Title: Adrenaline

Author: Raven5by5

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Disclaimer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon, UPN, Mutant Enemy etc…Characters are not my creation, just on loan to work their magic in my literary wonderland J

Synopsis: Buffy & Faith, dancing, fighting…hotness ensues.

Rating: 18 (U.K rating) Violence, profanity & sexual content.

Spoilers: None. Set some point in Season 3 just B4 ‘Bad Girls’ ep

Authors Note: Kind of a ‘one off ‘, not the usual angle I take on my ‘fic’, but I have an open mind may as well use it.

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It was 11.30 in the basement of  The Bronze & all was not well. After patrolling for the past three hours Buffy & Faith had gone to The Bronze to for some well earned chill out time.  The Gods were against them Buffy thought, as she punched the living daylights out of  a rather scruffy looking vampire. No rest for the wicked was another cliché that came to mind as she looked over at Faith, who was of course enjoying the adrenaline rush of the battle, despite the large gash on her forehead. Buffy had never met anyone like this girl, sure she was headstrong & at times intense when it came to the slaying, but credit where credit was due she knew how to fight past the pain barrier & beyond. As blood began to seep from her wound, down the side of her face, Faith wiped some of it on to the palm of her hand & clenched her fist. With a hard, swift blow she rammed her fist into the face of the nearest vampire she could find, yelling out with rage,

“You wanna taste the blood of a slayer? ‘bout as close as it gets you son of a bitch !”

The vampire reeled back, attempting with all of his might to gain some kind of composure, too late. Before he had even time to think, Faith had jolted a wooden stake through his heart. She watched with delight as her foe turned to dust.

Faith turned to set her sights on her next victim & to keep check on her fellow slayer. Buffy was as per usual, doing rather well in the body count area. She’d dusted two vampires & had moved on to her third without even breaking a sweat. Three left, Faith noticed before rushing over to cause some serious mayhem on the two vampires that had decided to give her a ‘bring it on’ kind of glare. With the force of a runaway train, she delivered punch after punch about the bodies of her enemies, occasionally glancing over at Buffy & grinning as she saw the blonde slayer fight with the same intensity. The dark haired slayer swiftly staked one of her vampire ‘groupies’ at a moment of his distraction, leaving one ‘Nasty Looking  Mother Fucker’ Faith thought to herself, not shouting it aloud like last time, which was much to Buffys dismay. She stormed over to him, looking like the most intimidating woman on the planet & without a second thought she headbutted him right between the eyes. The vampire fell to his knees, his hands clutching his face & all that could be heard was a series of muffled insults directed at Faith.

“Awe did that hurt, poor baby?”

Faith grinned at him, before grabbing his hair & thrusting her knee into his face. Doing violence to vampires was fun, but kicking their ass whilst mocking them was an even greater pleasure. The vampire, now curled on the ground writhing in agony, made a weak attempt to get to his feet, only to be pushed back to the floor by Faiths boot as she wedged it in his neck.

“I’m not finished dead boy.” Faith taunted.

She pushed down a little harder with her foot slowly crushing the vampires windpipe, not that he needed one as vampires don’t breathe, but it was an uncomfortable feeling none the less. Savoring the moment, Faith grinned down at the submissive vampire, feeling like a God. Her concentration broken only by the sound of  Buffys voice calling over to her.

“Slay him already, Faith!”

The brunette turned to the blonde who had just delivered a spinning kick to her enemies face sending him through the air. Faith turned back to the vampire still displaying a smug grin & glared at him.

“I think she wants you to die, shame. I really wish we had more time to get to know each other ya know, I’m kinda feelin’ a special bond here.”

The vampire now aware that this was the end of the line for him, merely threw Faith what he considered to be an insult,

“Screw you slayer!”

Faith laughed in his face, she had no capacity for being insulted. The girl was as tough & as hard edged as a rhino & to coin another wildlife analogy, insults were like water off a ducks back.

“You wish asshole.”

She crouched down & jabbed a stake through his heart.

“Dusted.” Said Faith, still smiling from her wannabe God moment.

While Faith reveled in her moment of glory, Buffy fought on with her vampire foe trading blows with the speed of a Formula One racing car. She blocked every one of his attacks making the vampire feel a little insecure, after all he was fighting ‘The Slayer’, a big difference than picking on some sad drunk in a bar for kicks. Buffy delivered a crescent kick to his head followed by her final blow, wooden stake through the heart. The vampire disintegrated in to a pile of dust. The girls ‘high fived’, congratulating themselves on a job well done.

“Damn if that didn’t feel good.” Faith expressed in her usual ‘post slayage’ exuberance.

