Title: Saying Yes To A Singer

Author: Nif

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Warnings: Non-graphic f/f slash. Don't like the sound of that? Don't read it. Rating is about PG 13.

A/N: This is my first J/K story and also challenge story…I’d appreciate any feedback. Criticism, flames, reviews, comments, anything. Just like to hear what others have to say. So gimme a shout alright?

Another A/N: Uhm a lot of stuff probably sounds awkward 'cause I'm only in high school... I don't really have any experience in going on huge fancy dates or dressing up formally, etc... hehe. Sorry... -_- ! But the trench coat thing is just 'cause I like trench coats. Oh and the title makes no sense I guess... couldn't think of a title. Stop the madness man! I can't think under all this god damn pressure!

Challenge Requirements

Future fic. Katie and Jessie's relationship has survived college, and now one of them wants to propose--you choose which one. Just a one parter fic, so get creative with how she proposes! :) Should include at least 2 of the following:

*Ice (as usual)
*The proposed thinking (momentarily) that they've lost the ring and panicking
*Jessie and Katie's "song" coincidentally coming on the radio
*A mention of *the* letter (does Jessie still have it? mention it any way you want)
*An Evan or Mischa movie reference.

Challenge from JessieKatie.com by Heather

-Katie's POV-

I've been thinking about marriage a lot lately. I mean I'm not getting any younger right? Granted I'm not that old, but still. I positive that there's nobody else in the world that I can see myself spending the rest of my life with other than Jessie Sammler. Ever since I met her in high school those many years ago she has dominated my heart, soul, and mind. She's all I ever think about and I know I'll never be able to put how I feel about her into words that can actually express my true emotions. That's why I've been putting so much thought and care into how I'm going to pop the question to her. I want it to be special for her. Something she can always remember fondly and look back on and think 'It was the most memorable night of my life'.

I hope my idea is original enough. I really do want it to be special. I was thinking about writing a long heartfelt letter but like I said, no words can capture my true emotions of her. She's the love of my life and she deserves something spectacular. Plus I already did the letter thing when admitting my feelings to her around when we first met. She still has that very same letter to this day too. She had it framed and it sits right on her desk so she can read it everyday, any time while she works on her cases. I'm very proud of her by the way. She's becoming quite the successful lawyer. 

I reminisce back to college life. It was hell I tell you. All the things you hear about long distance relationships? All true! They just don't work. Jessie and I decided to keep in touch but to call for a break. We couldn't stand not to keep in contact so we'd call each other like everyday and visit but we were more just like friends in love than actual lovers. I couldn't keep a girlfriend 'cause no one can compare to Jess so I was mostly just a player looking for one night stands when I got lonely. Apparently Jessie couldn't stay in any relationships either from what Grace told me. Our lives didn't really take off until we found each other again after we both completed school and got jobs.

I'm 25 now and it's still kind of young to be getting married but I don't care. I'm definitely ready. I just hope that she is too. I've already got a ring prepared. It was my grandmother's. This ring has been passed down through generations of the Singer family and hopefully I will keep the line of tradition going by giving it to Jessie. Maybe she can give it to one of our kids if we ever have any. Oh, I hope we do. I love children and I'm sure that Jessie would make the most wonderful mother. Anyway I'm jumping ahead of myself. Right now is just the proposal.

I've been planning and plotting like crazy, but I think I've finally found the perfect way to ask her to be mine forever. I don't want to jinx anything yet so I'm not going to tell anyone or anything like that. I'm just going to go ahead and do it before I lose my nerve. I hope everything goes along smoothly. Now that I think about it, the whole thing sounds better in my head. God, please don't let me fuck this up! She's way too important to me! This is way too important to me to fuck up!

I sit down on my little apartment bed and open the little square, dark purple, velvet box that holds the most precious gift that I'll ever give in my life. Besides me heart that is. It's nestled firmly between the silken folds of black material. I slowly pick the ring up and examine it between my fingers for the umpteenth time. It's simply exquisite. It's perfect. Just like the hopefully soon-to-be-owner.

I gently put it back in the little box and snap it shut. I put it back in my bedside drawer and lay down on my bed. I run through my plan again and pick up my phone. I dial a familiar number and when I hear my angel's voice my heart melts again like it has so many times before.


"Hey you. Are you free tomorrow?" I ask trying not to sound as nervous as I feel.

"Aww hi Katie! Of course. Why, what do you have in mind?" her sweet melodic voice questions. I sigh. She's just so amazingly adorable.

