Title: Travelers Moon

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Faith


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Buffy and Faith were looking at travel guides. They had gotten Willow to look up the following locations on the Internet.

Angola Travel warning, 'Crime is a serious problem throughout the country, pick pockets.'

Egypt Travel warning, 'Child abduction'

New Zealand Travel warning, 'The most prevalent crime is theft or attempted theft from cars, camper vans and hostels.'

As they read the info on each place that they talked about, they both sighed.

"B tell me why again that we can not stay somewhere in the United States?"

"Faith, I want to take you somewhere that you can't get yourself to."

Faith stepped back from the table and looked Buffy in the eyes.


Faith went to stomp off but was prevented by Buffy's hand on her arm. Buffy pulled her into her body.

"Peppermint come on, you know that's not what I meant." Buffy stopped long enough to pull Faith's face to hers. "I LOVE YOU and I only want to take you to a place that WE can go to together. Since money is not a problem for us, LET me spoil you for a change."

Xander who had been watching from the kitchen and heard all that Buffy had said was going to ask a question.

Faith got hers in first. "WHY did you call me Peppermint?"

Before Buffy could answer her...

"Because," Xander said, "your just like Peppermint Patty in the Peanuts comic strip, rough and tough and everybody knows you're a dyke."

"NOoooo. I called you Peppermint cause you are sweet and good to eat." Buffy said to the both of them and then looked at Faith.

Faith had gotten loose from Buffy and was in the process of running after Xander.


Willow had came into the room as she heard the yelling. All that she saw was of Buffy chasing after Faith and Xander.

"Peppermint, SHIT. FAITH STOP! YOU CAN'T KILL HIM." WE NEED HIM TO DRIVE US TO THE AIRPORT! FAITH.....FAITH!" Buffy finished yelling as she stopped. She had lost them.

Somewhere in town was a man running for his life with a crazy slayer hot on his tail.

Xander had made it to a local club and had asked the nice redhead behind the bar for a peepshow booth. He went inside and closed the door and dropped a quarter and was watching the show in front of him. Then he heard the sound of a very pissed off Slayer coming into the back.

Faith was very near him and she had her hand on the doorknob. Then Xander heard Buffy.

"THANK GOD." Xander muttered.

"Faith," Buffy said, making sure that she had Faith's attention. "Faith, come on back home. You can take your frustrations out on me." Buffy had closed what room was left and had Faith against the wall and her mouth next to Faith's ear. "Peppermint sweetie," Buffy whispered, "I want to taste you." Buffy tongue tasted Faith's earlobe.

Faith looked at the door that Xander was hiding behind as did Buffy. Xander was holding his breath. As the silence took over, Xander slowly opened the door. He saw Buffy pulling Faith out the back door. "Fuck me." Xander said. He closed the door and put in another quarter.

"Daddy like." Xander mumbled as he watched the top come off and the view close once again..


Two days later saw two slayers, a witch and a handyman at the TWA counter at the airport. There was a butt hold of luggage being checked in. Faith had only two pieces of luggage to check in. Where as Buffy had five. All of the others looked at Buffy and shook their heads.

"What?" Buffy asked, "Do I have something on me?"

Faith chuckled to herself. *not yet.*

Over the loud speaker, "LAST BOARDING CALL FOR TWA FLIGHT 14413!"

Faith and Buffy looked at each other then at Xander and Willow. Buffy said first, "Well this is our flight. Willow take care of yourself and Xander. Love ya both." Buffy hugged them and stepped away.

Faith looked at Buffy and sighed, "Red, don't fret the small stuff. Let Xan-man take care of himself." she had a smirk on her face. "Xan-man don't let Red get into trouble OR You have to answer to me. K?" Faith said.

Xander gulped hard. "Okay Peppermint." Xander couldn't help himself.

Whining..."B" Faith was looking evilly at Xander.

"Alright stop it the both of you. She is mine Xander, stop flirting with my girlfriend."

"Sheesh, no fun for the Xan-man, makes me do the wacky." Xander said.

Buffy pulled on Faith's arm. "Come on lover, we got to get our asses on that plane."

*A plane? She had to get the trip that had a plane trip on it. I am so in trouble." Faith thought.


