Mo' Problems, Less Menace

By The Psycho


Genre: Popular

Base Episode: 1x02 - Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems

Rating: R

Spoiler: Could contain spoilers of any ep up to and including the base episode.

Pairing: B/S (Brooke & Sam!  There is NO OTHER!!! :D ) First time.

Subject: Sam's angry at Brooke, will she find out Brooke's true motive?

Disclaimers: Not for profit. No infringement intended. Just taking the characters out for a spin.

A/N: I am writing this as a series, although not like you would think. Each story will be a stand-alone story. Each will be centered around B/S. Each will be a "first-time" fic. I will be writing one story for each episode of the series. I'm writing these because I severely miss B/S stories. Maybe this will generate some more B/S loving!  If I am willing to place myself in the spotlight and risk public humiliation, maybe others will feel emboldened to do the same?

A/N: I'll be trying to follow the episodes as closely as possible but I may be taking some "creative license" with the eps. for the purpose of furthering my B/S passion. The stories will make more sense if you watch the episode before reading.

Part 1

Sam was angry. Well, to say Sam was angry was like calling the Grand Canyon a pothole.  Sam was beyond angry. And it was at Brooke McQueen. It wasn't even 24 hours ago that she herself had interviewed McQueen. Brooke had stated on-camera that her JV squad choices would be based upon talent and not appearance. And despite her statement, she refused to put Carmen on the squad. Watching Carmen run away after reading the JV squad list, Sam felt like an ass. At first she was angry with herself for not putting a good word in with Brooke about Carmen. However, her anger was quickly re-directed at Brooke.

Sam was stalking the halls of Kennedy. She was like a guided missile homing in on her target, preparing to detonate. She had just tried to call Carmen at home, wanting to hopefully console her and apologize, but didn't get an answer. But now, she was seeking retribution, retaliation, revenge. Turning the corner of one of the halls, she looked down the row of lockers and saw her target. A bulls-eye appearing in her vision, she headed straight for her victim.

Brooke, sensing danger, turned her head and saw the incoming missile with "Brooke McQueen must die!" printed on the side. Quickly running around the corner and starting down the stairs, she attempted to get away. The brunette, however, would not be shaken that easily. She took off running as soon as she saw the blonde about to bolt. Catching up to the girl on the stairwell landing, she pushed the girl up against the wall.

"What the hell is your problem McQueen?"

"Excuse me? What are you talking about?" Brooke tried to sound annoyed but it came through hollow.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about. Carmen? Hello?" Sam mocked.

"Well. I." Brooke just trailed off.

"Well? 'Well' what? You told me the decision would be based upon talent, and we both know Carmen was the best!" Tears starting to come to her eyes, "She's my friend! How could you do that to her!"

Seeing the tears falling down Sam's face, Brooke softened. "I. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? You're sorry!" Sam yelled.

"I didn't mean to make you. I guess I did. I didn't want you to get. Carmen was only."

"Try to finish a sentence McQueen." Sam was confused and more than a little annoyed until she saw tears falling down Brooke's face. Those few little droplets of water falling down the blonde's face seemed to take all the anger out of the brunette. Lowering her voice, "Brooke, What's wrong? Why didn't you put Carmen on the team?"

"I didn't mean to make Carmen upset."

"Then why did you?"

"Because." Brooke was silent for a few minutes.

"Because why?"

"Because I wanted to make you mad at me!" Brooke blurted out. Sam couldn't get her mind around that one. Brooke continued, "I figured if you got angry at me, you wouldn't find out that ." Brooke stopped there.

Sam was trying to figure out what was going on. Brooke wanted to make her mad? Why? Find out what?

"I wanted to make you mad but I didn't want to make you cry! I can handle you being mad, but not crying! Please don't cry, I'm so sorry!"

Brooke seemed to disintegrate right before Sam's eyes. Sam was confused but wanted to console the other girl. Sam placed her hands on Brooke's arms and immediately the blonde rushed forward grabbing the other girl tightly, crying into her shoulder. "Shhh. Brooke. It's ok."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Brooke kept repeating those words.

