Title Visage: Take Two!

By The Psycho

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Spoilers: X-Ray & Visage

Pairing(s): Lana/Tina, Lana/Chloe

Rating: PG-13

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A/N: My version of how Visage should have gone. I'm skewing their universe into my own demented realm. :P Takes place somewhere of the way through the ep. Flashbacks occur so take care reading it or you might get dizzy.

Disclaimers: (usual) Not for profit, No infringement intended, Characters not mine, just borrowing them. I promise to return them more or less unscathed. ;)

Tina Greer was having a bad day. It had all started more than a year before. At the time, Tina assumed her infatuation with Lana Lang was just a desire to be a part of Lana's family, her sister. After that fell apart, she then tried to kill Lana thinking she wanted to BE Lana Lang.

But a year in a Psychiatric hospital gives a person a lot of time to think. It took her a while to realize that she didn't want to BE Lana, she wanted to be WITH Lana. She was in love with her.

Once she figured this out, she suddenly felt the uncontrollable desire to be with the woman she loved. So, she hid the pills the orderlies gave her to stop her shape-shifting, killed one, made it look like her own suicide and escaped.

The first thing Tina had to do would be to figure out how she would get Lana to love her. After trying to kill Lana a year ago, she was pretty sure Lana wouldn't want to be with her. at least not right away. Lana was in love with Whitney Fordman all through high school. and she had just found out that Whitney was missing-in-action. This was perfect! She would disguise herself as Whitney, returning home the hero marine to the woman he loved. It was almost poetic.

Well, it was ALMOST poetic. She didn't realize that once Whitney was out of Lana's hair she would dump him. She had to come up with a new plan. She had to find just the right person that Lana would be in love with. Whitney was a bust. Standing in Lana's room, listening to Lana shower, she started to fantasize about Lana as she had done many times these past months. She lifted Lana's panties to her nose and inhaled Lana's scent deeply, just as Lana walked in.

Quickly changing into Chloe before Lana would see her, she gave a quick excuse for being in her room. Lana seemed to buy it. Seeing Lana wearing nothing but a towel, Tina almost lost control, approaching Lana she started to caress Lana's shoulder.

Lana quickly turned to face her house-mate. Tina saw surprise in her eyes but it wasn't anger. It almost looked like caring, but Tina quickly dismissed it.

Later that afternoon, after taking care of Clark, she disguised herself as him. Lana must love Clark. Lana must have left Whitney for Clark. Tina approached Lana in the Talon and told her she loved her. Lana, thinking it was Clark, was a little surprised. Tina couldn't hold back any longer. She took Lana in her arms and kissed her. Even using Clark's lips, Lana tasted absolutely heavenly. Tina pressed her lips into Lana's with more and more passion. She released her tongue, and slid it into Lana's mouth. Lana instinctively started to respond but suddenly pushed Clark back.

"Clark, I'm sorry." Lana panted. "But I don't love you."

Tina kept her arms around Lana as Lana tried to push her away. She was completely out of control now. Tina pulled Lana back into her and thrust her tongue back into Lana's mouth. Tina was feeling such passion that she lost control of the shape she was holding, and reverted back into her own body.

Lana, suddenly felt something was different about the lips that were attacking hers, they were softer, sweeter. Lana opens her eyes and looks at the girl she was kissing. Finding her own strength return, she pushed Tina away roughly.

"Tina!" Lana was speechless after that.

Tina tried to recover from the passion, and tried honesty. "Lana, I love you. I want to be with you. I want you to love me too."

"Tina, I don't love you! I can't love you! You're sick, you need help!"

Tina started to get desperate, "Lana, I love you! I can be anyone you want! You want Clark? Whitney? I can be either of them! I can be anyone you desire! Movie stars!" Tina changed into those people as she spoke. She then remembered the look of caring in Lana's eyes when she was Chloe. "I can even be someone you may secretly desire." as she changed into Chloe. "What do you say Lana? Will you love me?"

Lana whimpered as she heard those words in Chloe's voice, but she knew it wasn't Chloe. "Tina, I'm sorry but I can't be with you."

Chloe's sexy smile turned angry, "Lana, you WILL love me. You WILL be with me! Or you will be all alone."

"What do you mean?" fear tearing at Lana's heart.

"I've already killed Clark. If you don't agree to be with me, I will kill everyone you care about, until I'm the only one left you can love. I'll be back later tonight to get your decision." Tina leans into Lana and gives her a quick passionate kiss. "Soon, my love." Tina then left, still looking like Chloe.

