Show: The West Wing

Title: Fulfillment

Author: The Raven

Pairing: C.J. Cregg/Debbie Fiderer

Summary: C.J. can be a little clueless at times, so Debbie decides to clue her in a little...

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Nope


Disclaimer: They are not mine, I'm just rubbing them together to see what happens. The story however, is mine...

Beta Reading: Soon! :)

Notes: I do follow West Wing, but not religiously and also, I am several seasons behind, so as accurate as I will try to be, I am bound to make mistakes...

Monday, 12 noon.

C.J, Cregg walked out of the Oval Office, her gaze focused on the files in her hand, engrossed and unaware of anything else in her surroundings.

In her oblivion, she failed to notice that she was on a collision course with Debbie Fiderer, the Executive Secretary to The President, at least not until it was too late to do anything about it...

Feeling herself collide with another body, C.J. felt her grip on the things in her hands fail and her body being caught my a strong set of arms a moment before she teetered on the edge of her center of gravity.

Startled and confused, she looked up into the face of her would be rescuer and the person she had collided with.

It was Debbie Fiderer, the Executive Secretary to The President.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry..." C.J. blurted as she steadied herself against the strong arms of her victim-cum-savior.

The intelligent eyes of Debbie Fiderer smiled at her as the efficient woman made short work of collecting C.J.'s fallen papers and of standing the blonde Chief Of Staff upright.

"That's quite all right Ms. Cregg, are you all right?" The smoothly patrician tones of the elegant secretary soothed C.J.'s nerves.

"Yes, I am quite fine, thank you..." C.J. said as she accepted her bundle of papers and made her way out of the room, her mind already focused on other things...


Tuesday, 10:45 am.

As C.J. Cregg walked towards the Oval Office, her scheduled meeting with The President starting in five minutes, she paused at the desk of Debbie Fiderer, having long ago discovered that the woman was an invaluable source of information with regards to The President's state of mind et cetera.

"Good morning Ms. Cregg, how may I help you?" C.J. Looked up at the voice and felt the Executive secretary's eyes pin her in place for long moments.

"You can call me C.J., everyone else does..." C.J. blurted before she could stop herself, before mentally rolling her eyes.

The woman was going to think that the number one advisor to The President was a babbling idiot.

In her distracted and self castigating mental state, C.J. failed to notice the flicker of a smile that crossed the somewhat stern visage of the woman on the other side of the desk.

"Well, C.J., is there anything I can do for you?" There was a hint of a smile in the controlled voice, but again, C.J. was too distracted to notice.

"Oh yes... Sorry, well, I just stopped to see if there was anything special to note for today?" C.J. said, covering her discomfort with a very businesslike tone...

"Nope, he is in a good mood and well rested." Debbie Fiderer replied brightly.

"Thanks!" C.J replied, adjusting her suit minutely and stepping towards the door to The President's office.


Wednesday, 11:05 pm.

Unaware that she had any scrutiny, C.J. was trying to catch a few Z's on a couch in a meeting room, her shoes kicked off haphazardly and her jacket draped over her exhausted form.

Momentarily startled as she felt her jacket being moved and the soft weight of a woolen throw being draped over her, C.J. blinked her eyes and looked up sleepily.

"Hi..." She managed sleepily, seeing that it was Debbie Fiderer who had covered her.

"You really should go home, C.J., The White House will still be here in the morning..." The brunette secretary said softly, her hands seeming to absently stroke the blanket into place.

"Are you sure?" C.J. asked, feeling so soothed yer so stimulated by the other woman's gentle, unconscious touch.

"It better be, I want to see you tomorrow..." The soft reply of Debbie Fiderer was mixed into C.J's dreamscape as the blonde woman once more fell into the embrace of Morpheus.


Thursday, 6:30 am.

C,J, Cregg pried her eyes open and shifted uncomfortably in her makeshift bed. She was now well rested enough that sleeping was no longer possible on this ghastly surface, though part of her mind desperately wanted to continue its repose.

The scent of fresh coffee reached her and the blonde Chief Of Staff opened eyes a little wider to look around.

On the low table next to the couch she had been sleeping on was a tray with a continental breakfast and a pot of coffee. Pondering what she had done in a previous life to deserve this, C.J. sat up with a groan and stretched out her infinitely sore back.

Feeling sticky and rumpled, C.J. knew she would need to make a visit to the locker room before she could start her day, but first, breakfast, courtesy of whatever angel or person, who had with the simple gesture, set a tone for C.J.'s day that she could not help but hope would remain for its duration.


Friday 1:58 am.

As C.J. left The White House grounds, fully intending on going home and at least trying to have a weekend off, she became aware of another figure coming into step beside her...

Glancing over, she immediately recognised Debbie Fiderer, who thought looking a little tired, was impeccable as always.

"Hi C.J., going home at last?" The soft spoken woman inquired gently.

"Yes, thank goodness... The President has ordered me to take the weekend off, with the promise of all kinds of mayhem if I do not comply." C.J. replied in a wry tone of voice.

"Ah, well you know, he is known for making good on his promises..." Debbie Fiderer replied.

"Yes, he is... The problem is that though I am more tired than I can ever remember being, I am so awake I don't think I will be able to sleep." For the life of her, C.J. could not fathom what had caused her to suddenly confide in this woman, however she was going with her gut reactions.

The two women walked in silence for a while, the hot and damp night wrapping them in a cushioned nest of silence. As they neared their respective transportation, C.J. turned to say good night to Debbie Fiderer when her words were interrupted by the woman in question.

"Would you like to go out for a drink?" The words were spoken so softly that for a few moments, C.J. was not sure she had even heard them.

"No, but I would like it if you came back to my place, or we could go to yours, for a drink... I am not really in the mood for any kid of noise, or crowd..." C.J. trailed off, feeling a deep blush spread across her face and feeling infinitely grateful for the darkness that surrounded them even in the the middle of the city.

Suddenly wanting nothing more, than to spend more time with this mysterious woman, who was so essential to The White House and to The President and thus to all of them, C.J. held her breath and hoped that the brunette secretary would say yes...


Friday, 10:46 am.

As C.J. struggled to open her eyes as the morning light finally made its way to her bed, she became aware of a few things simultaneously.

1. She was not alone in bed.
2. She was not with a man in bed.
3. She remembered how this had happened.

With her heart pounding, C.J. opened her eyes and looked at the woman curled up against her.


Who would have thought it?


Monday, 12 noon.

As C.J. Cregg walked out of the Oval Office, she completely ignored the files in her hand and concentrated her focus on the woman who was The Gatekeeper to The Presidents office.

Happy beyond measure, delirious even, C.J. flashed the woman a brilliant smile and paused in front of her desk, wanting more than anything for the day to be over, so she would once more be able to curl up in this extraordinary woman's arms and love and be loved...

Sighing happily to herself, C.J. tore herself away and resumed her duties, but her mind remained focused on Debbie Fiderer, Executive Secretary to The President of The United States of America.

Debbie Fiderer, her lover...

The End

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