are we? That had to be at least a twenty foot drop from the cemetery. And...and we have been walking for what seems like over an hour, yeah, yeah, I know I've got no watch, but I know what an hour feels like." Faith was smiling at her. "And we had to come down at least a hundred feet into the earth." Buffy finally got out everything that was running through her mind.

"K, B. Is that everything? Cause I don't want to talk here if you're still needing to do the redhead impression." Buffy swathed her on the arm. "Ok I take that as you are done with the mind ramble?" Faith asked, "Faith, I'm done. NOW where the hell are we?" Buffy was in fact feeling the wall up, the wall had a smooth texture to it. They kept walking going even deeper.


Willow had finished reading over the materials that she was afraid that she didn't know enough about, things changed so much in the computer field, computers that were state of the art one day were obsolete the next day. She shut the computer off and turned to look at the clock on the wall. Buffy and Faith had been gone for over five hours, normally she would have been worried about them, but with so many vamps in the area, she was thinking that they were having a heavy night slaying....

If only she knew that her world would be changing in the next few hours.


At the Kentucky Geological Survey Office, they were reading the printout sheet telling them that an earthquake with the magnitude of 3.7 had hit Eastern Kentucky, on the New Madrid Seismic Zone. There had been a small after shock some miles away in Louisville. Reports were just coming in, trees had been uprooted, a house had fell into a hole in the ground. They had yet to receive the news that in the Sharp Ridge Cemetery the earth had claimed two slayers.


Willow was shaking in her boots so to speak, "okay all the time I spent in California, you would think that I would be used to the ground shaking, so that means that it is the end of the world as we know it." Willow went to the door and opened it, looking outside she saw that others were doing exactly as she was. She saw Dawn running up the driveway, "Willow, are you alright, my girlfriend's house is sinking into a hole, she told me to get my rear over here and check on you." Dawn said out of breath. Willow walked up the short distance to her and hugged her, "So glad that you are alright, Dawnie. Is Lorena alright?" .."Yes, she's fine, just was afraid for me to be there, what with the house hanging there, you so need to see it." Dawn was grabbing her hand, intending to take her there now to see the house. Willow stood there looking at Dawn; "Dawnie, we can't do that, that is not nice, she is loosing her house." Dawn frowned as she heard that, "Willow, I...I didn't mean that, I've got a heart, just that it was...." ..."Crap, your right." Dawn was looking at the way she had came from, the house was looking great and her friend was going to be homeless soon.


Buffy and Faith were now each feeling the cavern walls, "B, what do you think that we are going to find, by feeling this wall up?..If you want me to feel anything up, it's should be you." Faith was trying her best to not let this get her or her fellow slayer down. "Faith, would you stop with wanting to see how I would react to your hands on me, we need to get out of here." Buffy said, even thought she had no idea how they were going to get out of this. "So'k I'll be good, but one day I am going to get under your skin." Faith said as she was smiling running her hands together and then going back to the wall. "I know what your doing. I'll be alright and thank you by the way." If Buffy could have seen the raven slayer, she would have seen a slight blush on her face.


Willow had gotten Dawn into the house. Willow started downstairs and Dawn took the third floor and they would meet in the middle. After they checked the house and made sure that no damage had come to the house, they sat down on the couch. They both sighed heavily... "Willow, where are Buffy and Faith? I didn't see them, didn't they not come home yet?" Dawn was getting ready to do her impression of the redhead. "Dawnie, no they never came home. We can only hope that they found somewhere safe to stay during the earthquake." They sat there trying to figure out if they should go and find them. If Buffy and Faith were alright they would give them both the living devil. They looked at each other, both wanting to run out and check on them. As it was if Buffy found out that Dawn had ran all the way from her friend's house, she would be grounded; even if she was over eighteen now and she would want to know why Will had not stopped her from coming home. Sometimes Buffy made them both crazy. They both got up and walked to the door, "We can't call Xander." Dawn said as her hand was on the door knob. "Driving might be safe or not." Willow said as her hands were now on the keys to their SUV.

If it had been daylight they would have been gone the minute that the earth was not shaking anymore, with the increase of vampires they would be asking for it to go back outside. Dawn was already wondering how to keep that fact away from her sister. They went back to the couch and sat, something was telling each of them to run into the night and find a sister and a best friend. But common sense was rearing it's ugly head and they were both pissed at it.

Dawn was standing suddenly, "I... l know let's call, Rufus. He has that huge Hummer and Lily is sure to be with him." Dawn walked to the phone and was waiting to pick it up, as she looked to Willow for a go ahead.


Down in the cavern Buffy and Faith had given up trying to find anything on the walls. Buffy had reached out and taken Faith's right hand as the lighter gave up the ghost, there was only a little light now, they had no idea where it was coming from. They heard a sound coming from in front of them, they both squeezed on each other's hand and the sound was getting louder. Suddenly they were surround by small creatures and behind them were what look to be people coming after them. The creatures were quickly killed and then they were left staring at the strangers, that were trying to get them to come along with them. Buffy and Faith were putting up a fight, each had gotten in their hits on the strangers, but with a hit from the butt of their weapons to their heads, they fell down and were carried away, the cavern disappearing behind them.


