Title: Anything Goes

Author: nix

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Pairing: Faith/Dawn. Faith/Buffy.

Rating: R-NC17

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Faith squirmed under Dawn's scrutiny. Reflexively wriggling away from the younger girl as they roosted over the coffee table, languidly lounging on the sullen couch. The television puttered even in neglect, displaying a cartoon regarding a nautical sponge. "Are you wigging on me or something?" asked Dawn, intently studying the slayer.

She laughed timidly, forcing her body to stop easing towards the opposite direction. "Of course not, Dawnie," she sputtered, gritting her teeth as she spat out the usually heartfelt nickname.

"Then why do you keep moving away from me like I'm some sort of unregistered sex offender on the lam?"

Faith's jaw worked a few times before lamely coughing up a protest,"I am not!"

Dawn narrowed her eyes. "You totally are," she defended haughtily, purposely edging closer to solicit the desired response, and cull incriminating evidence. "See! You did it again!"

"Just drop it. I've had a long night, what with that sadistic groupie cult on the verge of apocalyptic supremacy, and now I'm stuck babysitting when I have a wicked itch that so desperately needs some scratching," she rasped, folding her arms over her chest. "Just leave it at that." Faith fidgeted, hoping the reply was enough to pacify Dawn's ornery prying temperament.

Dawn smiled sheepishly, shrugging off Faith's semi-callous intones. "I understand," she confirmed cryptically, patting the slayer's upper thigh with conveyed compassion.

Her eye twitched. "What is it you understand?" she pressed, irritated.

"The slayer thing," she answered simply.

Twitch. "What slayer thing?" Faith's voice rose in pitch.

"I'm 15, not infantile," she snapped stridently. "I hear you and Buffy talking all the time, y'know! And I'm referring to that hungry and hor--"

Faith's palm cut her off, physically rebuking the last syllable as she glanced around in panic. "Don't say that," she hissed.

Dawn promptly licked her palm, forcing the slayer to recoil. Faith glared. "You are such a little shithead," she growled, lunging at the younger girl with spiteful intent. Her fingers immediately sought out her ticklish spots and tyrannically enforced a string of throat wrenched laughter. Dawn wiggled and Faith pinned her down, lightly straddling her hips as she delivered giggle after giggle.

"Okay! Okay! I give!" Surrendered Dawn, gingerly pushing at Faith's midsection. Their labored breaths accompanied the distant sound of a movie trailer as Faith dropped her hands and Dawn met her gaze. She smiled shyly and reached up, tucking a strand of dark hair away from the slayer's face. Her fingers brushed against a flushed cheek and moved lower until her hand cupped Faith's ass.

"Dawn," she squeaked in caution before the younger girl surged forward, crushing their lips together. Faith pulled away leaving Dawn weaning for air. "Stop," she demanded softly, holding Dawn's wrists to her chest.

"We can't do this."

Dawn gave her a lopsided grin. "Not here."

Faith shook her head. "Not ever."

The younger girl fussed in her seat with alarm. "But you can't say that," she cried. "You can't."

"Look, kid. I'm older than you and wiser and liable to get my ass kicked by two category 10 wiccans, a construction worker, and a slayer, okay? And that's not a pretty track record so I think I'm more than capable of dictating whether or not I can or can't do something on my own," she said bitterly, moving off of Dawn. "You'll get over it, marry, procreate, and buy a Fido or something. Buffy'll be so jealous. And I'll be long gone, probably dead."

Dawn clutched the slayer's shoulder. "Bullshit," she snorted, tugging on the limb. "You know it, and I know it. Look at me! Look at me, Faith or I'll-"

"Or you'll what?" she snarled, vicously violating her personal space. Holding her down against the sofa, roving over her, nuzzling her neck. "Or you'll what?" she repeated more calmly, kissing and biting at the pulse point. "Or you'll what?" Her thigh slipped between Dawn's legs.

"Faith," she panted, moaning at the agonizing pressure at her pussy. Her hips pushed forward, grinding her sopping center onto the limb, frantically seeking release.

The slayer pushed Dawn's jeans over the slope of her hip, immediately sliding two fingers under her damp cotton panties. She rubbed the pads along the length of her pussy lips, unmercifully avoiding her swollen clit, prolonging the contact. "Dawnie, you make me so mad sometimes," she growled, dragging the tip of her finger over the swollen bud briefly, teasingly. "You make it harder for me to control myself, it's frustrating. Oh God! You're so wet, baby." She chuckled scornfully. "I hate this distraction, Dawnie, y'know?" She stroked harder, sucking air through her barely parted lips. "It's bad enough that I gotta deal with B's crap all the time, but then--," she cut herself off, rubbing Dawn's opening, grinding herself on the girl's thigh.

