Title: Count On It

Author: Raven 5by5.

Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own these characters or the ‘Birds of Prey’ concept. D.C Comics & The W.B etc hold the rights; I’m just doing the non-profit ‘Fic’ thing.

Synopsis: Set two years from the current time line. Dinah finds out that there is more behind Helena’s feline eyes than just aggression. J

Rating: 15 (U.K Rating) Due to some sexual content.

Authors Note: All the lead characters on ‘Birds of Prey’ are emotionally charged in one way or another. I wanted to do a short ‘Fic’ taking that vibe to another level. It’s fun, it’s frisky, it’s total fluff & it’s female orientated so if that offends turn back now. Enjoy J

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Dinah sat at one of Oracle’s computer terminals browsing though file after file on the latest ‘Big Bad’ in New Gotham City. Oracle, Barbara Gordon, had gone out to Wayne Manor to collect some disc’s they needed from her days as Batgirl in order to help to track this rather menacing individual. Villainous metahumans were problematic at the best of times, but trying to locate one whom had a penchant for explosives & the ability to move faster than the speed of sound, was proving to be tricky to say the least.

The young blonde had been glaring at the VDU for the past two hours & her eyes were beginning to hurt. She pinched the bridge of her nose & closed her eyes in an attempt to refresh them. There was an eerie feeling being alone in the Clocktower, just silence apart from the occasional bleep of the computer system. Dinah tried to shrug off the uncomfortable feeling she had, realizing that it was virtually impossible for an intruder to enter the Clocktower with Oracles security system in place. Her mind then switched back to the time she was first able to gain access, breaching security using her metahuman ability. ‘Secure, but not impenetrable,’ the blonde sighed to herself, ‘Stop it Dinah, you’re gonna drive yourself crazy’ she thought & continued with the task at hand.

Her concentration was broken by the sound of the elevator sounding as the doors opened. She turned expecting to see Barbara emerge bearing the discs & a whole load of more work for them both to scramble through. Instead there wasn’t anything, nobody. Dinah became unnerved as she got up from her chair & cautiously made her way over to the elevator. Her heart began to race & her clenched fist perspired as she prepared herself for a confrontation with an intruder. Peering in through the opened doors she found no one inside.

“A little paranoid, aren’t we?” The voice sounded from behind her.

Dinah spun around, her fist lunging out at the intruder. The raven-haired woman blocked her with ease.

“Woh! Take a chill pill blondie.” She said grinning at her younger counterpart.

“Helena!” Dinah exclaimed in surprise.

Helena Kyle stood in front Dinah looking slightly worse for wear. She was dressed in her Huntress garb, totally black, along with her trademark full-length black leather coat, which unfortunately had a large tear on the left sleeve. Blood began to seep from a cut on her forehead, yet she still retained her usual confidant grin.

“Who were you expecting, Lois Lane?” Sarcasm, another Helena/Huntress trademark.

“Oh, ha, ha, ha You’re funny in an almost give me a coronary kinda way. Is it really necessary to keep sneaking up on me like that?”

Dinah was not amused by Helena’s little game she always seemed to play on her, not to mention slightly ‘ego bashed’ by Helena blocking her attack so easily.

“I never sneak. Sneaking is what street crooks do. I like to think of myself as stealthy.”

Helena tilted her head, a smile beaming across her face. Dinah looked at her injuries with some concern. She sometimes thought that Helena was indestructible, because of her survival skills & metahuman abilities. Seeing the crimson run from the cut down her head brought it home that even Helena, the mighty Huntress could be harmed.

“What happened?” Dinah softly asked

“I decided to do a night sweep after all. Ran into a couple of potential rapists who liked to play with knives. No big, they’re out of action & I’m here to tell the tale. Ruined my coat thought. Damn it!”

Helena wandered over to the kitchen, taking off her coat & throwing it on to a near by chair. Her arm was covered in her own blood as it continued to run from the knife wound. Hoping on to the counter she used a towel to press against it in an attempt to cease the flow of blood. Dinah walked over to her bearing Barbara’s extensive first aid kit. She set it down next to Helena & began to look around for the appropriate medical supplies.

“I can’t believe you went on a sweep after telling Barbara you were going home. What if something worse had happened? What if…”

Dinah was angry with Helena & her irresponsible actions, but Helena could only take so much preaching as she began to feel the pain in her arm.

“ ‘What ifs’ aren’t relevant. If I wanted a sermon I would have seen a priest, besides I did go home, just couldn’t sleep…OW!” 