Morning came as Willow and Dawn, with Rufus and Lily were searching the two cemeteries that had been slated for patrol last night. Rufus had told them last night, that they would have to wait till morning to search. Neither had been happy, but they were told that no one was to be out till the damage could be checked by the locals. The official locals had checked everywhere, but they could not find the slayers that were missing, they had told them to put in a missing persons report later in the day. They left and were now working on helping someone else.

It was not long before they found the hole, looking like it dropped down for..forever. Lily had change form and flown down into the hole, but had to give it up as the air had gotten too stale for her to breathe. At the edge of the cavern entrance was lying a bracelet, on it was written; in case of emergence call Summers at 555-4898. Willow was looking at the bracelet and at Dawn, that was all that they had found of the two slayers, was Faith's bracelet. Dawn was crying as they made their way back to the huge Hummer, Willow was trying to keep it together for Dawn. Lily was on the cell phone calling ahead and Rufus was now driving Willow and Dawn home.


Dawn was in the bathroom throwing up; her nerves were in a state of shock, but that seem par for the course. It had been six months since her sister and Faith had disappeared. During the first week after their disappearance, many things had changed. The company that Willow was trying to get employed by had allowed her two extra days, before coming in to take the tests.

She had gone and taken the tests, even though her mind was not into doing it. Dawn had told her, "if Buffy thinks that you skipped it because of her missing, she is going to be cross with you, and Faith will just wanna know if you saw any cute guys." It had been the only time that Willow had seen her smile the last week, talking about what her sister would do to the redhead, if she blew this job; just because, she was missing.

The house was a complete mess; clothes on the floor, dishes needing to be wash, soda and water bottles were begging for someone to throw them away. Their world had came to an abrupt end and they had no warning. Willow had gotten the job and was doing her best to keep it. She was gone eight to twelve hours a day, leaving Dawn alone with her thoughts, she was due to start back to college come fall. Finally looking at the mess, Dawn thought; *I better clean this up, Buffy would be so mad if she could see the state of the house.* So, Dawn went about cleaning from the top to the bottom.

The local police had two missing persons reports; one for each slayer. Their birth dates, hair, eyes, date that they were last seen and what they had been wearing. Nothing so far had come back, no one had seen them. It was like they had been swallowed whole. Lily had gone back with members of The Aeon of Grimoires, to see if they could climb down the hole, but the hole that was there at the time was closed. It looked like it had never been open in the first place. Xander had spent over two weeks searching the area, where they thought Buffy and Faith had last been. The only clue was Faith's bracelet, with Buffy's phone number on it.

The police had asked several questions wanting to know why someone that was not family, would have them as someone to contact. Willow had explained that she was a long time family friend and since she had no family that was the reason. Willow always known that if they would ever stop fighting each other and open up to the other one, that they would be more then just slayers or the chosen two. Willow had not said much to Buffy about not owning up to feelings, her friend always seem to be in denial when it came to her love life or feelings that she had for someone, and then after the fall of Sunnydale and arriving at Angel's. Several of the new slayers went with Giles and headed to London. Leaving behind the original Scoobies, Vi, Andrew and Kennedy.

Vi and Andrew had stayed because they felt it was only right to be with The Chosen Two, Buffy and Faith. It was also still hurting Andrew that he was left alive, that Anya had died right in front of him. Giles had left because of the looks that Buffy was giving him. IF THINGS had went the way that Giles had wanted, Spike would have died at Woods's hands, and there would have not been a champion to help defeat THE FIRST. Every time that Spike's name came up, there was Buffy saying; "Yeah, It's so good that he was still undead so he could be the hero for once, and you wanted him gone." Buffy's eyes gave way to her true feelings about what Giles had tried to do and to say that Buffy was bitter was an understatement. Giles had indeed ran from her.

They had stayed with Angel for three months during which they looked for places to live, hell mouths and high death areas. Willow had found a town in Kentucky. So they left a month later and went to Louisville. Vi and Kennedy were in charge of looking for any other slayers that they came across. Willow and Kennedy had begun to fight; Kennedy got off on the power of being a slayer, Willow knew what the power could do to you if you let it. After being in Louisville for over two years, Willow and Kennedy had parted ways. Three months later Kennedy was with Vi and they were leaving with Andrew to go to the Hell mouth in Cincinnati, Ohio. Willow had moved out of her small apartment and went to live with Buffy, Dawn and Faith in their new house that they had bought, only two days before.


Now here it was one year later, Dawn and Willow were standing at the site of where the bracelet had turned up. There had not been any signs of Buffy or Faith since that fateful day. There had been no funerals, no life insurance policies paid out, nothing that anyone would think would mean that a life had came to an end, no bodies, not a car accident, just they were there at one time that day and now they just were not. Time had moved on for Willow, she was now vice president for Divine Provisional Directorate. Her hours now were busy, but she could spend time at home if Dawn needed her to be there. Dawn was in her last year of college at the University of Louisville and was taking Art History, to earn her B.A. She had taken extra classes to be able to graduate early.

Dawn placed two Gladiolus down on the ground close to where the bracelet was found. Willow had been standing right by her, and Dawn had turned into the redhead and was crying on her shoulder, "Ssh Dawnie, we'll find them somehow, someday. Don't cry, honey its not going to help." Willow said even though she had tears running down her face, she didn't care that she was crying, she hated to see Dawnie cry, it broke her heart. "Will, I'm alright. Just want my sister back, dammit!" Willow and her hand had found the other's and they were squeezing each other's hand. "Come on, Xander and Lorena are waiting back at the house for us." Willow reminded Dawn as they turned from the site and left the Sharp Ridge Cemetery.