After letting the girl cry for a few minutes, Sam gently pulled away but kept her arms around the blonde. "Brooke, I'm not mad. What's so hard to deal with that you wanted to make me mad at you?" Sam saw Brooke lift her head and look into her eyes. The other girl seemed scared. "Brooke?" Sam whispered.

Brooke leaned forward, kissed Sam lightly on the cheek for a few seconds before pulling away. "I like you." Pulling away, the blonde ran down the stairs, leaving a stunned girl standing in the stairwell.

{A/N: Ok, so it was a lame excuse. but it was all I could think of. :-) Whaddya expect from only a few hours work?}

Part 2

Walking down the school hallways was pure torture for Brooke McQueen.

Everywhere she looked, people were staring at her, leering at her. And for once they didn't have admiration in their eyes. This time they had anger in their eyes. It was very unsettling. To Brooke, it was an extreme source of embarrassment.

To the shorter blonde beside her, it was extreme annoyance. Nicole loved to have all attention focused on her, but they were supposed to love, admire and fear her, not be pissed off at her. It took her control away, so Nicole sought to regain that control. She started choosing people at random in a series of seek-and-destroy missions to regain that fear.

But to the taller blonde, it only seemed to bring more attention her way. She knew that she was the sole reason for the animosity. Sam was right. She should have chosen Carmen for the JV squad, but she let Nicole talk her into leaving her off the squad.

* Wasn't Nicole right though? As cheerleaders, aren't we supposed to inspire our team and fans? Aren't we really using our bodies, our sexy moves to inspire our team to win? Don't the fans expect the cheerleaders to be hot and sexy? * As embarrassed and as much as she felt bad for leaving Carmen off the team, she felt she had done the right thing. Cheerleaders were supposed to be hot and sexy in her opinion. Sure, it may suck, but that's the way it is. Cheerleading has a lot to do with appearances. But it didn't make her feel any better.

Seeing the downcast look on her face, Nicole put an arm around Brooke. "Don't worry about it Brookie. You did the right thing. If these mouth-breathers can't understand that then that's their problem. But they had better stop leering at me before I have to invest in a chainsaw." The last part was spoken out loud at one poor girl who then took off running. As they walked past the lockers, Nicole noticed Sam glance their way and quickly turn back to her locker. "At least Spam has the good sense to keep from leering at us."

Brooke looked over at Sam and saw the girl glance up and catch her eye before quickly turning back. A wry smile appeared on Brooke's lips. "It's not that Nicole, Sam found me yesterday after Carmen ran away. I swear she was like a time bomb that was going to explode!"

"She was pissed?" Nicole stopped walking and excitedly grabbed Brooke's arm to turn her around, smiling brightly, "What did you say to her to diffuse her like that?"

Brooke just gave her friend a small smile, "I kissed her." Looking at her stunned friend, she started walking away saying, "Close your mouth Nicole, before you start catching flies."

Running to catch up, "You what? You kissed her? Are you crazy? Did she use her tongue? Do you need an antibiotic? You feel warm Brookie." Placing a hand on the taller girl's forehead.

Frowning she slapped the girl's hand down, wondering quickly why Nicole was thinking about Sam's tongue. "Ok, 1. Yes, I kissed her. 2. It was only on the cheek. 3. No, I'm not crazy. 4. Why do you want to know about her tongue? 5. No diseases here." Seeing the other girl waiting for an explanation, she sighed. "Ok Nicole, try and keep up. Sam was pissed at me. I told her I left Carmen off the squad to make her mad."

"And it seemed you succeeded. But why."

Cutting the other girl off, "I squeezed out a few tears, and with what I said, implied I didn't want her to find out that I liked her."

"And by kissing her sweetly on the cheek, you effectively embarrassed her enough to lose her focus on her anger, genius!" Nicole looked up at Brooke with new admiration in her eyes. "I never knew you could be so devious."

"That's why I'm the Queen." Smiling brightly.