“Do you ever come down from that adrenaline cloud you’re always floatin’ around on?”

Buffy asked with a smile. She knew Faith always ‘got off’ on the violence, she felt it too sometimes which worried her. Violence ‘bad’, saving the world ‘good’, she thought, but there was a fine line between violence being utilized in her slayer capacity & it becoming pleasurable.

“I’m just going with it ‘B’. What can I say I love my work.”

Faith winked at her fellow slayer, almost flirting with her. She did that all the time, everything she said or did was always some form of flirtation & she did it because she knew she could. Buffy shook her head at Faith, knowing full well what she was like, completely incorrigible.   

The basement of ‘The Bronze’ now resembled a mini war zone, boxes & storage cages strewn all over the floor mingling with vampire dust. The slayers could feel the vibrations of the music playing upstairs, pounding through the floor & walls. Buffy could see that Faith was still on a high by the way she was fidgeting her body, ‘ditto’ she thought. The aftermath of a good slay was hard to shake off & for years that’s exactly what Buffy had done, suppressed the emotions & the enjoyment of the kill. Tonight was different somehow, she felt free, like opening her eyes for the first time & seeing so many amazing things that it sent her head into a spin. A simple night of routine patrolling, followed by some down time at The Bronze had now completely spun out of control, just like Buffys head.

She & Faith were sitting & having a conversation for once which made a refreshing change from all of the death & killing, ‘actual conversation’ she thought at one point. It mainly consisted of Faith regaling Buffy with the details of some of her adventures in Boston, of her journey to Sunnydale & general goofyness. The conversation was cut short by the sight of a set of ‘wicked obvious’ vampires making a beeline for the basement of The Bronze, frightened girl in tow. Evening snack halted, girl saved, slayers save the day again. Life of a slayer is never dull & now their simple evening was not so simple.

“So the energy thing, an’ the music thing, an’ the need to feel the burn, you up for it B ?’

Faith’s tone was one of frustration. If there’s one thing the dark haired slayer hated was O.T.T on the energy factor & not having a chance to burn it off. Buffy felt the same, they were at The Bronze after all & there was music & dancing, call her an opportunist but she had to go with it.

“Lets dance!”

Buffy grinned & headed for the stairs, Faith close behind ‘Whooping’ at the top of her voice in excitement.


The sound waves pulsated through their bodies as the two slayers danced hard to the heavy dance beat, which sounded as though it should be on the soundtrack to ‘The Matrix’. The rest of the ravers on the dancefloor were mesmerized by the two girls, the way they danced, free, almost primal. Most had given up on even trying to compete with their stamina & retreated away to their own dance space, to look on in awe.

 Their bodies writhed, each move perfectly in time to the music, perspiration caused by the extreme body heat glistened on their faces. The leather wasn’t helping either, it had a habit of retaining heat, which was at times a good thing & a bad thing, but Faith would not be without her trademark black leather pants, especially in a clubbing environment. Buffy, however was a little more sensible, she was ‘skirt gal’ this evening as Faith so prominently put it when they were on patrol. This of course Faith found confounding & more than a little awe inspiring, slaying in a skirt, how the hell does she manage that? But hers was not to question, just to dance.

As the music picked up pace, so did the slayers, grabbing each other by the hand & raising their arms above their heads in euphoria. They could feel each others body heat & smell the aroma of each other’s perfume, Vanilla for Buffy, Cinnamon for Faith. ‘Sugar & Spice, how appropriate’, Buffy thought. Lost in the music, they didn’t notice two guys sidle up behind them & dance suggestively up & down their bodies. What these stud wannabe’s had on their minds was in no correlation to what zone the slayers were in. Then it happened, hands on her leather clad hips. She broke hand contact with Buffy, who had seen the look in Faith’s eyes at the exact moment the ‘feelin’ lucky’ guy had gone beyond the point of invading the dark haired slayers personal space.

Buffy slowed her dancing down in preparation for the imminent fireworks. She watched as Faith spun around to face the guy, his hands still on her hips. He grinned at her, to which Faith grinned back. She grabbed the bottle of beer he was clutching on to, which also was resting on her hip & put it to her lips, gulping it down all in one go. The guy seemed impressed & just kept grinning at her & nodding his head, Buffy on the other hand was confused. After telling the guy behind her to “Back off !” she watched as Faith returned the guys flirtations & then it happened.

“So you wanna party?” Asked Faith with a smug grin on her face.

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” retorted the guy.

“Ya know, I’m not exactly big on religion…I think I’ll pass.” Faith flicked her eyebrows.