Arriving at the house, Xander opened the door to the two, each face was dry with left over tears. Lorena was coming out of the kitchen with drinks for everyone. Rufus and Lily were going to be coming over after they finish some research that they were doing for The Aeon of Grimoires. The day went by, Rufus and Lily came and went. Xander left with Lorena to go and see a movie. Willow and Dawn were seating on the couch with the television showing some reality show. It appeared to be a re-run of The Real World with only blonde girls on it. Dawn was leaning against Willow as they looked at the screen, but neither could see what was showing. Their hearts were heavy as they long for a sister, a best friend; and someone that had become a friend to each of them. They fell asleep next to each other, the only sound was from the static coming from the television. Morning would be coming soon, heralding a new day.


As time had flown by for Willow and Dawn, the time seemed even slower for the slayers. The first three weeks, they were fighting with each other, one waiting to escape and the other one wanting to understand; why they had been taken in the first place. The first four months, they spent together in what Buffy had called a holding cell or holding room. Buffy had known this due in her part thanks to one Riley Finn. She never thought that having been with him would have been helpful. But the one thing that they both agree to was that, they missed Sunnydale, even if it was still a crater and that they missed Louisville. Now here they were at the end of six months and they were talking yet again....

"B, don't ya wanna know how long we have been here?" Faith was pacing, Buffy was making her crazy and not in a good way. They were together twenty four seven, in this place that, well whatever place it was. Buffy was looking at her, "Faith, I want to get back home, and I want to get away from you. We both need a shower and a little time to ourselves, if I have to watch you one more time, trying to scratch that itch on your...." Buffy blushed. "Oh my what B?" Faith was smirking as she asked. "Christ Faith what are you five? Fine, you keep scratching that itch of yours, on your butt." Buffy said as she turned away from her fellow slayer.

"Oh that's priceless. You are only wishing that I WANT you to scratch it." Faith knew that this was just another way for Buffy to ignore the problem that they were in. The door was solid they had both knocked their selves out, trying to knock it down. Food came in a small door at the bottom of the cell. Same as toilet paper, menstruation pads and tampons and other person care products. Yet, no one had come to see them yet. There was running water, but they both longed for a shower.

"Faith, I'm sorry. I just want to go home." Buffy told her as she started in with the crying yet again. Faith stood there looking at her, the throwing jags that Buffy went through was one thing, but when she was crying, Faith just wanted to crawl up somewhere and hide till she was done. Looking at the door, Faith sighed deeply as the tears were falling off of the blonde's face, her eyes glazed over as she wanted to tear a new one, into whoever had them for making B cry. *Fuck why me?* Went through her mind as she walked over to the original chosen one. Faith sat down by Buffy, pulling her into her arms. "B don't cry, we'll get back home. Just stop crying, please Buffy." Faith hadn't realize that she had called B, Buffy, but the blonde slayer did, Faith only called her Buffy when she was scared. Buffy closed her arms around the raven slayer's and leaned into her, her tears were still falling, but she knew now that she was not alone. Buffy and Faith fell into a slight sleep as they stayed that way.

As time continued on for our two slayers, they became closer, having no one to talk to but each other. It had now been a full year and they knew no more then they did when they first had been taken away and they still managed to get on each other's nerves. Crying was something that they both knew now. Buffy had learned about the life that Faith had before becoming a slayer.

As Faith had been last to cry, they had fell against each wrapped up in an embrace, the blanket hiding their bodies from prying eyes. "NO, Don't take her, you can't have her. NO....NO....I LOVE HER, STOP!" Buffy was crying out in her dream, as Faith was waking her up slowly, she was holding the blonde to her body, as she caress the face that was spilling tears and eyes that had fear in them. "Buffy don't cry, come on B. It's alright, it's just us." Faith was whispering to her as she was wiping the tears away.

Buffy looked into those dark eyes and felt her heart swell, it seem that her life had been waiting for this moment. Faith was breathless as Buffy's eyes darken with what she could only call want. Looking at each other, their lips met, their hearts were melting together as they kiss the other, lips parted, tongues met in a tango of caress. The blanket was still over them as hands began to roam the other's body. Clothes were removed, as they needed to feel the other's skin against their own. Buffy was on top of Faith as the last of their clothes were removed. "Faith, I..." Buffy began with and then felt a finger against her lips, "Ssh B, just let us feel." Faith said as her hand was slowly running over the blonde's back. Buffy moved her knee in between Faith's legs and pushed up against the moisture that was there, their eyes were locked as their lips met, moans filled the room as they came against each other's leg. Kisses were telling them that this wasn't over, but each didn't want to share the other with anyone that might be watching them.


The slayers laid in their bed, holding each other in sleep. Their kidnappers or whatever they were, had been watching them. They had only found the slayers; because of the creatures that they had been chasing, the little buggers were harder to catch and kill then a cockroach in an ice cream shop. They had decided after the initial contract with the girls that no one would see or talk to them, during the taking of them, they had lost four. The cameras were only on at different times during the day and night. It seemed to them that they knew they were being watched, and they changed how they went about things.

After the slayers came to them, they had researched the area that they had been to; earth, a town called Louisville, in a state called Kentucky, whose two letters abbreviation reminded them of a jelly called KY, each and everyone of them, wondered why they would use that. Their doctor was watching the slayers as often as she could, when she could not, someone would be around that could take a look see every few minutes.




