Title: Faith's Audition

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith Buffy/Willow, Implied Buffy/Faith/Willow


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Faith looked around and sat down in the chair, she had an audition to work on.... "I am a potential again, never thought I hear that and my name together ever again." She chuckled, "Guess, that means I'm back to work." "Yes!"

She thought back to when she had heard the word potential for the first time....She had gone to the library to look the word up in the dictionary....She had found a noun and adjective meaning of the word. She knew what the word meant, but she had to be ready with the full meaning if Her Watcher asked her for it.

*Okay, enough thinking about the first time." She cleared her mind and smiled as she realized she was going back to Sunnydale.....*back to B.* She arrived in Sunnydale, the street and the noises were all the same as the last time that she was here. She was walking down the center of the road when she heard a beep from behind her.....BEEP...BEEP..... She turned and quickly got out of the road, she nodded at the driver as if saying sorry and sighed. She had been in a world of her own as she had walked.

*What is it with this town? I come here and I get all fuzzy in the head?*

You could almost see her straighten her back as The Vampire Slayer part of her woke up and reminded her that she was in Sunnydale and that it was almost night and that she had to fight the fuzzies as well as the Vampires.

She loved and hated this town, it had its good things, The Bronze, Buffy, that leather shop that almost always was open and gave her a five finger discount.

The bad points.....The Vampires hands down and the late nights. She was back and that felt right.

She turned around and looking up at the shop that she was in front of.... The Leather Head, a huge smile played on her lips as she went inside the shop.

O'Roy was behind the counter as always, he looked up and frowned as he realized it was her.

He was moving as she neared him till they were standing in front of each other.

"Faith, you're back and you want your regular discount, I suppose?"....

"That, would be wicked cool, O'Roy."

She moved not waiting for an answer from him, as she looked over what seemed to be a new stock of leather jackets, till she felt a tinge from the one that her hand was over.

Ah, this one, it almost spoke to her. She picked it up, tore the tag off and laid it on the counter and took her worn one off and put the new one on.... "Fits like a glove."

O'Roy was not happy, as she went to leave the store, she had the door opened when he spoke to her again, "Fa...Faith, you remember our deal right? RIGHT?" Faith chuckled and told him, "Yeah, O'Roy, I know.....I know." as she went outside.

O'Roy shook his head as though saying not again, he saw the slayer walking past his window toward The Bronze and muttered to himself,....... "IF....I could only leave this town."

Faith was entering The Bronze. She felt then saw Buffy......she frowned as she saw Willow was dancing with her.

The song was ending as she neared them. Buffy and Willow stop dancing and that is when she saw Buffy looking around.

*She knows.*

As if Buffy heard her.....She mouthed the word "Faith".

Faith felt like she was in a trance. Her feet were heavy like she was standing in concrete. As much as she wanted to move, she couldn't.

She felt like the outsider that she was as Willow and Buffy started to walk almost to her. They stop just short of reaching her. The look on Buffy's face was one of forlorn and Willow looked nervous.

Faith was scared...she was not sure what Buffy would do when she reached her. Thoughts ran through her brain about the first night that The Slayers had met up.



They had both been at the Bronze and Faith had went outside with a guy that she knew was a vampire and the gang had came out to rescue her.

But her being Faith, she didn't need anyone to come to her rescue. She smoked the vampire with Buffy's stake.

They had all went back inside and talked about slaying and demons in general. She met The Scooby Gang as they liked to be called.

Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia and of course The Vampire Slayer herself, Buffy.

Faith had made an off handed remark about how slaying always makes you hungry and horny. Faith saw Buffy blush at the words. But the others just looked annoyed at her.

Faith decided that it was time to call it a night. Little did she know that Buffy was following, Buffy was staying just out of her radar or her vampires senses as Giles would say....mainly you just got one hell of a tingling feeling inside you.

Faith had arrived at her crap of a motel room and as soon as she had walked inside, the desk clerk was on her ass asking about her bill. He wanted the money then or he was kicking her out in the morning. She had sweet-talked him into giving her to 11AM which was checkout time. She either had the money or she was back out living on the streets. She was glad when the dude finally left. He so wanted to take the money out in trade, but she wasn't into that tonight.

She had the curves of a blonde body taking over her thoughts and her body. She turned the television on trying to get the lust that she felt out of her mind and body.

She found the Adult cartoon Hellsing, she loved this one. If only real life was like it. But the real life for her, had never been the easy route. She could bitch about what had happened to her, but what good would it do. It would not make any difference about the way she turned out. The burdensome responsibilities of being a slayer tired her out, she could only imagine how tired that Buffy was.

Faith wanted to be Arucard cause she was already was fighting against an undead army. She wanted Buffy to be Seras Victoria, the girl that Arucard saved. But who was she lying too. She heard a knocking and realized that someone was at the door. She sighed as she had to leave Seras just as the girl was finally drinking the blood offered to her.

"This better be damn good!" she spoke as she opened the door to throttle what was left of the desk clerk.

But the desk clerk was not the one at the door. It was Buffy and she was carrying a bag.

"B WHAT brings you here?" Faith asked as she waited for Buffy to clear the door. Faith made a point of locking the door.

Faith stood there not knowing why the blonde had came to see her.

Buffy sat the bag down and walked up to Faith and hugged her. She didn't move till her hands had ran over the dark hair girl's ass.


Buffy stepped back and ran her tongue over her lips.

"Thought that I might take care of that hungry and horny thing that you got going on Faith." Faith grinned.

"Don't know if your up for it B. I can be a handfull."

"Oh I don't know Faith. They look like more then a hand full. But what do they taste like?"

