Title: One Sultry Night In Some City

Author: The Raven

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The sultry heat of another summer night had returned after a brief, cooling rain shower, causing puddles to evaporate into a haze of steam and tempers to rise along with the humidity. The city was mine at night, a place for me to blend in and to watch the ebb and flow the humanity who also called the nighttime city home. With my long legs consuming the distance between my point of origin and my eventual destination, I walked through the night, observing its denizens, but mostly ignoring them, as tonight I had other plans, plans aside from the city night.

As was usual, my path was unblocked by anyone, as my advancing aura caused all but the most foolish to move out of my way, and tonight, it seemed that the most foolish were not out in force. Only the slight ring of the nails in the soles of my boots penetrated my consciousness as I moved in the darkness like a shadow, mostly blending in. The flash of silver at the tips of my boots and at my belt buckle seemed to tell both the night and its inhabitants, that I was not the night, just moving through it, this usually tended to cause both the darkness and the people in it, to move out of my way and to let me pass. If either ever gave me trouble as I moved, there was always the black handled dagger, discretely nestled in the side of my right boot, ready as always, to show off its flashing silvery blade to the night. It was not needed very often, so it bided its time and moved beside me in the darkness.

My determined wandering finally brought me to an alleyway, indistinguishable from any other alleyway in the city, but to those who knew what it contained, it had an irresistibly draw, like the nectar of a flower drew a hummingbird. I carefully stepped over some broken glass and a pile trash at the mouth of the alley and walked into its gaping maw, swallowed even more completely by the dark city night, vanishing into it. I had reached my current destination, now it was time to see what was waiting for me when I arrived and what would appear after I was there. At the end of that deserted alley, a large dented and dirty metal door stood, blocking the way of everything, except the most curious, or of people who actually knew what lay behind it. Without pause I grasped the handle and pulled at the heavy door, opening it to a crack, before managing to put some shoulder into it, then opening a gap just wide enough for me to slip into the corridor behind the door. Behind the door, I paused to catch my breath and my bearings as I shut the night outside. The low pound of music and conversation, the smells of smoke, sweat and beer greeted me. I had arrived, but whether anyone would notice my arrival would remain to be seen, not that I really cared anyway. The ring of the nails in my boots was now lost in the noise of the bar, so in essence, my approach was now silent amidst the loud din, but the darkness inside of the bar swallowed me as easily as the darkness of the night had.

The interior of the bar was like any bar, with smoke stained walls, beer stained floors and the loud music, loud conversations and the heady press of flesh. Almost all the light from the dozen or so exposed light bulbs was instantly absorbed by the muted colours and dark corners typical of any bar. The main difference between this bar, and almost any other, especially in this city, was that th press of flesh consisted of only women, there were no men to be seen anywhere. men knew better to even try to come to this place. The two bouncers I had passed on my way in, had given me the customary once over, leaving me with no doubts that they at least felt capable of ejecting anyone who was felt to be an undesirable from the bar, and no doubt the alleyway as a whole. The two bouncers knew me on sight, so I passed with only the barest glance, but I had seen them go to the point of doing a physical inspection of a potential patron, just to insure that nothing was out of place or extra on their supposedly female bodies. I knew that there were about a half dozen male to female transsexual people, who had over time, earned the right to come to this bar, but that right usually came after the chop and well into the hormone treatments. There was no testosterone poisoning to be had in this place, and it was a relief, to women like myself, and to the hundreds of others who came here, to this bar that was open from about 6 pm to 6 am, almost every day of the year.

Smiling inwardly at my memory of the bouncers arrogant confidence, I moved towards the bar, the only part of the whole place that had anything approaching descent lighting, no doubt so that the sharp eyed bartender could determine i you were indeed old enough to be drinking, and if the money you were handing over was real and not some forgery. Easily dodging a waitress as she balanced a pile of drinks on a tray in a way that made me think that she was probably breaking several known laws of physics but would never be famous for it regardless. The bar was a bristle with an armament of cheap liquor, cheap beers and for the brave, a few bottles of wine that had probably been opened sometime during the Korean War and would easily make a nice salad dressing, if one was not especially particular about ones vinegar. This place was not for those seeking the finer things in life, this place was simply throbbing with life, sexual energy and an element of danger, all of which made walking into a filthy alleyway in the middle of the night more than worth it to the majority of the women who came here. This particular bartender did not know me, so I simply ignored the funny look I got from her when I ordered ice water, I was not here to get drunk, this was not the sort of place that made it fun or even economical, I was here to watch, observe and think my night away.

Taking my water and throwing a crumpled dollar bill onto the bar, I turned towards the room, watching the moving mass of female flesh, some dancing, some kissing, some getting down in other ways, most drinking and all trying to talk over the noise, and by doing to increasing its volume every moment. They were an interesting bunch of women, the women who came to this bar, often their antics provided me with hours of observing pleasure, their interactions fascinating me to no end, like I was looking into a train as it passed by, watching the people inside live completely separate lives from my own, encased in their own little world, like goldfish in a bowl. Some of them were oblivious to my watching eyes, others self conscious under it, and others reacting in an almost defensive way, as if sensing that my perusal was not really all that casual, and they were actually being examined on a microscopic level. The kind of thing that would easily make defenses rise to the surface, especially in the cramped, heated environment of a bar.