Buffy and Faith had made four connecting flights and then they were finally on the last part that took them to the ship that was waiting for them. Faith was way over her fear of flying. With being on five planes, she had gotten over it and was now snoring next to Buffy.

Buffy was watching her girlfriend sleep. That was the only time that Faith didn't keep asking her what she was looking at, or if she should take a picture of herself. It was just nice to watch her sitting beside her so calm.

The plane hit turbulence and Faith was woken up. Her face was green. Buffy grabbed the air sick bag and just did get it to Faith in time.


Buffy and Faith were on board The Mirage. It was a brand new Nile cruiser. They were still in Aswan and the cruise would take them a bit north of Luxor to key temples. The cruiser was a more updated one in that it had a standard room equipped with full bath, hair dryers, mini-fridges and telephones with international access. Satellite color televisions and radios provided in-cabin entertainment, that also included a set of multi-lingual movies each day.

Both of them were in heaven. They did the unpacking of their suitcases, changed clothes and headed out to get a snack. What they found was an evening buffet, which made them both glad that they had their formal attire on. They got in line and the sight in front of them was a mass of different foods.

Faith grabbed some food that looked like it would be hot. Buffy went after the more calm looking food. And boy did they have some surprises. Buffy's food turned out to be the most god hottest food she have had in her mouth. Faith was trying not to spit hers out. They looked at each other.

"Trade?" They both asked.

"Yes." Was their answer.

Once the food was exchanged they went back to eating. Buffy was happy, nice calm food. Faith was giddy. Hot food, *HELL YES* Faith thought.


There was excursions scheduled for that night. Buffy had already signed them both up for one of them. And they had changed their clothes once again. Buffy had a duffel bag with her. They got out of the boat and onto a small island. No one else had came with them. Faith looked around and then saw Buffy heading in a southern direction. Faith followed her. She was watching Buffy's ass moving. Buffy had on a pair of the shortest shorts that Faith had ever seen. Buffy's top also was extra tight, and what delighted the raven hair slayer was that Buffy had not put her bra back on.

Faith watched Buffy as she opened the duffel bag and took out a blanket and laid it down under the tree that she had found. She then took out a few more items and then and only then did she look at Faith.

Buffy was eyeing Faith up and down. Faith had put on a pair of leather shorts and was only wearing a black zippered vest with it. It looked hot to Buffy in more ways then one. Oh how Buffy wanted to pull that zipper down. Her mouth went dry just thinking of what was under that vest.

Buffy beckon to Faith with her eyes, *Come let me fuck you till you ask me to stop.* Buffy's eyes told Faith.

*Fuck* and *Oh fuck yeah* Faith thought.


Buffy had Faith lie down and close her eyes, and then she sat down next to her. Buffy opened one of the containers and took out an item. She ran the item across Faith's lips. As she did Faith's mouth opened and she inhaled.


"Faith just enjoy" Buffy told her.

Buffy place the item into Faith's mouth, "Bite it." Buffy told her. Faith did and was assaulted with the taste of blackberries.

"Mmmm" Faith muttered.

Buffy then opened the next one and went to offer it to Faith and stopped, "I think you are over dressed." Buffy told Faith.

Buffy laid her body over Faith for only a moment she told herself, *only for a moment*. A few minutes later Buffy was moving down Faith's body. Her teeth had the zipper on the vest and was pulling it open. As Buffy moved down farther on the other slayer's body the vest was completely open and Faith's luscious breasts were glistening in the moonlight. Buffy then set about taking the shorts off. Faith had not wore any panties, but then again she never did.

Then to save time, Buffy took her own clothes off. She went back to the containers that she had to still open. Buffy watch as Faith laid there by her waiting for the next move. God how Buffy loved this part. Buffy open the third container and ran the item over Faith's nipples. Faith's back arched as the ice cube was making her nipples poke up at Buffy.

"B, cold."

Buffy giggled.

"I know." Buffy told her.

Buffy ran the ice cube all the way down to the dark curls. Then without warning Buffy was circling Faith's clit with the ice cube. Faith's whole body arched.

"Fuck B."

"In Time."

Buffy grabbed another ice cube and placed it inside of Faith's pussy. It was not there for very long as the heat coming from Faith melted it.