"There's only one problem Brookie."

Still smiling, "And what's that?"

"What if she likes you back?"

Brooke's smile faded as Nicole walked away.

A/N: I'm mean ain't I? {BG}

Part 3

Putting away her books, Sam thought about what had occurred yesterday between her and Brooke. * Brooke said she likes me! Does it mean she LIKES me? Or is it just a friendly 'likes'? She IS totally hot. Wait a minute! I don't like her! She devastated Carmen! I hate her! Don't I? * Bringing an image of the tall blonde into her mind, * She has such a killer body! Those legs, those hips, and that ass! * Sam stopped herself, * OhmyGod! I like her! What does this mean? Does this mean I'm gay? Does this mean I'm required to buy Melissa Etheridge & K.D. Lang CD's? Does this mean I have to wear a rainbow colored t-shirt? Do Brooke and I have to buy matching dresses for the prom? * Totally confused, Sam slapped a hand over her face when suddenly she heard the one voice she dreaded hearing right now.

Peeking through her fingers, she saw Brooke. "OhmyGod!" whispering quietly, she quickly turned and buried her head in her locker before Brooke would catch her watching. Pulling back ever so slowly, she peeked out of the corner of her eye and saw Brooke glance her way and catch her eye before giving her an innocent sexy smile. "OhmyGod!" Turning back to her locker a little too quickly she banged her head on the locker. "Ouch!" * OhmyGod! Brooke smiled at me! OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod! WhatdoIdo? * Full-on panic mode settling in, she decided to get away before she dented her locker again.

Turning her head to get one last look at the blonde, she saw Freddy Gong knock the books out of Brooke's arm. She saw Brooke's embarrassment, she knew the reason was for what she did to Carmen. Her mind told her Brooke deserved the humiliation but in her heart, it bothered her intensely. She suddenly felt the need to do serious bodily harm to Freddy. Before she knew what she was doing, she was kneeling down in front of Brooke, helping her pick up her books.

"Thank you." Brooke whispered sweetly.

"It's ok."

"No, I mean it, really. Thank you."

Sam just nodded her head, but not before taking a few quick glances about six inches below Brooke's chin.

Brooke was nervous. She noticed Sam's glances and decided to avoid the whole subject of Her, Sam, and Carmen. Making small-talk about Bio for a minute, Sam couldn't take it any more.

"Maybe we could get together sometime and. study?"


Brooke's reply came so quickly it stunned both of them. Deciding to take the initiative, Sam decided to go for it. "How about Friday?"

Brooke suddenly realized what had just happened. * Sam just asked me out on a date and I accepted! Sure, it was only a study-date but still. She is beautiful tho. I'm not supposed to like her! I can't go out with her! But I really want to. No I don't! Make up an excuse. Friday. what can I say I'm doing Friday. The Party! I am doing something Friday! * "I can't. I'm having this party."

"Oh. Ok."

Seeing the disappointed look on Sam's face, and seeing the other girl turn away, Brooke felt a strange pain deep inside herself. It was like something very important was leaving her. Before she could do anything, Brooke's mouth seemed to be saying things all by itself, "Well, Wait! Um. Did you want to come?"

"Maybe. I'll see." Sam gave Brooke a smile.

Brooke returned the smile brightly, "Ok!"

Sam smiled even more, "Alright."

Grinning at each other like fools, Sam stuck her tongue in her cheek, cocked her head and gave Brooke a sexy smile.

Her breath catching in her throat, Brooke could only say "Bye."


As Sam walked away, Brooke couldn't keep her eyes from following the other girl. * What the hell did I just do? * She thought she heard Nicole say something to her but it didn't register, she was too busy watching the other girl walk away. * I think I'm in trouble. *

Part 4

Walking down the hallway with Harrison, something was bugging Sam about the way Harrison was acting lately. He almost seemed to be scrutinizing her and Brooke, she noticed the strange looks he was giving them during Bio this morning. *Does Harrison suspect something? Does he know what's going on? Wait, nothing's going on! I'm just going to a party.* Sam tried to convince herself, *A party that Brooke just so happens to be throwing. And the fact that Brooke said she likes me, kissed me, and gave me this really sexy smile has nothing.* Harrison must know, *Oh man, I'm screwed. I have to find out what Harrison knows.*

Harrison glanced over at his companion with a look of mild wonder on his face.

