Title: The Kiss

Author: The Raven

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I woke with a start, unsure of where I was, or even who I was, until the rush of reality came flooding back to me, having been banished by the dream that I had been unable to distinguish from the truth.

- - - - - - - - - -

Moving slightly in my bed, I listened to the night, trying to determine, not only what time of night it was, but trying to grasp at the straws of my already forgotten dream. With a frustrated sigh, I threw back my covers and rose to my feet. The dream, was one that I wanted to remember, this I knew with certainty and frustration. Right now however, my bladder was pressing me insistently at my dream world would have to wait for a few minutes at least. With a small sigh, I padded across the cold floorboards to the bathroom, the silence and darkness that surrounded me so completely telling me that it was early morning, when all was quiet and all was still. Moving my memory and feel alone, as I was loathe to turn on the light, should I somehow banish my dreams completely, I found my way to the bathroom and quickly went through motions, practiced and perfected for an entire lifetime, automatic, requiring no thought. I found myself consciously glad of this for a few moments, as it allowed me to remain focused on the dream, the one that I so wanted to remember. A glass of water, was my next goal, as I moved through the silent darkness, by feel and by memory alone, easily retrieving it and making my way back to my warm and comfortable bed. Less than 5 minutes had passed from the moment I had awakened so abruptly, and now I was eager to once again, fall asleep and just maybe, find myself back in my dream. As my blankets and the dark night, wrapped me into their embrace of warmth and silence, I found my eyelids growing heavy and once more, I drifted off into my dreams.

- - - - - - - - - -

Looking around myself, I see that it is night, though the starlight and the full moon make it seem as bright as day, but without color and with a stillness that only comes with night. The next thing I notice, is that I am not alone, there is a woman standing perhaps 3 arms lengths away from me, shadowed in the moonlight. I want to ask her who she is, or where I am, but I find that I have no voice, but I can see that she is looking at me intently. I get the feeling that she sees more in this night light than I do. Curious now, I step towards her, only to see her take a step away from me. Again, I find myself wanting to talk, to ask her to allow me to come closer, to see her more clearly. But there is only silence aside from the sounds of the slight breeze touching the leaves and frost crunching underfoot. My errant thoughts are interrupted by a movement the woman makes, her hand, it is motioning me, indicating that I should follow her. I find myself smiling a little and I know that I will follow her, anywhere.

Our journey takes us though the darkness and our footsteps are guided by the moonlight, sure and easy... silent. The woman walks before me, always staying a few arms lengths away, and turning frequently to offer me a small smile and to motion me onwards. I would follow anyway, I am curious about her, and enchanted in the moonlight. Unaware of time passing, my feet carry me lightly across the frozen ground and I am drawn further and further into the night, into this woman who walks ahead of me, half hidden and half revealed by the moon. Finally, after a brief eternity that I was not even conscious of, we seem to have arrived at the destination. The woman looks at me for a long moment, and then motions me closer. I find myself suddenly shy, yet eager to finally be allowed closer to this moonlit woman. As I step beside her, being careful not to touch, the woman points at the sky with an expressive gesture, her eyes reflecting the starlight as she looks up with me. As I do this, I see that we are standing high upon a hill, and there is nothing but sky all around us, surrounding us, bathing us in moonlight and the gentle touch of the stars. Now enraptured, as well as enchanted, I turn a full circle, seeing the night all around me, surrounding us. Us... My thoughts now turn to the woman who is standing right beside me, this moonlit woman, whom I have been following through the night for what has seemed to be a lifetime. As I look at her, she turns towards me and I see her face for the first time, though it is still shadowed by the moon and in the moonlight her features are alabaster, her eyes shadowed, but I can see her shining pupils, like black onyx in the moonlight. Another abbreviated eternity passes, as this nighttime woman examines my face, me, with eyes that I now know, can see more than mine in this night. Then, without warning, she reached out and touches my face, so quickly, that I do not even have time to react. Her touch was delicate and her fingers were cool and soft. Instinctively, I turned my face into her hand and inhaled her delicate fragrance as I closed my eyes and savored the moment. A heartbeat or lifetime later, I felt her other hand lift my face and I opened my eyes. Her face was serious, yet I could see laughter in her eyes as her hands continued to examine my face, neck and shoulders for a few moments and then she moved even quicker than she had before and pulled me gently towards her. In a microcosm of time, I felt my heart jump into my throat, my knees sag and her lips on my lips. Unable to react for a hundred beats of a hummingbirds wings, I felt the floodgates of understanding, of emotion and of sensations opened. Unfreezing, I opened my mouth and kissed her back, feeling everything, knowing everything, seeing everything, all at once...

- - - - - - - - - -

I woke with a start, unsure of where I was, or even who I was, until the rush of my dream came flooding back to me, having been banished by the reality that I had been unable to distinguish from the truth...

The End...

The Raven

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