Within a spilt second she smashed the empty beer bottle across the side of the guys head. He hunched over, clutching at his wound & yelling out in pain. Faith kneed him in the stomach & brought her elbow crashing down onto his back, knocking him to the floor. She stood over him enraged by his presumptions.

“Didn’t ya mommy ever warn you about girls like me?”

Before Faith could deliver anymore mocking comments or violent blows, Buffy grabbed arm & led her swiftly towards the nearest fire exit.


Outside in the alleyway, Buffy pushed Faith up against the wall.

“Psychotic much? What the hell was that all about? Don’t you think a simple ‘get out of my face’ would have gotten the job done?” Shouted Buffy.

“Hey, invasion of my body here ok. Ya piss me off, ya pay the price, simple. He pissed me off, I’m not gonna apologize for teaching some creep a lesson in dance etiquette.”

Faith’s tone was defensive, Buffy knew she had no intention of feeling any guilt about her actions & a part of her thought why should she, he did grope Faith without her consent, no invite-not polite. On the other hand this was Faith, walking hormone & all round party girl, it’s not usual for her to thrust a beer bottle in the face of opportunity.

“I get where you’re at Faith, but here’s a word discretion! Want me to teach you the concept some time when you’re not in jail for grievous bodily harm?” Growled Buffy.

“Woh, take a chill pill B. Startin’ to see that vein in your forehead pulsating again, high blood pressure not a good thing ya know.”  Faith smiled at Buffy.

Buffy glared back at her, noticing that her smile was one of those ‘ok my bad, but I’m Faith so go figure’. It was almost to a point, Faiths attempt at trying to be cute & of course a perfect example of her blasé attitude when confronted with any kind of serious situation, unless it involved slaying, dancing, eating or sex.

Buffy finally decided to back down, shaking her head at the brunette in a ‘this is pointless’ kind of way. She’d told herself over & over again to quit worrying about Faith & her endless array of antics & behavioral defects, it’s nothing but wasted energy. The dark haired slayer will always be ‘Lil’ Miss Force of Nature’, power tripper to the max & no amount of angst on Buffys part would ever change that.

“I can’t ever debate with you, can I?” said Buffy hopelessly.

“Of course ya can Blondie, debate as much as you like, but you know I’ll always end up on top.” Faith winked at Buffy once again.

‘Typical’, thought Buffy at the same time trying to suppress a smile, which was fighting its way to her lips. She couldn’t just say the cocky comment, there had to be a wink or some other form of proverbial icing on the cake. The smile eventually broke through, much to Faiths amusement. She loved those moments when she managed to coax Buffy out of her serious mind set into her way of thinking, moments that were few & far between, but always worth the wait.

The two slayers began to make their way out of the alley way, both still feeling the energy rush of the evenings events, Faith even more so after her confrontation with ‘Feelin’ Lucky Guy’.

“Ok so I can’t finish off the whole dancing trip, how’s about cake & Mochas?” Faith asked like a wide-eyed child.

“Hmmm, lets see, you, sugar & caffeine, I’m going with NO!” Replied Buffy like a responsible adult.

“Awe gee mom, why so mean. I’ll be good, scouts honor.”

The sarcastic reply followed by the ‘scouts honor’ salute, was just too much for Buffy. She provided Faith with a throaty giggle, at the thought of her ever being involved with such an organization as ‘The Scouts’. Although she could see her as a ‘Wilderness Girl’ maybe, but once again a thought which provoked a giggle rather than any element of seriousness.

“Ok, ok. I’ll go with a Mocha &… ‘RATHER ANGRY VAMPIRE AT TWELVE O’CLOCK!!!”

Buffys accommodating tone swiftly changed into one of warning. As she gave in to Faiths caffeine craving, a snarling vampire stepped out from the shadows behind the brunette. Buffy responded on instinct, pushing her slayer friend out of harms way & thrusting her fist into the chest of the intruder. He reeled back, but quickly gaining his composure, the vampire grabbed the blonde slayer by her shoulders, crushing his forehead into the bridge of Buffys nose. Her eyes filled with water as pain shot across her face, blurring her vision. The vampire picked her up like a rag doll & launched her through the air. The slayer colliding with a wall, landed hard on the ground, winded & disorientated.

“BUFFY !!!”Faith cried out as she got to her feet & witnessed the vampires attack.

She stormed over to him, seeing red & looking for a world of trouble, delivering a series of punches & kicks to his body. He retaliated just as vicious as before, blocking Faiths fist & grabbing her by the throat. She could feel his grip tighten, as she fought hard to breathe. He was strong & there was no way he was letting go of the dark haired slayer.