*Don't be too obvious. the key is normalcy, we're buds right?* Punching him on the shoulder and laughing, "Ok. What? You haven't said two words to me all day."

"Nothing. I'm fine."

*Now this is Harrison trying to be unobvious*

Before Sam could reply, he continued, "What're you doing Friday night? Wanna grab a slice?"

*Sorry there pal but I'm going out with Brooke! . Sorta.* "I can't, I'm." turning away, "gonna go check out Brooke's party. We've sorta become friends in Bio you know, and. and she wants me to stop by." *Oh, like THAT won't raise any flags. Harrison's been obsessing over Brooke for years.*

"That's cool. Can I come?"

*And intrude on MY DATE? I don't think so mister!* "I don't think you can bring anybody." Sam quickly responded. "It sucks, It's stupid, I know."

Harrison stopped walking and gave her a look that said, 'I know what you're doing'. Sam got worried. "You're unbelievable. Actually it must be some sort of a record, in four days you've managed to completely abandon your so-called moral-code and embrace a girl who's dumped on your best friends."

At Harrison's use of the word 'embrace', Sam paled. *Embrace? No embracing!*

"What's up Sam?" Harrison mocked.

"Get over it Harrison, I'm going for work."

"No you're not, you think if you step through that door you'll be one step closer to the flame that heats the school." Sam was stunned, Harrison obviously knew. "Well, guess what Sam?" Harrison then pulled out a sheet of paper, "You're not going. Brooke McQueen party list, we both got cut."

* * *

Brooke managed to finally finish the list of things she'd need for the party. She almost managed to forget about the fact that she purposely left Sam off the party list. Avoidance at its finest. Putting her list away, smiling, she got up and walked out into the hallways of Kennedy, when suddenly her spider-sense started tingling. Turning, it became apparent that avoidance didn't work for very long.

It was almost like deja-vu. Standing there at the end of the hallway, just having turned the corner, was another brunette missile. Preparing herself to run again, she decided against it, especially since it didn't work the last time. She just waited for her impending doom.

When the missile reached her, it seemed to be a dud this time. No explosion. Sam just stood there glaring at her.



Sam had been seeking Brooke, she had been upset and was prepared to go off on the girl again. But now that she found her, nothing happened. The longer she looked at the girl, the less pissed off she was. The anger slowly bled away, leaving emptiness.

Brooke watched the girl's anger fade away, the less angry the girl looked, the more she looked sad. *Oh man, she really looks sad. I don't think I can solve this with a kiss this time.*

"Sam." Brooke started before she was cut off.

"Wait. Why did you leave me off the list for the party?"

Brooke thought furiously, "Um, The party is semi-formal, I didn't think you'd have time to go out and get a dress on such short notice." *Remember to tell Nic to change it to a semi-formal.*

Some of the anger and fire returned to Sam's eyes, "Are you saying I'm poor?"

"No!... I just."

"Because I have dresses!" *Don't forget to go out and get a dress!*

"I'm sure you do, it's just that."

"Just what Brooke?"

"I didn't think you'd have anything. nice." *Oh shit... I didn't mean to say that!* Brooke prepared for the anger. Anger that didn't come.

Sam just smiled. "Brooke, you just wait. The outfit I'm going to wear will leave you drooling over me."

Brooke ran her eyes over the brunette. *Well, Sam IS very beautiful* "Ok." *Damn! Why do I keep agreeing with her?*

As Sam turned and walked away, panic set upon her face. *Damn! A Brooke-drool-worthy outfit is going to cost me a bundle! I'd better skip last period to find one.*

* * *

*Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.* Sam gingerly touched the new stud she got for her nose. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It looked so good on the girl in the store. While hers just looked. red.

