Title: Tombstone Rubbing

Author: Raven White

Fandom: BTVS

Pairings: Buffy/Willow


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Joyce was sitting at home drinking scotch, wondering when Buffy was going to be coming home.

Buffy was sitting over a tombstone and Willow was kneeling on the ground in front of her. Her tongue was licking her pussy out. Her strokes were long and short, right down the middle of her opening. "Ooh Willow, humm...yeah like that..fuck."

Buffy's ass was wiggling against the hard stone. Just as she was about to come; they heard a noise and then one pissed off raven slayer was up on them.

"This is why you left me back at Giles's apartment! So your hacker can click your mouse?!" Faith was pacing and went to grab Willow.

"Faith stop trying to hurt her; you know that we can never be." Buffy had pulled up her pants and saw Giles coming into view, he was blushing and also mumbling; "Bloody Hell." He was now cleaning his glasses, soon there would be no glass left at all in them. Willow was hiding behind her slayer and just daring the other slayer to grab her.

As Buffy was going to say something to Faith and Giles they heard someone in a foot chase. Angel flew past them, knocking the demon down and brought the sword down; thus cutting it's head off. He cleaned his sword off looking at the others that he had just passed. He smelled the air and his nose twitched, a smile was on his face.

Willow was not happy and grabbed Buffy's hand. Faith was backing up and had her stake in her hand; if she couldn't have B, then her pet vampire was going to be dust. Buffy jumped in front of her and caught the stake in her hand. "Faith, no one likes a sore loser." Willow smiled and Giles was looking around and wondering why he didn't stay at home.

"Buffy, I have the item that you asked me to get for you." Angel walked over and handed a small box to Buffy. He looked at Faith and went to reach for her hand; "Leave the mouse alone, Faith." Faith looked down and wondered why he was trying to hold her hand. "Angel?" Now holding her hand, he looked at his former lover and at the closeness of the two best friends. "Faith, the best one won. Leave them alone." Angel was pulling her away as a blonde slayer was getting down on one knee, with the ring box open.

"Willow my love, you are mine and I want the world to know." Tears came to the redhead's eyes. "Will you marry me?" Buffy was crying. "Oh GOD YES!" Willow told her; the ring was on her finger in seconds and then they met in a heated kiss. Everything else forgotten for them as Faith, Giles and Angel kept guard.

The End.

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