Helena flinched as Dinah removed the towel that was now covered in blood & set about cleaning up the wound.

“Big baby.” She grinned; glancing up at Helena whose eyes has changed into their cat-like form.

“Easy there, Huntress. Save the ‘looks could kill’ for the bad guys.” Dinah watched as her calming reaction to Helena’s silent rage transformed her eyes back to their human form.

“My bad, you caught me off guard.” Helena apologized.

“That’s three times tonight.” Dinah frowned as her eyes looked over Helena’s arm.

“Three? What d’ya mean three?”

“Three times you’ve been caught off your guard; your head, your arm & me. I count that as three.” Dinah smirked.

Helena pouted like a spoilt child knowing full well that Dinah was right. The bleeding had now begun to subside. She watched as her crime fighting companion began to put a surgical dressing on her arm.

“I blame sleep deprivation. If insomnia didn’t rule my life I’d be ‘non bleeding gal’ right now.”

“You always blame sleep deprivation. Ya know what I think?”

Helena knew very well that she wouldn’t like what Dinah had to say, but was simultaneously intrigued by what explanation the younger metahuman had to offer.

“Enlighten me.” Helena said, as she cocked her head to one side.

“I think you’re getting too old for this game.” The blonde smirked at her taunt.

Helena’s eyes widened in surprise at Dinah’s comment. She was aware that it was meant as a joke, but was taken aback by Dinah’s confident attitude. Two years ago she would never have even sneezed in Helena’s presence for fear of offending her. Now she was this strong willed young woman, who could not only battle the dark forces in New Gotham, but also look out for her family.

“Is that a fact? D’ya mind if I ask if you’ve had an attitude transplant since your eighteenth birthday?”

Helena’s cutting sarcasm only resulted in a smile spreading across Dinah’s lips, as she began to tend to the cut on Helena’s forehead.

“You’ve no one to blame but yourself, you mentor me.”

“Er…no…that would be Barbara. She’s your mentor not me, blondie.” Helena objected.

“You both are. Barbara helps me focus my Meta skills & you show me how to kick ass, be sarcastic, walk with an attitude & general bad habits. As much as I dig the whole mind training thing, I do have a preference for the latter”

Dinah flicked her eyebrows at Helena, who was unsure of how to react to her comment. She was fully aware that Dinah was her own woman, but her becoming another ‘Huntress’ was a scary thought. There was only room for so much attitude in the Clocktower before something had to give & besides that Barbara would flip if she were aware that Dinah had purposely begun to adopt Helena’s bad habits.

“Check out the bad ass crime fighter here! News flash…you may have skills in the field & no doubt the attitude walk thing goin’ on, but ya still ain’t old enough to order a drink in a bar.”

“That’s what older superhero friends & fake I.D are for.” Dinah smirked, followed by a soft, low giggle.

“I am so not taking you clubbing! & What the hell are you putting on my head, it’s starting to burn?” Helena objected, fidgeting her body at the uncomfortable sensation emanating from her battle wound.

Dinah paused to look at the container of antiseptic liquid she was dabbing onto Helena’s forehead. Her smile vanished to be replaced with a look of horror

“Ooo…er…I…um…” As much as she tried the words wouldn’t come out.

Helena grabbed the bottle & scowled at the letters printed across the label.

“IODINE! You put Iodine onto my skin! Why didn’t you just go straight for the sulfuric Acid?” Helena yelled.

Dinah quickly poured some sterilized water onto one of the surgical wipes & dabbed it onto Helena’s wound.

“Calm down, it’s fixable…totally fixable. Trust me.” She nervously reassured Helena.

“D’ya know how hard it is to trust a person who utters those words right after they’ve decided to play the role of ‘Lil’ Miss Sadist’ upon my personal self?”

Helena was convinced that Dinah’s medical skills weren’t up to PHD standard & her reaction to the younger woman’s mistake enforced this. Dinah on the other hand was being calm & collective about the situation. She enjoyed seeing Helena acting like a fish out of water, it was kind of a power trip even though her intention was not to cause her any pain.

Dinah grinned at Helena, “Am I mistaken or is the mighty Huntress acting like a drama queen?” she followed her comment with a snigger.

“Is it you intention to piss me off?” Helena frowned.

“Moi? As if I would. I’ll just be sure to make a cameo next time you decide to go all solo superhero; check you don’t get your ass kicked.”