Stud aside, she did manage to get a killer dress. It cost her most of her saved allowance, but she was confident Brooke would be drooling at the first sight of her. *If she doesn't laugh at me showing up looking like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.*

* * *

The evening of the party, Sam arrived early. Brooke spotted her first. Not wanting a confrontation with Nicole, "Nic? Can you go inside and check on the drinks? I thought I saw someone put out Hawaiian Punch."

"Hawaiian Punch?!?! Oh, no they didn't!" As Nicole tore off inside, Brooke had to remind herself to apologize to the guy setting up the drinks later.

Brooke turned around to greet Sam and her jaw dropped to the sidewalk. She simply couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful brunette. As her eyes traveled down the girl's form, she felt a stirring deep inside her. "Sam. how. wha. wow!" Brooke knew Sam was beautiful, but this was far more than she had expected. The curve of her neck, no longer hidden by her hair, which was done up tight, the swell of her breasts, her long, smooth legs, Sam looked beautiful, gorgeous, and totally sexy. And it was having an effect on the blonde that went unnoticed by the brunette.

Sam saw Brooke's dumbfounded expression and smiled coyly at the blonde. "Why thank you Madame. And might I say, you look absolutely stunning this evening." Sam almost laughed at the blank look on Brooke's face, but decided to keep up the chivalrous act. Sam decided to play it for all she could. Stepping up to the blonde, she hugged the taller girl tightly. Feeling the other girl hold her, even for a moment, put everything into place for her. Her voice low and husky, she whispered to the girl, "You're beautiful Brooke."

Unknown to the shorter girl, the whispered compliment had a profound effect on the blonde. The feel of the other girl's cheek against her own, the sexy whisper caressing her ear, the feel of the other girl's body against her own, she couldn't stand it any longer. She pulled her head back and looked into Sam's eyes, her breath coming in short gasps.

Brooke had only been holding her for a few seconds, but even in that short time, Sam felt something change between them. The chivalrous act totally forgotten, she looked deep into Brooke's eyes as Brooke looked into hers. Sam simply watched as Brooke's eyes traveled down her face to look at her red lips. Sam gasped when she saw the other girl lick her lips. Looking at Brooke's own pink lips, she licked her own. It was almost as if a gravitational force was pulling them towards each other. Both knew nothing could stop what was coming next.

"What is Spam doing here?"

Well. Almost nothing.

The girls broke apart so quickly they stumbled back, Brooke's hand clutching her chest as her heart beat wildly.

Sam glared at Nicole, "Satan."

Nicole returned the glare with just as much venom, "Spam".

Brooke just watched the glaring contest between the two girls until Nicole turned and looked at Brooke expectantly.

"Oh! Uhm, I don't know why she showed up. You saw the list."

Nicole narrowed her eyes at Brooke, "So you didn't invite her? You two looked awful. cozy a minute ago."

"As IF! Of course not! She just hugged me! As if I'd ever willingly touch her." Brooke heard Sam gasp and glanced over at her.

Nicole stepped in front of Brooke, "Well Spam, even though you don't look completely troll-like tonight, you're not invited. So you just run along now, bye bye hun!" Nicole then turned away from Sam, effectively ignoring her. "Now Brooke, about the music."

As Nicole kept talking, Brooke glanced back over at Sam. Her eyes were watery, and tears seemed to be about to spill. Sam just glared at Brooke like she was evil incarnate. Brooke gave a look at Sam that she hoped looked like an apology. A tear made it's way down Sam's face.

"Bitch." Sam ground out before turning and running away.

"Did I just hear a fly buzz?" Nicole said, looking around.

"Nicole, you are such a bitch."

"Why thank you Brookie! How sweet of you to say. Now go inside, the guests will be here soon."

As Brooke walked up the pathway to her door, she heard tires squealing, turning, she saw Sam's car speeding away. Running away. From her. She didn't care about Sam did she? If she didn't, then why did she feel so bad for saying those awful things to her? She felt like she had kicked herself in the gut, like she was about to throw up. Running inside, she had to get to the bathroom.