I grin my Singer grin, "Nothing... just be ready by 6 pm alright? I'll pick you. Dress sharp m'lady! Oh, and have a good night..."

I quickly hang up before she can answer me. Yup, enigmatic is the way to go. It'll leave her guessing and make it a little more romantic. Or maybe I'm just a big goof. Either way my plan is set into action. Now hopefully I won't wuss out! No, I definitely won't. This is for my angel. Tomorrow shall be all about her and making it the best night of her whole damn entire life!


-Jessie's POV-

~The next day~

I'm really curious as to what Katie has in store for me today. She sounded so mysterious on the phone. I can tell she's got something big up her sleeve. I'm totally excited because I love surprises and Katie is THE master of surprises although she usually blotches them up because she gets all enthusiastic and can't hold them in. That's what I love about her though. She's very passionate and caring. She's like a sweet little kid but with a lot more charm and grace. Oh and intelligence. I love just talking with her. She has some really interesting views on the world.

It's almost 6. I glance at my little silver wrist watch. Only 10 more minutes and she'll be her to pick me up. Kat said to dress sharp so I'm wearing a spaghetti strap black dress that reaches a little past my knees. It has a low scoop at the back so it shows a lot of skin on back and has a hint of cleavage to make the mind wander. I'm also wearing the diamond earring that Katie got for me for my last birthday and an elegant thin silver cross necklace. My hair is done up in a messy yet sexy bun. All in all I think I look pretty good. I'm ready for whatever Katie has prepared for us.

I was just fixing up my make up when I hear a knock at the door and a shouted, "M'lady! 'Tis I, Sir Singer! I await for you my humble princess."

I laugh at my girlfriend's dorky antics, "Please wait good knight while I fetch my shoes!" I call out. I slip into my black high heels and grab my black trench coat. Katie thinks the coat is cute on me but I just like it. It probably doesn't suit me that well but meh oh well.

I open the door to reveal my charismatic lover. She's dressed in black suit slacks, a white blouse, black suit jacket, and her hair is tied back at the base of her neck (a/n: x_X;;  I dunno...I can't dress people...Poor Jessie and Katie!). I must say that she looks absolutely stunning, but then again she always does. She pulls out a big bouquet of flowers from behind her back. Red and White roses... aww they're so pretty! Now I'm definitely stoked for the surprise that awaits me. Katie's grinning at me but something seems different about her tonight. Her eyes can't lie. She looks anxious and apprehensive. Pretty tense too. Damn, I wish I knew what was going on!

"Katie, you shouldn't have! They're really beautiful. Thank you." I remark softly. I give her a gentle smile and lean up to kiss her lightly on the cheek.

She flashes me another grin, "Beautiful flowers for an even more beautiful girl. Are you ready Jess?"

I nod and she escorts me to her car. Katie opens the door for me like a true gentleman or in her case gentle lady. She then proceeds to hop into the driver's seat of black Mustang and starts the car up. I was guessing we were going to a fancy and expensive but I'm thinking I was wrong because we seem to be heading away from the city and into what appears to be some kind of forest.

"Okay, where are we going? I'm kinda confused here." I question.

Katie just gives me that damn charming singer grin and chuckles, "You'll see babe. We're almost there."

Kat turns on the radio. 'The Zephyr Song' comes pouring out the speakers.

Can I get your hand to write on.
Just a piece of leg to bite on.
What a night to fly my kite on.
Do you want to flash your light on.
Take a look its on display...for you.
Coming down, no not today.

Did you meet your fortune teller.
Get it off with no propeller.
Do it up it's on with stellar.
What a way to finally smell her.
Pickin' up but not too strong...for you
Take a piece and pass it on.

Fly away on my zephyr.
I feel it more than ever.
And in this perfect weather.
We'll find a place together.
Fly... on... my... wind.

Rebel and a liberator.
Find a way to be a skater.
Rev it up to levitate her.
Super friendly aviator.
Take a look it's on display...
for you Comin' down, no not! today.


In the water where I centre my emotion.
All the world can pass me by.
Fly away on my zephyr.
We'll find a place together.


In the water where I centre my emotion.
All the world can pass me by.
Fly away on my zephyr.
We're going to live forever.

The song ends just in time. Katie pulls the car over and parks in front of what looks to be a forest cottage. She gets out and then opens my door for me again. She's always been a sweetheart to me but I can tell she's trying to do everything in her power to be as loving and caring as possible. She holds out her arm and I quickly hook on to her as she leads us into the cozy little cabin.