Willow was reading over a program that she had developed for the company that she was with It had came about after her best friend and the raven slayer disappeared; The WRBFML, or the missing leader. She had thought about calling it, The Willow Rosenberg Buffy Faith Missing Leader, but she just couldn't deal with her name and those of her friends on it. The program was going on-line in four days and she was just making sure that it was running right on her laptop. After looking at it for a better part of two hours, she closed the program and brought her journal up, she began writing;

Buffy and Faith had been gone now for almost two years. As much as I wanted things to remain the way they were, it just wasn't in the cards. I got the job that they both knew about, but what they have no idea of is that my wife is now one, Dawn Summers. How am I going to tell Buffy that I am sleeping with her sister, or that she took a year off from getting work to stay home with me. Not sure how I am going to explain myself to Buffy. After her and Faith disappeared, it was like the only one that myself or Dawn could be around was each other. Xander felt left out, but with him and Lorena dating, that helped everyone and then they got together, and are now married. They have a house and are looking forward to having children. Xander still talks about Anya at times and we all talk of the ones that we lost. I still get choked up when I think of Tara, always thought that I we would have two children by now and maybe another one on the way. I miss her.

Kennedy and Vi came to visit and spent some time with Dawn and myself. I am glad that they are so great together, Kennedy has a person that she loves and who loves her back. The other slayers have been looking for any signs of their lost slayers. Kennedy broke down with Dawn, I know that she was glad that I was not there, she has to be rough and tough; but as we all know, without Buffy, no one would still be alive from the Sunnydale gang.

Now, I think about Dawn and our lives together. We are happy, well as much as we can be, with parts of our family missing. We know that we have to live, Buffy wouldn't want us to be any other way. And Faith would be wanting to know about our sex life.

Dawnie is really great when we are together. I guess what surprised me most about my wife is that I was not her first lady love. It makes me wonder about her and Lorena's relationship, but then I stop, as I realize that I am channelling Xander. I don't care who it was, that is past and she is with me. She wanted to tell me everything, but I told her no. I just couldn't bear to hear, who had made love to her. But she knows of my past and loves. I'm still surprised that her and Kenny get along so well. But I don't want them to fight...Kennedy would get hurt. God help her if she ever did piss off my Dawnie.

My thoughts turn to just where are Buffy and Faith. Are they safe; are they dead, just how can you tell if they are dead, when no new slayers are called. If they are still alive...no THEY are alive. I can't think anyway else. I need Buffy to walk through that door and want to go dancing, slaying, for mochas, just need her to come home, I miss her. Dawnie misses her sister. And god help us we both miss Faith.

I can only hope that Buffy has finally own up to Faith, that she cares about her. The tension between them two, could always power a small city in the winter. I always thought that if Buffy had want a girlfriend she would have made a move for me, but then I think about it, I know what a slayer does, not what a slayer is. With Faith, they know each other, they feel things that no one else does and if they don't think about it, they need each other. But I'm not sure what Dawns reaction is going to be, if and when they do come home and if they are together. I don't care, I just want them safe and home, if Buffy hasn't told her, then I just hope that they are not fighting each other and just getting along.

Dawnie is going to be home soon; I just need to write my thoughts down. Seems that I can write them better, cause when I start talking, I babble a lot more now, NO I AM NOT GETTING OLD. I just have things that I want to say, but don't want anyone else to know. That is so not right. I'm taking Dawn out tonight, she wants to see, Aliens Goes Wild; Sigourney Weaver and young college students are fighting the alien bitch and not taking any name.

That's the door, Dawn's home. Well till next time. Buffy, Faith be safe and come home to us. All my love to my wife.


Buffy and Faith woke up and looked around the room, their home now for longer then they cared to think about, time was hard to tell. They finally gave up trying to figure out, 'How Long?' They just went with the talking, making love the best they could, covers were always over them, they dressed under the covers. If their holders had seen them naked, then it was only when they had first arrived. Faith didn't really care if they saw her in the buff; pun not intended. She had smiled when she thought of that, no she had no problem being buck naked anytime of the day, but she didn't want anyone looking at her Buffy.

Buffy rose up and kissed her lover on the mouth, tasting her lips, their tongues playing against the other's, moans coming from both of them, hands moving down to wet centers, just as Buffy's fingertips were moving inside of Faith, they heard the door being unlocked.

"Shit, fuck, why now?" They both said as they were trying to get dressed under the covers as the door opened.

"You need to get dressed in these clothes, please stay in bed, while the clothes are brought into your room." The stranger told them. A short woman wearing a lime green uniform, came into the room and laid the clothes on a short table. She backed out of the room, watching the slayers as she left.

Buffy and Faith were cussing on the inside; they had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and their slayer lust was crying out for fulfilment. Of all the times for the strangers to come for them, their eyes watched the two as each one left the room and closed the door. Faith had managed to pull up her pants after the door closed, they were getting careless, they thought that they had been forgotten. She grabbed the clothes and frowned at the color. They were the same lime green uniform that the woman had been wearing. Faith held the clothes up for Buffy to see.

"Alright, icky...so not my color." The blonde told her room mate. Faith placed a pair of the clothes down by B, and then grabbed a blanket and they were both changing clothes, they knew if they were both back in the bed, they would be caught again with their guard down. They didn't talk as they got changed, their eyes and body language were speaking for them. They knew what the other one thought now. No words were needed anymore.