"Pleease, fuck me!" she gasped, pressing up, forcing herself onto whatever the slayer offered. "Faith!"

She smirked, bending forward to kiss her chin. "You're so cute in the throes of passion, kid," she commented, giving in to Dawn's whims and easing one finger into her tight hole, plunging the digit to the hilt, but careful to avoid her maidenhead. Pumping into the bubbling pink folds until her knuckles brushed against the girl's curls and soaked into the wetness. "Mmm ... where was I?" she asked conversationally, pouting when Dawn bit her bottom lip, stifling a moan. "You're no help," she scoffed, fingering her rougher, making her squeal. "I bet you do this all the time, huh? When big sis is playing G.I. Joe, and Willow's moping, I bet you're in bed finger-fucking your twat until the juices are running down your leg and it almost feels like I'm the one doing it. Pummeling your tight cunt until you black out, imaging my tongue buried inside your pussy, loving it. Tell me, Dawnie. Tell me I'm right."

Dawn whimpered. "Y-yes!" she stammered.

"Yes I'm right?" she asked.

The girl's head lolled subtly. Faith grinned and kissed her lightly, trailing her free hand under the girl's shirt, cupping a supple breast. "I'll always be right," she stated. "Always. And you won't tell me otherwise 'cause you need me, ain't that the truth, baby doll?"

Dawn remained silent, focusing on the feelings between her thighs steadily driving her towards the edge. The slayer's fingers stilled and she writhed helplessly, trying in vain to get them to continue. Full lips pressed against her ear and she heard Faith's husky voice, "Answer me."

"I c-can't think, please!" she begged.

Faith clucked her tongue, gently patting the other girl's cheek in disappointment. "Wrong answer," she hissed as the corners of her mouth tilted into gentle curves. She refastened Dawn's pants and pulled her onto her feet. "Go to bed," she instructed. "I'm gonna go wash my hands."

Dawn's bottom lip trembled and she woozed around on her feet unsteadily, shaken. Faith sighed and stalked closer, gathering the limp teenager into her arms. "You'll learn, Dawn. And until that time comes I want you to go upstairs and sleep, okay? It's way past your bedtime, and I don't wanna seem like a bad sitter." She walked Dawn to the bottom of the staircase, urging her up the steps. "And, Dawnie?" she called absentmindedly as the girl reached the end of the flight. "No one hears about this, got it?"

She nodded stiffly and walked to the end of the corridor in a stupor before sprinting to her room and locking the door. Dawn plopped on her bed and drew her knees to her chest, rocking the pain out of her nullified system. She whimpered, racking with shame until the tremors coaxed her into slumber.


Buffy nudged her sister gently. "You okay?" she asked, hopping onto the kitchen counter. "You haven't touched your food."

Dawn nodded implausibly, giving the eldest Summers a feeble smile. "I'm fine, just a little tired," she reassured.

"Ah," stated Buffy with an impish grin. "Faith kept you up, huh? I told her not to, but she's incorrigible though. You have fun okay last night?"

The younger girl trembled, quickly lurching out of her seat. "Yeah," she whispered precariously. "Tons. I-I'm gonna catch up on some school work if you don't mind."

Buffy sighed, throwing her hands up in surrender. "Go! Go!" she dismissed, reaching for the edible pancakes on her sister's plate.

Dawn skittered up the steps in time to avoid Faith's arrival. The brunette slayer trudged into the kitchen and gravitated towards the fridge. "Hey, B!" She croaked, retrieving a carton of juice. She slithered onto the stool next to Buffy and helped herself to a stack of waffles. "How was demon duty?"

"Didn't suck," she murmured, bringing Faith's hand to her lips. "I've missed you lately," she confessed, brushing her mouth against her palm.

Faith smirked and slipped out of the older slayer's reach, pressing her body against Buffy's backside and winding her arms around her waist. "You too, baby," she said, digging her hips into the blonde's ass. "Are you up for a quickie?"

Buffy moaned. "That sounds good," she confirmed, pushing back. "But first," she drawled seductively, turning to lick Faith's bottom lip. She nipped at the engorged flesh, swiftly sliding her tongue over the brunette's in sample before pulling away. "Give this to Dawn," she finished, lodging a text book in-between their bodies.

Faith groaned and enveloped the volume. "You're a cruel woman, B," she said, leaning against the blonde slayer to give her a brief kiss.