“I don’t know whether I should kill you or turn you, pretty young thing. D’ya think after

a few hours of torture I’ll come to a reasonable decision?” Mocked the vampire.

“Reason this.” With her rasped words, Faith brought her knee crashing in to the vampires groin.

“Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh !!!” He growled out in agony, clutching at himself.

Faith delivered a fist to his head, grabbing his body she sent him hurtling towards the wall Buffy had collided with.

“Heads up B.” She called over to Buffy with a grin.

By now Buffy had regained her vision & fighting stance. She looked on with delight as she heard Faiths words, followed by the vampire uncontrollably heading in her direction. Buffy grabbed his body & rammed it full bore into the wall, the vampire bounced of it like a tennis ball. Still on his feet, he shook off the dizziness from the impact & growled at the blonde. He saw a small cut just above her right eye begin to bleed & his senses were on full alert. The vampire could all most taste the slayers blood, which in his world was like Ambrosia. He growled once again & showed his razor sharp teeth to Buffy as he thrust his body towards her, moving in for the kill. His actions were fast & precise, knocking the blonde slayer against the wall with the weight of his body. She pressed her hands against his shoulders, keeping the vampire at arms length away from her neck.

From nowhere his body began to shudder, his expression changed from aggression to fear in a spilt second. Then she felt it; his body began to crumble through her fingers. Buffy looked on at the familiar sight, solid form disintegrating to ashes. As she glared through the haze of dust, Buffy was face to face with the brunette slayer. Faith stood ridged poised in battle stance, holding a wooden stake. Her timing was impeccable. She smiled at her fellow slayer & approached her, looking at the fresh cut above her eye.

“Jesus B, you going for matching scars now or what?” Faith referred to her own facial wound she had acquired during the battle in the basement of The Bronze.

Buffys grinned back; noticing that Faiths cut had begun to bleed again. She was still feeling waves of heat rage through her body from the adrenaline rush of the fight. Moving her hand towards Faiths face, Buffy wiped away the blood, which began to trickle down the side of Faiths temple.

“You need to get that taken care of.” Buffys voice was one of concern.

“Don’t mind the pain, lets me know I’m still alive.” Faith replied.

The slayers locked eyes, lost in anticipation. Buffy noticed a whisper of sadness in Faiths voice, like a lost soul calling out. As she searched her eyes, she wondered what the brunette was holding in her thoughts & if they mirrored her own. Faith returned Buffys concern & placed her thumb around the flesh of the blonde slayers wound, cupping her cheek with the palm of her hand. Buffy winced slightly as Faith spoke softly to her.

“Maybe you should get this taken care of?”

“What can I say, lets me know I’m still alive.” Buffy grinned as the words left her lips.

She began to entertain a series of thoughts in her head, thoughts which made her blush. ‘Get it together Summers’ she murmured through her mind. She’d never contemplated the thought of being even remotely intimate with another woman, although when she was first confronted with the presence of Faith, she did feel the most amazing rush up her spine. An emotional, animalistic wave which she had suppressed until now.

The two slayers breathing was still rapid from the fight, as they continued to glare at each other. Faith was amused by Buffys reply to her concern. ‘Is she flirting?’ she thought, ‘Oh my God, Buffy Summers, ‘Little Miss Retentive,’ is actually flirting!’

“If I didn’t know you better Summers I’d say you just blushed.” Faiths comment was to the point & was one hundred percent purposely spoken to put Buffy on the spot, which it did. Buffy laughed nervously & broke eye contact.

“Faith, I did not blush!” she said, still blushing, much to Faiths amusement.  

“You so did.” Faith grinned.

“Uh Uh, no way, I…I’m just a little hot…er…warm from the fight an’ stuff.” Stammered Buffy.

“Really, then why are you having vocabulary issues slayer?” the brunette retorted, never breaking eye contact.

“Faith…. I….I….”

Before Buffy had time to finish her nervous ramblings, she watched Faith follow the contours of her face with her dark eyes & suddenly she could hear the sound of her own heart beating through her mind. She was silenced as the dark haired slayer pressed her lips passionately against her own. Buffy felt all of the thoughts she had tried to suppress earlier come flooding back in tidal waves. She opened her mouth to meet Faiths, allowing her access to explore. Faith accepted the invitation, moving her lips & tongue against Buffys. ‘God this felt good’ the blonde slayer thought. Faith kissed with so much passion that it was overwhelming. Her lips were warm & soft as she provided Buffy with sensations she’d not known since she & Angel made love.