Faith opened her eyes, looking at Buffy. Buffy did not see her do it, as Buffy was getting another item out to drive Faith even more crazy. Faith closed her eyes just in time.

Buffy knew that Faith was watching her. That was one of the things that Faith like to do.

Buffy knew this item was going to make Faith nuts. So she placed the item in her right hand. She laid down next to her lover. Looking at the girl that she loved more then anything in the world, she bought her mouth just in reach of one of Faith's breasts and then blew on it. The wiggle that she got was a wonder. She placed the item just in between the dark slayer's legs and then with just her fingertips she started a slow caress of Faith's breasts.



Buffy picked the item back up and then brought her mouth down and sucked in a nipple. She bit the nipple and rolled her tongue around it, then she was moving down slowly, kissing, tasting of the body next to hers. As she got lower to Faith's pussy the scent of musk hit her full force. Faith was aroused and very wet. She ran the tip of her nose down the middle of the coarse curls. She kept her tongue going down all the way, till she had licked her clit and licked her ass.


"Almost." Buffy told her.

Buffy then looked at the item and then at her dark lover. She moved the item down and as it was almost going to be inside of Faith, she looked up at her.

"Baby look at me." Buffy asked her.

Faith opened her eyes and locked hers with Buffy's.

Then Faith felt something being slid into her. It was cold and hard and then it was moving faster and faster.


Buffy didn't answer her with words she was moving the hardest piece of cantaloupe that she had ever found inside of Faith's pussy and god if she was not going to just come herself from it.

Buffy broke the eye contact to look down at the cantaloupe going into Faith. She couldn't take it any longer and took the cantaloupe out of Faith. Buffy saw Faith's juices coating the cantaloupe and brought it to her mouth. Part of it disappeared into her mouth and she bit part of it off, then looking at Faith she started sucking on it, it was moving in and out of her mouth. Buffy's hand was moving it, with the same motion that she used to fuck Faith with it a minute ago.

As Buffy was licking and fucking her own mouth, she moved up to Faith and placed the other half next to Faith's lips. Faith's tongue came out and tasted the cantaloupe and her juices. She grabbed Buffy's hand licking one of her fingers and then placed her lips around the piece of cantaloupe and slowly, god oh so slowly, sucked it into her mouth.

Buffy groaned and watched as Faith was fucking her own mouth with the cantaloupe piece.

Each one was taking them to a place that only they could take each other. Faith saw Buffy's hand move down and started playing with her own clit. Faith slowly sucking the piece of cantaloupe as Buffy's hand was moving down into her pussy and bringing her juices back up to her clit. Buffy's clit was swollen and now very wet.

Faith's own hand had found her own clit and was now being pinched in between her fingers. Which cause her hips to jerk. Buffy's hips was also moving as she was fingering her pussy.

Faith watched the sweat running down Buffy's breasts.

Buffy was watching Faith.

Faith bite into the cantaloupe piece and then swallowed it. Buffy had watched her throat as she had swallowed. Faith then moved quickly taking Buffy's hand. She brought it up to Buffy's mouth and Buffy's tongue licked one of her fingers and then Faith sucked the other two into her mouth.

"God, I love the way you taste." Faith told Buffy. As her hand moved down to Buffy's pussy, she ran her fingers down the center of it. Buffy was drenched. Two of Faith's fingers slid into Buffy. Her fingers felt like she was moving them through butter. *Sweet and sticky and so fucking hot* Faith thought.


"B, Buffy..." Faith whispered as she moved her fingers faster.

Buffy had moved her own fingers into Faith. She started with the same motion that she used with the cantaloupe in her mouth. They placed a arm around the other and started moving their fingers into the other.

As they fucked each other, they each add another finger to each other...their walls started to tremble and they were looking into each other's eyes. Faith slowed her fingers down and Buffy increased hers.



They each moved their fingers once more and then a torrential stream broke open for both of them, their fingers stopped moving, their hips each moved twice more and then they were both panting and moving closer to the other. They removed their fingers and took the other into their arms. Lips met, tongues caressed in the lightness of lovemaking.

They settled down onto the blanket.

"Love you Buffy."

"Love you, my Peppermint," Buffy said. "Faith."

They laid back enjoying the sky view.


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