For The Love Of The Chase

By: Nif


Disclaimer: This is a fictional story brought out by my imagination. All characters belong to me.

Warnings: Revolves around a non-graphic f/f slash romance. Het and m/m slash content present as well. Some inappropriate language. Drug and alcohol usage in this story. Don't like the sound of that? Don't read it.

A/N: I’d appreciate any feedback. Criticism, flames, reviews, comments, anything. Just like to hear what others have to say. So gimme a shout aight?

Another A/N: Uhm this is sort of experimental writing. Stuff may sound weird, akward, or incorrect. Sorry. I'm also trying to write in third-person. It’s…strange. Sounds weird to me. I don’t think I can write this in a way that makes sense. Oh well…

Chapter 1 - Rumour

Have you ever known a player? A person who loves the chase, who loves the excitement of new prey to feast on? A heartbreaker? Of course you have. They’re everywhere. We’ve all seen them and most of us have been screwed over or at least been affected by them. We’ve all seen the shit they stir up and the pain they cause. How they use people. They take what they want and when they've had enough they're gone. Everyone has their own opinion of them. I guess we have to put up with them ‘cause after all, it’s human nature. They’ll always be around.

Players come in all shapes, sizes, looks, personalities, gender, etc. Don’t be fooled. Some are obvious to spot and some are more of a mystery. Some have reasons to explain why they do what they do. Others are just naturally heartless. All are dangerous. The heart is a fragile thing after all, right? Some of them may be heartless and cruel, but not all. Most never change. Most…

Willow Spencer, was particularly good at her job. She’d been yet to be turned down by any of her targeted victims and has successfully broken them all. Although she wasn't your average female teenager, she was still definately drool worthy in appearance. Some even say the punked out look she had made her seem even sexier. Her alternative lifestyles have gotten her a lot of attention whether she knows it or not. She was known as the rebel clad in tight black and red who could have just about anybody she wanted.


It was quite chilly outside. Wind blowing, leaves falling and littering the ground, just an average fall day. Wil woke up groggily this morning an hour before her alarm clock normally went off. For some reason she had this gut feeling that something important was going happen today. Something that would change her life forever. She just didn’t know what. Wil stretched and grabbed some clothes while making her way to the washroom that was connected to her bedroom to do her normal morning routine. She cleaned herself up and then changed into a pair of tight black hiphugger jeans and black t-shirt which said "Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me." in jagged red letters. Wil grabbed her chain, which was connected to her Mudvayne wallet and hooked it to her pants while she slipped the wallet into her back pocket. The chain reached down past her knee. She tied her brown hair back at the base of her neck, her blue bangs falling into her eyes slightly. The tips of her! hair was dyed blue as well.

She took a glance in her mirror to check her appearance then left her room to get breakfast. Wil trekked downstairs wearily and walked into her small kitchen. She made herself a bowl of cereal and poured herself a cup of apple juice. While she was eating she discovered a note on her kitchen table addressed to her. It was from her mom and basically told her that she wouldn’t be home till 11 pm tonight so she’d have to make her own dinner. When Wil finished her breakfast, she grabbed her backpack and black leather jacket and left for school. As she was walking to school she spotted some of her friends and caught up with them.

“Yo! Wil, what up kid? How come you’re up so fuckin’ early?” a handsome young man asked her with a smirk. The girl beside him waved cheerfully at her.

Wil shrugged and replied, “Hey Dean, Kelly. I don't know, I just woke up and didn't really feel tired so I decided to leave for school early. Stranger things have happened.”

Dean was a tall fellow. About 6'0 with spiked black hair. He was dressed in baggy dark blue jeans, a black button-down shirt, and a black trench coat. His left eyebrow was pierced and had a green spiked stud in place, which matched the color of his bright emerald eyes. He was fairly muscular too. Dean was an extremely good looking guy. Kelly was kind of short and stood at about 5'5. Her hair was cut at shoulder length and dyed a unique yet fashionable grey color. Her eyes were a pale hazel that always seemed to be cloudy with thought. She was currently wearing a white baby t-shirt with the words "God may not like me...But he despises you!" sprawled across it in angry black letters, a knee length black skirt, and black combat boots that reached about half way up her half. Kelly was very eye-appealing as well. They were a ungodly attractive trio.

"I beg to differ. Willow without her daily 12 hours of sleep? No way! The apocalypse is coming!" argued Kelly playfully.

Wil stuck out her tongue teasingly, "Well what are you guys doing up? It's not like you two are exactly morning birds."

Kelly laughed, ”This idiot,” she jerked her thumb in Dean's direction, "woke me up to remind me that we have Carlos at school today at 8 to pick up our monthly shipment of acid, which he should have reminded me yesterday."