Slowly pulling away from Buffys mouth, Faith tugged gently on the blonde’s lower lip with her teeth, causing Buffy to groan with pleasure. Just inches away from her face, Faith lightly brushed her lips across Buffys & spoke softly in her husky tone.

“How far d’ya wanna take this slayer?”

Buffy nipped at Faiths lip, teasing & urging her to continue.

“As far as your imagination lets it slayer.” Buffy moaned at the several thoughts, which entered her mind at the exact moment the words rolled off her tongue.

She could have sworn she heard Faith growl at one point, but was swiftly distracted from any other concern other than how good their bodies felt pressed so close together. Faith moved to kiss Buffy once more, with each flick of her tongue, deepening the kiss, pushing Buffys sensual threshold. They moved their hands over each other’s curves, slowly to begin with, then more frenzied as their breathing became intensified. Buffy grabbed a hold of Faith dark locks as she felt the brunette slayer slide her mouth to her neck & kiss it hard. They both moaned with pleasure, as the musical vibrations emanating from inside The Bronze could still be heard in the alleyway.

As the emotions between the two slayers became heightened with every touch, they couldn’t quite believe they were in this situation, not that it mattered. Was it fighting with the vampires, the dancing in The Bronze or a combination of both which had led them to this point? Or was it inevitable that one day vampires or no vampires, dancing or no dancing, the two slayers would look upon each other with primal fervor & loose themselves in pure sexual intensity?

As electricity surged through their bodies & their movements became harder & rougher, Faith slid her hand towards the split in Buffys long, black skirt. She felt the smoothness of her skin as she ran her hand up the blonde’s toned leg. ‘woh, hand on leg, hand moving up leg’, Buffy thought for a moment if she could handle this, thoughts which dissipated as soon as Faith ran her nails across Buffys thigh, damn right she could handle this. Almost violently, Faith turned Buffys body around so she was facing the wall, grazing the blonde’s cheekbone in the process. She pushed herself hard against the blonde, pinning her there with her slayer strength. Faith kissed the back of Buffys neck hard, sending heat waves around her body, making each nerve ending tingle with delight. The blonde slayer could not move, despite matching her slaying partner in strength. She just about managed to muster the capacity for words in between the pleasurable groans.

“What is this Faith, rape games? She murmured.

Faith returned her hand to the split in Buffys skirt & slowly slid it upwards, reveling in the touch of Buffys silky skin.

“Not by my definition.” Faith whispered into Buffys ear as her hand reached the blondes underwear.

“Mmm. Really?” Groaned Buffy as Faith slid her hand to her hip & moved it under her white cotton underwear strap.

“Yeah, really!” She replied as she moved her hand lower & lower.

“Be more specific.” Buffys words were beyond flirtatious.

“I though I was. Besides if this were rape, why haven’t you told me to stop.” Faith growled.

She moved her hand between Buffys legs, exciting the blonde slayer as she moved her hand to the movements of Buffys natural rhythm. The older slayer fought to control her breathing, but it was pointless, an act of futility to even attempt to control anything when in the presence of Faith. She gasped in elation as the brunette moved inside her, teasing & taunting her with intent. Faith enjoyed hearing her fellow slayer moan with such pleasure; it was a trip to contemplate the realization of the situation. ‘I’m in an alleyway making Buffy Summers wail like a fuckin’ banshee…wicked horny,’ thought Faith. The whole scenario brought a devilish grin to her face, just as she felt Buffys arm stretch back & grab her by the back of the head. The blonde writhing hard, pulled Faith closer wanting to feel the pressure on her body. Faith continued to kiss the side of Buffys neck & paused to whisper in her ear.

“Is your mom still outta town?”


The inside of the ‘Summers’ residence was dark & still. Joyce Summers had been away for the past week at a modern art convention in Chicago, leaving Buffy to fend for herself. Her daughter was a vampire slayer after all; she had every confidence that coping with a little housework would be a walk in the park. Willow had stayed over a few times just to keep Buffy company, but tonight was one of her Wiccan meet ‘n’ greet events so the house was uninhabited, which was just as well given what the two slayers had on their minds.

With a sudden crash the front door burst open, part of the wooden doorframe came tumbling to the floor. The sound of material rustling & lips kissing was shortly followed by the two slayers hurtling into the house wrapped around each other. They must have spent a good five minutes outside the front door frisking over each other’s bodies as Buffy simultaneously attempted to find her key & open the door. Impatient as ever Faith had a solution, when in doubt kick the door in. Not that Buffy minded, she was too engrossed in Faiths body to care how the door was finally opened.