The confidence flowed through Dinah’s words, smoothly & without regret. Helena remained silent & merely shook her head at her fellow crime fighter acknowledging her comment, but choosing not to take a stance on the verbal battleground. Seconds of silence passed by & Helena found herself watching Dinah intensely as she continued to tend to the cut on her forehead. Her eyes gleamed as the kitchen light reflected off them, mesmerizing Helena with every sparkle & glint.

Dinah shifted her attention from her medical duties, as she sensed Helena’s eyes glancing at her own. The blonde smiled coyly, feeling a little embarrassed by the intensity of Helena’s stare.

“What?” Dinah queried, still grinning at Helena.

“Nothing.” Helena smiled back & shrugged off her actions.

“You were staring at me.” Dinah enforced.

“I was not staring at you. I was merely looking in your direction.”

Dinah watched as Helena shifted her body slightly. She raised an eyebrow unconvinced by her explanation. “Uh huh, sure whatever.” She murmured, still amused.

Helena attempted to direct her eyes anywhere other that in Dinah’s direction, but it was difficult with the younger woman being in such close proximity. Needless to say Helena failed on all counts. Her focus once again shifted to Dinah’s face; this time it was even more noticeable.

“You’re doing it again.” Dinah smiled & uttered her words in a low, husky voice.

“Well, where exactly am I supposed to look with you in my face like this?”

Helena’s words were almost defensive, as though she didn’t want to admit that right now in this very moment she was feeling something different towards Dinah. She was riding on a wave of pure emotion & to a certain extent it made her feel uncomfortable. After all this was Dinah, not some one-night stand & she was a woman. Helena had not denied in the past she had felt these kind of feelings towards a person of the same gender, however she was usually drawn to the male persuasion when it came to matters of desire.

“I don’t mind, you’re the one getting all stressed out about it. If it helps I’m almost finished here, that’s if you don’t mind gawping at my face for another few seconds.”

Dinah smirked at Helena, enjoying every minute of taunting the raven-haired woman. She began to wonder what Helena had on her mind, a thought that occupied about three seconds of her time. It was pretty obvious what Helena, the mighty Huntress, was thinking about & it sure as hell wasn’t how to get the blood out of Barbara’s kitchen towel. If that’s what Helena wanted then she was ready, but little Dinah Lance had grown up & it was her turn to play the situation.

“Oookay & I’m done! How’s that feel? Dinah queried as she finished up cleaning the cut on Helena’s forehead.

“Like I’ve just been sliced & diced with a knife.” Helena spoke dryly

“You really should get stitches, you do know that?”

“I hate hospitals. Besides why bother when I have my own little sadistic nurse right here.” Helena grinned.

Dinah lightly touched Helena’s forehead, brushing away a stray strand of hair that was residing just over her cut.

“Who said I was yours?” Dinah replied softly, almost flirtatiously as she moved closer towards Helena’s face.

“Er, have we met? Hi, I’m Helena Kyle, d’ya mind telling me what you’ve done with the real Dinah Lance?”

Helena quietly joked as she could feel Dinah’s warm breath close to her lips. It was strange for her not to be in control of a situation like this, but she could quite easily make an exception. She wanted this woman & what Helena Kyle wanted, Helena Kyle got.

“I’m sure she’s around somewhere. I could go & find her if you like?” Dinah shifted her body in-between Helena’s legs, as her fellow crime fighter still resided upon the kitchen counter

“Maybe later, I’m kinda enjoying sharing a moment with this Dinah.” Helena grinned.

The two women followed the contours of each other’s face, their lips gently brushing against each other’s on occasions, never once coming into full contact. They wanted to feel the heat rise, the desire consume them. Then & only then would the time be right to succumb to the fire they were both feeling. Helena paused to glare into Dinah’s eyes, the light still shimmering in them. Dinah broke the silence as she returned Helena’s glare.

“I knew you were staring at me.” She whispered inches away from Helena’s lips.

Helena smiled before replying. “Busted!”

Both women moved closer to each other, pressing their lips together with total fervor. Helena cupped Dinah’s cheek with her hand, holding her close to her lips, feeling the intensity. Dinah’s hands had found their way around Helena’s body & underneath her top, taking in the warmth of her skin. The young blonde couldn’t believe that she was in her current situation with another woman, with Helena. She had no cause for complaints, enjoying the feeling of this powerful woman close to her body as things began to heat up.

Dinah opened her eyes to see Helena looking directly at her; she had transformed her eyes once again causing Dinah to pull away for a moment. Helena frowned, confused at the situation, until she realized what Dinah was wary of.