Faith placed the blanket down on the bed and Buffy was crawling out of it, now dressed in the uniform. "I look like a leprechaun." Buffy frowned as she told the room. Faith looked down and was not happy. "God we look like Riley." Buffy and her looked at each other; thinking, *NO WAY.* They stood apart now, waiting for whoever it was that was coming. The footsteps were heavy, the person was making noise, so that they could be heard coming to the door. A key was placed in the door and then opened. A man stood in the door, his arms were held out in front of him, "I mean you no harm, but you are needed now." The man told them as his feet were itching to be anywhere else.

Faith stepped forward, "Just who the fuck are you?" She would have yelled, but with the room being so small, it would have echoed.

"Who I am doesn't matter. I am only the one that is to take you to the ones that you both need to talk to." He looked at the blonde, hopping maybe that she would be easier to handle. "Miss, please. We need you to come without any fighting. No one will harm either of you." His coloring was a shade greener then his uniform, the man looked like he was going to vomit all over them at any minute. The slayers looked at each other, eyes searching the other. Neither said anything as they, both stepped up closer to the man, that was now shaking.

Buffy answered him, "Take us to your leader!" Inside Faith was grinning and her head was shaking, leave it to B to be scaring this poor scared man. Then Faith added, "IF either of us is hurt, YOU WILL DIE, SLOWLY." The smirk on her face was a serious one. The man looked like he was now going to piss himself, *God, he is such a girl.* Buffy thought as the man moved from the door and motioned for them to follow. The slayers went through the door and saw that there were at least four other men in the hall with guns. *They're serious.* Went through both of their minds. The chosen two followed the scared man, listening to everything as they began walking. The world started spinning tighter then a chicken without it's head, the world seem to be closing in on them, their eye sight was leaving them as they passed out.

"SHIT." "Get medical down here." The lead man was checking their pulses as one of the others was calling for the med team.


Willow and Dawn were back from the movie. "Can't believe that they had brunette bimbos in that movie, did you see them falling all over Sigourney Weaver, their hands were all over her."

Dawn flopped down on the couch as her rant finally ended. Willow was smiling at her; "Aw baby, are you feeling left out?...Do I need to go alien on your ass, Dawnie?"

There was a chuckle working its way out as Dawn as she looked at her, with a lot of desire in her eyes. *OH boy* Willow thought as her pussy got wet. Dawn was breathing heavily as Willow pulled her up off the couch and lead her into their bedroom. In the middle of the room was a king size bed, mirrors covered the ceiling and one wall.

Willow stopped her at the foot of the bed. She went over and removed the pillows and then pulled the covers down. Returning back to her wife, their lips met in a passionate kiss. One of the redhead's hands moved up to the back of Dawn's neck, they deepened the kiss and then broke apart, gasping for air.

"Dawnie, did I read you right? Do you need me to tie you up?" Willow asked in a husky voice.

Hands came up on each side of the redhead's face, eyes twinkling at her. "Yes darling." Dawn couldn't say anything else, she felt as though her blood was on fire. It wasn't helping that she was remembering the movie where the brunettes had been almost naked, but when the two redheads join in and was running their hands up the legs of the star, she just knew that she had more moisture running out of her pussy.

Willow leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips then slowly moved her hands down and started undressing her lover. Once she had her undressed, she led her to the bed and laid her down onto her stomach and then changing her mind, she turned her over onto her back. Dawn looked at her with a puzzled look on her face.

"Something different, my love." Willow said as she took her hands and placed a scarf around them. She then placed the handcuffs on her wrists and locked her lover's hands to the headboard.

Willow was looking over her lover, her wife and could feel herself being aroused. Walking to the closet she pulled out a leather boned halter bustier and a leather skirt that zipped up right over her crotch. She stripped her clothes off and put her outfit on.

Dawn had been watching her. Loving the way that the shy redhead could turn into something that only she saw now. She knew that she was dripping onto the sheet that covered the bed. She could see that her lover; had reached in and took something out of the closet, that she had taken it from the chest that they kept there. She didn't know what it was, but the lovely redhead did.

"Close your eyes, baby." Willow told her and Dawn did just that. With eyes closed she awaited whatever her lover was going to do to her. She felt hands on her feet, as the bed moved down from the added weight.

Those hands travelled up legs, arriving at her wet center. The fingers dipped down just in reach of the luscious wetness and then moved away, leaving a moaning and frustrated brunette in its wake. Willow backed up off the bed, getting close to the wetness, had almost been her undoing. But her baby needed more then that tonight, she was craving something that only she had ever given her.

Picking up the blue suede cat of nine tails, she had been itching to use it; and Dawnie just had that look in her eyes today, she caressed her lover's face. "Now Dawnie, you know our code word, 'Elevator'. You use it if you need to. Alright love?" Dawn gave a mild "yes." Her body was wanting more and soon.

"Dawnie, I love you." Willow told her as she was running her fingers over breasts that were aching for warmth, her fingers ran down just to the dark path of curls. Thinking about what she was about to do, there was a shiver that ran down to her cunt. She was dizzy, just thinking about it.."Alright baby, you don't have to count, like you do with the palm flogger. Keep your eyes closed and just feel." Waiting was the hardest thing to do. She positioned herself, moving her arm and then, the first hit came, right across her nipples. "Ouch"... waiting for the code word, when it didn't come, Willow began with three more short smacks, tears and arousal were on both of their faces.