Buffy then pushed her up against the door and started licking Faith's lips. They tasted each other. Hands pawing at clothes. Growls that sounded like a vampire was in the room with them.

Faith tried to push Buffy back.... "Come on B..I got to lay you down." Faith cried.

"Ain't gonna happen slayer." Buffy giggled.

"Take your bra and panties off and lay that lovely hard body down on the bed for me." Buffy asked.

Faith almost ran when Buffy moved out of the way. She loved being with a woman and Wow this was her sister slayer and hot damn but she was hot.

Buffy removed what clothes was still on her tight body and went to the bag.

"Faith close your eyes."

Faith closed them and was trembling. Then she felt something cold being poured over her body and then the bed was moving as she felt Buffy laying down on it.

Buffy had gotten between Faith's legs and was raising up on her elbows. She was licking the liquid off of Faith's body.

Faith was moaning. And she was hot and cold and down right sticky.


"Your mouth feels so good." Faith whispered.

Buffy did not answer. Instead she had licked off all the vanilla milkshake off Faith's breasts, stomach and even into the dark curls above Faith's heated core.

Faith arched off the bed when she felt Buffy's tongue inside her pussy.

"Fuck me." Faith grunted.

"Intend to there Faith." Buffy said.

Buffy kept licking and thrusting fingers into Faith till the sun was raising. When Faith thought that she could come no more, Buffy saw to it that she did. Buffy had only let Faith please her twice that night.

They had been together till Faith had messed up with Finch and the Mayor. Then Buffy wouldn't even touch her.

Flashback End


Faith felt like she had lived a lifetime waiting for Buffy and Willow to get to her. She tried to smell her self. She could only smell the leather and she was almost sure that the jacket been pissed on by a cat. *Just my luck.*

"Hey Faith. Wasn't sure that you would make it back." Buffy said.

Willow hid behind Buffy. Willow whispered into Buffy's ear. "Gonna go get some drinks. Meet you at the table." Willow kissed Buffy on the cheek.

Faith hissed.

All Buffy did was smile.

"Chill Faith. You ain't been here and I don't do the self love game." Buffy grinned out.

"That ain't right B. I haven't been with anyone since the shit hit the fan with us. I couldn't." Faith hissed out.

Buffy walked up to her, taking her into her arms. Faith was tense and felt like she wanted to cry.

"Hummm...Faith....got to kiss ya." Buffy groaned out. And Buffy did just that, she kissed Faith for all she was worth. She felt Faith's knees wobble. And she reached down and took her hand and headed them to the table that Will was waiting at.


Willow always knew that Faith would come back into their lives. Given she knew of the relationship with Buffy and Faith. Hell half the things that her and Buffy did together now came from them two.

Willow loved Buffy. Buffy loved Willow and Faith. Willow just wasn't sure what Faith felt toward Buffy.



When Willow came back from England, Buffy had came to Willow crying her heart out. She broke down and told Willow everything that had happen with her and Faith while sitting on Will's bed.

Willow took Buffy into her arms and kissed her lips and held her during the night.

In the early dawn, Willow had been awaken by kisses over her thighs and by a finger running up and down her bottom lips.

"Buffy....what are you doing?" Willow gasped out.

"Loving you my dear Will." Buffy whispered into her lips as Buffy's tongue was circling and nibbling at her clit.

Willow wanted to let her keep going. But it wasn't right.

"Buffy stop." Willow asked.

Buffy stopped and climbed up the redhead's body.

"What's wrong Will?"

"I won't be a replacement for anyone. And you don't love me like that." Willow was almost crying as she said it.

Looking into Willow's eyes, Buffy felt as though she was drowning.

"Willow....number one, you could never be a replacement for anyone. You are MY Willow. I have loved you since forever. Just that we have always had someone else in our life. You miss Tara. I know you do. Are you are gonna lay there under me and tell me that you have never thought about what I taste like. What it is like to kiss me. If I am a screamer. IF I close my eyes while you send me into ecstasy."

Willow couldn't help it. Her breathing had increased. "Buffy."

"Willow, I love you and I want to make love to you right now."

"Willow just kiss me and tell me you don't feel anything."

Willow and Buffy leaned closer together and their lips met and that was the beginning for them.

Flashback END


Buffy saw the look on Willow's face. *Two lovers here with me. Nope my life is not complicated at all.* She sighed and sat down by Willow.

Faith sat on the other side of Buffy. *I should have stayed away. They look happy.*

As if Buffy knew what she had said ,her hand was taken.

Willow sighed loudly.

"Faith, here this one is for you. Its a Jack and Coke. Don't worry I didn't spit in it."

"WILLOW!" Buffy said.

"It's cool B, Red. Thanks by the way." Faith said and downed the drink.

Buffy grabbed her drink and downed it. Willow just sipped hers.

Willow looked at Buffy and Buffy signalled for her to go ahead.

"Alright Faith, I know about you and Buffy. And I am not going to back off. I love her. Don't know about you. But I don't walk away from someone I love. So if I've got to fight you for her, then let's get it done." Willow puffed up as she said it.

Faith jumped up and in front of Willow.

"Why you little BITCH. You couldn't wait for me to mess up, so you could get her into your bed." Faith was seeing red.

Willow chuckled at Faith.

"No Faith you're wrong. Buffy came to MY BED!"

Faith's fists tightened and she stepped back to hit Red.


"FINE!" Faith and Willow said.

"Now we need to leave. We are expected in Cleveland to talk to the other potential WATCHERS. Faith YOU are one. SO start acting like it."

Buffy watch Faith head outside. Then Willow followed her.

*God What did I get myself into?* Buffy wondered.

At that time a helicopter landed and the three of them got into it. They would be starting anew in Cleveland.


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