Now inside, Buffy managed to kick the door shut as she ran her tongue across Faiths collarbone. Pushing the younger slayer against one of the sitting room walls & keeping her there with the intensity of her kiss, Buffy found the light switch & flicked it. The room illuminated with a soft golden glow.

“Never took you for a lights on kinda girl B.” Faith growled moving her hands across Buffys firm Breasts.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me F.” She pulled on Faiths lower lip hard.

“Mmm. Is that a fact?” retorted Faith in her usual confident manner.

“Damn straight!” Buffy allowed Faith to unbutton her black shirt revealing her tanned body, her breasts covered by a white bra.

“Straight? Not from where I’m standing.” Grinned Faith, flicking her eyebrows in appreciation of Buffys body.

The brunette looked over Buffys semi naked form, trailing her hands lightly across her collarbones down her chest, finally resting upon her breasts. The blondes skin was hot like fire, Faith could have sworn her fingertips were burning as she circled patterns on her naked flesh. Never taking her eyes off the younger slayer, Buffy had almost managed to gather her breath during Faiths little exploration. That was until Faith decided the intermission was over as she slipped her hand under Buffys bra, clutching at her breast.

Their mouths met once again, even more passionate than before, as Faith pushed herself off the wall, forcing Buffy towards the opposite side of the room. She tore off Buffys shirt, just before they went crashing into a glass display cabinet, the blondes back taking the force of the shattered glass. Shards of glass pierced Buffys flesh, yet neither of the slayers even flinched as they continued to get lost in each other. It seemed as though they rebounded from one wall to another, knocking pictures to the floor, breaking an array of ceramic items. Buffy forced Faiths body towards the dining room, all the time their mouths never separating.

Pushing her against the dining room table, The blonde slayer ripped off Faiths top reveling a cleavage to die for. ‘Of course it had to be Black underwear’ thought Buffy as she moved her mouth down Faiths chest. Faith pushed Buffys head further down, as she groaned deeply, feeling her bra fall away & the warmth of her fellow slayers mouth upon her breast. Her tongue flicked over Faiths nipple, playful at first, then rougher. Buffy moved her tongue back up her chest, pausing slightly at Faiths shoulder, biting hard & then returning to her lips.

They moved their mouths vigorously in time with each other, Faith grabbing hard on the back of Buffys hair, as the blonde scratched her nails down the length of the brunettes body, stopping at the zipper on Faiths leather jeans. The younger slayer felt a slight vibration as Buffy slowly pulled the zip down, revealing her black underwear. She moved her hands down the back of Faiths leather jeans, grabbing her buttocks hard. In an instant Buffy lifted Faith up, sitting her on the dining table & shifted her body between the brunette’s legs.

She pulled her lips away from Faiths & slid them down towards her breasts, taking pleasure in hearing Faiths breathing become more & more erratic the harder she kissed. Arching her body back, Faith groaned with ecstasy at Buffys warm mouth on her body. Her lip bled slightly as a result of the intensity of the slayer’s kisses. As she supported her body with her taut arms, Faith felt Buffys hand move to her stomach & a sharp sensation as the blonde slayer scratched hard. She winced slightly not in pain but with pleasure, after all the pleasure / pain factor was all the same to Faith, anything that made her ‘Feel’.

Buffys hand slipped down the front of Faiths underwear, almost painfully slow. ‘Enough already with the teasing’ though Faith, she wanted Buffy to take her over the edge so much that it was beyond reason. Almost a soon as the thought entered her mind, she felt the blonde slayer move inside her as she continued to nip at Faiths breasts. The younger slayer gritted her teeth as floods of the most erotic sensations raced over every inch of her body & mind. Buffy trailed her mouth down to Faiths navel, flicking her tongue over toned, tanned flesh, purposely focusing on the scratch marks she had inflicted earlier on Faiths stomach. The blonde knew all too well how ‘lil’ Miss Force of Nature’ loved the pain factor in most aspects of her life, she figured sex was no different. After all this wasn’t love making, that was the last thing either of them wanted. No, this was something different; something primal, animalistic, aggressive, pure unleashed fire & they were both burning white-hot.

Faith bolted her body upright, reaching her hands around the back of Buffys head, pulling the slayer to her lips. As blonde hair cascaded through Faiths fingers, she kissed Buffy violently, moving hard against her slaying companion. Reaching down her back over the cuts & nicks sustained from the broken glass of the display cabinet, the brunette found her way to the buttons on the back of Buffys skirt. She flicked them undone with ease & felt as the skirt slipped over the blonde’s taut buttocks, resigning itself to the floor. Buffy moved in even closer to Faiths, so the slayer would be able to touch her body more intensely & of course the opportunity was not missed. Faith moved her hands over every inch of the Blonde slayer’s body she could reach, as she writhed & breathed deeper than she thought was humanly possible.