Buffy smiled as Faith sashayed towards the living room, contemplating the idea of telling her sister about their relationship. Mirthfully noting their own growing affections and wondering if Faith and Dawn's bond was solid enough to last through the stilted course.


Faith hastily crossed the threshold of Dawn's room, observing the profusion of Kleenex tissues on the comforter as her eyes traveled up the length of the double bed. "Geez, kid. Who died?" she rumbled, depositing the book on a nearby dresser. "B's got me playing delivery girl. Don't study too hard--all work and no play makes Dawn a dull girl."

Dawn hardened as Faith cleared a section of the mattress and carefully sat down. "Thanks," she snorted scathingly.

"Ouch. In one of those sardonic moods, huh?" The slayer made a face and moved up, tenderly caressing the younger girl's cheek. "Sorry to break it to you, kid, but you look like shit on a bad day. You wanna talk?"

"Do you love her?" she inquired frigidly.

Faith removed her hand. "Who?"

"Buffy," she spat. "Do you love her?"

The slayer grimaced, loathing the direction of the conversation. "What are you getting at?" she asked impatiently.

"I saw you two doing the "Bump N' Grind" in the kitchen," she notified, brushing a splatter of moisture from her eye. "I didn't know you were a fan of R. Kelley's. You were probably enlightened to find out that you two had something in common, seeing as to how both of you like fucking minors."

"That's a little antipathetic," she conceded. "Don't make this complicated, Dawn. What Buffy and I have is none of your concern."

Dawn flinched. "Of course not," she sniveled. "But maybe she'd like to know that her girlfriend is a two timing bitch, or are you guys on polyandrous terms? I figure banging her little sis has gotta count for something though."

"We didn't do anything," she hissed. "It was nothing, okay? Go moon over someone else."

"We did have something, Faith," she insisted. "Just because it wasn't a thorough fuck doesn't mean you can walk away innocent. And I don't moon!"

"Whatever, call it what you will. I gotta go attend to B." She departed with a mechanic swagger, squaring her shoulders before entering the kitchen.

Buffy glanced up from the comic section of The Sunnydale Chronicles and smiled goofily. "Hey there, sexy," she drawled. "What took you so long?"

The brunette shrugged. "Y'know how the kid is," she said indifferently.

"She still lets you call her that?" she asked, tiptoeing to the dark slayer with the paper in hand. "Here, I saved you the comics." Her lips puckered all cutelike. "I was being thoughtful so pay up."

Faith ineptly shied away from the blonde in rebuff. "I forgot," she lamented. "Uh, something came up. I need to--"

"--leave," finished Buffy with a scowl. "You are such party pooper. And a bad liar. What's the deal, Faith?
First you cut off my smooches, now you're going to ditch me. I think I'm starting to develop major abandonment issues," she fussed, glancing around the kitchen crossly in a drab attempt to obscure her glistening pupils. Her voice grew silent,"Is this too much to handle? Or is there--is there someone else?"


"Just go, Faith. I don't want an explanation now, I don't think I can handle one," she sniffled, averting her eyes to the floor. "Could you watch Dawn for me later? I mean, if it isn't too pretentious of me to ask? Because we're still on the verge of cracking this grave robber mystery, and she likes you."

Faith bit her tongue and nodded sorely. "Done," she croaked and kissed Buffy's lips cautiously. "I--this isn't about you or us. I just, there's, this thing came up unexpectedly, really. And before we can pick up from where we left off on an honest to God basis I have to sort out my thoughts."

"Yeah," she whispered, delighting in the warmth of Faith's palm as it pressed against her face. "I think that maybe I kind of get it."

"Good," she whispered, meeting Buffy's mouth halfway.


Evening: Summers' Residence:

Dawn walked down the stairs when she heard the front door slam shut. "Buffy," she cried, jumping the last few steps. "Have you seen my--" She glanced up, faltering when Faith stood by the living room instead of her sister. "You're not Buffy."

"Oh?" Faith grinned. " B got demon duty again, but I brought a peace offering." She scooched a bag onto a nearby stand. The brunette shuffled around, anxiously staring at the tops of her shoes. "Are we okay, Dawnie?" she asked hesitantly.

Dawn flinched uncertainly. "I--"

"I'm sorry about yesterday. It was ... way inappropriate," she rambled, fumbling for the right words.

"But it's okay," she insisted. "Really. I'm cool with it."

"I'm not, Dawnie. That was totally wrong! I am the lowest being in this galaxy and every other hereafter," she yelped stubbornly.

