Fandom: Harry Potter

Drabble: Under Rug Swept

Author: Morte206


Pairing: HG/MM

Rating: PG-13


Disclaimers: My initials continue to remain CMF not JKR. Song lyrics quoted from Alanis Morisetteís song Hands Clean which can be found on the album Under Rug Swept.

Do you think I donít see what youíre doing? How youíre setting that child up the same way you set me up all those years ago. Itís obvious. She craves your attention, your approval. And itís obvious to me that you are stringing her along, encouraging her infatuation. Will you say to her what you said to me? Will you tell her that you adore her, will you say you canít help being drawn to her, to her cleverness and her maturity? Will you say that age is just a label and not an impediment? Will you take her innocence under the guise of love? Will you tell her to keep it all a secret because ĎWhat we have is so precious none will understand.í?

Will she agree like I did?

More importantly will you do to her what you did to me?

Will you move on as if nothing ever happened?

What part of our history is reinvented and under rug swept?

What part of your memory is selective and tends to forget?

What with this distance it seems so obvious.

If I do nothing to stop this will I be as guilty as you?


Harry Potter

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