Both slayers moved to hold on to the back of each other’s neck, never wanting the other to break away from the passionate exploration of each other’s mouths & bodies. Faith experienced waves of what felt like thousands of pins & needles wash over entire body inside & out. Buffy moved her lips away from Faiths giving her room to breathe, as she slowed down her rhythm. She must have only moved half an inch from Faiths lips, occasionally feeling their mouths brush lightly over each others. The slayers locked eyes, perspiration glistening on their bodied; they never spoke a single word, just glared at each other’s wide eyes. Their breathing & heart rate slowing to the average humans level & then it happened. The intense stare broken by a soft kiss, as Faith shifted off the table to her feet. It continued for what seemed like an eternity, until they both pulled away, each slayer hesitant to speak.

It was Buffy who broke the awkward moment, giving Faith one of her half smiles which just screams ‘It’s good to be bad sometimes!’ Not content with just that she grabbed Faith by the top of her ‘still unzipped’ leather jeans & pulled her towards the stairs, beckoning the dark haired slayer with a flick of her eyebrows. Faith grinned back, allowing the slayer to lead her wherever she saw fit.

“So I guess it’s a sleepover!” Faith murmured in her husky tone.

Buffy never answered, just continued to grin smugly as she led Faith over to & up the staircase.


The next morning was beaming with sunlight, the air was fresh & ‘cotton was high.’ It had always filled Willow with such contentment at the thought of Ella Fitzgerald’s soothing vocals of ‘Summertime.’ It was the way she had always perceived this time of year; ‘Summertime an’ the livin’ is easy’ she thought, only in Sunnydale there was less cotton & her father wasn’t exactly that rich. Come what may she still dug the vibe, as her, Oz, Xander & Cordelia finally reached the front door of The Summers residence.     

To there horror they witnessed the remnants of the shattered doorframe & thought the worst.

“K, I’m going with the big bad here guys.” Whispered Xander.

They all glared at each other with worry & fear, wondering what their next move should be. Xander looked around for a weapon of some kind, before resting his eyes upon a broom propped against the wall. He grabbed it a held it tight, as though it was a battle axe.

“Ok janitor guy, what the hell are ya gonna do with that, sweep whatever’s in there to death?”

Cordelia’s sarcastic comment was neither constructive nor appreciated by Xander, who was trying his best to be all brave & semi macho.

“Not big on the helping today are we Cordelia. Don’t ya think if I had a choice between a sharp, pointy object & the not so scary broom I’d go with sharp & pointy, huh?” Snapped Xander.

“Guys please, enough with the venom already. Try to focus here. We go on three.”

The two bickering ‘scoobies’ were quickly silenced by what Willow liked to call her ‘parenting skills.’ Considering the fact that whenever Xander & Cordelia entered sarcastic comment mode, she always felt like a ‘mother hen’ breaking up two five year olds, only without the actual influence to send them to their rooms without supper. Willow began the count.



They all moved closer towards the front door, full of fear at the prospect of what they may be confronted with. Xander thought of a giant lizard demon lying in wait for them with every intention of eating their brains. Cordelia visualized an entourage of vampires, then paused to think if she was wearing the right shoes with her outfit. Oz did his utmost not to think negative thoughts, instead focused his eyes on his girlfriend Willow, impressed at her ‘taking charge’ moment. Willow was having issues with saying ‘Three’ & it seemed to take forever for her to reach that number, dreading the thought of what they would be confronted with the moment the door swung open. She cleared her mind of apprehension, as the signal to charge the house left her lips.


The ‘Scoobies’ swung the door open & bombarded inside the house. Poised for action, they all glared around the sitting room shocked at the damage & the lack of Buffy. A thousand of ‘What ifs’ entered their heads, as Xander led the way to the center of the room brandishing his broom, trying so very hard to look menacing. Glass, wood, pottery crunched & cracked under their feet, remnants of furniture & ornaments now nothing but debris in what looked like a war zone. Their hearts raced & not a word was spoken, until the edgy silence was broken by the sound of a woman’s voice from behind them.


“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh !!!”

Simultaneously they all shrieked & jolted their bodies to face the source of the voice, Xander still insistent on waving the broom around. What they were confronted will was neither A huge lizard demon nor an entourage of vampires, but Buffy slowly making her way down the stairs wearing a pair of jeans & a white T-shirt, not remotely lizardy at all.