"Oh God Sweetie, please two more." Dawn was pulling against the handcuffs and she was wringing wet with her desire. "Dawnie, stop moving." Movement was stopped as the cat of nine tails was arched back and sent two more quick hits to the redden breasts. Throwing the cat down, the redhead was on the bed and in between the brunette's legs, her tongue was licking up the juices that was coming from her lover. "GOD, DAWNIE. You are so wet and taste so good." Her tongue was inside and she was fucking her with it. The woman that everyone thought of as, 'sweet' was pushing down on that tongue, trying to get her in deeper.

"Willow....going.....god...coming." Dawn's walls were sucking in the redhead's tongue, juices came from the wet cunt and then as the brunette was coming down, a redhead was crawling up her body and removing handcuffs and the scarf.

Dawn moaned at the feel of leather against her breasts, and before the redhead could move away, she was being grabbed and kissed. Dawn was tasting her own juices and moaning even more. Willow was trying to make some type of contact with a leg, she needed friction and soon. Breaking apart, looking at each other; "God what you do to me. Love you." Dawn told her smiling as a look came over her face.

Willow was breathing heavier; Dawn's hands was moving up her lover's back, trying to pull her up. "Baby, raise up here, I wanna eat you." The answer was grasps and moving, with the redhead's hands on the headboard, eyes on her lover; next thing that she felt was the soft lips and tongue of her lover. "Fuck." Willow cried as she knew that she could not last long. Dawn was working her tongue over her clit, moving in circles and then sliding inside and back out. Willow was raising up farther, getting a finger onto her clit, her tongue went inside the wet hole and was licking, with the finger and her tongue, walls were coming down. Hips were shaking and hands tightened on the headboard, the redhead was coming all over Dawn's face. Moving her finger and replacing it with her mouth, Dawn continued sucking and licking her to a second orgasm. With them both still shaking, they laid down and began kissing slowly and then feel asleep in each other's arms.


Buffy and Faith were rushed into the medical bay; their breathing was shallow, oxygen masks was placed on both of them, finally they started breathing easier. The guards that had been with them as they passed out, were now standing in the hall.

"Doctor, are they going to be alright?" The leading man asked. "Yes Sir. I believe why they have passed out is that they have not been out of their room, during their time here. They were hit with reverse claustrophobia, having problems with large spaces, much like Agoraphobia, meaning that they have develop a fear of open spaces, or that they feared leaving the safety of their room."

"Damn, doctor. All I asked was if they are going to be alright. Don't need a lesson on phobias." The lead man was worried that he was going to be to blame for what had happen to the two slayers.

"Relax will you, we should have seen this coming, since they have not been out of their room. The lights made them dizzy. Sure that they can overcome this, just got to give them time. I might suggest that you move them back to their room, before they wake up. I will be checking on them. I know..I know...you don't want to leave the door open; BUT, they are not going anywhere for a time. They each have to deal with this and work through it, and it could be tomorrow or next year before they can leaving without having panic attacks, sweats or many other symptoms. But I repeat, this was not your fault, you were following orders." The doctor went over to check on Faith as she was coming back around; "please just relax, no one is going to hurt you. Your mate is on the stretcher next to yours and will wake soon, you passed out." The doctor was holding her breath.

Faith's eyes opened and she looked at the doctor, she was cute in that doctor way, but her mind was on B. Looking the other way, she saw her, laying on the stretcher, by her. Reaching over slowly, she took her hand and squeezed it. Her eyes closed once again as the room was starting to move. "Why am I trying to passing out?" Faith whispered to the doctor. "Miss, it's from being in your room for so long, it will take time to get use to being out and about. The man that was at your room, will be taking you back in a few minutes."

"NO YOU take us back now." Faith risked the chance to open her eyes again, and looked at her; "Want you to take us." Faith told the woman. The doctor looked at the lead man, he could only frown and look at his other guards. They knew that they had to keep these ladies happy and if it was the doc that did it, then it was the doc that they got.

"Jay, call May and tell her to come down here. Doctor can you make sure that they are tied in for transport?" The lead man said.

"No one is tying me down." Buffy moaned as she tried to open her eyes. "Ah fuck! ...What the hell is wrong with me?"

"B, just keep your eyes closed and I'll see if they have some wheelchairs." Looking at the lead man, and hoping that she would not throw up, she was telling him; "Get us to our room, Doctor. Then your guy can play at solider boy. ...And I MEAN her. Last time I was around you, I was kissing the floor." Faith said as she closed her eyes. Buffy had passed back out as she was not relaxing and was fighting against it.




Willow and Dawn were awaiting Rufus. They had been looking for the slayers for so long now. Lily came in with him. Lily was something all to herself. She made Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine look like an amateur. They had tried to say what she was, but every time all it did was sound like they were cussing.

Rufus and Lily arrived and they were talking about what they had found out....NOTHING, not one FUCKING THING. Dawn was fit to be tied, and not in a fun way. Willow walked their friends to the door and Dawn rushed into her arms as she turned from the closed door, they fell to the floor together; Was Buffy and Faith ever going to be found?