"Yeesh, always blaming everything on me. That's it, I'm not taking this abuse any more!" Dean pretended to sigh dramatically but ruined it by yawning loudly and rubbing his eyes. He managed to pull it off in an adorable yet suave fashion.

"Tired are we? You look like you could use a little sleep."

Dean grinned and chuckled, “Well that’s what class is for right? I’ll sleep through history and perhaps I’ll take a nap in math.”


Dean and Kelly grew up together as child hood friends ever since grade one where they met. They both met Willow when she moved here when they were all finishing up grade 4. Ever since then they've been the best of friends. Since they all came from abusive or broken families they decided to make a new family. First it started off as the three of them. Slowly the family started branching off as each of them built other strong friendships and smaller families were created within the 'Family' itself.

Their wellfare surroundings were filled with arsonists, thieves, druggies, punks, etc. Hardly any rich little preppies around here. Everyone around here was bitter and spiteful because their own lives were so fucked up. Growing up in a place such as their little messed up town most kids trusted and cared for their friend's more than their so called family and relitaves. They could relate to each other. Eventually the 'Family' became one of the biggest gangs around the area. They protected and looked after each other. They did for each other that no one else had ever done. They cared. Kids who were abandoned, lost, confused, hurting. They had people to count on in the 'Family'. It was almost like a secret society. The leaders being Wil, Dean, and Kelly. 

The 'Family' was also one of the most known drug hook-ups around the city. Wil, Dean, Kelly, and many others in the 'Family' were highly profitable drug dealers. They had many customers and numerous regulars. Wil and her friends may not have been totally aware of it but they were continuously watched and talked about. Not many people didn't know they're names. Their parties legendary and their reputation school and city wide. Hundreds of people that they've never met know stories about them. That's the way it's been for a while.

Their high statures, charming personalities, admirably stunning good looks, and pocket cash had earned them anyone they wanted. They were socially superior and could have any parter they wished. Keeping a playmate was quite difficult for them considering that their partners usually start falling for them within the first month or so. None of them coulld deal with too much attatchment. Thus heartbreaking was in order. Not that they did it on purpose. Shit just happens.


By the time they got to school Carlos was already waiting for Dean and Kelly. They quickly did their business and by the time they finished they had an hour to blow before classes. Wil, Dean, and Kelly headed to the ‘Dark Hole’, which was basically just a place on school grounds where a lot of people smoked and just chilled outside. The majority of students being punks, skids, goths, druggies and alternative crowds.

Dean took out his case and pulled out his fattest joint on him and looked at Willow pleadingly. Wil sighed and rummaged through her pockets till she found her black lighter and tossed it to Dean. Dean lit his doobie and took a large toke and then passed it to Kelly who took a huge puff herself. Kelly then offered it to Wil who took the fattest hoot of them all. After she exhaled she started to hack and cough violently.

Kelly's face split into a grin, "Dude, that was pretty phat."

After Wil stopped choking she took a bow, "Did you expect anything less?"

The joint went around between the three of them till Dean eventually roached it. He then proceeded to give each Kel and Wil another fat joint and sparked one for himself as well. They passed those three doobs around and eventually roached them too. Afterwards Wil pulled out her pack of du Maurier cigarettes and lit one up with her lighter that she snatched back from Dean. They had about another 20 minutes till class when Craig and Jimmy joined their group.

“Helloooo ladies!” Jimmy crowed and flashed Kelly and Wil a cheesy smile.

Dean punched Jimmy playfully in the shoulder, “Fuck you. Don't hit on my chicks man!”

“Hehe. So what’s up guys? Anything new happen over the weekend?” asked Kelly between giggles.

“ wasted. Trashed a party. Hah so in other words, not fuckin’ much. Hey, I think we’re getting a new student.” Craig stated running his fingers through his short dyed vivid red hair.

“How do you know?” Dean questioned, sparking a cigarette of his own. He smokes Export A Green, which is a good choice. I sometimes buy them too.

Craig grinned and winked, “Well ‘cause I saw this damn fine bitch at the principal’s office. I know she doesn’t go here ‘cause I woulda remembered seein’ someone that sexy!”

Kelly burst out laughing and had to lean on Jimmy to keep from falling over.

Everyone gave her a weird look and then said at the unison, “Stupid stoner.” Everyone burst out laughing.

The bell that signals the start of classes went off and everyone said their good-byes. Kelly and Dean stumbled off to their class. Craig, Jimmy, and, Wil headed to theirs.


A/N: Soooo... What do you think? Do you hate it 'cause you're an anti-drug believer? Think the whole general story is lame? Just think everything is crap and my writing sucks? Gimme feedback damnit!


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