Dawn rolled her eyes, crossing and uncrossing her arms impatiently. The slayer could be such a sadist sometimes, it was aggravating. "You're right, Faith. You are scum," she concurred lightly, almost conversationally. Faith hung her head in acknowledgement. "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Faith unsuccessfully stifled a smile. "Yeah," she rasped. "I feel better."

"Good. What did you bring me?"

"Check it out, Dawnie. I think I'm gonna order a pizza. You got any preferences?"

Dawn shrugged. "Nothing icky, or considered a delicacy in France."

The slayer nodded and walked into the kitchen, as Dawn cautiously approached the bag for perusal. She nabbed it and stalked to the recliner, promptly dropping it on her lap and spreading the brown paper, exposing a tatty amber colored teddy bear with secondhand patchwork and sleek button eyes. "Who's this?" she asked when Faith crept into the living room and perched on the armrest.

Faith reached over and straightened out a doubled ear. "That is Sputnik," she drawled. "Just a little piece of my innocence I guess." She pursed her lips and spread them into a bittersweet smile. "I know it's stupid, but I want you to keep him for me, I don't really have any time for him, y'know? And he deserves better 'cause we've been through a lot."

Dawn glanced up. "It's not stupid," she insisted.



Faith eagerly looked away and grabbed the remote control, flipping through a few channels before concluding, "There's nothing good on." She peeked at Dawn who was busily fussing with Sputnik. "Do you have any suggestions?"

"Trivial Pursuit? Or, or we could go on patrol, it's still early."

The slayer swerved on the armrest, gnawing on her lips in thought. "The pizza place said they'd be here anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, apparently everyone's got the same idea so I guess it wouldn't hurt if we took a gander around some active headstones," she reasoned. "And as long as you promise not to tell Buffy I'd be willing to take you a long."

"Yes," she squealed, sprinting up the stairs. "I'll just go put Sputnik in my room."

Five minutes later Faith ushered Dawn out of the house and they silently skipped to the closest cemetery, easily hopping the rout iron gate. She kept Dawn in close proximity as they scouted the area for eroded earth and vampies stirring Hellmouthy hubbub. They found a fresh dugout and paced around the surrounding tombstones and crypts for any leads. "Damn, this one is a bitch," she grumbled.

Dawn nodded quietly, surveying some bristling bushes. "Faith?"

"What?" She whirled around in time to see a slime caked beastie with yard stick claws and beady yellow eyes slump forward, waving its arm and scraping claws through Dawn's midriff. She veered with a resounding yelp as Faith pulled out her knife and jumped on its back. "Hold on Dawnie," she cried, stabbing the blade into the demon's neck, and holding on like a rodeo queen on a butt ugly bronco.

The demon whimpered, hissed a verse in an undecipherable language, and shook Faith off its back, nimbly retreating into the backdrop. The slayer scuttled forward and brushed some muck off her hands before crawling to Dawn. "You okay?" she asked hesitantly, running her palms along the edge of the girl's shirt and slowly pushing it up, licking her lips as four angry gashes glared up at her. "I'm sorry, Dawnie, I shouldn't have--"

"Faith," she eased. "Hush, just help me up, I'll be alright." She did as she was told and half dragged Dawn to a standing position, before glancing around in a nervous flutter, spotting a coarse looking sack the demon had dropped. They hobbled to the bag and Faith kicked it at, feeling Dawn cringe when a skeleton rolled out.

"I guess that was the grave robber," she huffed. "C'mon, let's go." The trip back to the Summers abode was hurried, and as soon as they pushed through the doors Faith slammed it back in place and dead bolted the hinges before scurrying to the bathroom with Dawn in tow. She carefully washed her hands and ransacked the medicine cabinet. "Take off your shirt," she instructed, and blankly walked out of the room to grab a spare from Dawn's cabinet.

When Faith returned, Dawn was standing in an awkward position in her bra and jeans. Faith lightly wet a towel with warm water and dropped to her knees in front of Dawn, slurping a breath as she trailed the cloth over the scratches and Dawn's stomach trembled. Faith glanced up, catching a glimpse of Dawn's face on the brink of sensory overload; eyes fluttered erratically, lips moist and barely parted so as to slip wisps of air, chest hammering impossibly uneven beats. She pressed her lips to Dawn's navel, letting the slight pressure lapse into minutes as Dawn moaned, suckled a current to muffle the sound. Her tongue poked out and tasted the soft expanse of skin and she felt her knees buckle. "F-Faith? What are you doing?" Dawn whimpered.

The slayer unbuttoned the jeans and carefully slid the copper zipper down, looping her index fingers through the belt catch. "I don't know," she mumbled, tugging the pants towards the floor, helping Dawn step out of the jeans. "Should I stop?"