“What’s with the broom Xander, are we spring cleaning?” Grinned the slayer.

“Oh thank God. We saw the door… & thought you were…so we barged…& then the room…”

Buffy smiled at Willows flustered concern as she made her way down the rest of the stairs. She looked around to see the mess & couldn’t believe the damage she & Faith had caused. The slayer knew she should feel guilty about the mayhem, but every time she glanced over & subtle grin made its way to her mouth at the thought of the previous nights events.

“Buffy your face, what happened?”

Xander interrupted Willows disjointed ‘is everything ok?’ speech, as he shifted his eyes over the slayer face. She was covered in cuts & it was obvious by the way she moved her body she was experiencing some discomfort. Before Buffy had a chance to answer Faith walked in from the kitchen, still sporting her leather jeans, only now wearing a similar T- shirt to Buffys, due to heavy damage to her own top during last nights action.

“Hey, what’s the drama?” She queried.

She looked at the flustered ‘Scoobies’ & then at Xander’s choice of weapon he was still clinging on to.

“Ooo are we spring cleaning?” She said, unaware of Buffys previous related comment.

They all smiled at her & turned to Xander as he felt the need to explain about the broom.

“Look for the last time it was the only thing available. I wanted sharp & pointy.”

He threw the broom to the floor in disgust. Willow thought for a second that he was going to start stamping his feet & that she would have to do the ‘parenting skills’ thing once again, but Xander managed to refrain. Willow noticed that Faith looked pretty beaten up herself, cuts on her head, a split lip & some kind of weird bite mark she could see protruding from the neck of her T-shirt.

“So what’s the what guys? Demons, vampires, poltergeists?” Cordelia questioned.

Buffy looked at Faith, who was enjoying seeing the blonde slayer fidget as she searched her mind for an explanation for the state of the house & their injuries.

Er…Demons, big big big demons.” Buffy gestured with her hands.

“So they were excessive then!” Oz commented in his usual nonchalant manner.

“Huge, absolutely.” Buffy gestured once again, looking to Faith for some back up.

“Er…yeah we’re talkin’ mammoth sized here.” Faith said with a sly grin.

“So were there like seven or eight? Ooo did they have horns & war hammer type thingies? Ravdell Demons not pleasant ya know.”

Willows hours of research with Giles, resulted in her having files upon files of various species of demon types stored in her brain. She could never quite figure out if that was useful attribute to have or just plain scary. Faith answered her question before Buffy had a chance to open her mouth & she took great delight in her double entendre response.

“Just the two. No war hammers, but plenty of horn going around.” Faith struggled to keep a straight face.

The response was wasted on the ‘Scoobies’. Buffy however took it upon herself to throw Faith one of her ‘behave yourself’ looks. 

“Two! Is that all? All of this mess for two measly horned demons. Even Xander could have done better with his broom.” Stated Cordelia in her usual tactless manner.

“Ah, the rantings of Miss Cordelia Chase everybody. How will we cope when she’s found in a coma, suffering serious head wounds sustained from a wooden cleaning implement?” Spat Xander.

“I’m not even gonna engage you with a response to that.” Sniffed Cordelia, as she folded her arms.

“We did come over to take you out for munchies an’ stuff, but we can do the clearing up thing instead.”

Willow as helpful as ever, thought Buffy. The truth was that she felt way too tender to start removing debris & was convinced that in the throws of passion Faith has accidentally cracked one of her ribs. Not that she minded, they both did have slayer strength after all & slayer stamina, always a blessing. All things considered she thought they both came away reasonably unscathed, from a slayers point of view obviously.

“Munchies! Sounds like a plan, I’m starved. Faith?” Buffy turned to the brunette.

“You know me B always wicked hungry after a good slaying.” She flicked her eyebrows.

Buffy subtly elbowed her in the ribs, all of which was unnoticed by the others, as their eyes still continued to scan the damage afflicted on the sitting room.

“What about the mess?” Queried Willow with some concern.

“I have an entire week to get it looking spit spot, don’t think snack time is gonna impinge too much. Besides a girl has to eat.”

Buffy ushered the others to the door, noticing Cordelia’s usual mumblings at the prospect of having to do domestic work. She never cleared up in her own home, let alone someone else’s. Buffy & Faith were the last to move towards the battered doorway. The brunette gently brushed her hand across Buffys back just as her slaying companion spoke discreetly to her.

“Think you can keep the momentum going for the next seven days slayer?”

“Try me!” Faith growled with a sly grin.

It’s gonna be one hell of a week.


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