Buffy was waking up, Faith was watching her as the doctor was looking on at them both. It had been a full day since they had been outside of their room. "Buffy, honey? Come on wake up, need you here." Faith was exhausted with worry. Buffy opened her hazel eyes looking into brown ones. "What...happen?" Buffy asked foggily. "It's alright B, we're going to be just fine." Faith was now holding her in her arms as the doctor was checking her blood pressure and pulse.

"She's fine, you two rest. The Colonel will be here in about an hour. They are coming to you, since you can't be outside of this room for long. The doctor went to leave and then closed the door behind her.

"God Buffy, you scared the shit out of me." Faith was kissing her and mumbling, "I love yous." Buffy was remembering things as her tongue was being sucked on and then she was pulling apart from her lover. "We left the room." Buffy said, more then asked.

"Yes, but we can't be outside of our room for long, makes us faint and that leads to passing out." Buffy was looking at her as Faith was explaining to her. "The doctor was filling me in, as we awaited you to wait up. We have a reverse claustrophobia; from being in this room for so long, they are going to start letting us leave the room often during the day and evening. Guards will always be with us, as will the Doc." Faith's eyes darken even more as she watched Buffy's tongue lick her lips. "God, I'm hungry." Faith said. Buffy had to smile at her, "The two H's baby.".. "At least that never changes." Buffy said as she leaned back in towards her lover, they kissed and then pulled apart. Buffy needed to pee and wash off, she felt like she had been in a horse race.


"General Hammond, we need to tell them everything. The situation needs to be cleared up and they need to be sent home." The man in the grey coat was saying. General Hammond was sitting there as DR. Janet Fraiser knocked on the door. "Come in." Hammond said. "The slayers are both awake, Faith is scared and Buffy will be wanting to protect her." Doctor Fraiser was telling him. Another knock on the door and in stepped Riley Finn.

Riley Finn had ended up here with his wife three years ago. It was only by accident that he was at the same place as his former girlfriend. It had been Riley that had told them who the strangers were. And it was Sam that had cared for them the first hours that they were in their room. "General Hammond, Sir. I feel that I should be with you, when you debrief the off worlders. Miss Summers and Faith. We have a history and I believe that it will help if I am there, Sir." Riley said and then stayed at attention.

General Hammond still did not know the young soldier well, but he always showed the right respect for him. "Alright Finn, I want you and Sam Finn both to be there. In fact we are going now. You are dismissed to get Sam Finn." Riley left and then went to get Sam at a run. "Janet, you head on down and I am going get Carter to meet us also." The doctor left and then the phone was picked up and a call placed to Carter. "Carter, need you to be outside of the slayers' room, asap." Hammond said and then hung up, he left his room and made his way down to the holding cell of the slayers.


Five years had passed for the missing slayers and their family that were left behind. The other slayers had been searching everywhere, sometimes more then once. Willow's program; The WRBFML, was now the most used missing persons listing program. Giles was now living with a woman and they were talking about getting married.

Xander and Lorena now had a set of twins; a boy and a girl. Xander had made comments about how funny it was that it had worked that way' "Twins, a set, got me a boy and a girl...who would have thought it." He had been on cloud nine when Lorena gave birth to his children.

He had brought them a house four months into the pregnancy and had build the nursery himself. The twins would be two in a week and they were planning a party for them.

Willow and Dawn had adopted a little girl that was five and were raising her as their own. Dawn was working part time from her computer and Willow could now work her own hours. Their life was going great and yet they were not happy. They needed the slayers home. There was little time left, in no time they would be declared legally dead.


General Hammond was reading the last report on the aliens that they had been fighting. The slayers had been brought into the war with them. He thought back to when Buffy and Faith first saw Riley and Sam Finn.


Three years earlier


They had tried going out of their room and Buffy had fainted and it took her a week to come to. There was a knock on the door and Faith jumped, she was scared and Buffy would make sure that nothing was going to happen to her, especially since she had scared her lover. Buffy yelled out and Dr. Janet Fraiser opened the door and walked inside.

"Everyone is coming to your room, we don't want either of you fainting again. I am looking into some pills that may help you get over the problem sooner. I just want to check your pulses and then we will wait for the General and the others." Dr. Fraiser was now checking their pulses and hoping things went well.

The others were now standing outside and waiting for General Hammond to get down here. Col. Jack O'Neill and Maj. Samantha Carter were talking to each other as Dr. Daniel Jackson came walking up to them. Riley and Sam were nervous, they hadn't seen any of the slayers since they were last in Sunnydale.

"Riley, Buffy is not going to be mad at you. She loved you at one time, that has to count for something." Sam was trying to understand her husband. "Sam, it's not that easy. I was with the Initiative and I hid things from Buffy. And Faith is with...well..WITH her...I'm just not sure it's a good idea for me to see them together." Riley felt like a caged animal as the General was coming into view. Everyone became silent as he looked at each of them.

"General Hammond, I think it would be best if Sam and myself went first. Could you let us do so and give us ten minutes? Unless you hear screaming." Riley was trying not be scared, but he was going to be in front of two pissed off slayers in mere minutes.

Hammond looked at the others and then back at the Finn couple; "Alright Finn, you two have exactly ten minutes. I am going to give you that and then we are going to come in." Hammond nodded to the guard and he opened the door. The slayers could not see who was coming inside as the doctor was still checking them over and they were watching each other as she did.

