Title: The Beginning

Author: Raven White

Fandom: (BTVS)

Pairings: (Vamp Willow/?)


Warnings: (If needed)

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The street was dark as a vampire stepped out of the vortex window that she created.

It was such a find that she had found a high priestess as her last victim, she had tortured the poor creature until she gave up all her secrets to the vampire.

As the vamp ran her fangs over the tender skin on the priestess's neck, she sank her fangs into her....the blood was warmer then usual and what spells that she had not learned, by being told, was passed into her though the blood.

As she looked around she was wondering where she was going to head to first....First thing is first....must find a place to stay and a source of blood. She was looking forward to seeing some old faces and meeting new ones.

She saw a creature coming toward her, it spoke as it neared her......

"Well.....Well....What do we have here?......A lost lamb and you know what happens to the lost ones don't you?" As the creature got closer she could smell beer on him, she was standing still waiting for him. He reached out and she turned into the vamp to face him. "OH CRAP!"

"LOST LAMB, am I?" Her hand grabbed his neck holding on tight, the guy was trying to get loose, but couldn't.

"I am hungry, but I smell beer and when you said crap, that is right, that's a huge load in your pants......Your not worthy of a bite."

She looked into his eyes and snapped his neck...........

She walked away from the corpse......and the words...

"Bored Now!"......could be heard coming from her lips.


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