"This is my brother's cottage. He lent it to me and said I could stay for as long as I want. I thought we could take a little break and just chill and stay here for a couple of days. What do you think?" Katie asks me hopefully.

I smile and then frown, "I'd love to but...Kat you never told me to pack so I don't have any stuff of my stuff with me! If you want to stay we have to go back."

"Ah ah ah... I got everything we need in the trunk. Geez, I'm not that big of a jackass! Heh I just wanted to surprise you angel."

"Aww that's too cute. This is excellent. Thank you K!" I grab her and kiss her passionately before I snatch the keys out of my dazed girlfriend's hand and walk back to the car to get our stuff. She quickly follows me and we each grab a few bags.

"Follow me. Let's put the bags in the bedroom for now 'cause I have dinner set up in the living room already." I do as she asks and let her lead the way.


-Katie's POV-

Jessie's just putting away the rest of our stuff so I take this time to quickly check up on everything. Okay dinner is still warm since I was here less than an hour ago. The table looks perfect. All I have to do is light the candles when we start eating. I quickly run out to the back and check on the balcony. Rose petals are still littered all over. I take a look out onto the lake. I can kind of make out the candles even though they aren't lit yet. I sigh quietly. Damnit, I owe Tad big time. Not that he hasn't been reminding me. Speaking of the devil, his head pokes out of the shrubs he's been hiding in. He gives me his 'I harsh own you now' look and then he smirks and gives me the thumbs up. I signal him to get back in his hiding spot and then walk back into the cottage.

Just as I'm starting to light the candles sitting at our dinner table, Jess comes down. I take her trench coat from her and hang it up along with my own suit jacket. I pull out her chair for her and put her napkin on her lap and then I do the same for myself.

In my corny French accent I rattle off tonight's meal, "And tonight the main course is chicken with a special surprise sauce with mixed vegetables and rice as side dishes. They're is also a creamy chowder that comes with this order. Oh, and of course sparkling white whine. Vintage." (a/n: I know nothin bout food either!)

Jessie giggles angelically, "Merci."

We eat in a serene silence for the most part of our meal just enjoy each other's company. God, I really love this girl. Well, women. I just hope everything goes according to plan. I have this weird sense of foreboding. I just know something's going to go wrong. My hand slips into my pocket to grasp the ring for security. My eyes almost fall out of my head when I realize I don't have it. Shit, I'm starting to shake. I double check all my pockets. I don't have it! I can't find it!

I stand up quickly and hear a clatter. I look down to see the little violet box on the floor. I flip out and snatch it as fast as I can. I look up immediately to see if Jessie noticed anything. She looks up at me and tilts her head to the side.

"Did you just drop somethin' Kat?" She asks with this adorable confused expression.

"N-nah. Well just a fork anyway. Just...uhm...don't worry about it." I stutter nervously. I hate lying to her. I suck at it too. She frowns but lets it go.

"I'll be right back kay? Gotta use the bathroom." I inform her and quickly slip into the nearest room. I grab my cell and call Tad.

"Hey, you've got Tad."

"Yo, twit. Light the candles like right now alright?"

"Yeah yeah. Yeesh I feel like your bitch! Try to be a little more thankful alright?"

"Tad you ARE my bitch. Heh just jokin' dude. Yeah I know. For sure. Anything you need, I'll be there."

"I know. Best friends, I got it. And Kat?"


"Good luck. Jess is a great girl. You guys deserve each other."

"Thanks. That means a lot man. But I gotta go now. Laters."

"See ya."

I hang up and walk back into the dining room to see Jessie cleaning up the dishes.

"Forget about that for now. I've got something to show you." I grab her hand and smile warmly. I'm trying to act as normal and as calm as possible but my heart is beating a mile a minute. Tonight is the night.

I lead her into the living room. I turn on the stereo and "Bless The Child" plays serenely filling the room with its gentle music, caressing our ears. I turn around to face my angel and give her my most charming smile. I offer her my hand.

"May I have this dance purty lady?"

Her laughter sounds like pure sweetness and all that is good in the world, "Of course love."

She dances so gracefully. Jessie really is totally amazing. We dance through the song and I decide to keep on dancing. We have the whole night. I think I can squeeze in a few more minutes of floating on air with such a heavenly creature. Skin like alabaster and twice as smooth. Eyes bluer than the sky and ocean put together. More pure than virgin Mary herself. Mother Teresa is gangster compared to my baby. God has blessed me.