Janet Fraiser had moved back away from them; having heard the door. Buffy and Faith looked to the door; they gave each other a slight look and then they moved as one. Riley and Sam were against the wall, each with an arm on their throats. Faith was looking at the woman she was holding; wondering why Riley was here. Buffy was fuming. The doctor was trying to get to the door for help and Faith was talking to her; "Don't do it DOC!"

Through gritted teeth Buffy asked; "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE AND ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR US BEING HERE?!" Buffy could be heard outside of the room and the guard was relaying what was going on inside the room. Hammond told the guard that they would wait.

Riley was trying not to piss his pants, he had never seen Buffy so mad at him before. "No Buffy. I was transferred here. I was in the medical room when you and Faith were brought in. They wouldn't let me see either of you. It was a security matter. But Sam and I are here because of our knowledge of demons and aliens." Buffy tightened her grip on him as Faith was asking; "Why the fuck should we believe you?" Sam was trying to breathe, she had never felt anything as strong as the arm on her throat. "Because I'm telling the truth, you would be dead if not for me." Riley had kept them alive, he had been in charge of their care on the other planet they were on.

Buffy stepped back, removing her arm and then landed an uppercut to Riley's jaw. Sam was yelling out..."RILEY!" The door burst open and the others ran inside seeing what had happened. "Sir, I'm alright. It's her way of saying; 'thank you'." Faith had released Sam as she now had guns pointing at her. Faith grinned at Sam, wondering what the woman saw in the boy.


After everyone had calmed down, there was drinks brought in. Not the right protocol, but nothing here was that.

The doctor had checked Riley's jaw and told him he would be fine. He was so sure about that. Faith was pacing, looking at Riley. She was wondering why she had ever fucked him. Buffy was thinking the same thing and saw the look on her lover's face. Buffy walked over to her, whispering to her; "Faith, I'm with you." Buffy gave her a quick kiss on the lips and took her hand, she led them to the bed and they sat down.

"So; someone want to tell me, where we are and why we are still here?" Buffy asked.

General Hammond was looking at them, he had only seen them once and then on the cameras. "Miss Summers, we were chasing an alien life form that inhabits caverns. They come from someplace else, I can't really tell you where yet." He did not get anything else out.

"WHY THE FUCK NOT?" Faith was up and itching to hit something. Buffy was with her on this one.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't tell you that information, Miss." General Hammond was trying to hold his temper.

"Then YOU want to tell us who you all are?" Faith said as Buffy was pulling her back down to sit.

"I'm sorry, I forgot my manners. I am General Hammond. You know the doctor, Riley and Sam Finn." He looked to the others and they introduced themselves. "Col. Jack O'Neill." "Maj. Samantha Carter." They were looking at the man wearing glasses, he remind them of Giles. "Sorry, Dr. Daniel Jackson."

General Hammond, looked at his watch and then at Dr. Jackson and a few of the others. "We need to get back to the base. Col, Maj, and both of you Finn, I need you all to leave with me...Dr. Jackson, I am leaving you and Janet here to take care of them and answer whatever questions they may have." They left the room and the door was closed again.

"So, Dr. Jackson, just where are we?" Buffy asked as her hand was squeezed.

"Um, yes. You are on Ya-Hus Quartus." Daniel had heard the General loud and clear, he couldn't tell them; but he could.

Faith was watching both of the doctors. "So why were we taken?" Doctor Fraiser was looking at Daniel. She got a nod. "You were injured by the aliens and need attention." She could add no more. "Daniel, I really can't tell them anymore without getting into trouble." She went and was now standing by the door.

Daniel looked at the girls; "Alright, lets see if I can answer most of your questions. The alien life form is from Earru. They inhabit caverns on different planets through meteor storms. The earthquake was caused by us using a gate to get to them. We had to be sure that you were not infected by them." He paused waiting for any questions. Receiving none he continued. "You were brought here the next day. We had received word that you were both slayers and that your family would be looking for you. There was no way that you could be found, until we knew for sure about any infection you might have. You have been on Ya-Hus Quartus, ever since then. We are at war with the aliens, they are known as Storm Lurkers. They infect you and we are still trying to learn more. But neither of you show the signs that we have found in anyone."

Buffy was looking at Faith, they were both wondering about her family. "My family has not been told of where I am, or that I am still alive?" Buffy was mad and tears were threatening to come to a head, Dawn was alone.

"I'm sorry, no. No one can be told until the General or the President gives the order." He felt small at the moment, these two women were hurting about leaving family behind.

"They still won't be told of anything now that you know we are not infected?" Buffy whispered and was trying not to shake.

"Miss. Summers, no there is no way. They will only know that you are alive, when you are returned to your planet." He turned and looked at Fraiser; "I think that we should see about getting them used to leaving the room, maybe only just out the door and then back inside."

"Daniel, yes. I was going to tell them that myself. We should try to get them another room to share, they will need some private time in the future." Dr. Janet Fraiser was walking back over to them. "I'll see about getting you some new clothes, green is not your color." Janet was telling them. "Dr. Jackson, we should leave them, they have many things to think over." They left and the slayers were looking at the door.

They both were talking out loud;

"We're on another planet? Aliens? Government? Riley? One looked like a watcher. Dawn. Willow. Xander." They were both quiet and then they were up hitting one of the walls; they turned to each other and were throwing punches at the other, some made their marks and others were feather light, by the time they were done; each was crying and they had fallen to the floor; holding on to each other and at least thankful for the other being with them.



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