Title: Brain Candy

Author: The Raven

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I am thinking about desire as I write this. You are breathing into my ear with your hot wanting breath. I want you, like I have wanted no other in my life, my desire eats at me when I am not with you. When I am with you, I cannot get enough of you. My body craves your caress, your lips, I burn from them, deep inside.

When we kiss, I feel fire spread in my body, as fast as my blood pumps in my veins, I feel the touch of your hands, roughened by desire. I want to breathe in the scent, the sounds of desire, the gasps of pleasure that come from your lips. My body responds to your body, my desire is heightened by yours. My hands crave to touch you. I want to feel you shiver under my touch, hear you moan as I kiss your fair skin in the sensitive places that I have found.

I can taste you, feel your heat, feel your pleasure. I want your hands in my hair, your leg over my back. I want to see you, I want to hear you, I want you.

Your body melds into mine, our sweat the only thing that fits between our skins. I can feel its trickle down my back, between my breasts, the slick on your body.

Your mouth captures mine as you moan, I feel the grip of your nails on my back. Your grip slips on the sweat so you pull on my leg instead, then manage to grasp the other leg, and pull on them both at the same time. I can feel the blaze of desire pouring out of my body, I can hardly breathe, the pleasure is so intense, but it is not even my own pleasure I feel, it is a pleasure reflected from you. I feel you lips on my neck... Your tongue in the crevice made by my collar bone and shoulder, I can feel this touch to my toes, and it makes me moan with you.

Your arching body, under me, the bright edge of your teeth on my shoulder, your hands pulling on my legs. The taste of you, the scent of you, the want for you. All of this boils my blood, makes me humbled by emotion, makes me feel everything.

Later I feel your hands touching me, in ways only you know how to, the smooth caress down my spine, the touch on my legs, causing me to arch and shiver. Your mouth on my neck, the delight, the ecstacy of it, your touch near my breasts, your mouth on them, I moan in response to you. I hear you moan in return, and I lose my coherence at that. I feel you, I feel your desire... I smell the scent of us, heavy in the air, on the sheets, it intoxicates me, fills me.

I feel you move on me, down me, into me. Your mouth and hands turn my body inside out, exquisite joy fills me. You touch me in ways, in places that you know will make me wild, you feel my desire, your strong arms hold my shaking legs, as I become a creature of pleasure, caused by you, your hands, your mouth, your body. The texture of your hair in my hands feels glorious to my sensitive palms, and your answering cries of pleasure inflame me even more, if that is possible.

I feel you, over my back, touching me, causing me pleasure so intense no other thoughts are able to enter my mind. I can only feel, sense, and moan.

Later again, we kiss, a dance of our tongues, and lips, my finger in your mouth, makes your eyes close, and I see your head fall back as you are filled with desire. My body strains under the weight of my skin, my desire, my want is so great, I feel like I could explode...

I have learned to be able to trust you enough to show you me, and in turn I crave to see you. Here, I see you, feel you, smell you, taste you, hold you, touch you, know you...

The End
The Raven 2000

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