Part 5

Sam ran outside the restaurant and kept running until she was at least 2 blocks away before she slowed to a walk. She felt like such a fool. Mr. Grant was her last ditch effort to free herself from Brooke. And it was an effort which proved to be a complete failure. She had gone with Mr. Grant to the restaurant with the hopes of enticing him into bed. She wanted to prove to herself once and for all that she could exist without the blonde goddess Brooke McQueen. The fact that Mr. Grant and her had gone to the one restaurant where Mr. Grant's lover 'Heather' worked, and the fact that Heather had been working there that night and showed up, it all seemed like fate.

Fate. Destiny. Sam McPherson didn't believe in destiny. She believed that a person made their own destiny. That it was an accumulation of an entire life's worth of choices. But tonight, it was like all of her choices had been bundled together to bite her in the ass.

She thought about Mr. Grant, her last-ditch effort. Sure, he was beautiful. Just two days ago, she was imagining him taking his shirt off, and it left her breathless. But what about now? Now, sure… Mr. Grant looked nice… but there was only one person she wanted to watch take their shirt off. She had worn the same dress she had picked out for Brooke to the restaurant with Mr. Grant. Mr. Grant didn't find the dress sexy. When she had shown the dress to Brooke, Brooke couldn't take her eyes off of her. Brooke obviously loved the dress. She had gotten the stud in her nose for Brooke. Mr. Grant hadn't said anything about it, however he tried to avoid looking at it. Even Sam noticed that. Heather even thought it was an eye sore. Brooke didn't say anything either but her gaze didn't avoid it. In fact, when Brooke licked her lips, she was staring right into her face. It obviously didn't bother Brooke.

All of her choices came back to bite her in the ass. Mr. Grant's body was average. Brooke's body was beautiful. Mr. Grant hated the dress, Brooke loved the dress. Mr. Grant hated the stud, Brooke loved the stud. Sam liked Mr. Grant. Sam was in love with Brooke. Brooke hated Sam.

*Brooke hates me!* All of the day's events came together and settled directly upon her shoulders. Sam leaned against the wall of a store she was walking by, the weight upon her shoulders becoming too heavy. *Brooke hates me!* She started to cry in earnest as she slid down the wall, hugging herself desperately.

* * *

Brooke had been driving around town for the past hour. She didn't know why, but she simply had to find Sam, if only to apologize for the horrible things she said to her… *As if I'd ever willingly touch her!* Brooke felt the bile returning up her throat and swallowed, trying to keep it down. She had puked for several minutes in the washing machine, not having made it to the bathroom. Why did it bother her so much? It was if the answer was on the tip of her tongue but refused to spill out. At the moment, she didn't care to reflect on it. There was only one thing she wanted right now, and that was to find Sam, apologize, and pray to God she forgave her.

Brooke had made it into downtown. She was driving down a long row of shops when the little voice inside her head started yelling at her. *She's near!* Slamming on the brakes, she slowed to a crawl, looking around desperately. Brooke had long learned to listen to the voice in her head. Maybe it was telepathy, maybe it was simply instinct, she didn't know which. She only knew that most of the time, it was right. Looking around, she spotted a shape slumped against the wall of a nearby shop. It looked familiar. It was Sam. Stopping the car in the middle of the street, she jumped out and ran over to the girl, Yelling, "Sam!"

Sam didn't seem to hear the other girl. She just sat there on the ground, crying softly. Brooke dropped to the ground in front of the girl, "Oh my god, Sam! Are you all right? Are you hurt? I was so afraid for you, I thought you might hurt yourself. Please Sam, say something. I'm so sorry!" As Brooke continued to talk, tears started running down her face. "Please Sam! Tell me you're ok?" Brooke then reached out and placed a hand gently on the other girl's shoulder.