“It’s nothing to worry about. It’s an emotional thing. My eyes kinda shift with my temper, hormones you name it. I’m not gonna pin you against a wall…unless you want me to.” Helena flicked her eyebrows at the latter comment. 

Dinah smiled back at Helena’s words of reassurance, intrigued by this latest revelation.

“I just thought it was the temper thing. Doesn’t that get kinda embarrassing…I mean…ya know…if you…um…well…you know…” Dinah edged her way around her point, much to Helena’s amusement.

“Lets just say it happens at some of the most inappropriate times.” Helena replied with a sly grin.

“You mean like now?”

“I’d say now was one hundred percent appropriate, Jr. Supergirl.”

Helena glanced from Dinah’s face to the buttons on her shirt & began to unbutton them one by one. Dinah was more than happy enough to let Helena gain control of the situation. She had eased into the eyes of the Huntress, primal & animalistic totally wild. There was no doubt they were turning her on. Helena slid her hands into Dinah’s open shirt, pulling her closer to her body once more, caressing the smoothness of her skin.

Dinah pressed her lips against Helena’s & was met with a passionate response. Both of their bodies rushed with adrenaline, as their kiss & touch became more & more intense. Helena glided her tongue to meet Dinah’s & it filled the younger woman with the most amazing sensations.

The passion was rising, the two women moved their hands over each other’s bodies, frenzied & intensely. Their hearts were racing, as the kiss deepened even further to the point that Helena & Dinah were totally enraptured in each other. Helena moved her hands to the buttons on Dinah’s jeans & unclipped the top one before pausing to speak.

“Are you sure you want this?” Helena’s mouth just inches away from Dinah’s.

“Just shut up & kiss me!” Dinah demanded.

Helena gave her a sly grin & obliged, pressing her lips against Dinah’s. She began to unclip the rest of the buttons, causing Dinah to utter a faint moan of pleasure into her mouth at the prospect of what was about to happen between them. This of course sent Helena’s hormones racing, knowing that Dinah wanted this just as much as she did. They fed off each other’s energy & passion, getting hotter & hotter by the second. Helena slowly moved her hand down over Dinah’s taut stomach & inside her jeans. Dinah’s mind was racing with such thoughts she never imagined she’d entertain about Helena, thoughts that would make even the worldliest person blush.

Helena’s actions most definitely spoke louder that any word she could ever utter, but unfortunately not louder than the sound of the Clocktower elevator chiming. The swift, sharp realization that they were ten seconds way from being ‘Busted’ prompted both women to pull away from each other.

“Damn it! No way is this happening!” Helena expressed her frustration, leaping off the counter.

She watched as Dinah quickly buttoned up her jeans & shirt. She no longer had the pleasure of seeing her beautiful body or feeling the warmth of younger women’s lips upon hers. A dissatisfied feeling that was soon rectified, as Helena pulled Dinah close & kissed her deeply one more.

“Bad ass.” Dinah uttered as she pulled away from Helena, a large grin spread across her lips.

“Ya might wanna sort that out.” Helena indicated with a smile to one of the buttons still undone on Dinah’s jeans, as her eyes transformed back to their humanistic state.

Dinah quickly fumbled with her jeans as Helena sauntered off to greet Barbara. The redhead exited the elevator & maneuvered herself towards Helena. The first thing she noticed was the injuries on Helena’s head & arm.

“I thought you were heading home to catch up on some zee’s? Battle wounds or just a really intense sleep pattern you’ve developed? Barbara queried with some concern.

“Battle wounds, needed to kick some ass before bedtime.” Helena replied rather nonchalantly.

Barbara found it difficult to keep Helena in check even when they were in direct communication & she was fully aware of her whereabouts. She found it frustrating each time Helena decided to go off into the night & seek out trouble just to work off any additional aggression she was feeling. It was frustrating & dangerous, which was not too dissimilar to the emotions Helena was feeling right at that moment as Dinah walked over to the two women.

“Sooo, did ya get the disks? Are they good? Should I start downloading them? Dinah babbled with false enthusiasm, still flustered from the events that had just taken place.

Barbara noticed that she was edgy & was hoping that she & Helena had not gotten into another of their arguments about who was the better crime fighter. She held up the disks so that both women were able to see.

“Yeah, right here. Say…you didn’t happen to drink a whole lotta coffee whilst I was gone?