While I was observing the sometime inhabitants of the bar, I was becoming slowly aware of the sensation of being watched, as closely as I was watching others. The sensation grew stronger, until I was no longer able to and started to look around with curiosity. It was not common that anyone would rest their eyes on me for more than a moment, the chance of my eyes meeting theirs was usually a risk few would dare to take. It was then that I saw her, the woman who was watching me with the eyes of a hunter, boldly, without any hesitation or shyness. In a moment I took in her body, the clothes she wore, her manner and her eyes, even from a distance it took but a moment to my experienced eyes. Not at all tall, quite petite actually, but with a room filling presence, I could see that this woman was no one to fuck with, and found that instantly appealing. I have always loved a strong personality that does not have to be backed up with brute force, brute force was so very crude and so very easy to apply. The clothes she wore, both revealed and hid her body from my searching eyes, from my prying gaze. The tight black pants she wore, showed off the curve of her hips and ass and the elegance of her legs, a tight white t-shirt showed off her hourglass figure, slim waist and beautifully proportioned breasts. My curiosity and lust had been peaked, now it remained to be seen what would happen next.

By this time I was moving towards her, drawn like a moth to a flame, heedless to whether I would be burned, heedless to anything except getting nearer to this woman, who was watching me from across the room. When I reached her, I could see her clear eyes and delicious looking lips, seeming to tell me to kiss them, without asking, a neck demanding to be caressed without consent, shoulders capable of wrapping around me and holding me, despite of my tempestuous nature. I was hooked, I did not know her name even, but I was in love, the passion was pouring into my blood stream, causing a sheen of sweat to form on my body, and a blush to show on my skin. In the abbreviated eternity it had taken me to move across the bar, the DJ had changed the music, and now something with a hot, sexy beat was playing, something that was demanding that I grind myself into this woman, offer myself to her and then take her offering in return. She did not speak as I arrived, merely moved towards me and we danced, the rest of the bar vanishing into the background, leaving only the beat of the music and the two of us in its place. The music, the desire and our hot bodies, burned the air around us, driving the initial awkwardness from our bones and out of our muscles, taking over our heartbeats and causing us to move as one with the music. We danced, like we had known each other for a lifetime already, versus the seconds or minutes we actually had, our bodies touched, then ground into each other, hands grasping, hips moving, hearts pounding.

The song changed soon, but the beat remained and by this time our hands had decided to take the lead, I could feel her hands on me, like nimble infernos, burning me wherever she touched, I could feel her hot breath on my neck as we danced close to each other, her thigh grinding into me, forcing the seam of my jeans to rub my already aroused body into a frenzy. Unable to control myself any longer, or unwilling to control myself, I lifted my head from her the side of her face and looked into her eyes that seemed to look into my soul without effort, that looked past my barriers and my masks and looked directly at me. Without asking, I leaned forward and kissed her lips, her delicious beautiful lips and in doing so seemed to break down the final barrier between us. What was merely distracting, even maddening heat in my blood, now ignited into an inferno that took my breath away, brought my body to a standstill on the undulating dance floor. My hands were working on their own volition, crushed her body to mine, molding our respective curves together, until nothing but two layers of thin cloth was between us. Oblivious to the people moving around me, I was reduced to pure feeling, filled with intoxicating passion for this unknown woman. When her tongue demanded entrance to my mouth and I granted it, I felt rather than heard her moan into my mouth. The subtle vibration of her body and the tickle of it in my own mouth brought up an answering chord from deep within me. This dueling of our of tongues, that eventually became a slow dance, only ended when the need for air overcame our need for the kiss to continue. Pulling away from her, I looked into her eyes, her dilated pupils reflect a small version of myself back to me, seeing the image of my own desire in them. Without thought, I brought my hand up to touch her lips and then my own, feeling the echo of our kiss boiling in my bloodstream and feeling the wonder, surprised I could feel such passion for anyone, let alone someone I had only just met.

The music chose that moment to change, and something irritating and with quick tempo started to play in its place, snapping me out of my trance and making me aware of the press of flesh around me, as women getting drunker by the minute, filled the dance floor. I looked at the woman standing before me, trying to communicate with my eyes alone and to my delight, I found that she understood my message and was clear with her answer that she gave me with her eyes. I offered her my hand, which she took with a slight smile and then I guided her through the heaving mass of bodies towards the door of the bar, past the arrogant bouncers without a pause. I was oblivious to the eyes that followed us out not caring what anyone thought, only wanting to know this woman in a more intimate surrounding and to not have to yell above the din to be able talk to her. The hot blackness of the night greeted us when we stepped out of the bar enfolding us in its suffocating embrace, instantly causing a trickle of sweat to start moving down my spine that pooled at the waistband of my jeans before vanishing into them. Conscious if our departure from our safe haven, I released the woman's hand and looked at her in the darkness, seeing the fine featured face and the gleam of sweat on the alabaster skin at the nape of her neck. I wanted to drink the sweat form her skin, almost more than I wanted to draw breath, I could feel the temptation making my hands burn and barely suppressed the urge to clench my fists at the feeling. She then turned intelligent eyes to me and I could see that her face was used to both smiling and not smiling, and that knowledge somehow pleased me greatly, like I had found a treasure beyond compare. Before we started to walk out of the alleyway the woman turned to face me and told me her name. She spoke in a low alto, that was faintly accented but perfectly modulated. Her voice traveled from my ears to my heart, warming it for the first time in what seemed to be a very long time before settling lower in my body, causing the already crackling fires to burn even hotter. Offering a slight smile to her, I watched her for a long moment, wanting to imprint her into my memory and I then introduced myself in turn, feeling like I was giving her a piece of myself to hold, now that she knew my name. The thoughts caused the smile on my face to grow a little bigger, before it vanished once more behind my many masks. The woman did not seem in the slightest bit perturbed however, only gave me a small smile in return as we turned back to the nights humid embrace and disappeared into the darkness of the city...

The End...
The Raven 2003

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