Tears fell down Lana's face as she watched 'Chloe' walk away. She knew she would never love Tina. But she couldn't bear to live with the thought that she was the cause of all her friends' deaths. She couldn't live with having caused Chloe's death.

After leaving the Talon, Tina started to walk through the back streets of Smallville when suddenly Clark was in front of her. "You won't come between Lana and me! She will love me!"

"You stay away from her!" Clark yells as she rushes at Tina.

* * *

Chloe, hearing from Clark that Tina had accidentally impaled herself during their fight, was suddenly worried about Lana, she rushes to the Talon to see if Lana was OK.

Chloe walked into the Talon and saw Lana slumped over in her chair crying. Slowly approaching the other girl, she ventures, "Lana?"

Mistaking Chloe for Tina, Lana jumps up. Steeling herself, she walks over to Chloe. Prepared for what she must do to protect the people she loves, she slowly approaches Chloe until they are face to face.

Chloe, wondering what is wrong, "Are you alright?"

Lana looks into Chloe's eyes and starts to break down. "Please don't hurt my friends! Please don't hurt Chloe!"

Chloe frowns as she realizes what's going on. **Lana must think I'm Tina!** "Lana."

Seeing the frown and hearing her voice, Lana interrupts, "Tina, please! Don't hurt Chloe, I love her so much! I will go away with you! I will be with you! I can learn. to. love you. Just don't hurt her!"

**Lana loves me?** Wanting to make Lana understand that she isn't Tina, she starts "No Lana."

Lana is crying openly now, very desperate, she grabs Chloe, attempting to make Tina understand that she is willing to be with her, pulls Chloe into her arms and kisses her with as much passion as she can muster. Forcefully pushing her tongue into Chloe's mouth, Lana presses her lips against the other girl's.

Chloe is completely stunned. Hearing the admission of love from the other girl, and then the kiss, Chloe suddenly gives in to the feelings deep within her and returns the kiss with passion. After the kiss ends, Lana leans her head against Chloe's.

"I want to be with you." Lana says, sealing it with a kiss.

Chloe can't think straight. Her mouth is moving on its own and saying things. "Lana, I love you too."

Lana, thinking the words aren't from the girl she really loves, gets some minor comfort hearing those words she's longed to hear coming from the voice she loves. Wanting to make sure there is no misunderstanding, Lana leans back in and kisses Chloe with all the passion she feels for the Chloe she really loves.

Chloe, not really caring any more, throws her arms around Lana and kisses her back. Their tongues dancing together in one mouth, then the other.


The distinctively male voice shocks the two girls out of the passionate embrace. Land turns her head to see Clark.

"Clark! Tina said you were dead!" Lana turns to look at Chloe confused. She only sees an ashamed look in her eyes. "You said you killed him."

Clark, quickly understanding everything that just occurred, quickly adds. "Lana, that's not Tina."

Lana's eyes slowly widen and she turns to look at the girl in front of her, and frowns, "Chloe?"

Chloe, seeing the frown on Lana's face and taking it as a rejection, suddenly bursts into tears, covers her mouth with her hand and runs out.

"Wait! Chloe!" Turning to Clark, "How could she do that? How could she pretend to be Tina? Why didn't she tell me?"

"Lana, Chloe is in love with you. She has been for a long time."

Lana turns to look out the window to see the girl run down the street, she remembers.

** . Don't hurt Chloe, I love her so much!... **

** . I want to be with you . **

** . Lana, I love you too . **

* * *

Lana returns to her home with Chloe, and slowly approaches the door to the other girl's room. Pausing outside the door, she is about to knock when she hears the other girl softly sobbing inside the room. Not bothering to knock, she slowly opens the door and walks inside.

As softly as she can manage, "Chloe?"

Chloe is curled up on her bed. Not lifting her head up she mutters, "Lana, please go away."

Lana walks over to Chloe's bed and sits down next to the girl and places a hand on her shoulder, "I can't Chloe. We need to talk about this."

Suddenly sitting up and facing the other girl, Chloe goes into full babble mode, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was going to but then you kissed me and I love you so much I couldn't speak and then you kissed me again and I ." Chloe suddenly finds it hard to speak because Lana's lips were covering her own. Momentarily surprised, she doesn't respond right away, but when Lana's tongue slowly begs entrance into her mouth, Chloe begins to respond with ever increasing passion.

The two girls fall onto the bed, never breaking their passionate kiss. Softly breaking the kiss, Lana rests her head against the other girl's, "Chloe, I love you.", and smiles.

Chloe releases a sob of joy, "Oh Lana, I love you!"

Both girls stare into each other's eyes as they slowly lean in and press their lips together again, losing themselves in their new love.


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