Sam reacted almost immediately. Feeling the hand on her shoulder, she looked up startled and saw Brooke, tears running down her face. At the moment, Sam didn't care about anything in the entire world except for Brooke. Reaching out, she desperately grabbed onto the girl she loved and held on for dear life. Burying her face in the blonde's neck, she began to cry again stronger.

Brooke didn't expect that. When the brunette grabbed onto her, she was startled at first. She felt the girl grab onto her tightly, and cried into her neck. Instinctively, her arms went around the other girl and just held her. "Ssshhh. It'll be all right. It's ok baby. I'm here. Things are just fine now." It didn't even register to Brooke what she was saying. She only said what came to her, what she felt. "I'm here now. I'm not going anywhere. Ssshhh now, don't cry baby."

Brooke's words seemed to have an effect on Sam. Slowly, Sam stopped crying, but kept holding onto the blonde.

Brooke whispered into the girl's ear, her voice breaking with emotion, "Sam, I am so sorry I said those horrible things to you. Please forgive me. Please. Don't hate me. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I… I…" Brooke wanted to say something more, but it refused to come out.

Sam whispered into the blonde's neck, "I love you Brooke."

It was as if a blinding light was suddenly shone directly into her entire life. Everything changed but was exactly the same. Everything became bright, blindingly so. Every sight, every touch, every emotion. It all opened up. It was as if everything about herself was filled up, complete. And it was filled with Sam. It was an epiphany. Everything about her life was beautiful now. She laughed.

Grabbing the other girl by the shoulders, she pushed Sam back. Sam had a crushed look on her face. Brooke knew exactly what the girl was thinking. Brooke knew Sam thought she was laughing at her, mocking her. *Oh my sweet Sammy. If you only knew how your life was about to change!*

"Sam!" Brooke laughed again. "I love you!" Brooke had absolutely no trouble saying it this time. Sam just looked at her with a puzzled and doubtful look on her face. Brooke only started laughing harder. "My god, you don't believe me. I love you! When you said you loved me, it was like my entire life went into 3D! I love you!" Brooke didn't know why, but she couldn't stop saying those last three words.

Sam sniffed. "You love me?" Sam's eyes were filled with wonder.

"Yes, you idiot! I love you!" The smile on Brooke's face threatening to split her face in two.

Sam started to come to her senses. A frown appearing on her face. "I'm mad at you. Here I am, crying and you're laughing at me!"

Brooke smiled gently at the other girl, and softly replied, "I love you."

"You're not going to get out of it that easily. You laughed at me!"

Brooke still smiled gently and only said, "I love you."

Sam's frown started to fade, "If you think…"

"I love you."

Sam simply looked into Brooke's face, seeing nothing but love there, she finally replied, "I love you."

"That's better." Brooke saw Sam smile at her. Leaning in, she gently kissed the girl on the lips. "I love you too."

* * *

"We're gonna have to come up with some excuse. I love you, but I'm not ready to come out just yet."

"Agreed. What do we do Sam?"

"Ok, how about this, you go back to the party, I'll convince Lily and Harrison to come with me to crash. You and I stage an argument, and we both go off in a huff."

"That'll work. But you wait in my back yard, I'll call off the party, and when everyone's gone, I'll let you in. Dad won't be back for another three days." Brooke said, her voice husky.

"Oooooh, that's heavenly. Sounds like a plan to me."

"I can't wait."

"Neither can I." Leaning forward, Sam caught Brooke's lips in a passionate kiss. "Now go back to the party before I ravish you right here on the street!"

"Ok." {kiss} "I'm going now." {kiss}

{kiss} "Go Brooke!"

{kiss} "This is me going." {kiss}

Both girls laughed as they ran back to their cars.

* * *

Everything was proceeding as planned, thanks to one of Lily's rants, Sam convinced her group to crash the party. The argument was proceeding as planned, both girls thinking about the night they were about to share together, until the unexpected happened. Their parents showed up.

"Mom, what's that on your finger?"

"Uhm… We're engaged."

Brooke and Sam simply stared at each other. They were two girls in love. Their parents were engaged. They were about to become… sisters.

The End.

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