We need to get out there. The candles are probably going to melt away if we don't get out there soon. By the time the next song ends I turn off the stereo and look into her crystal sapphire eyes and grab both of her hands.

"Come with me. I have something to show you." I think she's getting fed up with being led around and being told what to do. She never could control her curiosity. Oh well. She'll know what's up soon enough. I lead her to the balcony but tell her to stop before she goes out.

"You trust me right babe?"

"K of course I do." she sighs.

"Then close your eyes." She does as asked. I lead her out onto the balcony and sit her down in one of the lawn chairs sitting out there by the table.

"Open your eyes Jess." She does as told again. I hear her gasp. She stands up and starts looking around the balcony at all the rose petals spread everywhere. I stand behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. I kiss her ear lightly and then whisper, "Look out onto the lake angel."

She looks at me and smiles cutely and then looks out into the horizon. She stares at the lake quietly and stands in my arms speechless. Out on the lake spelt out in hundreds of large white candles sitting on planks of wood it says "MARRY ME SAMMLER!" It was damn hard to set up and took a while but the look on her face made it all worth it. Her face is glowing and her eyes are sparkling with unshed tears. Jess looks back at me and croaks out, "Of course I will love."

I grin ecstatically. She said yes! God, I can't breathe. I'm so deliriously happy right now! I fumble into my pockets to get the little velvet treasure box out and bend down on my right knee. I open the box and hold it out. I want everything to be perfect. "Jess... I can't signify how much you mean to me, but I can tell you this. I love you with all that I am. And you can always count on that. As sure as the grass is green and the sky is blue, I'll always love you. You can count on me when you're in trouble or when you need someone to lean on. I'll protect you. I hope you know that. If you promise to spend the rest of your days with this idiot then I promise to devote and spend every waking second of my life to making you happy. Please say you'll be mine." I murmur softly but passionately. Anyone could hear the amount of emotion in my little speech.

Jessie takes a shaky breathe and replies, "I already said yes, you moron! I love you too babe... God I do!"

I'm still grinning like a 5 year old who just got locked in a candy shop. I grab the ring and take Jessie's left hand in my own. Just as I'm about to slip the ring onto her finger I accidentally drop it because my hands are a little sweaty. It bounces once and then rolls of the side of the balcony on the ground bellow. I tried to snatch it before it fell over the edge, God did I ever try, but it still went over. I'm squealing like the spaz that I am right now, "NOOOO!!! SHIT!"

The most aggravating part of it is that Jess is laughing at me! "Hahaha... This is what I get for saying yes to a Singer proposing. Oh well. I still love you even if you are a klutz dear."

I'm still wailing even as I run downstairs and go outside to get the ring. This time I do it right. Jessie looks at me for a second. We just stare at each other so intimately that it feels like I can see into her soul. I can't believe she loves me. She's way too good for me. I'm so fuckin' lucky. She kisses me lightly, teasingly. "Let's go upstairs Kat." Well I ain't gonna say no to that!


-Jessie's POV-

I yawn quietly and stretch a little. I blink and look around. My surroundings aren't familiar. I'm not at my apartment or K's... where am I? Oh yeah, Kat's brother's cabin. Omg I can't believe I'm engaged! I'm finally engaged to Katie. I've been waiting for this day ever since I met her in high school. My dreams has come true. Wow. Everything's so perfect, it's weird. I never thought a person could be this happy. I snuggle closer to my fiancé. I giggle happily when I remember what happened last night. Okay, so Katie did blotch up the proposal a tiny bit, but oh well. I wouldn't have it any other way. It had to have Singer style after all.

I can feel Kat stirring. I watch her as her eyes pop open and she rubs them a bit. She gives me this silly smile and mumbles lazily, "Morning angel."

I look at her. Yes, I'm positive she's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Despite all her dorky flaws, which I secretly find absolutely charming and adorable, I wouldn't change a thing about her. I love her. "I love you."

She shifts her position a bit and hugs me closer to her, "I love you too."

I'm so content with everything now. Life. My job. Katie. Family. Everything. Well it's mostly all due to K. I completely lucked out when I caught that one. Yep, indeed I did. I look at my new ring. That's what you get for saying yes to a singer. You get pure bliss.


A/N: So how did I do? Errr... if you thought it was ok then yay. If you thought it was bad then I agree with you. Well... I'm not that experienced of a person so don't blame me if some things seem wrong in the fic >.<! Anyway plz r/r and domo arrigato Mr.Roboto!


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