Dawn shook her head and Faith nodded, running her thumbs up Dawn's thigh, stroking at the frayed corners of her panties. She leaned forward and lightly fluttered her lips over the cotton. "I think we should get you bandaged up," she sighed, reaching for a roll of medical tape and ointment. She tended the red welts and stood up, enveloping Dawn's hand in hers, pulling her out of the bathroom, leading her up the stairs and past Buffy's bedroom, into her own. Faith locked the door behind them and helped Dawn into the bed.



"I don't think the pizza guy is coming anymore," she giggled.

"Me either." She climbed onto the bed, settling next to Dawn. "Is this okay?"


Faith snuggled closer. "Good," she whispered, kissing Dawn's cheek.

"Yeah," she murmured, turning to face the slayer. "Would you hate it very much if I kissed you right now?"


Dawn nipped at Faith's bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth to taste black cherry lip-gloss, and then aiming dead center, pushing her mouth against the slayer's. "Could you maybe touch me?" she asked, pulling away. "Please?"

Faith swallowed her groan and nodded, resting her hand just under Dawn's bra, careful to avoid the succession of bandages. Her fingertips crawled under the fabric as she scooted closer, trailing over Dawn's nipples before unhooking the bra and tossing it to the side. She pressed her lips to Dawn's neck and breathed, "Is this okay?"


She lowered her mouth to Dawn's breasts and kissed each rose-bronze nub, sucking them into her mouth until they glistened, and her hips bucked up impatiently. Dawn curved into a subtle arch and Faith moved lower, pressing her hot mouth over Dawn's unwounded stomach, swirling sticky warm lashes around her belly button. Dawn giggled, caving into a gasp-arch when Faith kissed over her pussy. Pushing her lips onto the heat through the panties. She caught the edge with her teeth and slowly rolled it over, stalling when Dawn whimper-whined and gasped,"Faith ..."

"Shhh," she eased, letting the panties dangle somewhere between Dawn's calf and kneecaps as she propped herself up on her elbows against her thighs. She nipped at Dawn's inner thigh, flicking her tongue over the wet warmth. She purred and lapped at her pussy more forcefully, stroking through the folds to hit her clit. "You think you've earned this, Dawnie?" she growled, bringing her hand to the girl's cunt, riding her fingers over the slit.

Dawn bit her lip. "I don't know," she rasped.

Faith scraped her teeth over the sensitive clit, and Dawn chirped. "I'm very merciful, Dawnie," she announced, digging two fingers into the girl's pussy until it clenched around her knuckles. "You want me to fuck you?"

Dawn nodded. "Good, kid 'cause I want to fuck you."

She slammed her fingers the rest of the way and pumped them in and out in rough thrusts, making Dawn pant and tremble. Faith flicked her clit once, twice, again and again, swoosh swirl laps until Dawn's skin hummed with feeling, and she slammed back against the mattress almost violently, whimpered a drawn,"Faith," and collapsed into a tumbling orgasm. Faith fucked her until she milked each pulsating quake from her cunt, licked every drip of cum, and tasted all the stages of sex.

She crawled beside Dawn, tucked her into the blanket and nuzzled her lips into her shoulder. "Is this okay?"

"Yeah," she whispered, drained.

Faith kissed her forehead. "Go to sleep."


Faith winced as she crept down the stairs, cursing when a stubborn step creaked under her foot. She stifled a yawn with a grimace and tiptoed towards the door, freezing when a sleep tousled Buffy called her from the couch, "Faith?"

"B," she greeted, her voice husky with bits of leftover slumber.

"Did you sleep in Dawn's room?" She yawned curtly and stretched a little. "I didn't see you when I came in so I figured--"

"Yeah," she confirmed. "The kid had a nightmare or something, begged me to stay, what could I do?"

Buffy grinned. "You're such a softy, Faith," she teased. "Do we have time for some pre-dawn snuggles?"

Faith concealed another cringe. "Anytime, B," she answered with a grin.

Buffy spread her arms happily, squirming when Faith settled in them, and they adjusted their position so Faith was half propped up on the arm of the sofa and Buffy was sprawled across her body. The brunette wrapped her arms around Buffy and Buffy leaned into Faith. "We caught the grave robber, some type of goo demon," she whispered.

Faith nodded. "I take it everything is five by five?"

"Oh yeah." Buffy paused. "What about your stuff?"

"I think I've got everything sorted out," she husked.

Buffy twisted around and gave her a soft kiss. "You promise?"

Faith gave her a weak smile. "I promise."

"And what did you learn?"

She grinned. "That's the best part, B. Anything goes."


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