Dinah looked at Helena & then back to Barbara. Her comment made the youngest women feel uncomfortable, as if Barbara knew what had just happened. Before Dinah had the chance to start her ‘babblefest’ once again, Helena interjected with cool composure.

“My fault. I kinda freaked out Dinah…”

Dinah glared over at Helena all the time thinking ‘Oh my God, she’s gonna tell her, any minute now she’s gonna tell her everything.’ Her eyes widened in shock, waiting for Helena to blow this thing out of the water.

“…Did the usual sneaking into the Clocktower thing; bleeding profusely from one of my many irresponsible endeavors you always tend to lecture me about. Oh, & did I mention I ruined your kitchen towel?”

Helena heard a faint sigh emanate from Dinah & grinned. She looked directly at Barbara, waiting for her to begin the ‘guardian speech’ followed by the ‘sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’ lecture. None of which was she presented with. Barbara looked over Helena’s wounds with quiet concern. They looked serious, but she was comforted by the cocky grin on Helena’s face, which was a sure sign she was going to be fine if not in a little pain come the next morning.

“This is becoming a bit of a habit.” Barbara spoke calmly.

“What? The sneaking or the irresponsible endeavors thing? Helena frowned.

“Neither. I’m talking about the ruining of my kitchen towels thing. Honestly Helena if it’s not your cooking it’s your blood.”

Barbara winked at Helena & all three women chuckled to themselves. Helena had decided in that moment that Barbara was the queen of the ice-breaker. Dinah couldn’t hold back her own witticism; the opportunity was too tempting.

“Besides all that, Helena doesn’t sneak…apparently she’s ‘stealthy’.”

Dinah flicked her eyebrows at Helena, who in turn shot her a mock anger glare. Barbara widened her smile at Dinah’s comment & the fact it had taken Helena by surprise, but the taunting wasn’t over for Helena quite yet.

“Stealthy! Is that a fact? Let’s hope Dinah doesn’t get to witness this so-called ‘stealthyness’ after you’ve consumed one too many Vodka tonics. There lies all the stealth of a Rhino on Acid.” Barbara casually mentioned.

“Hey! Can the verbal taunting cease at some point. Even my ego can get bruised from time to time.”

Helena’s objections were adhered to even though Barbara & Dinah were still sniggering at their comments.

“I promise to give you one of my lectures next time. In fact I anticipate one taking place at about 10am-tomorrow morning. Go home, get some sleep stealth girl.”

Barbara smiled at Helena & made her way over to the Clocktower computers leaving Helena & Dinah grinning at each other like two school kids. They made eye contact in silence until each of them felt they could talk without Barbara overhearing. Dinah walked with Helena over to the elevator.

“I really do not need you to be leaving right now.” Dinah quietly protested in frustration.

“Think about it, Clocktower, Barbara, me, you here & now. I don’t know about you but having Barbara hearing me making out with her young protégé is not one of my top ten fantasies of all time.”

Helena tilted her head slightly, seeing a look of disappointment in Dinah’s eyes. She cupped the young blonde’s cheek with her hand & searched her face with an intense glare. Looking from the corner of her eye, Helena checked to see that Barbara was otherwise engaged. She moved her lips to meet Dinah’s, kissing her softly before pulling away. Dinah looked into her eyes with a smile.

“I know.” Helena uttered as she referred to the transformation of her eyes once again as she back into the open elevator. She never once took her focus away from Dinah.

“So it’s home to bed then…alone.” Dinah pouted.

“Home yes, bed no. The words ‘cold’ & ‘shower’ come to mind.” Helena grinned, knowing that it would be virtually impossible to sleep that night.

“To be continued?” Dinah softly queried.

The doors of the elevator began to close, narrowing in on the image of Helena standing there opposite her. The raven-haired woman spoke out in a husky tone sending a sliver of electricity up Dinah’s spine.

“Count on it!”

In an instant she was gone. Dinah paused to contemplate Helena’s parting words, a knowing smile beaming from cheek to cheek. ‘Count on it!’ Dinah thought to herself, still hearing the resonance of Helena’s voice in her mind. That’s exactly what she would do, countdown until tomorrow, countdown until she was able to look into Helena’s eyes once again & watch them as they changed into all of their primal fervor.

“Count on it!” Dinah murmured to herself as she turned on her heel & headed over to Barbara.

The life of a crime fighter wasn’t easy & she suspected neither was an office romance. All that was left was to see what the dawn would bring. A new day with new battles & a broody, beautiful raven-haired crime fighter by her side no matter what.


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